The Next Recession Will Be The Last!

The Deep State Is Preparing Their CHECKMATE Move
You Must Be Ready To Go On The Attack!


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  1. SHTF bites the hand of their conservative masters. What’s the website coming to?

  2. the blame-e says:

    This James Bovard is a bovine cow of the Progressive Leftist Democrats. Read his bio.

    “James Bovard is the author of ten books, including 2012’s Public Policy Hooligan, and 2006’s Attention Deficit Democracy. He has written for the New York Times, Wall Street Journal [Oh wow. An exception?], Playboy, Washington Post, and many other [Progressive Leftist Democrat] publications. Follow him on Twitter.” [Twitter. How Progressive Socialist Democrat can you get?]

    All Progressive Leftist Democrat strongholds.

    Bovard’s article is just a desensitization piece, getting the people ready, setting-up to ready the masses for a landslide against Kavanaugh.

  3. the blame-e says:

    “Attention Deficit Democracy?” Another book written by a Progressive Socialist Democrat. We don’t have a democracy. We have a republic. Whenever you hear the word “democracy” think “Bullshit.”

    • Maranatha says:

      It’s illegal and unconstitutional for any state to declare for ANY kind of government other than a republic.


      ” Section 4: Obligations of the United States
      Clause 1: Republican government
      This clause, sometimes referred to as the Guarantee Clause, has long been at the forefront of the debate about the rights of citizens vis-à-vis the government. The Guarantee Clause mandates that all U.S. states must be grounded in republican principles such as the consent of the governed .[17] By ensuring that all states must have the same basic republican philosophy, the Guarantee Clause is one of several portions of the Constitution which mandates symmetric federalism between the states.
      The Constitution does not explain what exactly constitutes a republican form of government. There are, however, several places within it where the principles behind the concept are articulated. Article Seven , the last and shortest of the Constitution’s original articles, stipulated that the Constitution, before it could become established as the “Law of the Land”, must obtain the consent of the people by being ratified by popular conventions within the several states. Additionally, as it required the ratification of only nine states in order to become established, rather than the unanimous consent required by the Articles of Confederation , the Constitution was more republican, as it protected the majority from effectively being ruled or held captive by the minority. [18]
      The Federalist Papers also give us some insight as to the intent of the Founders. A republican form of government is distinguished from a direct democracy , which the Founding Fathers had no intentions of entering. As James Madison wrote in Federalist No. 10 , “Hence it is that such democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and have in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths.”

      • Per Wikipedia – Athenian democracy was twice interrupted by “oligarchic revolution.”

        Rome was also initially a more direct democracy and then descended into oligarchy when it then eventually collapsed.

        Over reach of government as cited by the author of the article and many others in the comments through the oligarchy in the United States continues until we now stand on the precipice of God only knows what.

        How would you propose to reign in government?

        • Maranatha says:

          If you know American history, Jefferson was upset with the Federalists as he intended for there to be a weak federal government. In fact Rhode Island almost started a civil war because they didn’t want to adopt the Constitution unless it was certain that there would be a weak federal government.

          Jefferson had bad blood with John Addams about this issue. The federalists started calling Jefferson and his followers democrats and linked them with the insane French revolution. So instead these antifederalists adopted the name Democrat-Republicans out of SPITE.

          Regardless of what any moronic Democrat’s opinion today, Article 4 of the Constitution couldn’t be plainer. The USA is a constitutional REPUBLIC and any government other than a republican one is anathema. Anyone supporting any other form is a TRAITOR. Treason is our most serious crime and the penalty is hanging because in times under monarchies there was a stigma on those who were hanged.

          • Beaumont says:

            With all due respect, there seems to be some processing error or mental disconnect in Republicans, who vie for a weaker, fed govt.

            Isn’t the fed govt the republic?

            When you say there is a system of rules, meant to protect the unpopular minority from the tyranny of the majority, that was the fed govt, of which I was aware.

            In it’s proper place, it would be considered a civilizing influence, according to this line of reasoning.

            • The notion of federal, state and local government is to serve as a check and balance against tyranny.

              I would not personally characterize the federal government as representing the totality of our republic.

              Imo there have been instances of government over reach on all levels. Sometimes states are out of line and sometimes the federal government can also act in unconstitutional ways.

          • It’s a little unclear what prompted your discussion of any form or activity of direct democracy as being illegal. Are you suggesting that the author of the article be charged with treason?

            It may be worthwhile to note that per Wikipedia direct democracy exist within the United States within as noted Vermont and New England and predates the constitution by at least 100 years. Are you suggesting those citizens also be charged with treason?


            • My above comments and questions are directed to Maranatha

              • Maranatha says:

                It was the Founding Fathers intention that STATES would have a republican form of government emulating the federal form of government. All territories that became states HAD to agree to that.

                They hated democracies. Period.

                The only reason that Jefferson’s party called themselves Democratic-Republicans was to mock their detractors who compared them to the lunatics in the French revolution.

        • the blame-e says:

          By force of arms. That’s what a 2ND Amendment is for.

  4. swamprat says:

    Progressive democrats want to use the supreme court to cram their socialist agenda down Americas throat. These progressives are one of the most dangerous threats to American freedoms ever.

  5. Blame-e:

    Excellent post on your part.

    Democracy is a euphemism for Communism.

    Communism was/is Joo in origin, in fact.

    The New York Times, etc. all owned by Joos. It is a fact.


  6. aljamo says:

    The US is a nation of political liars with lies built upon lies with no end. This is our system. The only goal is to become wealthier by whatever means necessary. With 300,000,000+ people at least two thirds struggle to survive to support their existence working for low wages while increasingly unable to afford the cost of living. Not hard to see where this ends when people needs are ignored and trillions are spent waging wars. It’s a big F you to the people no matter how far and wide you look.

  7. Beaumont says:

    “Kavanaugh avidly supported nominating John Yoo as a federal judge despite a Yoo memo asserting that President Bush had a right to declare martial law and deploy U.S. troops in American cities. The Supreme Court never forthrightly condemned the Bush administration’s torture program that Yoo legally enabled.”

    Q’s cult following has been prepping for mass arrests, as well as the subversives being used for bait dogs. They want you to see it as a good thing. They want you to crave martial law and to beg for it.

    Under historical, emergency powers, authoritarians have never been able to tell the difference between insane, useful-idiot protestors and the quieter people, minding their own business. Everyone gets caught up in the drag net or war effort.

  8. kay123 says:

    Like I’ve said before….

    Communism is not
    compatible with the Constitution. And
    anyone using it or promoting it, should be fired from
    any job civil or govmt. from dog catcher
    to president.
    Subject them to fines and/or 3-10 years

    So all ANTIFA, ACORN, OCCUPY (where ever),
    LA RASA, Black Lies Matter, Black Panthers, etc.,etc. or any other of
    thousands of communist Anti-American manifestos….
    will be severely punished.

  9. Amen to the truth.

    Too bad in this day and age, truth doesn’t matter any more. You can be right; you can be telling the truth; can be innocent. It doesn’t matter, if they want to take you down, you are going down. Conversely, you can lie, cheat, steal, even murder and walk away, Hillary, er, Renee.

    BTW, in the Kelo vs. New London case, after screwing all those people, the shopping center was never built.
    Most people could care less.

  10. southside says:

    The Supreme Court is the way it is because our state and federal lawmakers have abandoned their jobs. Instead of voting on controversial laws they kick it over to the Supremes so they could take the heat.To wit: gay marriage,Roe v Wade,etc. These social issues have no business in court never mind SCOTUS

  11. Not going to mention Bob Jones U – the IRS can pull tax deductions because they don’t like your religion, or Roe v. Wade (or the earlier Griswold that created the Penumbras and Emanations), or even Obergefell that shoved Gay Marriage down the throats of every state (but not the IRS for some reason).

    Selective outrage.

  12. darkhorse says:

    the way I see it all: Americans are dead asleep as to what is going on. The Jews control America and our military. The Jews continue flooding the white countries with 3rd world brown people to destroy whites as they are the biggest threat to the Jews — as are our guns. Agenda 21 will destroy all of us but for the remaining 250 million(?) who will be their slaves. Evil progresses when good men/women do nothing and that is what we have now and it won’t be changing. We are going under because we chose that…

  13. It was over when Edwards decided with the left to allow the ACA.

  14. Maranatha says:

    No. If you study colonial American history, the Founding Fathers were pushing for a WEAK federal government. The antifederalists were deeply concerned and demanded a Bill of Rights ie a listing of natural rights originating from GOD or Nature that were inherrant and inalienable. The Federal government is limited. Notice that these Bill of Rights say what the Federal shall NOT do. And the Tenth Amendment promises even more rights not listed and at the discretion of the People and the state governments.

    What happened was early on with the Whisky Rebellion, Washington lost his way as did John Addams. Look it up. The came out strongly for the federal government to act forcefully and honestly illegally.

    This pattern is how Jefferson won as the 3rd president. And subsequently you have the states rights versus the federalists up to and causing the Civil War.

    The healthiest thing we could do is restore states rights as then all the kooks would move to states where they allowed liberalism and leftist ideas while the conservatives would move and establish bastions devoted to a constitutional republic. There would be no Democrats in the latter regions.

    That is what the Founding Fathers presumed would occur. New territories would be filled will like minded people having a common ethos, and others would move to a different state. And each state would have the power through a compact with the People in their state.

    The Federal government would coin money, settle diplomatic disputes largely over contested territory, and limit a standing Army with militias as filler in times of national crisis and likely war. That is all.

  15. Well Im glad there are no attempts being made to stultify intelectual conversation concerning political models past and present.

    Many may recall the popular phrase “If you dont have anything to hide you dont have anything to worry about” in the aftermath of the passage of the Patriot Act. Unpublished elsewhere to my knowledge is the following key concept: While the deep State has likely existes for hunde esa of years it has continúes to gain strength. The Patriot Act enabled the deep state to morph into what nearly approaches a Gestapo State in our present time. Alohabet soup agencies everywhere we turn usurping hundreds of billions of dollars. Secret courts and liberties being taken with the creation of list where there is no due process. So perhaps now those who spoke that horrifyingly chilling phrase mentioned above are beginning to understand why you dont trade liberty for security.

    It is sometimes said what goes around comes around. It is uncertain what will become of Kavanaugh but the is certain. Kavanaugh as shows un the article played an instrumental role in the further development of the deep state. To a large extent it could be that he is the archetect of his own troubles and possible demise.

  16. It is often said that Jefferson swore upon the alter of God to resist all forms of Tyranny over the minds of men.

    In that spirit let us continúe For what does it profit humanity to kept ignorant in the shadow?

    Per https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Direct_democracy Switzerland has a Semi direct democracy dating back to 1850.