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The Signs Of Another Recession Are Literally Everywhere

Mac Slavo
April 3rd, 2019
Comments (18)

The signs of yet another economic recession are everywhere.  In fact, it seems hard to find any positive economic news anymore, even though a mere few months ago, it was difficult to find a report signaling the United States might be headed for some turmoil.

The Federal Reserve finally turned more dovish recently, alluding to market fears.  Stating they wouldn’t be raising interest rates again, which makes borrowing money more expensive, was just one of the signs that we may need to prepare ourselves for another downturn. With the current state of the average American’s finances, any hiccup in the economy could be bad news for those living paycheck to paycheck (or 78% of Americans.)

Some economic analysts are now saying that very soon, the central bankers at the Fed will begin actively easing by reinvesting the Fed’s maturing mortgage bonds into Treasury securities. It’s not exactly “Quantitative Easing I, II, and III,” but it will have some of the same effects, according to GoldSeek.com. Two factors appear to be the catalyst to the Fed’s “thinking” on this dovish turn.

The first is the increasing recognition of the same slowing global growth that made other central banks turn dovish in recent months. The second is the Fed’s realization that its previous course risked inverting the yield curve, which was violently turning against its fourth-quarter expectations and possibly toward recession. Raising rates at that point would not have looked good for central banks in the history books, hence the backtracking. But eventually, their history will be ruined either way – this is just a “kick the can down the road” temporary solution.

Central Banks Prepare For A Slow Down In The Economy; But The Fed Can’t Fix This Crisis

GoldSeek.com believes, as we do, that a recession is approaching but it’s not quite here just yet.  The latest data is not encouraging, however, and it won’t be long before we start to see canyons, instead if some minor cracks in this economy. The most glaring concern for economic analysts is that the global economy clearly hasn’t recovered from the last recession like it did in previous cycles. Money printing and QE has failed to work this time regardless of the fancy stock market “recovery” numbers. Rising prices and wage stagnation have led to a wealth gap that has seen the more ignorant masses calling for socialism and complete government control over the economy.

Those solutions have failed every single time they’ve been tried, but people have lost all hope that they can make it in this already authoritarian environment created by the elite politicians and central bankers.  What the disillusioned masses fail to realize is that they are held back by themselves, and the beliefs in the rules put in place to intentionally keep them down and brainwash them into believing they are nothing without government dominance and control.  But it’s time to take back power from the government and central bankers, not add to it.

You can begin by preparing for the inevitable, even if it’s early. In fact, the earlier the better! Preparing yourself for a recession is simple, but it is also incredibly difficult at the same time.  You will need to become as financially free as you possibly can before it hits you square in your wallet.

How Prepare For An Economic Downturn: Go Debt-Free In 2019

To do that, you’ll need to live on less and pay off debts.  Throw every spare cent at your debt, and watch your payments dwindle. When you don’t owe anyone any money, you are free to do with your income what you choose, and buying some extra food and bottled water is never a bad idea. Seriously, who knows what could happen? A severe storm could even warrant using that stored food and water, in you’ll be glad you took on a preparedness mindset when the economic SHTF.



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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: April 3rd, 2019
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. The economy is booming. BUT There are a couple of hidden bubbles, debt, and derivatives, keep an eye on these. Plan accordingly.

    • durangokidd says:

      “The signs of yet another economic recession are everywhere. In fact, it seems hard to find any positive economic news anymore, even though a mere few months ago, it was difficult to find a report signaling the United States might be headed for some turmoil.”

      Funny, as I recall, someone here said LAST FALL that you could expect the downturn to arrive after the first of the year and the end of the Christmas sales. He also reported that the high end housing market was in precipitous decline and had been that way for almost a year. Who was that masked Man ???

      Yeah, it’s in the archives. 🙂

      • Genius says:

        Someone a while back said it was time to sell palladium. Now it’s going down fast. Who was that masked man? 😛

        • durangokidd says:

          An easy call. What goes up must come down. 🙂

          Cars & trucks have been over produced for a couple of years now and are stacked up all over the world on parking lots and empty runways; suggesting that the need for additional palladium would decline.

          I sold some. Kept some. Taxes are not required to be paid until the gain is realized at sale. The high price of palladium is a good indicator of the suppression of the price of gold.

          Sell your palladium at the peak, park your gold until it goes parabolic. That’s a good strategy. 🙂

  2. Seminole Wind says:

    If you keep this up, you just might get what you want Mac.

    They caught a Chinese woman attempting to get into our President’s hotel here in Florida last weekend. She was carrying a “thumb drive” loaded with malware. WHY?

    On the show “The Last Ship” an enemy did the same thing, blinding our Military, then launched a Pearl Harbor type attack on us.

    Go ahead trolls, rant and rave on how The United States is the Bad Guy in the World, and this world is a safe-safe place.


    • The Avenger says:

      I read a post apocalyptic novel by James Wesely, Rawles in which the Indonesians did the same thing to Australia, crippling it’s navy and setting the stage for an invasion.
      A perfectly plausible hypothesis, and something to watch out for.
      God save the Republic.

  3. repr sleepr says:

    Should of shot the Dink and dumped her off the coast while they had her right there along the water. Sharks don’t need chop sticks.

  4. Seminole Wind, she was part of the Chinese Collusion, sister to Russian Collusion!! 🙂

  5. Old Guy says:

    To heck with a measly recession. We have been thru plenty of those. Lets quit doing half measures. I want a full blown 1930’sstyle depression.

    • rellik says:

      Every notice when you or I use the Depression word, we don’t receive much feedback on it?
      Either is is so far out of SHTF reality, or just doesn’t match the more prevalent SHTF belief in Hyper-inflation. Curious.
      I suppose believing that gold will go to $10,000 per oz. is more intriguing than the possibility that it will stay more inline with daily money needs, since many seem to think gold has value beyond industrial uses.

  6. Name says:

    Well kudos to the feller who fields a fleet of trebuchet’s down to the border to fling those fat little stinky injins back across the border.

  7. I just bought a copy of The Magna Carta for $9.99 plus tax. It is in the English Language although the original in 1215 A.D. was in Latin.

    King John wrote it. It limited his power by creating laws with rights and privileges to his subjects and their descendants for all time. The Magna Carta is the basis from which the Constitution is derived. It begins with greetings and goes on to acknowledge God, The Church, and Pope Innocent.

    The paperback book contains a copy of The Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

    MAGNA means GREAT.

    Make America Great Now Again


    Don’t Forget: It’s MORE than OK 2b white.


  8. Old Guy says:

    I think many here and folks in general simply adjust to the new normal. its a countinuation of regression that’s slow so they never notice. They have a short memory. A recession from back a few decades ago today would actually be a boom by comparison. I grew up listening to stories about the great depression. My German and Swede ancestors blamed the 3ew’s for the Depression. because they where the bankers.Our family did not suffer much during the depression. Great Grandfather had a river bottom farm and grew plenty of food. Everyone worked hard and nobody starved.

  9. The Avenger says:

    Here’s the thing…
    Americans are increasing their support for socialist ideas because capitalism isn’t working for the vast majority.
    It’s really more of an implied threat; “change the system so that prosperity is shared, or we’ll crash the whole damn system with a vote for socialism”, much the same way people voted for Trump in 2016, as a way of crashing the system.
    The changes they want are this: tax the rich and corporations – their wages, their investments, their inheritance and their profits to fund infrastructure, health care, affordable housing; things that benefit the majority of us, not the richest one percent.
    Stop the rich lobbyists and pass laws that benefit the people, the average American, the middle and working classes.
    Keep good paying jobs here in America, punish companies that ship our jobs overseas, but don’t start trade wars that hurt our farmers and our people. The fight isn’t with other countries, it’s with our own businesses and corporations that don’t want to pay American workers American wages.

  10. Old Guy says:

    the problem with Avengers proposed solution of making the rich pay for everything. Is its not a viable solution. Demonizing the wealthy and playing robin hood will never work. It sets the stage where So called Poor folks get to thinking that they some how Deserve benefits that they don’t work for and did not earn. It increases the number of Taking parasites and decreases the Number of producing Makers. and Avenger contradicts himself. Punish companies that ship out jobs? But do it without Tarriffs? How does that work? The companys that went elsehere are not citizens. They aren’t American based companys any longer. They are international corporations that do not file a Tax Return in the USA. They do not need to abide by USA laws. It works like this company A leaves the usa. It relocates and builds a product some place. Then It has a middle man market its product wholesale world wide. Maybe part of that product is sold to Wal Mart. So who are you gonna punish with Taxes? You try and punish Wal Mart. They just pass the cost on to the customers. Or they cut jobs. Wal Mart is now reducing cashiers and increasing Self Check Out. They only way to level the playing field is by Tarriffs at the port of entry. Sometimes its time to call a spade a spade. Our congress isn’t going to do anything tangible. Much pass Laws that benefit the People. Wake up and realize its your Responsibility. You need to prep for you and yours. Eventually some kind of SHTF event will directly effect you and yours. There hasn’t been. isn’t now and likely never will be any viable political or ballot box solution. The Republic is dying. We are a nation in decline.