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Stock Market Crash? Investors Brace For Market Open After Christmas Eve Meltdown

Mac Slavo
December 26th, 2018
Comments (40)

Monday was the worst Christmas Eve stock trading day in the history of the stock market. Now investors are bracing themselves for what could be a market crash just before the New Year.

According to Market Watch, in a shortened Christmas Eve session Monday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average slid 653.17 points, or 2.9%, to 21,792.20, marking its lowest close since Sept. 7, 2017, while the S&P 500 index fell 2.71% to 2,351.10, its lowest since April 21, 2017. The Nasdaq Composite Index tumbled 2.21% to 6,192.92, its lowest close since July 10, 2017.

Last week was also the worst week of trading since the recession as the Nasdaq officially entered bear-market territory on Friday, and is now off 23.6% from its record close set August 29 of this year. The S&P 500 is down 19.8% from its September 20 record close, and the Dow has slid 18.8% from its October 3 record close.

Market Watch further reported that Monday’s dramatic session came after Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin tweeted that he had spoken with the CEOs of the country’s six biggest banks to assess the health of the banking system, raising concerns that the administration knows something the market doesn’t.

Many investors seem to think this “everything bubble” is slowly deflating now, however, a violent pop could shock the markets too. “I’m watching the U.S. economy implode from the beach,” Peter Schiff told MarketWatch during a recent phone interview from a beach in Puerto Rico. “We’re in a lot of trouble,” he said.

Citing a source close to the White House, CNN reported that Mnuchin could be in “serious jeopardy” from an increasingly frustrated President Donald Trump, who has been publicly supportive of his top cabinet member. Mnuchin supported the appointment of Jerome Powell as chairman of the Federal Reserve, whose monetary policy decisions have come under repeated criticism by not only Trump but those who are attempting to pay their debts back. Even though CNN reported Mnuchin was in “jeopardy”, the conflicting news outlet also stated that a White House source told CNN that Mnuchin’s job was not on the line.

“They’re raising rates too fast because they think the economy is so good. But I think they will get it pretty soon. I really do,” said Trump in his Christmas message on Tuesday, of the Federal Reserve, the United States’ central bank. Some blamed accelerated losses on Monday on a tweet by Trump, who blamed the Fed for the stock drop – and in this instance, Trump is correct.  The Federal Reserve is responsible for every single recession and depression in American history. Along with help from the government, band-aids get put on wounded economies that require tourniquets.

But then Trump immediately claims the trade war is “necessary” while knowing the American consumer is paying the cost for it. With rising cost of goods and services thanks to the trade war, and the rising cost of servicing debts, Americans are being backed into a corner.

The markets are certainly on shaky ground, but only time will tell how much longer things will remain “normal.”

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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: December 26th, 2018
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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    • durangokidd says:

      So much for the “Collapse”. Today the Santa Claus Rally hit as someone here predicted. Step forward and take a bow. But hey! tomorrow is another day. The CORRECTION I called months ago to 20,000 – 22,000 arrived on schedule.

      Yeah it’s in the archives. 🙂

  2. Eisenkreutz says:

    Mike tyson never defeated an elite heavyweight. Who did Mike Tyson ever beat? Bunch of cans.

  3. Scarecrow says:

    It will be up 500 the very next day.who takes money out of the market then puts it right back in ? That’s not investing ! That’s gambling !

  4. buttcrackofdoom says:

    2.9% down is the worst christmas eve in HISTORY? PFFT! still got a long way to fall…..

      • TharSheBlows says:

        Gold and Silver are going back up fast.. Silver @ $15 Gold up $1274 Silver should be sitting at about $19 right now with the Silver to Gold Price ratio.. So watch this fly.. Weeeeeee….

        The stock market is a Ponzi Scheme.. Total Fraud. Get out and buy Gold and Silver ASAP.

        • TharSheBlows says:

          The Federal Reserve Cabal needs to be destroyed and we need to restore America and start printing our own money again. 105 Years of Hell under the Fed. Illegal wars bankrupting our country. Parasites feeding on the dead corpse for every drop of remaining blood. Jail the bankers and entire Cabal or criminal Thieves. Trump is right. Kill the Fed. Hang the bankers in town square.

          • awed bawl says:

            that printed “money” would be just as fake as what we now have

            • Anonymous says:

              But it wouldn’t bear interest along with it.

              Money is backed -given value- by what it can be traded for. As long as people are willing to accept as payment for goods it has value. When no one is willing to accept it as payment for goods it has become valueless, no matter what it is made from.

        • So I see JP Morgan finally fessed up to manipulating the silver market for years. Something we all knew was going on, but they denied.

          But, if the manipulation has stopped, why hasn’t silver skyrocketed? Because it is still being manipulated. They will never let the price be determined by a free market because there is no such thing as a free market anymore. It is ALL centrally planned.

          Silver will find it’s own value when the whole system collapses in a cloud of dust. Then no one will know what it’s worth.

        • will see. I’ve supported all of my preps playing the short term markets over the years. PM’s are just a piece of the puzzle.
          FWIW, silver at $15 wouldn’t be what I call “going up fast”. Remember, you’re comparing how many bits of paper one will trade for a nearly equally worthless chunk of metal.
          Either way, will continue to shuffle the “valuables” around, occasionally cashing out and going straight into hard goods.

  5. Menzoberranzan says:

    Let the world burn

  6. This is the proverbial “harbinger of things to come”….even a donkey should be able to finally see that this whole fake recovery has never been a recovery at all. The cheapest money in the history of the world has created the largest bubble in the history of the world. It is global, and it is unsustainable. Brace yourselves for the 2nd great depression.
    And as an investor, there is, and always will be only one final safe haven in a fiat fractional banking system. PM’s….and when the cattle finally mad rush for the exits (which has just now started to happen), the prices are going to skyrocket.!!!!!

    • Justice7 says:

      JJJ the 2nd great depression, otherwise to be known as the “Greatest Depression”.

      We should have a contest to name the upcoming Depression. Whoever wins get a No.10 can of Baked Beans (the Number #1 choice of Hobos).

  7. Kevin2 says:

    The traditional inputs that raise and lower the market have been replaced with intervention by the banksters. Interest rates are divorced from supply / demand, stock prices are divorced from profit. Its all manipulation which was impossible or illegal prior to the break from gold backing in August 1971 and the evisceration of Glass-Steagall banking/finance regulations. Companies can borrow money at almost no interest and buy back their stocks, its ethically fraud that was at one time felony illegal. John Dillinger traded in his Thompson for a keyboard and pen, it’s far more lucrative.

  8. beerman says:

    Whatever we knew it was coming. Since when do markets ever only go up and never down? Since never.

    This will go down as wall streets greatest ****fest ever.

  9. Charley Waite says:

    I’m sick of this BS. The market is WAY WAY WAY overvalued. 22000 is the new normal???? So if it falls to 20000 its a crisis? Whats a crisis is believing 22000 is good times.
    People are sheep. Banksters are criminals.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The stock market declines because people are selling their stocks (taking their money out of the market) and putting it somewhere else.

    Figure out where they are puttint it and invest there, that will make you money and maybe even make you rich if you do it well enough.

  11. Infidel says:

    Re: this line just above the comments section:
    “Vote: Click here to vote for SHTF Plan as a Top Prepper Web Site”

    SHTF Plan is NOT a prepper web site at all. It is a fearporn web site.
    So shouldn’t that line instead be this:
    “Vote: Click here to vote for SHTF Plan as a Top Fear Porn Web Site”

  12. Beaumont says:

    There are wave-like “crests”, on the line graph.

    Compare the distance between “peaks”, with the maximum amount of time it takes to default on the credit card.

    Here is my prediction.

    I’m calling that cyclical, not catastrophic.

    imho, you can probably trace the cycle back to some subsidized insurance policy for predatory lenders.

    This also works, to find houses that will default, like clockwork.

    But, politically-correct people seem to be blind to it.

  13. Whew…better now…took a couple days to recover from all the pot smoking on the last thread.

    Anyway, the market is not run by human traders anymore. It is run by high frequency trading computers programmed with algorithms. These computers also react to news stories to determine when to buy, sell, or spoof the markets. The news stories that the algorithms base their trading on are written by different computers and spread worldwide by the spookstream media. So, one computer reacts to another computer and makes the markets go up or down. No fundamentals needed. No humans really needed, except for a buncha talking heads whose job is to convince the public to hand over their money.

    So, much like life in general, it is a gamble.

    Some gotta win, some gotta lose…Goodtime Charlie got the blues…

  14. george says:

    Merry Christmas Mr. Potter

  15. Maranatha says:

    At this point, I would totally back a military coup by patriots but I doubt this comment will get posted.

    The problem is things are so corrupt that nothing else will work but can we trust the American military leadership or are they totally co-opted by globalists and the military-industrial complex? Obummer fired so many that there may not be honorable men and women anymore among the top brass.

  16. Old Guy says:

    So some Gamblers are losing money? and others will gamble and make money. How does the effect me? I simply don’t care.

  17. Maranatha says:

    Obummer fired 197 top brass by 2013. 2/3 of the rank and file are probably patriots but how many of the upper echelon still are?


    A lot of soldiers got disgusted over stop loss.

  18. Yohan Smythe says:

    I just looked and the DOW went UP more than 1,000 today!!!
    Heard talk of the PPT (plunge protection team) last couple of day…guess they activated it.

  19. violent one says:

    Nothing but a game! Today the largest jump LOL. Taking from the poor to feed the rich.

  20. CA Rebel says:

    Best ball drop ever!