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Report: The Gravy Train Is Over For Welfare Recipients: ‘Earn Your Keep or Go Hungry’

Mac Slavo
February 3rd, 2015
Comments (299)

grocert-cart-1-thFor those who are tired of seeing their hard earned money forcibly seized by the government and redistributed to those who refuse to contribute anything of value to society. Even the staunchest of conservatives and libertarians understands that a civilized society needs to provide some level of support for those who are sick, disabled, or simply going through a rough period like losing a job. Americans are a generous people and for the most part we’re all willing to chip in to make our country a better place.

But we can all probably agree that within the social programs designed to provide for the truly needy there also exist hundreds of thousands of people who have made a career out of taking advantage of our good nature and living off government subsistence. These people are able-bodied and fully capable of performing labor of some kind, but like one woman who recently called in to an Austin radio show, they prefer to sit at home because they know they are “still gonna get paid.”

 I get to sit home… I get to go visit my friends all day… I even get to smoke weed…

Me and people that I know that are illegal immigrants that don’t contribute to society, we still gonna get paid.

Our check’s gonna come in the mail every month… and it’s gonna be on time… and we get subsidized housing… we even get presents delivered for our kids on Christmas… Why should I work?

Full interview

But life for people like this woman may soon undergo drastic changes. In the State of Maine, it’s time for those who have been collecting welfare and providing the taxpayers nothing in return to get to work. A law passed  in 2008 was put on hold because of the recession and high unemployment, but the governor has reinstated it and is now moving to force at least 6,000 of the state’s welfare recipients to either get a job or go hungry. Mad World News reports:

It’s the end of the road for over 6,000 childless, able-bodied residents who have enjoyed regular free food on the taxpayer dollar. The Maine Department of Health and Human Services just told them it’s time to get up and do something to earn their keep or go hungry.

The state will now impose a work requirement on welfare recipients without dependents, which must be fulfilled in order to receive food stamps. All adults without a disability must have to actually work for food, volunteer twenty hours per week, or enroll in an employment training program if they want to ensure their EBT card (Electronic Benefits Transfer) is loaded each month. People under the age of 18 and over 50 are excluded from that law.

“We must continue to do all that we can to eliminate generational poverty and get people back to work,” Governor Paul LePaige said in a statement on the decision. “We must protect our limited resources for those who are truly in need and who are doing all they can to be self-sufficient.”

Welfare leeches have experienced a double whammy so far this year. First, an investigation found that free Obamaphone programs are plagued with rampant fraud and are soon to be reformed. And now, if you have two working arms and legs you actually have to get a job to earn money for food.

Families and the elderly who receive the benefits will not be affected. The law only applies to individuals without dependents who have no disabilities, like for example, the woman from Austin who enjoys time on the couch smoking weed with her friends all day – weed that’s probably been purchased with your tax dollars.

But Maine’s new policy isn’t popular for some people who have gotten used to free money:

The entitlement mentality riddled with pathetic excuses for lazy behavior is particularly evident from Maine resident Melania, who whined about how she was particularly disturbed by the news that she would have to do something in order to receive her special “expensive” food.

“I was just so upset after I got the phone call. It was a cushion especially for me because I have dietary restrictions; I have a lot of them, and the food is very expensive,” she explained.

One commentor pointed out that working Americans who are seeing their paychecks dwindle because of high taxes forced upon them in the name of people like Melania also have restrictions to which they must adhere:

“I have dietary restrictions also, I am restricted to the food I can afford.”

Maine’s new policy, though unpopular with some, is a common sense requirement for those receiving temporary assistance from the government.

If you don’t work, you don’t eat. It’s a natural law of survival.

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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: February 3rd, 2015
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. Confederate says:

    It won’t last for long. obama and the DOJ (holder) will come to their rescue. sharpton, jackson and the other race baiter’s will protest and riot in the name of “social justice”. When will the madness end? Soon I hope.

    • James says:

      When a person gets more on welfare than what you get from a job after tax, this is the situation you get. People on welfare share a subsidized apt, food stamps, welfare cash and can live very well. How about some programs like the old CCC, or similar. That way it can be controlled a heck of a lot easier and some infrastructure can be repaired or built.
      Of course the unions would howl over that! God Bless, James

      • Enki says:

        The whole big idea behind EBT is that people who receive something from the system will never rebel against the syste, they rather would like to stay with the Matrix.
        To ensure that people would not rebel against the corrupt Bankster controlled Matrix,
        This is what they do. It’s like the soup kitchen on plastic, you don’t see any line.
        And the hungry masses are shut up by making them dependent on the very Matrix that destroyed their lives by shipping their jobs to overseas.
        But this whole house of cards will come crashing down.
        And when it does, if you don’t have food and amo, you will be in deep trouble.
        May the prime Creator safeguard the Free Men .

        • Enki,

          A very insightful and concise explanation of the current welfare system.

          At the end you say, “But this whole house of cards will come crashing down. And when it does, if you don’t have food and amo, you will be in deep trouble.”

          My comments is to that:

          1. I can’t $%[email protected]#ing wait!
          2. Check and BIG check.
          3. …and be out of the city.
          4. Is there anything we can do individually to speed it up?

          Concise. Insightful. When I see someone else typing in the things that few know, it gives me hop. I’m going to put you on my “Gold Star List” for today.


          • otis cambell says:

            Need an amendment to constitution that says if you get ANY gov’t assistance other than legit SS RETIREMENT payments from people who have worked & payed into the system, YOU DO NOT VOTE !

            • Swandog says:

              Your kidding yourself if you think they vote now;(

            • TnAndy says:

              Bullshit, Otis.

              The whole social security system is build on other people’s money. It was designed that way.

              Google “Ida Mae Fuller”….the very first person to collect a social security check, back in the late 30’s. She paid in something like 25 bucks, and over the course of her retirement, collected something like $25,000.

              WHAT freaking ‘investment’ do you know of that allows you to pay in $25 and collect a thousand times that ?


              So the rest was OPM…..other people’s money.

              Quit lying to yourself about it. The average person collection SS gets back everything they paid in about 2-3 years….from then on, it’s OPM.

              Meaning, it is WELFARE.

              • David says:

                Andy – I would gladly take all the FICA taken from my paychecks plus 12% compounded interest and forego all SS payments after retirement. And no fiat currency please. Gold only.

                • TnAndy says:


                  I would gladly take all the SS taken from me, along with all the income, sales, and excise taxes as well.

                  But you’re not gonna get them. They are ALL taxes used to pay for stupid political programs.

                  Despite the statement SS sends out every year, you don’t have an account, like a bank account, with your little pile sitting in it. There is merely a paper accounting of how much you got taxed so they can figure your potential payback on retirement.

                  Never was that way. Just like the money used to pay Miss Ida Fuller’s checks, the TAX money that came in went right back out to retired folks.

                  The fact is, Social Security IS welfare. They are gonna drive that home when they start ‘means testing’ in a few years to try to delay the collapse of the program. ‘Means testing’ means if you have other assets (just like welfare), you ain’t gonna get much, or any, social security.

                  ANY program that pays in more than you have contributed, + a reasonable rate of return, IS WELFARE…OPM….Other People’s Money.

                  You may not like hearing it, but them’s the facts, folks.

              • Hey You says:

                Yeah, SS is kind’a a bad deal anyway it is looked at. But try to get off it; it can’t be done.

            • cranerigger says:

              Well said Otis. Those folks that don’t have any skin in the game shouldn’t decide how the money that came out of the taxpayers hide is spent. Is the country stupid?

            • Daisy says:

              You’re exactly right! They voted in big numbers and caused the problems we have now.Anyone who cannot make wise decisions for themselves has no right to make decisions for those who are supporting them.Its a conflict of interest, and its dangerous.

          • Mountain Trekker says:

            I was watching a show on TV today and they said Mohammed had a Winged Horse named Barack. This is somewhat prophetic, but instead of a winged horse it turned out that Barack is an Ass. Trekker Out.

          • Hammerun says:

            It kind of makes one wonder if they’ll need to broadcast this notice in Spanish or are they going to be deemed especial?

          • Mensa141 says:

            Yes. Figure out how to pay little or no taxes.

          • Enki says:

            The only leverage, that people have over the Banksters is Gold and silver.
            Everyone who can afford, must purchase at least one Troy ounce of Silver.
            It only cost $ 22.
            Just imagine what happens if say 90 million physical silver ounce is purchased out of the Banker’s vault.
            That is the power that the public has, But they don’t want you to know about it .
            So I beg of anyone who cares just make it a mission .
            Buy one ounce Silver and only sell it no less than $200 an ounce.
            That is the unmanipulated price.

          • CameronD says:

            NR, years ago my wife owned a convenience store and took food stamps. Back before the credit card, they were actually coupons that looked like Monopoly money. People would put a two cent piece of bubble gum on the counter and whip out a dollar food stamp, get 98 cents change. They would do this a couple of times to get enough coins to buy their cigarettes and beer. My wife refused to let them do this. One day a guy, on his way to the state park down the road to have a picnic with his welfare family, went to pay for a piece of gum to get his 98 cents change. My wife said no. He said to her you HAVE to take my food stamp. She said, “Call the cops. Report me for not taking part in your food stamp fraud.”

            Recently I was in a supermarket. In front of me was a muslim family. Man, wife and three kids. Two of the kids were girls about 6 and 8, decked out in pink head to toe niqabs. Not a word of English. Right off the airplane. They get $118 worth of groceries. The man whips out an EBT card, pays for part of it, whips out a WIC card for another part of it, and pays the balance of $2.48 with cash. What are these people doing in my country?

            The 18 year old cashier apologized to me for the wait (it took 15 minutes for the muslim to suck $116 out of the taxpayers.) I told her it wasn’t the wait, it was leeches getting money they didn’t earn. She said she doesn’t know anything about it. I told her, “Because of trillions of dollars of this kind of fraud, the dollar will collapse, and you and your family will have no job and no food. When that happens, look back and remember I warned you.”

            I could tell you a hundred more stories from over the years. BTW, refugeeresettlementwatch.org has an archive of hundreds of
            cases of muslim grocery and convenience store owners charged with food stamp fraud, for hundreds of thousands of dollars each case. Occasionally, I email copies of these to a liberal family member to start his day out right.

            • I was in a convenient store one time and I saw a little sign that said “No Checks”, and I asked the young lady, “Do you take Federal Reserve Notes?” She said, No, No, No, we do not! Then I took one out in showed her one and let her read it and she said, “Oh yeah, we take those”.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt says:

          Get rid of EBT Food Stamps and watch the cost of food plummet. EBT is a Free Corporate subsidy for the food manufactures, that profit handsomely off of the poor. Follow the money. See who’s hands that EBT Money ends up in. Its not the poor, as Food stamps is another smoke screen for More Corporate welfare.

          You really want to save this country, cut the Defense budget in half and close 50% of all foreign military bases world wide. No doubt give them war toys and they will find a way to go to war on somebody to use the war toys. Its not about protecting America but another huge subsidy for the MICM – Military Industrial Complex Mafia. America’s biggest welfare Recipient by far.

        • Genius says:

          Why is aspirin white?
          You want it to work don’t you…

          • Cynical Me says:

            That’s funny!!

          • Fred Garvin says:

            You left quite a bit of the joke out. It goes, “Why don’t black people like aspirin?”. ANSWER: “Because you have to pick cotton to get to it, it works, and black people can’t steal it because it makes too much noise when they do the penguin waddle down the aisle.

            Just an observation I realized when writing the joke;

            I don’t know the fascination black people have with birds. They love fried chicken, used to walk like pigeons, now walk like penguins, sing like a canary when they get caught, and are always eating crow.

          • Why don’t blacks like Puerto Ricans… Because there to lazy to steal

            • Anon 1970 says:

              …because their too lazy to steal…(proper grammar).

              1. I am P.R.
              2. Not one of my P.R. family members is lazy.

              I know it’s a joke, but I still can’t abide by that knowing how hard my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and father worked (and still do) until late in life to provide for themselves and their family. In fact, I know many P.R. and not one of them is lazy! My grandmothers house was impeccable, my grandfather never retired and died working a full time job and left my grandma totally set up.

              So, wherever you got that, there is another side of the coin my friend.

          • ReadyRNot says:

            that’s funny! Here’s another one for you: What do a shoe store and a welfare line have in common? Hundreds of black loafers.

      • Everyone on tanf and the like should be required to report for voluntary community service to earn that check by cleaning up our parks, roadways, helping on public works projects. They will either like the manual labor, learn a new skill, or say screw this ill find a real job. Regardless, it will make our communities cleaner, keep idle hands busy and out of trouble, and teach a little self worth.

        I dont care how broke i am i wont go on tanf and crap.. Im far to resourceful for that. You basically sign your rights away.. Just read your state’s agreements for those programs…. Something for nothing is NEVER free.

        • Smokey says:

          No kidding. Report at 8:00 AM on Monday morning to this location : city park, state park, federal park, National Forest ranger station, local post office, fire hall, or any farm receiving a subsidy. We’ll tell you where to report. Don’t be late. We’ll sort out what you’re suited for during the first week.

          If you don’t have a car, you can ride the bus for free to get there, just show the driver this letter. You’ll have to be on a bus by 6:30 AM, though, to be sure you make the transfers to the busses going to your new place of work.

          Your kids will go to the new daycare center at the church. No exemptions for having kids. The centers will be open 24 hours a day.

      • Maverick says:

        James, that’s a great idea, but don’t count on it. The black criminal groups like the NAACP would also raise hell.

        • Mark says:

          Send them all to Liberia and let the NAACP rule over them there and it will get rid of that problem.After we have the spook problem fixed we can concentrate on the spics and gooks and then the camel jockys and dot heads.
          After that we can send them Damn Yankees and queers north and the Confederacy will be as God intended…White and Christian.

      • Cara says:

        James: There will be no CCC construction. Obama and the Agenda 21 pushers want to force the population into city centers. They will subsidize large complexes of small apartments but will not fix roads or bridges to the suburbs and country. It is in the plans. They want it to be harder to live in the country or burbs so you will move to the city.

    • Justice says:

      This will not be popular, but you watch: Now that they have shipped ALL the jobs (but Minimum wage) oversees they will kick everybody off assistance.

      I tell you they allowed so many people on assistance so they would not complain and riot as everything was outsoursed. Now that it is finished it all done but the cry’in.

      That’s just the way I see it!

      • TheGuy says:

        Word yo.

        Planned parenthood? Check. Cratering birth rates, abortions, and bears, oh my.
        Abosolutely reeedonkulous family court laws? Check. Marriage rates at all time lows.
        All the jobs gone? Check. Self explanatory.
        And now! Welfare people get made into dog kibble.

        Awesome. The depopulation thing is proceeding as I have forseen it *Emperor Palpatine laugh*

      • sixpack says:

        Absolutely correct Justice, that’s the way I see it too.

      • Hey You says:

        Seems that the USA federal system is in its twilight. Then there will be a lot of crying and knashing of teeth. Figure on 2017 – 2018.

    • Angry Old White Guy says:

      I hate to break everyone heart, but this is nothing new. The Welfare to Work program as it’s called, was part of the 1996 TANF(Temporary Assitance to Needy Families) Act, which replaced the old AFDC(Aid to Families with Dependent Children)program.

      It gave individual states more flexibility to customize their own states welfare program, but in return required each state to create some type of work program.

    • John89 says:

      I like the effort to reduce laziness. Unfortunately, the only thing I see this law accomplishing is increasing child birth rates among those 6 thousand jobless who currently are without dependents. Instead of paying just for their food now, in nine months you’ll be paying for their housing, phones, food, childcare, and healthcare for those same people.

      • lonelonemum says:

        John 89 – yup they’ll breed asap.

        Are there actually paying jobs for these people to do or this the first stage in the creation of the neo-gulags the NWO would like to see most of the population sent to? Will the janitor, checkout staff or shelf filler lose their minimum wage job to make room for these individuals to work for food?

        Soundbites do not always make good policy – the devil is in the detail and the law of supposedly unintended consequences. “Hope and Change” lol!

        • Smokey says:

          There is ample work to do in exchange for the money. And if not, they can still show up at 8AM and be there until 5PM, instead of sitting on the couch or getting their nails done.

    • BigB says:

      “I was just so upset after I got the phone call. It was a cushion especially for me because I have dietary restrictions; I have a lot of them, and the food is very expensive,” she explained.

      I’ll bet she does to keep her fat ass fat. (like I have room to talk but I work for every meal I eat)


    • FreeSlave says:

      Hey, the stock market Dow Jones went up over 300 points today.

      Market up, gasoline down, economy must be doing alright. Da sheeple are pacified and happy.

    • Anonymous says:

      When Clinton was in office, he made it law that welfare moms had to get a job. So things do change. Of course, the kids had to stay at day care centers which often times abused kids, but, anyhow.

      When my daughter was little, she came with me to my job… and half the neighborhood kids.. I felt like the pied piper! Pretty soon, even a dog and cat followed along! (I had a newspaper route which covered a very large area!) We went out even in blizzards, ice covered sidewalks, whatever. I never missed except once when I got a rusty nail in my foot. And yes, we got food stamps. Females generally don’t make as much income as men.

    • TnAndy says:

      Heard this before…couple times. They don’t mean it.

      The Feds HAVE to keep borrowing more and more because we have a debt based money system. New, and more, money has to be borrowed into existence to pay back the old debt + interest. The money supply MUST constantly expand…..and it has.

      Since the consumer is limited in the amount of debt they can take on, the Feds have taken over the role. THAT is why the debt will never go down, spending will continue to increase, and WHY they don’t give a crap about fraud.

      Once you really grasp how the money systems works, it explains why things are as they are, and why things will continue to be the same right up until the system breaks.

      • Genius says:

        I have an idea! Make want to be parents pay a 25,000 dollar bond to cover public school and any benefits they recieve from the govt. If they don’t use public school or benefits they get it back when the kid turns 18 or dies (whichever comes first.) Then eliminate all school related taxes from property tax so those who don’t have kids are not forced at gunpoint to pay for those who do! Also eliminate children as dependents on income tax so they have to pay they’re full burden like those who don’t have kids do. Sound harsh? It really isn’t, IT’S FAIR! STICK THAT IN YER PIPE AND SMOKE IT 🙂

        • Rebel in Idaho says:

          Better still, repeal the 16th amendment, abolish government schools, end welfare and call it a day.

          • Babycatcher55 says:

            Now, that’s an idea! You might end up with a populace that can read, write and do math again!

            • Lost In The C.R.C says:

              Yeah we’ll just ignore the statistics of illiteracy and students never making it past 6th grade levels to work in the field instead. Yes the system we are “Compelled” to live under is flawed, but public education does serve a legitimate end.

              FWIW, I’m all for cutting social programs, so long as corporate hand-me-dats get cut too. Get rid of minimum wage? Sure, when employees have a say in what their labor is worth, (John Galt!) Sorry, Tourette’s Syndrome, should that happen, we can cut unions out too…

              The people really getting the lion’s share of entitlements are the wealty banking class, which will continue until the collapse of society, as it has every time before. Mesopotamians, Romans, Greeks, Russians, it doesn’t matter, its just a repeating song played on different instruments through the millennia….

          • Maverick says:

            Rebel in Idaho, add abolishing all federal taxes and reduce the government by 90% and you have a real winner.

      • Hey You says:

        There is an end to that progress.

    • dsd1 says:

      too bad i think you will be right – obama and the nanny staters to the rescue…

      ben franklin had it right…

      I am for doing good to the poor, but I differ in opinion of the means. I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it. In my youth I travelled much, and I observed in different countries, that the more public provisions were made for the poor, the less they provided for themselves, and of course became poorer. And, on the contrary, the less was done for them, the more they did for themselves, and became richer.
      On the Price of Corn and Management of the Poor (29 November 1766)

    • swampratt says:

      fuck’em they can get a job or starve

    • The Thinker says:

      I for one will be glad when Obama, Holder, and etc. are no longer “representing” the government (which they really aren’t, due to the lack of support and cohesion from both parties) This government has been screwed up for decades, but in this administration, only the players of the game are being pointed out and blamed.

  2. Leslie Anne says:

    There shouldn’t be food stamps, but nobody wants to see anyone starve. Hand “the poor” a bag-o-cornmeal and some powered milk, etc…with a promise “There’s more where that came from”…and see how fast they decide to find a job to buy their own food.

  3. Ga Doc says:

    I wonder how many in Maine will move to Florida now, where it’s warmer and they can continue to live of Uncle Sam?

    • The Old Coach says:

      Hmmm. Like the Somalis that so graciously embraced Maine as their welfare state, thanks to a settlement program by the Feds. People who had never seen indoor plumbing and continued to shi**t outdoors, using the toilet to dip water out of for cooking. (Yah, they really did that.)

      If Maine gets rid of them, more power to Mainiacs.

      (Full disclosure, I grew having relatives living in Maine. It was tough country. You either worked in something related to fishing or shipbuilding, or you worked in the lumber industry. Either way, you worked your ass off and were proud of it.

      In recent years Portland has been transformed into a new San Franfreako by outsiders moving in, but away from the coast there are enough die-hard Mainiacs to elect Paul LePage governor.

      Yes, Mainiacs called themselves Mainiacs in the ’50 when I were a sprout. So stuff it.

      • MXLord327 says:

        I’m still living in Maine, southwest of Portland. It is a really nice state, except for 5 feet of snow on the ground and all the NY/MA/CT/NJ idiots that have moved in over the last 30 years. Northern Maine hasn’t changed all that much, except for the paper mills closing and most of the kids moving out as soon as they are old enough….

        • The Old Coach says:

          I’ve still got family there too. Step-daughter and her hubby and three kids. Wanted me to retire there, but even way down east it was still too expensive for me, and I’ve already had enough armpit-deep snow in my life.

      • Maverick says:

        Old Coach, we have a small Somali community in Memphis and they all end up on welfare. Not to mention the crimes they commit against white people. They’re all African virus to me.

      • oicu812 says:

        There is a big mobile home park on the outskirts of town where I live. In the seventies and eighties, it was a beginning point for a lot of young people just striking out on their own. Rent was fairly cheap and you could later graduate up to buying your own mobile home and paying lot rent there.

        It is about a mile from the largest employer in the county, a Tyson Poultry Processing Plant. The Hispanics started renting there in the late eighties. By the late nineties, the last white person, my brothers girlfriend, sold her mobile home and moved out.

        Now it is referred to as “Taco City”. The only white people there are fat, trashy, white girls. Some of those girls live with, and service as many as five or six mexican dudes. She gets everything she can eat, for flat backing, the wet backs.

        A fresh bunch of illegals came in a few years ago that must have been really poor, and stupid. After three months the neighbors complained to the park owner that a foul smell was coming from that area. Upon inspection, it was determined that the four to eight that lived there were using the tub as a toilet and had the thing filled with shit and tp. Beside it was a fully functional toilet that they used for washin clothes in.

        Thanks Tyson Foods, you have helped degrade a whole society of people.

  4. Jeff says:

    It’s a good start. Next the baby momma’s.

  5. “You didn’t build that” should be replaced with “You didn’t earn that” to all the welfare leaches.


    His “somebody else” is of course, the state. The state is their God, their religion, Statism. Separation of religion from the State isn’t possible when the state has become the religion of the realm, and all must obey or perish.

  6. ReD NecCK says:

    thats A dOwgDarn bUmmr gUess ey wul Just have tu du mur doWgdaRn sTealen

  7. Marcus says:

    Not a DAMN thing wrong with this concept.

  8. Chad says:

    Here’s an idea we can save the USPS doing give them all MRE’s and use the PO to ship it after a month or 2 they’ll be working in no time

  9. old70 says:

    just wait till the day comes when all the State, Federal, County and Town retirees, workers come to their senses and figure out that they will not be getting a ck either, they will probably get a ck but it will not buy anything. they all take out of the system just like the welfare recipients.

  10. Them Hogs says:

    Anyone on any sort of welfare should be drug tested first. What they can purchase with their cards/checks should be restricted as well.

    If the NSA/IRS/DEA can track average citizens, they sure as hell can monitor Welfare Fraud.

    I’ve known a small number of people who worked under one name and collected welfare under another. All of them were Minorities/Democraps. Many were ex-felons.

    I think that our next President (Walker/Cruz?) should declare a “War on Welfare Fraud”!!!!!

  11. Satori says:

    just a heads up

    Can This Be True Of Wal-Mart?


    NY AG Charges National Retailers With Selling Fake Supplements


    “The New York State attorney general’s office accused four national retailers on Monday of selling dietary supplements that were fraudulent and in many cases contaminated with unlisted ingredients.

    The authorities said they had run tests on popular store brands of herbal supplements at the retailers — Walmart, Walgreens, Target and GNC — which showed that roughly four out of five of the products contained none of the herbs listed on their labels. In many cases, the authorities said, the supplements contained little more than cheap fillers like rice and house plants, or substances that could be hazardous to people with food allergies.

  12. colt triarri says:

    The cite from the Bible for the concluding paragraph in the article is:

    2 Thessalonians 3:9-11New International Version (NIV)

    9 We did this, not because we do not have the right to such help, but in order to offer ourselves as a model for you to imitate.

    10 For even when we were with you, we gave you this rule: “The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat.”

    • AnneMarie says:

      Yes, the Bible is fair – you work for your food and support your family and don’t freeload off of others.

      Now go after people who are “disabled”. I know of a 58-year-old arthritic who for years has been so “disabled” he cannot “work” but does various renovation projects for people for which he is paid in cash, of course.

      Seriously, why are so many people disabled nowadays? Unreal.

      • sixpack says:

        Many people really are disabled, and I’m one of them. I’m not exactly paralyzed from the neck down, I can still do a few things, like mop my floor or trim the small hedges outside my window, but I can’t do anything FAST ENOUGH to make it profitable to hire me to do it. In other words, I’m unemployable to the extent that I could never come close to supporting myself on any wages I could earn.

        It takes me a couple of hours to trim my 3 small bushes, where someone being paid would get it done in 10 or 15 minutes at most. I can do things here and there, for people who don’t care how long it takes me to get it done, as long as I don’t need to walk, stand, use my hands or sit more than 3-3 hours at a time, and they let me lie down frequently to keep the swelling down.

        Who’s gonna hire someone like me for anything?

        I wish things were different, but it is what it is.

        • Genius says:

          sixpack, I have an idea! Sell moonshine lol. It’s easy to make and good profit. Do computer work or be a ghost writer. Be a dickerer, buy stuff cheap on craigslist and sell it lees cheap! Open an ebay store, sell small easy to handle items. AliBabba.com has very cheap suppliers all over the world for things you can sell at a big profit! Do things at your own pace and be under the radar. Craigslist ROCKS! I do well there you can too 🙂

          • sixpack says:

            I’ve been known to dabble in a little of that stuff. Today’s “moonshine” is called DOPE. If I tried to sell dope to get by, I’d end up in the gulag and they’d confiscate all of my earnings to pay for the govt’s drug ventures. In the old days, the “revenuer” came along to catch you for the taxes…same thing, different era.

            Hasn’t anyone ever wondered why the govt wouldn’t be happy until all of the drug trade was outsourced? We still have as big or bigger drug problem, but only the mexican cartels get the profits…that’s because they give the govts their cuts.

            With mom and pop home makers and sales, the govt couldn’t get it’s cut but through arrests and confiscations and cheap prison labor.

            The cartels PAY BETTER KICKBACKS.

            • Maverick says:

              Sixpack, I have no problem giving up some of my tax dollars to support you, having a legitimate physical disability. You’re the kind of person who needs and deserves some support. It’s the scum who insist on sponging on our tax dollars for life, like that crackwhore in the video, that I have the biggest issue with. Those are the kind of people who need to be made to suffer. I have no sympathy for their kind.

        • Archivist says:

          There are a lot of things you can do at home to bring in money.

          Try writing Kindle ebooks to sell on Amazon. Or you can go to SmashWords, and they can handle distributing your ebooks everywhere (Kindle, Nook, Sony, and Apple). They even take your Word document and do all the conversions for you. They just keep a small percentage of your ebook income.

          I set up an ebook for a friend on SmashWords. I even did photography and set up the cover for her. The cover art sells a book as much as any factor, because that’s what catches a buyer’s eye as they scan listings. Also, make sure that the description you write contains all the right keywords to make your ebook the one that will turn up in buyers’ searches.

          There are YouTube videos giving tricks of the ebook trade. For example, most people buying books online only read the first chapter or two. So, you write short books, 20 to 50 pages. If you have enough material to write a 500 page nonfiction book, divide it up into 10 or more separate books and market it as a series. You can sell 10 separate books for much more than you could sell one large book. If someone buys one book of your series and like it, they might buy all the rest.

          You can also start a website about a subject about which you are knowledgeable and place a load of Google AdSense ads or other advertising on every page. Check out YouTube videos on making money with websites, and you can find a lot of tips on marketing your website.

          I have a number of websites, and I just put advertising on one of them. It started bringing in money the second week. And I haven’t even started the marketing on that one yet. To get repeat visitors, you need to have a blog or add new information. I add to my website every week. It’s a genealogy website, and there are about 10,000 pages so far. I sell a book through another of my websites. Since I print the books myself, I have no cost until someone actually sends me a check for one.

          Any computer-related work can be done almost anywhere. You can use a laptop at a desk, in a recliner, or even in bed.

          Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Start a lot of books, websites, etc. so that you can have multiple income streams.

  13. hammerhead says:

    Did i misread the constitution ?
    “the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness , free rent , food and Healthcare ?

    These entitlements are uncostitutional to start with.
    It is up to communities to help their own that cannot help themselves, worked for hundreds of years beforethe government got involved.
    As with every government program cloaked in compassion , its all about control .
    Plain and simple.

    • Shootit says:

      Remember the Church? They require accountability with their compassion, can’t have that you know. It might cause someone to have bad feelings about their actions or lack of action(work).

    • Jonathon says:

      Yes, you misread the Constitution.

      “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” is in the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution.

      The 5th Amendment forbids depriving a person of “life, liberty, or property” without due process of law which is as close as the Constitution comes to this.

      People need to read the Constitution more, the schools don’t teach it and it is rarely quoted correctly -or in context- by the general public or the majority of the public media.

  14. Jonathon says:

    Without work there is no dignity.

    Our welfare system is taking the dignity away from these people.

    Which is easily observed on the streets of America, particularly inner cities.

    • sixpack says:

      I can tell you first hand that the first things you lose when you can no longer support yourself, are your pride, dignity and freedom.

      That doesn’t mean you also have to surrender your honor, credibility and desire to be free. It doesn’t release you from trying to help yourself as much as you can, for as long as you can.

      I don’t live in fear, because I used my EBT to build a pretty darn good emergency food storage. I have obtained my other survival needs, a little at a time, until I’m not afraid of a storm on the horizon. I could’ve had cable TV and gadgets to play with. I could’ve bought flashy clothes and stuff like that…but I didn’t.

      I bought water filtration, comms, self defense, alternate heating, cooking and lighting options and extras of necessities.

      My point is, just because I’m on entitlements, doesn’t mean I can’t spend them wisely, and prepare for the day I know is coming, when the govt pulls the rug out from under me.

      LET THEM PULL IT…I won’t fall very far.

      • Maverick says:

        Sixpack, sounds like you have set an outstanding example considering your circumstances. As I said earlier, I have no problem giving you some help.

        • sablemom says:

          We were on welfare when our kids were born. We got off out as soon as we could. Then my husband lost his job and we were back on food stamps. He took a job as a cashier at a convenience store so we could get off them. He eventually got another contracting job and our position improved. My point offs that we accepted help when we needed it but got off out as soon as possible. I think all recipients should have that goal. It hurt our pride to accept it, but we did so for our kids. We have even adopted help from the church to give our kids a christmas present. That doesn’t make s lazy. It makes us human.

      • Babycatcher55 says:

        I like the way you think!

      • Enemy of the State says:

        now if we all could figure out how to get back some of our tax dollars we paid out and use it this way ,, that be great!

  15. SIREN says:

    Blind fools… It’s a way to cause civil unrest to justify heavier policing. Fools. You deserve the anarchy and police state that’s going to follow. BLIND STUPID FOOLS.

  16. gonzo says:

    The welfare state here in the socialist republic of California is alive and well.

  17. Satori says:

    there are 2 groups of welfare recipients in this country

    one is at the bottom of the food chain
    the other is at the top

    which one takes the most $$$ ?

    someone who gets $130 a month in food stamps (this is the average benefit)
    and who doesn’t need it
    is a problem


    what about corporations
    that make hundreds of millions in profits
    and pay NO taxes
    and in MANY cases actually get money back

    who is the biggest parasite ?
    who is the most danger to society ?

    • Jonathon says:

      Who actually produces something, in particular at least as much as they consume, and who only consumes that which someone else has produced?

      You’ll find your answer there.

    • Chainsaw says:

      Gotta point there. Wage disparity is already at a sickening level, the wealthiest 1 percent earning more than the bottom 60 %. I’m not saying take it from the rich, but wages must come up somehow and until CEO’s decide to invest more in the average employee, we will linger in a stagnant economy. Am I the only one who sees it this way? Top down economics don’t work, but bottom up seems to work just fine. Give a rich man a buck and all you see is an electronic change on his inflated statement. Give it to a carpenter or a hairdresser and they will pass it around the economy. That’s an oversimplification, but in general it holds true.
      On a side note, I’ve always said that there should be 2 lines on Fridays. One for the working class, and another right beside it where the moochers have to look me in the eye and give me a good reason why I am handing over my hard earned dollars to them.

      • The Old Coach says:

        Nope, you’ve got it backwards. Leaving aside some hereditary slackers like the Rockefellers, the “rich” are the only job creators. No poor man ever gave me a job.

        The rich have capital. Do they hide that capital in a forest of #10 cans in the yard? No, they do not. They put it to work funding businesses which, if they are successful, bring in more capital. (If they invest stupidly, they lose their capital, which kinda puts some discipline into the game.)

        A fundamental facet of human nature (greed) works for the good of all. Adam Smith was not wrong.

        BTW if you want better pay, be more productive. The reason employers and politicians want Mexican laborers, (aside from their propensity to vote Democrat), is that most Mexican laborers actually do work hard enough to justify their wages. (Been there, seen that.) Unlike, say, the UAW slackers I had to put up with for fifteen years of working in Detroit.

        @Satori: How do they pay no taxes? They find ways to make their income appear in places that don’t tax the sheet out of it. (Even Michael Moore does it.) America has outrageously high corporate tax rates. Cut those rates to be competitive with the rest of the world, and corporate income will gladly be “onshored” and will happily pay their taxes. If that means cutting transfer payments to welfare non-workers…..well hey, it’s a two-fer.

        • Satori says:

          corporations will happily pay their taxes ???


          thanks for the laugh Old Coach
          I needed that !!!

          the corporate tax rate in this country is TOTALLY irrelevant


          because NO ONE pays it

          NO ONE !!!!

          make the tax rate 100%
          it still wouldn’t matter one iota

          • MXLord327 says:

            Right, corporations don’t pay taxes, the consumer does. It is just another cost of doing business like electricity… They all get passed through.

            • Skeptic says:

              How do all the business haters explain K-Mart, Sears, countless other large companies that are going or have gone broke. I’m no big business guy but have owned a couple of small ones. Often my employees made more than I did. If there were no tax incentives no one would start a business. I can honestly say that I have known few employees that did not claim to know more than the people that paid them.

          • The Old Coach says:

            You obviously haven’t ever gone beyond third grade in finance. Just regurgitate the Marxist talking point you get from Puffington Host.

            Corps do pay taxes. They just figure out which jurisdiction has the lowest rates, and maneuver to locate all their profits there. Make the USA the low-tax haven, and watch the results. Even Michael Moore will repatriate his money.

            And yes, ultimately all taxes are paid by consumers. So maybe you should be happy that Apple and GE pay some other country less. That way you pay less for your iFanboi gadgets and your junk washing machines and refrigerators.

          • Smokey says:

            If it won’t matter, then what difference does it make how much they pay in taxes?

            You’re talking out of both sides of your mouth on this one.

    • hammerhead says:

      Nothing is evr free .
      Just as the entitlement crowd is enslaved by “free shit”,
      these corporations willone day recieve a call from uncle sam sayin remember what we did for ya back when ?
      Buisinesses like Wally World will be the first to be “taken” by the government when the US turns into Venezuela .
      Not defending corpoations at all , just sayin nationalisation in the near future is a real possibility.

    • Smokey says:

      Now ask yourself which of those two welfare recipients is actually hiring people and paying salaries for productive effort?

      Then tell us another fable about parasites and moral relativity.

  18. I think more people should fraud the system, take it for all you can get. Heck, if your thieved by taxation, it’s only taking back some fo what was yours. The whole damn system is wrought with corruption anyway, and is going to implode sooner or later, steal your own money back now while you can and and screw’em!


  19. Rockmanr says:

    So as about 2,000,000 illegals enter the US each year will this apply to them also since they immediately get food stamps

  20. Satori says:

    here’s an example of the REAL gravy train

    The Real NFL Scandal


    keep your eyes on the ball !!!

    the REAL ball !!!!!

  21. Alex Jones reporting Fedgov knows of imminent crop failure this year! Supermarkets to be completely out of food by September! Riots and anarchy will rule the day, prep NOW while you still can, HURRY!

    • The Old Coach says:

      I just read that Alex Jones is retiring. The question is when? It’ll be within the next six months for the next 20 years, I reckon.

    • Jonathon says:

      Ya gotta be a bit careful of Alex.

      Not necessarily the things he reports -I’ve never seen him deliberately report something false- but how he interprets them.

      I enjoy listening to him several times a week, I actually like him, but I have to consider that he starts with a conspiracy theory and looks for facts to fill it instead of collecting facts and trying to determine if a conspiracy is actually involved or not.

      Sometimes his conclusions are right, sometimes not. Best to decide for yourself about that after looking around a bit to see if all the facts are in line with them.

      • Maverick says:

        Jonathan, I agree with your first sentence and carry it a bit further. I used to listen to Jones on occasion back in 2000-2001, my shortwave and “pre-internet” days. But one of my true heros on shortwave was William Cooper, host of “The Hour Of The Time.” He was always a straight shooter, along with Dr. Stan Montieth with his “Radio Liberty” show. “Dr. Stan” as he is affectionately known is still around. Bill Cooper was murdered only 2 months after 9/11 and in the aftermath I started hearing Jones bashing Bill. That’s when I stopped listening to Jones, so I don’t trust him, period. If Bill Cooper could see what this country is like now eh would be turning over in his grave. R.I.P. Bill Cooper.

        • Jonathon says:

          Actually we lost Dr. Stan a month or two back, he finally succumbed to the cancer he had been fighting for some time.

          I think he was around 85 and in spite of having terminal cancer continued to do 5 hours a day on the radio till about a week or two before his death.

          Quite a guy, he’ll never be replaced.

          • Maverick says:

            Jonathon, are you serious? I haven’t been to his website in a long time. Man, that really sucks. He was one of the pioneers of what we know today as alternative media. I’ll miss him as much as I miss Bill Cooper. Dr. Stan Montieth, rest in peace. You will be sorely missed and I, for one, am eternally grateful for what you tried to do for the American people.

    • TheLard says:

      only a putz listens to alex lard-ass jones…that fat pig turd needs an apple in his mouth and baked at 500F for 5hrs in the oven till he’s nothing but greasy ash. what a fat.

  22. vtfree2 says:

    I agree with the bean and rice plan. No food stamps/ebt cards.
    Recipients won’t go hungry >20lb. flour 20 lbs rice 20 lbs beans 20lbs wheat 1lb salt 1lb sugar 3 hens and a 1/2 pig every 6 months etc. No smokes, no beer, no coffee, no candy & chips etc. The only weed they get is dandilion greens. Then through in some frudulent supplements from walmart.

  23. Sgt. Dale says:

    “Hot Damn” Finally a State with some BALLS! The only problem is that they won’t drop our taxes they will stay the same. At least it is a start.

    I wonder how long Obullshit will step in? He can’t have this happen because he needs all the Zombies and Leaches to vote for these turds.

    I wonder how long the riots will start? Not soon enough, and then we see just how bad the Leaches and Zombies really are.

    Heading for the reloading bench.


  24. Jim in Va. says:

    I’ll help a person in legitimate trouble but to hell with the leaches that game the system and know they’re doing it and razz anyone that isn’t.

  25. Scooby says:

    Hello SHTF- can I pick your heads about apartment storage? My preps are all under the bed sadly. I have a small storage unit in the basement of the apartment but it is not very secure and I am worried about rats getting into food preps. What types od equipment could I put down there? Also I I like the news articles here but we need more skill articles.

  26. sharonsj says:

    This is not new. Most states have similar laws. Rather than continually tell me about welfare cheats, where ate the articles about corporate welfare cheats?

    I want to see daily articles on how ExxonMobil makes a $5 billion profit and pays no federal income tax. I want to see headlines about how Microsoft and Apple avoid taxes by stashing profits overseas–which Congress has done nothing to stop.

    Instead of claiming businesses pay the highest corporate tax in the world (35%), give us the real numbers: 19% for small businesses and 8-12%–or none at all–for big business. And on top of that, we give them millions in refunds!

  27. Great – they are now going to make it attractive for all age-capable women to have children to avoid work requirements. Way to be stupid, Mainers !

    How about you require ALL people accepting welfare to work at least SOME hours, huh ?

    And yes, let’s talk corporate welfare as well. Just cut it off. No more special tax arrangements, and tax profits the same % as regular income. Maybe the corporations would then lobby for lower tax rates for all. What a concept ! Citizens United made this possible 🙂

    • Billy boy says:

      Do you think you can stop the welfare MOMMIES?
      5 children from 4 different men?

      I’m from Maine and see it all the time, and try to tell your Congress person or Senator, and all they will say we are trying.

      I have a small business and the way things are going it is getting smaller and smaller, the bad thing is the bills are only getting bigger.

      Try to find someone from here to work for a living, all they want is a paycheck, and I’m waiting for someone to tell me to just send them their check that way they can save money by not even showing up for work at all.

      My biggest problem with trying to stay in business is the government themselves.

      I have to pay this tax, buy that license, or pay for this sticker.
      Where does it all end?

      Or does it end?

      • sixpack says:

        You tell them that no matter how many they have they only get paid FOR ONE or maybe TWO…the rest can share what you get from their daddies. I’d also say that benefits should end when mommy gets pregnant again while already on welfare. The new daddies can take over.

        I’d also say that once the child gets old enough for daycare, the mommy should have to work anyway, unless she is really disabled. “Mental disability” should only be considered in EXTREME, verified cases.

        As it is now, not being able to hold a job is considered “disabled”, as is drug addiction. Neither of those is a disability that should get them anything but inpatient treatment.

        Rather than “deducting” what she makes from her welfare check, count it towards her benefit total and let her keep it up to the maximum amount. They really messed up when they told people that their wages earned will be DEDUCTED from their benefits…there is an incentive not to work in that. They need to fix it so there is an advantage for people to work.

        The govt did this to people. Purposefully. The mindset will be the hardest thing to conquer.

  28. Enemy of the State says:

    how about handing out fishin line and a net , at least before the riot hits..

    let them riot, it wont last long on empty stomachs

    • chickiepoo says:

      Give them a fishing line and a net? Then they will demand lures, coolers, boats, and anything else ‘associated’ with fishing (friends, beer, radios, etc) It just never ends…

  29. Kulafarmer says:

    Huh, my hard drive crashed and i lost all my invoices etc,
    Forgot myvpassword and cant reset, didnt make any money last year,,,
    Good luck getting anything from my empty checking account!

  30. aljamo says:

    Food prices are way too high. The excuses from grocery stores were tied to the previous oil prices affecting transportation costs. The fuel prices have fallen nearly fifty percent. Where is the corresponding fall in food prices? Meanwhile the population is bombarded with chemtrails, unhealthy GMO food, killer vaccines and chemical Big Pharma drugs that kill across the age classes. The medical establishment is pure quackery. It’s obvious the medicines being pushed are no more reliable than what was sold on the streets around the turn into the nineteenth century. It is all sophisticated murder.

  31. Of course you know, this means war . . .


  32. Tennessean says:

    I suggest just watching the groceries bought by many folks on EBT cards. Oodles of junk food, sugar drinks. Not only are many folks getting free food, but very obese and unhealthy along with it. One more reason to replace EBT cards with the above suggestions of very simple foodstuffs which actually have to be cooked first.

    As for us, we will plant 1/2 acre of veggies this year. We are able to be self sufficient in food. Anyone reading this who is able to grow any food should get to work ASAP on this. We can and dehydrate bushels of food each summer, and save dry shelly beans, field corn, field peas. I simply do not believe that food storage per se is enough prepping. I want to be able to supply neighbors with veggies seeds when TSHTF.

    • The Old Coach says:

      Yeah, America is the first major society where the poorest people are the most obese. Makes you wonder if this is a real reality we are living in, or is it a galactic experiment to see if you really can fool all of the people all of the time.

    • gardenbird says:

      i agree with growing your own food for sure, hate to say but if the shtf I hope you know your neighbors well enough that they won’t kill you for your kindness. providing seeds is nice thing to do but please make sure you save enough for you and yours and hide them well.

    • exlandlord says:

      Let ’em eat frozen pizza rolls and mountain dew- no worries. They’ll stroke out faster that way. May not make it to my house after all.
      You’re right on the money tho. Watched a young couple w/ a rugrat of about 5-6 loading up, had two piles; first one was soda, chips and every other thing “normal” folk consider “junk food”. Out came the snap card. Next pile was the cigarettes, dvd’s and x box games etc. Paid with two crisp hundreds.

  33. TheGuy says:

    Call the WAAAHmbulance.

    Then again, this is much like that article about: who’s more at blame, the borrower that had no intention of paying the loan back, or the dumbass lender who actually background checked them, found them to be sub sub sub sub sub sub sub prime, and loaned to them anyway?

    It would be more clear cut IF WE ACTUALLY HAD JOBS IN THIS COUNTRY.

    • The Old Coach says:

      The correct answer is neither. The blame goes to a bunch of cynical politicians who sought to perpetuate themselves in power by forcing the mortgage lending industry to abandon all prudence, and make loans to a political constituency that would never qualify for a loan otherwise. Then they relaxed banking regulation so the Freddie, Fannie, and big banks could palm the bad loans off on the unsuspecting public.

      “Hidden in Plain Sight” by Peter Wallison. Just read the introduction. If you aren’t ready to take up arms by the end, you are a waste of oxygen. Clinton/Cuomo/Reno should be doing life without parole for what they did to our country. (Honorable mention to Gramm/Rudman/McCain and a host of others.)

  34. wolfgang says:

    This law will do nothing but encourage losers to have a baby.

    • TheGuy says:

      Well that’s a nice short term solution and a huge long term FAIL of epic magnitudes.

      All that happens when you’re in dire poverty and start spitting out kids for a welfare check follows a fairly predictable trajectory:

      1. Short term money
      2. Your friend and mine, CPS…
      3. Free room and board for you… with bars on the windows.

      Let’s recall your little “check making machine” there is property of the State.

  35. the Lone Ranger says:

    Yes, let’s do set up a sensible program that is compassionate and humane.

    BUT let’s also end CORPORATE welfare!

    CORPORATE taxes have been Legislatively REDUCED the past 35 – 45 years resulting in revenue losses that are SUBSIDIZED by you AND me and all OTHER taxpayers (in the form of increased taxes) to MAKE UP for those legislatively reduced taxes!

    Why does the NFL pay NOT ONE RED CENT in taxes???

    Be VERY suspicious of one class getting us middle and lower class folk all riled up to do battle against each other while the ELITE like Gates and Buffett (and 25% of Congresspeople who are millionaires+) pay NOTHING!

    If you end just ONE gravy train you’ve been manipulated, divided, conquered.

    You want to end this trillion dollar deficit?

    Throw the real criminals in jail and begin to tax WEALTH! (not just income)

    THEN the ‘revolution’ will begin!

    – the Lone Ranger

    “Feed the man dying of hunger because if you have not fed him, you have killed him.” – Gratian

    “Hell hath NO fury like a scorned taxpayer!” – paraphrase of Shakespeare’s “scorned woman”

  36. neutrino says:

    So, the thing everyone is overlooking in this article is that, point blank, all this will do is make more people have kids.

    Note, this only applies to people without dependents. So, pop out a kid, get yo’ free money back.

    All I see in the near future is 9 months of ‘work’ and then they’ll be right back on the system.

    I really see the only solution being that EVERYONE, regardless of child situation, over the age of 18 that wants free stuff has to work, in some capacity.

    Even the handicapped deserve to have the self respect from working, even if their employment costs us more than it would to just give them money.

    Also, the simplest way to cut back on all the fraud is to STOP GIVING AWAY ANYTHING THAT ISN’T FOOD.

    EBT is BS. I don’t even care if the people legitimately need help. Send them govt cheese and bread, send them FOOD, actual SUPPLIES. And, make sure they SUCK!

    We won’t let you starve, but we also won’t give you cash for anything, so you can’t be a “foodie” and unemployed.

  37. Satori says:

    September 11th: The 28 pages that threaten the Washington-Saudi axis


    “”This report shows the direct participation of the Saudi government in financing the September 11,” says former senator. “At least we know that many of the 19 hijackers received financial support from several Saudi entities, including the government. ”

    and oh
    I forgot

    F_CK the Saudi’s and the camel they rode in on

    and a very sincere and special F_CK you to Bush and Obama for keeping this information secret

    I got one word fer ya “TRAITORS”

  38. ArkMom says:

    So now they’ll just have a baby who will then survive off government funding. It’s just another 18 yrs added to their fraudulent behavior.

  39. Ventura6 says:

    Just have welfare recipients drug tested monthly…..if you test positive then you don’t eat……….

  40. Ha Ha Ha Ha…pot calling the kettle black.

    The guys making and enforcing these “laws” are skimming the taxpayer productivity same as the bankers and the bums.

  41. Marquita Martin says:

    Here in Texas it is extremely difficult for adults without kids to get food stamps. And welfare, or TANF, is only $150/month and you have to do community service or look for work. It lasts 6 months. That’s nothing to stay home for. I don’t know if I believe all these welfare queen stories. What I do see are a lot of couples who aren’t married, the man works construction and the mom stays home with the kids. They get food stamps, etc., because it looks like the woman is a single mom when she’s not. That upsets me but there’s really no way to know if a mom is married or not unless you want the state spying on everybody.

    • sixpack says:

      Marriage licenses fall under “public information”, just like homeowner info.

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      I graduated in Nursing, in TX, with a BSN…living now in the burbs of the Windy City…I work a variety of hospitals…and wishing I were in Texas.

      I see fancy hair “weaves”, long knifelike fake nails with fake jewels embedded…fancy clothes and jewelry…endured anger and arrogance…it sure seem profitable esp since the projects were demolished and section 8 housing became reality. The neighborhoods that I have seen this, are not affluent at all… I see many in the emergency rooms…for colds and other basic illness that should be cared for in an outpatient clinic. It is quite profitable in the windy city and collar burbs…

      Hair weaves, start at 150 in one inner city neighborhood…per posted add outside the building.

      Smaller hospitals cater to the ‘poor’. They also cater to the nursing homes who send patients to the ER and then ICU, who have bedsores that have caused massive life threatening infections. The elderly, get this way for lack of care by corporate owned extended care facilities….they refuse to hire enough quality help to meet the needs of defenseless incapacitated people, old and young…proper care would negate these conditions.

      ok rant done….it is profitable in some areas…

  42. Richard Head says:

    Slow news days lately I reckon. Probably just the calm before the storm. Anybody else noticed and as pissed as I am about the news coverage on vaccines. I was watching Fox(Faux) news channel earlier (you know, the ones who hate Obama and support liberty, wink wink) and these A-Holes were basically pushing forced vaccinations on peoples’ children. But,,, of course being a liberty minded network they’ve been saying parents should at least “have some input” Which as far as I can figure means….you’re free to disagree with us, but you’re still getting screwed and if you try to do something about it we’ll either shoot you or throw you in prison. Is anyone else as pissed about this CRAP as I am. and BTW in the interest of full disclosure I’m not necessarily against ALL vaccines.

    • cranerigger says:

      I think you see the issue for what it is. We shouldn’t give up PARENTAL RIGHTS for the perceived safety (the experts promoting total compliance are full of sh**) of the community. The parents should decide if the vaccine is worth the risk to their children. Those that say there is no risk are liars. “Acceptable risk” (a small percentage) for the experts may not be acceptable for the parents.

  43. If it wasn’t for food stamps my family would starve. My wife works too hard and I lost my job due to health problems that I can’t get fixed because I somehow don’t qualify for health insurance, and even if I did get better I couldn’t work because jobs are about as scarce as hens teeth where I live. I don’t do drugs, I don’t bother anyone. If it came between losing food stamps or getting a job, my family would be screwed.

  44. 21Bravo says:

    There are not enough jobs out there currently….
    The number of people in the work force is around 62%.
    Older workers over 50 rarely get hired anymore if at all.
    Don’t forget zer0 is letting in 5.5 million illegals who make the employment situation worse. While this may seem like a good idea it is just not realistic in today’s economy….

  45. tishie says:

    I’m a part time resident of Maine and not a fan of LaPaige…..though I love his addressing this situation.
    I always put in at least 20hrs. of community service per week out of compassion when I could be boating, jet skiing etc., yet I’m taxed as though I’m an All Star Super Star.
    Yes, I was a child of the system many years ago……and believe me, we barely got by. I always “forgot” my lunch but never my homework. Nobody noticed. As I became older
    I took any job I could find. Picking cans off the street, babysitting @.50 an hour…sometimes with more than one families children. I knew each month was either going to be a cold one or a hungry one. My point: We had through Social Services barely enough to subsist. I learned that I would earn my way in an honest manner and earn my way I did!
    The time has come to STOP this nonsense of making a life comfortable when your neighbor has to suffer for your lazy ASS! If I could do it…….everyone can! No More Excesses!

    • The Old Coach says:

      If you are really a Maniac, how come you can’t spell his name right?

      • tishie says:

        Hhmmmm, never said I was a Maniac. Said I was a part time resident, not a voter in Maine. I’m actually a Masshole.
        I never said I believe we shouldn’t have compassion for our fellow man. My statement was in reference to if you can’t find work than perhaps you can find time to help others, fill your time and earn self esteem, and perhaps life lessons.
        If ones stomach and oil tank are all full for free than where is the interest to do more?
        I have no complaints about helping others. It’s about the excess of received benefits that makes one lazy. Some folks are like that. Being cold and hungry sucks, but gets the creative juices moving. I wish no one hunger/cold, but phones? Yea, I have a problem.

  46. swinging richard says:

    We should help the elderly and disabled. We should not allow the system to be abused by those lacking scruples.

  47. Random says:

    These cut off the little guy stories are very common. But bank CEOs continue getting millions (see Goldman Sachs) from the Fed and not one person comments on the moral dilemma.

    So until the banks are cut off, I dont support these cuts either.

  48. Seen2013 says:

    The jobs/works programs have been a Federal mandate to the State governments to administer the jobs/works programs under threat of yanked Federal portion of the funding for around 30 years, and the County administers it and the guidelines of compliance and non-compliance or progressive penalties through sanctions.
    Here are three guidelines that I’ve learned of:
    1). Obedience to governmental agencies and authorities. Applied as no such thing as a suggestion.
    2). Obedience to medical professionals. I’m given to understand that includes psychiatric medicine. This means no philosophical or religious grounds for refusal; you have to have the medical note for per say the measles vaccination.
    3). Remain within total compliance of the compliance guidelines that includes. Household of 1 is 20 hours per week of assignment. Household of 2 is 30 hours per week, and households of 3 or more are 35 hours and above per week of assignment.
    Sanctions install progressive penalties:
    First sanction=1 month ineligibility except medical
    Second sanction=3 months ineligibility except medical
    Third sanction=6 months ineligibility may include medical
    Fourth sanction=6 months ineligibility includes ineligibility of medical.

    The program and its subprograms have been a mechanism for low level filling of man-power for various agencies like the TSA and FEMA Corps for quite some time as those job offerings are always included in the job leads aspect of the program, and those supplied leads are often considered mandatory unless specified otherwise in rare instances.

  49. Carolyn says:

    “Or enroll in a job training program” go online and look at the advertisements for going back to school on the government dime. There is a 4 million dollar satellite school built in Stonewall, MS a town of 1600. Why? If you build it they will come. So taxpayers built and furnished the school, tuition is paid by the taxpayers and if that isn’t bad enough we pay for a place for them to live while they “train” for jobs that don’t exist. Can you define reform for me?

  50. dazed and confused says:

    So, the country’s economy is in the toilet according to many here. Therefre jobs are hard to ome by, even for those willing to work. Now, we are going to double the hardship on those people. I am sure this will end well. I am sure these desperate, frustrated people will not resort to riminal activity to survive. After all, hungry wolves do not resort to desparate measures to survive.

  51. Just sayin' says:

    Which has gotten the biggest handout from the tax payers EBT welfare folks or, To Big to Fail Banks with QE1, QE2, QE3, QE4?

    When poor people (who’s job have been sent overseas for cheap labor and bigger profits) get money from the government they call it welfare. When businesses and the elite get money from the government they call it “Government Subsidy”.

    When it’s poor people getting money people call it socialism.
    When businesses and the elite get money people callit Capitalism.

  52. Asshat says:

    More like the gravy train is over now let rob whitey or anything that’s not bolted down. Hahaha what company’s are hiring these useless people with no skills that’s the reason they are getting free shit why the hell would they want to get training so they can work for less. Keep voting for the free shit and smoke your weed that is the smart thing to do . You should do hard core drugs too make sure you overdose at a young age. If you gotta get a job work a little while and go out on comp and just keep telling your doctor your in pain seriously. A guy I work with I’ve seen him at work maybe 6 months in 2 years he’s in his mid 20s. Even if they make you work you can get out of it. I work 55 hours a week it blows I don’t want to do it anymore I want my life back. It’s like slavery I’m thinking about taking a dive and going out. Why not everybody else does. I work through pain too why the hell should I. I’m the fool don’t be like me. Stay on the dole as long as you can you have a lifetime to work. After 3months back at work you will wish you were still out. I used to think these people who won’t work were bums not true. They are smart. Why work if you can get everything free. Keep taking it make the free train bigger they will to cut programs it will never happen ever. The gov can’t have all these desperate people looting and rioting it’s a matter of national security . If they did cut Benny’s they already planned your demise think about it. It’s been done before genocide. It’s not about race or religion it’s about the gene pool the useless eaters just consume resources and contribute nothing if they exterminate them the gene pool will only have smart working people that have value. Would you pay for something that don’t work.

  53. Asshat says:

    Marquita Texas is a red state they are smart your lucky they don’t let folks stay on the dole come to Rhode Island and you will see a straight up welfare state. It’s a nanny state they are ok with supporting word has gotten out that there is free shit here. Yes there is a lot of welfare queens to these girls get married to men have 3 kids then file for divorce then they go get public assistance and they go for child support and alimony. Then they see a new man and get $ out of him too. I don’t know if you live under a rock but you gotta know this happens. I work with guys that are married and have girlfriends that they support too. Being married don’t mean anything these days people don’t take it seriously if they can do these things. Everybody is trying to make it these days and there many ways to go about it. My state used to be nice republicans never win here it’s just the way it is people took the bummer scam hook line and sinker. The freeloaders outnumber the workers so we have no voice anymore. I’m looking to move away from here Texas sounds nice. When I was a kid there were a few needy family’s and they weren’t proud to take free stuff they were ashamed and got off their ass and did something about it ASAP . Now they dance around and say Obama gonna pay my bills.

  54. Asshat says:

    I used to work for a guy who was a contractor for a major corporate conglomerate along with other contractors and he had a startup strategy when he took the contract signed it for 2 years at a clip when he got sued too much he would change his business name when he had made all the $ he could extract from the contract and the help in the form of screwing them out of wages. He would enact his exit strategy this guy was not a dummy he knew how to exploit everything to the fullest. Last I knew he had a huge house in foxboro mass. About 40 mins away from me. I don’t care who you work for they are using you up for their own personal gain don’t think because your an electrician or whatever other skilled worker that you are on a higher playing field. Even the labor unions are in on your exploitation you have to be the owner then you are on a higher level to own anything you have to exploit others. I’ve been playing this game for a long time so I know what is going on don’t be mad your getting screwed over. It’s not personal it business

    • Frank Thoughts says:

      I agree: had a similar experience myself. Guy was the king of government contracts. He used his dad’s big Wall Street law firm to bag the contracts and then would go and hire people only in cities with high unemployment so he could always get very well-educated people and pay them peanuts. He would never offer a pension or benefits and the product he produced for the government was always the cheapest thing possible. If he could get away with low-grade newsprint, for example, he would. He knew competition would be on his ass offering a better quality product within a year or two so he always exited to the next contract, and dumped all the low-wage serfs pronto. The money he saved creating a crappy product went straight into his house. Last I looked, it was BIG and modern and looked like something out of Dwell magazine. I am sure he is chortling away in there with his super-slim, hot wife from the Ukraine or where ever.

    • The Old Coach says:

      Ah, Rhode Island. A whole state run by and for the Mafia. Lived there six years. Ask me how little I miss it. Except for the linguica.

  55. Harquebus says:

    Welfare recipients are only getting a small share of the finite resources that the elites continue to plunder.

  56. Sierra Grey says:

    “Even the staunchest of conservatives and libertarians understands that a civilized society needs to provide some level of support for those who are sick, disabled, or simply going through a rough period like losing a job.”

    I am a staunch libertarian. I disagree, strongly. Charity is the answer. Not forced charity. And until so-called libertarians and conservatives stop believing that this is “society’s” role, there will be no change.

  57. Sierra Grey says:

    I wish that all those who keep saying “we” should do this or “we” should do that for such and such a group would leave the rest of us out of it, thank you. Families take care of families. Churches and civic charities did all of this before all you Americans on this board got the warm feeling for forced charities. Lovely–you feel bad for others, so you think that the government should take MY money and give it to those you desire.

    American is dead, sadly. When progressivism took over the right, it was the end, and all of you are there.

  58. Pan Handles says:

    That’s rich. A deadbeat nation screwing planet earth ad nauseam, waging war without end by printing its toilet paper IOU Saudi Mercan petroscrip “currency” now gets righteous about the 100 million freelunchers at home in the greatest heist by any criminal nation in the history of humanity. The free lunch is over all right but it aint just over for Merca’s sub working class losers..it is over for the entire scamming government military con that has been feeding off humanity for far too long.

    So to Merca’s drug addled proles…Get a job and to the dead beat bums in Washing town get a currency based on real MONEY!

  59. Ben Raines says:

    I was at my local corporate gas station the other day, and noticed three junior high age girls purchased HIGH priced, single serving, bags of snacks, and smaller plastic bottles of name brand soda pop. Over TEN dollars for consumables, that if purchased more wisely, would have cost about 2 bucks. One of them “paid” with an EBT card, and declined a receipt. They barely looked up from their cellphones during the entire transaction.

    Am I an azzhole for resenting this, and thinking the EBT system is a vicious circle of eating breeders breeding more breeders that eat for free???

    • signalfire says:

      No, you’re not an azzhole; what we should really do is shut off the food stamps to anyone under 50 or not truly disabled. You got kids to feed, there’s District of Columbia, lots of fat fooks in the white marbled halls there. Open season, good hunting. Once all the Congresscritters and K Street Lobbyists are cooked, lock and load until the excess population starves or wises up to the benefits of cooperation and hard work.

      Talk about killing two problems in one swell foop.

  60. Econman says:

    …hundreds of thousands of people who have made a career out of taking advantage of our good nature and living off government subsistence. These people are able-bodied and fully capable of performing labor of some kind…

    These people are called BANKERS!

  61. SoapDish says:

    The big ? is, when will it all come crumbling down?? No matter what is said, the tumor of takers keeps growing.

  62. DMONIC says:

    REALLY??? ONLY 6,000???????

    Fuck these parasites. Shut off ALL the welfare. NOW. When this country was founded, you had to contribute. If you didnt, you died. We need to get back to basics.

  63. yet the zionist traitors in dc just gave a raise to the isrealhellis more than what is spent on food stamps per year not mentioning corporate welfar

  64. anonymous says:

    even if we get rid of all the benefits moochers (which i think we should)its not like the govt will let the hard working tax payer have their money back they will just spend it on something else

  65. Grampa says:

    In Michigan we have abandoned farms and aging people who have farms. It wouldn’t be a real stretch to take some of those fema trailers and set them on this land and get someone to show these people how to run a farm and raise their own food and sell the extra at market for the clothing they need. The people who have farms that need help to run them would also benefit for the mobile homes would provide the shelter and the people who would get the housing would support the farms. If they don’t work then they are evicted and people who want a chance would move in the children would then be taken from their care and put up for adoption. The rules for adoption and the red tape would need be removed. People would provide many answers if government would get out of the way. Our problem is that the “educated government” causes more problems than it solves.

  66. Hipshot says:

    If you don’t work, you don’t eat. How can anyone have an issue with this concept? Maine has instituted this “Federal” mandate. It should be policy in all 50 states. Why isn’t it?

  67. Woogie says:

    Sometimes the government won’t help a woman and her 2 year old child who are starving and she hit the streets in a hot Arizona summer to find a job and no one wants to hire her. She and her little girl were refused food stamps. After she and her daughter faints on the sidewalk from heat exhaustion in 110 degree heat looking for work, does a kind person stop to help them. He rushes them to the hospital and when they get out he comes back to give hem a sack of groceries.

    That was me 40 years ago.His name was Jack Pollack and I am so grateful for his help. I needed just a week to get back on my feet and find work. That changed my attitude about the government.

  68. steven jacobs says:

    “for welfare recipients without dependents”-they are all pregnant all the time-so they will never have to work.

  69. ONLYJB1 says:

    I just don’t believe this will happen right now. Now don’t get me wrong! Eventually this government will have to inform these people that they are BROKE! No more checks! I see this at about 4 to 5 years out! But, it’s coming!

  70. LORRIE says:

    There are many who abuse welfare. No doubt at all. On the other hand, try getting a job in a recession when you’re 50+ like I am. I rarely get called for interviews. My resume is well-written though. But my 25 year old son can get a job almost anytime he feels like switching jobs when it comes to that {he’s in school}. But I’m apparently invisible and I’ve been to job classes and have volunteered and I know how to dress and interview, on and on – it doesn’t help. I’m required to do regular job searches, and I do.

    Until you’ve lost your job in a recession, can’t lift much weight due to past surgeries and are an older person, don’t be so judgmental about people on benefits. My life would be SO MUCH BETTER if I had a job. If it was in my power to hire myself I’d be working NOW. But I have to put up with nitwits who never give me a chance when I do get the rare interview. I’ve been unemployed for years. I’ve met other decent people who have similar stories.
    Also, employers are abusing employees in new ways and this makes it harder to get a job for some people. For instance I can’t lift things. Guess what most retail sales people are required to do these days ? Unload trucks, no kidding.
    “Oh don’t worry, they give you a back brace”. I read job descriptions of simple cashier jobs…”must be able to lift 50 pounds”. WHAT ???? For cashiering ? And you can clean the bathrooms too.
    When I was younger and when the job market was good NONE of that went on. If you were hired as a cashier there was no lifting. If you were in retail you did not unload shipments unless that was your specific job.
    The bathroom cleaning, while disgusting, is something I am able to do and would do just to get a job. But the rest ? It just makes it harder or impossible for many people….I certainly can’t unload shipments or lift things over 10 pounds.
    And to everyone who says “their” money goes to unemployed people I guess so, but so does mine…I’ve worked too and put money in the system. My family, all down through generations have worked and added money to the country and the system, and I have many War Veterans in my family since the Revolutionary War, {including two Generals, one during the Revolution, one during the Civil War}…and to heck with anyone who says my country should not help me, if no matter what I do I’m still unemployed. My family and I have done our bit enough for one of our own to get assistance, for sure.
    I wonder how many here who have such a nasty attitude to unemployed people {and the numbers of unemployed are under-reported}, go to church and consider themselves as “nice people”. And if you lost your job you might just gain a little more compassion. You might even end up on benefits.

  71. LORRIE says:

    The trouble is the NWO and the non-President/Puppet we have, not people being out of work. Our jobs have been shipped overseas. Wake up. Our country is being taken down from within and it’s a global thing, YES A CONSPIRACY.

    Look up the meaning of the word “conspiracy”.

  72. chickenwoman says:

    To Otis Campbell

    Are you my long lost brother Casey?

  73. Chunk says:

    The basic flaw in what Maine is trying to do is targeting ‘childless’ individuals with Welfare restrictions. The multi-generational parasitic class learned a long time ago that random, promiscuous breeding insures a steady stream of government-redistributed Welfare benefits ‘for the good of the children’.

  74. Yuri says:

    One sane and decent response in 273 comments. Congratulations Rebel in Idaho @ 6:52 pm.

  75. StavrosTheGreat says:

    All of these dumb, cowardly,criminal, parasitic, terroristic,ugly,utterly evil, civilization wrecking black-latrino-muslim subhumans need to go! So,let’s unleash the racespecific bioweapons and build the damned concentration camps, now. My Spartan ancestors knew well how to deal with such filth and vermin!

  76. "real" merican says:

    Hail hitler

  77. Robert says:

    That law would do no good as long as this Obombusdontcare is in effect. All that program is doing is forcing everybody to work part time instead of full time, and that’s not increasing the amount of businesses we have here in the States, but rather it is shutting them down, instead. Or they get smart and leave the country altogether. So that law is by far premature and is not enforceable until this Obamacare is repealed first. We need to make it easier on the businesses, not harder. I want a full time job, not to be wasting my time commuting and juggling part-time jobs all over the place, and I certainly don’t want to be dealing with all the bureaucratic redtape of privacy invasive welfare either. It’s just plain f*ckin stupid. Why can’t a man just work, keep what he earns, and the government just leave him and his employer/business alone? I’m so tired of this….