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North Korean Defector Claims Kim Jong-Un’s Days Are Numbered

Mac Slavo
September 7th, 2017
Comments (74) Read by 10,862 people

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CNN allegedly found a North Korean defector through University researchers working in conjunction with the South Korean government. The news outlet interviewed the alleged defector, who claims Kim Jong-Un’s days as “supreme leader” are numbered.

CNN says that the defector had worked among the elites in Pyongyang. In order to protect the man’s anonymity, the descriptions and his name were omitted from the interview. He is said to fear being hunted down by North Korea and his family harmed should his identity be known. He is by far, however, the most recent defector CNN has ever interviewed; he’s only been free from North Korea for one year. But, he had a few predictions about the North’s borderline psychopathic dictator…

In 2011, Kim Jong Un’s father, Kim Jong Il, died. Kim Jong Un took over and “tried his best,” says the defector. He gave gifts, and in a public appearance, allowed his voice to be broadcast on North Korean state run television. The perception among the people was that life was about to improve inside North Korea. “It was a false image,” he says.

In December 2013, the regime announced the second most powerful man in North Korea, Jang Song Thaek, was being expelled from the ruling Workers’ Party of Korea. Jang was accused of a litany of crimes, from obstructing the nation’s economic affairs to anti-party acts. The allegations stunned for several reasons, primarily for who the regime fingered — Jang is Kim’s uncle.

“Kim Jong Un revealed his true side,” says the defector. Jang’s arrest was broadcast on state television, followed by a statement calling him “despicable human scum, worse than a dog.” State media then announced he was executed.

The defector that CNN interviewed expressed confidence in his opinion that the elites’ loyalty to Kim Jong-Un has deteriorated and will continue to do so. He says that conviction is how he was able to leave his family behind because he believes he will reunite with them one day.

I can tell you for sure, the North Korean regime will collapse within 10 years,” he says without hesitation. “Kim Jong Un is mistaken that he can control his people and maintain his regime by executing his enemies. There’s fear among high officials that at any time, they can be targets. The general public will continue to lose their trust in him as a leader by witnessing him being willing to kill his own uncle.”

Yet Kim Jong-Un has all the power in North Korea.  Meaning those who lose trust in the “supreme leader” may face their ultimate and untimely demise. It’s no secret why this defector is keeping his identity well hidden.


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Author: Mac Slavo
Views: Read by 10,862 people
Date: September 7th, 2017
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. Michigan Wolverine says:

    Is that you Dennis?

  2. The Deplorable Braveheart says:

    I’ve been hearing similar reports from other sources on the current situation inside NK. Those cronies need to get together with any elements of the military willing to join and stage a coup against Porky if they want to save their country. If I was a crony and facing possible death then hell I’d rather risk it all trying to overthrow the bastard instead of dying like a coward on my knees. A coup against that fat dickhead is the only hope I see for NK short of war.

    • kovran says:

      In front of them Crusades to Iraq,Syria ,Libya, and agree to eat a piece of bread with butter ,which would then have destroyed no fools .They will eat grass ,but his country will not give .Therefore, it is necessary to negotiate ,and not waving to each other a bomb chocorua the world idiots on a power trip.

    • Reader1 says:

      You’re assuming communists think like you do. They’re desperate to keep their position, their privileges, their families, and their necks. Not necessarily in that order. Bravery in North Korea is probably not a real value. Silence and working the system and being flexible and keeping a low profile are probably the most important values.

  3. All dictators are eventually deposed out of power….either by coup, assassination, war, etc…problem is, this dictator has nuclear weapons Including thermonuclear), and if he believes that his “administration” is in jeopardy of being deposed….then he will use them, and burn the house down.!!!!!

  4. Brian says:

    Joseph Stalin and Mao Tse Tung would both be envious of the degree of control that Kim Jong Un seems to have over the north Korean people. It seems stronger than any dictator that I have ever seen. Perhaps his successful taunting of the United States for so long has made him seem invincible.

  5. aljamo says:

    If the US was going to react what are they waiting for. The NK provocation seems suspect. China dead set against a US first strike response, Russia also. Does Russia and China have military superiority over the US as evidenced in the USS Donald Cook incident, possibly the US ship collisions and even the US pullback in Syria?

    • Ketchupondemand says:

      aljamo, quite possible. Too many instances to be coincidental.
      But if it makes US the war pigs think twice, it’s a good thing.

    • kovran says:

      If you understand that this is a provocation ,so why should your President helps to carry it out ? From waiting for him and this behavior Kim.This is his strategy ,to tease the dog with a stick ,knowing that she’s tied up and showing to the whole world and primarily its people how terrible he is .

  6. The Deplorable Braveheart says:

    China and Russia already have reason to act against the fat dildo because of that nuke test. Supposedly that mountain over the test site is in danger of collapse. If any radioactive material gets into Chinese or Russian territory, airspace, water, etc. it has to be GAME ON against Porky. Let them handle the POS.

    • vocalpatriot says:

      Oh deplorable,
      I must object! Calling “sack-a-poo” kim a “dildo”
      implies useful function.
      Further, waiting only lends this slob power to act..we got noriega (right or wrong), we can snatch up this loose stool and thereby remove an unsightly dingleberry blight from the earth.
      Although I appreciate the idea that we let the chinese or russia deal him the blow, That wouldn’t come without further harm before and/or after such event occurred.

  7. Asshat says:

    Wishful thinking. People won’t dare say anything about the dear leader. Saying something is a death sentence plotting an overthrow would mean the whole extended family dead. The dude that defected will have to watch his back till the day he dies. He’s lucky he escaped.

  8. Sir Vyvor says:

    An anonymous source found by CNN? When will they learn.

  9. Sgt. Dale says:

    His people will get him, or we will.

  10. Unfortunately CNN is suspect due to it’s previous reporting history,IMHO. Anonymous sources of information are always suspect. If he is in fear for his family in NK he probably wouldn’t have indicated how long ago he defected. Could be CNN fake news but whether it is or not, 10 years from now will there probably not be a Kim Jong Un leading North Korea.

  11. Pontus says:

    More fake Jew news.

  12. TPSnodgrass says:

    this article is CNN click bait.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Comments from the peanut gallery. Amusing. Somewhat.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Supreme leader has that Little Hands Syndrome.
    Same as the one living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
    Time for a kimchi & beer summit at someplace neutral. Have The Worm moderate it.

  15. Upstate New Yorker says:

    The testing site, Mount Man tap in North Korea is in danger of collaspsing. If it does so, it could release a radioactive plume. This whack job leader of South Korea is reckless and stupid.

  16. Godsoldier says:

    8 earthquake Mexico City h mmm

  17. John WV says:

    If CNN reports it, then the exact opposite is probably true.
    CNN pushes the party line, they almost never report the truth.

  18. Michigan Wolverine says:

    All our days are numbered
    Just a matter of time

  19. Concerned-Citizen! says:

    How many crazy, bad situations can happen at more or less the same time guys?? Good times ahead for us all.

  20. CNN allegedly found a North Korean defector through University researchers working in conjunction with the South Korean government.

    Is CNN now reporting real & accurate news? ——— NO!!!

  21. autokat says:

    Get him connected to the Clinton machine in some way. That will get him killed faster than anything else.

  22. Quit picking on North Korea. Maybe they’ll save us and nuke Washington, D.C.

  23. KY Mom says:

    Equifax Says Cyberattack May Have Hit 143 Million Customers

    “Equifax Inc. said its systems were struck by a cyberattack that may have affected about 143 million U.S. customers of the credit reporting agency, shedding light on one of the largest and most intrusive breaches in history.

    Intruders accessed names, Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses and driver’s license numbers, Equifax said in a statement. Credit card numbers for about 209,000 consumers were also accessed, the company said.”

    ht tps://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-09-07/equifax-says-cyber-intrusion-affected-143-million-customers

  24. Oldgoat says:

    Why do you continue to allow articles that contain derivatives from CNN or any other lame stream media source. I truly appreciate what this site stands for and usually produces, but sometimes I have to wonder…

  25. RVN GRUNT says:

    And, just exactly what would we expect a defector to say?