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New Trade Concerns: Trump Threatens To SHUT DOWN Southern Border, Even For TRADE

Mac Slavo
April 1st, 2019
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President Donald Trump has threatened to shut down the United States – Mexico border, even for trade. In a tweet sent out Friday, Trump said he’d shut down the border if Mexico refuses to tackle the illegal immigration issue he’s made a cornerstone of his presidency.

Trade problems have already hit Americans right in their wallets and Trump continues to threaten to make things worse.  In a series of tweets, the president made threats that will be a bit difficult to follow through with. And he started by throwing some shade at Democrats in typical U.S. political rhetoric.

According to RT, shortly after issuing the inflammatory tweets, Trump confirmed to reporters that the border shutdown could affect “all trade,” and that he would “keep it closed for a long time.” The president added, “I’m not playing games, Mexico has to stop it,” he added.  U.S. Customs and Border Protection Deputy Commissioner Robert Perez told CNN thatthe entirety of the immigration system is absolutely overwhelmed,” adding that it was essential to “work with our Mexican counterparts” to handle the issue.

Closing the border could make things even harder on those trying to enforce the already cumbersome immigration laws in effect and trade fights have already hurt the average American. Prices have gone up and layoffs have taken place as companies lose money thanks to the tariffs.  Additionally, it hasn’t fixed the trade deficit with China Trump was concerned about. In fact,  it’s made it worse. 

More Trade War Failures: US Trade Deficit Hits Highest Level In A Decade

Politicians on both sides of the aisle have been fairly quick to point the finger at each other. Especially after footage emerged of hundreds of migrants being housed under a bridge in El Paso due to the extremely crowded situation in detention facilities. Border Patrol Commissioner Kevin McAleenan announced earlier in the week that the agency had even begun to consider the “direct releases” of migrants that the government (U.S. taxpayer) is unable to provide for.

Trade has been a concern for over a year now, and with no end in sight, Trump could be making a massive mistake by further hampering free trade between nations and causing the costs of goods and services to continue to rise at a point when Americans can’t afford it.

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Author: Mac Slavo
Views: Read by 1,643 people
Date: April 1st, 2019
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. lost karma says:

    Shut the damn border! That’s the only way Mexico will stop flooding tens and hundred of thousands of these third world rejects into the U.S. It has to hurt Mexico economically before they will do anything.

    The dems will under no circumstances will change the existing asylum laws which draw them here.

    What are we supposed to do? Keep letting them flood in? We already have 20 – 30 million illegals here already Enough!

  2. Menzoberranzan says:

    Fuck Mexico and it’s people. I’d rather pay more for this or that than have our country overrun by scum illegals.

  3. Scarecrow says:

    Do it already ! I’ll mow my own lawn

  4. Abaddon says:

    I don’t blame Trump. We have an absolutely worthless congress that refuses to address the problem of illegal immigration. Even if the wall is ever built, without a change in our asylum and immigration laws it will only be a matter of time before we our overrun. The European heritage that created our once proud Republic will be a distant memory to the majority that live here. The future will be dark and dystopian for the coming generations and the Republic will be no more.

  5. john stiner says:

    Trump does seem to follow through on his threats…..

  6. Build the wall.

    Enforce penalties on businesses that hire illegals. Stop all benefits to the people who have never paid into the system. Arrest billionaires that bus these migrants to us. Make it illegal to accept charity from such criminal billionaires who make a mockery of our immigration laws.

    If Trump needs to shut down trade, so be it, but that’s not enough.


  7. The refugees will only be getting worse. Mexico’s giant oilfield Cantrell is pretty much depleted. They went from being a huge oil exporter 10 years ago to being a net importer of oil last year. This follows geologist Jeffrey Brown’s Export Land Model (ELM) that shows how countries collapse when they switch from being oil exporters to oil importers. Their fields deplete and their domestic use goes up causing a need for imports that they can’t afford. This causes a contraction or collapse in the economy when people and businesses cannot get the fuel they need to exist and government cannot get revenues to operate. Jobs disappear and people start moving looking for better opportunities.

  8. aljamo says:

    I figure they are pouring in from south of the border only because business as usual needs cheaper labor as profit is lagging and not maintaining always rising expectations.

  9. Heartless says:

    I’d like comparison figures on how much illegals cost the USA each year versus the economic impact on corporations, employment numbers here (by real US citizens) and the sales economy.

    • Yahooie says:

      Here are some facts and none paint a rosy picture.

      * How much illegals cost the USA each year:

      * Economic impact on corporations, employment numbers:
      ht tps://cis.org/Testimony/Fiscal-and-Economic-Impact-Immigration-United-States

      * One last link showing pros and cons–not many pros:
      ht tps://www.thebalance.com/how-immigration-impacts-the-economy-4125413

      Overall, the effects of illegal immigration are shocking. Looking at only a few small positive facts does not alleviate the damages to the fabric of our society. The biggest issue is that they come to work any way they can and few are sufficiently educated to compete in a sophisticated marketplace. Even snowflakes have a better chance at quality of life with their degrees in underwater basket-weaving.

      Another change from years back is that for the most part illegal immigrants do not come here to be Americans. They come and come; when enough have gathered, they begin recreating neighborhood hellholes resembling what they allegedly ran from. So far in the metro DC area, we don’t have any “no-go” zones. There are numerous areas where all the store signs are in Spanish only. They will walk across any street or even highways like Route 1 (haven’t seen it on expressways–so far) with no regard for oncoming traffic; drivers must stop for them whatever the speed limit. In places where they gather, there is so much spitting that sidewalks are quite mottled with god-knows-what goo that rain does not wash away; several corner strip malls have been ruined for me as I won’t step in that gunk and I suspect that may have an impact on the sales in those stores (unless they clean it up as some do).

  10. Godsoldier says:

    Just like hicks has said for years its not about system bleeding mexicans its about russia getting in Venezuela oil and Russia China invasion of U.S. . Emp of U.S. and they stroll right in…

  11. The Deplorable Renegade says:

    We’ve got some our own people who need some kind of help and can never get a damn thing because of the feds giving all this special treatment to foreigners. Resources are already very strained at certain parts of the Texas-Mexico border thanks to the number of illegals trying to get in. Time to drop a real hammer on those people.

  12. Godsoldier says:

    I know alot of you say Hicks is crazy farfetched paranoid even delusional. But face it people we really dont know shit about anything that occurs day to day because if it was known the fabric of society would be shredded. Herd the sheeple away from the wolf then deal with the wolf. And hope the sheeple dont catch a glimpse of the wolf or they will run in all directions.

  13. Victor says:

    Doing nothing is no longer an option. The economic cost to us is too great. Shut the border and year gas anyone trying to cross. When is enough enough?

  14. Anonymous says:

    You’re still telling us about their great jobs numbers, participation in your political party, and putting them in uniform.

    Take away quotas, firmly, and let’s see how many mariachi houses with 10 cars parked there.

  15. We were done years ago. Our birthrate will not repopulate this country, Those coming in from the south have a higher birthrate than us an the muslims coming in have a birthrate 3 1.2 times higher. Guess who will run this country by 2050? Not Christians,not whites either. Got your prayer rugs picked out?

  16. Hardrock says:

    This shit could be stopped over night, if employers were charged 50.000 per every illegal they have working? No food stamps, no medical, no housing, no help at all for any illegal. They would be headed back over the border by the 1,000s overnight! Buy American hire American!! And never vote democratic for anything? They are destroying the nation, in everything they do?! Their hole agenda?

    • Anonymous says:

      Hardrock, Yeah, except that most of Trump’s employees at his many golf courses and resorts as well as Mar-a-Lago are undocumented illegals. Didn’t say all, I said many, like more than half. That is well known.

    • Yahooie says:

      They did leave after the 2008 recession began. I noticed it pretty quickly as traffic improved. Of course, once the economy picked up so did the amount of illegal entries.

  17. Borodino says:

    It’d be interesting to see the college grads who can’t find a job work the kill floors and production lines at Iowa Beef! Or even at Tyson chicken. Just imagine…..

  18. CAaT says:

    I think Trump will do it, but I don’t think he will give the order to shoot the invaders, so the flow will slow, but not by too many thousands. This is going to take more than a half hearted attempt.

  19. Seminole Wind says:

    Build da wall and man it with sniper teams, dat should doooo it!

  20. Old Guy says:

    Quit making bullshit tariff lies. Shut the border down. close it permanently. We have plenty of illegals already. If we hurt Mexico by shunning them and not letting them do any business with the USA. They just might do something to stop the invaders at their southern border. Sometimes you gotta take a Hard Line.

  21. Frank says:

    Even if Trump issued an executive order to shut it down the Democraps would find a compliant federal judge to say the EO was unconstitutional or racist or something and Congress would side with the judge.

    Trump isn’t the problem. CONGRESS is the problem and always has been.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Does some globalist pay for hiring, credit, housing (etc) quotas — as a part of a trade deal.

    Does cutting off trade starve the blue state.

  23. Sorry, Mac, but you’re flat out wrong. We’re headed to a crash, anyway. They’re bringing across gang bangers and likely setting up an internal army.

    Everyone needs one year minimum of food which you can get at Costco. Three years is better, especially if you have family. And a means to defend it with other like-minded folks. You won’t survive on your own.

    If you live on the border you really should leave asap. Especially in the Rio Grande Valley. They’re already there and waiting to kill us all. They will kill everyone and in the most gruesome manner. Don’t let them take you alive. The cartel gangs are worse than the jihadi’s from ISIS that are also here.

    If someone never brings up the fact that U.S. banks launder cartel drug money, then you can’t trust them because they’re part of the ruse. Prepare to defend yourselves to the death.

  24. Name says:

    As long as there is welfare given out in exchange for a D’s vote the millions will keep coming. The D’s are absolutely destroying what’s left of the USA. You see what Merkle, May and the gynocentric feminist government of Sweden have done to Europe. Trump should close the border and keep it closed. Get rid of the stupid release and come back for court BS. Take away women’s rights and just turn beast until we get our country back. There’s nowhere else to go.

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