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New Ebola Cases Surface in “Ebola Free” Liberia: “The Threat Remains”

Mac Slavo
November 27th, 2015
Comments (110)


The threat from ebola remains quite real, and there is legitimate concern over whether or not the world’s health experts are really capable of containing it.

The West African nation of Liberia has once again been reminded that it must remain vigilant and mindful of the terrible power that ebola has in its capacity to transform into a deadly epidemic.

Just months after being declared ebola free – twice now – the country has again been plagued by new cases.

Authorities aren’t sure how the recent outbreak of ebola happened, but know that it could once again be spreading. Live Science reports:

The death of a 15-year-old boy from Ebola in Liberia — a country that has been declared free of the disease twice — raises the question of why cases are still popping up in the country, experts say.

The teenager, who died Tuesday (Nov. 24), tested positive for the disease last week. His brother and father are also infected, and more than 150 people with whom the boy may have come into contact are now being monitored, according to Reuters. 

“This is concerning and somewhat surprising,” said Dr. Amesh Adalja, an infectious-disease specialist and a senior associate at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s Center for Health Security.

Among other factors, health workers learned during the most recent outbreaks that the virus for ebola can turn up in sperm long after the ordinary incubation period and/or recovery, and can be spread through sexual contact – even six months later:

Ebola could be sexually transmitted as much as six months or more after a patient has fully recovered from the disease, the World Health Organization (WHO) and U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have now warned based on recent findings. Until further notice, the agencies said, Ebola survivors should make sure they use safer sex practices, such as those effective at protecting against the transmission of HIV.


Although there had been prior evidence that Ebola might be transmitted sexually, experts said the sheer scale of the Ebola outbreak made it impossible to test that hypothesis. Now, with fewer people falling sick, researchers are better able to trace suspected cases. In addition, the WHO, CDC and Sierra Leone’s health ministry are now planning a study to test how long the Ebola virus remains in the semen, urine, breast milk and other bodily fluids of survivors following a negative blood test.

“The problem is we haven’t looked at a large number of cases,” said CDC Ebola researcher Stuart Nichol.

If Ebola is indeed sexually transmissible – even if such transmission is rare – the epidemic could actually be far from over. (Natural News)

It is unknown whether or not human bodily fluids like sperm played a factor in the most recent cases of ebola, but authorities are once again concerned about it spreading.

As we witnessed, the United States is all too susceptible to an ebola outbreak if it is once again imported into the country by a patient, whether or not they know they are carrying the disease.

It only takes one mistake for things to get crazy.

The CDC and powers that be are either unable or unwilling to protect the country, and may well profit from the control that would follow such a frightful disaster. With the help of America’s Ebola Czar, the real problems were hidden and Americans’ attention was diverted elsewhere – but the threat remains, and could quickly become very serious.

Here’s a look at what to have prepared in the case of such an eventuality resurfacing here at home:

What You Can Do To Prepare

In The Prepper’s Blueprint, Tess Pennington outlines various Pandemic Preparedness tips.

Among her instructions for creating a sick room, Pennington recommends a basic supply list.

Basic Pandemic Preparedness Supply List

But she also notes that a pandemic event will likely lead to significant shutdowns for businesses, government offices, potentially even your doctor’s office, so preparing for that is also an important consideration. And that includes having emergency food, water and other supplies on hand, because the last thing you want to do is have to leave home when those in your town or neighborhood could be carriers of a deadly disease.

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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: November 27th, 2015
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. eppe says:

    Sure wished ebola would hit the WH…

    Problem solved to a degree…

  2. Genius says:

    I wonder which I should worry about more, Ebola or the pharma companies solutions.

    • Genius –

      This trick question has humor written all over it.
      Without a doubt, both Ebola and Big Pharma are harmful to ones health.

      • Genius says:

        FTW, it is humor but then again it’s not. Notice how every new virus they unleash on us they make a mass hysteria about? They always mention mandatory vaccination even when it’s not that big a deal. Remember Texas a few years back and the mandatory vaccines for girls over some issue and all the deaths afterwords? Genocide by a thousand cuts, vaccines, medications, obamacare, spraying, toxic food, toxic water, etc. They attack us from every angle. The FDA raids people that offer natural alternatives and healthy food. Swat teams attack dairy farmers for selling raw milk. The list goes on and on and on.

      • Nobama says:

        Obola has killed more people than Ebola ever will.

    • Cinderella says:

      Doesn’t really matter which. It’s just a matter of when.
      You think those viruses left setting out or in a unlocked level were really a accident?
      They have many ways of spreading all of this to everyone. Including air from planes. You know..the chemtrail ones ?
      Ebola never went away. And will come back with a vengeance. So will a lot of them.
      So, question is, do you want to be scared everyday, wear masks, bug out or go below like they are. Least it doesn’t take long to die from most of that crap.
      Hell is coming and coming more quickly than one thinks.Take your pick on all the scenarios.
      No wonder the Bible says unless God stepped in, no flesh would be saved.

  3. — a country that has been declared free of the disease twice — raises the question of why cases are still popping up in the country, experts say.

    These “experts” should be investigating the W.H.O. & the CDC.
    Chances are, that they will find their answer to that question pretty quickly.

    It’s no secret that the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention experiment with these forms of deadly diseases.

    Question should be: Are they deliberately releasing and exposing this to humans, or has their genocidal experiments somehow accidentally keeps leaving their containment?

    The question is technically irrelevant – considering deadly diseases such as Ebola shouldn’t be tampered or played with.

    • My guess is that Africa is the testing ground for experimental viruses. The world cares very little about Africa and will do nothing. Old book called The Coming Plague is well written by a journalist, and discusses the likelihood we will expire from plagues, too many people too close together. So whether our plague viruses are getting an assist or not, and they likely are, it is the most likely scenario. It will most likely come out of Africa, the plague ground. Experimentation may be coming from China as much as elsewhere because they plan to annex Africa and openly refuse interaction with black Africans. Chinese despise interracial breeding. If games are being played in Africa, likely the super rich paying for it or China, which wants their land to feed China.

  4. CommonCents says:

    I had a problem with the first sentence, and didn’t even get to the second sentence. The first sentence says, “And there is legitimate concern over whether or not the world’s health experts are really capable of containing it.”

    If they can’t contain it, then technically, they aren’t “experts”–they are part of the problem, not the solution.

  5. Satori says:

    Drone Pilots Have Bank Accounts and Credit Cards Frozen by Feds for Exposing US Murder

    h ttp://www.thedailysheeple.com/drone…-murder_112015

    most corrupt President ever ???

    he makes Nixon look like a choir boy

    and EBOLA is now endemic in several African nations
    it will ALWAYS be there popping up now and again
    at this point it is impossible to eradicate it
    that window ,thanks to government incompetence,has closed

    • Kevin2 says:


      “he makes Nixon look like a choir boy”

      This is true but the entire bar has been significantly lowered over the last few decades. Political (and of course personal ) behavior and actions that would have been absolutely unacceptable is now shrugged off as normal. What was at one time covertly, for fear of public outcry, is now in your face with a, “so what are you going to do about it” attitude.

      Regarding Africa its the continent of paradoxes. It probably contains the greatest wealth resources on the entire planet yet also has the worst poverty. Its failure at governance covers virtually its entire land mass which is dotted with islands of civilized outposts. Are its problems the product of domestic or foreign application? Maybe a mixture of both as foreign intervention has repeatedly been used to find and remove its material wealth. Historically its ability to self govern has been rife with failure. If one lists the biological diseases born from filth Africa is most often its mother.

      • Them Guys says:

        Are africas problems domestic or?…Kevin asked:

        Yes and it all began when some point in deep past, like 3000+ yrs ago the fools screwed chimps and baboons, then allowed its offspring aka 1/2 & 1/2 black human plus baboon/chimp DNA mix to be born and grow to adult size and again reproduce…And with the uncanny ability for them to reproduce faster than a pak of rabbits…

        Today 3000-4000 years Later since first blackiebaboonie and afrochimpy “persons” were born…The entire globe is awash in these tempermental, violent, dangerosu Hybrids.

        This is reason number One as to why it seems no matter where they end up gobally….Their Actions more than imitate their Ape Like appearence…

        IE: they don’t just Look like Monkeys and baboons and apes and chimps…but they even Moreso ACT more like such apelike species than even Real apes does!

        I promice you if Real chimps and apes contained within places such as Detriot Zoo cages could actually Speak english…Them Real apes etc would bitch and complain of how often we call negroebaboons and blackchimpys a “Monkey” or an “Ape”…

        Because it gives the true Real monkey species a very Bad name when compared to their 1/2 Breed Cousins!

        And NO sane White person who has ever spent any lenghth of time, say 30 days or longer either working with said 1/2 breed species or has resided amoung them, Or done Both…Can possible deny this is truth, providing of course they are an Honest White man or woman.

        Whitey Flight didn’t occure because of any type Vast Love affair with them 1/2 breeds eh.

        They have become Americas 2nd worst curse upon Whites.

        I wont name the number One curse as it will cause total deletetion of this reply.

        PS: Whites, Thank your Lucky stars that this species/curse does Not reproduce like Dog’s in Litters per birth cycle!!

        Disclaimer: This is Not to be taken as any type Rayssist reply, since I always classify ALl forms/Types of Non Whites and Non Chinks as a Negroe.

        I also call every Jap I do not know the name of as “Bruce” (as in bruce lee judo guy) such as if a passerby on sidewalk, its “Hello Bruce!”.

        No need to use such politeness and civility if passerby is from above forementioned “specie 1/2 breeds” for then it is best to just Grunt incoherantly when they pass me by. It is what they best comprehend, the Grunt-speak.

  6. slingshot says:

    Big Deal!

    The Kissing Bug is on a rampage in many states. No cure for that germ. Then we have the Chikungunya sickness that mosquito’s spread along with Dengue Fever.

    Tess has got it covered and the old timers are ready.

    Figure if you catch something real bad, we would just feed you moonshine till you pass. Might cure you or not. But you go away happy and without pain.

  7. NorseMan says:

    We often see the use of hazmat suits and gloves in these recommendations – to protect you while in the contaminated area — but the greater chance of spreading or catching it is after you exit, and try to remove the gear. You either need a helper or wear two pairs of gloves — and don’t ignore your shoes, as shoe covers might be as important as the suit.

  8. Sgt. Dale says:

    I never believed that had it under control in the first place!!!


  9. Sgt. Dale says:

    Off Topic.

    Active shooter in Colorado Springs.
    Obullshit said there is no threat! Ha, Fucking liar!!!!

    Or is it a false flag using what they are going to call a Bible Clinger with a gun!


  10. Asshat says:

    I’m worried about obola more. Isis is trying to weaponize Ebola and get it into the us. My stupid governor wants the Syrian vagrants to come here she is totally on board with the agenda. We already have the highest unemployment rate let take in more useless eaters to consume valuable resources. Big pharma created Ebola and they also created the cure. They need more $ from us to fund their science experiments on the public.

  11. Satori may have posted about this before.


    This bug is resistant to the last line of antibiotics in the tool box.

  12. markinaz says:

    “AHCY CANDY BAR”… gotta love it Stg Dale. LOL!

  13. Satori says:

    ya gotta get this app !!!

    DHS’s everyones a terrorist app. comes to New York

    ht tp://www.blacklistednews.com/DHS’s_everyones_a_terrorist_app._comes_to_New_York/47523/0/38/38/Y/M.html

    it comes with a free STASI decoder ring !!!

    welcome to AMuRiKa

  14. rellik says:

    We should be dumping Ebola victims in Syria and Iraq.

    • Genius says:

      relik, explain why we should do that. You have been to university I’m sure you have a good answer…

    • Genius says:

      relik, explain why we should do that. You have been to university I’m sure you have a good answer…

      • rellik says:

        It is called biological warfare. The cheapest and most efficient way to destroy a population.

        • Genius says:

          Are we at war with syria or iran? What have they done to you? Do you even know who your enemy is? Please answer all 3 questions.

          • Genius says:

            syria and iraq sorry.

          • rellik says:

            I’m at war with all Democrats and Moslems. If I can get away with it I’d kill them all. That being said, I never violate any Federal, state or local law. That may seem complex to you, but I call it self defense.

            • Genius says:

              You did NOT answer any of the questions. Why not?

            • Genius says:

              It’s not complex at all. It is a standard NPR (neuro linguistic programming) response.

                • Genius says:

                  Relik, Here is a great way to discern bullshit thinking from real truth. It’s called using the trivium. WARNING: this may cause extreme uncomfortability. It will go against all the mind control shit you were exposed to at your university. I am sincere when I say, you really need to look into this. Heres the link

                  ht tp://www.triviumeducation.com/trivium/ (remove the spaces between the ht and tp)

                • Genius says:

                  Discovering and ordering facts of reality comprises basic, systematic Knowledge– not only the rules developed and applied to the ordering of word/concepts for verbal expression and communication, but our first contact with conscious order as such. This is the initial, self-conscious technique used in properly (discursively or sequentially) organizing a body of knowledge from raw, factual data for the purpose of gaining understanding (through logic) and; thus, also organizing the individual human mind. It is the foundation upon which all other “methods of organization and order” are built.

                  Special grammar properly relates words to other words within a specified language like English, Russian, or Latin.

                  General grammar relates words to objective reality in any language and applies to all subjects as the first set of building blocks to integrated or fully mindful, objective knowledge. A body of knowledge which has been gathered and arranged under the rules of general grammar can now be subjected to logic for full understanding, which, emphatically, is a separate intellectual procedure.

                • Genius says:

                  Developing the faculty of reason in establishing valid [i.e., non-contradictory] relationships among facts yields basic, systematic Understanding– it is a guide for thinking correctly; thinking without contradiction. More concisely, it is the art of non-contradictory identification. The work of logic is proof. Proof consists of establishing the truth and validity of a concept or proposition in correspondence with objective, factual reality by following a self-consistent chain of higher-level thought back down to foundational, primary concepts or axioms (i.e., Existence, Consciousness, and Causality). It is a means of keeping us in touch and grounded to objective reality in our search for valid knowledge and understanding. Logic brings the rhythm of the subjective thoughts of the mind, and the subsequent actions of the body, into harmony with the rhythm of the objective universe. The intention is to amicably synchronize individual mental processes, and their attendant actions, with the processes of our surrounding natural, factual existence over the period of a lifetime.

                  In laymans terms it is training your mind to rearrange input so it can be logically processed and discerned for falsehoods and falacies. It is the anti-nuero linguistics programming answer. Most if not all politicians and media are trained in NLP and it is very successful. Words are decieving especially if you are trained how to do it. This is not as hard as it may appear, once you get used to it, it becomes second nature. Basically it is just learning how to discern statements. Give it a shot!

              • Genius says:

                Well damn, that shut everyone up. It really isn’t hard. I will be happy to explain it in easier terms to anyone who really wants to learn what it is all about. It is an anti-mind control way of thinking that will help you to logically discern what is true and what is bullshit. Like a big can of whoop ass on bullshit. A pretty good eye opener when you use it against political rhetoric and media bullshit.

                • eppe says:

                  G, dang dude that was deep.
                  Was going to jump in with close to your answer.
                  Sometimes it is best to sit back and let others respond first.

                  Guess the real question is:
                  What to believe in???

                  This and more will be answered one day, truthly, when we get to the end…

                • Hmmmmmm. I have a different approach.
                  Follow the money.
                  If anything looks off or manipulative, it is, so see who will profit from it. Serves me well. Taught it to my son the former banksters who has a business. He admits it serves him well.

                • Genius says:

                  It’s not just about follow the money. Many people twist words and align them in a way to make you subconsciously accept it as fact. Here’s an example…

                  “you are either with us, or you are with the terrists”
                  Now on the surface that may sound like you have decided correctly by aligning with “them”. Ok lets dissect that statement. First who is us? 2nd what terrists? 3rd what other choice do I have? 4th If I do not choose either what is the outcome.
                  This statement is so deranged it is impossible to use logic to discern it. So we need to arrange it a little differently. “you will either be one of us or we will consider you a terrist” Now we see it is a direct threat against us. Using logic we see that there is no other choice offered. And grammar shows us that it fits an agenda. So by using this method there is no other conclusion other than it is a direct threat to fulfill an agenda and we see the true meaning of the statement. Hope that helps explain it.

                • Yes, it is a loser statement, no room for discussion. We have a lot of those these days, our people are very polarized. Intentionally so, if they can make us hate and blame each other then we lose. We have already lost. It will get worse. First, let’s quit hate mongering… that only helps our enemies.

          • Nobama says:

            Are we at war with syria or iraq?

            What have they done to you?
            >>not a damn thing

            Do you even know who your enemy is?
            >Fuck yes, the IRS, DHS, NSA… alphabet soup

            Please answer all 3 questions.

    • Frank Thoughts says:

      That is funny! Refugees and Ebola: the Reece’s peanut butter cup of karma.

  15. At the Last Straw says:

    Want to make a lot of money on wall street invest in the company that makes the false flags, they have to be working 24/7. Holy Cow everyday now there is another false flag going up the flag pole. Buy it now and stack it deep, because its only going to get worst!!

  16. Them Guys says:

    Some Fed Govnt agency I am certain now has the capibility and capcity USA Fed Law Code-wise, to simply…

    Re-Classify all of these negroes and mixed with various percentages of negroe dna types, as a form of Out Dated and No longer functional, No longer needed, Farm Implement’s…..

    Then once re calssified as old useless worn out Farm Implements, Deport them to the global Junk Yard of African Jungles.

    IE: Definitions as used in This new fed Agency capacity for re classification process…The term and wording of “Farm Implement’s” Shall mean the same thing as prior called “Cotton Picker’s”.

    Once Passed and signed into usa fed code law, this deportation/removal prosess Shall proceed to take effect Imeadiatly.

    So Phone them Reps and Senators Now folks! tell them to Pass the new reclasification of old farm implements ASAP Fast!

  17. slingshot says:

    All this time we have been at this Ebola stuff we still miss things.

    Decontamination! Not only would you double up on gloves but we forget that we need to have a disinfecting solution sprayed on you and also a wash area. Otherwise do you think you have enough gear to last to help a person who is sick. Or be able to enter back into the safe area without the danger of it being contaminated.
    You need to treat this like a WEAPONISED GERM. There are Military training books and you need to know what Materials are not penetrable by he germ. Look at the NBC video’s.
    This is a rehash but it never hurts to have a review or inventory of gear in this case.

  18. Machinist says:

    Wow, so we’re all terrorists now! Errr..so says the ‘murikan version of the NKVD.

    You know, a quick examination of 20th century genocides, w/ focus on the perpetrators and their ideological training, beliefs and actions, for instance the Holomodor in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, then Pol Pot’s killing fields and onto the modern day Gaza and West Bank concentration camps..causes one to pause and wonder when, its our turn in the barrel.

    Sadly, with the likes of Sen. Schumer, Fienstein, Laughtenberg and similar others, advocating our collective disarmament, coupled with their complete control over their house-nigger Obama and his regime…

    Things could get real dicey, real soon..for those of us, who understand history.

  19. Asshat says:

    Just keep working for the greater good others are depending on you. I tell my kid this is what I’m doing. He will do it too someday. That’s right keep working hard to keep less of your$ the free shit vagrants are going to the beach while you work. The welfare moms are going back to bed after their kid gets on the bus. You see them out there on your way to work. But don’t be out raged by this because you are not the only one being a servant. This is what hitlery and Bernie want for America. Either way the rich corporations fuck you over. Just keep going to work your labor will be stolen.

  20. Mike Radant says:

    And yet the ni99er squatting in the White House opens the borders to these disease spreading vermin!

  21. Rockmanr says:

    Just think of all the moslims from Africa flooding the world and no one checks them for Ebola Come on into the USA by the hundreds of thousands and it only takes one to kill millions here Just one person. Think about it Piles of dead out side hospitals, The smell of death in the air. doctors and nurses will die off fast and then what Like the midevil black death hitting Europe The end

  22. Warchild Dammit! says:

    Obola cases in a “obola free liberia”?!Damn,next thing you will tell me there are firearms in gun free zones,this is obviously some kind of mistake!

  23. Houst/cypress/Katy/shtf says:

    Jesass…sh……t.. guys I have a problem. I have no. bio defense protocol, not even a gas mask.. I have been busy prepping now I have to do something about this issue asap. And I didn’t like the cost of the suits, etc.. November and December is when I scape on my ass financially…if Economist V is correct and the cable has bio weapons at strategic locations all over the country, then we are in a environmental cluster phuck of a situation..everyone I use the paper products formula I see that I am not in the 3-5% that I am in fac t dead phuck..one ex Fema employee told me recently that Fema is on continuity of government and they just come out to se who they can grab and take to use for slave labor..so based on what happened to my bug our bag recently and I have solved the problems and solved it with some recommendations from Genius, former Agency ass clown troll, now 100% legitimate poster, his advice sealed up the leakage and water damage issue and sealed up my accessories in all of my bug out bags and I am still dead when shtf commenses..now if a bio weapon hits my city then what am I going to do then, out a plastic bag over my head and breathe through a dust mask?.Genius you are correct but I am still dead..I have a feeling that most of us preppers don’t have bio defense. We are still phucked.

    According to this elitist survival formula I am a 97%- er.

    350,000,000/48 States=5-10,000 per state=3-5,000,000 survivors nationwide..with women extinct in 3 years..

    ooch, I am already dead.



    I am as dead as phuck.

  24. Houst/cypress/Katy/shtf says:

    Sometimes I have to laugh may as off, I keep getting these emails seminar invites form speakers who are coming into Houston asking peole like me to meeting up with them so that they can show me how make more money. I have to literally laugh my ass off. Just listen to the new Hodges an James Rawles audio telling us that we are lucky if we even make it back home in and EMP event..



  25. I am not a robot. Nor am I posting random spam.
    Voltaire was right. If you don’t know who rules,
    find out who you can not criticize.

    My experiment was very enlightening. I am starting
    to believe my own bullshit.

    • I like that one too. Follow the money and find out who you cannot criticize. That leaves Obama out cuz he takes the shit storm. For who? The banksters who put him in office. No commie or Muslim, he is employed by the banksters.

  26. Old Guy says:

    I said it months ago and will repete. Ebola will not become a pandemic in the USA. its a west African black person disease and will not go viral in our climate and genetic makeup. Follow the money. They want to rid Africa of the blacks and exploit the natural resources.

    • As a biologist I remember AIDS being touted as an African only disease, then as a gay only disease. It is a human disease. Humans have different social customs but biologically too similar to not spread disease. Different social customs in animal populations discourages interbreeding and is considered to be the first step into a different pathway that creates new species. It requires genetic isolation of each group, which we do not have. Run your DNA sample and you will see how much cross breeding there is.

      • Old Guy says:

        And its mainly butt hole sex practitoners who catch the aids. and it,s a larger percentage of the black community who catch aids. and aids isn’t a pandemic. And I have ran a DNA sample Im German Scandinavian and Eastern European. I had ancestors who survived the black plague. I could have the counstition of Rasputen and nothing could faze me? Ebola is much to do about nuthin.

  27. marlene says:

    Just emptying the stockpile of ebola-treating medicines, folks. Nothing to see here.

  28. Are we sure that it is the truth that
    these are “NEW” cases? The research nurse from Scotland that was treated successfully and released only to have it re-occur and have to be readmitted to the hospital for a 3 week stay and released Oct 9th. Or the famous doctor treated and deemed healed only to find ebola alive and well in his eye several months later. He had been performing surgery during this time. Is it a sleeper? Do our treatments only put it into hibernation and undetectable for those who seem to be cured? Remember, we don’t know where its resevoir is. Where does it go when there are no active cases? It is somewhere. Why is it showing up in these same people again? it mutates every 2nd or 3rd person. What is it showing up as all of those months later? Has it regrouped and become something even bigger and badder than ever before? SOMETHING TO RESEARCH.

  29. ThaiPrepper says:

    This company has the solution,do not know if it is available for US. http://www.pandemic.n.nu