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Nationwide Surge In “Deaths of Despair”: Americans Are Committing Suicide In Record Numbers

Mac Slavo
June 19th, 2019
Comments (28)

In the United States, which is obviously not the happiest nation on Earth,  Americans are committing suicide or “deaths of despair” in record numbers.  There are many issues that can rightly take the blame, but lack of personal freedom and the manipulated economy are creating generations of hopelessness.

Feelings of hopelessness and despair are overwhelming many in the U.S. So much so, that people are turning to alcohol, drugs, and suicide to numb the pain of their lives.  Government enslavement and the stranglehold on the economy are making life even more difficult on those already struggling to get by. And this is seen in new death numbers released.

The Final Government Objective: Enslave or Kill Us All

According to a report by RT, the suicide rates among teens and young adults aged 15 to 24 (the older end of “Generation Z”) spiked in 2017, reaching their highest point since 2000, according to a study published Tuesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). “Deaths of despair” have risen 51 percent in the past 10 years, buoyed by rising rates of anxiety and depression that comes along with social media use. Drug use, hopelessnesses, and a lack of free will are taking their toll on people. And the statistical figures may be even higher since some intentional drug overdoses are not counted as suicides.

The rise of millennial and Gen Z “deaths of despair” can be traced to the gap between reality and expectations. Raised on the myths of the American Dream and Freedom, these are the first Americans to experience a markedly lower standard of living than their parents and an increase in the authoritarian control on their lives. The Baby Boomers who grew prosperous on the fruits of the postwar economic boom had far more freedom and paid a loss in taxes that the newer generations, who have effectively sold their children and grandchildren into slavery.

Young people aren’t the only ones afflicted by suicide. Life expectancy nationwide is down for the third year in a row, and a report from Trust for America’s Health published last year projects that this “epidemic” – which they define as drug and alcohol deaths plus suicide – is on track to kill more than 1.6 million people by 2025 if it continues to grow at its current rate.

None of this will change until people are free to make their own decisions – including the bad ones – and the economy is no longer manipulated by the elitists who funnel money to themselves away from the masses.

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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: June 19th, 2019
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. Justice says:

    When I first started prepping 10-12 years ago I studied up on the collapse of the Soviet Union and the effects on Russians. The MAIN thing that struck me was people recounting that EVERYONE knew someone who committed suicide because they could not adapt to he new reality.

    It was mainly the professional class that could not accept that they were no longer respected/valuable members of society (e.g. Doctors, PHDs, Lawyers). Their education and knowledge was worth-less or worthless.

    This historic example, highlights the need for preppers to have a real world skill that will still be valuable to others in order to survive a SHTF event!

    • TharSheBlows says:

      Good!!! A bunch of weak useless eaters cannot time their shoes nor throw a hand grenade if their life dependes on it.

      When the grid Crashes, its game on, and just S-S-& Shut-up. Next….

  2. Heartless says:

    sad as it is that this coming of age generation has so little ability to perservere; but, it will make life easier for those of us who can.

    • JustMe says:

      Those committing suicide are being actively replaced with third worlders. You will have it a lot less easy than you think, in the coming interesting times.

      Right now, as you read this, literally tens of thousands of military age males from third world countries have already crossed the borders, and are being settled all over the country, by those who want you dead, Whitey. They bring their anti-White hatred and diseases long since cured in Western Civilization.

      An average of 22 U.S. military Veterans per day are committing suicide, and only lip service is paid to their situation.

      Keep dreaming that things will sort themselves out, and Trump will save you…

  3. “deaths of despair” directly include drug overdoses and alcoholism related diseases in their number, both of which dwarf the numbers of outright suicides, so I would take this article with a big grain of salt.

    People aren’t offing themselves any more than usual, with the exception of the millennials. reason is twofold: 1- they have been raised in an “I get what I want” and a “my feelings matter more than anything else” environment and a significant number cannot adjust to the realities of being responsible for themselves or have an emotional buffer for hurt feelings; and 2- they have been told repeatedly that the world is ending due to man-made climate change which has given a pervasive feeling of doom to an entire generation.

  4. Seminole Wind says:


  5. Seminole Wind says:

    Let’s make a list of people who we would like to see kill themselves, shall we?
    Nancy Pelosi, Alec Baldwin, Chuckie Schummer, Amy Schummer, Joy Bihar, Woopie Goldberg, Hillary Clinton, Barack Milhouse Benito Obama, Xi of China, Mad Vlad Putin, all Jihadis, Maduro of Venezuela……come on, who’s next?

  6. Menzoberranzan says:

    If someone is hell bent on killing themselves I suggest taking some of these scumbags that have caused our problems in the first place with you. No one is safe from someone willing to sacrifice themselves.

  7. The Weimar republic was a period in German history in which an alien power dominated the native German people. Misery and suicides were common. There was every form of hedonism and depravity. Crime was high. Communism was taking over. The Germans knew what Communist outsiders had done to native Russians. And they feared that happening to them. They knew that millions of Russian people were being murdered.

    Out of this evil rose a force determined to rid itself of that alien communist menace. Out of the ashes was born a rebellion in the form of Adolf Hitler.


  8. Kevin2 says:

    While I understand the decline in the US for far too many I have discussed “hard times” with my 97 year old father. He had it pretty good during the depression but around him he had seen its effects. It kinda reminds me of the Richard Prior “Mudbone” skit about times were so hard back then that the sun only came out on Tuesday early in the morning for a few minutes. In “The Grapes Of Wrath” there were no illegals crossing the border, Americans were migrant field hands, Okies, traveling to California and happy to work a hard day for a solid meal. Had and soft are both relevant terms. I have a feeling that one day its highly likely that these “hard times” will be looked upon quite lovingly.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I think too many people miss the point. Most of these people are family and friends not some enemy to be joked about. They cannot cope with what was handed to them by Governments, banks and the pharma companies/medical professionals.
    99% of the general population do not understand what is happening. They like to trust main stream press and pollies…. but they don’t understand debt/credit and fractional reserve banking and the outcomes, pharma based drug dependancy, police states, highly processed foods and food allergies and their own human rights. They were never educated or taught how to educate themselves about such things and with social media they think they can answer even the most complex of questions with google – which they cannot. Many have never heard of 1984 and no millennial knows history even the last 100 yrs.
    Their ignorance will bring us all down.

  10. Anonymous says:

    These are the results of a world without God. Like the old saying goes, “Know Jesus, know peace. No Jesus, no peace.” See the LORD while He may be found.

  11. Kosh says:

    It certainly is no wonder about 15 to 24 year olds. Parents are now raising kids as gender fluid, so they can choose their own sex. Not to mention they are hounded to think that there are multiple genders. They are bombarded with diversity, multicultural, and social justice propaganda from the beginning in our K12 schools through college. Drag queens are now providing “story time” from pre-schoolers to kindergarten. They are brainwashed into hating their own country, their own Caucasian heritage, and to hate themselves because of their race. It sure as hell is no surprise to me that so many of them are on antidepressant/ADHD meds and their suicide rates are up.

    • Mr. pickles says:

      You hit the nail on the head. It’s a perfect storm of destruction in America. A friend saw a shirt in the mall with rainbows and said straight outta the closet. Queer agenda everywhere. Bud light and their rainbow cans. Taylor Swift song called everyone needs to calm down shows we are in the toilet big time. I couldn’t watch the whole video it pissed me off so much. Biracial commercials brainwashing girls into thinking the bbc is the only thing to screw. We are truly seeing the end of America

  12. Bert says:

    It is the processed shit and the drugs the idiots are taking.

    No need for anyone to take any medication if they are in shape and eat correctly. We just don’t have any pain and even though we are 60 and above, we feel like we are 18 again.