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  1. Every letter or package you mail is scanned. Both the to and from addresses. These are recorded and stored. By the NSA. Every electronic activity by everyone is recorded and stored. By the NSA. Every where you go, your phone, car, tollway transponder, etc., is recorded and stored. By the NSA. Every website and TV show you watch is recorded. By the NSA. If you have a smart TV, it listens to you and records. Same with your smart phone. New car? You guessed it. It’s recording. For the NSA. The NSA uses the info to create an algorithm about you.

    • Anonymous says:

      So always use someone else’s return address, preferably someone you don’t like, when you mail illegal things or do illegal things using the mail.

    • TallMan says:

      You are correct about the US post office photo copying all sides of any mail, or package you send. I’m not so sure that UPS, Fedex, or any of the other private package senders doing this, yet that is, i guess only time will tell.

    • Frank Thoughts says:

      All true. Here is a quick history for dummies of the evolution of mass surveillance in the Western nations:

      1) Pre-WWII: Most surveillance was through rumour, gossip, footwork, post office and telephone interception.
      2) Post-WWII: Machine surveillance became possible as a result of the invention of computers, especially the mainframe computers. Formation of the “Five Eyes”.
      3) 1950s: Cold War used as an excuse to roll out mass surveillance. At this time it was a prisoner to the era’s technology and had to prioritise how it spent its resources.
      4) 1960s: Invention of the silicon chip and micro-computing becomes a game changer. Now possible to amp up the quantity of information processed and speed.
      5) 1970s: Domestic insurrection by radical and terrorist groups forces the need to establish “Echelon”: a Five Eyes led global electronic surveillance and sharing system of surveilance.
      6) 1980s: Ronald Reagan invests heavily in ramping up the computer capabilities of the NSA etc.
      7) 1990s: Micro-computing flourishing and the start of the Internet revolution combined with the overall communications revolution finally bring in the prospect of real-time 24/7 surveillance of the whole population.
      8) 2000s: 9/11 gives the legal framework to throw the switch on 24/7 mass surveillance. Teams are sent to all communications hubs to install redirects straight to the NSA.
      9) 2005 onwards: A market is created for mass data collection and an entire sector emerges to collect and monatize this data, while helping to fund the accelerated expansion of surveillance.
      Today: Mass surveillance installed and advanced profiling of individuals already in place. Life guiding, siloing, stove-piping, spoofing etc. all techniques used to control the population. Various violent groups are funded to create the public demand for further funding of these activities.

  2. bb in GA says:

    The USPS sends me email regularly with a scan of all flat mail sent to my P.O. box and tells me when I have a package too.

    They got it all.


  3. Gloves, hairnets, personalized cutlery; wait a minute. Isn’t that what they want? They, who are they? That’s what really matters?

    On other news, it looks like Germany is giving Angela Merkle her walking papers. I guess getting raped by third world migrants is not so great as they said it would be.


  4. juniebjones says:

    We just talk, talk, talk and nobody says what they are going to do about it. (Except the inevitable commenter who is locked and loaded – yawn.)

    Why aren’t those of us who oppose biometrics, DNA collection and constant surveillance moving into areas where we can barter, pay cash, walk or use pre-surveillance cars, natural medicine practitioners — areas that already have a pre-tech culture, e.g. Amish, or dying small towns? Sure, we can’t avoid ALL of it, but we can significantly reduce what’s in our digital profiles. So where are the people with the courage and will to do this?

  5. The Deplorable Renegade says:

    I’m the only one who decides what to do about anything. My personal and confidential information is just that and nothing else. I’ll decide who can know what about me, period.

    • DR, I’m afraid that’s not how it really is. Just because you don’t want them to know, doesn’t mean they don’t know. You’re here. They already know who, where, and what you are.

      • Kevin2 says:


        I agree. Our information is collected without our knowledge and therefore sans our approval. If analyzed (and posters here no doubt have a leg up on this analysis) its probable that “they” know more about you than you know about you.

        • SumItUp says:

          Thank any/all finacial institutions for that. They get paid for “sharing”.

        • No one knows more about me than me.

          Half of what they know is wrong and the other half is bullshit.


          • Kevin2 says:

            Have a call phone? Have tags on your car? They knew where you were and when. They very likely know where you will be and when. Have a computer (obviously): The aforementioned applies with the added bonus of what is said, to who. Think your health records are secure from them? Don’t. Interestingly they also know what you don’t. Do you know what employers, acquaintances, friends and family think of you? They track them too. All they need is the desire.

            “He can run but he can’t hide”

            Joe Louis

            • Archivist says:

              I don’t have a cell phone, and my town doesn’t have the money to buy the stoplight cameras. So I come and go with fewer traces. I don’t have an employer. I don’t really have many friends, and I’m cutting back on the health care.

              I went to four different businesses today and paid cash at all of them. At most of them, the people in front of me paid cash as well. So a large part of my income is like a black budget. No one else knows where it goes or if it goes.

              I’m actually seeing more cash and fewer cards in some places.

  6. Anon says:

    WalMart Story: “One man. One light bulb. Wasted life.”
    (FYI: You are warned. Proceed read at your own risk of wasted time and life)
    -Went in for auto head light bulb.
    -Scanned by multiple cameras upon entry. Video screen of your picture presented. Facial recognition.
    -Scanned by cameras as you proceed through store to the auto bulb section.
    -On row/aisle for bulbs Multiple in your face cameras with screens showing your movement/pic on video.
    -Found bulbs. No person to assist in finding right model number. No catalog to look up correct fit. Just a box with buttons and screen to enter info.
    -The bulbs were locked in a glass case. You could not access the bulbs yourself.
    -No WalMart workers around. Went to automotive counter. Clerk was on phone. Stood there for many minutes. Clerk continued talking. Never acknowledging me.
    -I walked off to find someone else to open the locked glass case, to get headlight. Found worker. She said, “she could not help. I had to go to automotive counter. Only counter had a key”. (The counter I was already at.)
    -Went back to counter. Good news. Worker off phone. Bad news. Clerk now chatting it up with customer. While I stand there many more minutes. Finally customer checks out with clerk. Then clerk proceeds playing on computer. Never looking at me who was standing DIRECTLY in front. Clerk never did acknowledge. I spoke up and asked for key to glass cabinet for bulbs.
    -After long delay response. Clerk could not find key. Fumbled around many minutes. Gets key. We go to cabinet. Clerk fumbles with lock. Then lectures me on why I should replace both headlights, “highly reccommended”. Even though only one was currently out. I listened for many minutes at the sales pitch and the “expertise” of the clerk, working at WalMart. Wasteing more of my time.
    -I bought one and ONLY one bulb. After clerk answered questions from other people that came up.

    -To remind you we are on this row/aisle camera the whole time. Your Picture broadcast on screen. This was for a less than $15 item.

    (Are you tired of reading this? I am.)

    All I wanted was ONE damned light bulb for the wife’s very very common automobile. All that BS to get bulb in hand.
    Think about: The cameras and the box you look items up in are probably connected by data base. Keeps historical record?
    When you use a credit card or debit card ALL three items of info connected in database.
    -Your Picture for facial recognition. (Row/Aisle camera)
    -Your Automobile, because of your item lookup. (black box with buttons for item look up)
    -Who you are. (by your payment method)
    Got home. Wife says, “what took you so long?”
    My response was, I just shrugged and smiled. said she looked nice.
    —THE END

    “Welcome to WalMart.”
    Never. Never. Never. Never Again.
    WalMart situation Creeped me out, wasted my time, invaded my privacy……for a light bulb.
    Please tell me, Is there something I don’t know? Are headlight bulbs the new high value asset? I just do not understand.

    “Welcome to WalMart 1984”
    Do you have suggestions for another country I can move to? It will very very soon be impossible to live in USSA 1984.

    Look up “smart dust”. Look up “RFID”. I want out of here ASAP.

  7. Anonymous says:

    our family genealogy group has a guy who advises everyone to get their DNA tested. He is a retired federal employee. Coincidence ?

  8. NorseMan says:

    I write this on an iPad which has no record of an Apple ID, no phone number ever entered, no email ever entered, no Apps, etc. I re-set it regularly. The bill for my Internet goes to a PO Box that is not in my name.

    I have an iPhone – no Apple ID, no email, no Apps. I never use Safari. Siri and everything else is turned off. I paid cash for the prepaid phone and pay cash for refill cards. My name and address have never been entered in this phone.

    I pay cash at the store, or buy prepaid credit cards if I have to buy online. My online buys are picked up at various delivery boxes or stores. I do not use my real name or phone number or email for online orders (sorry Amazon). Anything you buy on line opens you to having your info stored and sold freely. I just get an order number to track delivery.

    I don’t have store discount cards – most want your drivers license and track and sell your info.

    I have one credit card in my name – you need that for airlines, hotels and rental cars.

    Protect your phone number and address as much as your social security number.

  9. And continue to change your appearance when you go outside. Recently, China took only 6 hours to locate someone via facial recognition. Soon, the cameras will have to die. Pellet gun or 22.

    • Frank Thoughts says:

      It is impossible to leave the matrix because it is ubiquitous. As David Petraeous laughed about in Congress, they have spy chipped everything. As an example, if you refuse to have a cell phone, a Facebook account, email, etc. then you will struggle to get a job. One of the first things a prospective employer will say is “what is your email address? I will shoot over a copy of our Offer of Employment.” Or “Sorry, Sally, I tried to find your Facebook page but couldn’t. We have decided to go with Ahmed, even with the need to get an H1B Visa, because we found so much more online presence. Sorry??!”

      When you leave your home (with its spy chipped appliances and TV set) you will be snapped by CCTV cameras all the way on your journey. If you decide to leave the city or built-up area, they can follow you with a satellite camera or drone (all major cities have 24/7 drone patrols: you can’t see them because they are high and they are camouflaged). In Europe, major cities have zoned areas with a grid pattern that check all vehicles in and out of areas. Each gridded zone has the ability to be locked down in a crisis.

      Walk around with a mask on your face and they can map your gait, they can sniff your DNA resonance, they can map your venous structure, they can look under your clothing etc. Flee back to your home and they can peek through your walls and see your heat signature.

      Now, there are exceptions to all of this. If you are black or Muslim, they let you pretty well do what you want because it keeps the fear levels up.

      • Archivist says:

        I don’t live in a big city, therefore there are no stoplight cameras or 24/7 airplane or drone surveillance. I have no TV and no chipped appliances. Everything I have was bought before those things were invented.

        I don’t need a job, as I retired back when I was young enough to enjoy it. I have aches and pains that change my gait from day to day. Sometimes I have a beard, and sometimes I don’t. I let my hair get long and then get a short haircut. I wear ordinary clothes so I don’t stand out.

        I pay cash for almost everything, even motel rooms on trips. A large part of my income is taken out as cash and spent with no trace, sort of my own black budget.

        I take different routes to everyday destinations and also vary the times and days of the week.

        You can eliminate most risks and make it a lot harder for them.

  10. Yawn. Doom porn is so 2007. Yes, they are collecting data. The problem is that columns like this and the comments that follow are just circle jerking, mental masturbation. There’s not one meaningful thing here in terms of how to combat this…just a lot of keyboard warriors jerking off all over their screens. I’m so done with it. Get back to us when you actually have a workable idea, okay?

  11. Jacob Rothschild says:

    If you really want to know how totalitarian we have become then look no further than their involvement in a secret program called organized stalking. This is covert harassment program where members of the public are secretly targeted for revenge purposes. For more information about this do a web search for “NSA whistleblower Karen Stewart”.