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Milo Yiannopoulos: ‘The Left Has Already Started A Civil War’

Mac Slavo
February 15th, 2018
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According to Milo Yiannopoulos, the left-wingers of American society have already ignited a Civil War. With the social engineering and indoctrination already taking place in our schools, it actually doesn’t seem too far-fetched.

The idea of another Civil War would have been laughed off just a century ago.  But people are increasingly becoming unhinged.  “This is obviously going to end in civil war,” Yiannopoulos said in a recent interview with conservative radio host Alex Jones of InfoWars. “Facebook’s gonna get firebombed, CNN people are gonna be attacked, and we don’t say that with any pleasure….” Milo went on to say that “there is only one inevitable consequence when all of the architecture of civil society, everything is designed to attack decency and beauty and truth and goodness… and real news… and reality….”

And Yiannopoulos is not the only one who has taken notice.  Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, who has been at the forefront of looking into major disinformation campaigns such as those of the vaccine industry, agrees.

“Just to be clear, he’s [Yiannopoulos] not advocating it [Civil War], he’s just predicting it,” said Adams. “And he is correct in saying that the left has already started the Civil War. In fact, the targeted Milo Yiannopoulos as one of the people that they want to kill.  They openly call for him to be killed; they practically kidnapped him…or…maybe they would have killed him if they could at UC Berkeley.”

Adams goes on to say this war the left has started is a big deal. “You need to understand the gears have already been set into motion for Civil War by the left…as the war progresses, tactically, you have to stop the bias and the censorship and the disinformation of the left which is what dominates Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and others…they are all conspiring actively to silence conservative voicesthe left is running a campaign to overthrow America,” Adams said.

“The left has demonstrated that they are incapable of functioning in a civilized society,” Adams continued. “The left rejects the idea of a public debate or even free speech. The left actually believes that words that describe concepts they don’t agree with; those words are violence and they have every right to stop those words by killing people who say them.”

*NOTE: Please click on the embedded video and go to 6:20 into the video.  The evidence of the systematic dismantling of free speech will be evident.

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Author: Mac Slavo
Views: Read by 5,440 people
Date: February 15th, 2018
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. Menzoberranzan says:

    Divide and conquer is a tried and true tactic and it will work here too, as half the country’s population are brain dead morons glued to football, basketball, and cnn.

    • Kevin2 says:

      Its food and circus, its the pacification of the masses. If that is insufficient apply intoxicants. Ideally fine the intoxicant users to such capacity to self fund the control network without diminishing their demand for said intoxicants. .

      • buttcrackofdoom says:

        another great post, kevin.

      • CrackerJack says:

        It’s not a Civil War that they are inciting. It’s a war on straight white men.

        • Kevin2 says:

          They want to “boil a frog”. The strategy is to methodically alter the culture to accept that which was unacceptable a few generations ago. Imagine the social norms in 50 years when the present youth is our age and were gone. Starting from a point where two men marry, tacking and recording your every movement and communication is normal, what will be unacceptable?

          They don’t want a war. They want a surrender.

          • Son of patriot says:

            Great Posts Kevin, keep ’em coming. The boil is now running over. Milo is spot on. This is Civil War II, and now, prior to the Left’s planned “Great Purge”,they will try and disarm us.

            “Times are tough, you can’t refute it, buy a rifle and learn to shoot it.”

            Buy 223 as well, before the US military goes to a propriety round, which is coming fast.

    • The Deplorable Braveheart says:

      Menzo, those same morons that start anything will end up paying the ultimate price for their stupidity.

      • Tacoma says:

        BH…. you are only one person. Not much you can do. I have arms and ammo plus food and water.There is very little I can do alone. The major difference between you and I is I know my limits and you do not. Good luck you will need it.

  2. Philosopher Deplorabilis says:

    He is right. Anyone that doesn’t think there is a race war and war against people that are producers is not paying attention. Our entire society is being undermined by neomarxists and their insane ideology. Look no further than South Africa to see our future.

    Good interview, yesterday, Stefan Molyneux and a South African (white), yesterday, posted on Utube. Lots of junk on the interwebs and TV but that was a rock solid interview and worth watching.

  3. Sgt. Dale says:

    Marks last statement. Spark that will start a Civil War they will take to the streets and take over the country. That is when the Good Old Boy will show them what a Patriot is made of.

    It ain’t going to be pretty. I will be necessary.


  4. Heartless says:

    My worry is the source this time. I’ve no real trust in what I’d consider a left-wing person due to his …. alien-to-me life choice. I’ll not argue his points, for this go-round they seem more than valid and in line with my own. Odd how we’re now at a point we’re all actually hearing from someone who is at odds with such a basic part of being human – heterosexuality, that is – and it is he that makes sense?

  5. This country’s founders believed in “No taxation without representation”. They did not address the question of “should there be representation without taxation?”. Should people who don’t pay taxes but benefit from government spending be given the same say as someone who foots the bill? Guess which party would say “yes” and which would say “no”. Should the votes be weighted by the amount of the taxes paid by the voter? Debt financing goes against “no taxation without representation” because part of it falls on future taxpayers.

  6. Beaumont says:

    I’ll do him one better.

    In every public place — bus bench, cafeteria, museum, theater, elevator, etc, etc, ad nauseum — you could tell where a leftist interest had been, since the beginning of the civil rights era.

    Liberation theologians believe that crime against property and persons is political, so have been at war with society, at large, for 50yrs, already.

    A second round of radical Reconstruction has taken place, since the Civil War. We call it affirmative action.

  7. The school shooter is a registered democrat. He has pics posted of him wearing communist insignia. He is Antifa. The war against us and our children is already taking place. What will you do about it?

  8. Old Guy says:

    Yes indeed the left are commies and the school shooter was a spick Dimocrap Trump hater. They need to declare the Dimocraps as the Terrorist that they are.

  9. Jim in Va. says:

    At some point it will get violent. The middle/right will rebel against it and the left will suffer for it.

  10. Look at me, look at me! says:

    Translation: “I’m a drama queen whose gravy train has dried up, so I’ll say some incendiary things in the desperate hope someone will find me relevant again.”

  11. Horse says:

    Utoob censored the damn video at 5.53 there is a notice youtoob
    interfering in honest reporting.

    So you can’t watch/listen to the part that starts at 6.20

  12. Horse says:

    Utoob censored the damn video at 5.53 there is a notice youtoob
    interfering in honest reporting.

    So you can’t watch/listen to the part that starts at 6.20

    so much bs.

  13. southside says:

    FBI is so damn busy interfering in our elections they can’t /won’t investigate the real terrorists

  14. Steadfast says:

    The socialists have always used Hegel’s psychological warfare techniques since the days of Stalin…. and the only effective means if countering them is to either kill them or deport them… but leaving them in place will result in bloodshed sooner or later because it’s exactly what they are trying to accomplish as they look to become victims of oppression or failing that to just overthrow the existing government.

    • anonymous5 says:

      Forty plus years of virtual non-enforcement of our immigration laws and the whole sale importation of third-world immigrants is helping to facilitate the coming civil war.

      We are becoming “Balkanized”.

      A country consists of borders, language and culture. All three are being assaulted by the idiots in D.C…….both Republican and Democrat.

      This is why we will have a civil war. At some point the differences between the left and right will be so profound that neither side will be able to compromise (not that they should…..the principles and ideals of this Republic can not be compromised away without destroying it.) So there will end up being no peaceful way of resolving these differences.

      The left hopes that they can accomplish the destruction of this country by fiat. Obama nearly pulled it off….and if Hillary had been elected the destruction would have most certainly been hastened and we would be taken past the point of no return. Unfortunately, we may be already and bloodshed may very well be unavoidable. If the left continues their insane assault on the political right then it will most certainly come to widespread violence. For example…..should the Democrats retake the House and Senate, they may very well impeach Trump. This “might” be the final straw that breaks the camel’s back for those who voted for Trump in the past election. There just might be wide spread revolt….especially if once the Democrats assume power they try to enact draconian gun laws or reverse the progress Trump has made.

  15. rellik says:

    This crazy Fag says some interesting things.
    Even a stopped analog clock is right twice a day.
    I give credit to another guy Nailbanger/Kulafarmer
    on bringing up the subject of 4GW.
    That is what I think we are seeing.
    You never hear about what my side is doing.

  16. jvaughn says:

    Milo’s got a point there. But, unlike the conflict of the 1860’s, in which only the North treated it as though it were a “civil war”–the South was only trying to get out of there–this current conflict is a “civil war” for sure. Today, we are contesting both control of the land mass occupied by the body politic, and the establishment of the intellectual, cultural, and political values that operate it.

  17. Traitor Hator says:

    Dosent seem far fetched? Isn’t it obvious?

  18. Bert says:

    End govt backing of student loans, and end all entitlements for those 18 to 62 and this anti-white male, anti-american culture shit will stop. Next they will demand that people that identify as rich person shall get what ever they demand just because they identify as such, and the 325 million brain dead Americans will go along with it because what ever the left wants the left gets.

  19. buttcrackofdoom says:

    thanks to milo…love his work!