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Mexico Looks To Back Peso With Silver: “Would Unleash a Global Power Shift”

Mac Slavo
July 11th, 2014
Comments (201)

For many Americans the country of Mexico conjures up images of a third world nation. The poverty, lack of basic services, and extreme violence has left the populace so desperate that thousands of people on a daily basis head to the United States for a better life.

But according to Future Money Trends, all that could change in the near future as key Mexican financial leaders and politicians have been working to institute sweeping monetary change that, if implemented, could unleash a global power shift of epic proportions.

“Take just three or four men out of the ‘anti’ group,” says Hugo Salinas Price, a Mexican multi-billionaire and the man behind the monetary push, “and we could practically get a unanimous ‘yes’ vote in both houses.”

Like recent monetary shifts in Russia, China and the middle east that aim to divest themselves of US dollar reserve trade requirements, the news of such a move in Mexico has been downplayed. And though it is being generally ignored as a serious possibility, a powerful consortium of influential people in Mexico believe it is a realistic possibility, and one that could be responsible for shifting the balance of world power.

(Watch at Future Money Trends)

This could be a major turn of events that will have global implications. The action’s set to unfold in Mexico, where many of its most influential and wealthy citizens are demanding the country abandon its fiat currency, the Peso, and return to a silver standard.

We know that many people are used to looking at Mexico as the violent, crooked, messed up country over the border… the one that sends all those illegals over here because even picking canteloupes for giant U.S. agri-businesses pays better than the job at home… it’s now time to rethink all that, because a silver standard in Mexico would unleash the biggest global power shift since Spain raided the Aztecs 600 years ago.

It’s unavoidable. History repeats itself, especially when its exactly the same economic situation.

Coupled with a continued silver supply crunch and deteriorating conditions for fiat currencies around the globe, a new silver-backed currency in Mexico or any other country could be a boon for precious metals.

The real question is, will western central bankers allow such a move to happen? We know what happened in Libya and Iraq when their leaders tried a similar strategy that would have freed them from their dependence on U.S. dollars. They ended up under a no-fly zone that carpeted their countries with millions of pounds of ordnance.

But with Mexico working closely with China on economic matters and numerous super powers vying for control of the global economy and geo-political landscape, new systems of trade are sure to emerge. Those who catch the trends early and invest appropriately in hard assets could see their personal wealth increase significantly during the financial, economic and monetary upheaval to come.


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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: July 11th, 2014
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. Wilson says:

    Not if it is Mexican silver. That stuff is neither pure nor of high quality.

    • eppe says:

      Who would have thought that Mexico had any common sense, maybe we could get a clue too, here in the USA….

      • eppe says:

        Should we go LONG on silver???

        • Prepperpah says:

          If they go to a silver standard, they can and will still debase the currency. Look at Rome for an example.Instead of shaving the coins, governments could simply adjust the rate of exchange… adjust the weight in milligrams which exchanges for a peso. The biggest problem is the lack of integrity at the top; that’s an issue no gold or silver standard will resolve.

          Stretch a few of the right necks and we’d see results.

          • OutWest says:

            The United States formulated our dollar from the
            Spanish milled dollar which was the forerunner of
            our own silver dollar. The Mexicans were way ahead
            us when it came to silver coinage, so this is not
            really surprising.

            • Smokey says:

              Actually, the Spaniards were ahead of us in silver coinage, not the Mexicans. The Spanish dollar was universally used in Europe and Asia for trade, as well as in Spanish America.

              • OutWest says:

                Smokey, it’s an interesting topic.
                I agree with you about the Spanish
                using them for trade, but the Mexico
                City mint(‘O’ mint mark) was making
                the “pillar dollar” since 1732, the
                ancestor of the US dollar.
                As an aside, I have a 1732 Mexico
                City mint pillar dollar in Extremely
                Fine condition. It’s not for sale.
                Thanks for your comment.

              • As a computer programmer and all around nerd, I find it interesting that the Spanish milled dollar was composed of eight bits; it’s why they called them “pieces of eight”, and why “two bits” is equal to 25 cents. The reason I find it interesting is that the basic component of all computing — the byte — is also composed of eight bits.

                There’s such balance in history

                Ideals Mastering Power Creating All Life GOD IS

              • Smokey says:

                Outwest, an XF 1732 dollar is something nice to have, that’s for sure. I have quite a few of the Mexican Reales and Pesos back to 1809, they were minted in at least 8 different mints, I believe. Lots of fun to collect and enjoy.

                The Spanish dollar is itself based on the older Austrian thaler, Spain ruled much of southern Europe in those days and adopted the coin to finally drive the old Islamic coinage into oblivion.

            • Be informed says:

              Here is what is so pathetic. Even if the U.S. dollar was backed by copper, there would be something to prevent or least slow down the collapse of it. Even freaking aluminum backing the dollar would be something. The ONLY real anything backing up the dollar is the agriculture industry because people in other countries always need to eat. The petro dollar is a joke because countries can drop the U.S. dollar to pay for petroleum at a moment’s notice. This is what makes the petro dollar weak and having little collateral behind.

              Again, the one industry that has strength behind it is the export of food. Yet the government pays farmer’s NOT to grow food. The one industry that can offer some substance to the U.S. dollar, the government doesn’t use. They wonder why people like us on this site that are still awake, why we are so paranoid about everything that this government does and how in jeopardy our freedoms are.

              The masses are like Charlie Brown running up to kick the football and Lucy pulls it away and Charlie Brown makes that hilarious sound like ARGHHHHHH, and falls on his back. Keeps coming back again and again knowing that what Lucy promises that she won’t pull the football away this time. The government and the public are the same way, especially around election time. The public once again lands on their backs counting the clouds.

            • Tony says:

              The spanish and not the mexicans? Ha ha ha I am mexican and descended from the spanish. My ggggggg grandfather was born in 1660 in a highly mineralized area in Mexico where the are large deposits of silver, was granted 2,000 hectares of land. Also he owned mines which was passed down in the family for generations. I have all the documents showing the marriages and the clasification of ethnicity back then.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt says:

          I SOLD all my Silver and Silver coins @$42 in March 2012 near the peak when it hit about $48. Now I laugh at where Silver is again, Half price. I think anything under $19 is a Buy again.

        • RICH says:


      • WhoWuddaThunkIt says:

        My Life, Security and Wealth are all backed by my Brass filled with Lead, Beretta and Sig Sauer. How about you?

        • David says:

          Those may well be classified as “mousers”. You know, they antagonize, but aren’t the preferred piece to do the job.

          For my money, you need two pieces: (1) 12 GA Mossberg Tactical 500, and (2) AR-15, w/scope and light.

          Now, you can keep the pea-shooters for wipe up.

          Hope you don’t need to use them, but its just a matter of time, I suspect, until they start coming for your stuff.

          Good Luck!

      • durango kidd says:

        Mexican common sense? No complete unadulterated STUPIDITY. Here’s why: The Mexican Peso has been about 12 to 1 to the USD. The NWO transferred the American manufacturing base to China to create a billion consumers and avoid a nuclear State in utter chaos.

        The RMB is about 6 to 1 against the USD. With the signing of the TPP excess global production would be transferred to Mexico and Central America, and 600 million Chinese consumers would suddenly be buying their Gucci Handbags, computers, and Nike tennis shoes from NWO factories in Mexico.

        If Mexico were to back its Peso with silver or gold,its currency would rise in value, at LEAST equal to China’s RMB but probably even higher, which would be good for Mexican consumers initially, but excess NWO world manufacturing would be transferred to Central America and parts of South America, like Colombia; and it would not provide jobs for Mexico’s poor, who would continue to migrate to the USA.

        Other nations from whom Mexico imports goods and services would soon be demanding silver to replace their paper Pesos, IE France and the USA. Any country, UNILATERALLY backing its currency with metals is asking for trouble, Mexico most of all, because it would miss its industrial revolution.

        Another BS video to support silver. FMT never tires in trying to lead alt media lemmings over the cliff, to support the Silver Barons whose ass Daniel continually kisses.

        Can you say, Future Money Trends False Flag??? 🙁

        • durango kidd says:

          Salinas has been pushing silver in Mexico for 15 years. This article and others appearing at other Alt Media sites, is a P.R push for silver that rivals BS press for Kim Kardashian.

          There is no silver shortage. If there were, copper mines would be putting on another shift, because that’s where most of the silver in the world comes from. This is not to say that silver isn’t a valid prep, or that Daniel isn’t trying to increase demand for silver. He is. At your expense.

          A sucker is born every minute. A silver sucker every time Daniel pushes another silver video. Hugo Salinas Price is a billionaire. Wonder how many small silver miners or silver mines in Mexico he controls???? 🙁

        • Mussel says:

          Islam requires gold backed currency. I guess some tenets are ignored! Are Muslims hypocrites?
          I beg to differ on the argument above. Timing. When inflation starts to run out of control, then the first country to peg to commodities will win. Do you want your assets in a currency which is deflated 5% per year? Arguably potatoes and tomatoes don’t deflate. I start to understand why Solomon took payment in commodities.

          • Snowed says:

            In fact, much of the Prepper movement focused on commodity value. People are storing up commodities because of a lack of confidence in the future (dollar, economy, governing bodies, etc). That ‘future’ changes at a much slower rate than human activity; so, we both can maneuver more quickly but also have our positions set before the coming changes are eviscerated.
            Many preppers on this list are using silver as a prep. Many have a basket of commodities. Clearly, all of these ALREADY have moved off of the fiat-standard, at least somewhat. Would a country represent these people?

        • maui1 says:

          nothing like arguing a point leaving all existing fiat in place to make that point.

      • Confederate says:

        @ epp; Mexico doesn’t have obama running the show.

      • sixpack says:

        The reason a monetary shift in Mexico is being “downplayed”, us because TPTB already know how they will destroy Mexico’s economy if they try this. WE WILL INSTANTLY BE AT WAR WITH MEXICO TOO. They will instantly be “the bad guys”.

        Wait and see.

        Their demonization will only end when they are destroyed as a country…again.


        • durango kidd says:

          Sixpack: Mexico has been at war with the USA for years. The Illegal Immigrant Invasion is their attempt to transfer their poor and illiterate to US. The Drug Lords have been targeting OUT Cities with every known addictive substance with the help of the FEDS.

          I for one will be glad when we start shooting back!!! 🙂

          • maui1 says:

            think of silver (or gold) as the inch lines on a ruler. a ruler has very little value unless you have those inch lines, unless the ruler wanted by gov’t is one that measures only ONE line (size of the ruler /stick), the line given to the public by said gov’t.

    • plomo o plata says:

      they have a lot of mines in Mexico and like anywhere else they can refine to three 9’s fine. And if they can’t source the silver in Mexico they’ll get it elsewhere. I wouldn’t be surprised if China lent it to them if necessary. This is war. The Chinese know it. We know it. Mexico is just another proxy.

    • Muddy says:

      So, has Soros been in Mexico lately?

      • Rodster says:

        Based on current trends this is how this paragraph will probably read in the not to distant future.

        “For many Americans the country of Amerika conjures up images of a third world nation. The poverty, lack of basic services, and extreme violence has left the populace so desperate that thousands of people on a daily basis head to Mexico for a better life.”

        • Barn Cat says:

          I don’t see Mexico letting “whitebacks” into the country.

          • Bobby says:

            There are 1 million “whitebacks” currently living in Mexico. They don’t even need a card to get in.

            • maui1 says:

              the reason why there is no need for ‘cards’?

              answer…..mexico doesn’t give $hit away.

              want to get rid of unwanted immigration in the usa? STOP GIVING $hit away!

              then, you would have imigrantion for all the right reasons…..and not just to get free Shit!

              as for the unlawful….you are not going to stop someone from entering the country if that is what they want to do. Anyone that thinks that this is possable, I have some fiat dollars I want to sell you.

        • But they are met at the Mexican border and strict enforcement of national immigration law prevents the Americans from entering!

      • durango kidd says:

        Muddy: Hugo Salinas Price is a George Soros who speaks Spanish. 🙁

    • Endeavour silver and First Majestic mine in mexico and produce silver bullion there.

    • javelin says:

      You are absolutely wrong. The mexican una onza pieces plata pura ley .999 are easily–and internationally tested-as some of the highest quality bullion coins in the world.
      Not to mention the angelic designs are gorgeous so they are both a wonderful investment for bullion holdings but they are also aesthetically quite pleasing.

      NOTE: the “Casa De Moneda De Mexico” pieces that were made until the early 1980’s were of .925 purity= equal to the british sterling standard.

    • Barn Cat says:

      I’m sure Mexico has the technology to mint 99.99% pure silver coins. It’s not that complicated.

    • Mack Smackem says:

      Mexican silver is as pure as all the other silver distributors and usually cost more than other countries: http://www.apmex.com/category/168/silver-libertads-1-oz-2014-prior

    • Wilson,

      Just the thought of non-dollar precious metal backed currency is enough decimate the dollar. If Mexico actually does back the Peso with physical silver, that would obliterate the silver paper metal market overnight, triggering a parabolic rise in the price of physical silver, and expose the dollar for the massively depreciated paper that it really is. Then comes the loss of confidence in dollar denominated assets, etc. etc. etc.

    • Tacoma says:

      Hell Mexican silver would have more value than the American dollar

    • eddie gilchrist says:

      “neither pure nor of high quality?” are you out of your mind. Mines near Guanajuato are some of the best ore sources in the world.

  2. Vicky says:

    So, is this the planned outcome, or are Congress and POS Obama going to be surprised?

  3. RickE. says:

    Good article, but the correct word is ORDNANCE, NOT ordinance! “They ended up under a no-fly zone that carpeted their countries with millions of pounds of ordinance”. (your quote).
    There’s a significant difference in their meanings! An ordinance is a city law or regulation, ordnance is ammo, shells, rockets, etc.
    I’d be glad to be your copy editor, Mac!

  4. Townsaver says:

    Mexico on a silver standard? NOT.

    Maybe if we annex them and Canada, move to the Amero, and back that with… wait for it…

    “The full faith and credit of 3 corrupt nations”

    Silver will never be allowed into currency again, know this. Silver is still trading 25% under mining and processing costs. No, I am not repeating financial schmuck talking points. I work in a County that has a MAJOR silver operation that has been going for years. They are so upside down it is not even funny, but they keep plugging away. Why do you think that is?

  5. smokey says:

    The peso was. 720 fine until 1945, then dropping to. 100 by 1959 and zero since 1965. My guess is any backing will be for currency only and then only a small percentage.

    • sixpack says:

      A small percentage is better than what we have. Besides, best if they start small anyways, since the NWO is going to destroy their effort to do away with fiat money.

  6. I see this as a last gasp of desperation. There have been civilization collapse with the coins being of precious metal. What we are facing as a specie is resource collapse and no amount of tinkering with currency can fix the problem of it taking 2 barrels of oil to extract one. No matter what the price is, money cannot buy more water for the Colorado river. Money made of gold, silver or the sweat off of virgins will not fix the problem of peak population against limited resources. The people in the drivers seat know this and is why they are acting as they are. 500 million people on earth max, remember?

    • WhoWuddaThunkIt says:

      Mexico has been living in 3rd world poverty for centuries and off the grid. Life as they know it won’t change much.

    • TheGuy says:

      Mmmm… sweaty virgins (Homer Simpson voice)…

      …where’d you find them, Mars??

    • I, for the life of me, do not understand why you get junked for the truth on post after post.

      Must still be a lot of people sleeping out there.

      • JRS-I have many junkers that are pissed off at me for calling bullshit on their fantasy worlds. It is not popular to speak truths, and it never has been. So if you might have noticed, they seek out my posts and junk them before anyone else gets to them and reads what I have to post and mostly agree. It is strange to me that on a site as this the people are this way. I expected a bit more enlightenment.

        • Smokey says:

          We expect a bit more enlightenment from you, too. Explain your sustainable world population figure to us, please. Is that a scientific analysis or just smoke from Greenpeace? Why not 490 million, or 600 million?

          What was the world’s population in 1800? 1900? Why are those figures not sustainable?

          What research led you to your conclusion?

          How do you propose that 12 out of 13 people on the planet just disappear? Do you plan on being one of those who will make the sacrifice for the greater good, as you seem to believe it? If not, why not? Why is your carbon footprint, to use the phrase, acceptable while those of six billion others not?

          We don’t need more water in the Colorado River to sustain life in the Southwest, even though just a few wet years would double it’s flow. We can distill water from the oceans, pipe it from water-rich Canada and northern US, and conserve what we use. Without some massive human die-off.

    • Socrates says:


      It’s true that are in fact, limited resources on this planet, but it’s not all about the supply…but the control of that supply. Many modern households all have running water and plumbing, which means they get access to and continually use water. So many millions have access to water whether the CEO of Nestle thinks they should have it or not. Even with as many who do have it, many millions more do not.

      Oil and energy are a great example of a resource that is not even needed any longer technically speaking, but the illusion that you need it and the amount of control remains. I can *guarantee you* that right now, certain elements of private research and governments all have working zero-point, and indefinite energy sources that work quite well, but they are not being released, as this would crush the world economies as we know it.

      Imagine a world where you have pollution free cars and transportation, simple heating and cooling, yet here we are…still trapped in our oil pit. The only way the world is going to change for the better is to rise up and take the technologies from those who continue to hold us down and limit our true potential as humans.

      We have solutions to many of the world’s problems right here, right now…greed isn’t one they want to solve unfortunately.

      • Tesla technology is a prime example of what you speak. But even so the fact remains that the soils are depleted, the oceans are damn near toast, fresh water is becoming a HUGE problem as the non replenishing Ogallala Aquifer is a dire situation that will render the worlds breadbasket useless while 3rd worlds populations are exploding. I don’t see, even with some kind of miraculous energy fix, how we are going to have enough healthy water and food for all these billions of people going forward. And we all have seen what happens when people cant afford to eat.

        • The Old Coach says:

          Only a small percentage of the US farmland is irrigated by fossil water. It happens to be very productive land because of technology and transportation, but the depletion of the Ogalalla won’t change our farm output all that much. Nonetheless I would be long farmland in area where irrigation is not a necessity.

      • NWO Hater says:

        Amen! That is exactly what I believe as well. Can mother earth sustain 7-8 billion people? Yes, under the right circumstances and right technologies.

        As Socrates points out, though, there are extremely influential people who don’t want to share those technologies so they can continue to rape us and the world of it’s resources/wealth for their own personal benefit.

        So, under their system of everything for them and nothing for everyone else, yes, the world cannot sustain 7-8 billion, which is why they have to brain wash the sheeple with the Georgia guidestones to convince those dumb enough to believe them that only 500 million can be sustained. What they really mean is that they can only CONTROL 500 million in THEIR vision of what the world should be, not ours.

    • maui1 says:

      no…..the real issue today (and has been)is debt.

      gov’ts can’t pay down debt on a ‘one to one’ basis, and increase growth as fast as they want growth, so they inflate.

      you can’t inflate if you have a measure on your currency, so that measure (gold/silver) had to go. fiat gives gov’ts power to inflate, so they can grow with no limitations.

  7. Grafique says:

    Another reason to own gold/silver/metals –
    They don’t depend on debt or “asset bubbles” for their existence, as do many (most) other investments.

  8. hey does mexico have any ammunition plants?

    maybe they have purpose after all ..or something of worth

  9. Barn Cat says:

    Mexico might have a better currency but they’re still Somalia without Muslims. Mexico is a hellhole despite the billions being sent back from America.

    • How many billions are sent back?

      • Barn Cat says:

        $23 billion every year according to the January 31 2013 online edition of dailymail dot co dot uk. Just google “how much money is sent to mexico from us”.

    • WhoWuddaThunkIt says:

      @BarnCat. Have you even been to Mexico? There are lots of beautiful places. Heck of a great scuba diving adventures down there. Mayan Ruins? Incredible!! If you make a statement back it up with some facts. I been watching your statements lately and they lack any validity or substance. Just saying. I will tell you this about the people, Mexicans work harder than Americans and pretty honest. And the Cat houses down there are extremely friendly. lol In fact the Peso dollar exchange rate is about $13 Pesos to $1 dollar. Still a great bargain for Americans to go to, for a vacation. A big Steak for $5.

      • I have friends that live in Baja and will NOT come back here to live. i am considering retiring in some small little fishing village in Mexico if there is still a world left to retire in.

        • Gonetoolong says:

          Everybody that wants to go to Mexico and live please do so. It must be utopia down there. I have never been and never will go. I do however wish that anyone who wants to better their lives and live in scuba heaven please leave ASAP.

        • Smokey says:

          You can live on $1500 a month fairly well if you don’t need to be near an expensive resort.

          San Lorenzo on the Baja Peninsula is much nicer than Cabo San Lucas, and half as expensive to live in. Even better, take the ferry across the Sea of Cortez to Guaymas or Los Mochis, even cheaper there.

        • Anonymous says:

          From “Who Will Rule the World?” at Paul Craig Roberts’ website–

          RT: How are the IMF’s tools in reality “weapons of mass destruction” as you quoted it?

          MH: Lower budget deficits cause even deeper austerity and unemployment. The result is a downward economic spiral. Lower incomes mean lower tax revenues. So governments are told to balance their budgets by selling off public assets – mainly natural monopolies whose buyers can raise excess prices to extract economic rent. The effect is to turn the economy into a renting “tollbooth economy.” Hitherto free public roads are turned into toll roads, and other transportation, water and sewer systems also are privatized. This raises the cost of living, and hence the cost of labor – while overall wage levels are squeezed by the financial austerity that shrinks markets and raises unemployment.

      • Barn Cat says:

        Sure, Mexico has natural beauty. But have you seen pictures of the slums of Mexico City? Or seen pictures of the US border area? Mexico is a third world country. You cross the road and you’re in America.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt says:

          Bar Cat- Who says you have to live in Mexico City? That would be like saying the slums of Detroit or New York City are any better.

        • The Old Coach says:

          Been to Mexico once. Business trip to Torreon, by car from Monterrey airport. Toll plazas all had military at every booth, armed with M-16s and grenades. There was only one restaurant they dared feed us at, in Saltillo, and it was fouler than you can imagine. In Torreon every business except the hotel and the Pemex gas station was behind 15 foot walls with only one gate and razor wire on top. What does that tell you? The brand new John Deere plant we were visiting had a perimeter fence 400 yards from the plant buildings, also topped with wire, and we had to wait at a guard station for an escort to the lobby. I’m no Marine, but without going into detail it looked to me like they’d planned that whole layout for defense against a concerted military attack. I’ve seen that kind of thing for sensitive military facilities here in the USA, but for a bloody tractor factory? Maybe if you’re Fred Reed you can enjoy Mexico, but I’m not Fred Reed.

      • durango kidd says:

        WWTI: Yes there are many beautiful places in Mexico for the Uber Rich and foreign tourists. The masses have been so successfully exploited there for the benefit of the Elite that the Catholic Church masterminded a program to send their Priests to America and then the whole village was to follow. It has worked very well…. for Mexicans and the Catholic Church.

        The Globalists recognized the opportunity this mass migration offered, seized upon it and OUR Border has been porous ever since. The NWO also recognized that a massive population of poor could be dumbed down and exploited without meaningful revolution.

        Mexico has been a TEMPLATE for the evisceration of the Middle Class in America and the death of independent, representative government. 🙁

  10. Desert Dave says:

    I figured Mexico would back the peso with Marijuana. If that happen Columbia will back their currency with Cocaine.

  11. Barn Cat says:

    Now is the best time to buy junk silver coins while they’re still cheap. V the Guerilla Economist predicts precious metal manipulation to end this month. I’m not saying I’m convinced but I have been topping off my preps just to be on the safe side. I now have a year’s worth of sleep supplements that have melatonin. Since I started taking those I sleep better now than I did 10 years ago.

    • Warchild Dammit! says:

      Hey Barn,are you advocating melatonin backed currency?I suppose better then the tin foil/used bubble gum standard we are on!

    • WhoWuddaThunkIt says:

      PREPPERS: Right Now is the Best time ever to buy AMMO and magazines. Ammo Prices will never again be any cheaper than they are right now at this moment. Almost back to 2010 and 2011 price levels. And with the next Election coming up you know full where this is going again.

      Walmart Run: Just got back from Walmart. All out of 9MM and .22, and just a few boxes left of.40 Cal and .45 Cal. Various boxes of .223 still available as well as high power 7mm, 30.06, etc.

      Walmart no longer carries Paper Maps, so I went to Target, and they have a great selection of Paper Maps, Entire Atlas Book of the State, and US. Detailing water ways, lakes, topography, back roads, excellent for $25 in my Bug Out Bag, copyright 2012 “DeLorme Atlas & Gazetteer.” Get all of these items while you still can. YOU HAVE BEEN FOREWARNED!!!

    • durango kidd says:

      BC: Melatonin? Hey, get off your ass and get an hour of exercise every day and you will sleep like a baby without the additives.

      Just saying. 🙂

    • KillOrBeKilled says:

      Melatonin should be used with caution. Try 5-HTP, Catnip and Valerian.


  12. ScoutMotto says:

    I don’t believe for a minute the Fed and other central banks are going to take this sitting down. On the other hand, I’ve been gathering silver for the last twenty years.

  13. TheGuy says:

    So I wonder if Mexico will allow illegal redneck immigration. Can I have some free sh*t from their system too?

    *crickets chirping*

    … yeah that’s pretty much what I thought…

  14. Kulafarmer says:

    Yea, a country that cant even get running water to 1/2 the people in its cities is going to back its currency with silver,
    Now if this was about Britain or Germany or somewhere that might actually pass for civilized, then it MIGHT cause a stir.

  15. “But according to Future Money Trends, all that could change in the near future as…”

    the poor and sick flock to America in droves, leaving only their middle class and the wealthy to enjoy a poverty free landscape. Ole, ole, ole, ole.

  16. Satori says:

    and more incidents just announced

    CDC Reports Five Incidents Of Pathogen Mishandling In Past Decade


  17. Socrates says:

    Interesting news, indeed. I have always believed that Silver was greatly under valued and this news reinforces that.

    With all the ‘fake’ gold out there, you can expect a lot of fake silver if Mexico transitions to AG as the national monetary backing.

    A lot of talk about getting Silver out of the ground and refining to .999 purity is also connected to the Solar Industry…they use Silver in many photovoltaic assemblies, so that might also drive up the want/need level.

    I also think that the FED and IMF cartels are not going to allow it…expect to see some Silver mines have major ‘accidents’ soon.

  18. This Texan Has Had Enough says:

    Drudge reports a 6.8 earthquake in the Fukishima region today.

  19. This Texan Has Had Enough says:

    Drudge reports a 6.8 earthquake in the Fukishima region today.

  20. Putting aside the fact that resources are becoming scarce in the world, I think this may be a good idea for currency used only within Mexico.

    As for international trade, I fail to see how it would work unless every other currency was backed by PMs.

    Maybe I am missing something here(I didn’t watch the video), but if you have a convertible currency and no one else does, your precious will soon leave your country. This is what happened in the 70s that caused Nixon to close the gold window and default on the gold debt.

    What am I missing?

    • Barn Cat says:

      Expect China to announce a gold backed yuan. Expect Russia to announce a gold backed ruble. Other countries will have their currencies backed by natural resources.

    • helot says:

      What you’re missing is, JRS, is if a country doesn’t spend more than it has, things can be fine.

      When you say, “This is what happened in the 70s that caused Nixon to close the gold window” you are mistaken.

      Are you not aware that the reason Nixon closed the gold window in the 1970’s is because the unitedstate wanted to spend more than they had – to fund a war – And maintain the so-called Great Society?

      That is key.

      They wanted to spend more than they had.
      It’s why France started shipping gold out of the unitedstate at that time… until Nixon closed the gold window.

      …You have much to learn. I hope you seek that truth and find understanding.

      • The Old Coach says:

        I object only to the statement that it was the United States that wanted to do it. But the elites that were already taking over sure did. Nixon did what Johnson’s corruption, Communist holdovers from the FDR days, and the bankers who ran Washington and New York told him to do. He was too devoid of principles, (and probably also too stupid) to stand up and call BS on the whole sordid mess. The American people who ARE, (or were), America would have backed him up. Just like we backed Reagan, the only President we’ve had since WW2 that wasn’t totally ball-less. What was his margin in the second election again?

  21. HAHAHA! Wouldn’t that just put a bullet in the head of the Fed. The instant some country decides to something like that, to actually have a currency that is worth something beyond a guarantee: BAM! The demand will go to the STARS!

    Of course, stability will have to be behind it. Mexico doing it may not provide that stability to make it take off. China, Russia or India just might.


    • passinwiththewind says:

      The words “Mexico”, and “stability” in the same sentence is very wierd to me.

      If,and it’s a big if, it were to happen; I see a lot of greedy smucks sending their cash to Mexican Banks so they can go down by the sea and retire with barrels full of silver.

      As with Mexican banks/politics/LE in the past, the poor smuck walks up to the teller for a cash in, and then some fat greasy haired dude comes out and says,”Please come with me”. In his office he says, “Apparently, there is a problem-o! Your papers are not in order. We have no records of transactions under this account”.

      Phucked again, Americana.

    • durango kidd says:

      Net Ranger: Neither China nor Russia nor India is stable. The entire world and EVERY country is looking into the abyss, except with the possibility of Germany but Deutsche bank is insolvent. Even the vaunted Austrian banking system is on the ropes with its biggest bank taking a 40% hit to its assets.

      When you say “China”, think Enron. 🙁

      Any country that unilaterally moves to a metals backed money is in a world of shit. First the currency would rise precipitously, making imports cheap but exports toast. Second, an immediate run would commence upon those metal reserves and the country would find its TRUE WEALTH transferred overseas.

      In a global economy all nations must move to a metals back money together and this will occur after the next major war and the advent of quantum computing to ensure the safety of digital banking.

      With digital banking the complete enslavement of the American people is accomplished. Engage now My Peeps. You won’t get a second chance once THAT change is in effect. 🙁

  22. Folks, if you do buy silver, best to get “junk” silver (pre 1965 US coins). Lowest mark ups,easily recognizabl.

  23. This Texan Has Had Enough says:

    I apologize for the double posts. I only hit submit once, but often get my comment posted twice. Don’t know what I am doing wrong.

  24. swinging richard says:

    Maybe we should sneak across the border into Mexico. All the Mexicans will be here, so things might not be so bad there (sarc).



  25. Stewpedaso says:

    Money money money…paper, rocks, crystals, metals…and not one of them means spit unless we or they say so…still doesn’t mean spit if I don’t need it. Salt, Sugar, Spices, now those are trade goods. Water is as good as cash in some places. Trade these other things all you want but I’ll be fed and you can have your pile of junk.

  26. Warchild Dammit! says:

    Daisy,are you surprised?!Times are getting interesting and challenging,some folks didn’t prep and thus are post limited!

  27. Ted Kennedy says:

    I have more faith in Iceland going to the fish as money.

    Okie, how many tires does AF1 have?

  28. Heck, why not? They’ve got it goin’ so, so to speak, sending all their load over to our country, to be supported by our social systems, freeing up their resources to look to brighter prospects. Obviously another step in “spreading the wealth around” and pushing the U.S. closer to third world status.

  29. Satori says:

    you just don’t know what to say anymore…

    US lab mixed up potent flu strain


  30. Satori says:

    all these biolab accidents
    brought to mind this

    Were Flu Vaccines Intentionally Contaminated With Avian Flu?


  31. Hugo had better watch his words , or he will end up like the last American President that had the same idea about tying his country’s currency to silver ! That American President was Kennedy !

  32. good guy says:



  33. Satori says:

    ***** EBOLA UPDATE *****

    this is starting to get a little scary

    12 Liberian health workers die of Ebola, others flee posts, U.S. Airlines suspends flights


    “Health workers in Liberia are said to be fleeing and returning from their areas of assignment due to the increasing number of Ebola patients. Some are said to have died from treating patients infected by the deadly virus.”

    “Fear among health workers escalated after Dr. Sam Mokoro, of Uganda died of Ebola he apparently contracted from patients he was treating in the Redemption Hospital in New Kru Town in Monrovia, despite taking the recommend precautions for health workers.”

    ““The epidemic trend in Liberia and Sierra Leone remains precarious with high numbers of new cases and deaths being reported,” the WHO said.”

    you’ll remember that in the early days of this
    no one payed much attention
    as they thought that as in previous outbreaks
    it would quickly burn itself out

    they ain’t laughin’ now

  34. eppe says:

    I know it is BAD, but it is getting slow here…

    Subject: Confesson

    A woman takes a lover home during the day while her husband is
    at work.
    Her 9-year old son comes home unexpectedly, sees them and hides
    the bedroom closet to watch.
    The woman’s husband also comes home. She puts her lover in the
    not realizing that the little boy is in there already.

    The little boy says, “Dark in here.”
    The man says, “Yes , it is.”
    Boy – “I have a baseball.”
    Man -“That’s nice.”
    Boy -“Want to buy it?”
    Man -“No, thanks.”
    Boy -“My dad’s outside.”
    Man -“OK, how much?”
    Boy -“$150”
    Man -“Sold.”

    In the next few weeks , it happens again that the boy and the
    lover are in the closet together.

    Boy -“Dark in here.”
    Man -“Yes, it is.”
    Boy -“I have a Wilson infielder’s glove.”
    The lover, remembering the last time, asks the boy, “How much?”
    Man -“Highway robbery. Sold.”

    A few days later , the father says to the boy , “Grab your
    gloves, let’s go outside and have a game of catch.”

    The boy says, “I can’t , I sold my ball and my glove.”
    The father asks, “How much did you sell them for?”
    The boy says, “$500”

    The father says, “That’s terrible to overcharge your friends
    like that… That is way more than those two things cost. I’m going to
    take you to church and make you confess your greed.”

    They go to the church and the father makes the little boy sit in
    the confession booth and he closes the door.

    The boy says , “Dark in here.”

    The priest says , “Don’t start that shit again , you’re in my
    closet now.

  35. TravelDoctor says:

    I googled “Mexico back peso silver” and news came up from 2011. Is thisold news reposted, or is this really happening again now ?

  36. Burt Gummer says:

    If the Mexican oligarchs want a silver peso, then they have figured out a way to further profit from the move at the expense of the rest of the population. That is the way things are run down there. Not a whole lot different than up here…

  37. Miss DeeDee says:

    I did not get a moment to tell you what a great , down to Earth , concise , accurate and simply stated article you had produced on July 9 ,2014. Let me take this moment to thank you. ” Thank You”. The piece explained how many people could starve to death without our government assistance. The only thing I think you missed was how many people would starve to death world-wide without the the foreign aid we the taxpayer are responsible for without ever a whisper of appreciation.
    Take Care,
    You’re the Best,
    Miss Dee Dee

    • Thanks Miss Dee Dee! glad you found that one of interest — I certainly did! Without EBT cards and government assistance we’d have Depression-era style food lines across this entire country.

      • eppe says:

        I also want to thank you for having a place where we can share, express, vent, and LEARN things, and not be ‘beat up’ for doing so. This site is one of the RARE places where we can do so, at least for now….

  38. Satori says:

    you can trust these bastards if you want to
    but you do so at your peril

    CDC increases regulations after anthrax, smallpox scares


    and I really like the part where Freedom of Information requests
    were made to the CDC back in 2012
    and here it is two years later and they are still refusing to comply with the law

    WTF ???

    what are they hiding ???

    but not to worry

    they’ve “undertaken serious measures”

    is a qualification for government work a double digit IQ ???

  39. slingshot says:

    This is not new news. A few years back I was in Mexico and the talk was a move to silver backed currency.
    Crazy things happen in Mexico and the Dollar is not doing so good.

  40. Satori says:

    holy crap,ya GOTTA read this

    Threatened pandemics and laboratory escapes: Self-fulfilling prophecies


  41. aljamo says:

    Mexico has some nice .999 fine silver Libertads in 1, 2 and 5 oz. coins coming out of the oldest mint in the western hemisphere. The premiums are higher, but so are the American Eagles. The Canadian Maple Leafs are purer and a at a lower premium over the spot price. I hope Mexico backs their currency with silver, but I would be surprised to see it happen.

  42. Miss DeeDee says:

    I’m no financial wizard but :
    I would be inclined to believe that for a government to base it’s currency on any one commodity , it would have to do a mathimatical equation dividing the amount of proven in house reserve of the commodity and the amount of known outstanding currency world wide.
    I think this mathimatical equation is the main reason Nixon gave Gold the Bum’s Rush out of existance.
    Good Luck to Mexico if I am only even half correct in my thinkng.
    — Miss Dee Dee

    • The problem is that an ever expanding money supply pressures the value assigned to the commodity.

      So as the money supply grows either the price of the commodity must rise or the commodity must be supplied into the market in sufficient quantity extinguishing demand.

      Without an ever expanding money supply governments can’t deficit spend and the fractional reserve banking system can’t create money to lend.

      Given the current system a commodity backed currency is not all that practical. Nixon probably knew this when he shut the gold window.

      Of course all fiat currencies meet with disaster so it’s just a matter of time until we’re screwed.

  43. This is a vert intriguing article that I found valuable in learning. This said, the tinfoil spittle from left-field dampered its integrity and the author’s integrity. The idea that we KO’ed Libya and Iraq because of their consideration of a Silver Standard (or Gold Standard) is idiocy and ignorant of the global political arena. It makes you sound like a Truther, in saying that 9/11 was an inside job to “steal” oil. (If we wanted their oil, WE COULD HAVE TAKEN IT.)

  44. Anonymous says:

    That Mexican billionaire had better watch his back……….he obviously doesn’t know who he is messing with! Kennedy gave the warning and they killed him…….

  45. Mike Brower says:

    Not going to mean a thing, where do you people come up with this kind of BS

  46. eddie gilchrist says:

    Lots of REAL knowledgeable silver bashers in this thread.
    Me? I am just sitting her accumulating. Buying cheap and stacking deep. Been buying since 2002. I have a number of Libertads, too (a few. anyway, about 30 rolls). They are beautiful coins. I think they are, if possible, even more beautiful than the ASE, of which I quit counting at about 8,000 or so.

    I have moved the majority of my silver stash out of the USA, and have a small amount here, with the gold. Gold is much more portable. It is something you want for “the last plane out” Silver is more bulky, but when it runs, it is like a scalded dog!

    You guys let me know how your GOOG, NFLX, and APPL goes, ok? I will be in Quetzaltenango at the Salon Tecun, watching this thing burn, and drinking a cold one in your honor.

    Tell me again what a scam silver is. I love repeating funny stories at the bar.

  47. upandoutofhere says:

    remember the old StarTrek episode where the captain was taken to a planet and a women wanted to kiss him so she could catch a cold and spread it to the rest of the population? In the background you could see hundreds of faces pressed against the glass and one another, waiting to possible get sick just to make room.

  48. islander says:

    you know , if we wait just a little longer all the Mexicans will be in the U.S and we can quietly slip across the border and shut the gate behind us

  49. Who cares what Mexico does? Why would anyone care???? They have nothing but mafia-style drug cartels, murderers, and prostitutes. They have nothing that anyone else wants. People should let that cesspool rot (just like the middle east). Animals….just animals.

  50. Ruff Tuff Fightin Puff says:

    food for thought … there is more gold than silver on the earth.

    *silver is not only a currency but also has a huge industrial medical electronic metal market as well.

    And gold is selling for the low-balled central banker rigged price of $1330.00 today.

    so what does that make the true real price of silver out to be???

    *hint … “more than gold”.



    Salinas Price has directly debunked it… the new government will NOT move forward on this. See Implode-o-Meter’s coverage.

  52. I agree that silver is ready to explode. In June I predicted precious metals had bottomed. But I don’t believe the “Black Swan Event” here is Mexico. SHTF is a website dedicated to those who prep and understand that TEOTWAWKI is a real possibility. In a crisis of any kind supplies will dwindle and diseases will escalate. There will be an incredible demand for silver(ware) as an anti-bacterial, since so much of our food could be carrying viruses. We’ll need silver to make solar panels for those who have no choice but to live off the grid (there might not be a grid). And lastly you can bet that a dollar collapse will ensue, so bartering with silver coins will be the way to go. Gold/Silver ratio now 62-to-1. Future: a lot tighter. You can see my other summer predictions at http://www.frontlineofdefense.com/10-summer-predictions

  53. sixpack says:

    If you really want to get mad over this open border thing, go watch this video:


  54. Davem says:

    Well, they’re sitting on literal mountains of drug cash from the US, & they sure don’t spend any of their money for the benefit of their own population (except the flyers that tell migrants how to get over the border and find a welfare office). Seems logical they’d want all of that in something other than obammy money.

  55. Prosstar says:

    Mexico will not be issuing Silver as currency nor backing the peso with silver either. This article is wrong. And to say that Mexico conjures of images of poverty, strife and inequality is false. I live in Mexico City. Folks in Mexico are a lot better off than in the US. 80% of freight moves by truck. 1000’s of brand new class 8 trucks clog the freeways. Same for the buses. Shopping malls jammed packed and new cars everywhere. What ever the perception of the border maybe it is the exception as 98% of the population lives in central Mexico I.E. Mexico City. I live here and make a lot of money selling brand new International trucks.

  56. Gary w0tm says:

    This began with an interview with Salinas Price posted on The Dollar Vigilante should anyone wish to read it. He sounds serious in his plans.

    Salinas Price has the assets to buy all the silver on planet earth much less just Mexico. For the world’s fiat currency books to balance if 100% backed by all existing physical silver, silver would have to be valued at somewhere north of $100,000 an ounce (or fiat currency take a 99.9% hair cut (or a combination of the two which seems the most likely path).

    SOMETHING has to give eventually. The more weight applied to the lid of a boiling pot of worthless fiat to keep it from exploding when “all the king’s men and all the king’s horses” are used up the explosion will be “the shot heard not just around the world but across the universe”.

    Can precious metals go to infinity? That something has never happened before does not mean it can’t happen in the future. Some days as much paper silver is traded on Wall Street equal to all of the physical silver in the world. That is (legally) impossible. Laws governing Wall Street went to prison along with Bernie Madoff neither to ever be heard from again.

    One could say “the law of the jungle now reigns on Wall Street” but that would be disrespectful of the Animal Kingdom who does have respect among species and often have their own Codes of Honor among even the wildest of beasts if you take the time to study their behavior.

    Mankind is the only specie that is irrational and often acts with anger, malice and greed just because they can. No other reason – name an animal except man who has an ego.None I can think of. Animals kill to eat. Mankind kills because it can.

    Some of our specie are indeed a shameful lot. The blast when it finally blows will either be Yellowstone with its every 700K year eruption destroying 99% of the world or it will be that boiling financial pot I speak of. Both of equal intensity and both of equal damage.

  57. Tony says:

    I am mexican and direct descendent of the spanish. My ggggggg grandfather was born in 1660 in Mexico in a highly mineralized area, granted 2,000 hectares of land and also owned mines as well as other families. We still own property in the same area. My great grandfather and the generations before him had silver reales. Back to our colonial days if we Mexicans go back to the silver like our ancestors used. I have copies of the documents of my ancestors going back to 1660 in Mexico.

  58. Jeff Berwick says:

    Unfortunately this is completely untrue: Rumors of Mexico Backing Peso With Silver False