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If the Rest of Us Followed What President Barack Hussein Obama Said and Did…

Joe Wurzelbacher
August 15th, 2013
Joe For America
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SHTFplan Editor’s Note: When Joe ‘The Plumber’ Wurzelbacher challenged then candidate Barrack Obama face-to-face on his plans for “spreading the wealth around” ahead of the 2008 Presidential election, it should have been a wake up call to America. Unfortunately, more than half of our voting population ignored the warnings. Now, many of those who supported the President’s policies and ideas are waking up, but the damage has already been done. The hope he promised is quickly fading away. In the following article, graciously contributed by Joe For America, Joe outlines the sheer hypocrisy of this President, who ran on a platform of transparency and change. Yeah, things have definitely changed, and it’s clear that the changes have been for the worse – at least for those of us living on Main Street. 

mmm mmm mmm Barack Hussein Obama
By Joe Wurzelbacher

If the rest of us followed what President Barack Hussein Obama said and did, we would…

Take vacations at the expense of others, and those vacations would take place at the most inopportune times.

We’d stick our nose into other people’s business, make wild accusations and then invite that person over for a beer.

We would tell everybody else how to run their business, what product and how much of that product they should sell, at what price and then if, god forbid, they manage to make a profit, tax them out of business.

We would try to appease everyone, especially people who did not have our best interests in mind.

We would split our friends and family up into groups according to their income, race, sexual preference, country of origin, gender, age, body type, religion, creed and then do everything we can to get each group to despise one another.

We’d spy on the neighbors without any guilt, and if caught would defend our actions by claiming we were only trying to protect our neighbors.

We would spend everyone else’s money, then take expensive trips to Africa, bringing their family, bodyguards and friends with us.

We would blame others for our own mistakes.

We would blame others for our own mistakes. (bears repeating twice)

We’d all be selfish, unethical, deceptive, and just bad for us.

We would disrespect our military, using them as props or have them do menial task (like holding an umbrella)

We would help terrorist destroy our country.

We would fundamentally transform the greatest country there ever was into a failed social experiment.

We would destroy America.

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Author: Joe Wurzelbacher
Date: August 15th, 2013
Website: http://joeforamerica.com/

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  1. Facebook Page says:

    We would all be sctrewd. Oh crap we are anyways.

    Survive Its Death.

    • Be informed says:

      There a reason why I forever call BO exactly that BO. Stinks, reeks, stench. What other words to describe a country taken further to the brink? What other words to describe failure at so many avenues? What other words to describe driving the economy right into the side of a mountain. BO coin would have BO on one side and a trash can representing the status of the country on the tails side of the coin.

    • Highspeedloafer says:

      If some teacher did that to my kid, there would be a seriously wounded teacher in the ICU the next morning. Brainwashing, pure and simple. When Shtf we need to round up the school administraiters with the politicians and the banksters.

      • Night breaker says:

        That video is something out of Saddams Iraq!
        What a FACIST pig we have in the white House.
        Breaking news this morning on FOX:
        Snowden documents show most accessed numbers from NAS have washington dc. Area codes .
        Intentional surveillance of law makers phones , if this does not get him impeached nothing will.

        Prepare , Train , Form Groups

        IT’S COMING


        Semper Fi 8541

        • Night breaker says:

          I ment NSA still early !

        • TheGuy says:

          “nothing will”

          Spot on. Pretty much.

          Lying deliberately about nuclear weapons didn’t get the LAST one impeached.

          Seems like you can only get impeached for blowjobs. Other than that? You could drop a tactical nuke on (pick a state capital) and STILL not get impeached.

          Unbelieveable, isn’t it?

        • 41MagMan says:

          “Intentional surveillance of law makers phones , if this does not get him impeached nothing will.”

          But that’s just it, Night. NOTHING will get this guy impeached. Even if he was, the senate would NEVER convict. When they refused to convict Bill Clinton, they were saying that no Gov official would ever be convicted when the senate is held by his or her party. These people value their power and party above ALL else, including the good of the country. Their actions prove it over and over.

        • troll killer says:

          Night breaker

          that video was done right after OVOMIT got into office and it was done by an over zealous teacher who later was fired or reassigned ( don’t remember which ) Glen Beck played it about 100 times on his show so basically its old news


          if you really want to puke follow the link above and get a bucket ready.

          This is what the truly brainwashed look like

          Troll Killer

          • Yukon Joker says:

            If I am not mistaken, did Germany not have something like this started up once upon a time? “Brown Shirts” Come to mind.

            Forgive me for being off base if I am, would this not tie in to the ammo shortage America/North America is dealing with?

      • If you have a kid in the public school system its already happening on some level..

        get your kids out

        there are great resources for home school on line and elsewhere

        love your kids? save them from the beast of the public union brainwashed public school system please

      • Wilson says:

        “seriously wounded”???????

      • CrabbeNebulae says:

        @HSL Your anger is misplaced. It’s not the teachers you should be concerned about, it’s the parents. The kids learn that shit at home, schools just reinforce it. Parents that give a shit about their kids either home-school or put their children in private schools. BTW, there are a lot more private schools in this country than most people think. I did a survey back in the early 1990’s to determine how many kids were not going to public school because the local school boards were all pissing and moaning about not having enough money. In just a five county area there were over 30,000 (yep… thirty thousand) kids attending private schools. Their parents are still paying taxes to subsidize all the dummies in public school and to add insult to injury there are large drives every year to collect school supplies for all the “disadvantaged” public school kids. WTF is wrong with this picture? Parents that send their kids to public school should be horse whipped. If they can’t afford private school they can always opt to home-school. What is with the “…seriously wounded teacher…” crap. Are you some kind of agent provocateur?

        • JayJay says:

          ***Parents that send their kids to public school should be horse whipped.***

          Did you read before submitting??
          Those still at public schools ARE the very ones that can’t afford private…Geeze.
          AND the reason we see those drives for supplies donations at department stores now is because of mismanagement.

          • JayJay says:

            pressure cooker..forgot

            Schools are irresponsible, not parents.
            This attitude from a little country girl raised in a country town setting.
            Oh, I taught public school–you have no idea the money wasted on ‘special’ programs while little Jonny and Susie don’t have pencils!!!

            • Vicky says:

              Yeah, I’d believe it. You always have the option to be “Class Mother” and work in PTO. Amazing the things you find out about the schools and your tax dollars. Many of the front line teachers are great, but the administration is composed of career politicians who are interested in big money for themselves and acclaim from the rest of the whole rotten edifice. I saw enough that I home schooled our kids from 6th grade on and have never regretted it. The kids have all done well, but be aware that home schooling is not cheap, and you still have to pay taxes to keep up the lousy system that you escaped. That really rankles!

            • Ghost Rider says:

              Friends of our family have a daughter starting kindergarten next month. They received a three page letter of items that they were required to provide… the usual crayons, pencils, etc. But they also want three boxes of tissues, three containers of disinfectant wipes, three bottles of purel, two reams of construction paper, one bottle of glue, two glue sticks… the list was incredible. What the hell does the school provide these days?

              • egore says:

                Pretty good money for teachers.

              • troll killer says:

                Ghost Rider

                absolutely nothing its all being sucked up by the Union and the admins. that’s why you have brain dead teachers spending there own money on supplies for poor little Jose and his sister. the school unions have stolen every cent they can from the districts and now its time too rob the parents directly.

                the few good teachers are out numbered by the worthless sheeple idiots that take up space in most schools.bleating out there liberal Vomit and making people feel bad because they MIGHT have a bit more then most.

                that’s why we have 11 million illegals in this country all dropping there children off at school with NO supplies and no way too pay for them and then demanding that the Gringos pay for there stuff!! and the Liberals are more then happy too help with this idea as a way too bleed us dry. even people with out children thru Property tax. you have in some states and cities schools that give the children breakfast lunch and snacks and then send them home with NEW back packs loaded down with food and snacks.for the weekend. and in some schools they now have NEW CLOTHES for these same kids.

                all so the EBT crowd don’t have too worry about supplying food for the 10 children they cant afford.

                simple solution here folks if you cant afford children DON’T HAVE THEM !!!

                It has now become a yearly racket too have coat drives shoe drives and school supplies drives in most cities
                so that the POOR little ones don’t have too wear second hand clothes and get there little psyches hurt.

                Next time they interview some dumb ass teacher and she complains about how SHE Had too buy $300.00 worth of school supplies i suggest some one call her up and tell her NO YOU DIDN’T have too. these are not your children and you are in no way responsible for there education go to the parents and tell them NO SUPPLIES NO SCHOOL.

                this liberal Guilt is what is tearing up America and its all FALSE.

                COMBAT LIBERAL GUILT

                Troll killer

              • JayJay says:

                Great programs for …._____________(fill in the blank)!!
                Former public school teacher here. 🙂

          • TheGuy says:

            Know what they COULD HAVE afforded though (if not private school)???

            A f*cking vasectomy…


            Um kids…

            Oh I mean you CAN… no one’s going to stop you… but you’ll wish to all that is holy that you’d listened to this advice…

    • Facebook Page says:

      Almost forgot

      I am a Pressure Cooker.

    • two2wisper says:

      When the time comes ambushing the little factions of the jackboots will yield weapons and supplies that can go to more ambushes. No one can go head to head with this amount of armament and men. Have to pretend to support while gathering intel and trust. I have numerous Leo’s that will do the same when they have to. So those who want to go rambo ,you are not going to get much done on the grand scale. If my house was raided today they would find a 22 that has been through a fire and about 200 rounds and a shitton of canning and a lot of worthless junk in my shed. If they searched my head ,well I think I would be killed.

    • Mountain Trekker says:

      Just doing a survey. Does anyone on this site own a pressure cooker. The NSA would like to know. Trekker Out.

    • California Resident says:

      We truly live in AMC’s “The Walking Dead” of a society whereas the “walkers” vote (especially the brain-dead ones).

      I look around and all I see is people that really just need to be ‘put-down’.

      It’s just so damn depressing.

    • JustMe says:

      We would also:

      Get college aid as a foriegn student…

      Fake our birth certiifcates to then say we were actually Americans, then use said BCs to gain power…

      Attend “churches” that preach hatred towards America in general, and White people in particular…

      Put more liars, marxists, and general sociopaths in positions of power…

      Guarantee an influx of third world socialists, who have no connection to America’s history, to help bring her down…

      Finance real world, known terroist groups, to fight proxy wars for his masters, while labeling otherwise honest Americans as “potential terrorist threats”…

      Build a Red Guard army right under everyone’s noses, who are indoctrinated to hate you, and your Liberty…

      Put the US Costitution on a roll by the toilet, oh probably that damn flag Michelle hates so much, too…

      Ensure that his marxist minions have all the support they need to “help you”…

      Be an all around good puppet, and do his master’s bidding…

      Etc, Etc, Ad Nauseum…

  2. Pissed off Granny says:

    We would be so ashamed of who we REALLY were to the extent that we would hide all our identity; birth certificates, real name, college records, etc. We would make some Americans believe we were a MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE!!

  3. Ugly says:

    What is mine is mine,
    What is yours is mine too.

    Please to meet you, hope you can guess my name….

  4. Shootit says:

    I have watched 40+ countries in the last 70 years try to stick their hand in front of a gun and pull the trigger. The result was the same. Now the US wants to try it? Dear God, as my Heavenly Father please help us all. AMEN

  5. GEO-LITHIC says:

    OOOHH He gonna ride the pony while he can!

  6. Personanongrata says:

    There was a bank way before there was a BO. Every sitcom and movie is written with a script with the same actors cast over and over for various roles following the script. Now some roles that they play make you angry, some happy and its still the same guy/gal. “Do as though wilt” but i cannot continue to direct anger towards the throne. I may not be as enlightened as most folks but I have seen some light. What I’ve found in that light is enough darkness to let me know that this guy is perfect for the job. It couldn’t have worked out better for the PTB. How about a what if everyone followed the bank story. I’d love to hear about how we’d all be rich beyond our wildest dreams and how we could just create money from thin air and give it mystical value and and and how we could just crush and topple other societies that also think like banks. I’d like to hear about my secret societies that i use to control and kill anyone at will.That would be cool. Have fun rattling sabres at the powerless throne. Why should a single man get the credit for causing so much problems here, meanwhile the public remain unaware. Neo only fought Mr. Smith because he stood in the way of his main objective. The objective was definitely bigger than Mr. Smith. Sorry that’s all the time i have 2 minutes hate starts in 45 seconds.

    • quick says:

      I call Bull Shit on this whole post.

      B.O./barry sotello/the liar in chief – is deserving of the scorn and spite he gets.

      You liken him to an actor in a movie or a play. THIS IS NO MOVIE !!

      He is no actor. If he is a muslim, it is his duty to lie to infidels. Either way he is a good liar and his lies actually hurt this country.

      I’m really sick of people giving the POTUS a pass. He surely knows the deal and does more than just go along.

      Using your analogy – The ‘directors'(read socialist/liberal/fascist/communist/demorats)picked him for a reason. HE AGREES with their agenda and lives the part 24/7.

      No hate <—- just calling BS on the ignorance that gives this pressure cooker POTUS a pass !!

      • Vicky says:

        I’ll never understand the adoration he commands from the left. Do they not think they’ll go down, as well? The only person who could be worse than obama is the Hildebeast who is smarter and much more malicious. Of course, I think it’s going to be over before she gets to make an appearance.

        • 41MagMan says:

          “Do they not think…”

          I clipped off your comment right there, as this is what says it all. No, they do not think. Yet somehow, they are the brilliant ones and we the idiots. Just ask them. They will tell you.

        • nosuchuser says:

          He does not get ‘adoration from the left’. He, most times, gets adoration from democrats. There is a huge, screaming, difference between the two.

          The thing that I find so bloody amusing is that there is a segment of our society which insists that Obama some kind of super secret ‘liberal’ commie that is out to ‘destroy America’. While in reality, proven by his policies, he’s well to the RIGHT of Eisenhower (and Bush I).

          My main problem with Obama is he’s an EXCELLENT (ie sane) Republican President. Unfortunately this country has slid so far right that we don’t know what an actual ‘lefty’ looks like any more.

          A quick summary of ‘commie’ things Obama has done: 1) Killed bin laden, 2) ‘Obama Care’ aka the heath care plan proposed by Nixon , aka the ‘personal responsibility plan'(see ‘Romney care’), 3) Bailed out wall street (AGAIN), 4) Didn’t prosecute wall street (Regan did….), 5) Gave BP a pass, 6) More oil drilling permits than ever, 7) Getmo still open, etc, etc, etc.

          Just another corporate friendly President. Given our current state I would happily vote for the new FDR but who I REALLY want is Theodore Roosevelt.

      • JustMe says:

        obummer gets no “pass’, but OP is correct, obummer is just another puppet in a long, long string of them….

        • Lion says:

          That is correct, some seem to forget this fact. BO is easy for some people to put the blame on. I wonder what this site will turn into once the next puppet is in the White House and they have no “Kenyan” to blame.

  7. BigB says:

    If the Rest of Us Followed What President Barack Hussein Obama Said and Did…

    We would be part of TPTB who sold their souls to the devil for power and prosperity.


  8. Personanongrata says:

    However I will say that the very sight of that guy brings forth some type of emotions.

  9. Be informed says:

    It’s the final countdown, oh….oh, it’s the final countdown, oh….oh, it’s the final countdown,……the final countdown.

    How about this one with the Middle East and coming to a country of your choice in the near future:

    U2 lyrics to Sunday, Bloody Sunday

    I can’t believe the news today
    Oh, I can’t close my eyes
    And make it go away
    How long……
    How long must we sing this song
    How long, how long
    ’cause tonight….. we can be as one

    Broken bones under children’s feet
    Bodies strewn across the dead end street
    But I won’t heed the battle call
    It puts my back up
    Put my back against the wall

    Sunday, Bloody Sunday
    Sunday, Bloody Sunday
    Sunday, Bloody Sunday
    Sunday, Bloody Sunday

    And the battle has just begun
    There’s many lost, but tell me who has won
    The trench is dug with our hearts
    And mothers, children, brothers, sisters
    Torn apart

    Sunday, Bloody Sunday
    Sunday, Bloody Sunday

    How long…..
    How long must we sing this song
    How long, how long…..
    ’cause tonight…..we can be as one

    Sunday, Bloody Sunday
    Sunday, Bloody Sunday

    Wipe the tears from your eyes
    Wipe your tears away
    Oh, wipe your tears away
    Oh, wipe your tears away
    (Sunday, Bloody Sunday)
    Oh, wipe your blood shot eyes
    (Sunday, Bloody Sunday),(Sunday, Bloody Sunday), (Sunday, Bloody Sunday)
    (Sunday, Bloody Sunday), (Sunday, Bloody Sunday)

    And it’s true we are immune
    When fact is fiction and TV reality
    And today the millions cry
    We eat and drink while tomorrow they die

    (Sunday, Bloody Sunday)

    The real battle has just begun
    To claim the victory Jesus won

    Sunday, Bloody Sunday
    Sunday, Bloody Sunday

    The majority of the population just doesn’t get it and doesn’t want to get it. The 99% that still refuse to prepare.

    Everything is perfectly fine in lollipop land. The economy is wonderful as the stock market is above 15000. Unemployment is under 8%. The housing market is coming back. The problems in the Middle East will settle themselves like they always do. The budget will be resolved, and if it is not helicopter ben will just fix it with a couple hundred more printing presses. More money, more money, more money. Everyone’s salaries are going up. Obama (BO) care will save the country and everyone will be so healthy. More people than ever are now being helped by the government. Happy times are on the way, la, la, la, la…. There are advantages to being stupid, you don’t have to worry about anything, you can just go skipping around in a daze and let the government and others do all your thinking for “ya”.

    We are on the freaking precipice, and the view downward is an awful way down. The winds are howling before, and the jagged rocks look real pointy from even that high up. And BO and the rest of the government is chanting to everyone, jump…jump…jump. The masses are still too stupid to figure out which way, and are asking where. The government has this Cheshire Cat sh^& all smile on their faces. The masses exclaim OK……………………………………………

    • anna says:

      “It’s so nice to be insane…No one asks you to explain.”

      Does anyone remember who sang the song with those words in it? I can’t remember and it is driving me crazy.

    • Be Informed,

      Reminds me of the joke about a man who jumps off a 100 story skyscraper with no parachute. As he free falls past an open window on the 50th floor, a man sticks his head out the window and yells the falling guy, “HOW’S IT GOING???”. The guy in free fall looks back over his shoulder and yells, “SO FAR SO GOOD!!!”

      You got it right BI. Folks have no sense of the scope and relativity of the problems within the U.S. economy because the same problems are occurring everywhere at the same time.

      If the Federal Reserve is in fact losing control of the Treasury interest rates even with, stimulus, Zero Interest Rate Policy (ZIRP), POMO, debt monetization, and other extraordinary tools, this may very well be the final nail in the coffin for the economy. I’m watching the Treasury 10-year interest rates very closely now.

    • hillbilly SC says:


      Famous last words…

      Y’all watch this!!! 😉

      As Confucius would say: “Shit Happens”

      Y’all play nice. 🙂

      hillbilly SC

    • warchild says:

      Informed,this song by Iron Maiden sums it up for me:

      Kill for gain or shoot to maim
      But we don’t need a reason
      The golden goose is on the loose
      And never out of season
      Some blackened pride still burns inside
      This shell of bloody treason
      Here’s my gun for a barrel of fun
      For the love of living death.

      The killer’s breed or the demon’s seed,
      The glamour, the fortune, the pain,
      Go to war again, blood is freedom’s stain,
      But don’t you pray for my soul anymore.
      2 minutes to midnight
      The hands that threaten doom.
      2 minutes to midnight
      To kill the unborn in the womb.

      The blind men shout let the creatures out
      We’ll show the unbelievers
      The napalm screams of human flames
      Of a prime time belsen feast… yeah!
      As the reasons for the carnage cut their meat and lick the gravy,
      We oil the jaws of the war machine and feed it with our babies.


      The body bags and little rags of children torn in two
      And the jellied brains of those who remain to put the finger right on you.
      As the madmen play on words and make us all dance to their song,
      To the tune of starving millions to make a better kind of gun.


    • California Resident says:

      @ Be Informed

      I saw this trailer the other day and realized that ‘WE’- the God respecting, the preppers, the weapons owners, and the Oath Keepers of the Constitution, are each in his/her own way, that lone Eagle of the Republic and the lone-soldier willing to make that ultimate sacrifice as an example for our children, and their posterity.

      Every time I hear this song I get goosebumps because I know what must eventually be done.


  10. Unreconstructed Southron says:

    Robert Welch would would generate enough friction to power Massachusetts for a year?

  11. Watchman says:

    Russia, China block Security Council debate on Egypt
    DEBKAfile August 16, 2013, 7:37 AM (GMT+02:00)

    The UN Security Council Thursday night urged all parties in Egypt to end violence and exercise maximum restraint as the death toll from clashes between security forces and pro-Morsi protesters rose to 638. The statement was issued after UN Dep. Secretary General briefed members behind closed doors. The meeting, requested jointly by France, Britain and Austria, was prevented by Russia and China from holding a debate. They maintained that interference in any country’s internal affairs was unacceptable.

    Keep the FAITH

  12. Mountain Trekker says:

    Egypt is just like a pressure cooker, ready to explode. But we have our own problems. Trekker Out.

  13. He’s the most arrogant, self exalting, blasphemous POS POTUS! I can hardly stand to hear him talk or see his face…him and his whole gang of ass-clowns

    Burn it down.Down to the ground.!

  14. SmokinOkie says:

    I been walking the train tracks looking for flat nickels. Didn’t find any. All I got was a cracked power line insulator (one of the old-timey green ones), a few chunks of coal, and enough scrap iron to weld up Switzerland. They made me put the tracks back.

    Buh-rock (Who’s Sane?) Obomba is merely a puppet. He sold his soul for the gig and he and Mrs Lard ass intend to enjoy the perks of puppethood. Simple as that.
    Yeah, he’s a narcissistic nitwit, a socialist, and a bona fide America-hater. He’s also a mediocre intellect who, without his teleprompter, couldn’t debate his way past a tongue-tied Jehovah’s Witness rookie. But most of all, he’s the current puppet of choice by the master string-pullers. What he doesn’t realize is, when his usefulness is done– so is he.
    Somehow, there’s just not enough satisfaction for me in knowing that. But at least it’s something…
    personal note: I been missing all of yall here at Mac’s place. Maybe I’ll eventually get this 61 yr old rookie trained and off my truck. Then I can get back to the more important things, like discussing disasters that don’t involve busted transmissions, scraped fenders and DOT cops. (he’s driving again later today… In Chicago! Lord help us!)

  15. Watchman says:


    Everyone is treated equally.

    Free Food.

    Free Medical/Healthcare.

    Only the Police and Guards have GUNS.


    Keep the FAITH

  16. Hugh Mann says:

    I believe this government to be corrupt at its core and its actions criminal, and therefore illegitimate. Nothing short of a revolt will change things for the better.

    • two2wisper says:

      Have to agree on that one Hugh Mann. It is that simple. The sheeple are the ones allowing this dope and change. On a different side note . Scored some cool shit from a pawn shop that I wont list on here.But it is something we all need.

      • sixpack says:

        “Hope and change” is nothing more that “bait and switch”.

        “Bait” makes you anticipate (hope) for something positive and, “switch” is really another word for a change. It appears obummer was telling the truth after all.

  17. phicrappazappa says:

    Of all the songs with relevance – “Monster” by Steppenwolf baers playing again and again.

  18. phicrappazappa says:

    bears – sorry

  19. Night breaker says:

    Is it just me or does this look like every thing is accelerating towards a total TARFU?

    NSA, Million Moslem March on 9-11 in DC, Draconian state gun control , IRS targeting.


    Violence erupted in major us cities overnight as backlash continued from the protests in DC
    Yesterday that turned violent , burning the treasury department building and the attempted
    storming of the White House Lawn by Moslem Activists protesting the. Deployment of US
    Military advisers to Egypt. Shouts of Death to America from the crowd of an estimated.
    500,000 were met with tear gas and rubber bullets. The DC police department and Capitol
    police were over run by the enraged crowd , reinforcements were summoned from the
    Quantico Marine Base to restore order. Street fighting broke out with elements in the crowds
    that were armed and had infiltrated with the protesting group .
    A cyber attack on the US governments health and human services administration disabled
    and destroyed the records for snap and electronic benefits cards that had recently been
    transfered to the federal government for administration due to state budeget cuts .spawning
    rioting and civil unrest nation wide.

    Washington DC and 24 major us cities are tonight is under federal emergency curfew ..
    Travel and information on what is occurring in those areas is limited.

    The congress has been dismissed under the emergency powers act the president has
    declared a special national emergency event. Official information will follow on the
    Emergency broadcast system this message will be repeated at the top of every hour………





    Semper Fi 8541

  20. Anonymous says:

    If the rest of us did what this illegit bastard has done………we would probably be like Trayvon Martin. Or…have a son like him. Have a pleasant day everyone here.

  21. warchild says:

    I did what obama did would be a self centered/unethical/lying criminal,basically a asshole of epic proportions(some folks think I am a asshole minus the epic part!).I though can honestly say I feel this way about all the presidents in my lifetime when I actually started paying attention.The 2 party system is a joke brought about by the puppet masters to give the mostly apathetic voters the illusion of having a real choice in their govt.

  22. Mr. Blutarsky says:

    Obama is not on our side. He and his communist cronies side with the radicals and is intentionally stirring up trouble all over the world! He is responsible for all the trouble in Egypt. He is responsible for the trouble in Syria and Libya. He is responsible for the Benghazi murders. He is (or so will be) responsible for the death of the best healthcare system in the world. He has also accelerated the decline of the USA – intentionally. Bizarre and unconstitutional executive orders pour from his office (when he actually works).

    Treason. Pure and simple. When is someone in Congress going to get a set and start the impeachment process? Seriously, it’s time folks.

    • 41MagMan says:

      With the US Senate in his pocket, he has ZERO fear of an impeachment conviction. There is no crime imaginable that would get the Senate to turn on him and convict him, no matter what the US House does. It just isn’t going to happen. Ever.

      If he is to leave office it will be because some jock-strapping USMC general has arrested his ass for treason and that pack of zeros in DC as well. Short trials and ropes followed by long drops is about the only answer that will not result in an absolutely hideous American bloodbath, Part II.

  23. Iowa says:

    And tth worst white man award goes to Barry!

  24. So, Russia and China are perceived as Enemy’s of the USA ? If this is the case why has Wall Streets Globalist Agenda taken tens of thousands of former factories and tens of millions of former US Jobs to communist China ?

    Face it. Wall Streets Rockefeller’s private organizations of the Council on Foreign Relations and it’s sister organization of the Trilateral Commission and the Brookings Institute have vigorously pursued and planed and executed the USA Job Exportation from the USA to communist China for 30 years now. After 50,000 young US Service Men were killed in Korea and another 50,000 young US Service Men were killed in Vietnam fighting against Communism ……… and Now all of a sudden it is perceived that Communist China is an enemy as the US Manufacturing Sector has been given to Communist China just to tap Into near slave labor pools of ultra low wages.

    Snowden is not the traitor here. It is the Wall Street private CFR and TC and the Brookings Institute that have GUTTED the US Manufacturing Sector just so that the various Wall Street and London Investment Banks can maximize their profits. It is the CFR, the TC and the Brookings Institute that are the TREASONOUS CREEPS that have hijacked the US Government and Economics on behalf of the Rockefeller and Rothschild’s Clans.

    Wall Street Banker Clans and their TREASONOUS Organizations need to be on Trial for TREASON against The United States of America. While we are at it we need to put all of the bought OFF DC Politicians on trial too. After all Wall Street has a Paid Army of 30,000 Lobbyists that bribe our US Politicians, with our money, destroying our economy, our way of life, and our security and futures, for us and our kids and grandkids, and future generations..Time is short folks.
    were already at war and have been for sometime, you just haven’t seen it.

    • Them Guys says:

      VRF: Don’t forget, Heritage Foundation is who Wrote NAFTA! as well as were the Main Promoters of nafta too. A article exposeing this info was at newswithviews a few weeks ago at most. If I recall correct it was a Devvy Kidd article there. I may be wrong on her writing it?

      It definatly was at newswithviews though.

      That entire crew of heritage foundation org, and all the neocon cronies and fox hannity types along with all them Newt Gingrich type polititions, have all been behind NAFTA, even more so than Klintons kommie dnc pals.

      Today, all the combined nafta type treaty or “Private Public Partnerships” swindles between usa and mexico-south amer. and Canada etc has conbined With their nafta percursor, and all those further treaties and agreements between nations now makes nafta seem insignificant.

      Klinton, then Bush jr, now monkyboy, has combined to destroy americans middle class industry and work force.

      This is Way beyond simply transfering plants and machinery to china and india or mexico for Cheep labor. Yes that is a part of it all. But I believe it goes way beyond that. It is being done so we in america No Longer possess the factory and industrial power and no longer have machinery etc to gear up like in WWII and produce ammo-guns-vehicles-whatever else may be soon needed to protect america.(from Internal War against patriots etc)

      There is but one main posible reason for it beyond cheep labor elsewheres. That is we are being totally set up for a massive kommie takeover like done in 1918 Russia.

      They Know they cannot simply send out troops into usa streets and farmlands to begin confiscations of all Foods-Livestock-Farm implement machinery etc. Anymore than they can do so to take the guns and disarm us all. The usa aint russia and most americans are not simple peasants like in the Ukraine back then were.

      They realized the Only way to defeat us is to remove all sources of tools-machinery-Factory Buildg’s-necessary to be used in an emergency state where all industry shifts to building War guns and ammo’s etc as done in WWII.

      Now they switched gears and are drying up various suplies and ammo etc. This is a step by step plan incrementaly implemented over several decades now to set up america for a final kommie takedown.

      Every nation these vile kommies have been Hosted in, they have done the same thing. They may use different methods and take more or less time to do it…But since they First got hold of banks in england in 1670’s era, then France late 1780’s, then Russia(took Three trys to finally do a sucessfull revolt in russia! 1st attempt=1895-2nd try-1905-3rd try 1918 success).

      Then the bolshevik kommie vermin attempted the same in Germany 1930’s. The germans were the Only nation ever in modern history to stop the kommies. The usa joining with Kommie Stahlin and his red army bolsheviks as general Patton figured out at wars end in wwii, and wrote in his diary and many letters home etc..”America fought the Wrong people”…Communisim would have Truly been ended forever if usa had not sided with the russian kommie Machine. Ironic that Less than 2 yrs after WWII ended, Our usa officials declared Russia and Kommies Our Mortal “Cold War” enemys!….After being allies in Two world wars with the exact same bolshevik kommies?

      Our greatest Generation, parents and grandparents Should have seen Red flags and heard Sirens wailing loudly, once that entire WWI thru end of WWII era expired, and Our Marxist Prez after Marxist Prez keep making such Non senseical moves with Kommies each time.

      There relly Never yet has been a True communisim, as the true goal of it has always consisted of Ownership and full total Control of the entire world and all who reside in it….Thats where the usa plays into it all.

      America was saved for Last conquered nation status, because its the most difficult, most well armed citizenery, Free with garenteed rights,and overall greatest warriors ever seen in modern day history.

      But make no mistakers. These bolshevik kommies along with their neocon Suit and Tie Zionists Other Half, has big plans to Combine the worker class Bolsheviks(dems unions etc) With their tribal partners, the Ruler class Zionists. And overtake the usa, and use it to take the entire world into a NWO that they have planned and designed for at least 300 yrs now. Actually one can be a stickler for details and accuracy, and admit it goes way farther back than 300 yrs of modern era history.

      For the sticklers for detail acuracy etc…Their combined kommie plans go all the way back to when they were captured and taken to Babylon, 3000 yrs ago. While captive there, they learned Every form of perversions-witchcrafts-satanisims-kabala black magik-and began to put together their Oral laws torrah aka the finally written in Books as of aprox 400 AD, their Talmud.

      A famous well respected Head Rabbi once stated. That Zionisim-Judiasim-Talmudisim-and COMMUNISIM are all One and the Same!…I concur. Communisim was invented as a political leagle system of Talmudisim FOR Goyim Gentiles.

      “Zionism is Judaism, and Judaism is unthinkable without Zionism.” (Harper’s Encyclopedia of United States History, Vol. X, “Zionists”).

      “Some call it Marxism (Communism), I call it Judaism.” – Rabbi Stephen Samuel Wise – The American Bulletin, May 5, 1935. (Judaism is nothing but disguised, camouflaged Communism, therefore, Zionism is nothing but disguised, camouflaged Communism)

      And it is these usurpers and evil bastard Kommies who Will fulfill there grand schemes and destroy america and Us, unless folks soon come together and stop it totally. This is not likly posible to accomplish by votes, or elctions of more swindlers as some here promote. I wish I was wrong. But after Two Decaes of intense research on communists etc…It is what it is. And no such methods at this late date are going to Eradicate this Mennace of what has become the absolute worst, most Evil,purely Satanic system most folks call Communisim.

      While waiting is about all we are able to do for now, my hope is that Many more folks will do diligent research also and learn the truths and facts so well Hidden the last 100 yrs from most American Citizens. Most refuse to Listen due to warped falshoods they learned in schools and from preachers. Self educating Research reading is all thats left which is still able to Awaken such folks.

      And if This website is reflective of the Wiser and most awakened of all in america today?…Then by the massive red thumbs down every truth or facts post recieves, it would seem almost hopeless to hope for any type mass awakening. Which of course is the Most needfull thing for any sucessfull, Counter-Revolt to halt the bolshevik kommies for good and restore america to it core principals and foundations.

      Exposure is ALL They FEAR! Your Patriotic Duty then must be to Expose them all!

      “The Jews are terribly afraid that the world will discover that their impersonation of Israel is nothing but a gigantic charade. Hence, this knowledge must be suppressed at all costs, even to the point of demonizing anyone who dares to bring up the subject. Yours truly has been so demonized by the Jews for the mere fact that I expose these truths about them, even though I mainly quote Jewish sources for this information.” ~ William Norman Saxon, in his booklet entitled “The Mask of Edom”

  25. braveheart says:

    If i had been one of the kids in that video, I would have refused to sing that stupid song and most likely would have been turned into a social outcast, but that’s OK. I don’t have any use for communists,except target practice. braveheart

  26. white guy says:

    Nooooooowwwww Evvvorye booooodddeeee say it tooooo gaaaaather…

    Embrace all this multi-cultural idiocy.

    I worked with an affirmative action hire bitch.
    She could not do her job.
    We let her die on the vine until they finally had to fire her.

    In an age of so much…belly button promotion and celebration of the ignorant just because of their race…

    It’s getting so much easier to succeed in a sea of stupid people.
    But you have to fight for what’s yours.

    I threatened to leave…thus leaving them with all the stupid people..
    The end result… Income shot up by $12k, They added another computer at my desk for processing….title change and I was given the state of the art software.


    • Hedge says:

      Indeed, the temporal feast is always best at end of empire.

    • two2wisper says:

      I like reading many of the comments posted on here. All though some turdheads trolls happen by once in a while all in all there seem to be some good folks here that I would hang out with. While the evil in the world is consuming most people lives directly and others indirectly it is still a reality even if the blinders are on some. I have learned so much on here and has led me to make life changing decisions that has brought me to were I am now. Just saying my bit.

  27. sixpack says:

    Hey my name’s not Joe, but I am sixpack—does that count?

    • Them Guys says:

      Sixpack: Yes you Do Count! And Very Much So! Perhaps due to your part-Russian heritage and background? I know not for sure, yet I do think that may play a decisive role in the Fact that you are very wide awake, and while you usually do not post as much info as some folks here…What you do post shows that You in Fact Get it. You know who and what the real evils and true enemys of within are, so devestating America today.

      With so few in actual numbers of wised up awakened folks as you are, in my opinion that makes you count like a Diamond Jewel amoung the avg preper community!

      • sixpack says:

        Thanks TG. I come here first to learn, and teach if I can. But between you, Be Informed and a couple of others on here who teach so fluidly, I only need to chime in once in a while. I like the view from the back seat. It gives me time to really look at everything that goes by.

        I’ll take the wheel if I need to after all, I CAN drive, but being chauffeured has it’s advantages too.

  28. slingshot says:

    To look at the school children’s video just made my blood boil. I can’t wait till the movie about, “Hillary”, comes out.
    I remember a joke about Hitler, where he states, Hotsie, Totsie, a new born Nazi. Now Obama can say Yummie, Yummie, we have another Commie.

    Hand out some more SNAP and EBT cards. Provide more Sec.8 housing and Obama Phones. Put more on the unemployment lines. Bring in more Illegals. Free this and Free that! Won’t have to worry about FEMA camps cause the Whole country will be a Fucking FEMA camp.

    Going to the woods to curse a Blue Streak.
    Have a Good Weekend.

  29. Unreconstructed Southron says:

    What’s black and white and RED all over?

  30. Kulafarmer says:

    Obama is an asshat and needs a fucking slap.

  31. Watchman says:

    OBAMA—Fun Fact #301:

    For every one job created under the Obama Administration, 75 people went on FOOD STAMPS!

    Keep the FAITH

  32. Barn Cat says:

    Obama is not incompetent and he’s not a failure. He hates America just like his parents and his terrorist mentors. He’s out to destroy America and he’s literally doing one hell of a job. Bernanke is destroying the dollar. His bankster pals are looting the country by creating money out of thin air and using it to buy mortgages. The final headshot will be the economic collapse when at least 90% of the US population is unprepared and at least 270 million Americans die. Obama will go down in history as the biggest mass murderer in history up until that time. He’s part of the New World Order that wants a one-world government.

  33. Watchman says:

    “Chicago is the BLUEPRINT for Gun Laws”– B Obama
    Chicago is #1 in Gun Violence!

    Keep the FAITH

  34. Watchman says:

    Definition of Government:

    Break your legs.

    Sells a Wheelchair to you.

    Taxes that Wheelchair.

    Regulates the use of that wheelchair.

    Then assures you that without the government, you wouldn’t be getting around so well!

    Keep the FAITH

  35. Watchman says:

    So Let Me Get This Straight:

    If you cross the North Korean border illegally, you get 12 years HARD LABOR. If you cross the Afghanistan border illegally, you get SHOT. Two Americans got 8 years for crossing the Iranian border.

    SO; If you cross the U. S. border ILLEGALLY, you get a job, a driver’s license, food stamps, a place to live, free healthcare, child benefits, an education, and a tax free business for 7 years?

    NO WONDER WE’RE A COUNTRY IN DEBT! NWTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Keep the FAITH

  36. De Oppresso Liber says:

    Rodeo clowns would make better presidents – I mean no disrespect to the clowns

  37. Watchman says:


    We defend our President———with guns
    We defend our Congressman——-with guns
    We defend our Governors———with guns
    We defend our Celebrities——-with guns
    We defend our Sporting Events—with guns
    We defend our Banks————-with guns
    We defend our Courts————with guns
    Etc. Etc. ———————-with guns

    We defend our Children ———with a sign that READS:
    And then call someone with a GUN if there is TROUBLE!!!!!!!!!


    Keep the FAITH

    • 41MagMan says:

      “We defend our Children ———with a sign that READS:
      And then call someone with a GUN if there is TROUBLE!!!!!!!!!

      That would be WHEN not IF. :-/

  38. freespeach says:

    If my child came home from school singing this, I would throw a wild fit at the school and pull my child from the school. This is utterly insane, how dare they. I would explain to the child the best I could that this is wrong, that the only one who deserves to be worshiped in this manner is our LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST!! God’s one and only living son.

  39. Man on the inside says:

    Got rid of cable two years ago… home schooled all my kids…. And yet I am still normal… GET YOUR KIDS OUT OF PUBLIC SCHOOLS AND FORM PRIVITE ONES IN YOU COMMUNITY… NOW!!!

  40. BigB says:

    I did not watch the video of the school kids as I knew by the title that my blood pressure would rocket. I tell you folks it just makes me sick to my stomach to see what is going on. I know a lot of you still believe in the power of the vote but I have lost faith in the two party system. I registered at 18 as a libertarian and have never had the feeling that it was for the good. I did and do know though that the rat bastards repubs and dems didn’t get my vote. Noticed I didn’t capitalize the names of either of those two parties? They don’t deserve it.

    It is time for a change. Physical if neccesary. I am holding out on one hope before the 2016 elections and that is the formation of an alternate party such as the Freedom party I have heard bandied about. Anyone else noticed that the conservative talking heads on both TV and on the radio now spend half of their time bashing the repub’s. There maybe something in the air a brewing and that my friends lends me some comfort.

    If that does not come about, we are lost and let the hand of God be laid upon the sheeple who allowed this to happen. At that point all of my prepping will have been worth every minute and every penny spent.


  41. Watchman says:

    Big B: Just watch out by hook and/or crook the Dems will take control of the House in the Mid Terms and you can forget the 2016 elections. They will control all of the Government, so something will have to happen to stop them in the next 12 months or stick a fork in us because we’re DONE!

    Keep the FAITH

    • 41MagMan says:

      If there is any fork sticking to be done, let it be the traitorous rats in DC that get it. Let 2014 be just like 2010, only worse. Would love to see the Obamunists lose control of the US senate. That would put a knot in their panties.

    • BigB says:

      Afraid you are probaly right Watchman. We probaly don’t have till 2016 or ebven 2014. We can always hope though. Need some thing to go to sleep with.


  42. SmokinOkie says:

    And the beat goes on….

    The sun came up again today…. somehow.
    We got out of Chicago (alive) with the rookie driving… somehow.
    America still stands (wobbly, bruised and bloodied, but standing) … somehow.
    Haven’t lost (what’s left of) my sanity yet… somehow.
    And, by the grace of God, we will all get through the days ahead…. somehow.
    And we will NOT lose the idea of a free, self-governing people. We may lose it in actual practice for a while, but the concept of men and women of integrity, living freely and governing themselves rightly, will not die.
    We who believe in self sufficiency, in freedom, in being a help to others and not a burden, who believe in the good, right things that are so obvious to us… we are a minority. But that’s ok. It only takes ONE for the idea to live on!
    In time, the idea will rise again. And people will know that we did the right thing. Keep stacking the cans. Stay vigilant. Don’t give up! God already knows who wins this in the end….

  43. white guy says:


    SO…all this.. “Fear us Black Folk” crap.

    Here’s the backlash….

    Us “crackers” will not be creating any jobs for the Obama folks.
    Full automation.
    If we do need anybody…..it’s family.

    We’re not your slaves.

    Have a nice life fuckers.
    YOU are the real racists.

    Funny, my company cannot find an IT blacks…so they have to import the Indians and pass them off for affirmative action programs.

    • 41MagMan says:

      “Us “crackers” will not be creating any jobs for the Obama folks.”

      Do any of them actually want a job or is living for free off of the sweat of others their goal in life? Just asking.

  44. TheGuy says:

    And here is why I love our society right now. Slightly off topic.

    Last night I was at a mall, minding my own business, sitting on a bench and using the mall wifi to do a little reading after walking around.

    Two random girls come up to me, sit on the bench right next to me like super duper close, and lean their heads in and start taking pictures of me and them with their Iphone.

    I look at them with this tired of this shit look on my face, smile a sarcastic Marty Feldman smile, and say “why…?”

    They say “do you know what this is?”

    I say “no….” smiling my wtf smile…

    They get up, point their camera at me, and one says “call her (her friend) something mean… call her a slut”

    Giggling their asses off for no apparent reason.

    I’m like “nope.”

    She says “It’s ok, it’s fine, why not?”

    I’m like “being on Youtube does not appeal to me”.

    She says “It’s FINNEEE Goddd!”

    I’m like “Nope. Have a nice day.”

    They leave.

    Thank God.

    You realize of course at this point… all she had to do was start screaming “help” at the top of her lungs.

    Who do you think the rent-a-cops are going to believe? Me??? I’m male. Fat fucking chance.

    Try to imagine two guys doing that to a girl sitting around minding her own business if you STILL don’t get it.

  45. Pissed off Granny says:

    Them Guys:

    I have always wondered if you and I have been blessed or cursed knowing the truth about history. I happened on this blog a couple days ago and found myself in a tizzy over the Glen Beck post (read my post on the Glen Beck story) and I have thoroughly enjoyed your truthful insight into history. I am sure you have read the book Under the Sign of the Scorpion by Juri Lina but for anyone searching for the truth it certainly is a good place to start.

    It is so refreshing to see that you are so educated on history; I have been studying the zionist problem since the 1960’s. Hardly anyone knew anything back then and frankly, like a lot of today’s sheeple, they couldn’t give a [email protected]#% less. The time for them to give a [email protected]#% is growing mighty short. I believe in Revelations and believe we are the generation that is living that. Biblestudysite.com has clarified a lot of questions that I had concerning history and also concerning what is happening day to day right now.

    There are many great sites on the computer for anyone to learn the truth. I truly believe that the good Lord is the only one that can straighten out what we have allowed to happen to us.

    So get your “pressure cookers” ready. God help us

  46. I was ridiculed when I made the call for a States Convention. The opposition (you know who you are DK) caused me to back up and do some research… then, low and behold, Mark Levin writes “The Liberty Amendments”, and it is discussed on hannity last night.

    I don’t necessarily agree with the 2 party system anymore, and neither does Mark Levin. He feels the same way we do, that the republicans are merely democrat lite, wanting power above all other things. And at the end of the day, that’s what its all about, and what its always been about; the Haves vs The Have nots. Power.

    That is the message of 1984… which has now become an instruction manual for the Elites. The Republican party of the Establishment, needs to be destroyed, and replaced, but that ain’t gonna happen until the sheep see they are as evil as the demonrats. A third party won’t work, as it just divides power, we saw what happens in ’92.

    Mark Levin proved, I was correct, there are two ways of fixing the Constitution. Congress can propose amendments, OR, the way thats NEVER been used. 3/4’s of the state legislatures can call for a States (Rights) Convention(NOT a Constitutional Convention…). Now, before you go off all half cocked DK, in this ‘convention’, you CANNOT VOID the Constitution, you cannot go off half cocked and propose marxism, or the statists take it over. Why? Because 3/4’s of the states have to ratify any amendments, and amendments are all that’s allowed. Its simple math, at this point, WE outnumber THEM, but we are divided. And, a house divided cannot stand…

    The Problem is US. We talk, but don’t get involved, too many think the system is corrupted beyond fixing, and they are right, it is, but not entirely. There are still good people fighting, and there are enough of us, that if we could bring together even 30-40% to overwhelm the power brokers with grass roots delegates to the convention, we could take all the power from DC, in one fell swoop… as it was meant to BE! Not hiding in a hole, complaining and not participating, as you saw in this last election. The Dark man won, because 3+ MILLION of us failed to show up at the polls, the numbers don’t lie.

    The other problem is, all too many want to go to guns. They think that is the ONLY solution, but, it is the FINAL solution… The ‘bullet box’ers, don’t see that they cannot win anything but a long protracted guerrilla campaign, with total devastation and suffering by all. Many of them have never seen the elephant, and cannot know its weight, when it sits upon your soul. The problem with the elephant, is that when you see it, it sees you, and sits on you, crushing your soul, your society, your economy, your lands, your house, nothing survives the elephant. Is that, what we truly want? Who, can make war with The Beast? If we start something, and fire first, we, are the bad guys.

    We all say we love the constitution, but, will not USE the Constitutional methods that were put in there specifically for this case; Federal Over reach. It is the last moral, non violent, and legal way to take power from DC. As long as the puppets in DC, HAVE to PRETEND that the Constitution is in effect, we have them, if, we would but put it to work as a grass roots viral wave. Even the Tea parties were on board with this idea, and they, and their numbers, with the III, and all of us together, could send the statists packing… legally, without violence, and they, would have to listen or declare war.

    It is that last part that intrigues me, because that would be what I think the Federal statists would do. Surround the convention and declare it an ‘illegal assembly’. Then, if the states were smart, they would have already arranged for the Militias of the Several States as guardians. This could give both factions, legalists and ‘bullet box’ ers, a way out, a way forward to conquer and restore, with a real possibility of victory.

    The other up side, is the grass roots could destroy the Establishment, both parties, and install term limits, eliminate the Fed, and Obamacare, restore liberty and economy(by RESETTING THEM, instead of the other way around), and give us what we truly want, take power away from Washington, legally, by crying FREEDOM.

    You have a chance, to think, rationally, and democratically and constitutionally. Otherwise, you choose the irrational, the barbaric, the destructive, because either way, we all lose.

    It is time to choose, there isn’t much time left to argue about it. WE are watching the Kabuki dance in the theater of the damned, and the train is almost at the end of the line.

    • PS: 2/3rds call for it, 3/4’s must approve amendments.
      when that happens, outside washington, washington must succumb, or fight.
      Either way, we are still the good guys.

    • Triggerman says:

      That’s the best idea I have ever heard on the subject Piper! The question is can we get enough people involved to make it happen. I’m all for it.

      • Triggerman,
        Thanks, it is an idea whose time has come methinks…
        The best part about it, would be the looks and sounds of fear coming from the establishment politicians. They would be hollering like stuck pigs, it would be a joy to see. It would be especially sweet, if the Dark Caesar stood up and made noises about it being an ‘illegal assembly’, and he would stop it. That would an immediate CAUSUS BELLI. The storm would be instantaneous.

        Those who say the establishment or the statists would take it over, have a point… a good point… and that caused me to back up and look it over hard. But, consider;

        What do we have NOW? What are our chances NOW? How long before the statists have TOTAL power by the destruction of the dollar and the economic reset they will impose? How many states have refused to set up healthcare exchanges? 34? What does that portend? What is the chance that the grass roots could win? The Delegate process in each state, means, that YOU or I, could stand up and run for delegate. We could demand town hall’s with a ‘come one come all’ approach, instead of a party approach. That would determine the outcome.

        Nothing can be done in back rooms, that is the party way. There would a thousand parties, even the guy in New York with his “The rent is too damn high Party”…;) That would restore healthy debate, everybody would get a chance to speak. Delegate voting could be done online, with one vote key per SSN… town halls mandated time on tv. The Establishment would be crying in their Chablis. If nothing else, it would be a grand circus.

        What will happen after that is anybodies guess. But, I think we have enough time, if, WE would get off our dead asses.
        Another possibility I raised in my piece “The Kabuki dance in the theater of the damned” is, the high probability of a convention dead lock due to competing interests. This could present the possibility for an Amendment of Dissolution and each state is free to do what they want.

        This could be the ultimate secession, just tell DC to take this Federal union and shove it… literally and legally.

        To those who say they will support and defend the Constitution… I say put up or shut up. If you start voting from the bullet box, without giving the convention a go, you are destructive hypocrites. If the Federals start something, or push reset, while this is in process, then, we have CAUSUS BELLI, legally, and I will support and defend the cause.

        But the word legal, means something. It also means ‘moral high ground’. The last civil war was a disaster, because the good guys fired first, and turned themselves into bad guys, and lost the moral high ground. (Slavery would have been gone within a generation or two anyway… and was NOT the cause of the war, immoral taxes imposed on the southern planters were. Slavery was Lincoln’s hook in the jaw. Since the days of the Whiskey Rebellion, this has always been the way of the Federalists, they have their friends and their pets, and apply the law unequally and unconstitutionally, leading to unintended consequences. Now we move into ‘intended’ consequences, they play chess while we play checkers.)

        In fact, our entire history is one of rich men’s consequences and centralized power. If we try to limit their power, they will pull some stunt I think. I no longer even support the idea of Federalism, but accept that as long as we have enemies it is a necessary evil… but, should have its domestic balls cut off… and it is interesting that we have come full circle from our revolutionary days, back to the same conversations they were having.

        Triggerman, I hope there is enough time, but, I don’t think we have but maybe a year till the 2014 elections, I think that will be the turning point. Either we, the good guys, get off our dead ass and do something, either vote or call for a convention, or we lose it all and the bullet box is the last box in the drawer.

        God help us all if it comes to that. (But that is what I’m planning for as worst case.)