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Henry Kissinger; Are You Watching This?

James Davis
July 24th, 2020
Future Money Trends
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This article was contributed by James Davis of Future Money Trends.

They attribute the August 15th, 1971 decision to the presidential criminal, Richard Nixon, but if you know one thing about old Richard, it is that he didn’t do anything without first GETTING THE BLESSING of Mr. Henry Kissinger.

In the 20th century, there were very few politicians whose actions led to wilder UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES than Kissinger’s. He is in charge of overseeing the Napalm horrors and crimes committed in Vietnam, in addition to a LONG LIST of other war crimes, going back to his first days in the Kennedy Administration.

JFK was so suspicious of Kissinger’s agenda and sinister plots that he wanted him PERMANENTLY REMOVED from positions of power; truly, a high degree of intellectual power, coupled with evil, is a LETHAL COMBINATION, as exhibited by Kissinger.

By the late 1960s, Western European countries were recovering from WW2 and were becoming a DIRECT THREAT to United States’ currency and credit hegemony. Gold reserves in the United States PLUMMETED in the 1950s and 1960s; Europe had a HIGH CONCENTRATION of gold, so Kissinger became convinced that to keep control, gold had to become irrelevant.

The market called this WAR CRIMINAL’S bluff and gold rose 2,400% in one decade (1971-1980)!

If you’re reading this, I can still CALL YOUR BLUFF, Henry, whether it’s you, one your globalist associates, or any DEEP STATE PUPPET!

You wanted to weaken gold, but as always with your schemes, YOU FAILED!

Gold is going to hit you RIGHT IN THE FACE within days, surpassing $2,000/ounce and silver is FLOATING ON A CLOUD right now!

Courtesy: Zerohedge.com


This is nuts on all levels, and I’m grinning from EAR TO EAR, thinking about Henry and Richard, assuming that they stopped Europe from getting stronger by throwing the DOLLAR INTO THE GARBAGE CAN!

Henry Kissinger – thank you for the GREATEST BULL MARKET in precious metals history!

When I closed my eyes on Monday, silver’s spot price was still BELOW $20/ounce. When I awoke, it was INCHING UP, even sitting for a while on $19.99, before taking that RESISTANCE LEVEL and cutting through it like a SEMI TRUCK through a plaster wall.


Imagine the Robinhood army of day-traders and the Cavalry of MOMENTUM-CHASING algorithms piling into silver, a market that is 1,000 times smaller than the TECH GIANTS that they’ve been drooling over and sending to STUPID VALUATIONS for the past few months!

I get excited just thinking about how much MONEY WILL FLOOD our little niche of junior mining shares and I start dancing in the living room!

The general trading herd is currently fixated on stocks that will NEVER MAKE MONEY. When they realize the puck has moved, CAN YOU IMAGINE what’s going to occur?

Houston, we have lift-off!

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Author: James Davis
Date: July 24th, 2020
Website: https://www.futuremoneytrends.com/

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  1. when it hits $40 i'll start getting excited..... says:

    when it hits $40 I’ll start getting excited….

  2. Confederate Bill says:

    I believe the events playing out today is not coincidental or spontaneous, or necessarily because of one incident. The incident was merely the trigger, all the following reactions and events were planned and organized. TPTB know exactly what they’re doing, they’ve been planning it for many years now. Take the rioting and protesting; BLM, antifa, and other “civil rights” organizations have been on a destructive binge of looting, arson, destroying private property, and general lawlessness. Yet, it appears to be with almost the blessing of officialdom at all levels of gov’t. (local, state, fed.). The rioting over the past few months coupled with this phony virus hoax, lockdowns, unemployment and the crashing economy, and yet to be coming surprises are timed just before the general 2020 election, and is a necessary precursor for what gov’t/ officialdom/PTB really has in store for the Amer. population. All these things are dove-tailed together as part of a greater plan.
    TPTB know there must be some public anger vented off. What we are seeing is a controlled release of social frustration. So, except for a police station or two, they let the rioters smash commercial areas, but the public infrastructure has mainly been left intact. These events are occurring where they are allowed to play out. They know that in areas where Repub.s are the majority the lawlessness would not be tolerated, it and would be promptly stamped it out (I am neither Dem. or Repub.). The quick crushing of lawlessness would interrupt “The Plan”.
    For the average citizen you may call it conditioning. The population is being inculcated and directed into a new mentality. Much of the population has been induced into learned helplessness, or they are fearful, or have been inculcated into passiveness, or to believe everything officialdom says. They will want the gov’t. to do “whatever it takes” to restore order – they don’t know what they’re asking for. All I can say is the next covid lockdown is going to be indefinite. This lockdown will likely have to be accompanied with a diminishment of civil rights to enforce it. Oh, and most people better get ready for their mandatory vaccine.
    The rest of us will just keep our eyes and ears open and continue
    to prep.

  3. If your the average purchaser of Gold and Silver and are really tired of getting stuck with a 25%-35% mark up on Gold and Silver isn’t it wise to think ETF that don’t charge the Vig. and you are backed by the fact they only sell what they can cover in their vaults .. For instance UUUA ETF did a litter better than 30% increase over the last year while PALL did 40% over the last year .. If the dollar becomes worthless then precious metal are the logical choice, no ? ..

  4. andrew james says:

    Gone a rip Kissinger a new one too.

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