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    Gavin Newsome Admits 12-Year-Old Daughter Isn’t Vaccinated as He Pushes The Shot On All Other Kids

    Mac Slavo
    October 11th, 2021
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    California governor, Gavin Newsome admitted that he has not “vaccinated” his 12-year-old daughter with the COVID-19 shot that isn’t a “vaccine.” This comes as the tyrant pushes these shots on all of those aged 12-17 in California, and as he continues to push hard for a broad vaccine mandate.

    Newsom told the Los Angeles Times on Thursday that his daughter, who turned 12 last month, has not yet received the vaccine because she was scheduled for “a series of other shots. However, on Saturday, the Washington Examiner reported that the governor’s office told the publication that the 12-year-old would receive her Covid-19 vaccine shot in a few days.”

    Even if she does get the shot, does anyone actually believe that this kid will be injected with the same garbage as our kids will be?

    Last Friday, Newsom announced that vaccines will be mandatory for kids between 7th and 12th grade, aged between 12 and 17 years, once the FDA fully approves the jab. So far, Pfizer-BioTech’s Covid-19 vaccine is the only one available for children in the US. The jab received emergency authorization to be used on children 12 through 15 in May, and the FDA’s full approval for the age group is still pending. –RT

    Did The FDA REALLY “Approve” The Experimental Gene Therapy Shot?

    While touting the statewide mandate for school children as a first for the U.S., Newsom said he hopes that the move would ramp up lagging vaccination rates among teens. “From 12 to 17, we’re not where we need to be, and so we hope this encourages folks to get vaccinated,” Newsom said. At least 63.5 % of Californians aged 12-17 have received their first Covid-19 dose.

    They are coming for all of us, even our kids. Regardless of what you believe about this shot, forcing people to get it will only make them more aware of the fact that it is a large part of the ruling class’s overall plans.




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      Author: Mac Slavo
      Date: October 11th, 2021

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      1. clear haze says:

        Someone changed the words
        of “Take this job and shove
        it” and created “Take this jab
        and shove it”
        very catchy tune:

      2. Uh huh says:

        As we all know by now,
        when it comes to these
        elitist scum and their agenda
        It’s rules for thee…

      3. Andrea.Iravani. says:

        SCAMDEMIC! Dark Comedy of Errors Horror Story!

        The Movers, the Shakers, and the Decision Makers are pretty pissed that the goons that they enlisted to perpetrate their heist and treasury raiding in a plot to transfer Mandatory Spending payments of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid over to Discretionary Spending payments for Defense, Government, and Corporations, after yet another economic collapse as a result of high stakes gambling,  systemic corruption, and systemic incompetency, were too mentally incompetent to do it without absolute irrefutable proof of fraud and mass murder through Munchausen Syndrome!

        These feeble minded nincompoops devolve into circus freak show acts as they attempt to maintain legitimacy.

        The movers, the shakers, and the decision makers enlistees in the medical mafia and government organized crime ring that conspired to commit mass murder through the mythological virus covid-19 and lethal weapons injections that they claim are vaccines are outraged when they are asked to be injected with the final solution that their smiling happy faces planned on forcing on the entire population, and have given to hundreds of millions of people, Now their smiling, happy, murdering faces turn to sheer terror and horror as they are expected to receive the final solution themselves! Funny, that they didn’t seem to be that dangerous according to the majority of them when they were injecting millions of others with them! Certainly not dangerous enough to start suing the government in order to protect their patients or state or local residents over it! Now, it is worth suing over for them, but just so that they can keep their jobs and get paid as murderers with Munchausen Syndrome! They are not suing to ban the final solution outright, like they should have done! They are not suing to end the testing that does not and cannot work! RT-PCR tests reverse transcribe RNA into DNA, and all coronaviruses are RNA viruses and do not contain any DNA at all, and since RT-PCR all tests have all been contaminated with N1, N2, and N3, which are sub-types of the prevalent enzyme neuraminidase and is also in strains of flu, specified as H1N1, H1N2, H1N3, and are not primers which they claimed, but contaminants which could result in distilled water yielding positive test results, and since not all types of immunity produce antibodies, making even antibody negative tests questionable. The funny thing is that I figured these things out just by reading what CNN, Sputnik, and Washington Post, and reported on the tests but they failed to realize that those things which they wrote meant that the RT-PCR test design itself is as scientifically incapable of determining any RNA virus or any virus as drawing straws to determine whether someone has a virus would be. It was Dr. Derek Knauss that reported that the CDC did not have the genetic sequence to the virus and Global Research removed the article from their website, which I later found on

        They are not suing to end the masks that cause cavities, and oral and respiratory bacterial infections. They are not suing over the 14th amendment rights violations of the lockdowns, distancing, contact tracing, masking, and medical tyranny of it all, forced injections or no forced injections, because they want it to continue, but not to the point of endangering their source of income. 

        Will the enlistees find the courage to come forward and admit the truth about it, and for the guilty parties to be charged for the mass murder and theft that they conspired over? 

        I have been blowing the whistle on this whole thing since the onset of it, and knew that it was to cover-up for yet another round of financial fraud!

        But, ridding the world of evil, mass murdering, thieves can’t be a bad thing.

        The History of Sadistic, Reckless Behavior by The Medical Mafia 

        Peter McCullough MD claims that the methods for research and reporting being used for the covid lethal bioweapon injections is different than it normally is, and he is dead wrong! It is the norm, regardless of what anyone in the medical mafia attempts to claim. Of course, anyone in the medical mafia has a very good reason to claim that the covid bioweapons are out of the norm. The one difference was the speed with which they were pushed through. Peter McCullough is a complete fraud, because covid-19 is a mythological virus that does not exist, and Peter McCullough claims to be the world’s leading authority on covid-19. Well, I guess that would also make Coast to Coast the world’s leading authority on lizard people.

        The entire medical and scientific community should have been screaming foul when it was reported that the bioweapons had to be stored at minus 94 degrees and minus 70 degrees for the m-RNA shots made by Pfizer BioNTech and Moderna. It should have sounded alarms when it was reported that those shots contain 
        polyethylene glycol which is the active ingredient in anti-freeze.

        The Astra-Zeneca shots use adeno virus vectors. Adeno viruses are DNA viruses and all corona viruses are RNA viruses that do not contain any DNA what so ever. That is not to say that these are harmless. Myocarditis and pericarditis have been reported to have taken place when recipients are injected. The m-RNA shots have had the same problem with inflamation of the lining of the heart and blood clotting. 

        The entire research community, pharmaceutical industry, medical
        community, and universities have been using scientific fraud, data fudging and manipulation, ad hoc conclusions, charlatanism, malfeasance, incompetency, gross negligence, profiteering, and racketeering, and Munchausen Syndrome for their entire history on a mass scale.

        Some recent prominent examples that have led to equally tragic outcomes for individuals that were victims of their malfeasance are the Oxycontin claim that they created non-addictive opioids, and that opioids could be prescribed for chronic pain without resulting in drug addiction. Then they developed Suboxone used to treat those addicts, which was even more addictive than Oxycontin. Methadone was a similar drug that was supposed to be a miracle cure for heroin addiction that was also more addictive than heroin. 

        The myth that psychotropic drugs improve mental well being and that their black box warning side effects are rare, and that it is medically and legally acceptable to force people to take psychotropic drugs through court order on people that have never committed any crime, including ADHD drugs for children has destroyed many lives as well.

        Those are just a few examples of similar behavior by those industries. That behavior is the norm for everyone in those industries. Now, the medical community is outraged that they are expected to be treated the same way that they have all treated their patients.

        In the past, forced sterilizations were performed on people.

        Forced hospitalizations and institutionalizations of law abiding citizens have happened throughout history, and have continued to the present day, and the state has had a history of forcefully removing children from law abiding parents and turning them into wards of the state and that has still continued to the present day. 

        The medical mafia and nazi eugenic university concentration camps have also performed radiation experimients on people without their informed consent during the cold war. Many of their victims were pregnant women and newborns. Ironically and tragically, this occurred after The Nuremberg Trials. The United States never even bothered signing onto the Nuremberg Code which they forced Geramy to sign onto.

        The medical mafia and nazi eugenic university concentration camps have also performed the Bad Blood Experiment, also known as the Tuskegee Experiment, deliberately infecting blacks and whites with syphilis because they hypothesized that syphilis affected blacks physically and whites mentally. 

        The medical mafia and nazi eugenic university concentration camps have also performed the MKULTRA Mind Control Experiments using LSD and sadistic psychological experimentation on people including forced isolation, sensory deprivation, and sleep deprivation.

        The medical mafia and nazi eugenic university concentration camps have also performed other sadistic psychological experimients on animals and people strictly for their love of sadistic experiments on animals and people.

        The medical mafia and nazi eugenic university concentration camps have also performed experiments using mind reading technology and brain implants on people without informed consent, which of course nobody would ever be willing to consent to! 

        If left to their own devices, there is no limit to their monstrosities. Nothing is off the table as far as they are concerned. They should have no limits, no boundaries, and no accountability as far as they are concerned, which is the typical mindset of narcissistic serial criminal psychopaths that should be in prison since they pose grave dangers to the society at large.

        It is not their love for medicine or science that drives them to commit these crimes, it is their love for themselves, and their love for watching people suffer since it is a mob filled with sadistic monsters, and their love for controlling other people that leads them to commit these evil monstrosities. 

        Andrea Iravani

        Instead of hacking my writing, do everyone a favor and hack off your hands and head, but use an axe or a sickle! Try using the ones that probably you stole from my garage! Put them to good use by killing yourself with them! It would be better than your other job of decapitating rabbits heads and throwing them in my yard! Psycho! 

        What is it like to be such a useless, worthless, insignificant waste that hacking my writing and my electronically operated things is even a goal of yours?! 

      4. Andrea.Iravani. says:

        The Crock of Blind Obedience to Authority Figures

        The Charlatans that have all conspired in and profiteered off of the scamdemic claim that they are not responsible for their own actions because they were merely obeying authority figures, which is a complete crock of shit, and they are now being exposed for the charlatans that they always were. When instructed by the same
        authority figures that instructed them to inject hundreds of millions of patients in America with the lethal bioweapon injections, to voluntarily inject themselves with the same lethal concoction, they are suddenly disobeying the same authority figures that instructed them to inject their paients with the bioweapon.

        The same psychopaths that enormously profiteered from the scamdemic and demanded the total destruction of 14th amendment
        rights throughout the entire scamdemic, which I have been writing about the 14th amendment violations from the onset of it, are now crying crocodile tears that their 14th amendment rights have been violated when demanded to inject themselves with what they either remained completely silent about for over a year, despite their bully pulpit positions in nazi eugenic concentration camp universities, 
        government insurgents, and the medical mafia. 

        These are the monsters that have defiled the country, and ingloriously profiteered through all of the tragedies that they have conspired together in through the surveillance occoult. 

        They are not human. They are monsters. They refuse to face the consequences for their own actions. They believe that they are entitled to live consequence free life styles while conspiring to commit fraud on multiple fronts, including Mass Murder through Munchausen Syndrome. 

        Society is not safe while they are on the loose. They are psychopaths. That is the nature of psychopathy. It is a disease with symptoms that grow more pronounced, similar to alcoholism or drug addiction. 

        We must not be enablers of their psychopathy by pretending that they are not mass murderers with Munchausen Syndrome. Do you want mass murderers with Munchausen Syndrome controlling the water supply, prescription drugs, over the counter drugs, and the food supply? If they are not sent to prison, they will be. These are not decisions that should be taken lightly. They have shown over twenty years of history as individuals in this type of behavior in many instances, and over 100 years of similar behavior as institutions. 

        Look at society. It has come to a complete hault, all for the purpose of them engaging in financial fraud again! Since the underlying problem that they are attempting to conceal is guaranteed to worsen throughout time, because… MATH, their crimes are guaranteed to get worse throughout time, because…MATH! The surveillance state is an organized crime ring that exists strictly for the purposes of committing and concealing its own crimes, and it is very expensive to operate and does not produce anything at all! The medical mafia has committed about $800 billion of medical fraud a year prior to the scamdemic. The pharmaceutical industry uses charlatanism as a business model and has left a trail of victims that it usually refuses to acknowlede that it has harmed, and the medical mafia is equally guilty of those atrocities. The nazi eugenic university concentration camps teach lies for exhorbitant fees and extract exhorbitant sums of money through R&D to commit such sadistic,vulgar, and wicked atrocities. The government insurgents have permitted this to occur, usually upon request of their large campaign donors and bundlers and 501c3s.

        That is not to say that I suggest that socialism or communism would be the solution to any of these problems, because what they are doing is completely evil, and socialism or communism would serve to increase the activities that have violated the constitutional rights of the sovereign, We the People. They do not have consciences. Socialism or communism will not result in a sudden state of consciousness. This is taking place in socialist and communist countries also. They would love to convince everyone that they are not to blame for their behavior, which is typical for abusers. They will undoubtedly remain abusers regardless. Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffet are some of the wealthiest individuals that the world has ever known. It is never enough for them. They will never accumulate enough power or wealth to satisfy themselves. There are individuals that are just rotten to the core. They want to convince people that they are merely victms of circumstances beyond their control, but they have destroyed the entire country in a CYA conspiracy, which means that they have harmed more individuals than Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, and Ed Gein combined, and it was all done deliberately in a cold-blooded, pre-meditated conspiracy to save their own asses. They are monsters and deserve to ve treated as such, and so do the others in the medical mafia, nazi eugenic university concentration camps, and the insurgents in the government that have defiled and revolted against the civil authority of The United States Constitution. They have already killed my father, my mother, one of my brothers, my dog, and totally destroyed my health, body, mind, life, and property. If they think that I would be willing to sweep all that I have learned about them in the last few years under the rug, they are completely delusional.

        Andrea Iravani

        Instead of hacking my writing, do everyone a favor and hack off your hands and head, but use an axe or a sickle! Try using the ones that probably you stole from my garage! Put them to good use by killing yourself with them! It would be better than your other job of decapitating rabbits heads and throwing them in my yard! Psycho! 

        What is it like to be such a useless, worthless, insignificant waste that hacking my writing and my electronically operated things is even a goal of yours?! 

      5. Andrea.Iravani. says:

        American Coup d’Etat by the Functionally Illiterate, Talentless, Homicidal, Serial Criminal Psychopaths aka The Surveillance State

        A coup d’etat has been going on for my entire life in America, by the Insurgents that have Violated the Civil Authority which is
        The United States Constitution. The Usurpation of Constitutional Rights and the resulting Tyranny by the Insurgents that have Conspired to Revolt and Commit Hostile Acts of Aggression, Abuse, Murder, Enslavement, and Deprivation of God Given Rights acknowledged in The Constitution of The United States of America Allege that they are the civil authority, when they rightfully belong in federal pennitentiaries for High Crimes, Treason, and Crimes Against Humanity against The Sovereign, We the People, the Citizens of The United States, is impossible to deny, ignore, or live with. All illicit activity is exempt from all NDAs. A Secret Agreement to Violate the Constitutional Rights of any one of The Sovereign, We the People, in a Secret Court is a Secret Conspiracy to Commit Organized Crime, by Insurgents and Belligerents that are Evading Accountability for their High Crimes, Treason, Human Rights Abuses, and nothing more.

        They have conspired to attack sovereign soil on 9/11, imploding the World Trade Towers and orchestrating a faked plane attack on the Pentagon.

        They falsely charged Islamic Middle Eastern men that never even flew planes on the day of 9/11, because those planes were still in use recently according to John Leer, former CIA expert pilot, and perhaps still are. All of the governments, were involved in this attack on sovereign soil, and the corporations in the Towers were complicit accomplices, as well as the media.

        They waged seven False Flag Wars against countries that did not have anything to do with the 9/11 attacks, and conspired with leaders and businesses of Foreign Countries to wage war on seven countries resulting in a Holocaust on Islamic People for the purposes of raping and pilaging of their sovereign resources, and destabilizing their countries economically and politically which has created a National Security Threat to The United States of America, in addition to destablizing our own country economically and politically, in theater of war for over two decades non-stop, spending over $8.5 trillion admittedly, by them on these wars, while an additional $21 trillion has vanished from the Pentagon through “accounting errors.”

        They have repeatedly bailed out Foreign Banks which they wrongfully permitted to become Federal Reserve member banks and charged
        the bail outs to U.S. tax payers, in addition to repeated bail outs of high rolling, gamblers parading as banks that are businesses in the United States, that do not lend money in most cases and have changed their business model to high stakes gambling, which privatize profits for themselves, and socialize the losses and charge the citizens for them.

        They have Conspired to Commit Mass Murder, through Munchausen Syndrome, and Charlatanism, for the purpose of transferring spending from Mandatory Spending of Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare over to Discretionary Spending in the Defense Sector, Private Sector, and Government Sector.

        They have stolen physical and intellectual property from The Sovereign, We the People, for their own Narcissistic glorification, because they are incapable of all intellectual capabilities, and have created a mass surveillance Gestapo State and exhorbitant university elitist meritocracy run by functionally illiterate, talentless, pseudo-intellectual, narcissistic, authoritarian psychopaths that have orchestrated sadistic Nazi Eugenics, charlatanism, scientific fraud, and sadistic medical and psychological experimentation for over a century that dispense blatant lies for enormous fees and charge tax payers for these Gestapo State Nazi Eugenic University Concentration Camps that also steal intellectual property from We the People since they are  members of InfraGard, which includes the seventeen misnomered intelligence agencies, academia, state and local governments, police, various private corporations, and any other insurgent Peeping Tom, thief, murderer, rapist, organ trafficker, human trafficker, illegal enslaver, or any other talentless, functionally illiterate, Insurgent Savage.

        The Surveillance State includes InfraGard, COPs ( Community Organized Policing Services), and the NSA aka National Sherrifs Association.

        Section 4 of the 14th Amendment has Nullified all of their postions. They belong in federal pennitentiaries for High Crimes, Treason, Violation of the Public Trust, and Crimes Against Humanity, 

        It is impossible to live this way.

        I am not community property and I refuse to be your slave or your merchandise while you try to cheat your way through life since you are too incompetent to perform the postitions that you are in! Spies have the mentalities of rapists, forcefully becoming a part of someone’s life, without having earned the privelage of being a part of someone’s life. They are psychopaths.

        Andrea Iravani

      6. Darth Skippy says:

        I don’t resent his daughter, so would consider it a waist.

      7. Anonymous says:

        There must be religious exemptions. Some religions, such as Christian Science (The Church of Christ, Scientist, founded by Mary Baker Eddy), don’t vaccinate.

      8. Anonymous says:

        Nuremberg! Nuremburg! Hang em high!

      9. Bill says:

        This is very typical example of “elitist” hypocrisy, just like mandating all the mask requirements, yet he and his fellow “elitists” not wearing them at their gatherings and parties. Or ordering lockdowns on the population yet they freely travel as they like. The list is endless.
        This is not mere hypocrisy however. It showcases how they really feel about the citizens. First, they practice rights and privileges they deny to citizens. Then, when confronted about their hypocrisy, they display nothing but disdain for the public. And then continue in their hypocrisy while spouting they know more than anyone else and their authority should not be questioned. And if you don’t like it they’ll use the power of the State and have you investigated or even arrested for your impudence.
        Of course the MSM, complicit with the “elitists”, won’t expound on any of this, but join the chorus labeling people as domestic t3rr0r1sts who expose corrupt officialdom. Let me go on record to say the officialdom of this nation are garbage.
        How long are so many of the citizens going to remain passive and asleep? This is a rhetorical question, it’s likely terminal for millions of them. There will be hordes of California parents who rush out to “vaccinate” their kids and then feel so good about being compliant to hypocritical authoritarians. The training the parents received in their education inculcated them to believe blind obedience to the State is the highest virtue of all.

      10. Andrea.Iravani. says:

        Share dilution appears to be in the forecast for share holders because CNN reported that S&P 500 profits are expected to rise 27.6%, while earnings are expected to rise 21.5%. More of the same. It just goes from bad to worse. I do not own stocks. The Stock Market is for chumps.

        Andrea Iravani

      11. Andrea.Iravani. says:

        How long is this bullshit going to continue with the media pretending that covid-19 and its variants are not mytholigical viruses attributed to anything and everything?

        The Goebbells propagandists, medical mafia, government insurgents that have revolted against the civil authority of the United States Constitution, and the nazi eugenic concentration camp university mad scientists have all publicly indicted themselves in a conspiract mass murder through Munchausen’s Syndrome.

        Take responsibility for your actions and face the consequences, like responsible adults are expected to do.

        I am damned sick and tired of this uncivilized lawless banana bureaucracy. Why in the hell would anyone want anything to do with a society as dysfunctional, corrupt, evil, and as dangerous as this?!

        I am so glad that I did not have children that would have to try to live with all of these uncivilized, savage, serial criminal psychopaths on the loose!

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