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Former Federal Prosecutor: “We Are In A Civil War… I Buy Guns”

Tyler Durden
February 26th, 2019
Comments (101)

This report was originally published by ZeroHedge.com

Former federal prosecutor Joe diGenova says civil discourse is over in America, and recommends voting and buying guns because “we are in a civil war.”

Speaking with Laura Ingraham on her podcast, diGenova noted that the “all liberal” media has given a pass to both Virginia Governor Ralph Northam (D) and VA Attorney General Mark Herring for appearing in blackface, while similarly glossing over Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax’s credible sexual assault allegation.

“There’s two standards of justice, one for Democrats one for Republicans. The press is all Democrat, all liberal, all progressive, all left – they hate Republicans, they hate Trump. So the suggestion that there’s ever going to be civil discourse in this country for the foreseeable future in this country is over. It’s not going to be. It’s going to be total war. And as I say to my friends, I do two things – I vote and I buy guns.”

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Author: Tyler Durden
Date: February 26th, 2019
Website: https://www.zerohedge.com

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  1. Panther says:

    I sold all mine to an Amish guy.

  2. Justice says:

    It’s absolutely amazing to hear reasonable rational people speak such things. Unbelievable!

    I believe that we are dealing with communists and if that’s true than history teaches us what to expect.

    • What history teaches us is you have no idea what to expect. Look at the Russian revolution. People expected the Provisional government or larger and less violent Mensheviks party would gain power. Neither did. The Bolsheviks tok over because they had cells organized throughout the country and were not afraid to act quickly. The results were one of the most brutal horrific regimes in history. The newer gentler socialist better realize that, they will not come to power.

    • john stiner says:


      When did communism become bad?

      I was getting ready for Oscio-Perez five year plans!!

  3. Beaumont 2.0 says:

    If I have said it once, I have said it a million times. No matter how you choose to act, that is extrajudicial. Make peace with that.

    “Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.”
    — Phi 4:8

    I attract these people like a lighting rod, someone who has tried to be mindful, when they wanted a dumb gorilla. If fate finds me, God forbid, I will know the difference between a baby and a canker worm. I would generally expect a city to have all the normal fixtures and allow them to do their job.

    • john stiner says:

      If I have said it once, I have said it a million times. No matter how you choose to act, that is extrajudicial. Make peace with that.

      Every government that has ever come to power or been overthrown is because of extrajudicial action.

      Judicial action only maintains the status quo.

  4. Justice says:

    Yah a gun article. I am done buying guns and ammo, but if anyone is in the market for a nug (that’s code), please check out this video. He makes some good points, but his recommendation is not for novice shooters.

    The Best Apocalypse Gun in the World


    • that is so full of inaccuracies it is laughable

    • john stiner says:

      Glocks are shit.

      I really really hate them.

      Glocks are made for people that don’t know how to use a gun.

      Glock removed most of the standard safeties because most people could not figure out a thumb safety, magazine safety, or an out of battery safety.

      They are cheaply made. The tolerances are crap so they have very poor accuracy.

      Plus, it just does not feel right pistol whipping someone with a plastic gun.

      My preferred gun: Browning hi-power.

      • Justice says:

        john stiner, I don’t own a Glock ( I prefer my Berretta 92 Centurion) but I have to admit that they are reasonably prices, reliable, durable and plentiful. Plus I like the 30 round extended magazines! I person can do better, but they could do worse.

        • The Deplorable Renegade says:

          Justice, I’ll stick with my Ruger Security 9mm over any damn glock myself. And for the same reasons JS mentioned. I only had to pay $300 for the gun and two m15-round mags came with it. I’ve added five other mags to since then. The gun is better quality than a damn $600-$800 glock. You won’t find a better deal on a high-capacity handgun anywhere.

      • I’m still a 1911 guy. If I ever move to a “hicap” gun, it will be a 2011.

        That said, Glocks arent “shit”, and the shooter makes much more impact on accuracy than the gun. Theres a local guy who’s won most of the world championships with glocks. beat the hell out of everyone with a factory 19 when he first started shooting

      • Anonymous says:

        “Glocks are shit”

        Just goes to show that john stiner doesn’t know jack shit, hates Glocks because he can’t shoot worth a shit.

        It’s all personal preference. Don’t knock what you can’t be good at.

      • Hemi45 says:

        9mm Glocks, like 5.56 AR’s make a ton of sense on many levels. Not the least of which is the sheer number of American households they’re already in. I love my 1911’s and wheelguns but I also have a G19 because its simple, reliable and every-damn-where in this country.

      • Son of patriot says:

        Walther just came out with it’s PPQ Match Grade steelframe pistol. I love a Walther, Ruger, Remington, man there are so many good guns out there, it’s like “The Golden Age of Guns”.

        More and more models are coming out in Flat Dark Earth, love that color.

        Polymer is actually a good shtf material, steel rusts, and in shtf scenarios you may not always have time or resources to properly oil the gun, and they can rust up virtually overnight. People will be glad to have polymer under certain scenarios.

    • “anyone is in the market for a nug (that’s code)”

      henry blake, mash: “we need a W-W-0-4 Nug!”

  5. Angry Beaver says:

    Lol I just love these type articles.
    No one is coming for your guns if no one knows you have them.
    If they do come for them it’s because someone opened thier yap.
    Owning a firearm is considered a privilege not a right.i do have the right to powder ball and cap/Flynt but not the firearm itself. And I’m not even sure that’s on the books still.
    I really don’t give a shit what law they make.
    Of course officer I have an old .22 cooey with a missing bolt. If course I have handguns officer see here are my replica pellet pistols accurate in every detail
    Oh those rifles ya thier airsoft replicas.
    No officer I don’t have any storage rental units.
    You guys picking any of this up lol ???
    Ways around everything my friends.
    When you live on the edge of civilization you have to walk a bit if a line at times.

    • rellik says:

      The first gun I bought with my allowance was a Cooey 22.
      Worn out Canuk military training rifle.
      I still have it. It still works.
      You HAVE to wear eye protection because of loose head space,
      but it never misses.

      • rellik says:

        PS really nice walnut stock!

        • Angry Beaver says:

          Got mine for my 6th birthday with a box of imperial shorts. Ol’man made sure I knew how to use it. Still a lazer straight gun
          I’ve hit gophers at 75-80 yards open sites .taught my son’s and daughter to shoot with it. And yes a beautiful walnut stock.
          From what I understand they are very collectable now.

        • Genius says:

          Ya the old woodstock. Freaking plastic everywhere now, Old beautiful wood stock rifles make me drool lol 😛

          • Genius says:

            I love George Harrison, he is probably the most sincere of the Beatles! Play it Buddy!


            • Genius says:

              When I was young growing up in Idaho we used to go to the midnight movie… the song remains the same. Jimmy Page influenced me so much that I had to learn guitar! What a master he was too! Blackmore was a good 2md place and maybe Iommi a 3rd. Good times back then, how I miss them! I would yake many mile hikes with a walkman type unit armed with Zep and John Denver and a few shrooms. The best of the best times…..


              • Genius says:

                Imagine a forest of beautiful orange/yellow aspen leaves unfolding in a perfect midsun afternoon in the middle of nowhere… just you and it…..


                • Genius says:

                  Think about the vast beauty of the oceans! Dolphins and whales! Life galore until “fukashima”. The dolphins are my earth friends and I love them! You peeps in hawaii know what I mean! My spirit brother in water is the dolphin, My brother on land is my dog. The spiritual connection between us all is unbreakable. It is made for us by the creator. And it’s name aint jesus…


                • Genius says:

                  Very simple… Just you and the earth. No commandments, no laws, no judgement, no hell or heaven, just reality and your connection to the universe. No man telling you what to do, you just become one with it. It is your personal connection without restraint, it has no words to describe it, it is perfection!


                • Genius says:

                  I grew up all my life in the mountains. I cannot live anywhere there aren’t mountains. Mountains call me… they love me and I love them. I could live all the rest of my days in the mountains with nothing. I moved to a big city for money and was soon sick of it. I know where I belong and I have my place there. Flatlanders can have their whatever but I would go insane without mountains. Just my connection and destiny I suppose. Made for me by the creator. Not some man made crap but the real deal! I love where I am right now and no doom will destroy it. I make no apologies for how I live or what I believe! I know it’s right. I live the golden rule…. the law of the universe…. Harm no one and let no one harm you. Pretty simple huh? Too bad everyone else needs govt to set them straight or religion. Same thing really. Oh well Imma go listen to some great old tunes then bed….Take care and prepare lol…

                • Genius says:

                  Going down.. going down now going down
                  going down now ooohhhh going down going down going down now…

                • Genius says:

                  Sitting on a park bench…

            • Genius says:

              …And the meek shall inherit the earth…
              …Oh he stares at gidgeons bible… open at page one…

              • Genius says:

                woops I meant to continue… What songs do these lines come from?

                Old man take a look at my life…
                I hear you knockin at my cellar door I love you baby can I have some more

                Spring is coming all around, time I was on my way ay.

                You don’t want no money you don’t want no bread..

                The golden light above you shows me where your from. Oh my love it’s a long way.

                Does anyone know where the love of god goes when the waves turn the minutes to hours…

                There will be a test lol.

              • Angry Beaver says:

                You would love Canada dude.
                Crown land baby is where it’s at 1000s square miles of old grow untouched or seen wilderness where the animals look at you funny cuz they’ve never seen a human.
                If you have Google maps or Google Earth.
                Look at the area between the town of Whitecourt Barrhead Swan hills and Fox Creek Alberta this is all crown land.
                That’s where we play reindeer games.
                Pay particular attention to the lack of roads houses farms ect. Just oilfield roads that twist into knots but lead everywhere.

              • Fritz says:

                Too easy … “When the Levee Breaks”, “Aqualung”, “2112” (took me a second), “Locomotive Breath”. Good taste.

            • Fritz says:

              Great song, coincidentally, just sent this to a friend yesterday. Roy Orbison, George Harrison and Tom Petty all gone now to a better place.

          • The Deplorable Renegade says:

            Genius, my Ruger 10/22 and Universal M1 Carbine still have the original wood stocks and yes, the stocks are still nice because I take good care of them. Only 2 weapons I have with wood stocks.

    • joe tentpeg says:

      “Owning a firearm is considered a privilege not a right.i do have the right to powder ball and cap/Flynt but not the firearm itself. And I’m not even sure that’s on the books still.”

      ‘Cept for that 2nd Amendment thingy about firearms.

      It’s a ‘right’…and yep, still ‘on the books.’

    • john stiner says:

      No one is coming for your guns if no one knows you have them.

      All it takes is one pissed off neighbor or a jilted ex-girlfriend to make a false accusation……..

  6. buttcrackofdoom says:

    here’s my gun list again for those that dint pay attention…..but MIGHT be payin’ attention NOW. butt.

    well, it’s time for me to make another list of STUFF
    rifle and ammo
    870 wingmaster 12 guage with ammo
    22LR semi-auto rifle with ammo
    9mm pistol with 2000 rounds of ammo
    otis cleaning kit for all calibers
    gun oil(i use 5w40 synthetic motor oil)
    GOOD flashlight
    rod for clearing jams
    extra magazines for all weapons
    holster for pistol
    gun cleaning solvent
    gun disassembly mat
    manual for guns owned
    parts kit
    cleaning/shop rags
    plate carrier
    armorers wrench
    magazine reloading devices
    eye protection

    • Genius says:

      BCOD my dear friend, one should also have SERIOUS firepower. A .22 and a 9 are minimum. Add a good minimum 4 inch barrel .357 mag and a high cap .40 and a good 1911 and that is just the handgun part. Get a 30.06 and a .300 winmag for long range stuff. Use hollow point match ammo (loaded to your rifles spec handloads) I can recommend some if you want. I have a .380 for super conceal and that I hate because its kind of a whoosie but comfortable. When I draw my .40 you are going to die! There will be no arguement or hospital… you WILL be dead! Don’t fuck around, you need to shoot as little as possible!

      • rellik says:

        For rifle I choose .308, 7.62X39 and 7mm.
        .40 pistol no-go as it is not a caliber
        the Military uses, the rest are good.
        I for the most part only own guns that are
        military. If SHTF we will have to steal
        ammo from them!

        • Genius says:

          relik I hear ya, The .40 was a trial caliber but I think they decided on 9mm. IDK why but if I had a choice the .40 would be mine. But then if your in a position to steal ammo you are also in the position to steal the guns that use it right? Tit for tat, just use what you like and works for you. All guns work as long as you make them do it. A pellet gun will kill you!

          • Genius says:

            Think about the vast beauty of the oceans! Dolphins and whales! Life galore until “fukashima”. The dolphins are my earth friends and I love them! You peeps in hawaii know what I mean! My spirit brother in water is the dolphin, My brother on land is my dog. The spiritual connection between us all is unbreakable. It is made for us by the creator. And it’s name aint jesus…


          • reper sleepr says:

            All I have is a rock…..

          • Son of patriot says:

            My guess is that in a protracted shtf the military will imbed GPS in the polymer of their guns. It’s already being discussed, fyi. You can count on it. Its a trick to ‘leave’ a few guns for rebels/Patriots to find, imbedded with GPS, to lead them straight to rebel positions and redoubts.

            Ammo, though, can be shared: 556, 308, 9mm. Our ammo requirements should reflect Nato’s. Forget the weird stuff or eastern block calibers.

        • SmallerGovNow says:

          Lot’s of LEO’s including agents at DHS us .40 so it is widely available too…

          • yeah but they have been dropping them like hot rocks in favor of 9 or 45 since the FBI “tests” that promoted 40 so widely were debunked. Check aim $urplus, they get leo leftovers daily.

            on the upside, get the 40 and a 9mm conversion barrel…. done.

      • buttcrackofdoom says:

        genius, focken genius…….RIFLE was the FIRST thing on the list. i just hope all you guys realize when yer shootin’ that 5000 rounds of ammo you got…….somebody’s shootin’ BACK your way. hope you got yer bulletproof vests(not a fukin’ plate carrier!). here’s how i try to make people understand…..you put on your platecarrier, and i put on my vest with plates…..go out a hundred yards, turn around, and on 3 the shootin’ starts……who’s got the better chance of survivin’? vests are very cheap right now, because everyone wants to stay “light and nimble”…PFFT!, i say to that. this is the snivel-war we are talkin’ about here, and ANY wound will likely be fatal. better have some REAL protection on you. thank you genius, for all your contributions to shtfplan! you are a treasure, along with a bunch of others.

    • rellik says:

      You must be a city type.

    • john stiner says:

      buttcrackofdoom says: here’s my gun list again for those that dint pay attention…..but MIGHT be payin’ attention NOW. butt.

      Do you work for the Coast Guard???????

  7. “I do two things”

    Me, too.

    One of them is having babies.
    The second thing is raising them.

    And there aren’t enough minutes in the day to waste.

    Sounds like this dipshit is a shit disturber. That’s a technically term synonymous with “trouble

    Kevin2, you’re good with descriptive adjectives; and Genius, you know how to deal with them there shit disturbers.


  8. Angry Beaver says:

    Seeing as we’re talking about preferred guns to run with.
    Lol I’ve said this before and I got booed for it.
    My guns of choice would still be
    30/30 mod 94. Ya ya ya 😜
    .22/410 over/under
    .45 auto.(olmans service piece)WW2
    Hand forged tomahawk
    Bowie knife 14″
    Boot knife 4″
    Belt knife
    Possibly my old .303 Brit
    The mod 94 holds 8 rounds.
    Light recoil.
    Dence bush
    I’m very proficient with it.
    Exact same ballistics as 762×39
    Big slow bullet.
    .22/.410 mod 24 cirrca 1933
    Was the olmans trapline gun
    Breaks down in 3 pieces no pins
    Easy to clean
    Runs any .22 cal round even birdshot
    Carry slugs to birdshot.
    Accurate to 100 yards
    Need I explain.
    A truely unique north american weapon.
    Just absolutely devastating in the right hands. (I’ve seen it)
    I have the right hands I was taught hand to hand by native hunters and scouts I continue to to train and practice with mine.
    Very lite
    use for climbing
    I can get three a 6″ pine or birch in about 10 minutes.
    I can easily carve out new handles if needed.
    Knives well that explains itself.
    All the equipment I use today I’ve used since I was a little kid.
    And still use today.

    • Justice says:

      Angry Beaver, watch out bringing that Bowie knife to the terrible state of Maryland because they are illegal.

      People should carefully research knife laws in each state. They often differ on what’s legal or not with respect to fixed blades and folders.

      Personally, I am partial to Ka-Bar Knives. They are heavy but solid.

      • Angry Beaver says:

        No such laws here that I’m aware of ; I’ve never heard of anyone getting in trouble for having one. I know lots of guys around here carry a Bowie 10″ or better in thier pickup. Brass knuckles apperantly are extreamly illegal here in Canada lol
        I picked up a brass plate 3/4 thick and cut out 2 sets. Found afterwards it’s a big no no lol. And yet in some states perfectly fine ????
        One thing I forgot to add to my list above
        Good ol set of dusters. And really who’s gonna expect that comin crack take a fellers head clean off lol

        • Angry Beaver says:

          Getting back to the tomahawk.
          I would strongly recommend looking into one. They are extremely versatile if you make your own design or even if you buy one off the shelf.
          I forged mine out of an old axe head 25 years ago.
          You get good enough with it you can split a skull 20 yards out. Just takes practice.
          I would recommend if you have the means make one or have one made.
          Use good steel or quality axe head.
          And make sure you shape the socket like a pickaxe cone shape. This will ensure if you break a handle stuff any old tree branch in there till you can make a new one.
          I’d also recommend a fireaxe type profile only much smaller.

      • repr sleepr says:

        Justice, lived here all my life and never knew that. I was fortunate to receive a Randall ‘No.1 fighter’ upon high school graduation from my uncle. It took a year for him to get it from when he ordered it due to their backlog.

      • The Deplorable Renegade says:

        Justice, I have a couple of Ka-Bar’s and one Bowie. I collect a few knives myself and I’ll own whatever I choose regardless of any ‘knife law’.

    • john stiner says:

      Possibly my old .303 Brit

      Amen….. continue

      • Angry Beaver says:

        .303 Brit
        The reason I’d might grab that is
        400 yard gun
        Tested battle rifle
        10 rnd box mag
        One of the smoothest bolt designs
        A Tommy was trained to do the mad minute
        Fire 10 aimed rounds many could surpass that.
        And it’s lighter them my 30-06 Enfield
        Same power as 30-06
        And if you have guns in Canada you have at least 2 303 Brits in your closet
        And yes I’m Canadian I have no second amendment. That’s why I said it’s a privilege here.

    • Karl V. says:

      AB ~ If I might make a suggestion: I would add the Cold Steel TiLite 6 — it’s a very sturdy folder that provides a formidable tool for self-protection. Not built for cutting or slashing — it’s basically a thick, rugged 6″ spike designed for impaling, and plenty long enough to reach vital organs. (13″ OAL)

      I advise two mods: the scales are terrible; not at all “grippy”. I strongly recommend replacing them.
      The vestigial “guards” are worse than useless; they provide no real protection, and can rip open your hand. On my knife, they have been ground off.

  9. Justice says:

    I believe in the rule of 3’s with respect to nugs.

    3 Handnugs (One carry pistol, One Home Defense nug and One Weapon of War or The One Gun). The “one nug to rule them all” should be suppressor ready and capable of mounting an optic. The FN FNX Tactical 45 cal.

    3 Shotnugs

    3 Rifles (I used to be prejudices against AR 15 type weapons but old age has made me see the value of such a nug. Plus you never know when you might get attacked by a poodle)

    • Genius says:

      Damn right! Great poodle gun!

    • john stiner says:

      I used to be prejudices against AR 15 type weapons but old age has made me see the value of such a nug.

      I too long resisted the AR-15. I was an M-1 carbine fan. But I had to get with the times and add to my collection.

      • The Deplorable Renegade says:

        JS, I’m still an M1 Carbine man myself and have 30-round mags for mine plus plenty of ammo. I’m only after one more gun now and that’s going to be either a .308 or 7.62×51 NATO. Need more of a ‘long distance’ round.

        • The Deplorable Renegade says:

          The House just passed the background check bill. Now let’s see what the Senate does with it.

        • Menzoberranzan says:

          I’m a fan of the old mosin nagant. I can mist someone’s head from way off with one that’s properly sighted.people bad-mouth those rifles but they are truly military grade. Most people do not have military grade weapons. My others that might have been no nos were destroyed in the flood.

  10. The Preacher says:

    Psycho-Thug USSA has just about stretched EVERYONE’s patience – INCLUDING The Almighty’s – to the LIMIT.

    I really don’t see how that ‘Kosha Nostra’ Criminal Enterprise can possibly survive much longer.

  11. ANGRY FROG says:

    Cross Bow, sling shot, and knife anyone ?

  12. Kevin2 says:

    The US is far far away from any civil war but closer to states debating secession. This is the “canary in the coal mine”, a sentinel of discontent. We’re likely too large and diverse a nation (interestingly increasing that diversity through import and intentional fragmentation of the indigenous) to have “one size fits all”. The 10th Amendment intended to address this as one could within the same nation allow the citizenry to “vote with their feet” to avoid undesirable laws. Its de-facto demise as can be seen in various Federal laws and gross misapplication of the Interstate Commerce Act to legalize same upon states. The left needs masses of people, largely ignorant, the right Constitutional structure.

    The political battle never ends.

    • john stiner says:

      States are not debating secession. The have already seceded. They are not obeying Federal law, acting in open defiance of Federal law and the FEDS are doing nothing about it.

      Just look to Commiefornia. Illegal to cooperate with ICE and Border Patrol. Openly flaunts marijuana and drug laws contrary to US Code. Banned 2nd amendment protections.

      They have already seceded, but nobody is doing anything about it.

      • Kevin2 says:

        John stiner

        “They are not obeying Federal law, acting in open defiance of Federal law and the FEDS are doing nothing about it.”

        That has a two way street potential when some “assault rifle” confiscation scheme comes (after registration was complied with). I can see local / state LEOs refusing to assist the Federal Government for otherwise non criminal possession.

  13. Jakartaman says:

    Home depot has had a run on 8′ PVC and end caps???

  14. Voting is worthless. Demturds hacked it. We all watched it happen,let it happen. And accepted the results as real. That’s why we have Idiot omar, Cholera Cortez,and the leftover clinton crap in the gov mafia.

  15. Sgt. Dale says:

    I said this back a couple post ago.

    The way I look at it is I’m not 40 anymore and it takes me just a little longer to get from point A to point B. So if I’m shooting and scooting and want more distance between me and the bad guy. So I set up a plan after a long period of thought. Here is my idea take for what its worth.

    600+ yards My 700 Rem 300 Win Mag Observer with 300 Win Mag Noreen semi auto.
    Next Up to 300 to 600 yards 308 Win bolt action with observer with a AR 10 308. or M!A match with a M1A scout used by the observer.
    Next up from 100 to 300 yards 223 Bolt action (using an AR Mag) with the observer with an Ar15.
    This is not to say that I would use them all from 50 yards out to 1000 yards. Or at least try to.

    Up close AR in 223 and 6.8MM AK47 In even closer Nothing better that a 12GA. Our first line of shotguns are Saiga’s. and 870’s./500 Mossies.

    Handguns Most of the group have 9mm and 45’s, but we still have the good old 44Mag, 357 Mag, 45 L.C. to make big holes when needed.

    Also look into AR pistols. I use one at work at the PD, great for close quarters up close and personal. One 223/5.56 and one in 6.8MM. with a little practice these are great to carry with you any tine and any place for that extra fire power if you need it.

    Everybody has ideas There are no right and no wrong ones it is what you want and if it doesn’t work hope you will get a chance to fix it the next time you need it.

    We haven’t even covered hunting rifles and handguns. Maybe someday. But you can use them to great effect if needed.



  16. Sgt. Dale says:


  17. I lost all mine in a terrible boating accident! It’s all my fault because I can’t swim.the result was….I lost my guns and then I drowned!

  18. Warchild Dammit1 says:

    Hmmmm…..,buy guns and vote.Almost seems as if the guy is saying guns might be your final tool to vote with,hmmmmmm……

    If that be the case,look up the tm31-210,and,well…..,rock the vote!