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Florida Governor Keeps Beaches Open Bringing Back Freedom of Choice During a Pandemic

Mac Slavo
March 19th, 2020
Comments (23)

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There is no excuse for mandates and tyranny, even during a pandemic. People in Florida are still able to go to the beach even with the coronavirus still spreading.

Freedom of choice is important.  Most people have chosen to self-quarantine as a means to slow the spread of the coronavirus and prevent from getting infected.  While the mainstream media is berating Governor Ron DeSantis for not closing the beaches, we applaud him for not adding to the already increasing totalitarianism being forced on us in the wake of this pandemic.


The governor said that local governments can make their own decisions but that his order would follow the latest guidance issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. He did, however, sign an order preventing the gathering of groups of more than ten people.  “What we’re going to be doing for the statewide floor for beaches, we’re going to be applying the CDC guidance of no group on a beach more than 10 and you have to have distance apart if you’re going to be out there,” DeSantis said, according to NBC News.  “So that applies statewide.”

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There is only so far freedom-loving and liberty-minded people will be pushed, even in the event of a pandemic. This whole outbreak is likely being used as an excuse to remove what few freedoms we have left and centralize power in the hands of establishment elitists so we can all be permanently enslaved.  How much we allow, is really up to us.

Just like there’s nothing the government can do to stop the spread of the coronavirus, we must take responsibility and practice social distancing.  We should be doing this willingly to protect those who may end up getting severely ill or dying as a result of us spreading it to them. But personal responsibility is not popular in the United States right now.  People whine to be told what to do.

The city of Clearwater said Tuesday that it was shutting down Pier 60 and its spring break camps “out of an abundance of caution” but that its shores remain open to the public.

St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman on Tuesday reiterated details from DeSantis’ order on Twitter, but he did not mention plans to close the beach.


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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: March 19th, 2020
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. Jennifer from Florida says:

    Mac I don’t always agree with you but I really like this site. I like many of your posts and those that I don’t necessarily agree with I don’t have a strong reaction. But this is about the dumbest most irresponsible post I’ve seen on this website. I live in Florida. Florida’s inaction and selfishness in trying to capitalize on spring break by keeping open beaches, bars, and restaurants is irresponsible. In two weeks when all of these spring breakers go back to their hometowns after enjoying their vacation the virus numbers are going to increase and this social and economic nightmare is going to drag out. You don’t think that every other American wanted to keep vacation plans that were cancelled? We are all having to sacrifice TOGETHER. And if ALL Americans were willing to sacrifice and be responsible we may have been able to avoid tyranny and martial law and the loss of freedoms we take for granted. But as those pics show and Florida leaders have proven, many Americans cannot police themselves, are unwilling to sacrifice and forego vacations and comforts and so we will all suffer the consequences.

    • cf249sp says:

      Jennifer – I agree with you completely! Mac,,, You continue to talk out of both sides of your mouth and its getting really old.

      • TharSheBlows says:

        CV19 is total BS. 1300 people die in america every day from cigarette smoking. Is the Government forcing convenience stores to close because they are selling cigarettes?? LMFAO!! Keep this nonsense in perspective. In my FL County there is just 1 case of CV19 in the entire County, and that 60 YO lady just got back from vacation. Go live your lives folks, total BS paranoia, purposely crashing the economy, this is a BETA test for real Martial Law and Guaranteed Income socialism scheme. Our Government let this happen to give them political cover because the economy and stock market was way over bought, and crashing any way. This CV19 gives the Politicians cover to print more money to try and cover their track of mismanagement and their exploding massive dept. Just print more. And dopey Americans will go along with the plan because they will get $1200 checks which is more looting of the Treasury and Theft. The real Joke is hearing Trump call it the China-Virus. When most likely the CIA and Mossad planted the virus in China to crash the China Economy. And the entire scam back fired and came to America. This may also be a Brilliant Trump Plan to massively bring back jobs to America From China. Which I think this is the reason for the CV19. its a Man made Biol Weapon and part of the China trade War. No different then the Small Pox on blankets given to the Native Americans back in the 1600’s to eradicate them to then steal their lands. Its to create chaos upon thy enemy. Stay safe, I’ve been here at least 10 years giving my 2 cents on this site. All the SHTFPlan Training over the last 10 years is working great. OFF Grid homestead and a great place to hibernate in this sham false flag. Working on a chicken run enclosure.

        First there was Communism and they declared war on Communism, then there was Terrorism and they declared war on Terrorism. And now the more invisible threat, a bio-weapon virus. I thought it may be their fake space aliens scam to scare people, but this Virus beat the aliens, in this round. Watch for the fake False Flag alien attacks. Just remember the Government will save us. lol

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree Jennifer. Yesterday I had to go out (with mask, gloves and sanitizer) and while standing at least 6 feet apart, I spoke with a group of millennials. They said that they weren’t at all worried, that they were young and healthy, and that this whole crisis was “over blown and no big deal.”
      I spoke with them about stats coming from the EU that young people were definitely being impacted by this disease and kids as young as 16 were on ventilators.
      The girl said, “I don’t care about your statistics, I got things to do.”
      Until millennials have a dog in this fight, and realize that they too will get sick and perhaps die, I doubt that many of them will change their selfish and self centered behaviors.

    • Darth Skippy says:

      I refuse collective punishment.

    • Phoenix says:

      Spot on!

      Here in Canada, we don’t have nearly as many confirmed cases and deaths, but our country has already shut down. BC ordered all schools closed “indefinitely” and called retired doctors back to work on standby. In NS, our schools and daycares closed last week; all bars, cinemas, gyms, salons – all unnecessary services – have been closed down; restaurants are take-out only; old folks’ homes are closed to the public (no visitations allowed until further notice); and we only have 7 cases (so far)! Businesses country-wide were voluntarily shutting their doors and people have been voluntarily staying home long before our local governments gave the orders to do so.

      It’s a shame to read of so many people elsewhere who are being totally disrespectful and shirking their responsibility to help stop this thing.

      • cranerigger says:

        Phoenix, here in the USA many of the citizens have strongly held beliefs in individual freedoms. Flawed statistical analysis & jumping-to-confusions are not excuses for trampling on our Bill of Rights. Our Founding Fathers constructed our Constitution to LIMIT the powers of govt. We did not develop as a nation embracing royalty. PERSPECTIVE & ANALYTICAL THINKING go a long way toward understanding your neighbors.

  2. Andrea.Iravani. says:

    Oh. So DeSantis shut down every business and government entity that employs more than ten people?

    Ass holes will never fail to provide the assinine solution of bullshit. It is the only thing that they are capable of.

    I seriously hope that I die today of the CoVID19, which I have not yet contracted. American society is an inescapable prison. The only way out is death. It is the only way to be free from the psychopaths. Society is a more life threatenning disease than the virus! Call me anti-social. I am unwilling to socialize with psychopaths, fascists, lunatics, and illiogical idiots. Unfortunately, there is an over abundance of all of those in this country, and I am unwilling to take the risk on people any longer.

    • Old Sailor says:

      Well said Andrea. It’s just amazing how a little fear mongering by the media (no doubt fed to them by the gov’t) can so easily get those who claim to love freedom give up their freedom and become slaves to the government. It also amazes me how these docile small business owners are so easily willing to allow the government to shut them down and force them into bankruptcy. Where are the lawsuits challenging the Constitutionality of these martial law orders from Mayors and County commissioners? This country is lost (as planned) because no one has the cajones to stand up and fight for their rights. They just whimper, curl up in the fetal position and become slaves to big government while their livelihoods are flushed down the toilet.

      • Andrea.Iravani. says:

        Old Sailor,
        Thank you. Yes! You are correct about small businesses shutting their doors, but maybe they are worried about lawsuits by employees, customers, or suppliers. Small business owners are quite vulnerable to the psychopaths. They are frequently singled out because they are a threat to Wall Street and Wall Street corporations, who are envious of the level of independence that a small business owner has compared to a Wall Street dinosaur on life support that went bankrupt long, if it was ever solvent in the first place, ago and without a viable business model, because no business owner would take a proffitable corporation public. There is no incentive at all to do that, which is why it is stupid to invest in the stock market.

  3. Herb says:

    These young snowflake “”freedom-loving and liberty-minded people”” have never had to sacrifice, they never had to earn anything because the awards were given to these assholic-brats for just showing up.

    Freedom of choice is important when it comes to …….. murdering the unborn [really big for the liberal chicks and the christian/jeuish church that supports the socialists.

    They demand to fuckthemselves to death like its the end of the world, they claim it is their right.

    • Darth Skippy says:

      Freedom is not something I have to earn, after some arbitrary pricepoint or term of service.

    • Andrea.Iravani. says:

      Maybe after the super creepy and perverted surveillance state has successfully been depopulated from America, the “freedom loving chicks” will start giving birth again. So, if you really do actually give a damn about the unborn, start attacking the people that are violating the rights and property of those who have been born.

      The thing is that if you only care about the unborn and not what happens to people after they have been born, people will think that you are either pro-slavery, a pedophile, or full of shit!

  4. Herb says:

    Quote of the day

    They demand to fuckthemselves to death like its the end of the world, they claim it is their right.

  5. AnnonII says:

    Mac, I agree with the Fl Gov. America is still the land of the free! Now in saying that, there are consequences for actions and those consequences should be met out by family, employers, schools, etc., not the Govt (unless you break the law – require prison). If one of my children went against my better judgement and request to skip spring break, then tough love would be put in place when they returned. They wouldn’t be able to stay in my house until after a 30 day quarantine. They could stay in the family tent out back but not in the house, no co-mingling with family, etc. I would expect employers to do the same.

  6. BTO1948 says:

    Good to see those kids getting their vitamin D3. Lots of sunshine. I bet that ocean salt water is killing every virus on their bodies. I read that heat and sun light kills that evil virus. Good job gov. Let’s all go to the shore and have a fun time!!!

  7. Goat Herder says:

    Trump found the way to out spend Obama, outspend Butch, outspend Clinton the Creep,

    the economy and your 401k’s are saved!!!

    so the 2% GDP growth can continue as all these trillions go through wall street.

    New stock market highs a few weeks after the Covert virus dissipates come Ramadan.

    If Trump didn’t have all these new trillions to add to the economy Wall Street would of went into recession this fall.

    New highs by Oct 15th, watch and see.

  8. Goat Herder II says:

    BUY BUY BUY all stocks during April 3rd morning, they will never ever be on sale like this ever again.

  9. Mike says:

    404 Error means you are being censored
    451 Error you are being censored

    False Flag- – Media/Politician Induced Panic.
    You are being Lied to/Played.
    You are in a PsyOp.

    Got to YouTube:
    * Dana Ashlie
    * Deborah Tavares also StopTheCrime.Net
    * Rosa Koire UN Agenda 2030 Exposed

  10. Phoenix says:

    I just read an article on CBC about a guy in Toronto who’s recovering from the virus… Which he picked up partying in Florida over spring break! The virus definitely made its rounds there, and with the jam-packed nightclubs and beach parties, I would expect to see cases skyrocket!

  11. Phoenix says:

    This guy:

    The article doesn’t say whether his non-symptomatic friend got tested or not – I’m assuming not.


  12. Good article Mac
    No to tyranny no matter what