The Next Recession Will Be The Last!

The Deep State Is Preparing Their CHECKMATE Move
You Must Be Ready To Go On The Attack!

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  1. It’s criminal.

    Read books by Eustace Mullins. This criminal conspiracy to own and control every aspect of our lives is the result of a 5,000 years plan to become rulers of the world. It just goes to show what you can accomplish with a solid plan, persistence, patience and teamwork.


  2. Heartless says:

    Someone, please… deport Zuckerberg. He’s about as antithetical to being what it means to be an American as is possible. He loves the socialism/communism way of life so much, how about sending him to China or Venezuela or some other suitable environment. Maybe South Africa, that’d be just fine for his viewpoints to be accepted by all his ‘dindu’ buddies.

  3. Sgt. Dale says:

    Don’t care I have nothing to hide.
    I’m a RED White and Blue PATRIOT!!!

    • Wise Guy says:

      I lurk a lot on this site and think you generally are a voice of reason. The “nothing to hide” statement was unexpected from you.
      If you don’t have anything to hide, then could you post your e-mail logins and passwords, your paystubs and your bank statements for the past few months, your address, and the make and model of car you drive? Oh, and can you make sure all of your window drapes are open and leave the bathroom door open when you go inside, too?
      Asking for a friend …

      Those who give up a little privacy for security shall lose both and deserve neither.

  4. SGT Dale…that better be sarcasm/parody. It is bullshit like that which results in our loss of privacy. Submitting to the “if you haven’t done anything wrong you should have nothing to hide” coercion is how privacy disappears.

    • Woogie says:

      FB is a social network for social people, it is meant for others to gather your information once you post personal information. It was never “private” to share your secrets or private information on it.

      I left FB when it recorded every search I made and posted to those I searched for I wanted to friend them. Yeah, I thought they would be discreet, but they are not, never was. You are right. What part of “social network” means private? LOL!

  5. Beaumont says:

    right click -> view page source -> searchword function -> name of spammers

    Firstly, very little of the coding has to do with the intended reading material. I would like that you sink in, for emphasis. What is the real, intended purpose, if the not the subject matter.

    It’s ad revenue.

    The rest of the website is superfluous.

    Most websites talk to third parties, and quit working, when you turn that off:
    domain blocker
    turn off cookies or tracking cookies
    java script

    I’ll take a sabbatical, on the holidays.

  6. aljamo says:

    Facebook… the show your ass website. People love themselves so much they plaster their pictures for all to see. Talk about being in love with yourself. You’d think the novelty would have worn off by now. What happened to the net neutrality vote anyway, did they skip that part?

    • laura ann says:

      These FB members have low self esteem, so they turn into narcissistic fools, boring people to tears trying to show their online photos. I avoid them after learning all they want u to do is look at their selfies and family photos off FB from their cell phone. Having no real life, interests or friends, they bore people to death. Many are older women with no spouse and live alone. Parents are so addicted, their kids have zero supervision and do as they please. Teens and young adults addicted so they stay up most the night and waste their lives on social media. This country will be trashed soon as people are out of touch with reality.

  7. Frank Thoughts says:

    The FBI should raid Facebook and seize its servers. I warned about these issues in the past: the millennial and nano dip-shits who work for these companies do not realise they have been punked by a deep-state surveillance operation. Executed in a hands-off manner, it means all the dirty tasks these tech nerds were told to do – cover up corruption at international organizations, child sex networks, boost Hillary and Obama, two war criminals and financial criminals – will mean they are ALL open to lawsuits and legal blowback.

    Zuckerberg and Sandberg are already distancing themselves from the company to avoid legal prosecution and leave the nerds holding the bag, while they both scuttle back to Israel and start up another company a year or two from now.

    • Mountain Trekker says:

      Frank you speak of the Deep State, and you start your comment by saying the FBI should raid Facebook. I’m confused, who is the Deep State? Trekker Out

      • Frank Thoughts says:

        The FBI is not the deep state. They have snakey elements in there but they are a public institution bound by law. The deep state is the web of contractors, tech companies, intelligence agencies, elite agenda setters, Defense and aerospace companies. Those dudes pull the strings.

  8. Jim in Va. says:

    Good reason to ignore the social sites.

  9. Archivist says:

    I clicked on the link in the story, and it seems that FB is not sharing my data with any apps at all, just as I thought. I don’t click on any of that crap in FB.

    I use FB just enough to look normal and stay gray. I’ll say hi to old friends and faraway relatives once in a while or say happy birthday. I don’t “like” anything people post, even kitten videos.

  10. Yahooie says:

    No Wastebook for me. I started an account many years back and when I saw how many intrusive questions that required answers, I quit it right there. And I have more interesting things to do than waste time on there. People I wish to be in contact with have my email and the usual other ways of contacting me. I also noticed right away that Wastebook was always changing things so that you’d have to go in there and reset all the privacy settings. More time wasted that I could be doing something worthwhile like pulling weeds.

    I wish I could get rid of bulk mailings of advertisements; another time waster sorting through that to find important mail.

  11. Silly Me says:

    The Deep State is actually the private bankers who own the Fed, investment bankers, big-time scoundrels that manipulatebt stock prices through insider trading, buybacks, and mutual computerized transactions, trillionaire investors who bet on the future state of just about anything and make it happen, destroying countless lives and whole countries, the parties that get their puppets elected (remember, according to the Supreme Court, corporations are legal entities that can offer unlimited campaign contributions in the name of Free Speech) and cash in on state and government contracts to the point of sinking us in debt and dictate public policies to their lackey politicians, those who own the debt these people force us into, while eliminating well-paying jobs in order to bolster their profits, the parasites that are destroying this country, while we are sitting here, chatting.

  12. Deplorable Neal Jensen says:


    How many of you are one of Facefuckerbergs ” Dumb F**ks”.

    Read the article, then look in the mirror. Does “Dumb F**k” need be tattooed on your forehead?

    I have never had nor will I ever have a public social media page, because waaaay back when it was ALSO said that it was dumb as schit to parade your private life for all to see.

    “They TRUST ME”…..Yep, plenty of narcissistic morons really do trust you Mark, because they are GULLIBLE MORONS. The deserve the buttf**king you gave them because they were narcissistic morons.

  13. Heidi K. says:

    This is all part of the end times scenario, please study the Book of Daniel, Ezekiel 38 and the Book of Revelation! No man can change these events, the 7 year Tribulation (Jacob’s Trouble) is right around the corner. It will start with a peace treaty made by the antichrist Please don’t take his mark (666 probably an RIFD chip) and don’t worship him or you are doomed! There’s only one way out: you have to accept JESUS CHRIST – Yeshua Ha Mashiach – as your personal Lord and Savior who paid on the cross for your sins and came back to life on the 3rd day!!! We have to come to the cross as broken sinners. All born again Christians will be raptured before the 7 year Tribulation begins – please don’t get left behind!

  14. YOu cannot delete your FB account!! Disable yes, delete NO!?? So why isnt there a lawsuit against the thing???????????