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Facebook App Is Secretly Accessing iPhone Users Camera

Mac Slavo
November 15th, 2019
Comments (7)

While unsuspecting iPhone users read their daily dose of mainstream media news, the Facebook app is secretly accessing the camera on their smartphones. But Facebook says not worry: it’s only a bug…

Users, however, are rightly concerned that Facebook is recording them as they use the app. Unlike on Apple’s computers, there is no indicator when an app is accessing the camera, so it is possible for an app to do so in secret, as reported by The Independent.

Facebook says the strange behavior is caused by a bug that was added to the code by accident and that there is no indication that photos or videos are being sent to its servers. The company claims an update has already been submitted to Apple that should remove it. In the meantime, the potential security flaw can be avoided by a simple fix in the iPhone settings that keeps Facebook from seeing the camera at all.

The bug first came to light after users noted that the app would occasionally shift the entire feed over to the right, as part of what appeared to be a bug. Underneath that main app a different screen could be seen – which showed video from the phone’s built-in camera. –The Independent

“We recently discovered that version 244 of the Facebook iOS app would incorrectly launch in landscape mode,” a Facebook spokesperson said. “In fixing that issue last week in v246 (launched on 8 November) we inadvertently introduced a bug that caused the app to partially navigate to the camera screen adjacent to News Feed when users tapped on photos. “We have seen no evidence of photos or videos being uploaded due to this bug. We’re submitting the fix for this to Apple today.”

“We’ve confirmed that we didn’t upload anything to FB due to this bug and that the camera didn’t capture anything since it was in preview mode. We’ve submitted a fixed version to the App Store which is already rolling out,” wrote Facebook’s vice president of integrity Guy Rosen in a series of Tweets.

The problem can be fixed by revoking Facebook’s access to the camera. That is done by heading into the Settings app and navigating to the Facebook option – clicking that should bring up a number of permissions that have been granted to the app, including the ability to access the camera, which can be turned off by changing the toggle.

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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: November 15th, 2019
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. Heartless"... says:

    “….a bug that was added to the code by accident..” my sorry a*s. What a bald-faced lie.

  2. Anonymous says:

    If you think this is limited to iphone you r goofy

  3. Montana Guy says:

    Is there any iPhone user today who has the expectation of privacy? If so please could you please articulate the basis to support that expectation?

  4. Clown World says:

    NOW: Digital rights activists are using facial recognition software to scan thousands of faces in Washington, DC, “searching” for members of Congress, lobbyists, and the press

    h ttps://www.blacklistednews.com/article/75406/now-digital-rights-activists-are-using-facial-recognition-software-to-scan-thousands-of-faces-in.html

  5. Anonymous says:

    Sure, it’s just a bug!
    FB isn’t interested in hoovering up every last drop of data it can get from your at all.
    & FBs word is gospel truth…honest!

  6. TRUMP SHOULD ORDER THE FCC TO LIFT FACEBOOKS RIGHT TO USE THE INTERNET,that would get them on it right away,sadly the internet giants are his daddy,and like the good boy he is,they can do what ever they want in america…

  7. Anonymous says:

    I was going to share this story on Twitter, but when I clicked on the Twitter link above, it did not open a window to tweet as Twitter icons on most news stories do, but instead took me to Shtfplan’s Twitter profile. Not helpful…

    I see the Facebook icon similarly links to the groups FB profile rather than to a share option. Not that I’m on Facebook any more anyway. But contemplate the irony of a story exposing Facebook spying, accidental or not (and I lean toward “not”) being accompanied by an effort to troll for page views and “likes” on the info-harvesting social media site.