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“Exquisite Human Leather” Products, Wallets, Belts, Shoes, Being Sold Online

December 25th, 2017
Comments (146)

This report was originally published by Intellihub

Extremely discerning clientele can now purchase their own one-of-a-kind ‘human leather’ products such as wallets, belts, and shoes online but prices start at $14,000 USD, according to the company which handcrafts the items out of the ‘finest leather known.’

That’s right, you can now order your very own wallet or belt made from a previously living human being despite the fact that human leather, much like certain fur, is illegal.

The company/website “HumanLeather.co.uk” boasts about their “exclusive real human leather products” online.

Welcome to ][umanLeather. We are specialists in producing exquisite and exclusive products for an extremely discerning clientele.  All products are carefully hand-crafted by experienced master craftsmen, with years of experience in handling the finest leather known – human leather.

We only craft the best and most beautiful products out of our unique leather.  We have produced bespoke items for some of our clients, but due to the limited size of the lengths that we work with, we are limited to what items we can fashion out of the leather.

We cater to a small but highly discerning clientele.  They are amongst those lucky few who have everything they could possibly desire.  Our supply is restricted and we prefer to keep it that way as we are the only firm in the world that crafts these special products.

The company even requires secret payment arrangements to be made for new clientele due to the nature of the sale.

We will give you details on how to pay if you become a client of ours. We can go through what can be made with the material we have at the time and we ask for full payment in advance. Till date, we have never had an article returned due to defects, and we aim to retain this unblemished record.

So my question is, did the people the products are actually made of donate their bodies to the company or is something more sinister taking place?


Screenshot via HumanLeather..co.uk

Could it get any sicker people? Please comment below and share.

H/T: @Tabertronic on Twitter

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Author: Intellihub
Date: December 25th, 2017
Website: https://www.intellihub.com

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  1. Concerned Citizen says:

    Fuckers will do anything for money period folks and it’s pretty messed up!

  2. swinging richard says:

    Wallets made from human foreskin- rub it and it turns into a suitcase.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Made in China?

  4. Is this the end. says:

    I find it hard to believe that things of this sort are real and if it is then I say it should stop. This is not Nazi Germany making lamp shades.

  5. Oldman says:

    I bet you pay by Bitcoin. It’s untraceable.

  6. Old Codger says:

    I knew Democrats had some use!

  7. Beat down old bastard says:

    Is it Halloween or Christmas,damn

  8. Steady Steve says:

    Must have been some unemployed Nazis that started this.

  9. aljamo says:

    No skin off me. What’s next human skin licorice or a fashionable human skin raincoat?

  10. CiddyBoy says:

    Bezos probably already bought them out and is marking up the buttfolds errr billfolds as we speak.

  11. I wonder what they are paying for each hide. Might make a good second line of business, harvesting hides.

  12. Anonymous says:

    light meat or dark meat…thats the question!

  13. CiddyBoy says:

    Be sure not to miss their after Christmas Sale…
    Prices will be slashed to the bone … so to speake

  14. Anonymous says:

    The FAQ’s include what everyone wants to know:

    “Is this illegal?” (and exactly where are they getting the human skin?)

    Their Answer: “No, not at all. We apologize but we cannot give you the source of our raw products.”

    My question is, if it’s not illegal why can’t they be upfront about the source?

  15. Ketchupondemand says:

    About as disgusting as it gets.

    Off topic, as this article is…rant on:
    This used to be a different website where you could come and learn things from a group of like minded people.
    That was the strength of the site–everybody knows something of value. We used to discuss food dehydrating, canning, shelters, well drilling, equipment, even firearms and self defense.
    What happened?
    If the site’s owner wants to make it an online version of National Enquirer this article is evidence #1.
    I’m having a hard time remembering when the last article was relevant to the original intent.
    If you want to go all bizarre news, go for it.
    But stuff like this article is pretty low.
    That is my rant for tonight.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy (and peaceful) New Year.

    • Yahooie says:

      Ketch, same to you for holidays. And I agree about more information about prepping. While it’s certainly necessary to keep a watch on what’s happening to remain aware, some of us need relevant information on the wide variety of issues for preppers. Some things change such as firearms technology details. Sometimes interesting old ways of doing things are discovered that might be helpful to prepping.

      One of my new year’s resolutions is less grouching about what I can’t change (like most politics) and doing more about what I can change (my physical fitness [an ongoing process] or gardening in my postage stamp yard.

    • CiddyBoy says:

      But talking basket weaving is not the reality of what’s to come.
      They know who you are , where you live , your friends, your phone number, your ideologies, everything.
      But most of all they know if you will bear the mark or if you are going to be a problem.
      I stopped trying to dissuade the flow after my screen name, IPA , and device were banned the second time.

    • anon says:

      I agree. I have come to this web site for several years and there are now only about 10 people who post regularly, including the penis puffer Ghandi. I look for sites that actually discuss diesel generators, solar, gear etc and can’t find them. I follow you because you are in PR and seem to have done ok. I don’t know how much money can be made with these web sites but at times it must be painful. I’m pretty sure that Mac Slavo is an ok sort and at times he must be embarrased by the content.

    • CrackerJack says:

      KuponD, my thoughts exactly. This site has turned into a tabloid. This article is extreme nonsense. Next article, probably about shrunken martian heads found in box of Swiss chocolate. And the moon really is made of cheese.

    • Agree we 23rd says:

      The websites owner should monitor and block sick and immoral replies. I am done with this site.

  16. watching and waiting says:

    During World War II, one of the commanding officers of a major concentration camp, his wife’s had lamp shades made out of Human Skin.

    Also, for years, The medical Field has refused to use medical information gained during torture and experiments
    on Jewish prisoners being held for eventual extermination
    by The Nazi’s and now this.

    Worthless and a candidate for a criminal investigation in my opinion.

  17. John says:

    We live in a fallen world, and it is returning to the darkend state it was before the birth of Christ. I was never raised as a religious person, nor had much use for it most of my life, but it is coming abundantly clear in the last couple of decades just how much evil is loose in the world, and how it is no longer rejected or even restrained, but embraced.

    Interesting times? No, more like vile times.

  18. Is it Liberal leather? Just asking?

  19. Kevin2 says:

    Every day the world is more bazaar. From animal brothel’s in Germany for their new immigrant guests to leather made from human skin. WTF is next? Its like the kooks are in competition. Is there a kook of the year award they’re vying for? Charles Mansion told Dianne Sawyer, “at one time being crazy meant something”. He continued, “it doesn’t mean anything anymore because everyone is crazy”. Mansion, the poster child of insanity, became a mere footnote in history far less notable than subsequent madmen.

  20. lena says:

    no biggie.

    as western civilization crumbles, people will do what you today would consider unspeakable things,

    I can thing of days where someone will kill friends and maybe family to get enough supplies that might help them for less than a year.

    there’s going to be a level of debouchtery by sex slaves that wiukd send most donkeys and horses who have been trained to enjouy beastiality running.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Items like this are also used in rituals. Unfortunately, books and other objects made of human skin is nothing new.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Massive amounts of tickets will be issued to holiday travelers and some will result in arrest. Yet, the buyers and sellers of these gruesome items remain a mystery.

  23. Jim in Va. says:

    The last thing on my prep list is for a wallet or belt even made from cowhide. How bout some info on surviving in this country huh?

  24. Joe Blow says:

    What was expected after society was allowed to deteriorate past the point of all sane logic and reasoning? A society where something as simple as common sense is at a premium? A society where values and morals are considered taboo? A society that values money over everything else? A society where discipline,respect,integrity,loyalty,and accountability doesn’t exist? A society where dysfunctional and chaotic are not only the norm but also encouraged? Society cannot continue down this path much longer before the wheels fall off.When this happens,we’ll witness that SHTF so many have talked about.

  25. Anonymous says:

    It’s a crime if you miss a court date or not pay a parking fine. Sell a human wallet and get away with murder.

  26. This was a normal back in the day, so the speak. You could buy tobacco pouches and other items made of Indian skin etc. It use to be all the rage in high society. My opinion, it is no different than having something made from an exotic animal skin. Most people wouldn’t bat an eye about a leopard skin bag, so why not.

  27. Made from the Clinton’s trail of bodies & worn as trophies…sick bastards!!!

  28. Andy says:

    Tastes just like chicken!

  29. TurtleMama says:

    Oh gracious — the things happening in this world — we need a revolution of morality and respect for life. Not only in the United States, but the world over. This is just horrible. Is there any way to find out if it’s a hoax or not?

  30. IT puts the lotion on the skin

  31. Anonymous says:

    Yeah this nation and our remaining freedoms are close to gone forever. The American peoples response has been to go along to get along when a much harsher reply to full treason went by the wayside. Too late I think to change directions. The population has largely been pacified to accept their fate.

  32. Philosopher Deplorabilis says:

    Utterly repulsive and sickening.

    No further comment.

  33. Sam W. says:

    My guesses are this appeals most to Soros, Merkel, and Clinton; likely made in North Korea of political prisoners.
    My preferred leather is pigskin I am an Infidel Redneck and proud of it.

  34. carefix says:

    Is this kid leather?

  35. ronna says:

    What’s the big deal? Probably from people about to die getting a royal fee for their skin. People sell their organs for huge amounts so why not their skin? So it is OK to sell a kidney to save someone, but not your skin because it is just for some rich guy’s lark? If you are going to croak, who cares what happens to their carcass. Only the religious nuts.
    By the way, there are websites where you can buy human meat! (You need TOR to get there so I will not list the website here.)

  36. Rodney King.. says:

    …Can’t we all just get along???

    …Can’t we all just get along???

    …Can’t we all just get along???


  37. Anonymous says:

    Only the religious nuts. Screw you.

  38. Dr I C Spots says:

    if anyone believes this is actually happening, i have a bridge to sell you..

  39. Beaumont says:

    Is there anything even they won’t make. Just wondering whether it’s possible to offend these people.

  40. Babycatcher says:

    The whole concept of human leather is gross, disgusting, and immoral. It’s a slippery slope if there ever was one. I need brain bleach now, thanks.

  41. Fritz says:

    … tan me hide when I’m dead Fred, tan me hide when I’m dead … so we tanned his hide when he died Clyde and that’s it hangin on the shed

  42. Kay123 says:

    Uhhhhgggg……this site is becoming as evil as the
    lib tards comment sites. This story has to be a new
    low-life, negative, scarry mongering, Hannible Lecter
    loving, trash promoting and only points out how our
    social lives are being influenced by outrageous

    Com’on guys, get a life if this is your entertainment!!!
    There is more to life than gutter news.

  43. Rodulf says:

    GOT to be jewish…

  44. Plan twice, prep once says:

    I remember as a kid the carnival coming to town. They always had the freak show…. See the baby with three heads for a dollar, it was dead and floating in a bottle of formaldehyde. One year the carnival came to town and the sheriffs dept raided them. They wanted to see death certificates for the three headed baby and a couple other human parts on display. They essentially arrested the owner for murder until he could prove he hadn’t killed any of them. They also took away the guy with the .22 shooting gallery in cuffs on weapons violations.

    I’m thinking the story is a spoof, but should anyone actually be caught owning something made from human skin, they could end up in prison, or at least face crushing legal implications.

    I also remember a museum that had a few oddities such as tobacco pouches made from human scrotums and women’s purses made from women’s breasts that dated from settler/Indian wars. Both sides engaged in taking them, there was a market. They also had shrunken heads from South America and some similar stuff bought in Africa. They were raided one day and prosecutors had it all destructively tested by police labs to see if a crime had been committed, wink wink. The museum never got any of it back. It was all ultimately destroyed by order of a liberal judge. I mean really, how can you rewrite history if you leave physical evidence of what life was really like, just lying about in museums.