It is probable that there would be hoarding on an international scale...

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Experts Fear Nuclear Famine: “A Disaster So Massive in Scale that No Preparation is Possible”

Mac Slavo
December 19th, 2013
Comments (370)


At last count, there are eight countries in the world that have officially designed, developed and tested nuclear weapons. Another two (Israel and Iran) deny they have built or are building such weapons, but the probability that Israel has them and that Iran is building them is believed by members of the international community to be extremely high.

That being said, it’s only a matter of time before a madman at the helm in any of these ten nuclear-armed states decides to push the button. With the global economy in shambles, the world’s super powers mobilizing military assets, and hundreds of trillions of dollars in unservicable debt soon to be realized by the financial community, how long before history rhymes with previous large-scale events that culminated in the fall of the Roman empire or the World Wars that  devastated tens of millions of lives in the 20th century?

War, it seems, is inevitable. Not just because of the many problems faced by mankind, but because of the nature of mankind itself.

Whether that war is a widespread nuclear conflict involving the world’s super powers, or a more limited event in the middle east involving Pakistan and India, according to a new report published by the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, a nuclear engagement (even a limited one) would lead to widespread destruction across planet earth, with at least 2 billion people at risk of starvation or death.

The kicker? The effects will be so long-lasting, according to the author of the study, that there’s pretty much nothing we can do to survive it:

The threat of nuclear war has been embedded in global consciousness since the invention of the atomic bomb. Most fears are focused on blast radius and radioactive fallout; but the long-term effects of a nuclear conflict could be far more concerning.

According to new research from the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War and Physicians for Social Responsibility, a phenomenon known as “nuclear famine” is keeping experts up at night. The study estimates that more than 2 billion people are at risk.

Its author, Ira Helfand, says even a limited nuclear war could lead to “the end of civilization.”

Helfand theorizes it could occur in stages. The first is climate change. Existing literature shows that a regional nuclear war between India and Pakistan could drastically affect temperatures throughout the world. A 2007 study published in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics predicts that the soot created by such an event could reduce temps by 1.25°C per year for at least a half-decade.

This would wreak havoc on global crops.

The final stage of this catastrophe is starvation.

With his best guess, Helfand breaks the at-risk into three groups: (a) 870 million people already facing malnourishment, (b) grain-importing nations, and (c) the entire population of China. The first group gets more than 75% of its nutrition from grain, and a significant portion would not be able to afford higher prices.

Grain-importing nations, like South Korea, Japan, most of North Africa, and the Middle East, would be hard hit by trading partners who suddenly decide to stop exporting. Additionally, China’s 1.3 billion citizens would use up their rice and wheat reserves in a few months, and international hoarding may make open-market purchases impossible.

As Helfand has said: “This is a disaster so massive in scale that really no preparation is possible. We must prevent this.”

With the vast majority of the world’s nations still unable to build the bomb, a blanket approach could work. ICAN pleads that the “very survival of humanity depends on nuclear weapons never being used.” via IPNNW Study

The nuclear-armed nations of the world didn’t just build these weapons so they can look at them. Sure, our leaders may claim these weapons are merely deterrents designed to prevent war, but the fact is, advanced weaponry has always been used for the purposes of conquering. Our modern era is no different.

We came dangerously close during the Cuban missile crisis in the early 1960’s. Cooler heads prevailed that day.

And even if starting a war is unintentional, it could happen. On at least one occasion, in 1983, the United States and Russia were literally minutes away from a full-scale confrontation under both country’s policies of mutually assured destruction. It turns out that was a false alarm – but the world was almost destroyed as a result. This is one of the incidents we know about, and given the secrecy behind such military operations, it’s quite possible that there have been more.

The bottom line is that we must assume these weapons will be used at some point – that should be a given. What we don’t know is the scale of the nuclear engagement. It could be that Russia, the United States, Israel, China and North Korea just start lobbing intercontinental ballistic missiles by the hundreds, in which case we’re all pretty much toast. Or, it could be a limited war, with the conflict in India and Pakistan finally coming to a head.

Whatever the case, even if those dropped bombs detonate thousands of miles away from you, there is a strong likelihood that you will feel the direct effects in the form of an almost immediate climate change, food scarcity, extreme price rises, and the riots and looting that are sure to follow.

As with any disaster, whether its a nuclear war, global financial collapse, or a natural disaster, we can fully expect the worst of the worst. As the IPPNW report notes:

We would have to expect panic on a far greater scale following a nuclear war, even if it were a “limited” regional war,  especially as it became clear that there would be significant, sustained agricultural shortfalls over an extended period.

It is probable that there would be hoarding on an international scale as food exporting nations suspended exports in order to assure adequate food supplies for their own populations.

Though the report suggests it is impossible to prepare for such an event, one could argue that survival is certainly possible.

Assuming we survive the nuclear impact and fallout because we live in a strategic location (or just got lucky!), your most immediate concerns would be food, water and self defense, all of which must be considered before such an event occurs if you intend to improve your odds of survival.

Surviving a nuclear winter will, of course, not be easy. According to the report, two billion people could die as a result – probably within a matter of months or a year. A similar scenario would play out should a disaster like a Super EMP weapon or solar flare take out our national (or global) power grid.

Regardless of the disaster, the aftermath, like any crisis or emergency, is survivable.

From the standpoint of preparedness, this means having long-term food stores and a preparedness plan to go along with them. You’ll first need to survive the initial “die-off” as millions of people search for food and resources. Then, when your own food stores run out, you’ll need to be able to produce your own by way of micro-farming and raising your own livestock.

What it will boil down to is adaptability. We can’t predict what will happen or what we will face. But understanding the potential threats, how to mitigate them when they occur, and the options we have available should our best laid plans fail gives us a much better chance of surviving disasters than just pretending like they can’t ever happen.

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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: December 19th, 2013

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  1. Shooter says:

    Do they want us to give up and just roll over and die?

    • ItIsWell says:

      I truly don’t believe a devastating climate change will occur but I do believe I will see a war before I die that will change society as we know it. I agree that you don’t just have nuclear weapons because their pretty to look at. I believe nuclear weapons are a symbol of power and ten nations are showing off their Muscles right now but won’t hesitate to use them if they want to get a strong message across. That North Korean leader is unpredictable and to me way to cocky. Our leaders want hands on in Syria so bad they can taste it. Russia is getting tired of America in others affairs and overstepping our boundaries. Israel might finally get tired of Iran’s extremist threatening their existence. It seems to me that their is way to much tension in this nuclear world.

      • Outlaw says:

        O/T, but looking for some good advice. I have several children ranging from grade 4 thru 9. We enrolled them in a “virtual academy” a few years back under the guise that it was “homeschooling” them. They do attend school at home, but the curriculum has been changed to conform with the “common core” this year. I could go into details of what is in this curriculum if you’re interested, but will make this brief, it is sick. The program is also state-sponsored and tied to a school district. Our kids have to take the state testing. It is at-home-public-school, if you will. We are lucky and live in a “no notice” state, so we have relatively good homeschool laws. I would like advice on True homeschool curriculum’s that are not state-sponsored under the guise of “virtual academies”. I have checked out the Ron Paul curriculum, but it is a little out of my budget. We are of little means, and honestly, I am not the smartest guy in the world. Homeschooling our kids through the “virtual academy” has been very difficult in itself, even with all of the support (i.e. gov control) that is provided, but after seeing the propaganda and idiocy that is interlaced into the most basic of the courses, I have no other choice but to change course. Any advice is greatly appreciated, as this will be a whole new learning curve for me.

        • Be informed says:

          Unless the Sun goes nova or some 20 mile wide asteroid or bigger hits the planet, almost all mega super SHTF ARE survivable. I can’t stand when someone says that the hardy prepper/survivalist CAN’T do it. Sure it will be tough and you may have to live like your common badger or other animal, but it can be done.

          There is something I have brought up before and it is ugly. It is called the NOVICE prepper that prepares for the fun it. Not to survive because they don’t want to immediately lose their family, they prepare to live. some people get into the cutesy prepping of growing a garden, canning, putting away some food and other supplies. In other words they are not really serious about it. They will be far better than the foolish non prepper, but still they are not in it for the long run.

          Seriously, go to many other survival sites and it sounds like a better Homes and Garden discussion. The people here are mostly in it for the long term, and the one defining issue that seems to show this is the seriousness of the people here willing to fully defend all their sacrifice and labor in obtaining what they have stored up.

          To hear someone say that all that effort is for not, is not only discouraging but it is not reality. Between 10 degress north and 10 degrees south the air is constantly in a convention motion that moves the warmer air away from the equator region. This is almost always rising, which means little fallout in this region. The worst spots are the 30 degrees north or south where the air catches up with the rotation on the planet and air sinks, so does the fallout. This is why you have so many deserts at around 30 degrees away from the equator. The American southeast is an exception to desert because of the warm moist gulf stream, the air still sinks here.

          My college professor worked at an extremely high level in the government that dealt with climate modification and knowing how weather, air currents, and everything else about meteorology. He would stress again and again that even with a full scale nuclear exchange between the U.S. and Russia that it was completely survivable if you could get to the correct locations. Also good locations are at about 45 to 50 degrees south of the equator because in this region the air rises more often than not.

          Another aspect of nuclear war is ground burst VS. air burst. Usually ONLY hardened targets are ground bursted. WHY? Because a ground burst takes more explosive charge to take out more of the target. An air burst spreads more of the destructive force over more land. Most targets are considered soft, such as manufacturing bases and cities. Air burst spread a considerable less amount of radiation as much less debris is ionized. This is why Hiroshima and Nagasaki widespread fallout did NOT affect large areas downwind.

          There is also something about the amount of debris kicked up. Much of the data about a nuclear winter is taken into the account that ground bursts are used much more than they would be. Remember, an enemy wants to disable the manufacturing base enough to win the war, that means as much land hit as possible, air bursts.

          This does not mean that a type of genocide war of ground bursts would not be used. Or worse, salting the nukes with cobalt or other elements. Even in this case there are areas that are survivable. The world has been hit with supervolcanoes, 6 mile wide asteroid impacts, comets, probably gamma ray pulses, radiation storms. It will heal. Man is not that much of a bad ass yet to stop the planet from functioning and recovering. It may take a few months or years, but it will recover. The prepper/survivalist that can weather the storm is likely to see that day.

          Selling the durability of the prepper/survivalist off is not a good bet. People that prepare are quite adaptable. The one issue that they need more knowledge about is radiation safety and shielding means of safe places and the person themselves. Gamma radiation is not the only form of radiation that can harm you, beta can to. Learning about the way radiation scatters, hot spots, and much more is discussed in detail in one of the best books out. Nuclear War Survival Skills by Cresson H. Kearny. This book along with others that you can often get at Library sales offer much know how about radiation.

          The more of a subject that someone knows about, the less frightening it is when you are required to survive it. I highly suggest everyone read about nuclear war survival, fallout survival from not only war but a nuclear diaster like Fukushima in this country or other country. Learn about protecting your thyroid and other internal organs. Read about which parts of livestock are safe to use and what is not. Which crops are dangerous and which are safe to eat no matter how much radiation is around. Everyone will feel a lot better about surviving a nuclear war when they read in some of these excellent survival books about it and how to deal with it.

          One other thing preppers/survivalists are the toughest people around, they usually live in humble existences that are focused on practicality, and know how to handle hardships. Never count the prepper/survivalist out for the count.

          • braveheart says:

            Be Informed, good evening, sir, and once again I agree with everything you say. Anyone who thinks they can count the prepper/survivalist out altogether is living in the biggest fantasy world of all time. My late beloved mrs. braveheart sold me on prepping way back in the 1970s and I’ve never regretted it for 1 minute. I’ve always been into prepping for the long haul and always will be. I’m damned proud of the fact that I’m self-sufficient in my own needs and don’t depend on government or anyone else for anything and I’ll never apologize to anyone for that. If you’re not prepping, then you’re just inepting. MOLON LABE braveheart

          • NC joe says:

            What kind of fool argue vehemently that nuclear war is survivable. Arguing nuclear war is survivable just increases the odds of a nuclear war happening.

            • Be informed says:

              @ NC Joker. Arguing how survivable an event, nuclear war, super volcano, whatever is something every prepper/survivalist should consider. A defeatist attitude is that you can’t survive it, and why even try. This is what of the plague that 99% of the masses are pinned into their heads. You will not increase the odds of an asteroid impact by arguing that it is survivable, you will just admit to yourself that your life is worth fighting for, at least trying to.

              The leaders don’t a f what any of us think. So arguing that a person can survive a nuclear war on this site will only give a little more hope to those that are afraid that they can’t, or other SHTF events. That is extremely positive. I wish you would come on this site and offer some constructive ideas on helping people rather than just attack everyone on a daily basis. I still remember what you wrote a few months ago, that none of us deserve to live. Recall that one?

            • The Old Coach says:

              That’s the meme that Communist sympathizers fed us all through the Cold War, hoping to frighten us into unilateral disarmament. Used against Barry Goldwater. Parroted by Mr. Peanut, who probably knew better but his politics trumped common sense.

              Wasn’t until Reagan, who knew it was hogwash, that we stood up to the Soviet Empire and stared it down.

              So, Josie, did you get that from your Communist daddie and mommie? Were you a Red Diaper Baby? Are you Pajama Boy?

            • Sgt. Dale says:

              Wrong: People survived the two bombs that were dropped on Japan. So its not up to the person, its up to the All Mighty!

              • HD74Man says:

                @Sgt. Dale~WW II history has been my intellectual hobby all my life because of my father’s service. Read a book on the Russian drive to Berlin where a Russia tank column rolled into a town in East Prussia in the Eastern Front counter-attack. All the men had been inscripted into the German army so the town was only inhabited by about 600 women. Well, as a the saying goes, “Pay-backs are a bitch.” After raping all the women, the Russian soldiers nailed them to the sides of various barns. When they ran out of room, they hog-tied around 200 lined up them up on the ground and drove a T-34 over them. When you’re familiar with this form of human ugliness that comes from a descent into chaos and depravity via the onslaught of world war, you tend to view the coming collapse as history repeating itself; you get set in your own mind, you do what ya gotta do to survive, and the rest of the weaklings and ignorant be damned.

            • braveheart says:

              ncjoe, congratulations. This time you sound more stupid than I’ve ever heard you before, so f#$% you!

            • Gregory8 says:

              NC Joe: It’s painfully obvious that you never took logic in college. The survivability of any war depends on the size and scope of that conflict. You seem to equate any nuclear exchange as TEOTWAWKI, which is a false assumption. The large the conflict the larger the destruction will be, but even the so-called ‘nuclear winter’ (full USA-USSR exchange) touted by Dr. Carl Sagan and others in the early 80’s has been soundly denounced by physicists and meteorologist as pure hyperbole based on all their mathematical models. While I’m sure that images of those old movies {Doctor Strangelove, Fail Safe, and On the Beach (total destruction)} still linger in that old brain of yours, they are just that, movies, and not reality. Since large nuclear wars don’t mean the end of everything, then it’s impossible for smaller, regional ones to be either, and these are the more likely ones. One’s between Iran and Israel, or India and Pakistan, are far more plausible because of the inherent animosity in these regions. So you see, your fatalistic-paranoid fear that ANY exchange would mean the demise of ALL civilization is unfounded. And as to your other false analogy that more nukes mean a great chance of war is also ridiculous. Most states with the highest rate of gun ownership also have the lowest rates of gun violence. So again, your conclusion that more of something leads to the increased use of them is also Busted.

            • Kevin2 says:

              NC Joe

              You create your own reality? Thinking something doesn’t make it happen. As they say, “Liberals see what they believe”; “Conservatives believe what they see”.

              OBTW. Please explain now “We The People” can prevent an economic collapse which you claimed but never answered.

              • Jeff says:

                An economic collapse is a done deal. It is not a question of if, but when and or how soon. The reasons why it will happen can best be explained by watching the Ann Barnhart You Tube videos.
                “We the People” have become “We the dumbass, gullible sheep-people”. Americans as a whole are a group of stupid cowards. Case in point, just look at how they will allow their civil rights to be violated by the TSA when want to fly. Or will let their elected officals lie to them and consider it acceptable to be lie to.
                This republic is already gone. It is only a matter of time when we attacked by another contry, likely China or Russia, or both at the same time.

              • angrycitizen says:

                Please , PLEASE stop responding to paid shills (or complete morons… not sure which is worse).

                Let’s stay on topic, which is extremely important.
                I very much appreciate Be Informed’ comment, but then some piece of shit appears, and the discussion is completely moved in a ridiculous, stupid, worthless direction of arguing with a stooge/moron.

                Isn’t this blatantly obvious???!!!

            • Jack Hammer says:

              Thanks for your comment. You make absolutely no sense at all.

            • Smokey says:

              You’re an expert on everything, Joe. You should consider running for dogcatcher.

          • Ok folks if the nukes start flying see ya’ll in southern Texas someplace around Galveston? That sound about right BI?

            • Be informed says:

              @ .02. Actually the best place I can think in regards to fallout and remaining hidden would be the northern Andes mountains. Indonesia and southern Philippines would be good places to avoid fallout but too close to China. Galveston is at 29.2 degree north, not a good place to be with fallout. If you choose Texas, Browsville would a little better. If you were to choose somewhere in the U.S. there are areas in southern Alaska in which the air currents and falling air sort of by-pass. Probably the best place, but it is cold and depression is Terra del Fuego, Punta Arenas or Ushuaia southwest of the Falkland Islands. It is just starting summer down there next week. The temperature next week is for the lower to mid 40’s and snow during the night. Lots of penguins, seals and bird life down there, but it is safe when this all happens. Punta Arenas actually looks a lot like Reykjavik, Iceland.

              For those that like wild animals a lot, Kenya is a place where fallout will be at the mininum level. Most of Kenya, other than the coastline is elevated which is good when this happens. Some the Australian claimed islands such as Christmas Island would be fallout safe, but like New Guinea to the east, not earthquake or volcano safe. Anyplace in the tropics I would aim for high altitude. It is incredible the amount of disease that drops from sea level to above 5000 or 6000 feet up or higher.

              • Genius says:

                As long as it doesn’t have monkeys! 2 things I hate, monkeys and clowns. No wonder I hate politicians 🙂 Oh and no flatland, has to be mountains. Andes.. hmmm… could work.

              • Bi,
                Think about what you said,
                then concentrate on ‘high altitude’.
                There is a way, but you have to abandon old interpretations given by ignorant preachers long before it was their time.
                I’m thinking between 40 and 100 THOUSAND feet.
                Floating in a bubble of ‘Holy Spirit’.

              • well dang it, looks like I am going to have to brush up on my Spanish and Eskimo and get a dog sled team. This is going to be expensive, those dogs don’t live on air.

              • lower40 says:


                i remember back in the mid 70’s our local news papaer put out a extra here in SWFL ,it was discusing the survivability of a nucular attack ,Fl was one of the states that came in on top #1 we dont have a lot of strategic targets ,and few metropolisis ,#2 we have both the gulf breezes and the trade winds so the fall out would only stay over us for 1 – 1 1/2 hours ,as apposed to the mid west depending on the time of the year could have pockets of fall out for weeks ,of course thats all based on trying to read your enemy’s thoughts ,if they just decided to lob them indescrimintly then all bets are off

              • Mountain Trekker says:

                .02 why are you going to learn Spanish? Eskimoes don’t speak Spanish and they rarely ever use Chihuahuas for dog sled teams. Trekker Out. Mush!

              • Slap Happy says:


                I’ve long heard that the best/safest place in the continental US re nuclear fallout would be @ Bandon, OR (westernmost place in lower 48) thanks to jetstreams… And lo and behold, I live very near there. Of course all that talk was before FUshima.

                Not that I ever lost a lot of sleep over nuclear war. No, I don’t trust those who control those WMD’s, we all know their evil ilk. I’m more concerned about the many legit, ‘peaceful’ nuclear reactors, think FUshima again… I grew up on Catawba Island (Ohio) and worked on the Davis Besse power plant (early 70’s). I know a little about them, how they’re put together, etc. A few years back a close (life long) friend was part of a team called in to do a little… ah, emergency repairs. His words, ‘we almost lost it, it was reeeal close’. He is renowned by those who know him for deadpan understatement. He was clearly shaken by his experience there.

                Everything has a life expectancy, have you noticed the shape of our infrastructure in the late great USA? Taken a close look at a 30-40 year old bridge lately? Nuclear power plants have a life expectancy. You will live to see some unpleasant failures of nuclear power plants. Prep? Hell yeah but be ready to be mobile.

              • old guy says:

                BI your information is very helpful. Nukes do worry me even the electric power plants. Nukes worry me more than the economy collapse NWO and agenda 21 & bad government etc. Its not my survival that im worried about. Its the young children especially my grandchildren. I want them to be successful surviving productive and have a decent life. And you correct the more you know and understand about something the less frightening something is. Now about safe locations im of the opinion due to the present pole shifting and possible axis shift that weather patterns & wind currents could greatly change. Maybe fluctuate wildly from day to day. If that occurs and the equator moves to a new location all bets are off?

              • Jack Hammer says:

                Kenya? No way. White guy trying to survive in a black country would be worse than dieing by a nuke.

            • California Girl says:

              According to Joel Skousen, author of Strategic Relocation, the best place to escape nuclear fallout in America is southwestern Oregon through northwestern California. There are no military targets in that region and wind patterns would blow any fallout from targets that lie north or south of there to the east. Other than that the best place on the planet would be in the Southern Hemisphere. The majority of targets are north of the equator and the fallout would remain north as well.

              • Iowa says:

                How’s the west coast enjoying the Fukashima radiation by the way?

              • apache54 says:

                Cali girl,
                i grew in that part of the country and you are correct LOTS of studies were done during the cold war and because of MANY factors, Cave Junction Oregon is one of the many safe places, there are older homes in that entire area with bunkers.

              • Be informed says:

                @ California Girl. In the immediate time after a nuclear war, SW Oregon and North California are good places. After the fallout has had a chance to encircle the planet, air currents would still be best between 10 degrees north and 10 degrees south, and 50-55 degrees away from the equator in the long term. The convection of air around the planet is very complex, and you want to be in areas that the air is rising most or near all the time. Fallout has a tendency to mix in the atmosphere, and the southern hempishere would definitely get hit, especially around that 30 degree south latitude where the air sinks and compresses and creates dry arid conditions. The Pampas Desert in northern Argentia, southern Brazil, Paraguay, north Chile, Bolivia would have a lot of fallout. So would most of central and southern Australia.

              • John Q. Public says:

                …except that “geoengineering” has significantly re-routed the jet stream.

                Anyone who thinks there is a truly safe hidey hole will be rudely awakened.

                This is one instance when relativism makes sense.

          • Bi,
            Excellent analysis.
            But this is one reason why I’m so busy nowadays.
            I have only two words for you;

            New Jerusalem.
            Knowledge conquers Mystery.

            • John Q. Public says:

              Channeling more demons for more gnosis.

              • John Q,
                You never leave it alone. Fine.
                You are;
                The ones who believes the Mother of Harlots, that rides the Beast of ten horns….
                Repeating more Mystery and magic, brought to you by ignorant preachers keeping you down as sheep, in passive submission to ‘Godly Authority’.
                Repeating the lies of the Catholics, and the victimization of the protestors, fulfilling the Lord’s prophecy, that He did not come to bring peace, but a sword… A Sword of Division, sewed in false doctrines of devils, and the abomination that makes the people of God desolate, set up in the true temple of God, your mind.

                God Bless ya, oh foulmouthed one.

              • John Q. Public says:

                You mention your “knowledge.” I mention its source. It is that simple.

                Like your “knowledge” your insults come from your demons, so I take all of it “from whence it comes.”

          • Lanny says:

            BI; whenever I read your comments I feel like I’m sitting next to Cliff Claven in a bar 🙂 Your knowledge & advice is priceless, I’m sure you meant convection motion concerning the equatorial air? An interesting fact I had never thought about but makes so much sense. I agree whole heartily with your statement about the more you know of a subject, the less frightening it is when required to survive it; how true, except when concerning our Gov’t, it doesn’t make it any less frightening. L

          • JohnFornaro says:

            Excellent overview by BeInformed about the asteroid, the sun, and the nuke.

          • sixpack says:


            “…some people get into the cutesy prepping of growing a garden, canning, putting away some food and other supplies. In other words they are not really serious about it.”

            What do you mean “not serious”? If they are putting food back, learning and maintaining a garden and preserving as much as they can, THEY ARE DOING EXACTLY WHAT WE HERE ON SHTF HAVE BEEN ADVISING THEM TO DO, all this time. Are you saying that we’ve been giving bad advice on this, and other sites?

            I’d be curious to know EXACTLY how much you think people should do to be considered “serious” preppers. By “serious”, do you mean doomsday preppers…and everyone else who isn’t living in a cave and running around in fatigues with a deer on a pole is just playing at prepping?

            Prepping for what?

            I’m about as hard-core die-hard as they come, but even I can recognize that there could be a point in the future, where something so terrible happens, making surviving on this rock rather pointless.

            I wouldn’t want to be THE LAST HUMAN STANDING on a totaled, desolate planet that won’t recover for centuries to come. About the only ones THAT prepared are the elites—and they used OUR money to do it. Does that mean anyone less prepared than a multi-million dollar bunker full of decades worth of supplies is “not serious” about prepping?

            I agree with most everything else you posted, EXCEPT the part about “cutesy prepping”. Let them be “cute” about it if they want to—as long as their preps keep them out of mine for as long as possible.

          • durango kidd says:

            This is precisely why the USA GAVE the design for the L-88 neutron bomb to the Chinese and claimed it was stolen by a Chinese American scientist.

            It is also why the USA made the CCP a FULL financial partner in global domination. WE expect such a war to break out eventually; either in the Middle East, or South Asia where ethnic and religious differences are a two edged sword. Better that the combatants have nuke weapons where the radiation dissipates.

            It is also why O’Bummer is pivoting OUR attention to Asia and leaving the Middle East to Europe and the Regional Powers. They should shoulder that responsibility.

            All eight current members of the nuke club have neutron warheads. Israel probably does too. Only Iran does not and this is the fear for US; and Israel.

            Engage your enemy before he nukes you. 🙂

        • momof6 says:

          Check out the website “An Old Fashioned Education”

        • Genius says:

          HERE IS A FORM TO GIVE TO INQUIRING GOVT. DIRTBAGS.. This form can be used for any public servant asking questions or otherwise.. I waited all day for it to post on the last article but it never did. I have copies by the door and in the vehicle 🙂

          • Warchild says:

            Genius,though nice too much trouble,a big dog and me practicing with the bow in backyard will have em move on I believe.

          • PA farmer says:

            Genius, funny you bring that up, I’ve been alluding a Census guy for a month now, just dont answer the door. I think the next time I’m gona let my 100lb Lab mix out see if he want to talk too him. hehe..need to find somebody to print that for me, Thanks..

            • 10% Off says:

              I hear you PA. No one stays on my front porch when they hear my 2 Pits going crazy at the front door. They are both big babies, but they have the most vicious barks I’ve ever heard! I always look out a window when they start barking and the looks on people’s faces is priceless.

              • Mountain Trekker says:

                10% know xactly what you mean. My pit loves everybody and every dog, had him for six months before I even knew he could bark. But the first time he did he sounded like a male lion roaring. But if you don’t belong here, don’t come around in the dark. Trekker Out. They Are, What You Make Them!

              • 10% Off says:

                MT – Yes sir. Very smart and loyal for life! Training is a must, as with any dog. Wouldn’t have anything else.

              • sixpack says:

                I had a couple of Portland cops come to my door back in 1988, looking to arrest the former resident. My pit got out the screen door and went straight up and stuck his nose in the closest cop’s crotch and held it there—let me tell you, there was some tension in the air!

                What a priceless moment.

                Luckily, my pit was well trained and highly obedient, and the cop didn’t reach for anything.

                God, I loved that dog!

            • ed fend says:

              it’s eluding. And the census is mandated in the constitution for all you constitution lovers.

              • sixpack says:

                Only to redraw congressional districts. The govt has since highjacked it to gather unrelated info on people. The most of it now, has nothing to do with “redistricting”, and THAT isn’t in the constitution.

          • Jack Hammer says:

            Sweet! Downloaded and printed two copies. Thanks!

          • Its a good idea…Im familiar with it(and others) from my days in the NO NAIS/Real ID fight….so far though just telling them to get off my land or face the consequences has always worked…govicorps has no rights.

            • PA farmer says:

              Most people that know wouldnt beleive I havent took a nutty on this Census worker, I even thought about just open the door thowing a bucket of water on him an just shut the door. I have learned from shtf just be Invisible is best. I have a friend printing that link for me. Its too funny.

        • lonelonmum says:

          Do you have to use a state mandated curriculum programme? Or can you teach how you like so long as they pass the end of year test?

          Could you use an International correspondance course? Wossley Hall & Little Arthur are both OK.

          My kid has ASD & it’s his disability that makes him so well suited to being taught online. I honestly do not think it’s the ideal learning medium for everyone, not by a long shot. In fact I think I think it’s a pretty bad way to learn for most neurotypical kids under aged about 14, and even then a lot of adults hate learning this way. He’s grade 5 and we use it for 6 hours live tuition a week. (Though not all at the same grade level – he’s 8 for science and 2/3 for some aspects of literacy due to his disability). The rest of the time I source the learning materials myself.

          Our maths programme is this one It’s based on the Hungarian Curriculum which is not as messed up as the UK National Curriculum. It’s totally free to use, so no cost at all. I myself am dyslexic so have to be careful I teach maths correctly rather than via my own lil’ work arounds.

          Have you looked at the Charlotte Mason based site – Ambleside online. I defy you not to be able to use the fantastic free literacy resources there for your Literature and Language Tuition. My kid is really enjoying looking at the classics, which help expand his vocab, and often include something not found in modern texts – MORALS.

          We also belong to two weekly groups. I can offer arts and crafts & other parents have other skills to offer so as a group we pool practical subjects such as sports music, drama, bushcraft etc. This helps to ensure that our kids get to socialise and that they can do stuff we couldn’t teach in isolation. I know my kid is looking forward to doing astronomy next year. Noone is an expert at everything.

          Don’t be scared to set up a homeschool group in your area to pool resources, it’s surprisingly easy as homeschoolers are a motivated bunch. Our kids need lifeskills such as cooking too, so never think you have nothing to offer such a group.

          • Warchild says:

            Khan Academy has a lot of good learning for free from very basic to doctorate level courses and discussions,worht a check for those with kids or like me just trying to learn more in general.

            • lonelonmum says:

              Khan academy is fantastic. I use it to fill in the blanks of my own education at times.

              I also like and edx for the free online college courses. I’ve done the solar energy one, (too old to have covered that topic properly at school) and the prepping one.

              • Warchild says:

                Lone,not familiar with em,with give them a look,hell,mit has a lot of non credit free courses,in the end what do you want,the credit or the education,for me,just the education is fine.

        • Swinging on a star says:


          We have used Alpha Omega Life Pack as our curriculum for 7 years now, it is Christian based and quite excellent. At the end of each school year we administer a CAT test and our kids score in the 90 to 97 percentile so that tells me how well they are learning. NO COMMON CORE IN THIS CURRICULUM!You will receive ten workbooks for each subject and a teachers guide, anyone who wants to homeschool can be successful with this wonderful guide. Good luck.

        • Merree says:

          Try the Christa McAuliffe Academy out of Oregon. A friend of mine had excellent results with them.

          • Swinging on a star says:


            Outlaw claimed that expense was an issue, Christa McAuliffe Academy is very expensive unless you live in certain areas. Hands on is in my opinion the very best approach to home schooling.

            I would suggest that Outlaw search the Alpha Omega Curriculum and realize how highly recommended it is and affordable.

        • Ignatius says:

          Ron Paul recommends the Robinson Curriculum for those on a budget. Tons of reading and self teaching. Knowledge is in books, the children just need the confidence, environment and discipline to extract the knowledge. This method doesn’t require you to be the teacher just the facilitator. Plus, the books used are classics and are not politically charged. You will need to do a lot of printing or load the books on computers or kindles..

        • John Q. Public says:


          Our Lady of Victory has excellent homeschool programs at very low cost.

        • ItIsWell says:

          I homeschool my kids and use ACE Accelerated Christian Education. I file religious exemption in Virginia so I don’t do any state testing. I taught in a Christian school for years and used Abeka which is good for younger chidren. However, I wouldn’t recommend Abeka for third grade and up.

        • Not them guys says:


          Kudos on not sending your kids to gov’t indoctrination centers. If you are looking at an “out of the box” curriculum, meaning everything you need K thru 12th grade, I would recommend checking out the Robinson curriculum at It was created by Dr. Art Robinson and his wife (now deceased), who are/were both scientists. This is the curriculum they used to homeschool their own 6 children.

          I have not personally used this curriculum, as I have pulled this and that from various curriculum to supplement my kids’ private school educations, but the Robinson curriculum gets high marks from various homeschooling blogs and is only $195 for the entire thing. It’s definitely worth checking out the website. Lots of material to read through.

          When I am looking for homeschooling books and materials, the source I turn to most is Rainbow Resources at

          Also check out Cathy Duffy Homeschool Reviews at Tons of reviews and articles there to sift through.

          Good luck to you!

        • Vi coactus says:

          Outlaw, this site may interest you: Easy Peasy All In One Homeschool

        • Vicky says:

          I don’t have anything helpful to tell you, except I can offer moral support. I home-schooled our two youngest and both went to college, one graduating with a 4.0 and one with a 3.9. Ohio has introduced a bill that leaves your right to home-school to the discretion of Child Services which is horrible. I would try to get copies of the “correct’ textbooks and go through them to see what is emphasized in math and the sciences, then wing it from there. It will be obvious from the fact they won’t do well in the sociological areas that they are home-schooled, but math and the hard sciences should carry them through. I think the public schools have to furnish copies of the textbooks since you’re a tax payer, but who knows what this hard-left government we’re under will say on that. Very few parents actually care what their children are taught, but those who do care aren’t going to like Common Core. I’m a college graduate but learned new things from teaching the kids. You may think you’re not the “smartest guy on the block”, but neither am I. We all learn together.

        • wrong says:


          Did you check your local area? We taught at home also and received lots of advise and wisdom from the local Homeschool group. My wife could tell you everything you want to know. All I did pretty much was work my butt off so she could stay home and be the teacher. It was great for us all. My kids are done now. Yea! One of the resources we used was from a woman by who wrote Truth Quest History.

        • Hoopster says:

          I am learning more of this ‘common core’ curriculum and I do not like it. Last week my 12 year old granddaughter told me that she had a sex education class and the teacher told them how to put on 2 condoms, to be sure to check expiration dates on condoms, and make sure to check the packages for holes.. then went on to say that ”if you use two condoms one may come off inside of you and then you have to tell your parents that you are having sex”! SHE IS TWELVE YEARS OLD!..Needless to say my husband and my son (her father) were outraged..She then said that the teacher apologized for having to teach it. She said she did not want to but was forced to. Yes, if anyone here is able to homeschool by all means do so..It only gets worse from here.

        • ReBecca says:

          I think this looks like a very good possibility:

        • Mikey in N FL says:


          There should be a homeschool organization nearby you could contact about curriculum and maybe even finding some used books. You’re doing the right thing. Keep the kids out of the indoctrination centers. Good luck.

        • Peter says:

          @Outlaw, I have 4 also in NYC public schools. Common core is sick and pro communist agenda to dummy up this generation. Many parents complain, many children fail the tests.We have to do our best and help at home with “other” real teachings. History of US, world history, math, reading assigned to their age groups, etc. Basically what we learned. My wife and I work overtime at home. Religious teachings also at home as the Sunday school program seems to have have changed also. Seems like babysitting. I wish you and your family the best.

        • QDUBB says:


          I as you homeschool my kids. We use My Father’s World material. The nice thing about this is that is is progressive and compact. It starts with the Creation through history of the world. Math we use Saxon math which also is progressive. The biggest thing about the public school system is the slight of hand. Education as parents is our primary objective. If they have control of our kids then they can in essence control their thoughts about the future in a pertetual state of lies. I will pray for your transition. I have 6 kids at home 4 in school ages 1-11.

          God Speed and God Bless

      • Gunner says:

        It’s really a travesty that the fate
        of the many is in the hands of so few.

      • JayJay says:

        “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” Albert Einstein

        • Genius says:

          If the world goes to total shit after an event like that then life won’t be worth living. The human race will have proved itself to screwed up to exist. If theres any arseholes left around me that deserve to die I will take them with me. Good bye stupid humans, better luck next time as a tree or something 😛

      • JohnFornaro says:

        The NK leader is probably acting according to the instructions given him by his chinese masters. The chinese would probably have no problem with his country being sacrificially destroyed by a “limited” nuclear attack from us. The radiation cloud would go over the Pacific and not hurt china whatsoever.

      • @itiswell
        i have homeschooled for years and have found abeka academy to be the easiest to use and has a terrific curriculum. It is christian based and can be a bit pricey but easily found used on the internet .a search should yield some results.hope that helps.

    • james says:

      My wife and I were just talking yesterday about all the problems in the world and our preps and we have come to the conclusion that it is what it is and we are not going to fixate on it anymore.
      We are getting up in age and we have decided to have a little fun together before it all falls apart. That is not to say that we won’t have a nice garden and do our canning etc. But you can not take it with you and we have all the basics covered (Thank God). So we are going to buy a used boat to cruise around the big lakes not far from our place and do a little fishing and serious relaxing.
      This is one of the perils that are beyond our control and we are not going to sit underground and just worry all the time. Maybe this is faulty thinking but we will take it as it is and stop worrying so much. Hope I don’t get too many bad thumbs but I thought I would just put my .02 about things and share. God Bless, James

      • buttcrackofdoom says:

        reminds me of when my first wife and i were SOOO depressed, we decided life wasn’t worth living anymore….so we decided to commit suicide together….she went first(you know, ladies FIRST and all)…..and then right away i started feeling BETTER… after a few minutes i was feeling good enough to say FUCK IT…i’ll SOLDIER ON! ……………………..ok, ok….juuuust kidding!….stopit! stopit with the red thumbs already! it’s a DRY humor out here in kalifornia!

      • Just_Sayin says:

        The most logical thing I’ve heard in a while.

      • old guy says:

        James sounds like goo advice. My thoughts are if North America becomes contaminated with radiation I would like to use my dying radiated body to travel to Mount Weather and seal it up so those inside will never get out. Maybe commander a drilling rig and puncture it and fill it with gas ,Lp and other fuel and set it off?

    • watching and waiting says:

      No. Actually the post is being realistic as you look at the physical effects of a nuclear exchange. Consider if yellow stone was to explode, similar effect, just not the radiation.

      If you live near a large city like New York, L.A. or so, yes, you are toast as is those who may live near a major military installation(s).

      The problem after the explosion and blast will be the radiation carried by the wind as we are seeing in Japan. There is no defense against that unless you live underground and properly shielded.

      The good news is that there will not be a world wide Nuclear Bombardment. We will see nuclear weapons used again but in a limited deployment. Watch the Middle East. Actually some say nuclear weapons are nearly obsolete with the advance weapons available now.

      In my personal opinion, the author of this article is incorrect in saying you cannot be prepared. You can, as long as you know where you will spend eternity, you are prepared.

      no fret, no sweat……keep prepping….still have to live…

      Merry Christmas

      • PuppyPrepper says:

        Jesus Christ controls history.

        The world cannot end until He destroys it at the end of the Millenium.

        Man does not have the power to end all human life.

        Relax. As a Believer, you’ll go when He says it’s time, not one minute sooner or later.

      • Years back I found a site that showed where many nukes were aimed at. They were spread out but overlapped. It covered the country with about 25 bombs. Just imagine all the military bases as targets. I imagine more than 25 bombs being aimed at the country also.
        I find being a Christian helps when dealing with information like this.

    • lastmanstanding says:

      It would be a lot easier for them if we did.

      My goal is for them to roll over and die…violently.

  2. Unreconsructed Southron says:

    It’s only a matter of time. People are crazy.

  3. Rodster says:

    Dr. Paul Craig Roberts believes the US is driving the world towards war and David Stockman believes The Fed is engineering a Global financial collapse.

    ….prepare accordingly.

  4. Ugly says:

    The Title statement, “A Disaster So Massive In Scale That No Preparation Is Possible” is very true.

    That is probably what we are looking at in The End. It will be just too much. Evil has the military and all the technology to devoid us of water, food, and peace….

    But trying is better than doing nothing at all. Remember the old saying,

    ‘Winners never quit, and quitters never win’

    A prepper does not quit even though the cards are stacked against us. We still go. At least we gave it our effort. I would rather fail while trying rather than not trying at all and being a useless slob in the endtimes.

    Good luck….

    • old guy says:

      As Homey Simpson stated. Trying? Trying? Trying is the first step toward failure! show me someone who failed and they first started by trying! ????

      • Ugly says:

        old guy.

        With all respect, that really is a dumb statement.

        Yes, people that have failed are the ones that did try because the other losers never even gave it an attempt. Much like armchair quarterbacking. They are ‘watchers’ and then pick up the crumbs afterwards.

        It is like inventors. They usually are the ones that get ‘stiffed’ because the watchers waited and let the doers make the mistakes, mainly in finances….

        Thus, you can look at the word ‘trying’ as either active or passive. I chose the active form.

        PS. Why Homer? For an old guy you should have chosen George Jetson.

        • AL OLS says:


          Is this the same ugly from usa watchdog?

          • Ugly says:

            @AL OLS.

            Yes it is the same ugly. There are several bloggers on here that also blog on usa. That was a good list you provided on the preps on usa.

            @old guy.

            I don’t too much stuff too serious. Although I do need to take more prepping and financial stuff serious because the day of reckoning is not too far away.

        • old guy says:

          Yep a dumb statement. Homer Simpson isn’t the brightest bulb on the tree. I like the Simpsons cartoon because of the sarcasm and its funny because it does have a ring of truth to it in a perverse way. I was just being irritating in a curmudgeony manner. My advice don’t take everything so serious. Now are you really UGLY as your name implies?

  5. InsanityISContagious says:

    Honestly…people are nuttier than fruit cakes lately, more so than in a long time, but you know what? If this happened, chances are that most of us wouldn’t make it to see the sunrise…so honestly why worry about it?

    Many “catastrophes” are possible, but how many are probable?

  6. Kulafarmer says:

    Honestly if there ever was a huge nuclear detonation that contaminated everything, i would really rather not be alive afterwards anyway,
    Quality of life, is more important than living just for the sake of living or surviving

  7. gone under says:

    1 year BARE minimum complete food and well water, 2-3 years prefered with 5 years seed storage. Also you will need soil test kits for proper conditioning. A good sealed Root cellar with 3 feet of earth on top and hepa air filtration for a month woul be nice.

    • Calgacus says:

      You forgot the preps for radiation sickness and cancer.

      • gone under says:

        No. I didnt. Filter, KI and Time.

        • Calgacus says:

          Seriously a filter? For what? You understand what Potassium iodide protect you from and what it dont do?

          Time is irrelevant to radioactive chemicals but important to cancer.
          Read up man. You actually can do a few things within the home for first rounds of exposure. The article also mentions long term food supplies which would need protection too. But long term the ground and water supply will be radioactive and so will animals and all other living things, even rivers and oceans.
          Its a thinking mans game but situations could be thought out and some planning could help. When the entire climate changes though itll get extreme.
          Sprouting seeds would be a big food source.
          One issue would be medicines because people who survive but at the perimeters and other outlying zones would have immune problems I think.
          Less population so less disease but survivors would be more prone to cancers and other long term sickness. Got to know the herbals and maybe the ancient Chinese cures. I dont know this area but might be worth reading up on. Chinese been living in a shit world for almost forever and we could learn things from those in the more primitive areas.

          • gone under says:

            I have read up, and still read. Well water will not be contaminated for quite some time. Fallout is dust and can be filtered, and has a very short life. KI blocks your thyroid from absorbing I131. Where is your proof the climate will change? what info do you have on how big the Nuke exchange will be and where the other targets, other than the Large cities are? There are TOO many varables for ME to give up Like YOU have.

            • Calgacus says:

              I131 is only one of the radioactive chemicals that you would be exposed to. What about strontium or cesium?
              Understand now that your filter is for dust. At least you dont think itll protect you from radiation. Better get a pallet of cases.
              I only mentioned climate changing because of this article. A nuclear holocaust would shift everything we know like population, climate, sunlight, moonlight, and more. Compare the largest volcanic eruptions to an enormous nuclear blast and youd understand better.

              • gone under says:

                Youd understand better that a nuclear holocast doesnt mean climate change and definately wouldnt affect moonlight. There has not and will not be proof of your statement until it happens. Why would I need a pallet of filters? do you know what the particulate count is going to be for my area? Your fear porn is based on your opinion…. Just like my optimism. Well, nice talking with you. I am going to drink a cup of Half Full coffee…not half empty.

              • Calgacus says:

                How dense can you be. But youre the one saying I gave up and Ill die. Where did you invent that bullshit? And whats with the ignorance of the glass half full or empty. If there’s a glass and it has liquid in it, why focus on how much. Dont you want to know whats in it and whether its safe or not. Or do you always just swallow.

                There are radioactive particles that come from a nuclear blast and you want to ignore them with that half full glass, thats your option. Youll be sick and dead in a week if youre in the blast zone or the plume afterwards.

                So go on and use those dust filters. See how long you make it before you start to puke your guts out. Youll freak when the hair falls out in clumps though. By then youll be too weak to beg for mercy or a bullet.

                But the dust wont affect the sunlight or moonlight, or anything. Isnt that how you want your fairy tale to read? Heres a dose of big boy reality. Go read up on Mt Saint Helens eruption and see what happened afterwards.

                I dont give a damn whether you want to believe anything about fallout or not. You sound like a libtard. You wont survive with that attitude so whats the point.

            • gone under says:

              @ Cagacus… Another tough keyboard warrior. Always a bad ass until you meet face to face. Ive prepped and continue to do so. YOU surrendered. Fucking Lib

              • Calgacus says:

                Cant handle the tough questions can you. Cant even handle one man who challenges your bullshit protective nonsense. You actually think youre prepped for nuclear attacks and a holocaust with fucking dust masks. Are you fucking kidding?

                I got a piece of cotton you can shove up your ass and none of that radiation dirt will ever bother you again.

                Goes over the head, dont it?

                No wonder you go by gone under. Its all over your head.

                Gone under.

                Gone under to hide. Thats it, aint it. Coward.

              • gone under says:

                Well, I can meet you somewhere and kick the fucking lib shit out of you. Pussy.

  8. KerrrrBOOOOOM!!! bitchez

    • buttcrackofdoom says:

      what the hell makes us think fuckyoushema hasn’t ALREADY started the ball rollin’? PFFFTTT! was all the warning IT gave, but it looks to ME like it’s doing some serious damage to the pacific, so far….i see serious damage to the food chain!

  9. gone under says:

    They plan on surviving, and I plan on watching how they prep.

  10. Northern Reb says:

    Hello Ya’all I’m new to this sight as far as comment, I have been read it for a while. Ugly what you said is correct, We preppers have to just keep prepping no matter what we are facing.
    My preppes may not be used by me, but because they are there, they might be use by someone else and that will help keep man kind going. Im not handing over my stuff to anyone but I just might not be alive to use them.

  11. Thinker says:

    Las Vegas and Idaho falls just had a level 5 alert from the Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center! but can’t find out much information as to the spike?
    Anyone have any answers?? Thanks?


  12. The Lone Ranger says:

    We must pray to avert nuclear war, and we must especially pray the Rosary, which is THE weapon against Satan and his minions, including those who want to reduce the 7 billion population to just 500 million.

    Pray the Rosary. Pray, pray, pray.

    • Rosary? I think I would rather bet on the Rapture.

    • Unreconsructed Southron says:

      “Don’t pray in repetition as the heathen do.” — Jesus of Nazareth

      • Wasp says:

        Unrecon, you got that right, to be more precise. Jesus said in Matthew 6:7 “But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do: for they think they shall be heard for their much speaking”.WASP

        • John Q. Public says:

          The Rosary is NOT a VAIN repetition, but efficacious.

          • InsanityISContagious says:

            My 1 cent worth (after inflation)…who cares if it is a rosary prayer or not a rosary prayer? Don’t ya think we could use all the praying we can get? It’s not a time to be picky…help is help.

            • Indy Colts says:

              If your prayer is a lazy one that doesn’t come from the heart, does it really help?

              I respect GOD to much to resight a cult prayer over and over.

              • John Q. Public says:

                There is nothing “lazy” about a proper Rosary. One meditates on the mysteries of the Rosary while praying.

                The Joyful Mysteries
                The Annunciation
                The Visitation
                The Nativity
                The Presentation
                The Finding of Jesus in the Temple

                The Sorrowful Mysteries
                The Agony in the Garden
                The Scourging
                The Crowning with Thorns
                The Way of the Cross
                The Crucifixion

                The Glorious Mysteries
                The Resurrection
                The Ascension
                The Descent of the Holy Ghost
                The Assumption
                The Coronation

                You need to stop learning about Catholicism from Jack Chick’s lying comic books.

              • InsanityISContagious says:

                How about the Lord’s prayer? Our Father who art in Heaven….is that a cult prayer?

                I find it AWFUL presumptious to decide what God accepts and does not accept…which is probably Earth’s most serious problem: When humans decide that when they think or act for God or on God’s behalf.

                You are also taking a Bible which has been re-translated a hundred times in a hundred different ways to impower YOURSELF to condemn a person who prays over a rosary…such arrogance.

                You know in your heart what is right and wrong and condemning a person because they grew up or feel strongly about a prayer that is as comforting to them as a blanket they carried as a child. You have not the authority nor the power to do that.

      • SWFL says:

        I’m not R.C. but I would accept anyone praying for my welfare, Rosary or not.
        The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.
        (New Testament | James 5:16)

  13. Jim in Va. says:

    Too many people,too little resources. Somebody is gonna win and somebody is gonna lose. Stock up!

  14. Sgt. Dale says:

    A Nuclear war would be foolish. No one wins the ground is no good to grow food, water is contaminated, The best use of nuclear weapons is EMPs. This way the earth could be used for food and water so that people would survive.

    The US and the Russians have MAAD, I don’t believe we would drop H bombs on them or them on us.

    Now for some turd in the Middle East that is a different story. Iran believes this will bring on their (Savior). and Israel, Has a saying never again. So they would more than likely break out their Jericho’s. and use them to defend herself.

    India and Pakistan have come close a couple a times but with China backing Pakistan and the US backing India both nations backed down.

    Also if and when Iran gets a nuke and gives it to some terrorist group all bets are off. Just look at Syria. Some turd used poison gas on the other side. So how knows?

    If I survive the blast, and radiation, I won’t just roll over and give up I will try my best to start over again. This won’t be the 1800 it will be the STONE AGE.

    WW3 will be fought with nukes WW4 will be fought with stones! Old saying form the 60’s.

    • braveheart says:

      Sgt. Dale, good evening, sir. I’m not disputing anything you’re saying, but I have to point out as I said in my first post on here that the loony bin of this world has really grown since you and I were kids. As you rightfully point out, if some Muslim turd gets his hands on a nuke, it’s all over but the crying. I never roll over or give up on anything. Like you, if I survive a nuclear conflict, I’ll give it my best shot and start over again. Surrender is no option for me. It’s not even part of my vocabulary. MOLON LABE braveheart

    • NC joe says:

      Albert Einstien said that. Get your facts straight.

    • Northern Reb says:

      Sgt.Dale, you are right about MAAD but those other countries I don’t know.
      I dought that there would be another WWII type detonation over a city. It would be easier to detonate a nuclear weapon that would cause an EMP that shut down a hole country by frying is power grid. No electicity nothing works. You cant even use the bathroom.!:-(

      • Archivist says:

        Sure you can use the bathroom without utilities. You can flush the toilet manually by dumping a bucket of water in it. And the water can be dishwater or other used water. You need water catchment, water storage, wells, and access to rivers, creeks, lakes, or ponds.

        My outhouse will always work.

        And remember, for men the whole world is a bathroom.

        • Warchild says:

          Arch,I believe the word you are looking for is “facilatree”!

        • Sgt. Dale says:

          You are right if you are not on City sewer. I have family that works for the water Dept., and they tell me you might have a week before everything stops. They say if the waist water plant has no electricity the waist water lines will pug and this will stop your waist water from leaving you house.
          Don’t forget the LYE.

          • gone under says:

            Waste water in Stockton Ca is gravity flow to the lift stations. Pump lift it to a discharge line higher in elevation and the gravity flow starts over again. Without power, the lift sations and sewer lines will backup in about one day. In less than 3 days, it will be in your house depending on elevation in relation to the numerous (couple dozen) lift stations. As far as the sewage treatment plant, The headworks (influent screening/grit channel room) will flood in a few hours depending on the time of day. But it will be submerged in 10 hours for sure. It has happened before when I was there. Wasnt my fault, the electrician disconnected the battery bank providing DC power and we had to Black Start the enginators that provided power for the Raw Sewage Pumps. What a shitty mess that was.

        • Archivist says:

          I have my own septic system, so I don’t have to worry about lift stations. I hope they never put in sewer lines in my area because that would bring in more development.

          My outhouse is over 80 years old and just needs a few repairs. Luckily, I have some original siding from the house that matches, even to the peeling of the paint. So I can repair it and not have to paint it. I don’t want it to look new.

        • Northern Reb says:

          Not were I live, the EPA made us put electric grinder pumps on our lines and made use hook onto a sewer line that goes to a pumping staion 1/2 mile away to pump into an other pumping station that pumps to the city sewer system 2 1/2 miles away. No eletricity, NO bath room!!

    • California Girl says:

      Joel Skousen says (yes, I’m quoting him a second time) that Russia is planning a massive nuclear first strike against the U.S. that will take out all of our major military bases. The Russians don’t care if there is nothing left to salvage here because their main objective is not the taking over of America, but the taking over of Europe. If we are destroyed we won’t be able to come to their aid and the Russians will swoop down on them and annex Europe to Russia. The communist regime never fell, it just went underground and is continuing to stockpile weapons while we are dismantling. Our government knows this. Skousen doesn’t believe the Russians will attack us yet, but will probably be ready in approximately 8 years or so.

      • Frank Thoughts says:

        There is a positive side to this: have you seen Russian women in their 20s? They can dominate me anytime.

        “Da, dear! I will have the blinis ready in five minutes. Da, da: I will pick up the shopping and drop the kids off, da, da.”

        • John Q. Public says:

          “More souls go to Hell because of the sins of the flesh than for any other reason.”
          Our Lady of Fatima

          • PuppyPrepper says:

            The only reason anyone goes to hell is for not believing in Jesus Christ.

            Jesus Christ died on the cross to pay the price for every sin of every man that ever lived or will live. Therefore our sin is no longer the issue.

            The only unpardonable sin is to reject His gift of salvation.

            “He who believes in the Son has eternal life; but he who does not believe in the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God abides on him” John 3:36

            • John Q. Public says:

              Judas is in hell and he believed in Jesus Christ.

              He is in hell for betraying Jesus Christ, not for disbelieving in Jesus.

              Pay attention to what GOD says is necessary to enter Heaven, faith and works:

              “But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead?” James 2:20

              “Not every one that saith to me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven: but he that doth the will of my Father who is in heaven, he shall enter into the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 7:21

              “…But if thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments.” Matthew 19:17

              “Wherefore, my dearly beloved, (as you have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but much more now in my absence,) with fear and trembling work out your salvation” Phillipians 2:12

              What shall it profit, my brethren, if a man say he hath faith, but hath not works? Shall faith be able to save him? And if a brother or sister be naked, and want daily food: And one of you say to them: Go in peace, be ye warmed and filled; yet give them not those things that are necessary for the body, what shall it profit? So faith also, if it have not works, is dead in itself. But some man will say: Thou hast faith, and I have works: shew me thy faith without works; and I will shew thee, by works, my faith.” James 2:14-18

              “…Who will render to every man according to his works.” Romans 2:6

              “For the Son of man shall come in the glory of his Father with his angels: and then will He render to every man according to his works.” Matthew 16:27

              “For we must all be manifested before the judgement seat of Christ, that every one may receive the proper things of the body, according as he hath done, whether it be good or evil.” 2 Corinthians 5:10

              “And I saw the dead, great and small, standing in the presence of the throne, and the books were opened; and another book was opened, which is the book of life; and the dead were judged by those things which were written in the books, according to their works.” Apocalypse 20:12

              See also Matthew 25:31-46 (the unrighteous are condemned for failing to do good deeds), 1 Corinthians 13:2 (faith without love is useless), Galatians 5:6 (faith without love is useless), etc., etc., etc.

              There are about 30 MORE verses that testify to the necessity of good works to enter Heaven. I will gladly supply them all.

            • John Q. Public says:

              IF your salvation is important to you…

              Not By Faith Alone: The Biblical Evidence for the Catholic Doctrine of Justification by Dr. Robert Sungenis, a former Protestant

              Not By Faith Alone is one of the first books produced in modern Catholic history to address and explain in fine detail all the relevant biblical passages concerning the Catholic view of Justification. Its over 700 pages, with extensive footnotes and appendices; examination of the original Greek and Hebrew; critique of past and present Protestant theologians; citations of major patristic Fathers, medieval theologians, Ecumenical Councils and the Catholic Catechism, make this one of the finest and most thorough books ever made on the subject….


            • John Q. Public says:

              Was incomplete…”He is in hell for betraying Jesus Christ and despairing in suicide, not for disbelieving in Jesus.”

              • PuppyPrepper says:

                Catholicism as presented by JohnQ is a form of religious tyranny and control.

                Christianity is based on the grace of God and the salvation work of Christ, not the works of man.

                How many good works is enough for you to get into heaven?

                One work by Christ opened the way, and all we have to do is accept His gift. There is nothing we can do to earn it.

                And once saved, there is nothing that we can do to undo the work of God. There is no sin great enough to cause you to lose your salvation. Christ died and already paid for all of those sins.

              • John Q. Public says:

                @ Puppy Prepper

                Exactly WHO told you that what you DO in this life doesn’t matter for your salvation as long as you have “faith”?

                It certainly wasn’t the Word of God since about three dozen verses contradict you.

                Jesus Christ’s sacrifice was sufficient for all men to be saved BUT every man must cooperate with grace and DO as GOD (not me) instructed. Just as Lucifer did not cooperate (“Non serviam!”), men have the free will to not cooperate. That is not a slight on God, but on the men themselves. You have free will. Choose good. Choose God.

                Why do you void the commandments of God for the traditions of ignorant men cooperating with the devil?

                If it is “tyranny” to live the Ten Commandments, tell that to God’s face at His Judgment Seat. I doubt that you’ll get any more traction with Him than you got with me.

      • jimb says:

        The communists that left after the soviet breakup are here and are in high places of government all over the country.
        You don’t even have to look hard, they are starting to tell you who they are now because they believe the course of America can’t be turned back.

      • gone under says:

        Joel is full of it. We both have SSBN’s. Thats where the muscle is at, not the land sites.

        • Jeff says:

          It does NOT matter how many SSBNs we have, if we don’t have the will to use them. Russian subs have been able to enter and patrol in the Gulf of Mexico without our navy knowing they were there or locatiting them. I bet though that the same spy agencies that can find out what you bought, where you were and what internet sites you looking at 6 months ago.

        • Jeff says:

          It does NOT matter how many SSBNs we have, if we don’t have the will to use them. Russian subs have been able to enter and patrol in the Gulf of Mexico without our navy knowing they were there or locatiting them. I bet though that the same spy agencies that can find out what you bought, where you were and what internet sites you looking at 6 months ago.

      • 10% Off says:

        Cali Girl – 8 years? BHO is shooting for 8 months. He’s going to beat the Ruskies to it. He’s not on our side….but I do agree with you. It doesn’t look good either way.

  15. slingshot says:

    If it happens you might play Johnny Ripshit for a few days. Embrace the chaos.

  16. lynnie says:

    We are not preparing so that we can survive. I am ready to die. We do all we can to give our children a chance to survive. The time to stop thinking about it is when you have no room and no money for more preps.

    Good information here:

  17. braveheart says:

    I think it’s safe to say we will all live long enough to see a major war come along that changes everything. My prepping is continuing regardless. I’ve always believed a nuclear war would come about in my lifetime. Twice before we’ve gone right to the brink of nuclear war with the USSR, only to pull back at the last minute. The first time was the Cuban Missile Crisis of October 1962. I was only 5 years old at the time. I can still remember my older brother helping our Dad build a bomb shelter in our basement and stockpiling it with food, water, medical supplies, etc. That was my first contact with anything considered to be prepping. The second time was the Yom Kippur Arab-Israeli War of October 1973. Both times we were only a breath away from pushing the button. To this day I’m still grateful that nobody pushed the button either time. But the next time I don’t think we’ll be so fortunate. The loony bin has really grown since the 60s. braveheart

    • Sgt. Dale says:

      I was 8 in 1962, My father was out of the Army for 8 years at that time and he was called and told that he might get called up to train tank drivers at Fort Hood if a war started up. I remember my mother being very worried.

      In 1973 I was 19, and I was working and was told by a friend in the USMC that he might have to go to the middle east if it looks like Israel was going to loose.

      I was also told that my holding status because of my left knee that I would get drafted and have to go in. I still believe I would have been a cook or a clerk. I would have fought if that is what they wanted me to do.

      It was very close both times to Nuclear War. I remember the USSR was ramping up big time and so were we in 1972.

      If it happens, there is nothing I can to about it, but to do my best to Survive!


  18. Hello folks.

    When you are finished here @ SHTF

    Everyone is cordially invited to visit …

    Merry Christmas

  19. slingshot says:

    Pray? Rosary? Rapture?


    • JayJay says:

      Moonshine, heck–bring on the chocolate!! 🙂

    • Kulafarmer says:

      Moonshine, a big fat doobie, half a dozen sleeping pills, pull the jeep in the garage leave it running and crank the stereo up and just go to sleep, way better than dying from radiation poisoning or everything cancer,,, after im out i really dont care what goes down cause i know me and my girl will be side by side on that trip, she doesnt want to stick around either.

  20. slingshot says:

    Remember the NEUTRON BOMB?

    Leaves structures intact, kills people by high dosage of radiation. Short term half life. Air burst.
    Yepper, light you up like a Christmas Tree.

    • Be informed says:

      @ slingshot. I read this somewhere, that water is actually a better shield against a neutron bomb effects than even lead. I believe it was eastern europe satellite state that people were actually stacking big barrels of water to protect themselves against a neutron bomb. I know enough water will shield a person also against gamma radiation. This is why people in boats that can wash away any fallout on the boat can survive as long the water depth is about 30 feet or more. The fallout on the bottom of the lake, sea, whatever cannot pentrate a certain amount of water over it. I am not quite sure about the water in regards to the neutron bomb.

      • OK now let me see if I have this straight. After I see the nuclear war start, I mush my way up past the Eskimos and climb into the catamaran and then I… ???

      • slingshot says:


        All US Navy ship have spray nozzles that use salt water to wash away nuclear contaminants from the external surfaces of the ship. Water depth, I would think is a type of shielding against radiation. The sea would be the most survivable battlefield from which to continue the war if your warship survives the blast.
        Here is the catch, BI. If we were ever go into a nuclear war there will be no warning. Even if we had indications, the Government would NOT WARN US. Movement of Troops and War Machines. Aircraft to forward bases. Warships and Submarines leave port. Then the CIVIL DEFENCE warnings to THEIR PUBLIC. What makes us think that the press will report this. They do not report anything as all news from overseas is SERSORED! Any news we would receive on our airways would be filled with lies.
        They do it right now!

      • MM2Nuke says:

        BI .. 2″ of lead for a 1/10 factor for neutrons, 24″ of water for same effect. Or boron laced polystyrene at 1″ for an equal effect. Expensive to buy but you can make it yourself. Melt styrafoam pellets in gasoline until you get a really gooey mess and mix in borax soap powder about half and half and stir well. Pour into a wax paper lined baking sheet and let the gas evaporate. Gives you a 1/2″ thick sheet.

  21. slingshot says:

    Pick your poison.

    ICBM with multiple target reentry vehicles. Means more than one hit at one site.
    Tomahawk Tactical up to 1 megaton explosive warhead.
    Silver Bullets. 1 to 10 megaton bombs.
    Hydrogen bombs. Oh! There are still out there.
    Various surface to surface missiles to carry low yield payloads.

  22. socrates says:

    Even with as many *crazy* despot dictators out there as there are…The U.S. will *not* be nuked. Why you ask?
    In any war or confrontation there are spoils that go to the victor. If another country nukes the USA or launches a full scale EMP attack…the victor would get NOTHING.

    With over 104 commercial nuclear reactors in the U.S. plus the large spent fuel pools, America (and pretty much the Northern hemisphere) would be Fukushima times 1000. You would never set foot on this continent again. Nobody, no how. It would kill all of the people in the USA for sure, but the enemy would NEVER be able to get fresh water, forests, minerals, you name it…we would be the glowing spot on the planet and everyone would run away as fast as they could.

    Are there lunatics out there crazy enough to push some red buttons? You bet. Are there governments out there that would LOVE to take over the U.S. and all her assets? No question about it. If the U.S. gets nuked then we may all die…but the ‘spoils of war’ will die with us! The irony is how people always thought that nuclear arms would destroy us…but they may actually save us….from nukes anyway.

    P.S. Our deaths won’t be nuclear at all, but biological weapon based. Leaves all resources intact, but kills all the people. 10-1 says I’m right. 🙂

    • Be informed says:

      @ socrates. That is what scares the hell out of me. Germs are something that kills like stealth attack. While your body can absorp certain radiation over a period of time, it just takes a certain amount of a pathogen just once, and you are f’ed. They still will likely take out the missile and aircraft bases because these ICBM silos and other military targets usually have safety nets all over the place for biological attacks. Primary targets will probably still be nuked on a more limited basis if sanity prevails.

    • Unless the elite few that release the bug have the antidote, germs are even more dangerous to them then being in a bunker during the nukes.

      • lonelonmum says:

        Socrates I fear you are right.

        Many nations are now in an arms race to produce the perfect bio-genetically engineered bug that will wipe out other ethnicities, yet leave their own intact.

        There is even an African urban myth that states that this is why N.Korea has not been invaded by the west. They have a flu bug that leaves their own people intact but wipes out caucasians and negroids.

        It is the weaponisation of the virus, not the desire to heal the sick that is driving the huge push towards gene therapy. With the right tweaks to your DNA you could be made immune to a virus that will slaughter your nations Useless eaters.

        Only one country to date has threatened the “Samson Option” in relation to nuclear weapons (google it). Providing that nation can be kept in check, the more likely extinction event level risk is not war but accident as we have already seen with Chernobyl and Fukishima.

        On an individual preppers level – to avoid famine DIVERSIFY your crops. (Learn the lessons from the Irish potato famine). If you have grains, orca, potatoes and root veg on your plot, one starch may survive in the event of crop blight or disease. The author puts grains as the key famine risk (Permaculture can help here).

        Grow more than one variety and learn the lost art of seed saving. Even better learn the even more esoteric art of seed swapping to increase the varieties in your stores. It’s an easy way to get to know your neighbours today. It costs nothing to swap a few tomato seeds or a cutting from a fruit bush to a neighbour yet it boosts both your preps in the event of an emergency.

        In the event of climate change you may find that varieties that have been your “go to” choice for decades suddenly become less productive. It also means that should the worst happen to your own crop one year, there is a potential source in your neighbours to start again.

        My Grandad used to swap seeds every spring with family and friends. It’s a custom as old as time that has been deliberately encouraged to die out, along with teaching kids to say “please & thank you”.

        • InsanityISContagious says:

          you know, I had heard that many of the trees planted were either engineered and/or picked so that the fertile nuts and fruits couldn’t or wouldn’t fall to the ground. I seriously think think our politicians were genetically engineered to be without nuts…hmmmmm.

    • Caliber says:

      the only problem with your theory, is that “if the US get nuked, we all die”- jews and muslims are not scared of death. there is a 100% chance of after-life for them.

      not sure if they would think that far ahead.

    • JayJay says:

      Socrates, I agree. Why cut off your nose to spite your face?
      Destroying or contaminating all soil, trees, wildlife, and livestock would accomplish what??

      • Calgacus says:

        Your thinking is flawed because its normal. Think like a despot. Thiknk like a maniac oppressor. Youll get a different end result, one that matches a powerful nuclear holocaust where you reign supreme.

  23. iliveinky says:

    Then I guess there is no use buying their food supplies they keep advertising on this site.

  24. Unreconsructed Southron says:

    Upon first warning of a nuclear attack:

    1) Stay clear of all windows.

    2) Keep hands free of glasses, bottles, cigarettes, etc…

    3) Stand away from bar, tables, orchestra, equipment and furniture.

    4) Loosen necktie, unbutton coat and any other restrictive clothing.

    5) Remove glasses, empty pockets of all sharp objects such as pens, pencils, etc…

    6) Go to a low and/or protected area such as a basement or enclosed bathroom.

    7) Immediately upon seeing the brilliant flash of a nuclear explosion, bend over and place your head firmly between your legs.

    8) Kiss your ass goodbye.

    • Radiation?…nothing that a good heaping plate of corn bread and pinto beans double slathered in bacon gravy cant fix…if in doubt have two plates…then if you don’t make it you die feeling mighty fine…seriously you can prepare for anything but if you worry about everything then you aint living at all…do what you can where you are with what you have and leave the rest lay…

  25. iliveinky says:

    Just the US tells it’s people that a nuclear war is unsurvivable. We used to have a lot of Civil Defense shelters. Most of them people don’t even know they existed I know in Louisville Ky they had one the could hold and feed 50,000 people. But because of cost they decided to close all of them down the only people the government now thinks is worth saving is themselves as they still have their shelters. Russia can get most of the people in their cities in shelters and China is the same way. This is from a story a few years ago.

    Russia certainly seems to be in a hurry to prepare for something. RT is reporting that 5,000 new nuclear bomb shelters will be constructed in the city of Moscow by the end of 2012. Russian authorities believe that these new shelters are urgently needed because the current nuclear bomb shelters will only hold approximately half the population and are quite outdated. In addition, there are apparently very few nuclear bomb shelters for those living outside the city center at this point. Officials want virtually the entire population of Moscow to be able to reach a bomb shelter within a matter of minutes. But in this era when the “Cold War” is supposed to be over, why are 5000 nuclear bomb shelters such an urgent necessity?

    • Indy Colts says:


      Under the zoo in the lime caverns would be a great shelter. Also Mammoth and Marego caves.

      • iliveinky says:

        You got it under the zoo.
        The Louisville Mega Cavern has been touted as the largest building in the state of Kentucky.
        Even though it isn’t really a building, it was used as an air raid or bomb shelter during the Cuban Missile Crisis because it was very safe and relatively unknown to most people. Kentucky state officials planned for 50,000 people to be sheltered in the cavern in the event of a nuclear bomb. Doctors, lawyers, politicians and even Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame, were on the list to be housed if there was an attack. It is the largest Civil Defense shelter in the United

  26. My bets are we are going to go skynet nano wars. I think they already have drones with FLIR that can be programed to search and destroy.

  27. gone under says:

    After reading everyones ” I GIVE UP” posts, It looks like I will be pretty much alone after TSHTF. Looks like I will have a long lonely drive to Denver International for when they pop thier heads out for a looksee.

    • PO'd Patriot says:

      I will not prepare for a nuclear attack. I live on the east coast and I will not leave. For anyone that stumbles on my cache, its yours. I’ll be living my final moments with my family and the Daniels Brothers (Charlie and Jack, listenin’ and sippin’).

    • Warchild says:

      Gone,please make sure you are sighted in,and don’t shoot the first that pokes head up,wait till the nest is really emptying!

    • lastmanstanding says:

      My bet is that you won’t be alone.

      The reasoning that the most evil, satanic mfrs on the planet will be the only ones to survive and thrive…

      brother, the earth simply doesn’t work that way.

      The earth will see to it that the playing field is level and that EVERYONE is on the field at the same time.

      Hell, it’s level now except for the same evil fucks that are causing all the problems.

      Whatever the out come, the planet will win…I pray that I will be able to get all those that I love to the other side and one day there.

      I/we have been deceived, played their game, figured it out, now want it finished for good.

      as always…”don’t go down without one helluva fight”

    • RandomTangent1957 says:

      I have an idea….let’s all meet up in Golden Co, load up plenty of Coors…..then head to the Denver Airport for some varmint huntin ! That way we will not get dehydrated while waiting for the varmints to come up. There is not much in the way of shade trees around Denver Airport. Might as while enjoy the wait .
      Montgomery County
      Republic of Texas

    • RandomTangent1957 says:

      I have an idea….let’s all meet up in Golden Co, load up plenty of Coors…..then head to the Denver Airport for some varmint huntin ! That way we will not get dehydrated while waiting for the varmints to come up. There is not much in the way of shade trees around Denver Airport. Might as while enjoy the wait .
      Montgomery County
      Republic of Texas

  28. Buzzfix says:

    When nuclear war comes. Nobody is walking away from it. Guaranteed. You have two choices. Die in the initial blast or die sometime later in your hole from running out of supplies. I say take it like a champ and smile for the flash.

  29. TheGuy says:

    It’s made of PEOPLE!!!!!

    … wait wait wait a minute hold the phone. Just a second here.

    “I’m not dead!”

    – “Oh you’ll be stone dead in a moment…”

    “I feel fine…”


    That’s one huge lot of big kablooies there. We ain’t starving yet… just sayin’…

  30. Mountain Trekker says:

    That Phil Robertson better shape up, or all those Queers and Liberals will quit watching Duck Dynasty. They may even stop duck hunting, and I’m sure they won’t be buying shotguns or shotgun shells. He’s really making us rightwingers look bad. So if you get a chance “Hug A Queer Today”! Trekker Out.

    • PO'd Patriot says:

      MT, Ellen Degenerate really creeps me out. If I hugged her/he/it, and felt something hard press up against me, chances are it wouldn’t be her/its pocket knife I’m feeling.

      • Mountain Trekker says:

        PO’D she is definitely a degenerate, and it amazes me that people will say these queers have a right to promote their perversion, and then if someone speaks out about their actions, people are ready to destroy them. whether it’s Phil Robertson or some Athlete or Kramer who use to be on Sienfelt. It seems in this day and age there are many people who have a perverted view of Freedom. Including many on this site. This country is in trouble, and it ain’t no Nuke we have to worry about. When you have so many people that think Queer marriages are OK and enough people watch Degenerate to keep her on the air, we have a problem. Trekker Out. Rather Fight,Than Switch!

        • Warchild says:

          I will say many prominent gay folks in media have come to duck guys defense,they may disagree but they say censorship is wrong.I really don’t care if some one is gay or gays marry,really neither my or govt.s business.On a side note,could give a rats ass about so called reality tv garbage.

        • Night breaker says:

          The REAL 800 pound gorilla in the room that no one realizes is the illegal immigration
          Problem. TPTB are violating the law by not inforcing it and allowing these individuals to stream across the borders . I am not being Xenophobic but these people do not understand our way of life or our laws, many come from places that are virtual dictatorships run by Marxists. They do not assimilate into the melting pot of America , they live in their own enclaves and only associate with their own . Certain political elements in the regime are using them as tools to advance their Authoritarian agenda. To them they are a vast resource and voting block to further the lust for power. Welcome to the Balkanization of America.
          The ultimate game is to produce a dependent MAJORITY class to advance their idea of change .one that will not have our guarantee of the bill of rights.
          Overnight we will go from a Republic to a MOBOCRACY.

          Read the Book series Enemies foreign and domestic by Matt Bracken
          This is the future we are headed for , A ruling elite class controlling an underclass
          Our country will resemble what the slums of Rio In Brazil look like ,
          It’s already happening just look at Detriot Mi, and Camden , NJ.

          Educate people on your own when you can what our country was Founded on and what it means to be an American.
          Only ignorance will alow this to happen.
          Hearts and Minds folks.

          Sometimes we worry about the things that are less likely to happen ( but they are still Frightening) than the things that are likely to happen.

          Resistance begins in the heart of the individual first, knowing right from wrong.
          And having the will to do something about it.




          Semper Fi 8541

  31. Anonymous says:

    All I want for X-mas is a Geiger counter and a case of tin foil.

  32. Frank Thoughts says:

    My views on this are as follows: if such an event were to occur (and the likelihood is very high in terms of probability), then it would be proof of humanity reaching the limits of its governance capability vis-a-vis human population levels. As in, the event is unavoidable despite best efforts. One has only to look at the many well-meaning negotiations to prevent conflict that often fail, to see how goodwill does not necessarily win in the end.

    It would precipitate a global right-sizing of the world’s population to a more manageable level. This would occur very quickly in the first months. Now, here is the neat bit: that rapid die-off would then make existing and stored food supplies much more plentiful. I have an equation for this but at a certain ‘tipping point’, life would get very much better for the survivors. As an example, handsome and healthy men would be in great demand, and would have a fantastic sex life.

    The key thing is this: you need to be lucky enough to survive the initial events. You then need to have the preps in place to keep you going for six months. After that point, things will stabilize, world population will be down by a massive amount, and the survivors will benefit from abundance in order to be able to re-build the world. You can imagine the survivors would be culturally scarred by the experience, and population control and carrying capacity would be taken very seriously as concepts in any future world.

  33. NinaO's Mom says:

    great read

    though not likely

    no one wins a nuke war .

    all the 1% know this .

    so no one is likely to start one .

    though … if one did happen there will be plenty of slightly radiated fresh long pork sausages laying around on the ground in the 100’s of 1000’s for the first few years post global nuke war apocalypse annihilation of earth .

    it might be wise to learn how to preserve dry-store long pork . best cuts are the thighs , buttocks and upper arms by the way … the younger the fresher the long pork meat .

    moving 100 feet underground for a few years would be wise also .

    good huntin and watch your 6 so you don’t end up on an Apex Pred’s din din table barbequed with a apple shoved in your mouth and a carrot up your arse .

    Predator or Prey Post Nuke War … the choice is yours .

    • NinaO's Mom says:

      Are you Predator or Prey ???

      The year is 2014. The world has been reduced to rubble. Humanity is nearly extinct. The half-destroyed cities have become uninhabitable through radiation. Beyond their boundaries, they say, lie endless burned-out deserts and the remains of splintered forests. Survivors still remember the past greatness of humankind. But the last remains of civilisation have already become a distant memory, the stuff of myth and legend. More than 20 years have passed since the last plane took off from the earth. Rusted railways lead into emptiness. The ether is void and the airwaves echo to a soulless howling where previously the frequencies were full of news from Tokyo, New York, Buenos Aires. Man has handed over stewardship of the earth to new life-forms. Mutated by radiation, they are better adapted to the new world. Man’s time is over. A few score thousand survivors live on, not knowing whether they are the only ones left on earth. They live in the Moscow Metro – the biggest air-raid shelter ever built. It is humanity’s last refuge. Stations have become mini-statelets, their people uniting around ideas, religions, water-filters – or the simple need to repulse an enemy incursion. It is a world without a tomorrow, with no room for dreams, plans, hopes. Feelings have given way to instinct – the most important of which is survival. Survival at any price.

  34. eurolimo says:

    No preps?, No retreat?, No Mutual assistance?
    Get yourself the best pair of boots you can afford. You will be a refugee, at least a while.

  35. Kurt Lazarus says:

    Any disaster can be prepared for and surviving nuclear famine is easier than surviving an outbreak of militarized bio weaponry. You’ll need reverse osmosis water filtration, with enough supplies to last for however long necessary, also you’ll need to either set aside clean soil ahead of time or invest in hydroponic supplies and aquaculture. Aquaculture farming will allow you to raise a source of protein such as fish so long as you can keep them fed with non contaminated food. Hydroponic gardening will allow you to grow all necessary vegetative matter for food and it can be done covertly which is critical. No one else can know you have food in this situation or you’ll die trying to protect it.No matter how much radiation is outside you can still use the sun to grow if you can keep things hidden from others and never allow environmental contamination of your garden through dust storm and rain. Basically everything the indoor marijuana industry utilizes to grow, is exactly what you need to survive for some time in a post apocalyptic world.

  36. jerrytbg says:

    “On at least one occasion, in 1983, the United States and Russia were literally minutes away from a full-scale confrontation under both country’s policies of mutually assured destruction.”

    In my short tenure…we fired up and the gates were open more than once…believe me, they will never admit how many times…
    When that Klaxon goes off…wow…something I’ll never forget…

    • Night breaker says:

      You were a missilier ?
      Yeh almost all the bases went on alert that night , if I remember correctly it was 3 am when It happened . I remember being rousted out of the rack and being told to grab our gear ( not in a polite manner) we had just returned from the Grenada campaign.

      We were rapidly sent to the helios on the runway no one knew what was going on all I can say the panic in the pilots voice was disturbing . In the end we ended up offshore on an assault ship out in the Atlantic. No lights on the helios flying low level over the water. . I remember it was a Friday night , good thing we were to tired to go on leave and remained on base if had been the real deal those who left would have been toast.

      Only when this was over were we told about what happened.
      It is chilling to think if this had been real.
      It was a time of incrediable tension with the Soviet Union , pershing missiles in Germany , Bresnev died being replaced with Cherencho who died and was replaced with Andropov.( Former KGB)
      there was a lot of rhetoric being thrown around in those days we half expected the Red Army to breach the Fulta Gap in Germany.

      It’s a miracle nothing happened back then.

      Semper Fi 8541

      • Night breaker says:

        Look up
        Able Archer 83 exercise , this was another close call and the one I described above ,
        There were three incidents in 1983 one was the Russian detected a launch of a missle ( error) About the End of September 1983 and almost launched .

        Then a NATO excercise caused the one I described and if memory dictates correctly there was another false alert in December 1983 that detected russian missles coming over the pole.

        It was a time of extreme tensions , communism was spreading in Africa and central America.
        Massive arms build ups on both sides , nothing like what we see today.

        Semper Fi 8541

  37. Walt Kowalski says:

    Matthew 24:17-22

    17 Let him which is on the housetop not come down to take any thing out of his house:

    18 Neither let him which is in the field return back to take his clothes.

    19 And woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days!

    20 But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the sabbath day:

    21 For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.

    22 And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.

  38. possee says:

    Nuclear weapons have been”obsolete” as conventional weapons since the late 60’s…

    The majority of every manned (and unmanned) shuttle flights via (NASA)were military in nature..once the system was up and ready,excepting comm satellites,NASA was conveniently shut down for good..Mission completed.

    We now have the surveillance grid up and running both on land and air.with the appropriate weaponry in place as well.

    Do not give in to their well designed,well planned, and well paid think tank scenarios to scare the bejeezus out of us at every angle..especially the so called threat of nuclear annihilation..

    The purpose is to keep us in a constant state of fear and what if boogeymen lurking in every corner of the globe..when it’s all about the money,control, and especially power..

    The more we are in fear of perpetrated threats (state manufactured.).the more control they have over us..

    Just as the supposed cold war was ,in fact, a farce perpetrated upon both sides of the equation..merely a cat and mouse game for the military arms complex, with never an end result of a nuclear confrontation…just to instill fear amongst the populaces .. justifying funding of the military grid and fatten the coffers of the respective manufacturers and financiers..

    If.. I were to fear would be the continuing degradation of our economy…with the continued extraction of our labors into the coffers of the state..
    Never mind the ongoing slow kill by chemicals,gmos, vaccines,big pharma and the rest..

    Nothing is by accident

    Everything is by design.



  39. hammerhead says:

    Socialism will destroy us long before a nuke goes off .

  40. GEO_LITHIC says:

    What is wrong with everyone! Where is your fallout shelter? Get 3 to six feet of density between you and evrything be ready to live underground or sheltered for at least 7 days read up about fallout an nuclear war its all very survivable if your not at ground zero! get out of the city now ! its the populated areas that will turn quickly into death traps. Information is everywhere and it is such a possiable event its one that people should be prepping for! get out of the city now avoid the rush!

  41. Tucker says:

    Looks like Mac Salvo just signed a lucrative contract with the Israeli Lobby to become their newest salesman in their mentally insane, pathological, psychopathic lust to get the USA to attack Iran and start a thermo-nuclear, global-wide WW3.

    Look, let’s get ourselves fine tuned so we all can understand who it is who poses the #1 most serious threat to all plant, human, and animal life on this planet. Ready? The State of Israel, that’s who.

    The leadership of the 9-11 false flag complicit State of Israel (Netanyahu) is a mentally insane, narcissistic, psychologically unstable, dangerous, evil, deranged, bloodthirsty, wildly paranoid psychopath. This piece of human excrement – and a number of his bought and paid for and/or blackmailed American politicians (McCain, Graham, Duncan Hunter, Michele Bachmann, etc.) have been threatening to drop bombs on active nuclear power facilities in Iran – and act of mind-numbing stupidity that clearly defies any sort of reason or common sense and which demonstrates an extremely dangerous and irresponsible lack of comprehension with regards to the consequences for the entire middle east and the rest of the planet, should such an act of brainless stupidity as that ever be carried out.

    Take a look at Fukushima and the consequences of that disaster – which is contaminating and killing all sea and plant life in the entire Pacific Ocean, and which is now seeing radiation levels skyrocketing along the West Coast and across many parts of North America.

    Oh, and let us not overlook the Israeli angle on Fukushima. Strong evidence suggests that the stuxnet virus – created by Israel and by the CIA – played a role in their inability to execute an automatic, graceful shutdown on the reactors at Fukushima. To add further suspicion about Israeli complicity – it turns that the Japanese were stupid enough to give the contract for security on their nuclear facilities to an Israeli Security company – which, duh, would mean the Israelis had access to the network operations centers. So, that leaves motive, right? It also turns out that the Israelis were pissed off at Japan because Japan was giving the Iranians some technical advice on their nuclear power facility, prior to it finally coming online.

    How is stuxnet spread? Well, according to what I’ve read – the standard method is to insert an infected USB thumb drive into a computer and then stuxnet automatically uploads itself to the operating system. What might the odds be of one of those Israeli Security guards being a MOSSAD operative and having a stuxnet infected thumb drive in his pocket while he made his rounds inside the Fukushima network operations center? Higher than 50-50, I’d say.

    And, knowing the Israeli and jewish tendency towards evil and vindictiveness – I’d say the temptation to ‘get even’ with Japan for helping Iran would be a fairly difficult challenge for an Israeli to resist succumbing to, right?

    So, let’s all make sure we understand who the #1 most dangerous enemy is of all mankind on this planet, okay? It’s not the Iranians. It’s the Israelis, and particular so, for as long as they’ve got a mentally insane, blood thirsty, false flag engineering psychopath named Netanyahu in charge of their stolen piece of real estate and who has a scary number of US politicians wearing his dog collar.

    By the way. This might be a good time to recall something that Voltaire said about these people:

    “They are, all of them, born with raging fanaticism in their hearts, just as the Bretons and the Germans are born with blond hair. I would not be in the least bit surprised if these people would not some day become deadly to the human race.” (Lettres de Memmius a Ciceron, 1771)

    • Be informed says:

      @ Tucker. Why would you say such a thing? Mac is a good guy and his wife tries to educate people about much on the other web site. This is one of the few sites left that doesn’t require you to sign over all sorts of information about yourself, doesn’t censor you like most web sites with this political correctness crap. Be thankful that this site and Mac are around for us to freely communicate with each other like the First Amendment totally intended.

      • CrabbeNebulae says:

        @BI. “…doesn’t censor you like most web sites…”. I guess it depends on your definition of censorship. I’ve submitted articles here before and they never got posted. Does that qualify for censorship?

        • Be informed says:

          @ CrabbeNebulae. If you link something that has a virus attached to it and Mac’s anti-virus systems pick it up this is a good thing. Who wants to open something that could fry a person’s computer. If you are saying something that could get Mac’s site shutdown like threats or something that the Feds could use against all of us then this is up to the opinion of Mac and others whether to risk posting it or not. I have never known mac to censor good debate like so many other worthless sites that use the premise that it is bashing. You are getting through right now. Any site has to be careful with certain aspects of what could be dangerous to the survival of the site and the people and their computers.

          I have been censored many times before because I will bring up points about an article that the site owner doesn’t like. Because I have not kissed the fat back side of the person and what they wrote. I for example was censored totally defending preppers against the freak show that the National Geographic was making them look like for better audience viewership. Not going after the site or the owner, but a third party NG for exploiting the good people that prepare for others to laugh at. The owner of the site called it bashing. Yet he totally ALLOWED all sorts of “bashing” against BO and the government. This is hypocritical and so atypical with these phonies that preach free speech yet hardly believe it. Just look at the garbage that NC Joker is allowed to post, even that we all don’t deserve to live as NC Joker talks to his rifle like Private Pyle did in Full Metal Jacket movie. Mac is one of the most forgiving person allowing all of us our First Amendment rights.

        • Them Guys says:

          Jewish SPY: Agrees with Tucker!

          “The US shouldn’t give high clearances to Jews, because when asked to help, we’re willing to do anything for the love of our country, Israel.”

          — Jew Spy Jonathan Pollard during interrogation by the FBI. Make note that Pollard was born in the US and his spying put America in serious nuclear risk back in the 1980′s

          Quote by Benji Nuttyahoo!

          “My opinion of Christian Zionists? They’re scum. But don’t tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now…”

          Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel. Bibi just happened to be in New York City on 9/11 and London during the 7/7 subway bombings.

          Do Zio-Jews Control, USA? Absolutely!!

          “The U.S. has no longer a government of goyim [Gentiles], but an administration in which the Jews are full partners in the decision making at all levels. Perhaps the aspects of the Jewish religious law connected with the term ‘government of goyim’ should be re-examined, since it is an outdated term in the U.S.“

          — The major Israeli newspaper, Maariv, “The Jews Who Run Clinton’s Court” on September 2, 1994.

          RABBI’S LOVE Jesus..Don’t they?

          “One of the finest things ever done by the mob was the Crucifixion of Christ. Intellectually it was a splendid gesture. But trust the mob to bungle the job. If I’d had charge of executing Christ, I’d have handled it differently. You see, what I’d have done was had him shipped to Rome and fed him to the lions. They could never have made a savior out of mincemeat!”

          Rabbi Ben Hecht

          Jews RUN USA PORNO! Heres Why!

          “The only reason that Jews are in pornography is that we think that Christ sucks. Catholicism sucks.”

          — Al Goldstein (publisher of Screw Magazine)

          John Q Public was CORRECT EH!!

          “As for the Goyim… Zalman’s attitude (was): “Gentile souls are of a completely different and inferior order. They are totally evil, with no redeeming qualities whatsoever.”…If every simple cell in a Jewish body entails divinity, is a part of God, then every strand of DNA is a part of God. Therefore, something is special about Jewish DNA…” “…If a Jew needs a liver, can you take the liver of an innocent non-Jew passing by to save him? The Torah would probably permit that. Jewish life has an infinite value,” he explained. “There is something infinitely more holy and unique about Jewish life than non-Jewish life.”

          — Chabad-Lubavitch Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburgh in “Jewish Week,” the largest Jewish publication in the United States, April 26, 1996. NOTE! VERY RECENT Made Statement!

          Jewish MURDERERS? Of Course!

          “We mustn’t forget that some of greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish.”

          — Jewish writer Sever Plocker in a commentary on the Israeli site Ynet(12/21/06)


          “[The oligarchs] exploited the disintegration of the Soviet system to loot the treasures of the state and to amass plunder amounting to hundreds of billions of dollars. In order to safeguard the perpetuation of their business, they took control of the state. Six of the seven are Jews. . . . [Boris] Berezovsky boasts that he caused the war in Chechnya, in which tens of thousands have been killed and a whole country devastated. He was interested in the mineral resources and a prospective [oil] pipeline there.”

          — Uri Avnery describing an Israeli TV series called “The Oligarchs,” in an article entitled “How the Virgin Became a Whore” (2004). This series will never be broadcast in the USA, of course.(But Jewized Patriots in usa WILL Learn of it!)

          Jewish Man WARN’S JEWS! BEWARE of ZIONIZIM!!!

          “Political Zionism is an agency of Big Business. It is being used by Jewish and Christian financiers in this country and Great Britain, to make Jews believe that Palestine will be ruled by a descendant of King David who will ultimately rule the world. What seclusion! It will lead to war between Arabs and Jews and eventually to war between Moslems and non-Moslems. That will be the turning point of history.”

          — Henry H. Klein, “A Jew Warns Jews,” 1947


          “…The goal of abolishing the white race is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed white supremacists…

          …Keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females, too, until the social construct known as the white race is destroyed. Not deconstructed, but destroyed.”

          — Noel Ignatiev, Jew Harvard professor and founder of “Race Traitor”.(Do You Pay for Your Kid to go to Harvard to learn this Crap? if so…WHY?!!!)

          HEY EUROPEANS Reading HERE! What jews say of YOU folks!

          “We Jews have spoiled the blood of all the races of Europe. Taken as a whole, everything is Jewdified. Our ideas animate everything. Our spirit reigns over the world. We are the Lords.”

          — Dr. Kurt Munzer, “The Way to Zion.”

          WHO’s the WORLD’S BIGGEST DANGER? Jew admits They Are!

          “In everything, we are destroyers — even in the instruments of destruction to which we turn for relief… We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers for ever. Nothing that you will do will meet our needs and demands.”

          Maurice Samuel “You Gentile’s”, pages 152, 155, and 147.

          WHAT So Pissed Off Germans in 1933? Jews doing THIS!

          “Whilst large sections of the German nation were struggling for the preservation of their race, we Jews filled the streets of Germany with our vociferations. We supplied the press with articles on the subject of its Christmas and Easter and administered to its religious beliefs in the manner we considered suitable. We ridiculed the highest ideals of the German nation and profaned the matters which it holds sacred.”

          – Dr. Manfred Reifer, a well-known leader of the “Jews Of Bukovina”, wrote in the Jewish magazine Czernowitzer Allegemeine Zeitung (September 1933) (Way Before ANY Jew was Ever harmed by Any German persons! 1933!!)

          STILL DOUBTFULL? Hardheaded Yet? HERE is ALL You need Know!!

          “The Jew is an inborn Communist.”

          — Otto Weininger, Sex and Character, page 311

          KOMMIE!…BINGO! He Says it ALL Eh!!! Jews Born Kommies!

          PS:TUCKER!! Great Info Post…Thanks! Them Guys

          PSS: Disclaimer..YOU SLOW Learners..Those are All quotes BY & FROM JEWISH sourced Jews!…Are they too nazis and antisemites?..Yeah… I didn’t Think so eh!

      • Warchild says:

        Informed ,I agree,most sites would have pulled that post,like a site that allows debate/arguments and keeps things in the open,whether you agree with em or not.

        • Them Guys says:

          ISREAL-RIOT! PHOTO! Isreali jews BEATING on Black jews IN Israel after African Jews ESCAPED Jewish-GULAG, Black jews were Held in against their Will!!! for color Photo and article/story GO TO website of

          www dot incogman dot net ARTICLE & PHOTO posted On 12/19/13(Yesterday Thurs)

          Them Poor African Jews are who USA “Zionist- Jewdeo-christians” got swindled into Donating Big Bucks $$$ to pastor Hagee ET AL, to Airlift African Jews from africa INTO Israel land!…NOW Israel Jews Govnt. Is Rounding up and Imprisoning african Jews!…While Hagee likely Pockets Mucho Biggo Casho dollaros! SUCKERS!

      • Mountain Trekker says:

        BI, I totally agree with you. I love this site. It’s a wonder the Fed’s don’t come up with something like this to find out how we really feel! Trekker Out.

    • CrabbeNebulae says:

      @Tucker You are so right on! Twenty thumbs up!!

  42. Satori says:

    *****FLU ALERT*****

    H1N1 kills 6 people, leaves 14 critically ill in Texas1

    this is nothing to be casual about
    this appears to be a particularly virulent strain

    this years flu shot is said to include protection against

    • Genius says:

      Look up how many people die from the regular flu, it’s about the same. H1N1 is a joke no worse than any flu has ever been. Check out the stats for yourself and don’t fall into the cdc fearporn.

    • RandomTangent1957 says:

      Conroe Texas is about 20 miles from our place. So far , the deaths have been H1N1 “Swine Flu” type according to the local news. All that have died are supposed to have not got their flu shots, some are reported to have never received flu shots. My wife & I , both bring cancer survivors with limited immune systems ….get the flu shot every year ……per our Oncologist’s recommendations. I have been told to only get the shot…because that is a dead virus…..where the nasal form that they shoot up your nose…is a live virus. I guess there are risks in everything we do…..all that you can do is try to make an informed decision on what makes the most sense for your particular situation ! Wishing “All Y’all” a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year !
      Standing by in Montgomery County
      Republic of Texas

  43. EasyCo. says:

    You people need to read Nuclear War Survival Skills.

    Fallout does not “poison” anything. It will stop radiating.

    Nuclear Winter was a BS study made up by Carl Sagan and was debunked when the model was finally shown, It had fires burning forever.

    Most nukes now are under 1 MT.

    Less than 1% of the earth’s surface would be targeted in a full scale nuclear war.

    Nuclear War is easy to survive, if you prepare for it.

    • gone under says:

      @ Easy…Lack of knowlege on the subject creates fear, and then a surrender attitude. If preppers would study the facts for just 4 hours, they would see than the MSM induced hopelessness is bull shit. Even in a city, it is survivable if you can get enough shelter deep underground. I wouldnt want those odds, but someone wins the lottery everyday.

  44. SWFL says:

    “A Disaster So Massive in Scale that No Preparation is Possible”
    -So, what I want to know is, what are they selling?

  45. Barn Cat says:

    Some countries would have to switch from grain to potatoes. Potatoes grow in places like Scandinavia.

  46. Warchild says:

    Since on the nuke subject thought some might be interested in this: ,a young lady takes her scoot thru chernobyl region and also takes some great photos,a bit eerie!She had detection gear from her dad who was a nuke engineer,wroth a read if interested.OK,though work slow till after holidays gotta get outside and get some things done,enjoy the day all!

    • Anon says:

      This womens site had been proven as false – made up.
      People that went on the same tour of chernobyl with her and her boyfriend wondered why they were carrying motor cycle helmets and taking pictures with them!
      True you can get into some places but not the way she claims.

  47. JohnFornaro says:

    Wait a sec.

    We already had a “limited” nuclear war back in the ’40’s. Not much weather changed.

    Until the authors of the article define what it means to have a “limited” nuclear war, one can draw no substantive conclusions from the article.

    In addition, Carl Satan and other scientificists created a computer model for nuclear winter back in the seventies, and preached gloom and doom. Subsequent research, based on a better understanding of global weather patterns discovered that their model was erroneous.

    Now, one can choose to falsely assert that therefore, there is no problem whatsoever with any kind of “limited” nuclear war. Personally, I don’t care what choices people make. However, if analysis is shallow and emotion based, it will be inaccurate. No doubt in my mind, that if the governments of the world, sectioned the world off in a grid and dropped a bomb simultaneously at each point, using their entire arsenals, there would be global weather effects. Perhaps there is a wierd definition that this would be a “limited” nuclear strike; limited to every bomb in the closet.

    It is more probably the case that the world will do fine after a “limited” nuclear war, if those “limitations” are met. I don’t know how many, or how few nukes would change the global weather patterns. Nor do I know already what the fanatics in industry, government and religion might demand, or try to orchestrate, to cause such a hypothetical limited nuclear war.

    Yeah, depending on how “they” play out the scenario, a lot of people will die. The northern hemisphere would probably be worse off, in the sense of how much dust was in the air, than the southern hemisphere.

    I’m sure people on this forum have seen the October 2013 articles from the chinese regarding how many Americans they plan to kill with a limited nuclear strike. I noticed in some of the diagrams about the fallout areas, that the breadbasket of our country was not proposed to be hit quite so hard. This leads me to suggest that their endgame, after the dust settles, so to speak, is to increase their agricultural acreage, if they can.

    While the chinese government views religion with a skeptical eye, they are in pragmatic funtional agreement with other religions, that the Buddheo-Christian ethic should be removed from the face of the Earth. Fortunately, for their atheistic schemes, many putative American Christians, are happy to support the chinese economy, and thus their goals, by purchasing as much as possible from the well known big box stores which owe their profitability to the communist work ethic.

    Now, one can choose to falsely assert that therefore, the chinese government is the only bad guy on the global stage, and that they completely kowtow to the putative zionistic dystopian futures sketched out by other participants on the shtfplan forum. However, if analysis is shallow and emotion based, it will be inaccurate.

    On the other hand, the shallow analysis should sell more seed vaults. Hakuna metata.

  48. StUdio says:

    Are some of you connecting-the-dots….. the 10 nuclear nations are the end-times 10 kings of the Beast Empire in Revelation
    The ‘false peace’ comes about when the future “Beast” takes over that 10 member nuclear club which is based on the ‘god of forces/fortresses” (aka: nukes)
    We are closer to the self-fufilling Prophecy end-time world condition than many realize…with men as the driving force not some supernatural Deity from another dimension

  49. the_isle says:

    We’re all eventually going to be recycled back into that from which we were created. Agreed? We can prep until the cows come home and at the very best it may only slightly delay the inevitable mere nanoseconds if you consider our how brief our occupation of this planet has been comparatively. Unfortunately, I think, our children won’t have the “pleasure” of growing up in the mirage that we now fondly look back upon as being the best time of our lives. Our, and most if not all, previous generations have been deceived on a monumental scale by manipulators of laws or religion who have exploited our ignorance. Thankfully, the internet has helped pull the curtains back and, for many, has helped remove the blinders that have kept us in the dark. But, as much as its helped shed light on the past its also provided a way for us to glimpse the future as never before. I believe there’s no such thing as a free lunch or a free education. What I see is that our children are going to be used to pay for our generation’s collective education. Prepping for “our children’s sake” is a delusion. For one, are people really arrogant enough to think that they’ll be able to do enough to enable their children to survive any of the potential catastrophes that await us? I don’t think so. That’s a fantasy (as parents its impossible to not want to protect your kids, I know.)but at best its a false hope more grounded in emotions than reality. And, even if they do survive, is that the best possible outcome for them? Is surviving along with a few other glow in the dark zombies really the kind of future we want for them? Or for them to become slaves to whatever country or species happens to come out on top after an apocalypse? Nah. I think being recycled is preferable to most scenarios that are likely to unfold. So I’m trying real hard to enjoy each hour of each day that I have left on this planet but I’m not having much luck. The banksters, politicians, educators, police, courts and the legions of toxic people that I’ve had to deal with have all played a part in removing what little joy I used to get from being alive. Hopefully not everyone feels this way. I kind of think it means I’ve finally grown up. No wonder I had been trying to avoid that for so long. The idiot in this video is a perfect example of the kind of trash that has been feeding us and our kids bullshit for way too long. The high school student who interviewed this clown does give me some hope all young people aren’t a lost cause:

    • slingshot says:

      the isle.

      you said.

      So I’m trying real hard to enjoy each hour of each day that I have left on this planet but I’m not having much luck. The banksters, politicians, educators, police, courts and the legions of toxic people that I’ve had to deal with have all played a part in removing what little joy I used to get from being alive. Hopefully not everyone feels this way.

      I feel the same way. Paybacks is a Bitch and I can not wait. My Day is coming.

      • the_isle says:


        Sadly, payback is one of the few things I look forward to. I hope I’m fortunate enough to give each one on my list the attention they deserve.

        You know, it’s gotten to the point where when I hear of a shooting, like the latest one in Colorado for example, I have to guard against immediately siding with the shooter and thinking, “Man, the teacher that kid was going after must’ve been a real asshole.” Especially when I hear multiple classmates comment on how nice they say the kid was etc yet none of them say anything like that about the teacher.

        Hmmm…Why is that?

        I’ve run across many teachers and coaches that abuse their authority and get away with it year after year. Not saying this guy was guilty of that but there’s always at least 2 opposing sides in a conflict and it’s possible we only hear one side in a case like that.

        I do feel bad for the young lady that tried to interfere and was seriously injured. I hope she recovers. One thing for sure though if she pulls through…she won’t do that again.

        • Emily says:

          @ the_isle – I was exposed to some real a$$holes teachers growing up. Esp. in grades 6th through 9th. I am so glad I don’t have any kids. If I did, they would all be home schooled. I went back after college to look at my school records, due to the Freedom of Privacy Act.
          I slightly shook up some of the higher ups by doing so. I like to think the pendulum has swung the other way today. That the teachers that abuse their authority will be reported and held accountable. I too, look forward to payback. I don’t get mad, I get even. It may take me months or years, but I eventually get my revenge on the a$$holes. Nothing violent or extreme though. I now limit set big time, and few enter my inner circle.

          • Anonymous says:

            I’ve had three kids go through the public school system and onto finish college. I’ve got another one just starting in first grade who I will pull from the public system and either home school or possibly charter or private if I’m ever able to get her back from those who stole her from me 4 yrs ago. Without a doubt grades 6-9 bring out the worst in both teachers and students for a variety of reasons but it seems some of the middle school teachers are no more mature than the kids in their classrooms regardless how long they’ve been teaching. I’ve never thought of requesting my records. I doubt I could find a complete record because I attended 12 different schools in 3 different states from grades 6-12. If I could it would no doubt be entertaining. I wish I could’ve saved all the wooden paddles I was hit with as souveneirs to remind me how much fun learning was…

            • Emily says:

              @ Anonymous – Jesus, wooden paddles? To me, that is child abuse. Those Bastards.

              When I went back and looked at my school records, they were pretty inconsequential. Except one a$$hole teacher put down my math skills. Perhaps if I had a better teacher, I would have done better in math. Science I was o.k. in. I did go to college for 4 years and graduated cum laude.

              Fate has a way, of coming round. I was a phlebotomist at the red cross, and the a$$hole teacher who slammed me and my math skills came in to donate blood. Guess who got him? Me. I was barely civil, and jabbed him about some things, one of them being in the winter, he would keep the room temperature at something ridiculous such as 50 degrees. (exaggerating) But, it was damn cold. He said he did it to keep us awake and alert.

              I also remember he went to China. He came to class with China silks, and bragged how he bought them for practically nothing. I sat there in the classroom and was pissed. He had a perfect opportunity to teach us about China’s history (I love History), architecture (I love architecture), and their culture. I was in 6th grade at the time, and I had the maturity to think this back then. I asked him why he kept the room so cold during his blood donation , and he gave me some lame excuse that the school did it. Liar.
              I would have brought up the China incident, but I had to be careful. If I was a real vindictive little bitch to him, it would have cost me my job.

              My father always said we as a family did not become ‘middle class’ until he was in his 40’s.
              I remember going to school, 6 or 7th grade.
              My shoe size is a 6 or 6 1/2. I remember a teacher making fun of my shoes. In front of other children.
              They made my feet look bigger than they were, I guess they were clodhoppers back then. I was hurt, embarrassed, and angry. Yeah, I got over it.
              My comfort is these a$$hole teachers are now dead, or old and decrepit and half-dead.

              My mother, who is now deceased, went to her High School Reunion many years ago. The boys, now men, gave the teacher a ‘gift.’ It was a wooden paddle.

              Thank you for your post. You are right, and have a point about grades 6th -9th.

              I think tenure should be eliminated from teachers.
              I think teachers should, every year, be tested for their
              knowledge of the subjects they are teaching, and have evaluations on their asses from parents and students alike.
              I hope you get your little first grader back.
              Don’t give up. You are a good and caring guy, and I wish
              you the best.

  50. Mr. Blutarsky says:

    If you want a real thrill about the after-effects of nuclear war read the book The Road. Not for the faint of heart.

    • Be informed says:

      @ Mr. Blutarsky. The movie “The Road” is a very well done movie that freaks me out. Another movie I suggest is “Threads”, you can see this movie on You Tube. This is england getting nuked and the aftermath, highly depressing but like The Road, realistic and stark.

      • EasyCo. says:


        Threads and The Day After were pure propaganda films, just like the Beach.

        Read Nuclear War Survival Skills and learn the truth.

        • Be informed says:

          @ EasyCo. I am the one that has recommended that book many times on the site. There will be fallout from hardened targets being hit. Chapter One from page 11-19 talk about nuclear myths. I know that most nuke strikes will be air bursts. The climate changes will occur from the air literally being blasted even with above ground blasts. Nuclear winter like a super volcano? ONLY if they ground burst everything. The Day After movie was very realistic because the area was east of many hundreds of silos that would be ground bursted. Threads exaggerated the debris in the air, but not the ozone destruction. Recover yes, slow yes. By the way have you made a Kearny homemade fallout meter like described in the book? These things work.

    • Warchild says:

      A great book and decent movie,same for both with”No Country For Old Men”On a side note,being a big fan of the book alive,read when it came out as a young kid,will keep folks alive feel free to eat my corpse,just cook very well.You kill me though to eat me hope you die of food poisoning,as a organ donor I really see no difference personally.

    • Calgacus says:

      I was thinking along those lines earlier and I searched nuclear holocaust movies. Theres a long list and most of them Id never heard of. Saw the Road and Book of Eli. Saw the Jericho series too but most were unheard of. They do make you think.

    • EasyCo. says:

      The world after a nuclear war would NOT look like the Road or Book of Eli.

      Want to see what the world would really look like?

      Use Google map to look at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    • JohnFornaro says:

      Mr. Blutarsky:

      I’ve mentioned “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy elsewhere on this forum. Rather than a nuclear apocalypse, I took it to be a volcanic apocalypse because of the thick ash that is mentioned in so many places in the story. Still, a grim read.

      I wonder if a tectonic approach to an elective nuclear war would “accidentally” loosen the plates such that all heck would break loose. In other words, they aim at particular fault lines. Perhaps BeInformed could chime in on that theoretical possibility.

  51. Be informed says:

    In retrospect after the nukes fly and anyone that felt that people had more sense than to destroy the only home they have. I quote something from the Star Trek movie The Voyage Home, “since when have humans ever been logical?”.

  52. “Experts Fear…”

    Once again, the “experts” on fear mongering are the dual citizens domiciled in the District of Columbia.

    How do these experts continue to act to subvert foreign policy in Israel’s favor?

    What happened to the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938? It requires individuals acting on behalf of a foreign country to register with the Justice Dept. and reveal their sources of funds.

    If this law was enforced, I wonder how many congressmen would be in that line to reveal their Israeli funding?

    The last president to try to enforce this by having Israeli lobbyists register as foreign agents was JFK, who tried to force the predecessors to AIPAC (called the American Zionist Council) to comply with that law. What happened to him?

    All these congressmen acting in behalf of Israel should be impeached.

    Of course, that will never happen since impeachment has to start in the House of Reps. where most of the traitors reside.

    The corporate government in DC, run by their Zionist foreign policy lackeys, is the largest terrorist organization on the face of the earth.

  53. anonymous says:

    2 PM EST press conference. I’ll bet he’s late to his own press party. Wish they’d show the DOW at the same time like on CNBC.

  54. Logicrazy says:

    If anything like this starts, would be best to be at ground zero. Vaporized!!!

  55. If I was an evil bastard and wanted to implement Agenda 21, I would do a 1/2 knockout punch. 1- throw the switch on the power-2 turn loose the bugs. 3. after a couple years send in the UN (Chinese) troops to mop up. Easy peasy.

  56. Dave says:

    I’m old enough to remember the so called experts predicting nuclear war for the summer of 1974; when I was in Junior High. Of course; it never happened. IF the United States is attacked; the smart and efficient means of attack would be to detonate a nuke about 8 miles over Kansas to literally bathe the entire country in an EMP wave. This would make sense. Disable the entire country; while killing 90% of Americans within a year. The worry for me is MISCALCULATION on either side; which would leave this country a burned out husk of its former self.

  57. maudy fricket says:

    Whenever I hear someone say that they would rather die than live after a nuclear war, I have to wonder what happened to the genes passed down to them by our ancestors who survived everything nature and man could throw at them. Sometimes multiple disasters at once. How many times in ancient pre-history has mankind almost been wiped off the face of the earth? Yet, every time man scratches and claws his way back. We’re a nasty virus and we ain’t going extinct.

  58. Warchild says:

    Dammit,I thought they meant a institution where he could get some mental health care: ,oh well,good time to reconvene the senate(if there is ever a good time to do that!).

  59. possee says:

    Just in…

    Obama deploying security troops to Sudan,,Reuters.

    The empire building protect existing and future assets …

    Meanwhile, his other “troops” in Detroit,Camden,Philly, and countless other cities are holding down the fort..

    news at 6


  60. Good article Mac know this. Israel and South Africa entered into a nuclear test treasty about 1976. A nuclear warhead was detonated in either 1978 or 79. It was tested on the Atlantic side of South Africa and was a success. I do not know if South Africa produced any weapons after the initial test but Israel was given enough material, by the US to produce three hundred nuclear devices. Since all nuclear material has a radioactive signature we can trace the material to Oakridge Tennessee and Rocky Flats Nuclear Arsenal just outside of Golden Colorado. So much material was missing from Rocky Flats it was shut down. Like Oakridge it is a nuclear nightmare. But, yes, we know for sure that Israel has between 150 to 300 nuclear warheads in the kiloton and multiple kiloton range.
    Have a good one.

    • Be informed says:

      @ Country Codger. Something as important in regards to Israel is that they have the means to successfully deliver those warheads to far and away targets. They have subs and intermediate ballistic missiles with ranges that reached a shorter range ICBM. Having nukes is a deterrent, but being able to hit your enemy makes you strategic. This is why China has put so much money and effort into mobile based ICBM’s that are much harder to target, long range submarines, and into long range nuclear bombers like the U.S. and Russia have.

  61. RICH99 says:

    This IS fear porn plain and simple !!!!!!

  62. MM2Nuke says:

    I would prefer a standard nuclear attack to an EMP attack since the country can survive losing up to 100 cities. EMP clobbers the whole continent and there wouldn’t be but 1 in 20 to survive after the first year. That’s with no fallout from an attack of just 3 bombs in orbit over the USA.
    I was a nuke mechanic for the navy for 6 years and did research on emp effects for upper level govt before discharge so I have a good idea of what to expect from both types of attack. The book “one second after” covers the basics of an emp but is a bit optimistic on the total breakdown of society. It would be much worse.

    • Jack Hammer says:

      I think you are correct. Life after an EMP would be hell on Earth. The government has hardened bunkers and vehicles and would hunker down for the first 12 to 18 months while the people kill each other over every scrap of food. Then the government comes out of hiding and rounds up the survivors and kills some and uses others for rebuilding. It won’t be pretty.

      • old guy says:

        Those bunkers could and should be sealed up from the outside. In certain that there is a air intake someplace?Nothing made by man is 100% unbreachable. Those bunkers need to be their toombs?

    • Warchild says:

      Call me ornery or a trouble maker but I would prefer neither happening!

  63. gone under says:

    Unprepared people will be as bad as the actual physical damage. 6 years as a nuke snipe… good man.

  64. Beano says:

    This was predicted over thousands of years ago by Yashua.

    Some kind of disaster that would KILL EVERY living thing. Who knows if it is one disaster causing another and leading to another and the combination compounds everything to a point of what Yashua said?

  65. MM2Nuke says:

    Did my last 6 months jockeying a desk in shipyard, got broken up in an accident so I didn’t stay in for 20 like I had planned. Did wargame stuff for “stars” and managed my carriers overhaul for the nuke side repairs. Learned a lot and had some fun… now I’m just a factory worker and full time dad. God bless and keep prepping.

  66. Kevin2 says:

    I’m here concerned about an economic collapse with the resulting domestic social implications and we have WWIII with Hydrogen Bombs.

    I give up. I have neither the ability due to health or geographic location to bother to live in a Mad Max environment.

  67. slingshot says:

    How will the, Florida Stand your Ground Law or Castle Doctrine fit into the Nuclear War Theme. Will Lawyers be out of a job, forever? Just like the used car salesman.
    Have no more use for them. EMP and all that.

  68. Be informed says:

    @ sixpack and JRS. Please read as you might have misunderstood what I meant.

    Ever see the cutesy little Japanese women running aorund with their fire extinguishers every Sept. 1 in Japan to show they are ready for the next meag quake to hit Toyko? ANY prepping is to be commended. There is also the problem that someone THINKS they are ready because they have a little vegetable garden, a box of food, a couple of cases of water, a 24 roll pack of toilet paper, a baseball bat for protection, a flashlight, an extra pack of batteries, etc. This is a bad misconception that a person “FEELS” that they are ready for anything.

    I define cutesy prepping as someone that hardly takes it to the second, third, or fourth level up. Novice prepper is even a better term. Someone that puts away a 3 day’s worth of supplies will not immediately die when it hits. They must not though expect to make it last much longer. They are prepping to the raw minimum and that is not going to do them any good if the disaster lasts any amount of time. Something is better than nothing, but more is better than little. If you can get someone to expand above the cutesy level of prepping, you have probably saved the person. There is a foundation there, and there is a lot more hope for someone that preps even a little. Still like training a bunch of little “cute” Japanese women running around giggling once a year spraying out midget fires, is not really going to do much good when hard core hits. Even a moderate disaster would be a problem for them. Cutesy should be thought of as someone really not taking a critical situation present and future seriously enough.

    • RickInOregon says:

      BI, some of us don’t prep for the worst cast or for every possible SHTF. We pick and chose our priorities and judge if we have the resources to address them.

      Solar panels or an AR, for me it’s solar panels, a picture pump or body armor, for me it’s a picture pump, a case of beans or a case of canning jars, for me it’s canning jars, build an above ground root cellar or build a fall out shelter, for me it’s a root cellar, A reloader or a pressure canner, bullets or canning lids, a book on how to survive a nuke blast or a book on how to make cheese and the list goes on and I always chose what will make me more self sufficient and independent.

      Because of the irresponsible fiscal policies of the government, I fear more the lost value of our currency than I do a nuke war. I’m spending my time and resources to be able to live a frugal, healthy and fulfilling life when my savings have little value because of inflation, confiscation or a new currency.

      • sixpack says:

        Amen, RIO. My sentiments exactly, although I do try to stock as many all-out-shtf items as I can afford.

        I HAVE radiation detection/mitigation equipment.

        I HAVE several backup power systems for lighting, cooking and refrigeration.

        I HAVE more than one method of personal/home protection.

        I HAVE several bio-hazard defense items.

        I HAVE tools and materials for repairing damage to my dwelling structure.

        I HAVE enough equipment to bug out to anywhere but here.

        I consider myself a “serious” prepper, even though I can’t afford thousands of dollars for massive gennies, or to own an alternate BOL.

        It isn’t just the ‘stuff’ I have, that makes me a serious prepper…it’s my will and determination to survive. That’s one thing I’m serious about.

      • JohnFornaro says:

        Good job, Rick in Oregon. You have to prioritize. One of my interests is technology. I have quite a library from the 1890’s thru the 1970’s regarding how to rebuild technology. Yeah, it could be easily burned, with my dead body on top of the pyre. REmember that agriculture is a type of technology.

        Here’s a great video of a guy building a vacuum tube by hand:

        Given a stable society on the other side, human society could be rebuilt.

  69. Money Supply says:

    I was in a meeting one day in corporate America and some jerk was busting on me on the doomsday prepper shit. Hey, I have a shotgun and a few buckets of beans.

    After much ridicule. I said the following.

    What if one day you came home from work and world war three started…and it was Nuclear. Even if the blast did not kill you…then the crops will have to grow in the radiation dust. If you did not prep…you just killed your kids because you were too busy and too ignorant to realize the world if filled with evil people. Congratulations… because of your lack of poor planning…your children will die off and mine will go on.

    Pretty quiet room after that.

    Don’t plan on growing shit.

    My guess..the elite are planning plant funguses and blame it on nature to “thin the herd” via global crop failures.

    Just so you know elite… if you engineer this…The people of the world will all bust into your bunkers…drag you out and eat you for lunch. Literally.

    AH…the sweet meat of the elite. hey that rhymes. ha ha.

  70. Satori says:

    thought this of interest

    Why Halley’s Comet May Be Linked to Famine 1,500 Years Ago

    doesn’t take much to upset the balance of things

  71. While “book knowledge” is useful information, real “hands on” experience is more important in the catastrophe facing all of us.

    I fear many on here think their book smarts will save them…WRONG.

    If you never cleaned your nails before dinner with your pocket knife or took a needle to that new blister you get before a callous wears in…

    If you never butchered a chicken or hog to eat…

    If you never cut or split your own wood to heat your house in the winter…

    If you can’t grow and preserve most of your own food…

    Yes that includes canning, salting, smoking or drying it.

    Well then, you’re just talking shit and you will starve with the rest of the so-called sheeple…because, in fact, you yourself are a “sheeple”.

    There are only a handful of people that I have seen on this board that are growing and keeping their own food. It’s not an easy task and time is running out for all of us.

    Get out into the yellow light and away from the blue light and get your hands dirty…GET CRACKIN’.

    • Be informed says:

      @ JRS. Excellent points. Even when people repair items, they should try to using hand tools only. Try to find spare parts around the house to fix it rather than run to the hardware store and spend money on the part and the gas to get there. Hands on experience is so important, epecially when you can use your mind to figure something out. Like always puncturing a blister on the side of it and draining it and leaving the excess skin to heal itself over the weak point. Mental training is crucial wouldn’t you say also. The more you can solve problems on your own the better.

    • JohnFornaro says:

      JRS: One small disagreement. I’ve started to NOT puncture blisters with a needle. My experience is that they heal faster.

    • old guy says:

      We have been at it for many years. And its very difficult to grow even 50% of your own food. We try and have as many completely home grow meals as we can and only manage that feat 3 or 4 days per week. This year the erratic climate & weather was a big negative factor. Nine days of rain as the wrong time ruined the tomatos and made the field corn produce a bumper crop. We have decided a greenhouse is a necessity if we are ever going to become even at least 90% self reliant. Today its raining record amounts and the river has flooded. Its likely to be another record 100 year flood. We seem to get one every 5 years now.

  72. Satori says:

    *****MERS CoV UPDATE****

    Saudi Arabia: Four new MERS cases, one death

    gonna be a BUSY winter
    Mers,H1N1,H7N9 ,H10N8
    can’t wait for a couple of these nasties to mix together

  73. Money Supply says:


    • Mr. T says:

      It just depends. How much is she costing you and how much farther can you spread your existing preps now? From where I see it, you just doubled all of your preps. That is unless she tries to be vindictive and take all or some of them in the divorce. Good Luck Money Supply!

  74. James says:

    The Bible says in Revelations 9:18 that 1/3 of mankind will be killed in the last days. So, these nuclear weapons will probably be doing the destruction.

  75. JAH666 says:

    This article is just a tad alarmist…

    The countries that were developing and testing nuclear and thermo-nuclear weapons from the 1940’s to the 1960’s detonated hundreds of devices of all sizes. These devices were exploded on the ground, under the ground, in the air and under the water. I’m no advocate of these things, and (and as seen in Japan with very low-yield devices) using them against population centers is horrific in the extreme, but it has been shown that the devices detonated in the period from the 40’s to the 60’s had little to no global long-term effects.

    There would be extreme effects in the immediate aftermath to midterm in the event of a regional nuclear exchange, but they would be confined to that region. If this weren’t so then Hiroshima and Nagasaki would be wastelands to this day.

    It would take a full force mutual exchange between superpowers, like what could have occurred between the US and the USSR, involving hundreds to thousands of simultaneous detonations to cause world-wide effects.

    The truth of the matter with regards to nuclear weapons is, that after having them for over half a century we still don’t really know what they will do if used indiscriminately.

    It really is a shame though that they are so destructive, because the detonations of nuclear weapons is truly magnificent and awe inspiringly beautiful. Just rent a copy of “Trinity and Beyond: the Atomic Bomb Movie” and watch with an open mind.

  76. My next prep says:

    When countries plan for war…they always get their gold back…physical.

    The elite are planning a war on US soil.

  77. jr23 says:

    i just turned 60 and have been hearing this for about 45 yrs
    if the USA and Russia unload on each other its over but i seriously doubt Putin is suicidal. but NK Pakistan, Iran and to a lesser extent India it would be a regional mess and will effect the rest of the world but odds are we will survive although the affected country’s will have far fewer people and will suffer devastation. what is scarier some of the extreme greens ex watson of whale watchers would be delighted since he and many others think the earth would be better with only 500k people there the people i fear. remember the BOMB has been here around 70 yrs and was only used 2x rational men know not to use it no other weapon has been reserved that long in history

  78. buttcrackofdoom says: what a fuster-cluck this is turning out to be! after a few of these stories, i gotta start believing there’s sumthin’ up with the pacific. sooner or later JAPANDEMONIUM WILL ensue! PFFTT! nukes from russia or china? hell, we ALREADY been nuked!

  79. Leon Kennedy says:

    Surviving is not easy now days. One should be known and learned how to do this perfectly. I know a source and people should Click for more tips.

  80. Mr. T says:

    I agree with most that say you can not count the prepper/survivalist out automatically. However, if we ever experienced a full nuclear exchange between the USA and Russia or China you would realistically be looking at 80 to 90 percent of the population of this country being dead with in the first 12 to 18 months. It’s not necessarily the blast that will kill most people it will be the fallout and the food contamination and water contamination that will kill most people. Whatever resources might remain unspoiled will be fought over in “to the death” scenarios. When we nuked Japan, those bombs were “babies” to what the USA, Russia, China have stocked in their arsenals. The damage done will cripple almost all population centers and crucial infrastructure to the point where all countries would be back in the stone ages. I know preppers and survivalists are hearty folk, but just look at what Fukashima did in Japan…we have not yet seen what it will do to the rest of the world; cancer rates in this country will undoubtedly increase due to one of the three reactors spewing out most of the radioactive material. The world has approximately 437 active nuclear plants right now; how many of those will be damaged to the point of meltdowns? Think of the damage they will create. If we ever go full scale exchange…it literally will be the end of the world as we know it! Will there be survivors…there always are. For them it will be one tough, dark, miserable fucking existence….that you can bet the farm on!