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Democrats Prepare Hearings on “Rightwing Extremism”

Kurt Nimmo
January 15th, 2019
Another Day in the Empire
Comments (133)

This article was originally published by Kurt Nimmo at Another Day in the Empire

Prior to the 2018 midterm election, I speculated a Democrat-controlled House would result in hearings targeting “hate groups,” that is to say anybody on the “right” who challenges official narratives, otherwise known as “conspiracy theories.” 

“Rep. Bennie Thompson, an African American lawmaker from Mississippi, is in charge of the House Homeland Security Committee,” reports McClatchy. “Thompson intends to hold hearings to spotlight what experts say is a growth of deadly right wing extremism in America, even if the hearings could feature members of white supremacist groups.”

Thompson said his aim is to change the dialogue and find a balance in a U.S. domestic terrorism strategy that he believes has focused too heavily on the threat of homegrown Muslim terrorism and too little the rise of far right, white nationalist, and anti-Semitic groups.

The corporate propaganda media has done a fair job of conflating “white supremacy” and political thought the government wants to silence and shutdown.

The McClatchy article follows this line and links the “trend” of antigovernment activism to Timothy McVeigh and the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City.  That event has served as a touchstone for over two decades, primarily thanks to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which has made a cottage industry out of hyping “rightwing hate” (unacceptable political thought) and the threat of violence (for the state, the two are inseparable). 

McClatchy and the corporate media have attached “rightwing extremism” to a number of violent incidents that have more to do with disturbed individuals than ideology. 

A recent spate of deadly incidents—including the shooting deaths of 11 congregants at a Pittsburgh synagogue in October, the February 2018 shooting deaths of 17 students and staff members at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida and the August 2017 white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia—have given Thompson and other congressional Democrats anecdotal evidence about the extreme right.

The Obama administration, continuing the work of the Bush administration, had the Department of Homeland Security produce a paper on the supposed threat posed by “rightwing extremists,” who are by the state’s definition terrorists on par (or worse than) al-Qaeda and its follow-up act, the Islamic State. Republicans, at the time a majority in the House, lambasted the paper and accused the Obama administration of overreach. Then DHS boss Janet Napolitano went into damage control mode. 

Napolitano apologized for the report. But the political backlash led DHS to halt work on tracking violent far right extremism, according to Daryl Johnson, the report’s author.

But now the House is in the hands of the Democrats and they want blood following the election of Donald Trump and the rise of the so-called Alt-right, or New Right. 

Under Republican control from 2011 until last week, the House Homeland Security Committee repeatedly rejected calls by Thompson and Democrats for specific probes of domestic far right activities. Some Republicans now are wary that Thompson’s probe would be conducted with a partisan eye.

“Congress and the White House has looked at terrorism through the lens of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people. The House Homeland Security Committee, established after those attacks, largely has focused on the foreign threat or potential danger posed by U.S. residents becoming radicalized by foreign terrorist groups.

That emphasis will change under the Democrats. The new terrorists are “homegrown” and include nationalists (shorthand for racist), constitutionalists, and libertarians. There will be hearings and possible show trials in the months ahead. 

The DHS will finally arrive at its final destination—a national secret police focused on political activism challenging the ruling elite and their contrived political arrangement. 

Thompson said his aim is to change the dialogue and find a balance in a U.S. domestic terrorism strategy that he believes has focused too heavily on the threat of homegrown Muslim terrorism and too little the rise of far right, white nationalist, and anti-Semitic groups.

In order to be classified as antisemitic, a group or an individual only need criticize Israel and its incestuous relationship with the ruling elite and its political operatives, in particular the neocon faction. 

Thoughtcrime—opposition to the state and its policies—will not be tolerated by the political class. Democrats want to make sure another Donald Trump will not sit in the White House. In order to do this, they have to go after high profile individuals and groups, hold show trials, and continue the work of deplatforming “deplorables” and their “hate,” in other words, free speech. 

Finally, a word of warning to the “far-left.” If you wander outside the parameters set by Democrats and their “progressive” foundations, you will also be attacked and undermined by the state, especially if you oppose Bush’s wars, which became Obama’s wars and now Trump’s. 

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Author: Kurt Nimmo
Date: January 15th, 2019
Website: https://kurtnimmo.blog/

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  1. Nailbanger says:

    What about left wing extremism?
    What about the left, NOT DEFENDING OUR BORDERS
    Time for a purge

    • Menzoberranzan says:

      We will have to kill these people. They will frankly leave us no choice and they will not be a loss to our country.

    • Eisenkreutz says:

      95% of the interracial violence in America is black on white. I don’t understand why we tolerate black crime in our cities. I don’t understand why no one points out the obvious truth about race. I don’t understand why we got rid of Jim Crow, restrictive covenants and sundown laws. Those things protected our people and our property.

    • Anonymous says:

      Borders-Language-Culture-National Sovereignty-Constitutional Rights-Individual Rights-The Right to be Left ALONE-

      ** ** Free Speech uncensored by Tech Mafia monopoly TYRANTS and web sites!!

      It is time to Stop playcating and getting along.
      It is time to Stand up for Traditional American values with ZERO apollogy.

      The Foreign controlled TV-Movie-Newspaper Media.
      Media and Movies guided by three letter US agencies.
      Time to cancel cable. Cancel movie night, why fund anti American commies? Waste of money.
      STOP wasting time in front of: sports knee takers-entertainment-brainwashing leftist slanted Movie scripts.

      Time to Stop the public education COMMUNIST INDOCTRINATION system from their primary duty of BRAINWASHING children into leftist NWO commie ideology.

      Traditional American values. Speaking the English language. The constitution. Free speech. The right to keep and bear arms to defend your family. Borders that are protected. The right to be left ALONE. To speak freely, have open discussion, arguments, conversation. To worship the God of Jesus Christ.
      These Traditional American values are worth taking a Stand for. No matter the consequences. STAND!!

      Stop apollogising and being political correct cowards.
      Become a sheepdog.

      These NWO commie leftist seem to want a street to street fight? They just keep pushing and taking.

      I will Not comply with NWO communist “laws”.
      I will NEVER obey any law made up by foul mouthed Muslim anti- American congressman.

      I will Not comply. Neither should you.

      If NWO deep state tries to impeach an elected President. If President calls for protection. The deplorables have his back.

      I also don’t care what the social media mob with too much time on their hands, thinks about Anything. Neither should you.

      An opinion is like aa ass. Everyone has one. So what?

      The idiocy is so time wasting. Nothing but anti American and anti Trump propaganda on radio, tv, movie, net.
      I am about to go completely off of any media. CANCEL IT ALL.

      No time for listening to communist propaganda or watching spoiled, overpaid, juvinile delequents who are always in trouble with law, to then take a knee for our nations anthem to respect the fallen and sacrifices made by brave people.
      ** ** STAND for the national Anthem. STAND up to political correct anti American, anti Christian God commies.
      ** ** STAND up and boycot ALL tech mafia monopoly platforms that stop free thought, free speech, open exchange of opinions and ideas.

      Time to walk, run, pushups, stretch, hump a 45 pound pack everywhere you go. Build those muscles.
      Time to garden.
      Time for seed saving.
      Time to clean and resharpen tools.
      Time to go to the range.
      Time to reload ammo.
      Time to pass out that reloaded ammo to everyone at church, work, neighbors, friends, clerks I do business with.
      Provide a care package of Ammo-Food-Garden Seeds-Basics to Everyone you can. Spread Love and message that Traditional American values are worth taking a STAND for.
      Include a tract spreading the word of Christ. Invite them to church.
      Include a copy of the Constitution of the United States of America with Bill of Rights.
      Include a tract explaining Jury Nullification. You must understand and spread word about this POWERFUL tool, Jury Nullification. (Please look it up if uninformed.)

      Influence and help those in your world.

      Go to school board meetings.
      Go to voice against city hall leftist idiocy.
      STAND UP TO NWO anti American COMMUNIST.
      Stand up to leftist Political Correctness.


      Where is the political party with this platform? Does not exsist currently. Yet. NRA should get together with church to form this party.

    • 1Sg Ric says:

      i fucking agree…the very people we elected to uphold our laws break them….definitely time for a purge!

  2. Jim in Va. says:

    Non compliance by many will stymie their plans. Plus they will eat their own in the process. They can’t handle Afganistan or the southern border,what makes you think they can man handle 100 million citizens?

    • Philosopher Deplorabilis says:

      Yep. We are the many and they are the few.

      Good luck trying to take my guns, ammo, reloader, and PMs.

      Easy enough to hide in some oilcloth inside a sealed PVC tube.

      I grew up reloading. Many of the men had small workshops: metal or wood. Making a gun isn’t rocket science. Nor is reloading. It takes a few tools and skills and voila, you can fabricate your own gun and ammo!

      Millions of those workshops around the US. Lots and lots of tools. Lots and lots of stuff that can be refabricated. Are people doing it now? Hobbyists, are, for sure. Other people reload to save money or for custom loads. Others learn how to use machine tools to modify their own guns or those of others, for fun or profit.

      Anyone that thinks they can make a law and guns will go away in the US has to be a liberal that lives in the city and doesn’t know how to do jack shit.

      • Nailbanger says:

        Its very easy and possible to build party favors that will rock their world with simple parts and ingredients from the damn hardware store,,,stuff that is wayyy more fun than a pea shooter,
        Dot to mention all the many modes of delivery ripe for the picking,
        They better be careful what ant hill they kick, it jus may well be fire ants they get by the swarm

        • Philosopher Deplorabilis says:

          Yeah. I just want to be left alone to live my life in peace and quiet. I follow the law, pay my taxes, and try to be a peaceable neighbor (I have a neighbor from Commiefornia that jacks my boat, tho).

          I have no interest in putting what I learned growing up in the countryside, or the military, into use. But if that is what it takes to deal with these commie freaks, so be it. I am not a slave. I will never be a slave. Ever.

          • Nailbanger says:

            Oh i hear ya, same here, would love nothing more than to just be left alone,
            But i doubt i will be, every legislative session every election, every new administration brings some change that further erodes that simple little wish,
            IMHO, eventually it will be a fuck you moment

  3. cranerigger says:

    Leftists want to be THOUGHT POLICE. How dare us express individual thought, believe in individual property rights, worship in the way we see fit, etc. The simpleton leftists require everyone to knuckle under to their idiocy.

  4. Traitor Hator says:

    Along with all of the other coinsedences ? Seems the wheat and the Tares are being separated big time? Christians are being beheaded. A one world religion doin it? The King of the north and east allied with Persia. The land without walls is completely destroyed in one hour with the weapon of indignation,you take away our electricity,you take away our dignity, then our lives? If your flasks aren’t full , the door will be shut in less then one hour? Seems pretty open and shut?

  5. Maranatha says:

    Democrats are not Democrats anymore. They are crazy neocons, kooks, perverts, limpwrists, bulldykes, destroyers, globalists, socialists, communists, and anarchists.

    The party that claims to be the emancipators of postmodern African Americans actually in history were the most vile bigots, organized the Ku Klux Klan, and pushed reforms which resulted in millions of aborted black babies, fostered ghetto mentality, and disarmed blacks since Reconstruction.

    The party that claimed to be “for the working blue collar man” destroyed the middle class since 1990 and Obama single-handedly annihilated black middle class wealth.

    The party that is allegedly supportive of women and sexual liberation is responsible for the breakup of the family, high divorce rates, the death of million female babies, stds, single moms, and two people living under one roof together make as much as one single man in 1990.

    The party that claimed to care for the common man and woman and the impoverished is the party pushing for illegal aliens and unchecked refugees and migration.

    Why not just admit that the Democrat politicians are evil scum?

    • Maranatha says:

      htt ps://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Democratic-Republican_Party
      Originally it was called the Democratic Republicans. What did they believe in?

      A Bill of Rights to protect natural rights for all citizens.

      Supporting yeoman farmers.

      Having a low national debt.

      States rights due to the 10th Amendment limited federal power.

      They called themselves Republicans. The Democrat name was a joke as they were mocked as being like the crazy French pushing democracy.

      They favored tariffs to foster American business versus imports from Britain.

      They were strongest among the South and the Scotch-Irish people.

      • Genius says:

        FYI… Democrats are NOT ANARCHISTS! They want government and rulers. They despise freedom. I am an anarchist, they are freakshow commie faggots!

        • Maranatha says:

          Wrong. In the last election, members of Antifa voted for Hillary and these were avowed anarchists.

          What’s happened is a toxic brew voted for Hillary to oppose Trump. So you this bizarre melange of every political identity among the DNC. Otherwise a protest vote for Jill Stein.

          • Genius says:

            No you are wrong…
            Anarchism is a political philosophy[1][2] that advocates self-governed societies based on voluntary, cooperative institutions, rejecting hierarchies they view as unjust. These institutions are often described as stateless societies,[3][4][5][6] although several authors have defined them more specifically as institutions based on non-hierarchical or free associations.[7][8][9][10] Anarchism holds capitalism, the state, and representative democracy to be undesirable, unnecessary and harmful.[11][12][13][14][15]

            Anarchy is simply the lack of rulers or masters. As a monarchy is ruled by one king an anarchy is ruled by the self. Anarchy is true freedom but humans are too big a piece of shit to be free and responsible.

        • Philosopher Deplorabilis says:

          I agree Genius. These Socialist Democrats are commies in sheep’s clothing.

          They want one thing: power and control over every aspect of your life.

          From how much shit your toilet flushes to when you can use the electrical grid (or pay premium prices) to if you can burn wood (or not) to being taxed for the water you use.

          That is pure top-down communism with a centralized economy. No thanks! I like being free! Good luck trying to tax me into the ground to pay for their BS projects. I’ll go Galt. Pretty close now.

          • Genius says:

            Good for you! Git er Done! Be an anarchist!

            • Philosopher Deplorabilis says:

              I don’t want jack fricking shit from the government other than to be left alone to live my life.

              Period. I hate nosy neighbor’s and nosy people that think they know the best way for me to live my life. No. I am an adult. I can manage my own life minus their two fricking cents!

              Am I mad as a wet hen? OH HELL YA!

    • The Deplorable Renegade says:

      Maranatha, you took my thunder but that’s OK. All true what you said. Good post.

  6. Maranatha says:

    htt ps://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Democratic_Party_(United_States)

    Originally in 1912, the Democrats under Theodore Roosevelt were:
    Social conservatives
    Economic libertarians

    In the 1930s under FDR they totally changed is social justice folks, lots of federalism, direct intervention in inyernational wars versus prior isolationism.

    “The Democrats represented a wide range of views but shared a fundamental commitment to the Jeffersonian concept of an agrarian society. They viewed the central government as the enemy of individual liberty. The 1824 “corrupt bargain” had strengthened their suspicion of Washington politics. […] Jacksonians feared the concentration of economic and political power. They believed that government intervention in the economy benefited special-interest groups and created corporate monopolies that favored the rich. They sought to restore the independence of the individual—the artisan and the ordinary farmer—by ending federal support of banks and corporations and restricting the use of paper currency, which they distrusted. Their definition of the proper role of government tended to be negative, and Jackson’s political power was largely expressed in negative acts. He exercised the veto more than all previous presidents combined. Jackson and his supporters also opposed reform as a movement. Reformers eager to turn their programs into legislation called for a more active government. But Democrats tended to oppose programs like educational reform mid the establishment of a public education system. They believed, for instance, that public schools restricted individual liberty by interfering with parental responsibility and undermined freedom of religion by replacing church schools. Nor did Jackson share reformers’ humanitarian concerns. He had no sympathy foru American Indians, initiating the removal of the Cherokees along the Trail of Tears.”

    The Democrats fundamentally changed from whatever Andrew Jackson through Teddy Roosevelt believed to something weird and opposite.

    Now they are beyond the Pale. They are virulently antiChristian when in history the opposite was true.

  7. Beaumont 2.0 says:

    Democrats are the party of the Klan.

    Republicans are the party of radical Reconstruction.

    • Genius says:

      And anarchists are the party of real freedom.

      • vincente pox says:

        Yeah, nothing says ‘FREEDOM” like beating up people with clubs, burning down businesses, attacking police horses and smashing the faces of journalists. You are a real genius…now go tell your mommy to bring some pizza down to the basement!!

    • Maranatha says:

      Basically, after the Civil War, Republicans supported so many black politicians that they were called the N party by Democrats

      So for what it’s worth, the Democrats were the worst racists but why was that so? They were scared out of their wits.

      Jesus doesn’t say anything promoting bigotry. It’s contrary to the Bible. But Christians point out evil especially thugs regardless of skin color.

      • Genius says:

        I bet my dog would bark at naggers. I know a few other dogs that do. But we don’t have any naggers to test it on around us (I love it).

      • Beaumont 2.0 says:

        Reagan is attributed to have said, “Latinos are Republican. They just don’t know it yet.”

        The N party has been telling us about their good jobs numbers but with zero expectation of the social contract being restored for WASP’s.

        Although the wall is a moot point, I enjoy the prospect of hud and ebt failing to support so many radicals, in fake makework jobs.

        • Beaumont 2.0 says:

          m said, “It’s contrary to the Bible.”

          Anti-abolitionist literature would have been written by Southern Baptists, before the 501c3 state church.

          I’ve been that proverbial ‘fly on the wall’, in their business meetings, if you want to talk about what is not Biblical.

          (Seems to get ghosted, under the wrong username.)

      • Rick Werner says:

        Really maranatha, why does the OT forbid the true children of Israel to get involved with other peoples. Why does Yahshua say do not throw peals before swine and that you must be born for above. Yahshua also stated he came for the lost of Israel ALONE!

        • Maranatha says:

          Quote the passage from the Bible. Chapter and verse.

          Moses himself married a black lady.

          • Rick Werner says:

            Moses didn’t marry a black woman, where does is say that?? It was a midianite woman so check where that area is located. Tobin ch.4 vs. 12 says a lot. A true Israelite has a ruddy complexion. Get a strong’s concordance.

            • Maranatha says:

              htt ps://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zipporah
              Zipporah was a KUSHITE and they were from NUBIA. A Nubian is BLACK! Black as midnight!

              Look up Kushim in Hebrew.

              • Rick Werner says:

                Cush can refer to the area under Egypt or an area in Mesopotamia. The Greek world Ethiopia derives from “black, dark, SUNBURNED”, etc. Diodorus writes of that area as consisting of a civilized Ethiopian peoples (aka white) and a savage, dark, wooly-haired and uncivilized people. Which group do you think Moses would take a wife from? Geographical location does not always equal race. I maintain that there is not proof of this sinful intermarriage.

      • Rick Werner says:

        So what does it mean when Yahshua says he has only come for lost sheep of Israel. How many epistles where written black nations??

  8. I figure they haven’t seen real right wing extremism. Yet.

  9. Dave says:

    Nazi germany here we come. To the left, conservatives are Jews. The reality is far more evil.

  10. And I Quote says:

    If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.

    ~George Orwell

  11. Bert says:

    Next on CNN…

    The Hearings on “Rightwing Extremism”

    sponsored by Gillete,

    A Proctor and Cuntle Company.

  12. Maranatha says:

    ht tps://www1.cbn.com/cbnnews/entertainment/2019/january/abortion-is-all-part-of-gods-plan-activist-tells-young-kids-in-shocking-youtube-video

    Amelia Bonow of Shout Your Abortion indocrinates kids into God’s plan which includes abortion!

    It’s pure evil.

    • When da baby momma applies for WIC,SNAP,Section 8 Housing,EBT,Medicare,Medicaid,Welfare…. involuntary abortion and irreversible surgical sterilization should be carried out. Why should I be forced to support bastard ghetto children? Abortion and sterilization are cheaper than a lifetime of welfare. As an added bonus such a program would improve the human species in America. Abort early and abort often!

      • Maranatha says:

        Lucifer loves people like you who encourage murder.

        • Rick Werner says:

          Show me one verse where Yahshua says abortion is bad? At the end of rev. it says who will enter the kingdom. Same in 1 Corth 6:9.

          • Maranatha says:

            I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ.

            13 For thou hast possessed my reins: thou hast covered me in my mother’s womb.
            14 I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.
            15 My substance was not hid from thee, when I was made in secret, and curiously wrought in the lowest parts of the earth.
            16 Thine eyes did see my substance, yet being unperfect; and in thy book all my members were written, which in continuance were fashioned, when as yet there was none of them.
            17 How precious also are thy thoughts unto me, O God! how great is the sum of them!
            18 If I should count them, they are more in number than the sand: when I awake, I am still with thee.
            19 Surely thou wilt slay the wicked, O God: depart from me therefore, ye bloody men.
            20 For they speak against thee wickedly, and thine enemies take thy name in vain.
            21 Do not I hate them, O LORD, that hate thee? and am not I grieved with those that rise up against thee?
            22 I hate them with perfect hatred: I count them mine enemies.
            Psalm 139:13-22

            • Rick Werner says:

              If those people want to kill their own that’s ok, but we need to protect our own. Of course murder is wrong but when it comes to our enemies and want to do us harm, then killing in self defence is acceptable.

        • Rick Werner says:

          Wow now your judging no wonder some people give Christians a bad name.

        • So when my hard earned money is stolen from my paycheck to support lazy,genetically inferior scum…your God is ok with that? My standard of living is reduced so others can mooch along for life? Time for some common sense from the 1940’s, surgical sterilization worked well. Eugenics needs to make a come back.

  13. Maranatha says:

    There is nothing benevolent about anarchists. If they just wanted to be left alone, who cares? But they don’t but ultimately seek violence to achieve anarchy, thus it’s a violent force of their rights over your free will.

    As such, it’s satanic as free will is a part of YAHWEH’s plan. YAHWEH is omnipotent yet does not force you to accept YAHWEH as SOVEREIGN over the universe.

    The Unabomber is a brilliant eloquent yet perverted sinner whose acts are completely evil.

    It’s difficult to dismiss his manifesto but that does not justify what he did. In fact, as an academic of his standing, he had ample opportunity to publish his philosophy and at a time when some were homesteading and rejecting postmodern society.

    But that was not suffice for this anarchist.

    Look at anarchist movements and you find the same things happening…over and over.

    No Christian should be an anarchist.

    • Genius says:

      The exact opposite is true. Christians are governed by jesus right? So they should be responsible for their actions and self governing right? They should do no harm to others right? There ya go, they would be perfect anarchists! Now criminals and evil people will harm others and they NEED to be governed. Anarchy is freedom from controllers but like I said, people can’t handle the responsibility. You equate anarchy with evil people and just like any other form of government you will always have them.

      • Genius says:

        Natural law/anarchy is simply put do unto others as you would have them do unto you. You have all your rights until they interfere with anothers rights. Everything is voluntary. You cannot steal anothers property to pay for your wishes. If you want a school you cannot force others at gunpoint (govt. force) to pay for it. Same with anything else. If you disagree then that makes you a statist (truly evil).

      • Maranatha says:

        Here’s the flaw in your argument:

        What anarchists claim they believe is markedly different than anarchists as a political force in history!

        So why would anyone trust an anarchist as they are liable to blow something up?!?!

    • Rick Werner says:

      Isn’t anarchist against the establishment? Yahshua was that to a “T”

      • vincente pox says:

        Well, Jesus is God. He did not dox his opponents, slash tires, throw rocks at Roman soldiers, use a bat and a facemask during demonstrations, use molotov cocktails against the Pharisees. Leftists love to rewrite the Bible to suit their twisted utopian visions, so that they can take the place of God.

        • Maranatha says:

          This “god” that leftist so-called Christians believe in…is a puny one that ignores the Bible. Face it, this is the sin of idolatry. These left wingers who pretend to be Christians are pro-civil unions for fruitcakes. They have gay pastors. They make excuses for fornicating people who live together.

          None of which is allowed in the Bible. They created their own religion, and bring a “god” out of the box and get sentimental at Christmas time. They usually hide their faith and never share the Gospel.

    • Beaumont 2.0 says:

      There is no law, ever, without the implied use of force.

      m said, “No Christian should be an anarchist.”

      Hadn’t God told Israel that they shouldn’t want a king, also that there should be no census?

  14. Nailbanger says:

    Boycot gillett

    • Anonymous says:

      ya think?
      yes boycott Gillett.
      but problem is, many brands are often owned by one big mother corporation. many brands but same company.

      Like TV. Many channels of “news”. Notice how all “different” channels showing same damn false narrative. US media now owned by foriegners. Not Americans. Media is control brainwashing for sheep.

      I will never buy Gillet product of any kind.
      I embrace my Caveman nature.

      Cave men unite. Cave men remove ruling class rich girlie men. Cave men put women in thier place, home, dinner ready, the woman naked, cold beer in hand awaiting for cave man’s galliant return, from clubbing the sensitive girlie men ruling class, taking sensitive boys toys.

      yabba dabba doooooooooooo
      Be Cave Man Proud.

      • awed bawl says:

        Companies were “bought”with fake money. If one “buys” something with fake money they are actually stealing it. The property should be returned to rightful owners [us].

        Avoid expressions like “they own” when they stole. One could say “they claim to own” or “they pretend to own.”

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe you should do the same thing you did about your levi’s. you remember, when you made that profound statement, “sometimes you just have to overlook politics”. That must apply when it’s something you really, really want? hahaha

    • rellik says:

      No problem, I quit shaving when I was discharged from the military in 1978.

  15. Maranatha says:

    Here’s how insane extreme leftists are. They will insert ethnic people in some tv show like a rendition of Les Miserables which is about France after Waterloo in 1830. And in Victor Hugo’s father famous play, replace key characters who are indigeneous French…through and through, and insert characters that not only are of African descent but also African/Pakistani! It just makes zero sense.

    Imagine making a historical tv series on the protoKorean Joseon dynasty and inserting Cree Native Americans! It would be weird.

    Imagine making a play about Shaka Zulu and instead he’s from Fiji!

    Say what?!?

    It’s this weird white guilt virtue signaling that breaks the suspension of disbelief and in a sense, it’s like just blackface all over again where one ethnicity plays another and the audience pretends nothing is amiss.


    Hey the Gilette shaving ad that portarys all white men as sexualpredators is outrageous. Why would a razor company intentionally attack it’s main customers??? And of course white women vare then rescued by a “woke” black alpha male.

    It’s infuriating and frankly evil propaganda carrying water for fruitcake socialists.

    • Maranatha says:

      What is take away message by extreme leftists? That white folks are replaceable by minorities, but minorities are not replaceable. If a white person emulates another’s culture, say studies karate, then an extreme leftist denounces this as the idiotic “cultural appropriation”. But if a ethnic person other than white wholesale replaces another or studies something that came from Anglo-Saxon culture, that is just fine! That is normal.

      It’s so bizarre and my guess is the cognitive dissonance is making millennials brain damaged.

    • Beaumont 2.0 says:

      Disney, Once Upon a Time —
      Merlin, Poseidon, and Lancelot.


    • jackdaniels says:

      If surface area is the sole criterion, it is women who are the shavers.

  16. Wojo says:

    I am a “right winger”, I am not racist, I am God fearing, and believe in the constitution. What I am against is our current government leaders who want to label, and take my constitution away. Hence “Right Winger”

  17. Abaddon says:

    I have come to the conclusion that the only hope there is for ridding ourselves of the leftists/socialists/SJWs/LBGXYZs along with their communist/globalist/Islamist allies is through a complete societal breakdown. Following Saul Alinksky along with the cloward piven strategy and the screaming/bullying of leftist mobs they have come to dominate our government, our education system, our media and even our very culture. I do not believe it can be reversed at the ballot box.

  18. Bonefortoona says:

    History is repeating itself.

    By June 1776, with the Revolutionary War in full swing, a growing majority of the colonists had come to favor independence from Britain. On July 4, the Continental Congress voted to adopt the Declaration of Independence, drafted by a five-man committee including Franklin and John Adams but written mainly by Jefferson.

  19. beerman says:

    Just imagine when the next dem prez gets in. And it will happen. From this day forward, whatever party gets in power it will be an onslaught for the other. There’s no going back. It’s war. And will be fought at our expense.

  20. CA Rebel says:

    The call to become ungovernable has been made. All can use the playbook. With idiots like these, thinking they’re in control of something, it will be easy. They rule by our pleasure.

  21. John says:

    Why are comments being censored on this site?
    Who do you serve?

    • They aren’t being censored. The system sorts comments into different categories. Many are put into “pending” and we have to manually approve them.

      I have to manually approve well over 100 comments per day. I don’t censor anyone.

  22. John says:

    Why are comments being censored on this site?
    Who do you serve?

    I do not like censorship. Hear that?
    Every village idiot has the God given right to put his foot in his mouth or to make an ass out of himself.
    I gave up many of the best years of my life to protect free speech and America.
    You web site censors and web business censors piss me off. I have closed facebook-twitter-google services and mail.

    I don’t do business with pro censorship outfits or their sponsors. You keep censoring, I’ll do business elsewhere.

    And while we are at it. Gillett will NEVER get another green back from my pocket. I do mean never. They are owned by Procter and Gamble. Today I liquidate my P&G stock holdings. What is gold doing?

    go to YouTube
    find ,Woodward TV, channel, watch his, “What you need to know about the next generation of technology and it’s effect on mankind”, video
    find “Brent Miller the coming pole shift.”
    find Linda Moulton Howe discloses hugh whistleblower

    watch before censored.

    • A couple of things – one, we don’t censor. Two, if we WANTED to censor, we could, because this is a privately owned site. If we wanted to censor, we could just block users. Easy. As I have explained many times, we have to manually approve well over 100 comments per day. We don’t have someone doing that 24/7. We do have lives and need to sleep. Come on now.

  23. Maranatha says:

    Well, as far as I can tell, if:
    1. You put in a user id.
    2. You put in a email address…even if invalid but consistent.
    3. Disqus matches your IP address.
    4. Then Disqus censors based on some criteria it has.
    5. Then certain keywords are not allowed by site criteria.
    6. Then if the comment passes through this process,
    7. Voila, a comment is generated.

    Now if you post a hyperlink, then that has to be approved in some manner.

    But if you don’t post a hyperlink, just an identifying address of some sort, there is no approval.

    Disqus doesn’t like certain terms, which I suspect is based on conservative ideas, though tere are some benign medical terms it does not like.

    Strangely enough, some comments are delayed in a holding pattern by Disqus and then will appear hours later.

    • Maranatha says:

      Words that Disqus doesn’t like…can be bypassed by runningwords together…like I just did.

      • blinky says:

        Sometimes my posts from Friday do not appear until Monday morning when its old news.

        • Maranatha says:

          Many have pointed out my prolific posts. How is that possible if Mac had to approve them?

          The only time Mac has to approve any of my posts is when I post a hyperlink by accident.

          I did not used to post that much over a year ago. Then I started making ten posts a day, but almost always they had to be approved. Face it, approving posts ie being a mod is a thankless job.

          Then I realized how easy it is to post. And I proved how easy it is to post after Mac made numerous comments.

          Anyone, I mean anyone could make as many posts as they wanted with minor Disqus censoring.

          As far as I know, there is only one for sure word that is guaranteed to being declined based upon site criteria.

          You have to realize that the site costs money and thus anything which violates the various vehicles that support the site then will interfere with comments.

        • Maranatha says:

          And specifically, why do you think that over a weekend your comment does not post?

          If you put in a email address and use the same IP and the same user name, then most if the time, it will immediately post…even on the weekend.

          But if you just put in a user name, well anyone could pretend to be anyone in that kind of system. So those posts have to be approved. Do you work on the weekend? Are you available 24/7?

          Come on.

    • rellik says:

      “Strangely enough, some comments are delayed in a holding pattern by Disqus and then will appear hours later.”
      I’ve noticed that, but haven’t figured out the pattern yet.
      “Disqus matches your IP address”.
      Could be an explanation as I’m on Satellite, my “IP” is random across several servers. It confuses the system. I see ads from Seattle to Florida as they “locate” my geographic place on earth.

    • 30 seconds into the Future says:

      If you wish, you can post anonymously.

      Use a disposable as your email address.
      Such as:

      Combined with private, secured browsing, you can both view and post anonymously

  24. May I remind you that extremism (right-wing) in the defense of liberty (free speech) is no vice (crime)…..may I also remind you that moderation (pacifism) in the pursuit of Justice (lock her up) is no virtue (politically correct).

  25. Maranatha says:

    Certain ideas, however factual, are not politically correct despite sometimes boatloads of evidence. So these kinds of factual posts get screened either by Disqus or by site keywords.

    That is bizarrely leftist extremism as Freedom of Expression is something they claim is a fundamental natural right and a civil right (two totally different ideas based upon who grants the right). Since about 2000, extreme leftists are guilty of a fundamental concept in Orwell’s Animal Farm ie ” animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others”.

    ht tps://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Animal_Farm

  26. We are so far to the left that any heterosexual is a far right extremist and let us not forget that under Semitic Bolshevikism in Russia tens of millions of Christians were murdered for their faith in Holy Scripture including priests, and nuns were raped then killed. Some were crucified. Most were tortured.

    The left does not represent ethics and morality, but the opposite.


  27. CoinCrusher says:

    Huh???? WTF have I missed???? The only “extremism” I’ve witnessed in the past 2 years has come from the LEFT. Antifa, screaming Snowflakes in restaurants, you name it. “Where’s the sauce”, or is this the typical Liberal “deflection” scenario; i.e., blame the other side for what you’re actually doing? Hillary was a pro at this along with her sidekick Obamamama. Pretty soon I’m gonna get really angry and you little piss ant Liberals are not going to like the reaping for which you’ve been sowing.

  28. Maranatha says:

    Much of Kentucky is very very rural and uses dynamic IP addresses. As such, even using different browsers or doing various searches will indicate my home is all over Western Kentucky and Southern Indiana and once Eastern Kentucky.

    I don’t use ’em but people using proxieslikely have long Disqus delays.

  29. Maranatha says:

    Welcome back.

    Cite the passage.

    Jesus is the King of kings and Lord of lords. That’s an absolute for Christians. One cannot be an anarchist before the Prince of Peace.

    He is the King of Zion.
    He is King of the angels.

    • Beaumont 2.0 says:

      If someone acknowledged no king other than God himself, then, what family, country, or political party would that person belong to.

      • Maranatha says:

        Then that faithful person is part of the Kingdom of Heaven and beyond the silly puny concepts like political parties.

        A few billion confused souls on one planet, out of 40 billion planets in the Milky Way, are insignificant.

        They are less than ants.

  30. Kevin says:

    Don’t forget the Knights of Columbus, American Legion and VFW those organizations are a right wing threat.

  31. They’re illegitimate