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Conviction of Roger Stone is “Tipping Point for Tyranny” as Americans Realize the Whole System is Rigged, Dishonest, and DANGEROUS

Mike Adams
November 18th, 2019
Natural News
Comments (9)

This article was originally published by Mike Adams at Natural News. 

Disclaimer: Photo cropped to fit removing the words “Targeted by the deep state. www.stonedefensefund.com”

Roger Stone has been convicted on all 7 counts of lying to the federal government about the Wikileaks leaks which exposed some of the lies and deceptions of the Democrats.

In a society that is largely run by liars, crooks, bureaucratic frauds, and political cheats, the establishment has targeted Roger Stone with a criminal prosecution that, in any truly just society, should have been directed at Hillary Clinton, James Comey, John Brennan, Andrew McCabe and even Barack Obama himself.

Yes, while the dirtiest, most corrupt, most treasonous criminals in America go free, Roger Stone is going to be sentenced to essentially life in prison for the non-crime of misremembering something while talking to federal prosecutors. This is called a “process crime,” and it’s the same kind of non-crime that federal prosecutors routinely use when they want to criminalize someone who hasn’t committed any real crime.

But real crimes are exactly what the deep state spy machine committed against President Trump and his allies as an effort to carry out a coordinated political coup against the United States of America. Yet to this day, not a single treasonous criminal has been arrested or indicted.

Roger Stone will be sent to rot in prison while the real criminals become filthy rich selling books and being given front-page visibility on the fake news networks that now operate as enemies of the American people.

We have now reached the “tipping point of tyranny” in America

Leftists are celebrating today, along with Chris Wallace of Fox News who is laughing hysterically at the announcement of Roger Stone’s conviction. Yet what we are really watching is the tipping point of tyranny, where the deep state can target an individual, gag their speech, throw them into a rigged trial run by a deep state judge, subject them to a deep state jury composed almost entirely of anti-Trump D.C. operatives, and find them “guilty” of a non-crime crime while the truly guilty go free.

Justice is dead in America. The courts are rigged, the judges are corrupt, the “journalists” are all run by the CIA and the fake news media is complicit in a criminal coup against the President of the United States of America.

Meanwhile, the tech giants are censoring all voices of reason and truth while propping up the pharma cartels that prey on the American people, trapping everyone in a cycle of disease and suffering that boosts the profits of Google and the pharma giants.

What we are really witnessing here is the politically motivated execution of Roger Stone. With the Washington Post absurdly claiming, “Democracy dies in darkness,” we now know that’s actually their operating philosophy, to kill democracy through the darkness.

This is the last straw.

The establishment is a criminal mafia that threatens the freedoms of all Americans.

We the People cannot allow this grave injustice to continue. This long train of abuses must be answered and halted.

If the DOJ will not take action to stop the criminality of the deep state, expose the treasonous operatives and indict them for their real crimes against America, then this task is going to fall on all Americans who took an oath to defend their nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

That moment draws near. The rigged, farcical conviction of Roger Stone will soon be followed by the rigged, farcical impeachment of President Trump. Justice is dead. Journalism is dead. Truth is treason. The criminals are now running everything and no one is safe in this lawless land where obedience to left-wing insanity is demanded essentially at gunpoint.

Prepare for chaos, because that’s what America now faces as the deep state has made it clear they will imprison or kill all who threaten the Democrats or the deep state, which is all really the same thing.

Call the White House now and demand a pardon of Roger Stone. Call 202-456-1414 now.

Donate to Roger Stone’s defense at StoneDefenseFund.com

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Author: Mike Adams
Date: November 18th, 2019
Website: https://www.naturalnews.com

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  1. Clown World says:

    I was never raised with such a thing as a normalcy bias or a version of authority, that touched the Jesus button in my brain chemistry.

    I had access to a public library, although my writing is usually informal.

    In my “ghetto” primary school, I had already asked adult questions about Communism and the evolutionary status of my school teachers, some of whom would have me seized from my parents.

    Uncles and grandparents could tell Selco stories, yet discussed moving back home, from this blue state.

    Adams said, “The criminals are now running everything and no one is safe in this lawless land where obedience to left-wing insanity is demanded essentially at gunpoint.”

    Woke-ness by force is at least 50yrs old, now. Every museum, phonebooth, busbench, theater, gutter, or buffet, you know where they have passed through.

    If you still trust the process, it must feel nice.

  2. cougar says:

    even if stone is pardoned and trump gets anoher four years; do not kid yourself; the days are coming where anyone on the right, a normal US citizen or person who tried to defend themselves against some thugs; can be locked up forever with no recourse.

    even if every illegal is kicked out, Texas will be a swing state by 2028 and many more will be swing states before then thereby making the democrats permanently in the white house. 2020 is very likely to be the last time a republican can win.

    if you feel the need to piss on ted Kennedy’s grave for his 1965 immigration act that set this all in motion; I understand.

  3. Ha Ha says:

    Roger Stone, convicted felon. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. It’s going to be fun watching lapdogs like Mike Adams and Mac get more and more frantic as karma comes calling. You bet on the wrong team and you’re getting worried, aren’t you?

  4. Keith R. Starkey says:

    And this is just the start! Just the start.

  5. AZPatriot says:

    Im afraid it’s time to water the tree of liberty.

    What choice are we left?

  6. Montana Guy says:

    Roger Stone is the ‘Tipping Point for Tyranny’? Oh please. Do you not miss the Republicans’ NDAA gutting our Bill of Rights? That was 8-1/2 years ago. What did professing ‘patriots’ do? Jack.

    • anonymous says:

      And the Patriot Act ten years before that.

      Oh, BTW, while the sheep are being distracted by the circus hearings being played out in the media, the traitors in the Columbian district have tacked an amendment on to the pending spending bill that will automagically re-up the Patriot Act with no input from the public. A sneaky back door trick.

      Watch what the other hand is doing while they distract you with bullshit.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Lying to the Government is a crime???


    See… this is how you jack asses lead by example…

  8. Confederate Bill says:

    Regardless of any issues confronting the US (and all countries of European heritage and culture), the most dangerous threat is from TPTB. Their over-arching, number one, highest priority is to forever change our demographics and culture. To eradicate the Western and European concept of our own homelands with our own people, heritage, culture, and values. This is not hyperbole.
    This concept was basically inaugurated in the beginning by 19th century atheist economists, philosophers, and theorists. Their work eventually unified and morphed into other movements, one is generally known as Marxism. Marxism at that time strove to eliminate the concept of national identity-the separate nation states with their own peoples, values, etc., and institute an anti-traditional, anti-Christian, assimilationist but mainly economic model.
    That ultimately failed, our society had to be transformed over time to attack our own institutions. The following had to be invented; basically a pyramid with an oppressor class at the bottom, then a victim class, then a class of “enlightened” people, and at the top TPTB. You can guess who is in each level. We now have the new Marxism-it is euphemistically called multiculturalism. Though emphasized, multiculturalism is only a part of it, it is only the face of the movement. It is really about the the degradation of all things European, and the overall disempowerment of the “masses”, with a powerful and untouchable caste at the top. It is presently not being instituted by force (not yet), but by propaganda, indoctrination, and legislation. The tools are MSM, “civil rights” organizations, NGOs, quasi-secret think tanks, neo-cons, a number of billionaires, political/social influence organizations, school systems, compromised agencies within the gov’t, and the maintenance of a two-tier system of justice. To understand this does not make you a racist, a kook, or a conspiracy theorist, don’t let anyone pigeon hole you.
    Don’t be distracted by the all circus events currently playing out, TPTB are still busily working to bring about their goals.