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Congress Ramps Up $1 Billion in Lethal Aid to Ukraine “To End the Conflict”

Mac Slavo
February 11th, 2015
Comments (102) Read by 5,987 people

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Up until now, on the record at least, all aid military and otherwise that the US has sent to Ukraine has been more in the vein of non-aggression.

Lethal aid is a line that has not been crossed yet, and for good reason. By all accounts, if the US were to lethally arm the Ukrainian government that it put into power over there, it would send a clear signal to Russia that America wants a full-blown war.

In fact, just days ago, Obama said that lethal weapons weren’t ruled out, and top Russian MP and close friend of Putin, Alexi Pushkov, warned the European Parliament that if the United States supplied lethal weapons to the Ukrainian government, it would not only undermine the whole European security system but would result in ‘all out war.’

Now that’s exactly what new legislation introduced in the US House aims to do, to the tune of one billion dollars.

“The Secretary of Defense is authorized, in coordination with the Secretary of State, to provide assistance, including training equipment, lethal weapons of a defensive nature, logistics support, supplies and services, and sustainment to the military and national security forces of Ukraine, through September 30, 2017,” Tuesday’s legislation read. “To carry out the provisions of this act there are authorized to be appropriated $1,000,000,000. Amounts authorized to be appropriated under this subsection are authorized to remain available until September 30, 2017.”

The bill, introduced by Representatives Adam Smith and Mac Thornberry, both members of the House Armed Services Committee, aims to secure Ukraine’s “sovereign territory against foreign aggressors,” and defend Ukrainians from attacks by “Russian-backed separatists,” according to the legislation. Additionally, the bill calls for having a negotiated settlement to “end the conflict” in Ukraine. (source)

It seems the west is hell-bent on war.

It has already been established that the entire basis for Russian sanctions — the story floated in the western media that Russian army troops are fighting in Ukraine — is simply not true. At least not overtly.

Back in January, the Chief of Staff of Ukraine’s Armed Forces General Viktor Muzhenko went on channel 5 in Ukraine and explicitly stated that there were no regular units of the Russian army fighting against his soldiers in Ukraine and that the only Russian citizens fighting are either Russian citizens of Ukraine to begin with or “members of illegal armed groups” who are not being paid by a government to fight and are doing so on their own.

Nevertheless, this escalation could easily provoke Russia into official involvement, bringing U.S. engagement closer as well.

Which may just be the way they want it…

What will happen if two superpowers become engaged in direct war? Not sure, but we might just find out.

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Author: Mac Slavo
Views: Read by 5,987 people
Date: February 11th, 2015
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. BigB says:

    These mothers ain’t going to stop till we have a full blown WW3.


      • SilverSurfer says:

        ‘One BILLION dollars!!…’ *cue the Doctor Evil laugh*

        Okay, so thats what, one unarmed stealth bomber?

      • OutWest says:

        I’m beginning to see the ugly head of the “draft”
        rearing itself in our future. Got to give all those
        unemployed youth a piece of the American Dream, ala

        • Kulafarmer says:

          If they do reinstate, we need to very voiciferously show opposition while educating the youth to the horrors of war and the poor treatment the feds dole out to the Vets,,,

          • Facebook Page says:

            Right back to where we were in 1954 with my survival plan. Maybe I will see the fruits of my labor before I die.

            Coco Puff War Survivor.

            Lets survive its death. That all we can do.

            • the renegade braveheart says:

              Facebook Page, it’s been too long since you were last here. How’ve you been? And I agree we need to stay the hell out of Ukraine. That bill needs to be killed. Ukraine is not our problem.

          • PWYPreach says:

            If you look at what the Peace-Prize Pretender has done over the last 6 years, it has made no sense UNLESS you understand that the Sunni and Shiite Muslims have been warring amongst themselves since basically Muhammad died, and that war CONTINUES to this day…in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, etc. It is the reason why Saudi Arabian royalty hates Iran and vice versa. It is what is fueling Syria.

            Obama is using America’s resources to fight the Muslim war. It is why the Ukraine coup was started. It is why there are US troops in basically every Muslim nation.

            I couldn’t understand why American equipment was not torched or disabled when embassies are abandoned…but when you look at who takes that pristine machinery over…the smokes begins to clear from the looking glass.

            Americans are merely the sacrificial lambs to the Muslim vs Muslim end game.

            Cuba is also needed if war starts with Russia…most likely the reason Obama’s crew is opening talks with Cuba. Wouldn’t want Russia camped again on the doorstep, now would we?

            This is so totally disgusting.

          • Calgagus says:

            Only one problem with that Kula, we dont speak ebonics or spanish. And its the minority groups that go to war now.

            So the Nobel Peace prize winner is positioning for war. Or for something. Anybody know what his left hand is doing?

        • Nobama says:

          Good, draft all the illegals and make them go prove their worthiness.

          • durangokidd says:

            Putin has been developing a “Russian Blackwater” professional private army for quite some time, saying publicly YEARS ago, that he needed 50,000 private soldiers just like Blackwater.

            Why? Ukraine.

            While the CIA installed a group of Nazi’s in the Ukrainian Coup, lets remember that PRIOR to the Russian puppet there was a duly elected civilian government ALL of whom died in a plane crash returning from where?


            Current events have their roots in an underlying conflict for power which has raged in Ukraine since the COLLAPSE of the Soviet Union.

            So far, the CIA/NWO is winning and the Ukrainian people are the losers. 🙁

            • Breathial says:

              Awwwww jeez. Would you just STFU.

              The government that was killed was Polish, while landing IN Sevastopol, Russia.

              And that secret private army was mentioned years ago by… Obungler. Putin already HAS an army, air force and navy at his command…

              • durangokidd says:

                Hey Breathial FUCK OFF COCKSUCKER!!! I have never seen you make one fucking comment of any substance. Not one.

                Troll much? 🙂

                • Breathial says:

                  LMAO. 😀

                  You don’t see my comments very often, because I do so only when I have something of value to contribute.

                  You, OTOH, appear to believe that mass quantity makes up for a regrettable lack of quality.

                  And when you are blatantly lying, I will set the record straight. As I JUST DID.

                  Don’t like that? Then quit LYING, you moronic douche-nozzle.

                  Seriously, I wonder whether you’re a paid hack or if you really are THAT stupid and have THAT pathetic of a life, to just endlessly talk shit (about that which you clearly know *nothing* about)…???

                  So which is it, shill/hack or desperate loser starving for attention?

            • sixpack says:

              I’d love to have a link to that plane crash info, please.

              • sixpack says:

                I can’t find anything but the malaysian planes.

              • Calgagus says:

                The crash was in 2010 and killed Polish leaders and all on the same plane. How stupid was that one?

                It happened in Russia but it was Polish leaders who died.

                “crashed while trying to land amid heavy fog near Smolensk, Russia, April 10, 2010. The crash killed the president, his wife and nearly 100 other top Polish officials who were en route to a ceremony in Russia commemorating the massacre of an estimated 22,000 Polish military officers in 1940 by the Soviet secret police.”

                heres more
                ht tp://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2012/03/polish-presidents-plane-crash-was-assassination-his-brother-says/

              • durangokidd says:

                Sixpack: It may have been the Polish leadership that was destroyed when it crashed in Russia. It was 5 years ago so my memory may be wrong, but it is symptomatic of the quiet aggression that Putin has been waging behind the scenes in Eastern Europe to regain its lost empire, to a new one.

                What do you think Mexico would be doing if the USA took half of its territory? Oh, that’s right! They would say the border doesn’t exist and cross it at will, aided and abetted by the NWO. 🙁

                • Breathial says:

                  >>>>> Sixpack: It may have been the Polish leadership that was destroyed when it crashed in Russia. It was 5 years ago so my memory may be wrong. <<<<

                  Yeah, it's wrong.

                  Check-mate. 😉

              • Breathial says:

                Detailed analysis released last month:


                Don’t know why I was thinking of Sevastopol instead of Smolensk.

          • Rebel in Idaho says:

            The Romans tried this. It is a sign of an empire in decline and will fail this time too.

      • Cherise says:

        Peace is when all your enemies are dead.

      • John_Allen says:

        From Greenhouse using data from OpenSecrets:

        in round numbers, both Rep. Smith and Rep. Thornberry of the House Armed Services Committee receive approximately 20% of their campaign funding from various warmonger manufacturers. I refuse to call them “defense.”

        Three percent of Smith’s donations were equal to or less than $200. Less than 6% of Thornberry’s were.

        My whistle past the graveyard thought is, if the missiles fly and one of those MIRVed warheads is one-half of one percent off target in a certain direction, my problems are over.

        Should he survive me, I bequeath my copy of Hoskings, Russia and the Russians to hammerhead.

        Grilled cheese sandwich eating grin.

    • Satori says:

      from the Burning Platform commentary on The Fourth Turning
      war is INEVITABLE

      “The American people have lost their ability to think, reason, question, do math, control their urges, defer gratification, or realize when they are being lied to by the people they elected to public office. A culture of ignorance, celebration of the absurd, salutation of stupidity, honoring of the inane, being mesmerized by electronic gadgets, and satiating their egocentric shallow impulses on social media, is a sure recipe for societal collapse. Victory in World War II and becoming a modern day empire created the dynamic Eisenhower warned about. An immense military industrial complex has created enemies around the globe in order to keep the profits flowing in this welfare/warfare empire of debt. War is a racket for the rich. The peasants who buy into the incessant patriotic propaganda and volunteer are nothing but cannon fodder for the .1%. Keeping the masses fearful of phantom enemies and portraying foreign leaders as evil, is essential for the oligarchs to retain their wealth, power and control. Truth, facts, and long-term consequences are of no interest to the sociopaths running the show and pulling the levers. The dissent into darkness has been gradual and unnoticed by a purposefully distracted populace.”

      I cannot urge people strongly enough to read this


      • Shipton says:

        Yes, an excellent 4-part commentary! As you will see, the first is the foundational concept of the “Fourth Turning”; the second was repudiation of O’s declaration, “The crisis has passed” and confirmation of why that is so; Part 3 appears to be further conformation. As Satori says, read this, it IS important to understand what is happening and why.

      • Genius says:

        Satori, another excellent post my man, thanks. IMNSHO, If you allow yourself to be drafted or otherwise join up in legion with the NWO mercinaries you are truly what Hienz told you to your face you were.. “a dumb stupid animal to be used as pawns in foriegn policy” If I were 18 and they tried to get me to go fight and die for theyre bullshit I would go hide and anyone that came for me would be dead. Not cowardice but standing up to the fuuckers that think they can take away my life for the good of the one percent! Got a real war? One that is legit that we are being invaded due to no fault of my own? Thats a war I will fight and the enemy had better fookin bring a shitload of bodybags because I won’t even have to face them to take them out 🙂

    • What? says:

      Send Brian Williams over.

      He’ll draw their fire.

      He’s got nothing to do for 6 months anyway.

      What?……………………awaiting moderation……………….yet again.

    • Rodster says:

      “These mothers ain’t going to stop till we have a full blown WW3.”

      As in Banksters are itching for war. Banksters love to make money and lots of it during wars.

    • tysonprepper says:

      Russia claims to have missile that can reach any where in the world within 15 mins and put a whole country to sleep. If their claims are right I don’t think America will start a war and risk millions of lives. I watched a video about a Russian politician who claimed this which you should be able to see on YouTube and other sites.

      • Cede says:

        “Russia claims to have missiles that can reach anywhere in the world in 15 minutes and put a whole country to sleep”.

        ???? huh? A whole country to sleep?

        If that’s the case tysonprepper, then we can safely say the United States was hit with these “sleep” missiles years ago! Most people are asleep. Not the entire country though!! But pretty much most. My guess is the Russians fired a few ‘stupid’ making missiles at us too.

        And at least one ‘pain in the ass’ missile landed on Durango Kidd’s house!!!! Sorry dude, there’s no cure.

      • Mr Smith says:

        Why should Russia match NATO (USA Puppets we get to pay for) in tank for tank ready to fight a war by rules that USA thinks they should because that would cost Russia to much money.

        No one in the history of the world has used weapons as bad as those employed by the USA and that includes killing 20 million native americans using small-pox and machine guns.

        Russia did not start this fight but it will fight by its own rules and has the best ICBM system in the world to deliver pay back for agression from the the zionist bankers who now control the USA.

        Maybe take head if the warning shoot is just a few nukes on Isreal before trying to go toe to toe with half the world who is sick of the agression comeing out of the USA because 15 minuites is about all it would take.

    • Anonymous says:

      The thing is this: the US has invested billions of dollars in the Ukraine situation– they are not about to let all that money go to waste. (So said Paul Craig Roberts several months ago).

      He said there would be war because of this. Russia, of course, doesn’t give a crap how much money the US had invested– they just want the US/NATO off their borders! And I don’t blame them.

      And that is the real reason Obummer is sweating his buns off– The elites insist on keeping Ukraine and Obummer knows this will lead to WW3 but he has no choice except to do the bidding of the puppet masters.

    • Anonymous says:

      Unfortunately, Paul Craig Roberts predicted all this several months ago. He said back then that the situation in Ukraine would result in WW3. He said the US has already invested billions of dollars in Ukraine and they will not let all that money go to waste. Why do they want the Ukraine? Don’t know– but its rich in natural resources and its a door to Russia and thus a way to eventually take down Russia if they can get a strong hold on the area. Of course, Russia knows all this… and so we now are about to have war… you can smell it in the air. Only problem is, this isn’t a mere “war footing” this is nuclear and that will not be fun!

      • Cede says:

        Why do the Talking Heads want Ukraine? Well, they don’t. Believe it or not, the Talking Heads really just want Syria!!

        Huh? WTF? What’s Cede on now? Don’t worry, it’s easy. I haven’t lost it yet

        The Talking Heads want Syria to build there oil pipelines from Iraq to the Mediterranean sea, then on up through Greece to Europe. That would give the US/EU total control over all Mid East oil. And it would save and cement the Petro Dollar in place for decades.

        Only problem is, Putin said “like duck that’s gonna happen. Syria is one of Russia’s Allies.
        So after three years of supporting ‘terrorists’ trying to overthrow the Assad Regime so we can get our pipe line built to save the dollar, we’ve come up with a new strategy to get our hooks into Syria.

        That strategy is choke off Russian oil and gas that flows through Ukraine to Europe by installing “our own” Ukraine puppet at great human loss. We’re bustin our ass’s trying to collapse the Russian Ruble and Russian economy. A Russian collapse would force Putin to withdraw support everywhere, giving us ….. The opportunity to waltz into Syria unupossed and leaving the US the dominant world power. With total world control of oil, BRICS is a nothing force.

        So, who wins in the end is anyone’s guess. If we win, the US stays in financial power and control for decades. If Russia wins, US backed Israeli control of the Middle East ends, the US becomes as dominant on the world scene as Canada is. Western controlled Corporate power around the world ends. And all economic power moves to Asia and Eurasia and parts of South America. Africa would finally be allowed to climb out of poverty.

  2. Stolz Vorfahren says:

    Mac needs to change change the name of the site to: “WE GLOW IN THE DARK”.

  3. eppe says:

    And I thought the USA was broke???

    • What? says:

      Your comment is awaiting moderation and should appear within 0 to 2 hours. Your comment has been moderated because our system does not recognize your IP address or email address. If you utilize an email address (even a fake one) when submitting your comment in the future our spam filtering system will eventually recognize you as a trusted user and automatically approve future comments.

      That whole paragraph is a joke. Nothing has changed in my IP or email for months, and I still go through moderation EVERY time.


      Censorship seems to be the explaination.

      What?……………………awaiting moderation…………………..yet again.

    • swinging richard says:

      We still have checks.

    • 41MagMan says:

      You’re never “broke” when you can print and borrow money. X-p

    • Kulafarmer says:

      For u n me its broke, for the government oligarks its skys the limit!

    • Mr Smith says:

      The USA is never broke when it comes to war but i don’t thinks brain washed americans are going to be quite so easy to fool when they are attacked by a real enermy on home turf and not another 9/11 zionist banker attack.

      Europe would be wise to sit out this american lead war in the Ukraine and let Russia go after Isreal/USA who started it and wants to fight away from home.

  4. confederate says:

    It will never end until Jesus comes back.

  5. Satori says:

    apparently the Ukrainian military needs help
    in shooting down another civilian air liner ???

  6. Stolz Vorfahren says:

    eppe: The 99% American peasants are broke just like the 99% of others on this planet.

    We need 1% worldwide cleansing by the 99%’era.

  7. Sierra Dave says:

    Geez Louise! This is happening slower than a train wreck in slow motion. I’m going to die from old age before TSHTF.

  8. I give all of you free will !

  9. I already know what you have decided.

    • TheGuy says:

      Hey God, did you create me knowing full well you’d be burning me up later?

      I mean, you’d know, right?

      Well… if that’s the case… you could have just… NOT… created me, ya know…

      I do not think He is exactly what we think He is, because this makes… quite a lot of no sense.

      • Faith says:

        TG. It’s about freedom of choice and the forgiveness of sin. It’s our own arrogance, pride that screws things up and we’re ALL guilty of that. Hope this makes some sense to you? There’s lots of others who post on here who could explain things better for you, I’m sure someone will do later on. Best wishes.

  10. Doorman says:

    The politicians in DC have their minds blinded by the prince of the power of the air. These traitors somehow think that their self indulgences and their submission to satan working through the Federal Reserve is going to bring them deliverance. The only deliverance they are going to get should they continue on the course they are on is being delivered straight into hell.

    You reap what you sow Congress, you reap what you sow. You have been warned.

  11. Overthecliff says:

    This war must be fought by surrogates. Primary powers know the risk reward isn’t worth it.

  12. MongoPissed says:

    A Kievan armored brigade is apparently surrounded in the Donbass. Kiev relies on “blocking battalions” to shoot any fighter not eager enough to die for the Jewish oligarchs. All the weaponry in our arsenal will not turn the unwilling into an army. There are rumors that one of the oligarchs is selling arms as quickly as they arrive from the U.S. – and that they are turning up in the hands of Assad’s army! We are fortunate that the NWO/JWO folks are militarily incompetent. It gives us a breather here on their envisioned slave state. Cheney and Rumsfeld packed the Pentagon with dual-citizens and political hacks. They may be good at contract skirmishing, and stealing all U.S. tech not glued to a table for shipment to Israel, but have not a clue what to do with a determined foe with modern weaponry. If we ship our tech, Russia will open the floodgates, and they are next door.

  13. White Fox says:

    If there’s a nuclear war, the best place to be is far away from it altogether or at least be far enough away from all active military installations, major infrastructure, large major cities. If you know it’s imminent from a rapidly deteriorating situation (i.e. not a surprise first strike) then that would be best because it’s an opportunity to make last minute arrangements or leave if you can. Any underground shelter would be better than being above ground from the fallout. You will need to put as much mass between you and the radiation as possible to shield from it, the more dense and the more heavy the better. It can be furniture or other objects, or 2-3 feet of dirt or cinderblocks filled with sand. Most of the fallout will fall out within one day or a few, but some can stay in the atmosphere for months or years traveling across the world. If you’re close to the blast, and survived, you could be getting fallout within minutes and areas farther away in a few hours depending on wind direction or weather.

    • Richard Head says:

      @white fox

      If there’s a nuke war IMO the best place to be would be ground zero sittin on a blanket in a field somewhere with my lil lady, my shit eatin dog, and a 12 pack icing in the cooler….Get a good view of the tall cloud and toast it all goodbye

  14. Shipton says:

    Might want to remember the names of these two globalist supporters, Representatives Adam Smith and Mac Thornberry, and those who vote for this bill as the ones who started WWIII.

  15. possee says:

    Yeah yeah yeah

    This will be just another ramp up like Syria…


    The central banks have billions more accounts to “Cyprus” before they go to war

    Prepare accordingly


  16. Turnthekey says:

    Turn the keys………..

  17. Joe in JT says:

    If arming citizens were a reason for sanctions then the US would have 200 separate sanctions imposed upon them.

  18. Asshat says:

    Off topic the people of academia spend their lives learning liberalism and they are the most indoctrinated by their professors opinions that they don’t bother building their own understanding of the world professor says guns are bad they must be enough said or global warming is due to fossil fuels burning but these people cannot think in the simplest most straight forward way. Their college professors are looked at as truth tellers when it’s all their opinion and it is pushed strongly on students eager to learn. Now when these students leave college and go out into the real world they talk a good game and act like they have the answers to problems your company faces now they may have the most education on paper . They feel totally entitled to a leadership role and they don’t even know a thing. We got this guy at my work he’s the safety guy I don’t know his official title it don’t matter but the point is this kid talks to guys that been in the industry for 30 plus years these guys have seen it all and when they speak it’s from experience. Anyway this safety guy is a product of college and all it’s false promises. Just some of the things he says he’s gonna do are crazy he had people from the occupational health center that does all our physicals and drug tests come to the shop and they were talking about physical therapy for the guys. What are you kidding me this is safety. Is this guy a dope or what people are using broken equipment and no mention about getting it repaired or replaced to prevent Injuries. How can you talk safety . Any time it comes to spending $ on tools or whatever is really neede to accomplish tasks forget it. But some how he wants physical therapists to work with sore shoulders and backs and this is gonna make work safer. Now before this guy came to work here the company was crying about how much comp costs them. It’s hurting profits yada yada . The therapists are gonna work to keep comp costs down while working conditions do not improve. Some of the other decisions that are made by this company are dumb too they will spend $200 just to make $50 I’m not a college grad but I’m not a dummy either. To send a driver out in a blizzard to do 3stops to me is dumb. It can wait till tomorrow the roads will be cleared and travel will be safer. But these morons think the little bit of revenue is worth risking an accident which could mean a lawsuit or a driver stuck in a ditch. They would need to pay a tow truck to move a tractor trailer which costs like $350 an hour. I’m no economist but I would say stay in don’t go out today it’s not profitable. These people that are in charge are complete idiots to me they never figured the risk vs reward side of economics. I will be straight up honest I don’t think this place is gonna be around for long. This company has been around for about 90 years it’s won the award for excellence in logistics many times some of the drivers have over 1.5 million miles safe.I wanted to be here because it was a winning team but the management constantly makes poor choices that affect the team. I’ve heard stories about managers that had everything under control and accomplished more . But the managment teams nowadays totally suck the worst I’ve ever seen in my life the help s beat down and has no confidence in anything that is said by the boss. I’ve talked to drivers from other company’s in the same business they say the same things I’m saying. There is no shortage of help this is a lie. There is a shortage of $ that attracts the best greed is destroying America and now we have to settle for good enough. Oh and I approve this message

  19. someone else says:

    KY mom

    I hope you are just super busy these last couple of days and not leaving here. I just wanted you to know that you are greatly missed.

  20. Sgt. Dale says:

    Talk about pouring gas on a fire! What the hell. We are going to WW3 shortly. I have prepped for a lot of thing but if they start dropping the big Nukes I’m screwed. I only live about 85 mile from Shitcago. Well I will do what I can to survive.

  21. Also, all the military hardware Obama is sending to the Syria/Iraq area really, really is for subduing the militarily insignificant forces of ISIS.


    It’s definitely not being used as an excuse to move things into place in preparation for an insane attack on Russia.

    Definitely not.

    Everything is fine.

  22. Hbeacrealist says:

    Bushes, Clintons, and Obozo ain’t worried.

    Bushes got those 100K acres in Paraguay. I’m sure there’s room in the underground bases for Obozo and the Clintons.

    Albert Pike called WW1, 2, and 3 in the mid-1800s.

    The Illuminati is continuing Satan’s endgame plan as scheduled.

  23. Bigbluedrew says:

    Sorry fellas I just don’t buy it . Barak Obama attacking Russia, pleeaaasssseeee. That skinny bastard doesn’t have the stones for it. On the other hand sending weapons to a proxy to do his fighting for him, maybe. My problem with this is what will Russia’s reaction be. Will it be measured and coldly rational as it has mostly been for the last 50 years, probably. However what if Putin calculates that Obama is so weak and spineless that he would react to a sneak attack indecisively or not at all. The possibility that he might decide to throw the dice and GO for it is a real if less likely possibility. This is one of the main reasons I didn’t want the prick as President in the first place The idea of Barack Obama as commander in chief in such a scenario is terrifying . Only President comparable to him in incompetence was Jimmie Carter, but at least his pedigree as a nuclear submarine commander was enough to keep Bresznev from sending up the ballon.
    Plus for all his many faults Carter possessed some Charecter . Who amoung us believes Obama possesses any

    • sixpack says:

      From what I understand, Russia/Putin understands that our govt no longer represents the will of the people. Anyone who can read/speak Russian would know this. As he speaks about this, he separates We, the People from our govt.

      I think that if he has to take any action, I could see him aiming at military targets, not civilian ones…OTOH, civilian targets is all the west seems to be able to hit lately. I hope I’m reading this right. Any other Russian speakers seen anything?

      • GrandpaSpeaks says:

        I regularly read Russian news because propaganda must be held in balance. Once there, I saw a photo op of Putin and Obama while Obama was in Russia, this was during pre Ukraine coup times. This photo op was not shown in the west, at least I haven’t seen it. Putin was wanting to be serious and Obama was joking about basketball and judo. At the end Obama came wide swinging to take Putins hand for a shake and Putin was ready. I saw Obamas eyebrows during that handshake. They know exactly where the problem is. The establishment now seems ready to stand opposed to Russia while our people are not. Keep pushing and the Russian people will be though. I see madness. Oligarchs gone wild prepping for the final round over Russian natural resources. I say let them fight it out and leave the people out of this one, the only American dream we have left. The Russians dream of simply getting paid for their resources and are vilified because they acted proactively in Crimea in the face of American aggression by proxy. That seems the logical way out of all this. Pay for their resources. The denomination of the payment is no reason to prosecute the big one. Neither is being outmaneuvered in Crimea. After all the US started it, no coup, no Crimea. There are no cooler heads to prevail now. Obama is no Kennedy. The Russians are not enemies. What happens if I stand opposed to American foreign policies? Call me a tactic? Your arbitrary enemy of the day is not mine. You make enemies not me and certainly not for me. You are now in a global war against a tactic. War for wars sake. How do you spell rogue? Hemp? No. How about scaffold? No. Maybe together they can deal with it. And sooner or later will. Something you don’t get is that later part. In the meantime I guess I am whatever you call me. I can still barely stand and it is opposed but not against Russians. A paradigm shift indeed.

        • sixpack says:

          Absolutely GS. One thing I’ve noticed in propaganda, is a lot of ‘semantics’ and lies by omission. To me, lies are lies.

          Now in my mind, semantics is the same as a lie. Semantics is just rewording something to make it seem like something it’s not. In the surface it sounds rational, but if you really pay attention, it’s not true. It’s a deception.

          So until I see Putin actually doing something that goes against what he says he’s doing, I have no reason to conjure up demons where none yet exist.

          We’ve already caught our HNIC in MANY, MANY lies. He has no credibility with me. I just hate to believe there is no one left to stand up against the NWO.

    • Kulafarmer says:

      Gotta remember hes a progressive, they like to be the bully and get others to do their fighting for them, (NATO) they will keep pushing sanctions to spread the pain equally, (progressives like to be equal , equally stupid that is)
      And no obola has 0 character, he is a typical take take take politician

  24. Hillbilly says:

    Don’t get the idea that I’m all sorry for Russia, but I suspect that rather than face economic ruin, they very well might say fucget, not going down without taking some mudafukers wit-me. I’m speaking of the Russian gov. We all know that the actions of our country do not represent the people, no mater where your from.
    Just maybe the people of Ukraine should tell the E.U. to fuck off, and the ruskies would back off. The E.U. is just the N.W.O.

  25. Dave says:

    I will be seriously surprised IF no event happens in 2 -3 years. Whether its economic or nuclear; im not sure. But I truly know one thing. NEVER in my entire life; have I seen so many Americans so tired; worn out; and depressed about the state of the country; and direction were ALL headed towards. I think EVERYONE knows something rotten is about; because you can feel it at the grassroots level of your own mind and soul.

  26. ripinandatearin says:

    President Obama is helping Ukraine. I wonder how long it will be before the Republikans mess it up. They probably want to go in with ground troops so they can kill some more of our military while lining the pockets of defense contractors. Thanks former Pres. Boosh for starting more trouble!

  27. Mr Smith says:

    The USA under the control of bankers from Israel started the war in the Ukraine by giving money to terrorists who even the BBC admits shoot its own people to start the riots in Kiev.

    Russia is under attack and it is clear that they will not sit down and give in so it is time to use the treason act in the USA like it should had been used after the events of 9-11 or face nuclear bombs being dropped on your heads.

    Germans who kept quite in places like Dresden in the build up to WWII would not had been so quite if they new the fate that was comeing to them and the USA today is much worse than Hilter and its socalist party members and the USA now has a full blow police state were police are executing people at will.