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Commie Mayor Bill de Blasio Gets SCHOOLED On Basic Economics

Mac Slavo
January 2nd, 2020
Comments (7)

Authoritarian and communist mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio got upset that a Domino’s pizza chain was selling $30 pizzas on New Year’s Eve.  However, he got schooled and received an important lesson on the finite and most basic of economic laws: supply and demand.

De Blasio called out the company in a tweet on Wednesday, outraged about its New Year’s Eve prices for those celebrating the holiday in Times Square, and encouraging New Yorkers to ditch the corporate franchise for local eateries. According to his tweet, the mayor doesn’t understand basic economics:

Commie NYC Mayor Announces Plans To Steal Private Property

But de Blasio’s tweet was met with an education from other Twitter users who do understand basic economics.

It isn’t difficult to figure out that de Blasio’s communist feelings were hurt by the free market working as it should.

Fox Business’s libertarian stalwart John Stossel also took a slice out of de Blasio, slamming the mayor’s extravagant spending of city tax dollars, while others sought to impart a lesson in basic economics:

We in strange and authoritarian times.  Times where it’s ok to steal as much money from the public as possible through every type of tax (legalized theft) imaginable, but where it’s bad to voluntarily spend your own money on what you want on New Year’s Eve. Welcome to Amerika.

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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: January 2nd, 2020
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  2. Mayor…you don’t like the price of pizza? Don’t buy it! Buy somebody else’s! New York has a moron for mayor.

  3. cranerigger says:

    de Blasio, like many Demonrats that reside in leftist New York City, do not embrace freedoms held dear by most of the USA. Sure, great American Patriots responded to the terrorist attacks on the twin towers. Those great Americans are a minority in a city taken over by the influence of the United Nations and a political system that does NOT support its own police force.

  4. Clown World says:

    More than your rights to ugly, green, paper, govt, debt notes…
    Maybe, they’re just placeholders on the computer…
    NY had exceeded it’s capacity to feed the people.

    Hiring policies are dysgenic. This “free” market displaces you. So, there wasn’t enough of this common food item.

    What if all of the prices, everywhere, experienced this same inflation, so that only obnoxious quota cases and state lackeys could afford the food.