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Cali Democrat Dianne Feinstein Slams Illegal Immigration: “People Who Should Be Here Are Those Who Come Legally”

Mac Slavo
March 6th, 2019
Comments (49) Read by 6,091 people

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Democrats have been staunch supporters of unfettered, borderless immigration over the last several years, often claiming that anyone against allowing undocumented individuals into the United States is a xenophobe and morally bankrupt.

But as you’ll see below from none other than California Senator Dianne Feinstein, reducing the flow of undocumented migrants is a necessity for a variety of reasons, including budgetary considerations and lower crime.

In the following video Feinstein makes the exact same points President Trump is making today, except somehow Trump is a wrong for doing so.

What changed?

People who should be here are those who come legally… We’ve got to enforce our borders. The day when America can be a welfare system for Mexico is gone. 


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Author: Mac Slavo
Views: Read by 6,091 people
Date: March 6th, 2019
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. john stiner says:

    Cali Democrat Dianne Feinstein Slams Illegal Immigration: “People Who Should Be Here Are Those Who Come Legally”

    She forgot what side she was one. Ready for the Shit Storm!!!!

    Quick, someone find a republican that wore black face!! That will stop people from seeing this!

    • Gertrude says:

      total hoax
      old video from years ago when Schumer, the Clintons were saying the same thing
      video quality, her looks (young) not the old hag we see today
      several different clips from different events
      very misleading
      Shame, shame on SHTF plan

    • ACTUALLY… As much as I hate to defend DF, and as much as I disagree with much of her stance, I must say this:

      She has spent a considerable amount of time during her tenure on the Judiciary Committee and Intelligence Committee having to address immigration (legal and not), most aspects of refugees, border security and related topics, including working on the subcommittees “Immigration, Refugees and Border Security”, “subcommittee on Crime and Terrorism”, and “Subcommittee on Immigration and The National Interest”.

      In other words, this is what happens when a liberal is repeatedly exposed to facts and truth, rather than hiding behind hyperbole and “feel-good” election slogans. She knows whats up, and she’s been around long enough to have the clout not to give a sh1t about those upstarts in her party.


      God help us all if/when the extreme left kills off the semi-centrists and analytical thinkers in that party (admittedly there are few) and we are left with the outright socialists and communists and Hank Johnsonesque idiots.

      watch for the ‘progressive’ Night of The Long Knives very soon.

  2. Gestor says:

    It’s to offset Rand Paul speaking out against border wall.
    Nothing to see here folks but smoke and mirrors move along.

  3. Sgt. Dale says:

    Did someone hit that dizzy Biotch in the head. or has she been taken over by the body snatchers. Waite till that dizzy slut Cortez from N.Y. hears this. She’ll be calling for her head on a Pike. I would love to see Cortez head on a Pike.

  4. When you’re right, you’re right. I remember when she was mayor of San Francisco and the city was in good shape financially. She is very savvy with dollars and cents. We are miles apart on some issues but here we stand on common ground. Now, what about the rest of the Democrats. When will they wake up? We’re broke. The streets paved with gold are in South America, not North America.


    • CharlesK says:

      The streets … and the gold and anything else of value has been looted and fed to Wall Street and the MIC (military industrial complex).

      The MIC uses these funds to partially fund their crime spree around the world — regime change, murder, rape and looting entire countries.

      This has to end!

  5. rellik says:

    She’s at the end of her life.
    She doesn’t want to die being
    hated as much as Jane Fonda is.
    Too little too late.

  6. Asshat says:

    We need some wet backs to do the bullshit work no Americans want to do. But we don’t need millions of them. We need to control the illegal population so the ones here will understand it’s a privellege to work the plantation to live here. The threat of deportation keeps them in line especially if they have anchor babies here. Problem is they are getting the fucking red carpet rolled out for them. That shit needs to stop.

  7. Bert says:

    Severe punishment for all illegal aliens,

    treason and execution for all elected officials that allowed it to occur in the first place.

  8. Philosopher Deplorabilis says:

    Mexico has been offshoring their welfare, and criminal, cases to the US for decades.

    The Dhimmiecrats hate the US and want to see it financially collapse. Insanity.

  9. Kevin2 says:

    Words are words and votes are votes. It’s likely that she senses the overall shift in public opinion. She’ll “talk the talk” but most certainly won’t “walk the walk”.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I haven’t had a tv that is connected to an antenna in years.
    Mine are only connected to dvd players.
    Its been Eskimo cold for a while so I have watched about all my dvds.
    So last Saturday I decided to connect one to an antenna.
    I was reminiscing about when I was a kid and wondered if kids still watched cartoons on Saturday mornings.
    Well i couldn’t find a single cartoon.
    It seems most of the kid shows were concentrating on save the whales or tigers or butterflies or something another.
    When the station I was watching went to commercial break I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.
    I thought I had seen it all but I was truly shocked…

    ht tps://youtu.be/apj-jXgHvRo

    So I don’t give a rat’s what Feinstein and her demonic ilk think.
    They’re gonna pay dearly in the afterlife for what they have done to this country.

    • Steve says:

      Saturday morning cartoons gave up the ghost about 2014, when the CW–the last real holdout thanks to its Vortexx block–shut down the line. The other major networks had shuttered their Saturday lineups much earlier in some cases. Fox kept up the second longest after the CW, and ABC dropped its line just before Fox. CBS was the second to shut down and NBC the first.

      The small antenna affiliate ThisTV brought back cartoons somewhat with its “KidsClick” lineup, but this is over by 10 in the morning. You can also see everything they offer online, but be forewarned, it’s mostly garbage.

      Basically, the combination of online streaming services, cable channels specializing in cartoons, and video gaming systems pretty much killed Saturday morning cartoons. Oh, and a hefty dollop of both government and executive meddling.

  11. Norrak says:

    Sounds like she may be fixing to throw her hat into the ring for 2020 Presidential election. Remember they’re hell bent on a woman for President.

  12. anon says:

    Does the fact that I post my fake e-mail address and it is not saved and my posts are not included mean that I have been banned? If so would appreciate notification of same. Thank You. Also, when I go to type in my fake email address my actual e-mail address shows up. What the FU?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria

  14. Seriously. You post decades old video as current news. Click bait. You are now off my bookmark list. Pathetic.

  15. Brian says:

    Mexico has its own problems with illegal immigration from South and Central America. A lot of the same issues are present in Mexican society. I strongly suspect that the governments in these countries encourage anyone who is trouble to go north. It’s certainly cheaper than imprisoning them. When liberal politicians see beyond these people as potential liberal voters and realize the consequences, then they may change their position. Feinstein seems to be one of the first to do so.

  16. Christine (Justina) Erikson says:

    I assume she didn’t always talk like this, she must see the writing on the wall so to speak, no pun intended and realize the trend it against illegal immigration and is getting on board to avoid risk to her career.

  17. Feinstein finally saw the light, illegal immigration is about to cost her her job. Illegals will take over California.

  18. tazweiss says:

    From the comments I’m reading, no one here has noticed that this is a very old video.

  19. Dennis C says:

    We need to examine Fienstein’s back round. Talk about questionable financial dealings?

  20. Whatever Works says:

    Is this an old video?

  21. Frank Thoughts says:

    I believe a one in, one out rule should be used for all public spending. Want some black Africans who illegally snuck in to enrich your community? Then a lesbian gets kicked off welfare to pay for it. Keep doing that until the books balance out. A couple illegal Mexicans come in, a couple fat black women get kicked off SNAP. Seems fair to me.

  22. Rooster says:

    Feinstein has an agenda. The agenda is that they have finally picked a Dem front runner for President and that person will spout anti-illegal immigration more than Trump. Of course it will all be lies, they have no intention of stopping illegals at all, it is just to gain the moderate vote. This is how Dems operate. Feinstein has never done any good for America or Kalifornia. The bitch has a plan and an agenda, you heard it here first.

  23. Old Guy says:

    My wife states and I agree with her. She believes that as soon as the current conservates die off (mainly Baby Boomers) Its all over for the Republic. The weak minnells will all vote for socialism. Heck if Trump isnt reelected Its over any how. However when the USA finally goes totally socialist that will be short lived. It will quickly fail and a Military Dictatorship will emerge. Maybe we will get a Hitler type who will cull the population? No mater what MAGA is a pipe dream.

  24. TheGuy says:

    What the fuck? Did I link to The Onion by mistake?

  25. Old Guy says:

    Old footage? new Footage? What difference? She has been in office for decades and hasn’t done anything about the illegal immigrant problem. Some of these folks have been in Washington 40 years. Its time they where given the boot. That aint Likely. Possibly like Mc Cain they will croak. We can hope they die.

  26. Brian says:

    When any minority gets to be the majority, the candidates that they elect are almost always one of them. Feinstein is not a Latina.

  27. Rand says:

    Wow! Even a broken clock can be right twice a day. Let’s hope she jumps on the bandwagon for real. Not holding my breath, tho’

  28. AUDIT PLAN says:

    She’ll say anything to keep her hands in Uncle Sam’s pockets.


    And someone explain how she ended up a multimillionaire on a low government salary???

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