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Bill Gates in 2018: The World Needs To Prepare For Pandemics Just Like War

Mac Slavo
January 30th, 2020
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Back in 2018, Bill Gates declared that the world needs to prepare for pandemics just as seriously as it does for war. Pandemics occur when epidemics spread rapidly all over the world.  War, on the other hand, is perpetrated by the ruling class.

Speaking at an event hosted by Massachusetts Medical Society and the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) on April 27, 2018, Gates said he believed “the world needs to prepare for pandemics in the same serious way it prepares for war.” He added, “This preparation includes staging simulations, war games, and preparedness exercises so that we can better understand how diseases will spread and how to deal with responses such as quarantine and communications to minimize panic,” Gates said.

Last October, Gates was involved in Event 201 when a then-imaginary and deadly virus spread around the globe killing 65 million people.  The ruling classes were unable to stop it too. While the coronavirus is not yet considered a pandemic, if it continues to spread and kill people, it very well could reach that status.

“The Ebola epidemic in West Africa four years ago was another wake-up call, as the number of confirmed cases climbed, the death toll mounted, and local health systems collapsed. Again, the world was much too slow to respond,” he said of the 2014-2016 epidemic, which killed 11,000 and infected more than 28,000. Eleven people were treated for Ebola in the United States during that epidemic, according to the CDC. Gates also compared future deadly global pandemics to a new type of “military weapon.”

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At the 2017 Munich Security Conference, Gates asked world leaders to “imagine that somewhere in the world a new weapon exists or could emerge that is capable of killing millions of people, bringing economies to a standstill, and casting nations into chaos. If it were a military weapon, the response would be to do everything possible to develop countermeasures,” he said at the NEJM event, adding that a “sense of urgency is lacking” when it comes to biologic threats.

This should concern everyone said Gates, “because history has taught us there will be another deadly global pandemic.


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“We can’t predict when, but given the continual emergence of new pathogens, the increasing risk of a bioterror attack, and the ever-increasing connectedness of our world, there is a significant probability that a large and lethal modern-day pandemic will occur in our lifetime,” Gates said.

Gates is relying on the ruling class (our masters) to prepare and keep us safe. Gates said “world leaders” need to invest in approaches such as antiviral drugs and antibody therapies that can be stockpiled or rapidly manufactured to the spread of these future diseases. We think you should prepare on your own outside of what the rulers are doing.  If we have learned anything from studying history, it’s that the ruling class cares only about the expansion of their own wealth and power and not the people they are enslaving.

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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: January 30th, 2020
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

Copyright Information: Copyright SHTFplan and Mac Slavo. This content may be freely reproduced in full or in part in digital form with full attribution to the author and a link to www.shtfplan.com. Please contact us for permission to reproduce this content in other media formats.

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  1. .andrea.iravani. says:

    What a crock. Who has the possibility to develop these biological weapons? Who has used them on populations in the past? Look, Gates, you have more money than you could possibly spend in your life. If you are really worried about biological weapons and pandemics, get the viral stock piles out of everyone’s hands, including universities, the medical mafia, the military, the depatment of health, and pharmaceutical companies.

    We are onto the Epsilon superman complex – an actual personality disorder in which a psychopath creates a crisis, and then comes to the rescue. Among those frequently exhibitting this disorder are those in health care, fire fighters, and police, and military.

    You are finished psychos! I have witnessed and have been a victim of your schemes for over half a century.

    The party’s over.

  2. Anonymous says:

    When a man goes to war he has a cache of weapons.

    When a virus is the enemy a glorified dust mask and a pair saggy ass plastic coveralls doesn’t put much distance between him and death.

  3. .andrea.iravani. says:

    Leave it to the jack asses who have been incapable of even mastering themselves to be delusional enough to believe that they are masters of anything or anyone. They are jack asses of everything and masters of nothing! The proof is everywhere!

    Anyone delusional enough to believe that they are my master is in for a rude awakening!

    Just business as usual from the retarded lunatics!
    Losing is their forte’ !
    The only thing that they have mastered is losing!

  4. phicrappazappa says:

    And does Bill have a vaccine for all of us. If he can just convince (or bribe) the UN to demand it be mandatory or else…

  5. Andrea Iravani... says:

    Fine Bill, and wealthy, prepare for pandemic and go to your underground bunkers! I will let you know when it is safe to resurface!

  6. andrea.iravani. says:

    Alert the Pervedent, I mean the Pimident! All government employees elected and unelected, and all unelected, self-appointed multibilliobaire deciders, go to your underground sewers!

    Executive order 12333 ! Signed initially 12/4/1981! Spying for procurement!

  7. andrea.iravani. says:

    What is the Pervident’s Pimpident’s plans for this emergency? How will this affect the MPire Club!?

  8. Anonymous says:

    You can’t buy Tamiflu over the counter in the US, so if you know someone in India or Mexico and then possibly Canada you need to get some! The price of Tamiflu has increased so much it may soon be hundreds of dollars by the time this pandemic hits us harder.

  9. andrea iravani.,.,. says:

    This may be extremely difficult for you and Silivon Valley to accept, but the world is not a computer. It does not come with a delete or reset button. This is not a virtual world or a hollodeck where you can just invent reality contrary to the facts, and expect the rest of the world to just go along with it.

    This is not a mad hatters tea party either. It is not Never Land either. So, you and the rest of Silicon Valley are just going to have to grow up and accept that.

    It appears that you may be concerned about bond or share holders, and are looking for an income source in the event that they suddenly decide to liquidate.

    If that is the case, you have a fiduciary obligation to warn the investors of any concerns that you have regarding solvency, rather than relying on another scheme like the 9/11 faked attacks which could be used as a convenient excuse for a precipitous decline in the value of investments.

  10. andrea.iravani. says:

    The government does not have a war on sex trafficking. That is absurd. The government IS sex trafficking! The government IS in the pornography and child pornography business. Entrapment is illegal. The police have openly admited that they have been running black market bitcoin chil porn sites. With total surveillance, everyone is aware of how ludicrous the idea that they would need their own website to catch pedophiles for child pornography is! 

    If the government really wanted to stop these illegal sites, they should start by shutting TOR down, which from what I have read on the regular web, but have never used TOR, literally anything can be purchased. It is run fully by the government! It goes through three volunteer check points and is encrypted, supposedly, what are the volunteer check point? Army, Navy, Airforce? FBI,military, CIA? My guess is probably! They creaated it! 

    Also Executive Order 12333 signed by Reagan on 12/4/81 allows the pervident/pimpident to spy on anyone for the purpose of procurement. It has been in effect since 1981 under every president and has undergone revisions. The surveillance state worsens this problem! 

    The Electronic Surveillance Act of 1984 also assists in this predation, sweeping the entire country up into an electronic surveillance net, because it authorizes the government to spie on anyone with a greencard. Have you ever been served or waited on by anyone with a greencard?

    Section 215, Section 715, HR6393, the NDAA, FISA, The Patriot Act, The American Greedom, I mean Freedom Act also are treasonous acts signed by the psychpaths that believe that we are community property. I’m sure that there are probably more than I am aware of. It wouldn’t surprise me if nobody in the government is even aware of the precise number of surveillance scams that they have signed onto.

    The government is not even aware anymore of how many laws are in existence, yet, they expect us to abide by every single one of them. It is in the millions though. They lost track. It is a disaster.

    Trusting the foxes to guard the hen houses has not worked so far and it has gotten progressively worse! 

    Parents are threatenned by schools to have their children removed from them if they will not drug them for ADHD. The teachers just don’t want to accept that it is unnatural to expect a child to sit in a chair all day and be brainwashed in a sterile environment, ceding control of their mind over to the government for seven hours a day, just so that they will be able to function in our society at a later date. Society does not work. The government is self serving and doesn’t give a damn about anyone other than Israelis, whose interests they have placed above and beyond Americans, and against American interests, which is treason!

    The government crosses every taboo, every day. These are scumbags that are incapable of governing themselves. They are perverted sadistic cult of hedonistic, heathenistic, predatory psychopaths.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Event 201 was conducted by John Hopkins and the results are available on their website along with the entire simulation.
    They did NOT predict 65 million deaths.
    You can download the entire simulation, including methodology, testing parameters, and results and conclusions in pdf. form from their website.

  12. Clown World says:

    For all intents and purposes, a weapon of war appears to have been unleashed upon their non-combatant civilians.

    How do you prepare for a social construct like that? Is there a price fixer?

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