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Big Tech & Big Brother Are Going To Join Forces To “Secure Elections”

Mac Slavo
September 8th, 2019
Comments (20)

Security teams for Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Microsoft met with the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and the Director of National Intelligence’s office to coordinate a strategy to “secure” the 2020 elections. And by “secure” they mean to manipulate the results of the election in any way possible to get the outcome they desire.

According to a report by RT, the big tech platforms met with government officials at Facebook’s Menlo Park headquarters on Wednesday, the company has confirmed, boasting that Big Tech and Big Brother have developed a “comprehensive strategy” to get control of previous election-related “vulnerabilities” while “analyzing and getting ahead of new threats.” Those vulnerabilities and threats are the free thinkers who don’t buy the official narrative and dissent against the ruling class.

This is quickly escalating. Expect the censorship, social credit scores, and gun control talk to ramp up as the political class realizes people may not be as easily enslaved as they have imagined. Facebook has scrambled to get in front of the 2020 election after being blamed for Trump’s 2016 electoral victory over merely allowing the “Russian trolls” to buy a bunch of ads. Most of those ads appeared after the vote and had nothing to do with the election. Google, on the other hand, actively attempted to manipulate and rig the election in favor of Hillary Clinton, and the evidence of that indiscretion is rapidly becoming overwhelming.

Research Shows Google’s Search Manipulations Tried To Rig Election For Hillary

Google’s potential to sway elections has been the subject of Senate hearings, and yet the company has remained silent on addressing the problem. Subsidiary YouTube, meanwhile, conducted another round of mass censorship last month even while declaring it was an open platform for controversial ideas.

SILENCED: YouTube Censorship Ramps Up As 17,000 Channels Removed

Facebook insisted last week it had tightened its rules for verifying purchasers of “political” ads, for real this time, after the 2018 contest showed they could still be duped into running obviously-fake ads “paid for by” the Islamic State terror group and Cambridge Analytica.

For all intents and purposes, this meeting was to make sure certain ideas are censored so that only government-approved opinions can be made available as information.  The electoral meeting of the minds came less than a week after the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Projects Research Agency (DARPA) declared war on deepfakes and other potentially discord-sowing information (like memes), promising to neutralize all “malicious” content within four years – if not for this election, then certainly for the next.

The U.S’s Own ‘Ministry of Truth’ Unleashed The Military to Fight “Disinformation”

Until DARPA is ready to censor information and punish people for “wrong thinking”, there’s Microsoft’s ElectionGuard software. The company announced in July, that they would provide this software to all the nation’s voting machines, free of charge and out of “the goodness of their hearts” (and the Pentagon-owned contractor that helped develop the program’s heart).


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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: September 8th, 2019
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. Mike says:

    Hope people are procecuted for this.

  2. rellik says:

    “It doesn’t matter who votes, it matters who counts the votes”
    J. Stalin.
    America was lost with the passage of the 16th, 17th, and 19th amendments.
    I vote every election and it is an absolute waste of time.
    God makes many more idiots than he makes intelligent people.
    I suppose HE has his reasons.
    Full disclosure; I love all the women in my family.

    • Clown World says:

      r said, “God makes many more idiots than he makes intelligent people.”

      Most should not be in public, unattended.

    • buttcrackofdoom says:

      why NOT put dracula in charge of the red-cross blood supply?……next thing you know, we will find out that colonel sanders has been charged with the safety of the chicken coop……

    • Plan twice, prep once says:

      God makes half the people dumber than average…..

      OMG that is almost insightful…..

    • In contrast to the public conception, the 16th amendment did NOT address an issue of a tax levied on remuneration for labor. It addressed ONLY an issue of a tax from gain on capital investments; i.e., from stocks, bonds, and rental property.

      The Supreme court repeatedly stated the Amendment acted to reverse the Holding of the Pollock adjudication. The court repeatedly declared an issue of a tax on remuneration for labor was NOT being adjudicated. The entire tax was voided, in rehearing, and the tax on labor could have been renewed by act of congress.

      Indictments of “citizens” on income tax charges do not allege violation of “a known legal duty” as required for a valid process. The clause of “Liberty” [5, 14 Amendments] includes the “pursuit of a Livelihood” as a Constitutional Right. A tax on it would be unconstitutional. The income tax is a scam. Ref. Joe Banister,   http://www.agentfortruth.com/ ; LIBERTY YOUR RIGHT TO MAKE A LIVING , http://www.usa-the-republic.com/revenue/liberty/part_1.html

  3. Kevin2 says:

    The threat to freedom is not coming from governments. It has global roots with indigenous foliage.


      Excellent analysis! The pity is that the Sheeple have no clue. And as long as they have their Nacho Cheese Doritos, Pepsi, and the Idiot Box, they will not change. Sad that.

  4. Anonymous says:

    While I agree with your concerns over Google trying to influence our election. RT is Russian TV a Russian propaganda network in the English language.

    • Kevin2 says:

      Listen to all and then determine what is and isn’t truthful. Withholding and therefore inhibiting what you have access to is a red flag.

    • Kevin2 says:

      It’s pretty hard to beat Uncle Sam with media assistance with propaganda as the Gulf Of Tonkin, USS Liberty, WTC #7, WMD in Iraq, who arms ISIS and Afghanistan Opium production under US occupation with none of that originating from RT.

      George Carlin said, “I don’t believe anything the government says, nothing”. He is correct.

  5. Clown World says:

    Those naughty countries were called democratic republics.

    I heard someone making fun of Communists, today. Communists are always supposed to say that real Communism has never happened, before. It was state capitalism.

    Why were capitalists ok with calling Communism, state *capitalism.

  6. Montana Guy says:

    Voting is a tool to make the slaves think they are free. The Slave Master keeps changing; the Plantation doesn’t.
    Like Bill Buppert stated, ‘The only vote that ever mattered in history is secession’.

  7. Stuart says:

    Oh, they’re going to “secure” the elections alright. The problem is who they are trying to secure them for.

  8. Frank Thoughts says:

    We live in a techno-fascist corporatist dictatorship. It is too late to change that fact: this has been the world order since the end of WWII. The Nazis just transferred their operations to the US military industrial complex and booted up again.

    There will not be a free election ever again. Democracies are already discredited and doing the opposite of what people want. The best we can hope for is to be placated and pampered with drugs and sex to get our grudging compliance.

    • Kevin2 says:

      “There will not be a free election ever again”

      Considering both horses have been bought in the two horse race (I’ll grudgingly reserve judgement with Trump being a POSSIBLE unique exception) its debatable if any in modern times have been free. FDR said, “Presidents aren’t elected they’re selected”.

      • Frank Thoughts says:

        So true! Justin Trudeau came across as the biggest dummy in the Canadian election and couldn’t string a sentence together. But he had already been selected so it was “his time”.

        His policies have been nothing but the new world agenda template from the start. His ministers now make major policy announcements in front of UN flags and symbols – they don’t hide the agenda and who calls the shots.

  9. Clown World says:

    Can govt be leveraged to perform some useful chore, as though it is just some banal tool that is not respected, religiously?

  10. That should make voting easy. Vote for the person they attack or attempt to hide.