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Battle Over Assange’s Computer: U.S. Could Plant False Evidence On Scrubbed Computer

Mac Slavo
May 24th, 2019
Comments (26)

A new battle has broken out over who gets access to Julian Assange’s computer in the aftermath of the journalist’s arrest. Wikileaks says Assange took the time to scrub his computer before he was taken into custody, meaning anything found on it would be “false evidence” and planted by the United States government.

At the request of the U.S. government, Ecuadorian authorities took possession of all of Assange’s possession after his arrest. Wikileaks editor-in-chief Kristinn Hrafnsson told The Associated Press that because Assange cleared the computers, any information found on them will be put there by the U.S. or Ecuadorian authorities. “If anything surfaces, I can assure you it would’ve been planted,” he said.

The U.S. is attempting to extradite Assange on charges of “computer hacking” and Sweden has also re-opened its investigation into rape claims against Assange first made in 2010. This means British authorities may have to decide whether to prioritize the US or Swedish claims first. After Assange serves his 50 weeks in a British jail for “breaching bail conditions.”

Why EVERYONE Should Be Outraged At Assange’s Arrest

“Julian isn’t a novice when it comes to security and securing his information. We expected this to happen and protections have been in place for a very long time,” Hrafnsson said. Wikileaks’ future plans were among information scrubbed from the computer. “Ecuador granted him asylum because of the threat of extradition to the U.S. and now the same country, under new leadership, is actively collaborating with a criminal investigation against him,” Hrafnsson added of the handling of Assange’s possessions by Ecuadorian authorities, according to Business Insider.

Hrafnsson said that Assange predicted that his arrest was imminent as Ecuador’s current president, Lenin Moreno, had exhibited less support for Assange than his predecessor, Rafael Correa, who had granted Assange asylum. He accused Moreno of following the US in light of its financial assistance to Ecuador.

Moreno decided to evict Assange from the embassy after accusing him of working with political opponents to hack into his phone and release damaging personal documents and photos, including several that showed him eating lobster in bed and the numbers of bank accounts allegedly used to hide proceeds from corruption.

Moreno’s actions immediately were celebrated by the Trump administration, which was key in helping Ecuador secure a $4.2 billion credit line from the International Monetary Fund and has provided the tiny South American country with new trade and military deals in recent weeks. –The Associated Press

“The Americans are the ones pulling the strings, and Moreno their puppet dancing to the tune of money,” said Hrafnsson.

“One of the best ways to achieve justice is to expose injustice.” ― Julian Assange

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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: May 24th, 2019
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. john stiner says:

    Battle Over Assange’s Computer: U.S. Could Plant False Evidence On Scrubbed Computer


    So, this a-hole wants everything everywhere to be transparent, but when it comes to HIS computer, he scrubs it just like Hillary Clinton. Hypocrite.

    • TharSheBlows says:

      Of course US Hater and Traitor J Stiner above here, hates facts and the truth, and including his T-R-I-B-E called out for their crimes against humanity. He’s a commie lover true and true.

    • Kevin2 says:

      john stiner

      “The Press was to serve the governed, not the governors”
      Justice Hugo Black (The Pentagon Papers)

      The government attempted to put CP on Ed Snowden’s computer. The Press has a right to have its sources kept confidential, it is the law. It comes under “Privileged Communications” including Lawyer / Client and Priest / Parishioner. You have something against a Free Press and a love for authoritarianism? Do you realize that “Freedom” is not an ideal but inaction requiring diligence? The powerful have throughout history abused power. The Founding Fathers feared this and put up every roadblock within the written word to thwart it.

      The First Amendment, attempting to keep government honest since September 25th, 1789.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wouldn’t you? You know these libfucks are going to put pictures of underage goat rape all over the damn thing.

    • EWM Martin says:

      The sycophant has spoken.
      “The cult of the omnipotent state has millions of followers in the united States. Americans of today view their government in the same way as Christians view their God; they worship and adore the state and they render their lives and fortunes to it. Statists believe that their lives — their very being — are a privilege that the state has given to them. They believe that everything they do is — and should be — dependent on the consent of the government.” ~ Jacob Hornberger

  2. TharSheBlows says:

    The US sure hates being called out for their war crimes. Anybody who disagrees with the US narrative will be labeled a traitor or spy or criminal for doing real journalism. Freedom of Speech is DOA. Go try to get your opinion printed in the news paper. ha..

    BTW/ Assange is a smart guy with massive data back-up’s, and tera-bites of data in other friends hands as protection if anything happened to Assange, they will release more damning evidence of Global Corruption.

    Assange many be safer in Sweden to deal with the false charges of rape. As the US does NOT have an Extradition Treaty with Sweden and Sweden will never release Julian to the US.

    • Kevin2 says:

      ” As the US does NOT have an Extradition Treaty with Sweden and Sweden will never release Julian to the US.”

      No nation within the western economic zone is independent.

      “John Bolton is a bully,” José Bustani, the retired Brazilian diplomat and former head of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons

      Bolton continued, according to Bustani’s recollections: “You have 24 hours to leave the organization, and if you don’t comply with this decision by Washington, we have ways to retaliate against you.”

      “We know where your kids live. You have two sons in New York.”

      These are KGB / Gestapo actions.

      • Kevin2 says:

        The below has been paraphrased but the gist is government needs to be controlled and government by its very nature will attempt to thwart such actions.

        Jefferson’s comment in an 1825 letter to William Short: “Some are whigs, liberals, democrats, call them what you please. Others are tories, serviles, aristocrats, &c. The latter fear the people, and wish to transfer all power to the higher classes of society; the former consider the people as the safest depository of power in the last resort; they cherish them therefore, and wish to leave in them all the powers to the exercise of which they are competent.”

    • rellik says:

      “Anybody who disagrees with the US narrative will be labeled a traitor or spy or criminal for doing real journalism”. Is unfair to a significant number of Americans, your remark should be;

      “Anybody who disagrees with the US Democrat narrative will be labeled a traitor or spy or criminal for doing real journalism exposing Democrats”.
      I’m not giving RINOs a break here but the most serious threat to my health, safety, and welfare today are Democrats.

      • Kevin2 says:


        If you’re being beaten to death with two fists its illogical to blame individual fists and not who controls them. There is plenty of blame to share for the decline of the US in both party’s. The Republican Neo-Cons are as globalist as the self described “progressives” and both by definition are not America First. This is a globalist v nationalist battle as the difference between Dem & Rep is getting increasingly blurred.

      • Montana Guy says:

        relik, failure to understand that Republicans are an enemy of liberty is to have missed the whole lesson of America’s slide into tyranny.

  3. Montana Guy says:

    And in 41 days all the willfully ignorant sheeple in the herd will stand like zombies and regurgitate Greenwood’s ‘Proud to be an American’.
    They haven’t bothered to watch this video (4:30-13:30) of the cold-blooded murder and maiming of at least 17 people (including obviously innocent people) including two children (15:55-16:15). Yes, all the while their ‘heroes’ were whooping, cursing and exchanging verbal high-fives. That is the mentality and culture of today’s US military.
    Julian Assange is a prisoner for revealing this truth. These US soldiers who should be tried as war criminals. But instead they are free and treated like heroes! Today’s US military is America’s Golden Calf. Professing ‘Christians’ sit on their thumbs, silent and complicit. Makes me sick….

  4. Asshat says:

    Shit don’t you people hold jobs. only reason I’m on here is I took today off and taking a break from chores. Hanging out with the dog. I’d post a pick of him but don’t know how. Anyway he’s a pug pup about 5months old. Going to do a scrap metal run need to get rid of the light iron have too much. Garden is coming along good. Gonna build some trellises from some concrete wire cloth I have laying around. Always something to do around here when I’m not at work.

  5. Clown World says:

    It seemed to be lots of needlessly long waits, for his supposed drops. Then, it was mostly filler.

  6. Frank Thoughts says:

    Assange is a creepy, gross d-bag and possibly a Russian asset. He put many lives in jeopardy when he leaked all those files.

    He will pay a very heavy price for his deeds.

    • Ketchupondemand says:

      A story years ago about wikileaks’ origins stated that Assange and/or his group ORIGINALLY hacked into the Chinese spying rings and that’s where they got much of their first info..
      Naw, couldn’t be true..

    • Kevin2 says:

      Frank Thoughts

      Julian Assange is a modern Daniel Elisburg. The “creepy d-bags” are those that fabricated the WMD lies and twisted arms to obtain its plausibility as John Bolton did. Doesn’t it bother you that your government lies to you to justify a war that costs the lives of 4497 Americans?

      • Kevin2 says:

        Actually Julian Assange is the NY Times in the 1971 Pentagon Papers. The source is a Daniel Elisburg.

        One more time:

        “The Press was to serve the governed and not the governors…”
        USSC Justice Hugo Black

    • Montana Guy says:

      Frank Thoughts, is the light of truth too bright for you? Does your agenda trump truth? Those are simply rhetorical questions. But I am curious. Are you a Christian? Skip the jive, a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ will suffice.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Sweden charging someone with rape is like handing out speeding tickets at the Indy 500. Thanks to muh immigration.

  8. Rock Roller says:

    Assange is a freaking HERO for exposing the vile satanic witch Hildabeast and her ilk. It takes guts to go against people who will have you killed or framed.Release him immediately and hang every last one of the deep state traitors !

  9. Clown World says:

    Video of what the tacky drone operator said, with his finger on the button. And, the bad hair days of foreign dignitaries. Sprinkle-in a little ufo cheesiness. Literally, none of this put any lives in danger.

  10. Clown World says:

    Assange is an example of a naughty person, who you are never, ever supposed to look at. Look away. Some media is illegal to view, depending on the country. (You might have a Zardoz moment, and become radicalized, on accident, right?) You look at it, anyways, and it’s stupid.

    Prove me wrong. Be responsible about it.

    Make something useful or whimsical. Do it, 50 times, and you will come up with your own way. Be a culture, because the state hates that.