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AZ Lawmaker: ‘We Might Need To Build A Wall Between California And Arizona’

Mac Slavo
March 22nd, 2018
Comments (28)

It sure doesn’t seem like Arizona approves of California’s sanctuary cities and one GOP Lawmaker hammered that point home. Marth McSally, in what was likely a tongue in cheek moment, proposed building a wall around California to protect the state of Arizona from their neighbor’s disastrous policies.

McSally announced her bid for Senate to replace Senator Jeff Flake (R) earlier this year. Flake is retiring at the end of this Congress. Other candidates in the primary include former Maricopa County, Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio and former state Senator Kelli Ward (R).

When first hearing her quote, one could assume she wanted Arizona protected from those feeling the housing crisis and high taxation in California.  But  McSally, a congresswoman representing Arizona was referring to the “dangers of the southern border” and the sanctuary cities that California has allowed to infect the Golden State. Sanctuary cities are municipalities that do not cooperate with federal immigration enforcement.

“As we look in Arizona, we often look into the dangers of the southern border,” McSally said during a round-table discussion about “sanctuary cities” Tuesday at the White House. “But if these dangerous policies continue out of California, we might need to build a wall between California and Arizona as well to keep these dangerous criminals out of our state,” she said, smiling, and perhaps a little sarcastically.

She added that California can’t just “provide sanctuary for these criminals and think that it’s only impacting California dangerously.” McSally’s comments come on the heels of the announcement that the federal government is suing the state of California (state government) for failing to enforce their laws.

The Trump administration’s “America First” policy is a thorn in the side of many states that use illegal immigrants as votes to elect far-left Communists.

California’s governor, Jerry Brown (D), was upset that he has to follow others’ rules while making California almost unbearable with the number of rules, laws, and regulations he demands the residents of the Golden State adhere to, Brown became the offended hypocrite everyone knew he was in the wake of the federal lawsuit over sanctuary cities.  Try not to choke on California’s hypocrisy.  Never forget that the state (and Democrats in general) loves laws, just not the laws of others.

“You called this an act of war from the federal government,” a reporter began asking Brown. Brown immediately looked confused. “An act of war? That’s pretty strong. But I reciprocate that comment,” Brown responded.

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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: March 22nd, 2018
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. Roger D says:

    You can build a wall around both states and their illegals as far as this patriot is concerned.

  2. rabbitone says:

    The group that is trying to build sanctuary cities is the Soros Communist United Movement (SCUM). You will find that liberal SCUM are everywhere trying to eliminate freedom. They are being drive to do these horrible deeds by those preaching on their soap boxes or soap SCUM. We are all hoping and praying Mr Clean(Trump) can get rid of this SCUM.

  3. Illini Warrior says:

    what happened in advance of the ICE raids in Oakland – by that dumbazz woman mayor – is EXACTLY why the sanctuary activity needs to be stopped …

    ICE had 800 felony felony listed illegals pinpointed – that mayor knew very well that was the intent of ICE – wasn’t a general illegals round-up – career heavy duty illegals – M13 Cartel members …

    we would be damn lucky if AZ is the only state being tropped over by these criminal illegals – most probably committed their crimes in other states and are now using CA to hide out …..

  4. Why doesn’t Trump withhold Federal funds. Illegals get welfare, medical, food stamps. What’s up with the anchor baby law? A child born in the USA to an illegal is no citizen. That’s rediculous. Pregnant Mexicans cross the border to have their babies on US soil in order to use “free” medical and get automatic US citizenship with all that implies. Then some return to Mexico because they are rich. Those Mexican babies can come back and legally run for President. It will happen. We’ll have a straight up Mexican, raised in Mexico, as President.

    The anchor baby laws must be changed. We must repeal the 1965 immigration act. We have to stop giving benefits to illegals. Build the wall. Deport. Arrest. Arrest American business owners who hire illegals.


  5. Heartless says:

    Good for this Martha McSally. I swear, what is it that people don’t understand about people here illegally? Anyone in any country without having gained entry via a legal means is an invader. What else do you call it when they sneak in, illegally take possession of land, housing, utilities, sustenance, education, medical care, transportation and more and do not intend to either pay for those things or payback for what they take?

  6. Sgt. Dale says:

    Good point.
    Can we build a wall between Shitcago and the rest of the state?

  7. Beaumont says:

    Since none of the subversive interests are self-sufficient, on any level, the Machiavellian police state can simply quit subsidizing them, to make busywork. Quit integrating them, in your market controls, and someone will think you are a miracle worker, for doing nothing (not defeating yourself.) No monument needed. Competency is wall-enough.

  8. Bill says:

    There’s just too many problems in the US. Things are coming to a head; the people are shocked and disgusted to the core with political and gov’t corruption-with even more sickening revelations everyday, officialdom and gov’t is incompetent. The national debt is now over 21 trillion dollars-an incomprehensible and unmanageable sum. The affinity that regions of the country once had had for each other is rapidly diminishing-the citizens mindset is changing from thinking nationally to thinking regionally. Unity is gone, differences are now implacable-libs against conservatives and every special interest group is trying to impose their will on the rest of us, some willing to resort to violence to achieve their aims. “Civil rights” organizations are now only far left groups seeking to divide and undermine society. Sanctuary cities and states are placing the interests of illegal immigrants ahead of citizens, and openly defying federal gov’t. Millions of immigrants, millennials, students, leftists, and others actually and really want the US to become a borderless 3rd world country.
    The only hope left for me, my family and relatives, my friends, and those I associate with is for the South to secede-we have the most stable and traditional population. Many Americans from other regions of the country don’t know but many millions of Southerners want our own country-it’s in our DNA.
    The problems here are approaching a scope and intensity that will soon become existential threats to the nation. We may soon see measures with force employed that were never considered just a few years ago.

  9. aljamo says:

    California has enough people to stock all of the western states should it slip off into the Pacific Ocean.

  10. Jim in Va. says:

    No other country ignores their own borders. The eastern counties in California are “red”. Let them secceed from California and either form their own state or join with Arizona/Nevada….then build a wall.

    • Bill says:

      I agree with you Jim in VA – the Pacific coast line from San Francisco to San Diego has almost half the Cali. population, only about 10 to 12 % of the geographic area, but basically entirely Democrats and liberals. Cali. is large enough to split into three states; one comprising the area from SF to SD, and then the other two states would be majority Republican, each consisting of about 70,000 sq. miles, still plenty large. Congressmen and Senators from one of the new conservative states could cancel out the Democratic Congressman and Senators from the newly named People’s Socialist State of Cali., which would still leave the US with one more conservative state than we have now. Wash. DC will see that doesn’t happen. We just have to admit Cali. is gone. Next best thing is to let them go. The state is not just broke, but hundreds of billions in debt, and that’s in conjunction with having the highest taxes in the US. In reality there is ZERO prospect of things getting any better. Making the economic and financial picture even worse are the businesses, high income earners, those who pay proportionally the most taxes, leaving the state along with the white flight. It will become a never ending and ever growing drain, just let it go before it drags down the rest of us down.

  11. You mean “New Venezuela”, the Socialist paradise of North America. If the rural areas of former California secede and form their own state, they can call it California. Sacramento will be renamed “Nueva Caracas”. The state flower will be marijuana. The state song will be “Do you know the way to San Jose?”. The state will excel in political correctness with no guns anywhere.

  12. Anonymous says:

    To those who still think Trump is erecting a border wall, and believe the “prototype” crap he’s currently spewing, read this: I saw this event unfold with my own eyes and remember it well, years ago when Trump duped NYers by telling them he was working on a project beneficial to the locals and community but that it needed more funding.

    Some local NY residents donated money and banks provided loans when all along he wasn’t completing the project and had no intentions of completing it to begin with. He instead pocketed all of the money. He’s all about lining his own pockets. He hired a bunch of unemployed construction guys and illegal Mexicans to sit around with bulldozers and other construction equipment so when the residents drove around to check out the site, that was supposedly under construction, it looked like he was making good on his word when all along he was duping everyone.

    The construction workers didn’t even get paid for sitting around on the tractors and bulldozers and other equipment for over 3 weeks pretending to be busy so that he could finagle more bank loans and then claim bankruptcy again. None of which he repaid. He kept the donations and stiffed the workers and the banks too. That’s why I don’t believe he’s building a border wall and also don’t believe he ever had any intentions of doing so.

  13. blarney flute says:

    make mexico pay for that wall also!

  14. The original Clampetts from the Beverly Hillbillies were only multi-millionaires. Now they probably couldn’t afford to live there. That cabin in the Ozark Mountains is starting to look pretty good!

  15. bc3b says:

    Get a clue. This is McSally’s John “Where’s the Damn Wall” moment. McSally is the most liberal Republican member of Congress from Arizona … more liberal than McCain. Once elected she will be pro-amnesty.

  16. Lozen says:

    Please write to the President and ask that the military be sent in! The communists in California have overwhelmed U.S. citizens living in California!
    Contact the White House and use their email to get the message across!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Thumbs up to rabbit