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Americans Think The Media Is More Destructive Than Banks & Corporations

Mac Slavo
July 31st, 2019
Comments (32)

In the new age of censorship, bias, manipulation, and propaganda, Americans have somewhat started to fall for it all a little less. Now, average Americans think of the media as more destructive than banks and corporations – and that trend isn’t likely to reverse anytime soon, as the government continues to use the media to push their agenda.

“Cultural Schizophrenia”: US Media No Longer Reports Facts, But Appeals To Emotions

Based on the conclusions to a RAND Corporation study, the mainstream media is actively sowing discord in American society, award-winning journalist Chris Hedges tells RT. The media is focusing on making two sides hate each other instead of reporting on the facts, and the majority of the public is unaware and doesn’t care that their minds are being manipulated by their own emotional responses. –SHTFPlan

This should not come as a surprise to anybody. A recent survey has revealed that most Americans believe that the news media, more than any other institution, have a negative impact on their country. The findings are hardly surprising, according to media analyst Lionel.  Considering most the “news” is full of propaganda and mind manipulation tactics, it is refreshing to see Americans balk at the media.

Conducted by the Pew Research Center, the poll found that 64 percent of Americans believe that the media has a damaging effect on the United States – making them more loathed than other often-demonized institutions such as banks (39 percent) and large corporations (53 percent), according to a report about the poll done by RT.

“The media are not here to provide information …so that you can make intelligent decisions. No, that’s not what the media are. The media are corporate tools,” Lionel said.

And it isn’t just the media taking a beating, but all of the establishment including corporations and government. It seems like Americans, whether they want to admit it or not, are finally realizing they don’t want to be controlled and enslaved.  It’s a good sign that humanity is awakening to what those in power are doing to the rest of us.


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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: July 31st, 2019
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. rellik says:

    “Conducted by the Pew Research Center, the poll found that 64 percent of Americans believe that the media has a damaging effect on the United States”
    The other 36 percent of the population that likes and trusts the media are Democrats.

    • Justice says:

      rellik, perhaps the best thing Trump has done has been to show the media for what it is and has always been…the enemy of normal Americans.

      I haven’t been posting much lately but I have been prepping. I recently came to the realization that as much as I don’t want to consider bugging out…I may have too. Consequently I have been preparing getting together multi-tiered bug-out bags. Plus staging supplies for a CAR bug-out. I have been researching car camping and living out of your vehicle.

      I have been dieting and getting in shape but I accept that I will NOT be able to bug-out on foot!! That’s a young mans game!

      • Elkhound says:

        “I have been researching car camping and living out of your vehicle”

        I lived out of my VW bus for 8 months working on a tobacco farm cutting tobacco and performing other odd jobs back in 81’.
        It was tough, but I was flat broke,and needed money,so I did what I had to do.

        The toughest part was dealing with BOREDOM..
        I read a lot of magazines and books to pass the time by when not at work.

        I would not want to live out of my vehicle again,unless I had no other option.

      • Mr_Yesterday says:

        What planet are you from to claim the media has always been the enemy of the people? The british are coming, the british are coming! The printing press changed the world once, and is standing by to do so again. Fortunately here comes Robert Barnes and Soph, Biggs and Crowder, Rogan and Brother Natanial, Rense and SHTF, The Health Ranger and Food Babe, all of them, riding the informational highway to save the day. The pen is mightier than the sword, always has been, always will be. I hereby take pen in hand to inform you that without a free press, you will have no other rights which come after. There is a reason the first and second amendments are in this particular order. Know your history, or be condemned to repeat it and be careful what you wish for. All the prepping the in the world won’t save you if you lose the power of speech.

  2. Stuart says:

    Looks like Americans are smarter than I gave them credit for – at least 64% of them anyway.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not really. The ilk are all connected they just play different roles and wear different masks.

    • Anonymous says:

      TV, Movies, movie script content, music, Mass media “news”: ALL are scripted by three letter agencies/DOD. China seems to have undo influence over USA movie scripts and content these days. Why is this allowed? I wonder if USA is already taken over?

      Why would USA/DOD buy and use technology known to be infiltrated by China?
      1. All Apple products have China spy chip.
      2. Lenovo laptop computers have a phone home to China implant.
      3. Cisco routers also infiltrated by China.
      We have found the above Infiltration by China. So why would USA government/DOD allow these products to be used?

      Why is China allowed propaganda offices on many USA college/university campuses?
      Why are China-Russia intel operatives allowed to roam about freely in North Texas?
      Why are China aviators allowed USA flight training?
      Why do politicians Refuse to close porus USA border? No real border security.

      CAN ANYONE PLEASE ANSWER? Or this comment shadow banned? Why these things allowed in USA defies common sense/logic.

      Again, is USA already taken over in a quite war by commie friendly deep state?

  3. Genius says:

    DemocRATS, BeaurocRATS, PlutocRATS, AristocRATS!

    Rats in the Cellar

    Goin’ under, rats in the cellar
    Goin’ under, skin’s turnin’ yellow
    Nose is runny, losin’ my connection
    Losin’ money, getting no affection
    New York City blues
    East side, West side lose
    Throw me in the slam
    Catch me if you can
    That you’re wearing
    Tearing me apart
    Safe complaining, ’cause everything’s rotten
    Go insanin’, and ain’t a thing forgotten
    Feelin’ cozy, rats in the cellar
    Cheeks are rosy, skin’s turning yellow
    Loose and soggy, lookin’ mighty lazy
    Super party, pushin up a-daisies
    New York City schools
    East side, west side lose
    Throw me in the slam
    Catch me if you can
    That you’re wearing
    Tearing me apart

    Source: LyricFind
    Songwriters: Joe Perry / Steven Victor Tallarico
    Rats in the Cellar lyrics © BMG Rights Management

    • Genius says:

      One of my old favorites to play on guitar! Memories……

      • Justice says:

        Howdy Genius, hows it going? I hope you and yours are doing well. Memories……beat the heck out of current day and what the future probably holds in store for us.

        I want my America back and that includes Aerosmith!

        • Genius says:

          Justice, I hear ya! Man those were the best of times. Sounds like yer getting things together good. Kids today have no idea how much freedom we had and how much shit we got away with lol. They probably wouldn’t believe you if you told them anyway. Maybe I will get out the guitar and dust it off and see if I remember some of the great “oldies:! 😀

          • Justice says:

            Maybe I will get out the guitar and dust it off and see if I remember some of the great “oldies”. That sounds like a plan.

            I made sure that my emergency radio has a SD card reader, so that I will have a great sound-track when the SHTF.

            • Genius says:

              Ha ha ha, I love it! To make a point, ever notice how people work better and focus more with music playing? Music motivates people. Are you going to get yer shit and go to some Aerosmith or Barry manilow? I have songs in my head at work that won’t quit lol. Sometimes it’s really obscure shit too lol. Like uh …. fixing a hole by the Beatles. Next day maybe “moving in stereo” the Cars. Next time “The ripper” Judas priest. Ya never know what makes ya go but it does.

              • Mr_Yesterday says:

                Youtube Downloader is an overlooked tool that older people don’t know much about. Coupled with WinX converter, you can lift anything on the net and put that in hard or digital copy form. The 80’s are still alive and well over here, and you should pick up what you like before Vevo takes ytb over, which is happening right now. Just downloaded a hundred front 242 vids and the acdc live at river plat vids are a sight to behold, you’d have to see the crowd pulsing and shaking the stadium yourself to believe it. I like to assimilate my favorite vids from all era’s, burn them to dvr’s, and blast them on the old panasonic 550w 5disc changer in the garage. Located of course right under my hobby lobby copies of the constitution and declaration of independence. Old tech is good tech and the original xbox has no region locking tech and completely open codec’s. Don’t ever throw away old tech, save it like gold, because it is. One good thing about moves to digital is that dvd’s and cd’s are dirt cheap at the goodwill, we have thousands of dvd’s and cd’s, and the supply keeps on building. Lifetime usage rights, I don’t like governors or restrictions. So if you like any particular window in time, it’s right there, waiting for you to live it again. Our girls stay offline, at least for now and they’re really loving what I used to love as a kid as well, they’ve got the nes all in 1’s, an offline pc win7 with all the game preloads, etc. And I have taken in thousands of ytb vids for them topics such as spelling bee, how to make oragami, paper airplanes, solve rubix cubes, math, language, religious, song, the list goes on, and on, and on, and on. The world is what you make it and technocrats are only in control, for as much power as you give them. Take Back Your Power website, Josh Del Sol. I love the 80’s and 90’s, therefore, that’s where I’m still at. The golden age of music came and went, but it’s not necessarily gone. In the meantime, nin and nitzer, depech and front, aerosmith and bonjovi, helmet and metallica, mustang to motzart, I listen to what I want to anytime, anywhere. Make it so #1.

  4. Kevin2 says:

    The Telecommunications Act of 1996 signed into law by Bill Clinton (not that a Bush in the WH would not have done the same) facilitated media ownership monopolization. The day of real the Investigative Reporting like was shown in the publishing of The Pentagon Papers is done. Needless to say the main Stream Media in its entirety stood lockstep with the official statement that Saddam had WMD which was a predicate for invasion of 2003. What we have is PRAVDA.

    • Mr_Yesterday says:

      AJ recently disclosed he’d funded Veritas for a while now. Smart cookies think alike. You’re like bringing up facts and stuff… Smith Mundt. It’s not a popular or fun topic, but is a worthy inclusion none the less. Vote with your wallet, vote with your clicks, vote with your time. Same as it ever was. Time isn’t holding up. People on their way to work, going to burst into flames. Staring into the tv set, baby what did you expect. Fighting fire with fire.

  5. asshat says:

    no way you can choose to not listen to the media. you cant control the greed and corruption of banks and corporations making deals with the gov to evade taxes. stupid american believe the media is worst. i know the truth. trump will do anything to take the heat off the banks and corporations and direct it onto the media. all news has a political affiliation. fox for the republipukes and all other media outlets for the demonics.

    • Kevin2 says:

      In effect the Main Stream Media is just the bullhorn for the banksters and globalist corporations. The welfare state is supported by them as government facilitates their sales. Remove the percentage of “entitlement” money from the economy and watch Wall Street wither. MIC (Military Industrial Complex) is also a beneficiary of fiat currency. Such is the prostitution of capitalism that President Eisenhower warned us about in January 1961 in effect saying, (you have a massive problem, see ya).

      Going after the Media is “shooting the messenger”.

  6. Sheep Dog says:

    True investigative reporting is a virtue of the past.
    Facts are no longer presented nor reported.
    They are complicit in dividing the country.

  7. Clown World says:

    “The media is focusing on making two sides hate each other…”

    And, I do.

    See a social justice narrative, change the channel.

    • Mr_Yesterday says:

      Adult swim on television, won’t tell on you, or share your viewing habits with others. When you see a medical commercial, change the channel. We’ve been loving NHK Grand Sumo Highlights, dang son, Hakuho, the greatest of all time! If you’re surfing the net without adblocker and also in cognito mode, you’re doing it wrong. Data tracking is for the birds. Never fill out another questionaire honestly again in your entire life. When I have to enter a date of birth, I enter 11/22/1963. When asked about my opinion, I give conflicting answers. They still can’t figure out what I’m into and I get all the begging solicitation mailers, and nifty stickers and address labels and free calendars to boot. IT’s all automated these days, just mail in literally one dollar, and you’re on the mailing list for life. I keep track of what greenpeace, aclu, disabled vets, American Family Association, Mass Resistance, NRA, peta, pet adoption scam fundraising, and so on and so forth, I always know what’s going on. When I get those awesome postage paid return envelopes, I put in one of my hundreds of infowars 3×3 stickers in there and mail those puppies right back, anonymously of course. Now and then I get a free nickle.

  8. It's Just So Obvious says:

    Media bias used to be much more subtle and hard to spot. Now it’s in your face 24×7 and you can’t escape it. What’s wrong with the 36% who DON’T think the media is corrupt????

  9. Montana Guy says:

    I agree the media is just a tool of bankers and ‘selected’ elites.
    They wanted perpetual wars. But Americans saw much of the reality of the Vietnam war, the My Lai Massacre, war atrocities, torture, lack of plan to win, blunders, and of course humiliating defeat.
    The PTB’s solutions: Ban embedded journalists reporting on the ground. Ban pictures by troops. Ban pictures of military caskets. Ban reporting on high suicide rates, abortion rates. Ban Casualty Reports. And now incarcerate journalists who report truth like Julian Assange.
    And like usual Americans were compliant.

    • Mr_Yesterday says:

      “Liberty, too big to fail. Ron Paul 2012.” If you love perpetual war, you love the federal reserve. 100 years of not being federal, and not having any reserves. Interesting Factoid from The Liberty Report (suggested viewing, we watch it nightly.) The Boston Tea Party was over a 5% tax, and occasional stationing of troops in homes. We put up with far more than that today. The idea of liberty is coming back around, ideas happen organically and have their day, they can’t be stopped. Seriously, Patriot Trading Group daily podcast, nightly ytb Liberty Report. Toss in some David Knight, Mark Dice, and then catch some IW on the old am radio, swap to baseball now and then. Pour a fat tire out of the kegorator, take a pull from the water pipe, eat a steak off the grill with some organic rice and Woodford Reserve whiskey before I chill with GOW on the One for an hour or so. It’s a good life. Media, is what you make it. There is a saying; It’s the medium of the message that is more influential than the message itself. It’s true, and yes, Ron Paul and Daniel Mcadams, along with the help of Chris Rossinni covered that as well. All bubbles must pop eventually.

  10. Jim in Va. says:

    I go to alternative media for much of my news. Can’t trust the newspapers,TV..MSM in general. Trust your gut!

    • Mr_Yesterday says:

      Jim, respectfully, a quick language correction for you.

      You turn to non corporate independent news. Alternative to what? Towing the status quo was never a mandatory approach, people just have been conditioned to think that way.

      Once you break free of the plantation, there is no going back. John Patrick Henry. Give me Liberty or give me Death.

  11. Clown World says:

    Star Trek Generations Data Drinking Scene

    Say that you hate something or someone. It’s relieving. It’s revelation.

    Hate, hate, hate.

    Watch for lightning…

    Now, watch tv.

    Is this respect or disrespect. Remember your new word.

  12. Mr_Yesterday says:

    Dees! Repeat after me, Dees! In this publication of Sheeple, you learn that when you watch tv, the product being manufactured is YOU. OBEY.

  13. skipNclair says:

    Nothing has been more destructive then the banking industry, next comes ignorant, selfish voters, then crooked politicians put in office by ignorant selfish voters.

  14. awed ball says:

    shooting announced 23 minutes before it “happened”

    female announcer: “oops that hasn’t happened yet”

    save this!