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Al-Nusra Commander Admits US Is Arming ISIS: “America Is On Our Side”

Tyler Durden
September 27th, 2016
Zero Hedge
Comments (36)


This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge.

Editor’s Comment: How much more evidence do we need? U.S. foreign policy isn’t just flawed, misguided, corrupt or just for appearances. It is literally creating our own enemies just for leverage in the media and on the battlefield – through deception.

The actions are hypocritical, evil and manipulative. The refusal of those in power to tell it like it really is – about ISIS, about a lot of things – is only proving how deeply ingrained the shadow government really is in our system. A parasite which we not only fail to starve and shutdown, but even to recognize. This really is a bad joke.

The Comedian understands what a joke it all is. ISIS IS US...

The Comedian understands what a joke it all is. We create and fuel our own destruction… We need an enemy to fulfill the need for more war and destruction. Sad condition of life.

“America Is On Our Side”: Al-Nusra Commander Tells German Press US Is Arming Jihadists

by Tyler Durden

In a striking interview with German journalist Jürgen Todenhöfer published today the German press including the prominent newspaper Focus, a militant jihadist commander said that US weapons are being delivered to Jabhat Al-Nusra by governments that Washington supports, adding that American instructors were in Syria to teach how to use the new equipment.

“Yes, the US supports the opposition [in Syria], but not directly. They support the countries that support us. But we are not yet satisfied with this support,” Jabhat al-Nusra unit commander Abu Al Ezz said in an interview with Koelner Stadt-Anzeiger newspaper from the city of Aleppo. According to the commander, the militants should be receiving more “sophisticated weapons” from their backers to succeed against the Syrian government.

For those pressed for time, below is a summary of what the Al-Nusra commander said:

  • They are directly supported by the US
  • They received tanks and other heavy weaponry via Libya and Turkey
  • They got officers and experts from the US, Israel, Turkey inside Aleppo
  • The commanders of IS are led by Western intelligence
  • They are against cease-fires and aid deliveries
  • “The U.S. is on our side”

In the full interview, the commander notes that “The fight is difficult. The regime is strong and gets support from Russia,” the jihadist explained. Al Ezz said that Jabhat Al-Nusra “won battles thanks to TOW rockets. Due to these rockets, we reached a balance with the regime. Our tanks came from Libya via Turkey, joined by the [BM-21] multiple rocket launchers,” he said.

“We will fight until the regime is toppled,” he said, referring to Assad’s government. Al-Nusra Front wants “to establish an Islamic state that will be ruled according to the Sharia law. We do not recognize any secular state.”

The government forces have an advantage because of aircraft and missile launchers, but “we have the American-made TOW missiles, and the situation in some areas is under control,” Al Ezz added.

But the most stunning admission came when asked if the TOW missiles were initially intended for Jabhat Al-Nusra or if the group obtained them from the moderate Free Syrian Army, the jihadist clarified: “No, the missiles were given to us directly.”

 He also said that when Jabhat Al-Nusra was “besieged, we had officers from Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Israel and America here… Experts in the use of satellites, rockets, reconnaissance and thermal security cameras.”

Another dramatic admission: when Todenhöfer asked specifically if the US instructors were really present among the jihadists’ ranks and Al Ezz replied: “The Americans are on our side.”

He also said that Jabhat Al-Nusra has been paid for achieving specific military goals during the Syrian conflict. “We got 500 million Syrian pounds (around $2.3 million) from Saudi Arabia. To capture the Infantry School in Al Muslimiya years ago we received 1.5 million Kuwaiti dinars (around $500,000) and Saudi Arabia’s $5 million,” Al Ezz said.

The money came from the “governments” of those states, not private individuals, he said.

One of the governments cited as a source of funds – Israel. “Israel is now giving us support because Israel is at war with Syria and with Hezbollah,” Al Ezz said. The West also “paved the way” for jihadists coming to Syria, saying that “we have many fighters from Germany, France, Britain, America, from all the Western countries,” the commander said.

In the interview, Al Ezz confirmed claims made by Moscow and the Syrian government that the militants had used the Syrian ceasefire, agreed by Russia and US on September 9, to prepare for a new offensive.

“We do not recognize the ceasefire. We will regroup our groups. We will carry out the next overwhelming attack against the regime in a few days. We have regrouped our forces in all provinces, including Homs, Aleppo, Idlib and Hama,” Al Ezz said.

He said that Jabhat Al-Nusa would not let trucks with humanitarian aid enter Aleppo “as long as the regime [forces] are along the Castello Road, in Al Malah and in the northern regions.” “The regime must withdraw from all the territories, and we will let the trucks in. If a truck is going in anyway, we will detain the driver,” he said.

The idea of a transitional government in Syria is also not supported by Jabhat Al-Nusra, the commander said. “We accept no one from the Assad regime or of the Free Syrian Army, which is described as moderate. Our goal is to overthrow the regime, and establish an Islamic state in accordance with the Islamic Sharia,” he said.

As for the people who represent the Syrian opposition at the Geneva talks, Al Ezz said that “these people are weak, they’ve got a lot of money. They’ve sold themselves.”

“There are mercenaries in Syria, Alloush fights with Al Nusra-Front,” he said talking about Mohammed Alloush, a leader in the Jaysh al-Islam group, part of the Syrian opposition’s High Negotiations Committee (HNC) in the peace talks. “The group that was housed in Turkey and which was turned into the Free Syrian Army, used to be part of Al Nusra-Front.”

Interestingly, the al-Nusra Front commander also mentioned the UN aid convoy. Keep in mind that Todenhöfer, the first Western journalist to be granted access to the caliphate, conducted the interview ten day ago, before the attack. The commander said that the militants would not allow UN trucks carrying aid to enter Aleppo if the Syrian Arab Army does not withdraw “as required.” “The regime must withdraw from all areas in order for us to let the trucks in. If a truck drives in anyway, we will arrest the driver,” he detailed.

Finally, in case there is still any confusion, the commander openly confirmed that Jabhat Al-Nusra “are part of Al Qaeda.”

“Actually, we were inside one group together with the Islamic State. But the Islamic State has been used in accordance with the interests and political purposes of the big powers like America, and the group has drifted away from our principles. Most of the IS leaders are working with intelligence services, and it’s now clear for us. We, the Jabhat Al-Nusra, have our own way,” Al Ezz said.

The interview with Jabhat al-Nusra’s commander was taken at a stone quarry in Aleppo on September 17 by Koelner Stadt-Anzeiger journalist Jurgen Todenhöfer on his seventh trip to war-torn Syria.

This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge.

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Author: Tyler Durden
Date: September 27th, 2016
Website: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-09-26/america-our-side-al-nusra-commander-tells-german-press-us-arming-jihadists

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  1. RT Headline News 27 Sep Al Nusra admits USA supports them

    Duration: 4:00


    • New Cold War Spins Out of Control

      By Alastair Crooke
      Global Research, September 26, 2016
      Consortium News

      U.S. enthusiasts for the New Cold War with Russia appear to be ignoring less-belligerent orders from President Obama and pushing for a dangerous escalation of tensions, reports ex-British diplomat Alastair Crooke.


      • Kevin2 says:

        I had a video on line, a couple of years back that had a retired Naval Admiral, possibly 4 star but certainly up there, state at a gathering that the Secretary Of Defense never carried out a direct order from President Reagan to carry out an attack in Lebanon. The more one looks at reality the spookier it gets. The Admiral stated, “Who or what is running the country”?

        If anyone has a link to the above please post it.

        One gets the impression that we’re just watching a theatrical show and those labeled, “Conspiracy theorists”, are just individuals that fleetingly peek behind the curtain.

      • Menzoberranzan says:

        I know this is true because bozo is a scum muslim piece of trash traitor. He and others will burn in hell for what they have done. What a fucked up mess we are in. Hell they have spent nearly a billion of our tax dollars renovating those abominable mosques over there where they worship their devil god and baby raping prophet.

        • Braveheart1776 says:

          Menzo, that billion is on top of what the neocons have already spent since 9/11 on the ALLEGED “war on terror”. First, GWB sent our troops into Afghanistan on another senseless military adventure. They didn’t care that the USSR was there for 10 years and lost a total of 15000 men. The excuse given at the time was, “If we don’t fight them over there, then we’ll have to fight them over here.” GMAFB! Guess what? WE HAVE TO FIGHT THEM ON OUR OWN GROUND ANYWAY THANKS TO THE NEOCON SCUM! The ‘war on terror’ only turned out to be a war against the American people. DHS was created NOT to protect US security but to be our NEW GOVT. OPPRESSORS. IT WAS DESIGNED BY MARKUS WOLF OF THE NOW DEFUNCT EAST GERMAN STASI AND 3 RETIRED OFFICIALS OF THE OLD SOVIET KGB, TWO ORGANIZATIONS KNOWN TO HAVE BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS. Our current DHS head is a stinking muslim. DHS will eventually declare war against us. Let them bring it. I won’t have any trouble sending them to hell. An estimated four to six trillion dollars wasted on these middle east wars which are a total lost cause. We could’ve rebuilt our entire infrastructure with that money. But oh no, the ALLEGED ‘war on terror’ took top priority. Trump was right back in 2003 when he said an invasion of Iraq would destabilize the middle east, and lo and behold, events proved him to be 100% right. Bush used 2 excuses for that war. 1. That Saddam was partially responsible for 9/11 and 2. That Saddam had WMDs. Here’s the twist on the WMDs. He did have WMDs back in the FIRST GULF WAR 1990-1991, TEN YEARS BEFORE 9/11. In that first invasion of Iraq, a WMD site was found in southern Iraq and destroyed. I wonder how many Gulf War vets are still alive who came down with incurable diseases and conditions as a result of having contact with those WMDs. After the 2nd invasion and overthrow of Saddam, all of Iraq was searched for years until the withdrawal in 2011. NO OTHER WMDs WERE EVER FOUND. Bush was just as much of a liar as the hildebeast. Now we face the threat of muzzies attacking us on our own soil. Like I said, let them bring it. I’ll send them straight to allah.

    • California Resident says:

      Somebody should transmit this link to Al Nusra and Hillary simultaneously.


  2. watching and waiting says:

    The Military Industrial Complex at work.
    What ever happen to Al queda??

    This reminds me of Star Gate SG-1. Once they defeat one foe, another foe (The ori ) or who ever popped up and became the new threat to the earth and universe.

    No doubt we are being misled.

    • Kevin2 says:

      The word “misled” implies exaggeration, embellishment and yes my favorite, “ostensible reasons” to direct US policy in a direction TPTB desire. The reality is far worse as enemies that literally do not exist are created to facilitate a foreign policy direction that on top of it is ostensible in nature. Its literally falsehood on top of falsehood. Its creation and use is so convoluted, that the common person immediately disbelieves what is in front of their eyes, as its far too grandiose in depth, reach and complexity.

      “All the world is a stage”
      William Shakespeare

    • WhoWTFKnows... says:

      ISIS is the Proxy Military created by the CIA, trained by the CIA, paid by US Tax Payers to over throw countries. Its phony like Hillary.


      • Genius says:

        Ya and Stump says he wants all out war with them lol. His buddies created them! If Stump wants to save money and fight isis, quit funding the fookers! Never hear that out of his mouth. They are both such a bunch of shills it’s pathetic! BOTH HAVE THE SAME AGENDA, TOTAL POLICE STATE AND GUN CONTROL! What a couple of frauds!

        • Kevin2 says:

          If a Presidential hopeful came out and said to the ignorant public that the US is funding, arming and training ISIS they would be laughed off stage. The difference is that Hillary helped pot the ISIS seed in Libya, watered it, fertilized it and them transplanted it in Syria.

          • Genius says:

            K2, I realize that and that is precisely why we are doomed. “People are too stupid to be free. They never have been and they never will be.” “Genius”

            • Kevin2 says:

              I don’t think its stupidity; it’s laziness. Whatever free time they have is spent on entertainment; they subcontract thinking out. They’re eating (Food), they’re worshipping the sphere (Circus). They don’t know and really don’t want to know.

        • Ben Gazzi says:

          “Stump” said take the motherf****rs oil away. They make
          about 50 million a month off the sale of Iraqi oil. Putin
          bombed the convoys. Obama airdropped leaflets warning the
          drivers of the tankers they had 45 minutes to leave the
          area or they might get hit with a bomb. Clinton offers no
          solution to defeating ISIS because she helped create the
          bastards. “Stump” is the last chance to save this dying
          country. If “Stump” isn’t elected you can kiss your stupid
          ass good-by.

  3. Kevin2 says:

    In the meantime the knee jerk reaction that is accepted is to just kill ISIS while there is no question as to who is supporting ISIS and for many why.

    Just a little process of elimination of who is supporting ISIS.

    Who is definitely not supporting ISIS

    1. Russia (diligently and very successfully attacking ISIS)
    2. China (doesn’t have a nickel in it)
    3. Iran (Iran is allied with Syria)

    Who does this leave?

    1. US (vested interest to do regime change in Syria for a Saudi to Europe gas pipeline)
    2. Saudi Arabia (see above)
    3. Israel (strong enemy of Syria)
    4. Turkey (will benefit from the gas pipeline through Syria that will go through Turkey)

  4. Wake up folks. Your government is a state sponsor of terrorist organizations. That’s right. Here is a partial list. Al Qaeda, Kosovo Liberation Army, PKK Kurdistan Peoples Party, MEK, Al Nusra, ISIS, ISIL, and more. The KLA was taken off the terror list by the US. We bombed Serbian civilians and took Kosovo from Serbia. We handed it over to Muslim, communist, terrorist, drug smugglers. Their leader is Hashim Thaci. We made him the President of Kosovo and we have a US military base there in order to keep him in power. Why? Follow the money. It’s always about the money. Always. Kosovo is rich in coal. Even as the US government shuts down US coal companies, Madeline Albreight and Gen. Wesley Clark have energy companies invested there. Clark was just given the right to one third of the coal fields there. The US doesn’t want the US coal companies to compete. Bill Clinton shut down a coal company in the western US because it was competing with an Indonesian Company his buddies owned. They have no shame. Do you begin to understand what is at stake in these elections? If an outsider doesn’t disrupt this nonsense, then we’re beyond help. Governments are gangs with tanks.

    • Genius says:

      Here’s a question: WHO INVENTED COMMUNISM?

    • Lone wolverine says:

      Him . I hope you write more here.

    • orsobubu says:

      Yes Him, but we have to follow the money in a broader sense, coal for example it is not the real target. Follow Lenin instead. Imperial powers have to: 1-expand their monopolist conglomerates 2-sustain finance which is more important than real production 3-export their capitals 4-conquer more shares of international markets 5-fight to expand their geopolitical influence sphere. So, what’s is at stake here is to manage the unavoidable relative decline of current, old superpowers in order to mitigate the raise of the new giant predons: China, India, and also Europe if you consider it as a new strong entity built on the ashes of semi-failed ancient states. Political and military activities by US have to be studied under the lense of the strategical balance, like moves on a chessboard made to confuse and deceive the adversaries, in this case China above all. And this with the purpose to place the pawns in the best of possible ways when will happen the inescapable breaking of the world order. Study Kissinger and you’ll learn what I mean.

    • Braveheart1776 says:

      Him, welcome, and a damn good post if I may say so myself.

  5. Kevin2 says:

    “Governments are gangs with tanks.”

    Applicable and accurate, great phraseology as it conveys the message extremely well using few words.

    • Genius says:

      HA HA HA, a couple of mormons just came to the door trying to get us to join the cult. I said “can I help you?” They started saying some shit and I asked are you with the mormons? They said yes and I said well we don’t join cults so be on your way. They had the stupidest look on their faces lol. In fact the evidently opened the gate to get in (regular chain close livestock gate with a sign beware of dog) and when thet left they couldn’t even figure out how to close it ha ha ha. Fookin retards, I should have let the dog out after them 😛

  6. Ron Ahrens says:

    Football is on, the World Series is coming up, and the coward Americans, who could care less about their children’s health and future, have a golf match this weekend, so this does not interest the drunken bum toxic dump coward Americans in the least bit.


    History lesson since history is going to shit.

    Since many of your were not around at the time.

    We supplied the VIET MINH to push the FRENCH OUT of INDOCHINA.

    Which latter became the VIET CONG that the U.S. fought in latter VIET NAM .

    Its all BULL SHIT but a continuios game by the ELITES.

    In which their children, are safe and, ours answers the call and get KILLED.

  8. Who runs America??

    The Rothschilds.

  9. Survivor1 says:

    “And the Band Played On.”

  10. White phosphorous bombs will be used on civilians in a false flag event with ISIS dressed in Syrian uniforms of soldiers in renamed group il-sham as it is a sham.


  11. Ben Gazzi says:

    America is controlled by dual citizens loyal to Israel.
    The central banks are run by dual citizens loyal to Israel.
    Our beyond stupid foreign policy of regime change wars
    is controlled by the tribe. The media is owned by them.
    Karl Marx, Leon Trotsky, Saul Alinsky were all leaders
    of the Zio-Global-Communist cabal that now dictates and
    rules over us. It may be to late, but if people cannot
    somehow start connecting the dots it will definitely be
    to late. The Muslim infestation is a creation of the cabal.

  12. Mr Smith says:

    I don’t know if the guy in the video is faked or not but you don’t have to be too smart to now know that the USA is fully behind ISIS and is not only feeding them weapons via Saudi Arabia but has even provided it’s freinds with air-cover by bombing and killing 62 members of the Syria army.

    The USA not only backs terrorists states, it is a terrorist state just like Israel