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AAPS: State Lockdowns Aren’t Having an Impact in COVID-19 Deaths

Mac Slavo
April 7th, 2020
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The American Association of Physicians and Surgeons have said that the lockdown measures forced on all of us are not having an impact on COVID-19 deaths.  In a detailed article, author Martin Dubravec, a Medical Doctor, Allergist, and Clinical Immunologist at
Allergy and Asthma Specialists of Cadillac, Michigan wrote:  “The COVID-19 pandemic is a serious crisis not to be taken lightly.  Our response to it should not make it worse.”

Those words should resonate with every single person that gave up their basic dignity and human rights to comply with government commands. The authoritarians have expanded their power and don everything they can to make this time as painful as possible on the American public while using the mainstream media to promote their narrative and instill fear into everyone. It’s time this facade ends and it’s fantastic to see doctors from highly regarded organizations standing up and speaking truth to power

According to Dr. Dubravec’s assessment, one way to look at this would be to compare the COVID-19 deaths in states that do and do not have stay-at-home orders in place.  Although these comparisons have their limitations, nonetheless, the statistics speak for themselves and can be used to assess the effectiveness of a lockdown policy.

As an example, let’s compare Michigan with states that do not have a stay-at-home order.  When adjusted for population, here is the breakdown of COVID-19 deaths per population of the state as of today:

As of April 5, 2020  Source:  https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/us/

Now let’s compare states that have a lockdown order compared with a neighboring state that does not:

Not only does the above data show that lockdowns are having no impact, but continued restrictions of residents raises the risk of increased suicide, drug abuse, domestic violence, and civil unrest, among other issues.

Please also note the following statistics when looking at deaths from Coronavirus:

Hopefully, this will help put the entire situation into perspective and those who are living a life submerged in fear can wake up and realize that they’ve been programmed by the mainstream media’s desperate attempt to create a panicked society so the government can take over completely and finish enslaving us permanently.

Face things with logic, not fear. Look for real solutions, not fear-based panic-driven ones. Fear has caused a toilet paper shortage. Level-headed preparedness already had a solution for that.

GOOGLE Is Doing Whatever It Can To De-Monetize Us And Shadow-Ban us. During these TOUGH financial times, we ASPIRE to stay completely independent and pay our full staff, so we can continue to deliver VALUE to you. It is possible for you to HELP us, by supporting our COVID-19 expert survival report HERE! 
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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: April 7th, 2020
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. GETTING REAL says:







  2. Anonymous says:

    There is no toilet paper shortage. No, it’s not on your local grocer’s shelf.

    TIP: Since most business is closed, there is a surplus of commercial grade TP, paper towels, etc. Just go online to an office/restaurant/business supply and find lots of it. Since their rolls are not interchangeable with domestic rolls, they can’t sell it in retail stores.

    Sure, the rolls won’t fit on your bathroom TP holder, but since you are a prepper, I’m sure you can figger it out.

  3. Anonymous says:

    You will not know if they have an effect (which I doubt) or not without getting real numbers which is all but impossible (even trying to find out how the numbers given are actually collected, who is included, is almost impossible). Further, finding out how many of the deaths listed are actually deaths from other causes that were terminal or near terminal that were the real reason for the death.

    Ever wonder why the numbers are given in raw numbers instead of percentages of the population or per capita numbers? Or why they are totals of the everyone claimed to have ever caught it only and not the number of actual current cases?

    There’s a reason for that, and that reason is that the average person has no idea at all how to figure out simple percentages or per capita’s. (read / (divided symbol) as “is a percentage of”, plug in the numbers and multiply by one hundred -that means move the decimal two digits to the right- and you have the percentage or leave it where it is and you have a per capita for the number of decimal places involved.) The media uses that scariest sounding number they can find, and that is the raw number of cases, and they state it in a manner that gives that’s the number of people that currently have the disease (as if no one ever recovers once they are put on the list and gets removed from it).

  4. It seems to me, since there is a constant wave of new cases, the death rate is kept artificially low. As it is compared to the current active case number. To get the real death rate all it seems you have to do is take the death, and recovered numbers and add them together. This is the current resolved number for covid. Either they lived or died. In the resolved cases number you just have to find out what percentage the deaths makes up of the total number. As of today that number is basically 20%. Or 1 in 5 people dieing, world wide.

  5. Genius says:

    Ooooohhhh, well now. Did they run out of people that were on their death bed anyway? How can this be? I bet I could hang out with a bunch of CV people and be fine. How? Because I take care of my immune system big time. However if you cough in my face I will knock your fookin teeth out. With all this hysteria common sense has gone out the window. This is a great billboard of just how stupid people really are! Shut off the TV and read some real research….

  6. Frank Thoughts says:

    Sometimes you can’t help dumb. Despite high risk for getting Coronavirus because of “African-Americans’ higher rates of diabetes, heart disease and lung disease”, blacks believe they can’t get coronavirus and are dancing in memes about all the old white people getting killed off.

    Headline: Data analysis shows COVID-19 is killing black Americans at an alarmingly high rate
    In Michigan, black Americans make up 30 per cent of their cases and 40 per cent of deaths in the state — despite only representing about 14 per cent of the population

  7. Anonymous says:

    BCG vaccine against TB may protect against coronavirus:

    Countries such as Portugal that use BCG vaccine apparently have only around one-tenth as much corona deaths as countries that don’t use BCG vaccine:

    “From data gathered over 15 days of the current pandemic, incidence of Covid-19 was 38.4/million in countries with BCG vaccination compared to 358.4/million in countries without. The mortality rate was 4.28/million in countries with BCG programs compared to 40/million in countries without such a program.”

    Here’s the story:

  8. Your logic is flawed. The disease, like All diseases, takes time to spread and to kill. I know for a fact Arkansas, to name one, was one of the last states to have an outbreak, and are now catching up fast. I’ve seen nothing but BS “logic” on this website for the last 2 weeks. I no longer value this website as a source of News…

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