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3-Year-Old London Child Deemed “Extremist” and Placed in Government Reeducation Program

Michael Krieger
July 28th, 2015
Liberty Blitzkrieg
Comments (70)

This report was originally published by Michael Krieger at Libery Blitzkrieg.



The United Kingdom has gone batshit crazy. There’s simply no other way to put it. I warned about Britain’s “war on toddler terrorists” earlier this year in the post: The War on Toddler Terrorists – Britain Wants to Force Nursery School Teachers to Identify “Extremist” Children. Here’s an excerpt:

Nursery school staff and registered childminders must report toddlers at risk of becoming terrorists, under counter-terrorism measures proposed by the Government.

The directive is contained in a 39-page consultation document issued by the Home Office in a bid to bolster its Prevent anti-terrorism plan.

The document accompanies the Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill, currently before parliament. It identifies nurseries and early years childcare providers, along with schools and universities, as having a duty “to prevent people being drawn into terrorism”.

Never fear good citizens of Great Britain. While your government actively does everything in its power to protect criminal financial oligarchs and powerful pedophiles, her majesty draws the line at toddler thought crime. We learn from the Independent:

A three-year-old child from London is one of hundreds of young people in the capital who have been tipped as potential future radicals and extremists. 

As reported by the Evening Standard, 1,069 people have been put in the government’s anti-extremism ‘Channel’ process, the de-radicalization program at the heart of the Government’s ‘Prevent’ strategy.

The three-year-old in the program is from the borough of Tower Hamlets, and was a member of a family group that had been showing suspect behavior.

Since September 2014, 400 under 18s, including teenagers and children, have been referred to the scheme. 

The fact that this story broke on the same day that chairman of the UK’s Lords Privileges and Conduct Committee, Lord John Sewel, was caught on video snorting cocaine off the breast of a prostitute with a £5 note, is simply priceless. You just can’t make this stuff up.

From the BBC:

Lord Sewel is facing a police inquiry after quitting as House of Lords deputy speaker over a video allegedly showing him taking drugs with prostitutes.

The footage showed him snorting powder from a woman’s breasts with a £5 note.

In the footage, Lord Sewel, who is married, also discusses the Lords’ allowances system.

As chairman of committees, the crossbench peer also chaired the privileges and conduct committee, and was responsible for enforcing standards in the Lords.

Lord Sewel served as a minister in the Scotland office under Tony Blair’s Labour government.

Tony Blair, why am I not surprised:


He has been a member of the Lords since 1996, and is a former senior vice principal of the University of Aberdeen.

Here’s a clip, in the event you’re interested:

The UK government is so far gone that it insists on protecting the public from toddlers, rather than protecting toddlers from powerful sexual predators. In case you need a reminder:

In Great Britain, Powerful Pedophiles are Seemingly Everywhere and Totally Above the Law

In Great Britain, Protecting Pedophile Politicians is a Matter of “National Security”

Former BBC Host “Sir” Jimmy Savile Exposed as Major Player in Massive Pedophile Ring

In Liberty,
Michael Krieger

You can follow Michael Krieger’s regular postings at Liberty Bliztkrieg or via his Twitter page.

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Author: Michael Krieger
Date: July 28th, 2015
Website: http://libertyblitzkrieg.com/

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  1. Joon says:

    I knew our current Administration was screwed up, but I never thought anyone would beat O’Traitor.

    Bat Shit Crazy describes it well!

    • The UK has always been a testing ground for America… I would not be at all surprised to see this start happening in the U.S. in due time.

      • PWYPreach says:

        And there are just too many things that are “coincidental” to ever believe that America actually broke free from English rule. We may have had a “time-out” from English rule, but they reestablished it at about, oh, the time of Jekyll Island. In this age of “whites are minorities,” how does one explain how what appears as the norm in the UK, shows up as the norm 6-12 months later in America? Are we, as a country, that unimaginative?

      • That Guy says:

        In the U.S. they will probably start testing for extremist sperm and/or eggs.

      • javelin says:

        Mac, there may be more behind the Brits actions than meets the eye. Although a slippery slope to the whole “pre-crime” mentality, one must look at what is actually happening with Islamic children as young as 5 to 10 years old……


      • Christians have an advantage—We know how this will go. Years of intense global persecution and suffering under the command and control of Satan, the anti-Christ, and their accomplices….then the Second Coming and the End.

        Keep your lamps trimmed and burning.

        The rest of you need to rethink your worship of your self, your greed, your liberty, and your genitals. Be baptized, behave and believe as Jesus commanded or lose your eternal soul. Raging at me will avail you nothing. I don’t make the rules and I will not be on the Judgment Seat.

        • Anonymous says:

          Shove your sermon up your ass, the last thing anybody will need in a shtf situation is some idiot thinking he’s the last word on who’s going to Heaven and who isn’t. And it sure as Hell isn’t you who’s qualified to tell anybody anything one way or the other so stfu.

          • John Q. Public says:

            “Raging at me will avail you nothing. I don’t make the rules and I will not be on the Judgment Seat.”

          • John Q. Public says:

            “And thou shalt love the Lord thy God, with thy whole heart, and with thy whole soul, and with thy whole mind, and with thy whole strength. This is the first commandment. And the second is like to it: Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is no other commandment greater than these. ” Mark 12:30

            Just like Holy Water, the two greatest commandments make the devils rage.

            • Anonymous says:

              Wrong! It availed me plenty, I had the opportunity to call out a sanctimonious nutcase for what he is, just another internet chatboard nobody who suffers from delusions that he’s somehow ordained to instruct the people of the world. Do humanity a favor and commit yourself to some institution before it’s too late for you and us, your type really creeps people out, one day preaching it up and the next day shooting a place up,{ in the name of God} of course. I’ll take Buddhism, Hinduism, or Taoism any day over Christianity and Islam, the latter 2 being the only ones that have to force people by threat and fear to believe or sanction them to some type of mythical eternal damnation, hardly an enlightened path for anybody to partake, but that’s exactly what those 2 religions want, mindless, easy to control sheep, and of course, those that preach the word want it too, lobotomized human beings who never question anything or anybody, just mindlessly obey, just like our government, no need to ask questions folks, just do what we tell you to do.

      • Hillbilly says:

        Yea, but in the U.S. the kids name will be Johnny or Tommy. Not Mohamed. That and he would have to have made a gun with his finger or a piece of toast.

      • hello U K , we will fight it believe You me . . . U.S.

  2. Breathial says:

    No wonder Britain took away their guns. The corrupt bureaucrats need to be shot, and can’t allow that.

    • sixpack says:

      Oh, I don’t know, he seemed to be doing what he was doing, in the privacy of somewhere (his own home) with other consenting adults. In short, he wasn’t harming anyone.

      Apparently, his political actions didn’t go along to get along. I’ll bet if someone did some research, they’d find he is an antiestablishmentarianist.

  3. Native Born American says:

    This is coming soon the the former USA.

  4. anonymous rex says:

    I find it interesting that they are willing to lockup 3 year old ENGLISH BABIES/CHILDREN, but not the 20-80 year old politically organized ENGLISH PEDOPHILES who are kidnapping them, raping and murdering them under ILLUMINATI-ENGLISH ROYAL FAMILY PROTECTION.

    something is very wrong in england.

  5. anonymous rex says:


    “New Crisis is Coming”


    The multicultural transformation of Idaho will continue with a planned infusion of hundreds of refugees from Muslim countries over the next one to three years.

    A local newspaper in Twin Falls reported that city will receive 300 mostly Syrian refugees over the next fiscal year starting Oct. 1.

    But WND has learned the numbers will be much larger statewide and include refugees from Syria, Iraq, the Democratic Republic of Congo and possibly Somalia.

    Sources tell WND that community leaders learned of the plans for up to 2,000 refugees at a recent conference at Boise State University attended by church groups, social services providers and other “stakeholders.”

    “That’s the number they put out that they’re planning for, a total of about 2,000 over the next one to three years, with 70 percent going to Boise and 30 percent in the Twin Falls area,” said Shahram Hadian, a former Muslim turned Christian pastor in eastern Washington who said he spoke with a conference attendee.

    WND reported two weeks ago that Spartanburg, South Carolina, has also been selected for the seeding of a Syrian refugee community.

    Unlike Boise, residents in Spartanburg have mustered an organized opposition to the infusion of 65 Syrian refugees over the next year, saying the town already has high crime and poverty and isn’t prepared to absorb hundreds of poor Syrians.


  6. The Prophet says:

    We are already brain washed. Indoctrinated. Most Americans can’t think for themselves. The television gives them their opinion. And they’re willing to fight for the opinion they’ve been given.

    • oicu812 says:

      If teachers had been given the power and authority, back in the sixties and seventies, that they have now; many like myself would have been labeled as misfits and potential terrorizers.

      When I was a kid, I was just a hyper-active child, and fast paced learner of basic education. In other words, I got bored easy.
      With parents too young, selfish and immature, to know how to raise any kid, I was left to my own devices and fast paced learning skills.

      I picked up on English and reading at an early age and was reading the Bible to my Grandparents before I was nine.
      They were amazed how easily I pronounced words that they had never heard spoken before, even at church. Old timey country preachers, Lord Bless them.

      The point is, most teachers and the educators of today put themselves on a governmental level, above the average citizen.
      Granted there are plenty of stupid people to go around, but pigeon holing every kid before giving them a chance to show their growing and learning potential, is like having a noose in one hand and the educator’s psychoanalysis guide in the other.

      Playing God with people’s lives will not bring about a good outcome when judgments are handed out.
      As a kid in today’s educational system, I would be isolated and probably medicated into the Big Brothers Institution system, because my parents were too easily buffaloed/dumbed down, by the system, and too un-educated to know the difference.

      It is truly a sad time for the kids of sheeple, especially the lost sheeple.

      • Bubba-J says:

        Dang couldn’t have said that any better myself!

      • The Old Coach says:

        Saw this little factoid today:

        WW2: Only 2.5% of draftees could not read well enough to be a soldier

        Korea: Already up to 17%

        Vietnam: A whopping 29%

        Fifty years later at that rate of decline…..???

        (I’m approximating the numbers – – can’t find the link again.)

        If our kids are not educated, but only indoctrinated….,well, I guess I’m glad I won’t see the worst of the outcome.

      • Braveheart says:

        Oicu812, back in the 60s and 70s, they would’ve buried me and built a new school on top of my grave. I don’t give a shit what my opponents think of me. If they think I’m extreme, so be it. If they want to try to harm me, they’ll THINK extreme when they encounter the business end of one of my weapons.

  7. Satori says:

    a once great empire
    now ?

    devolving into a third world country

    more and more communities turning off street lights because they can’t afford to keep them on

    Wirral council switches street lights off in new round of cuts

    ht tp://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/…lights-4922270

    and now

    police protection being cut back

    Sara Thornton: Police may no longer attend burglaries

    ht tp://www.bbc.com/news/uk-33676308

    England’s future ?

    a combination police/welfare state

  8. MongoPissed says:

    Protocol 9: “We have got our hands into the administration of the law, into the conduct of elections, into the press, into liberty of the person, BUT PRINCIPALLY INTO EDUCATION AND TRAINING AS BEING THE CORNERSTONES OF A FREE EXISTENCE.” The Elders of Zion, of course, does not refer simply to a Jewish conspiracy, but also includes the Masonic European aristocracy. They want their feudal world back, with the court Jews suppressing and robbing the peasantry while they cavort with little boys and girls. Training the young to accept slavery, and weeding out those who will not accept it, has been the goal of “education” for a century.

    • The Old Coach says:

      Yawn…..just can’t leave it alone, can you.

      “Elements of the Protocols were plagiarized from Maurice Joly’s fictional Dialogue in Hell, a thinly veiled attack on the political ambitions of Napoleon III, who, represented by the non-Jewish character Machiavelli,[12] plots to rule the world. Joly, a monarchist and legitimist, was imprisoned in France for 15 months as a direct result of his book’s publication. Scholars have noted the irony that Dialogue in Hell was itself a plagiarism, at least in part, of a novel by Eugène Sue, Les Mystères du Peuple (1849–56).[13]”

      You conspiracy loons can’t eveb write your own material.

      • MongoPissed says:

        I read the arguments for and against the validity of the Protocols on BBS’s before there was a WWW. But how does one discount the fact that they have been followed almost like a script for the past century? One of the first things the Bolsheviks did in Russia was to make possession of the Protocols a capital offense. I consider when the protocols appeared and who wrote them irrelevant. I assume you never read the Protocols, if you cannot see their implementation in the world about you.

  9. Stolz Vorfahren says:

    Keep celebrating the 4th. USA USA USA.

  10. Foxie says:

    Churchill has got to be turning over in his grave.

  11. Copperhead says:

    The whole WORLD is already in the HAND BASKET, need anymore be said!!!!!!


  12. DUH! says:

    ” “A three-year-old child from London is one of hundreds of young people in the capital who have been tipped as potential future radicals and extremists. ”
    As quoted from the author.

    Has ANYONE possibly considered the ” Child and his parents’ ” names weren’t, oh. let’s say….. ACHMED or MUHAMMED? This article is so vague with identifying the VICTIMS but extremely (ahem… ) accurate when describing John Sewel and Tony Blair. I say BULLSHIT to this islamic parody.
    Next time, please see these articles as a raghead propaganda op-ed. Britain is more correct than America to identify and deport this scourge.

  13. fullmoonrizing says:

    It is getting more scary everyday.
    I was born in the mid 60’s. Back in the 80’s is when I really started seeing how our rights were being chipped away at. So many new laws were being put on the books. Laws that were for ‘our protection’. Laws that the sheeple thought were such a good idea.
    We lost a little bit of freedom with each one.
    I knew then the direction our country was headed if it didn’t stop. But honestly I didn’t think it would be THIS bad.
    It just makes me sick!

  14. samuel jennings III says:

    You all are missing the bigger point. If you are White, you are already considered a member of a extremist organisation. You are a Nazi, confederate, slave wanting White Supremacist. You can never disprove thi, and they are just waiting for you to say the wrong thing, cross their ever moving goal line of Politically Incorrectness, and then they have you. Your business, career, family, reputaion, are all to be destroyed. Ask Paula Dean for her decades old slip up with the “N,” word.

  15. simple solution is to rule that terrorists are animals & should be put down in order to protect everyone else from these rabid dogs!

  16. taxedn2poverty says:

    On the surface this looks really bad folks, but please remember Pelosi, Boehner, Reid, and Obama were once only three years old. One cannot be too careful with kids these days. One of the little creeps could grow up some day and own a barbecue grill. Then there goes the neighborhood. Day care, day care, rah, rah, rah, where my free stuff.

  17. Sgt. Dale says:

    This makes be ashamed of my British heritage.
    Talk about B.S. Bat Shit is right!!!!!!
    Oh well it can only get worse!!!!

  18. The Old Coach says:

    Off Topic, but “heads up”


    China is undergoing a massive “correction” as the world slowdown is forcing huge amounts of bad debt to be recognized.

    DEFLATION, people. All your gold and silver cannot save you.

  19. Kevin2 says:

    One thing about the UK. The status of their people is accurate; they’re subjects not citizens. Here we’re citizens increasingly being treated as subjects.

  20. aljamo says:

    All hail the inbred Queen and her pedophile husband.

  21. Billary Clintoon says:

    You silly conservatives just don’t get it. It’s another play on the freebies train. Think about it…your on welfare and ya got a little one who’s jacking up your social life. You know, getting hammered, club hoppin’, snortin’ crack and on and on. And this little cuss is jus’ in the way.
    All ya gotta do is call up the popo and tell ’em, “I tells ya he said “akbah allah” and he had this crazed look in his eyes”.
    Man. I gots a free babysitting service for 9 months and i still gots my welfair check. No diapers. No whining and crying while I’m trying to smoke my reefer.
    Ain’t socialism grand.

  22. charlie2dogs says:

    what did you expect from psychopaths

  23. Plan twice, prep once says:

    Don’t know who picked out the picture of the baby with that “I Just Spent 9 Months on the Inside”, but dang I haven’t laughed that hard since before Obama was elected!

    SHTF made my day. You da site!