The Next Recession Will Be The Last!

The Deep State Is Preparing Their CHECKMATE Move
You Must Be Ready To Go On The Attack!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Money–in any form–will be obsolete, come an economic collapse. Transition from money to reality is best begun now, not when the collapse is undeniable.

  2. Clown World says:

    Chicken, egg, facepalm. You don’t have much disposable income, to deal with some future collapse — that clearly happened, already (!)

    Where do these 41% of Americans, without enough money, actually live. “Bed Bath & Beyond is closing 60 locations…” So, near roads, utilities, banking, and a strip mall.

    You need a human body at your labor post. It breathes and has a pulse. Yet, the social contract would not cover life support.

    Would you have the same moral dilemma with a goldfish or hamster? The state is a pet hoarder, and so are it’s apologists.

    h ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Regulatory_capture

    You would normally be thinking of some Grimm brothers forest or teotwaki, but, depending on your background, all of this discussion on diy food, hand crafts, and many humble income streams, is called ghetto skills.

    You could be subject to all the duties imposed by a civilization, yet still live in a jobs and food desert, without the means to escape — like Gilligan’s Island with broken concrete, smog, poop, needles, taggers, taxes and community service.

    These lessons should possibly be taught by a homeless person, who escaped from the workhouse.

  3. Benjamin says:

    It’s actually quite simple.

    Don’t spend more than you make.
    Pay yourself first and by that I mean SAVE!

  4. In a world with very loose credit, very low interest rates, and very little in the way of societal pressures to live within one’s means, why would anyone expect people to be fiscally responsible?

  5. The Federal Reserve System with all of their money changers are a 5th column.

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