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‘Safe Spacers’ Crash Freedom Meeting, Demand Whites “Check Their Privilege” While Pounding on Table

Tyler Durden
September 28th, 2016
Zero Hedge
Comments (123)


This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge.

Editor’s Comment: This would be terrifying if it weren’t so damn funny… but in the long run, it is very dangerous for this once free country. Expression is being replaced by cheapened buzz terms.

Politically correct speech isn’t just shutting down free speech, it has become a roaming bully. This confrontation at Kansas University highlights the absurdity of basing the entire social dialogue around race, gender identity and stunningly simplistic categories for demanding special privileges – at the direct expense of the rights of everyone else.

Regretting centuries of problems that we can’t change now is one thing, but attempting to impose some kind of weighted system that promotes or demotes people in society based on… never mind. There really isn’t an intellectual argument here. These are political toddlers playing out political struggles in a mud fight. After only a few moments, the only satisfactory outcome is that everyone gets dirty, and wishes they had avoided the misery.

Stunning University Of Kansas ‘Safe Space’ Vs. ‘Free Speech’ Meeting Caught On Tape

by Tyler Durden

Ever wondered just what happens when the immovable object of safe-space-demanding social justice warriors collides with the irresistible force of free-speech-seeking American students? Wonder no longer…

On Thursday night protestors at Kansas University (KU) hijacked a Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) meeting, reportedly unleashing a virulent tirade against the conservative students, providing a glimpse into the crazy arguments of the far Left.

Their entire confrontation was captured on video…

Leftists can be seen screaming obscenities, berating the calm YAF students, shouting about privilege, safe spaces, and micro aggressions, and threatening to “tear this motherf***ing school up on a daily motherf****ing basis.”

“I don’t study in the library because I don’t feel comfortable with people always wondering what my gender identity is and how I express myself, and I don’t feel comfortable being in classrooms where I am supposed to speak as a transhuman and as a queer person as all queer people,” one student whined. “That shows you that there is a problem with this institution about there not being—that these students are not being taught that they are supposed to create safe spaces.”

Cox, who was also present for the conversation, declared emphatically that “safe spaces are a necessity” and making clear that she would brook no dissent on the matter.

“It’s not a question. It’s not for you to say. It’s not for anyone else to say. Safe spaces are necessary because the institution that we’re at is not a safe space in its entirety,” she claimed. “We have to carve out places and fight for places that we feel safe because not only will we get harassed, we’ll be murdered, we’ll be all this stuff and discriminated against because we have to do that. It’s not because we want to.”

At one point when KU YAF Chairman Gabe Lepinski referred to the protesters as “you guys,” one leftist completely exploded, screaming, “Do not call us guys! That is a micro aggression!”

At another point, one of the protestors broke down when asked about safe spaces, pounding fists on the table and shouting, “I am not retreating! I’m making myself safe and comfortable… If I want this space, I can have this space! It’s my right to have this space!”

The leftists also repeatedly referred to the YAF students as “white supremacists,” scolding them by commenting, “You still reap the privilege of the genocide of Native Americans and slavery.”

The protestors screamed about “white fragility,” their preferred gender pronouns, and not calling illegal immigrants “illegal.”

The incident occurred after students attacked KU YAF Chairman Gabe Lepinski for posting the phrase, “Facts don’t care about your feelings,” in a group promoting leftist campus protests for transgender rights on social media.

The protestors left the meeting enraged, screaming obscenities as they walked down the hallway.


Here is the full meeting… we strongly suggest you put down all sharp objects…

But the final 3 minutes is where it gets really heated as snowflake mentality confronts safe-spaces…

* * *

As we have repeatedly noted, no matter where you go in life, someone will be there to offend you.


Maybe it’s a joke you overheard on vacation, a spat at the office, or a difference of opinion with someone in line at the grocery store. Inevitably, someone will offend you and your values. If you cannot handle that without losing control of your emotions and reverting back to your “safe space” away from the harmful words of others, then you’re best to just stay put at home. Remember, though: if people in the outside world scare you, people on the internet will downright terrify you. It’s probably best to just accept these harsh realities of life and go out into the world prepared to confront them wherever they may be waiting.

. . . . . . .

This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge.

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Author: Tyler Durden
Date: September 28th, 2016
Website: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-09-26/stunning-university-kansas-safe-space-vs-free-speech-meeting-caught-tape

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  1. Nailbanger says:

    This is why all of my friends and family send their kids to schools that this type couldnt even think of attending because of cost, wait till hillary institutes her free college for everyone but those who can pay, it will work out as well as obummercare

    • BlackMoe says:

      The socialist/liberal free-college-for-everyone plan will completely deface the value of a college degree. The colleges and universities will need to lower the bar so everyone can pass, just like public schools had to do.

      Not to mention, it isn’t free. Those that can afford, even barely afford it today will be the ones to foot the bill for everyone who can’t. This will be another knife in the heart of the middle class.

      • Nailbanger says:

        Yup, and if you like your college edumacation, you can keep it

      • rellik says:

        You can get a “free” education today.
        GI bill and my employers paid for my
        mostly private schooled education.
        They were strict though.
        Employers want a least a “B” before they
        will pay for a completed class.
        GI bill you had to pass with at least a “C”.
        Schools I went to straight line graded.
        More than once I took a final exam, knowing
        that if I don’t do good enough it would cost me
        a thousand dollars. Most my classes were
        $200 a quarter credit hour but I’m old,
        it is worse now, at $866 – $975 per hour
        at my alma mater’s.

        • Nailbanger says:

          Nothing is free bud,,, everything has a price

          • rellik says:

            Of course,
            6 years in the military, parts of which were during Vietnam war to get GI bill.
            As far as employer footing the bill, I had to keep up with my work including mandatory overtime, or I’d get laid off. I paid the price of not seeing the daughter grow up because all I did for 7 years was work, go to school, study, eat, and sleep.
            Yes there is always a price to be paid. The most time I spent with my daughter was when she did her homework, the few times we sat at the table together. I did my homework, she did hers and I helped her as she needed. Timing was perfect she was having trouble with arithmetic and her dad was taking computability and finite Automata, which is very heavy in abstract math and proofs.
            The whole time was a blur. Yes there was a price.

            • Bayou Castine says:

              Sounds a lot like my own experience. [Korean “Conflict”]
              Got my USAF discharge, [was already married] got a job [shift work] got the GI Bill benefits started for attendance at a university and 7 years later graduated. In the mean time I saw little of “family life”. Some how my high grade semester was the one in which I carried the highest number of hours [9]. Two of my 4 children went through this with me – must have helped them, both went on to higher college levels than I. One has a doctors degree in hydrology [of all things] and recently retired from the Pentagon. The other is a registered nurse and head of a hospital’s children’s wing.

              It has been said [often] that you [we] lead by example – even though that is not intended. These “safe space” infants will regret their “leadership” later in life.

      • Braveheart1776 says:

        BlackMoe, welcome. Most college degrees nowadays aren’t even worth pursuing. I’m glad I never went to college and dealt with any of the libturd BS I saw in those videos. Who the f#$% do those people think they are barging into someone else’s meetings and making demands on them? Nobody owes the libturds a damn thing.

      • Just Me 2 says:

        Yep, that it will. I call these programs the penalty tax on white privilege.

      • Higher Ed has been defaced for a long while already. More like a bad joke than any reality. This is just another form of the controlled insanity we all live under here in USSA today. Our government creates and controls ever more victims from every possible persuasion for a reason !

    • Frank Thoughts says:

      Most of my friends with kids pulled them out of the public schools and sent them to private schools, or moved to any place that wasn’t a festering urban hellhole filling up with minorities. I would flat out say to them “you are trying to get some distance between your kids and the blacks and the minorities?”. They nearly always deny this at first, and instead go on about discipline and high standards and networking for success. But after a few beers, they will admit it was the disruptive kneegrows and the mooslimes among others who really put them off in the public schools.

      In short, people have lost confidence that their kids will succeed in life if the classroom has these people in it. And I can’t blame them: their behavior is appalling (ask any public school teacher) and their lack of intellectual curiosity and rigor means they are on the fast track to welfare or drug dealing.

      Deportment and behavior count for a lot in life. Snorting your nostrils, sucking your teeth, wearing your pants half way down your ass, covering your body in tats, and not knowing how to wear a suit and tie – all that rules you out for success. Deportment nearly always trumps great grades on paper; 90 per cent of employers will hire the person who is more presentable and with a great attitude over somebody who has amazing grades on paper but is full of bad attitude and can’t dress. Now throw in that person having a bad attitude, can’t dress and crappy grades (your typical product of inner city public schools) and you have a no-hire situation.

      I grew up poor and had to fight hard to get into an ivy league university. But when I was hired by a top institution and needed to hire people for a big project, I tried hard to interview widely. In the end, the private school kids got the jobs (something I hated doing) but they had the better attitudes and dressed properly. They were also polite and a number had done military service of some sort. They were athletic (something that can be hard to find with young women) and thus were energetic. Not a bad-mouthing tub of lard like in this video.

      • Sarge says:

        The powerful teachers’ unions are probably the main reason for the failure of public schools. Education legislation doesn’t pass without the unions’ approval. They influence the Legislature and set the limits of debate in education. With their PAC activities and lobbying, they pressure elected officials and push for a political and cultural agenda far to the left of the national citizenry.

        Teachers’ unions are special interests protecting the status quo of a system that rewards mediocrity and incompetence. The contracts that the teachers’ unions negotiate contain no incentives for excellence in the classroom. Teachers are paid premium salaries, but never held accountable and can’t even be fired if they’re incompetent.

        The corruption caused by greed and self-interest has destroyed tax-funded public education and FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORMED it as part of the Left’s agenda for the destruction of America.

    • william says:

      The biggest mouth , is the fattest !BITCH! in house!!

    • george says:

      today in my home town of johnson city tn. a guy in a gorrilla mask handed out bananas to BLM protesters at etsu .needless to say the cops picked him up and took him to down town.

    • Nail banger:

      Most good schools are just safe babysitters vs drug and rape facilitation centers.

      Some subjects require hands on lab work, but 90% of what is taught in high school and college can be self taught with a good book. After reading and studying, if there are questions, jot them down in a notebook with reference to the page number. Get a student tutor to help you for less than the price of the class.

      This is where most people say, “Yea, but I won’t get credits toward a degree.”

      If you have studied and know the basics to a subject, you can easily work your way through because the work will be so easy. Pay as you go. No debt.


    • Fortunately Obamacare is failing all across the country a most exchanges are failing or have already failed.The snowflakes need a simple spanking or an outright ass whoopin ! Take your pick.

    • Daniel says:

      Absolutely right. These morons ought to have their behinds kicked right out of that office. They are leeches on the back end of society. Put them to work walking the roads, picking up trash for awhile.

  2. Menzoberranzan says:

    People like this get shot out in the world in others faces spewing shit

  3. Brian says:

    The people who promote social causes and meaningless rhetoric are long on chutzpah and short on knowledge. They are woefully ill-prepared to survive a period of terrible economic hardship. Many have personal issues that attract them to lunatic movements. Their only hope of survival is to sponge off others. Many of them will be dead when the hard times come. Every dark cloud has a silver lining!

  4. Mitch says:

    Institutions of learning are not safe spaces, she says she’s going to be in debt and totally blows off what the other girl says, that they all are.
    If you cant practice what she undoubtedly preaches, “omg Trump interrupted Hitlery” then stfu.

    Probably studied gender studies and thinks its a valid education.

  5. South Park – Safe Space – “In My Safe Space”

    Duration: 2:05


    South Park – Stunning and Brave – “Check Someone’s Privilege”

    Duration: 1:26


  6. Nailbanger says:

    I need to have a trigger warning,,, in fact i demand my safe space,,, i need to be warned if there are stupid azz leftist near so i can stear clear of a situation,,, seems wherever theres leftist in any numbers theres sure to be idiotic chaotic stupidity,,,
    I prefer to be in the company of more intelligent and polite sorts thanks

  7. Typical. The left, liberals, globalists, the weak minded, they can never see that they are doing exactly what they are screaming for you not to do.

    Gun violence always comes from leftists, yet, it is the patriots that they want to take the guns from.

    They scream racism, yet they support groups like BLM, Black Panthers, etc while they denounce groups like the KKK and militias as hate groups.

    They scream discrimination while at the same time supporting lowering scores required to get into _______ to allow more disadvantaged to get in.

    They scream sexism while they push equal pay for unequal work. No smart business is going to pay women the same as men when they take off months for child rearing and sick kids. Its a fact of life. Its not sexist. Less work, less pay.

    As many on here argue people that embrace leftism/liberalism/socialism etc have a mental defect. They either can’t think, won’t think or just don’t have the capacity to understand what they’re doing. Bear in mind, the same politicians that want to take YOUR guns away (…and they do, don’t BS me and say they don’t) have a bunch of armed men guarding them.

    It seems that the same mental defect that allows one to be openly hypocritical is the same defect that allows you to believe any type of BS you’re told. This *IS* the basis of the people we’re talking about. When TSHTF they won’t have a plan. They’ll go quickly. …hopefully.

    (BTW, click my name and vote in my poll if you haven’t already.)

  8. It's Over says:

    All I see is another very well fed well fed lazy black.

    Or is that just her way of prepping? I’m guessing her ass probably contains 200,000 calories alone, or the equivalent of 100 days worth of stored energy when she can’t find any food.

    She’s a walking food pantry grown and paid for by whites, so I’m not sure what her problem is.

    And regarding reparations for slavery, all blacks need to take up that issue with the Europeans and their black tribal leaders in Africa who handed them over to the slave trade.

    Every single black in this country owes me reparations for my tax dollars that were stolen and wasted on providing social services for them.

    It must be a nice life to be paid to have 15 kids by 200 potential fathers while collecting my tax dollars.

    What a great country we live in.

  9. Jeez, Mack! Whats with the moderation? You been having trouble? I get moderated on every comment. I didn’t realize it validated IP addresses. Sound like things are getting pretty hot or something.

  10. Lone wolverine says:

    We need a major culling. No surrender. They either leave the country or get exicuted . It has come to that . If not they will shutup for a while . Then start right up again. Through out history this has been nesesary. As soddom and Gomorrah. How low can we go? They will take us to the bottom if we let them. And how do we pick and choose? We can tell them by the look on there face. The arrogance of ignorance. Or snotty bitch.

  11. WhoWTFKnows... says:

    Sounds like Dopey clock-puncher that comes on here, thinks this is his personal safe space to post all his BS Nonsense, then cries like a baby when he is called out for doing so. Then throws his tantrums, claims he’s being attacked, stalked of all things, then shakes his rattle…. You get the point. It’s just immaturity, and lack of focus and concentration to stick to the topic of the article or even anything closely relevant to prepping. He thinks its somehow funny to post some derogatory comments about women’s sexual organs, or post 3rd grade jokes, bringing this entire site’s credibility down to a comic status, then Puffs his chest and thanks the site host that he can come on here to take his daily Cyber shit. All be well. Yeah You dipstick!


    ~WWTI… btw/ my comment was very relative to this article. And who in their right mind would even hire that loudmouth baboon in the video? Education or not.

  12. WhoWTFKnows... says:

    Update: Speaking of Wells Fargo’s Fraud.

    WF- Chief Executive Officer John Stumpf will forgo more than $41 million of stock and salary hoping they let him stay.
    Senator Elizabeth Warren demanded he resign for “gutless leadership” after he blamed abuses on low-wage employees

    Our Take: anyone who thinks this is isolated at Wells Fargo is on drugs. It can be summed up in one phrase:

    ” Employees are incentivized to game the market”. Better stated here by Kling

    From Kling’s Law of Banking Capital

    Regulatory systems break down because the financial sector is dynamic. Financial institutions seek to maximize returns on investment, subject to regulatory constraints. As time goes on, they develop techniques and innovations that produce greater returns but which can also undermine the intent of the regulations.

    This is a normal, human response to attempts to influence behavior. Any CEO who designs an incentive bonus system for the company’s sales force knows that over time employees will learn how to “game” the system. SK- Or be fired.

    Even better stated here yesterday by Dr. Paul:

    There will undoubtedly be more calls for stricter regulation, notwithstanding the fact that regulators failed to detect this fraud, just as they have failed to detect every fraud and financial crisis in history. And who will suffer? Why, the average account-holder of course.

    Ron Paul Asks: Who’s the Bigger Fraud, Wells Fargo or the Fed?

    ~WWTI.. This is why it is Important to reduce your financial exposure to all of these criminal banks and stock markets. Failure to do so, will cause you to be fleeced. Buyer beware.

  13. rellik says:

    Due to my job I was required to spend time at a few campuses.
    My impressions of the student unions and Safe zones:
    University of Washington – Seattle socialist nutcases.
    Cal tech- quiet, restrained, thoughtful, but still Liberal BS.
    UC Santa Cruz- Quiet, but then I only went to the science and Astronomical instrument construction areas.
    UCLA-Bat shit crazy. You have to be an idiot to send your kids there.

    I’d mention universities I attended, but Liberal Christian universities are usually pretty, boring, although Seattle
    university has the only student union that served beer.

    My assertion is that ( excluding Ivy league schools) the more you have to pay for your education, the less bullshit you have to endure. This more or less backs up what Nailbanger asserts.

    • Frank Thoughts says:

      Very true: the fees aren’t just about the fees: they reflect commitment. You are going to the university for a reason; not just to drink beer for four years. You pay up and you will absolutely put the time in. But if it is free? And full of ghetto junk passing time before they graduate and go on welfare? Why would you go there?

      And, my God, that woman is fat. Is there not a minimum requirement for students to show some athletic prowess? Being fit is key to having a sharp mind. Being an obese lard of crap who clearly subsists on junk food and daytime TV is not going to get you anywhere in life. Why hasn’t somebody told that person?

      High school counselor: “Now, Jaquiqua, I am very happy you are interested in studying African gender relations at UCLA. Buuuut – have you thought about your preparations for university?”

      Jaquiqua: “And whatever: I’m going you white bitch and nobody telling me nuttin otherwise!!!”

      Counselor: “Okay: I just wanted to discuss your weight issues. Now, we had this discussion last year and you promised do something about it…”

      Jaquiqua: “Out my face bitch!! I am out of here!!”

  14. I’ve been watching a very disturbing trend in the media lately. I see it on CSPN and during Democratic campaign ads. If Hillary wins it will become law. It’s anti-2nd Amendment. It’s also anti-1st Amendment. It’s called “Disarm Hate”. If you have an opinion that differs from the radical left, it will be called hate speech. Hate speech will be outlawed. And those who differ from the left must be disarmed. If she wins, we all lose.

  15. Dave says:

    These Disgusting Darling little Dumplings are severely Mentally; Emotionally; and Spiritually arrested individuals. Can anyone Imagine previous generations of Americans past ” Demanding ” they’re ” Safe Spaces “? WW1/WW2. American Civil War. American War for Independence; where American soldiers practically stood barefoot in the snow at Valley Forge; D-Day; Korean War; Vietnam; etc. Looking at this thoroughly inept generation coming up; I seriously don’t think this country can survive as a Society and Nation. I know one thing for certain. The Future looks BLEAK.

    • Gone Camping says:

      Not to worry…there is going to be a “kill them all and let God sort it out” moment real soon I think.They will either herded into “safe” pens in a FEMA camp or killed outright. There is NO tolerance for stupid in nature.

      The law of natural selection does apply. It is being buffered right now by protective blankets of PC bullshit. These stupid libturd pukes are about to have the covers ripped off and they will rapidly find out that the real world is too harsh for them to survive.

      I will watch the buzzards eat them.

  16. blew says:

    Twinkies need a safe space from her….

  17. SpudWeb says:

    WHY…THE… SERIOUS…F$%#….ARE WE PUTTING UP WITH THIS BULLSHIT???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  18. Braveheart1776 says:

    Nailbanger, if she wins we’ll be at war. Any libturd who to come after me does so only at his/her own peril.

  19. Gary says:

    Stupid is as stupid does!

  20. Brian says:

    When a group breaks into another group’s meeting, it is a total admission that no one wants what that group is trying to peddle. Groups that spout “white privilege” and “black lives matter” can’t hold a decent size rally. Instead, they act like jerks and try to disrupt groups that people want to hear. In the Germany of the 1930’s the Communists and National Soialists tried to disrupt the other’s rallies. They both developed security arms to prevent disruptions. The result was street fighting. Let’s hope this won’t happen.

  21. nubria 123 says:

    My son went to private schools when he started collage at Cleveland State He came to me said this place is a liberal shit hole. I can’t stand the whinny bastard another second. So he went else where. After going to a proper school where only your best effort will do. Manners & dress and fully enforced his first taste of insane world was more than he could handle.

  22. french reader says:

    i desperatly urge any smart valorous american to go make the inevitable to come ASAP to show the exemple for others nations to follow before it is too late and let the leftism erverywhere on the fucking globe to suck islam dicks.

    we just cannot suport anylonger fat niggers like this or arabs with odious hate speech in the streets dictate our behavior just because they have been abused politically by the people who wanted to be elected.

    sometimes humans must revolt and disobey when the stuff is plain bad. europ has too much peace time beyond itself, america has the state of mind to make things to change. you must show the world how to act with dindus & co, DEFINITIVLY.

    • Babycatcher55 says:

      We will try, dear French friend. Thanks for the heads up. Personally I think it may go to the streets, to prevent those “furriners” from growing in number more than they are. If they start to invade our areas of the US, they might want to turn around and go back home. Hogs and bears eat anything.

  23. soulson says:

    they should have called the campus police and had her removed.
    People dont know how to think and what to do.

    • rednek101 says:

      Do you really think Campus Police would have removed her?? They would have removed all the white people due to political correctness policy. “Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry”

  24. Jim in Va. says:

    Wait til they get out in the real world. They will die quick,quicker when TSHTF.

  25. Gary E Olson says:

    Stupid is as stupid does!

  26. Nailbanger says:

    Saw on zero h that another black guy was shot by coppers on the left coast somewhere,,,
    Wonder how that will go over

  27. lorungee says:

    The students whose meeting was barged into by these loudmouths should have got up and walked out of the room saying they needed a safe space to continue their meeting.

  28. Grunty McPhereson says:

    I honestly don’t know whether to crack up laughing or break down crying…

    We are literally living Isaiah 5:20

    • grandee says:

      Isa 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!


      Isa 5:21 Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!

  29. IrishCatholic says:

    Fuck that Bitch and her Commie asshole friends, what a BIG “C” she is!

  30. anon says:


    Was in El Cajon. Just outside of San Diego. Nothing burning, yet.

  31. Redoubt Renee says:

    The guy running the meeting was hitting on a very important point that went over all the snowflakes’ heads. INDIVIDUALS. In this world, until you stop blaming all your woes on the sins committed against your long dead progenitors(slavery) and realize that no one owes you a damn thing, you will go no where in life. When you realize that the only thing that matters is what YOU do and what people do to you PERSONALLY(this discounts anything “institutional”), then you can start to succeed. Racism blames an entire race for the ills done against you by individuals(and it work for all races). In this case, it is also racist to blame an entire race for what was done to people you never even met, who happen to be the same color as you.

    Human beings where given discernment for a reason, for protection. If I have been harmed by several black men, discernment causes me to be wary of them and avoid them for my own protection, but I would be a racist if I blamed their whole race for the actions of a few.

    It would behoove us all to avoid taking up an offense for things that weren’t done to us by people we have never met. Individual actions are the only thing that matter and we need to depend on no one else for our own success.

  32. TEST says:

    Leftist fascists of th world, unite!

    Looks like that obese black woman needs to check her obesity at the door. I spent 8 years doing various degrees on the post-secondary level. There were ALL KINDS of initiatives to get minorities money, allow for lower grades, etc. There was ZILCH for me, other than hard work. In fact one year I worked full time at night and went to school full time in the day (isn’t that “white privilege grand!), another year I lived in an unheated basement at university in Canada (yep. More “white privilege,” right? This fat, annoying b*tch ought to shut her ignorant mouth.

    Oh yeah. Borrowing 100k for to take 6 years to get a undergrad degree in 18th C. Belgian Lesbian Musicology means you really are not of university level intelligence.

  33. Diane says:

    Abraham Lincoln believed that American Africans’ best option was to go back to Africa (but sending blacks to Central America was cheaper). That was 153 years ago. It’s still the best idea I’ve heard.

    • Ketchupondemand says:

      Yes, Liberia is doing quite well these days. They’ll take them.

    • WhoWTFKnows... says:

      I say send all the black to Israel, because their kinfolk love Blacks, Donate lots of money to Black Lives Matter causes, NBA Team owners, Entertainment. Yes send all the black to Israel, and watch America’s crime rate drop by 75%, welfare by 55%, EBT 65% and prison populations by a whopping 75%.

      And best of all, the DNC’s Voting base drops by 50%. Oh,,…So that’s why they still keep them here. Democrats have turned Americans Cities into Ghettos.

      Just Send them to Israel, where they love blacks.

      ~WWTI…Sammy David Jr. was a Black Jeww lol

  34. Sgt. Dale says:

    Here is a TRUTH.
    If it wasn’t for the White Man those of other colors would still be in the stone age. They were when we came to America, When We came to Africa. The Asians were keeping to them self, As I see it that was a smart move. The were more advanced in some things but further behind in others.

    So Yes the white man is more advanced, and TPTB want us to feel like we don’t deserve what we have built.

    There is not right or wrong here the TRUTH is the White man is #1 right now, some day maybe the Yellow man, or the Brown man, or the Black man, or the Red man might just replace us. But until then Tuff Shit! Get over it. If you want it take it away from us. Build a new and BETTER world. If you can?

    Sorry for the Rant but this, “give me SHIT”! Has to stop! I’m tire of giving the bastards what they want. If I had the tax money that the Guberment took out of my pay checks for the last 45 years to give it to the GIVE ME CROWD. I would have had the money to pay cash for my kids education, and I would be living in a $300,000.00 home instead of a $75,000.00 home. I do thank God for what I do have.



  35. Patriot One says:

    [email protected] them!!! They are the real racist. Life isn’t fair and the Real Americans are getting sick and tired of this crap…

  36. Johnny d says:

    So, committing a macro agression, also just called aggression, while complaining about micro aggressions is major asinine.

  37. I wonder what Them Guys thinks of those guys.

    __? . . ?__

    • Did anyone notice that these people demanding a “safe” space were in fact threatening the safety of others with clenched fists. They were yelling obscenities. In Japan one can be arrested for yelling in public. If, I’m not wrong, we have laws regarding disturbing the peace. This intrusion into a peaceful group by this yelling, pounding on tables, screaming obscenities female was enough to warrant a warrant.

      Time to fight fire with fire. When these types threaten your safety in their hypocritical methods of verbal intimidation, do a citizen’s arrest. Naw, the police would only side with them. And their lawyers would counter with kidnapping charges. There’s just no other way. Kick their mother f–n asses into orbit. Then tell them they’re right, it is not a safe space. So get the f—k out. And don’t come back. If you’re going to get arrested anyway and kicked out of college, at least, do something you can Bragg about to your grandkids in thirty years.


      • The Chauffeur says:

        Well, first off, we need to remove the (((influence))) that propels these (((sjw))) to spew their vial language. These dindus ARE not intelligent enough to exist in OUR word. Again, I bring up the facts of (((who))) transported these dindus here in the first place. So, just look who is responsible and there (((yew))) have it. In fact, why is the college system of this country sooooooo f**ked up??? Again, it’s not to hard to understand. The Frankfurt school of Frankfurt, Germany was a juden run school of marxism…founded in the 20’s…They were chased out by Adolf Hitler… where DID THEY go…Columbia university in New York city…? And from there cultural marxism sprang up and infected our colleges. The feminist movement ALSO a product of das juden, along with the rise of cultural rot of our schools, movies, music and destruction of our houses of worship…just DO a little research and you’ll find that for as small a percentage of the population, (((THEY))) are involved in ALL of the shadow government organizations…?

  38. Synickel says:

    What a bunch of complete, complete, complete, complete losers.

  39. TheGuy says:

    Ever wondered just what happens when the immovable object of safe-space-demanding social justice warriors collides with the irresistible force of free-speech-seeking American students? Wonder no longer…

    They’re only “immovable” until you’ve got a crane.


  40. TheGuy says:

    If you cannot handle that without losing control of your emotions and reverting back to your “safe space” away from the harmful words of others, then you’re best to just stay put at home

    Look on the bright side.

    In about 5-8 years we’re going to have a bumper crop of Soylent Green.

    Do you honestly see people this batshit crazy holding down jobs? And we’re running out of people to tax. So…

    MMMMM it’s made of people.

  41. smokey says:

    The Freshman class in any college is always weird, they’re away from parental control for the first time in their lives, using alcohol and drugs daily, and their educational workload hasn’t kicked in yet.

    The crybabies always stand out, most will disappear when they discover college means working and not being a big mouth. Adulthood comes late for a lot of these flakes.

  42. TONYA PARNELL says:


  43. Anonymous says:


  44. rednek101 says:

    It’s amazing to me that people who are so obviously ignorant and self destructive continue to push their maligned agenda. These people destroy cities. Detroit being the prime example. Unfortunately every time these PC/BLM types whine, we have gotten into the habit of giving concessions from “whitey” to shut them up. If there were no reward for their behavior, would they would stop? Probably not. We have no more to give them. So how do we get them to stfu? If you can’t see where this is leading….

    I just don’t give a **** any more. I have no more ****’* to give.
    ht tps://markmanson.net/not-giving-a-fuck

  45. Warchild Dammit! says:

    Seems the safe spacers hacked this site and removed the un calling for reparations article,they are like a vermin!

    • The Chauffeur says:

      Warchild these are dark days indeed. It will soon come to pass that WE will look back on these moments fondly, for our plight shall worsen…

    • rednek101 says:

      Here ya go. From WAPO

      U.S. owes black people reparations for a history of ‘racial terrorism,’ says U.N. panel
      ht tps://www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2016/09/27/u-s-owes-black-people-reparations-for-a-history-of-racial-terrorism-says-u-n-panel/

      • Wearl says:

        How about the UN pay reparations to all the countries where they ordered UN troops to stand idle whilst genocide was happening in front of them How about the UN pays reparations to the third world country’s where their UN soldiers have engaged in every type of criminal activity including human trafficking rape and spreading HIV/ AIDS.

  46. Oren says:

    First, we need college administrators who are not liberal limp wristed faggots. Get administrations in there that have a set or at least a backbone. Next step, tell it like it is. No safe spaces. If you feel threatened by other people and their ideas, go home. Stay there. You’re not welcomed in this institution. Want to demonstrate and protest, then expect the police to use pepper spray and taze you. You will be charged with trespassing at a minimum. It’s time to stop this nonsense. Obviously, some of these kids, black and white, did not get the proper instruction at home and the police obviously will be best equipped to offer it.

  47. TEST says:

    By far, far, FAR, the biggest haters and racists are the radical gays, radical feminists, and their Marxist BLM fascists.

    What a bunch of vile fascist hypocrites.

    Where is Mario Savio on the Student Union Steps of UC Berzerkely when we need him? Herbert Marcuse, the lefty hero of yester year, popularized the “repressive tolerance” theory of modern progressives. “Liberating tolerance would mean intolerance against movements from the right and toleration of movements from the left,” Marcuse pontificated. “Certain things cannot be said, certain ideas cannot be expressed, certain policies cannot be proposed.”

  48. TEST says:

    You vile leftist fascist want “safe spaces???”

    How about you toodle off to one of your Marxist gulags? Should be “safe” there from any opposing thought. No? How about you illegally emigrate to Cuba and Fidel’s workers’ paradise? Still no go? PC/socialist Venezuela can maybe use you – with the added benefit of you losing some of your 400 pounds you carry. The Socialist worker’s republik of N. Korea could take the whole lot of you jackazz safe spacers – you would be VERY safe working 20 hours a day in rice paddies by summer, and harvesting ice for modern refrigeration by winter.

    Biggest haters on the planet are the leftist fascist, as evidence by these hate-filled safe spacers. What utter hypocrites.

    • Wearl says:

      TEST, The worst thing is that they have nothing. They screech and demand to be given what they think we have with the result that we give them the little that we have. If we just refuse to listen and refuse to give they’ll eventually fade away.

      By the above I also include that we demand that government and business etc refuse to reward sloth and over-breeding as if they are authorized to act on our behalf as productive citizens.

  49. David says:

    the problem is we fought on the wrong side during WW2

  50. carlos says:

    now conservatives know what it’s like to have to witness to such insane demands and whine if they don’t get their way. the indigenous people’s of turtle island have had to endure that kind of adolescence for 500 years.

  51. Lee from La says:

    What ever happened to the days of good old ass kickings?

  52. Grampa says:

    As I look at many of the posts it is easy to see where this is headed. government has created a monster by the special interest groups that think they are protected from all their hurt feelings. they stand and demand. It works for a while but as I read the postings patients grows thin. when we choose to push back and we will they these protected darlings will graduate and in trying this bull shit with employers will find it doesn’t work. soon their reputation will catch them and they will find that no amount of education will get them a job. They will then head back home to parents that will put up with more than I would and sponge off them and social security until they die. We will see this privileged class with outstretched hand to government to fill it again so they can survive. When they pull it back expecting the help that was always there empty as will be the belly grown fat from lack of effort. They will now head to the hospital to get on medication from obamacare. the real rude awakening will come when they read the fine print and like the EU medical will be offered to the people who will live long enough to return the investment to government by the taxes you pay. You will find yourself judged by the same group you whined about invading your space. They unlike you will have jobs and are among the productive members of society. You will find yourself turned away and told go back to your safe space.

    • Wearl says:

      Grampa, I agree and if Government would stop greasing these undeserving outstretched palms that would be a huge step. I always equate it with those explosions in the mice population in Australia etc. When there is a surplus of free food they multiply exponentially but in the lean years there are hardly any to be seen.

      If government would stop feeding all the “useless mouths” there would be less breeding of those that shouldn’t. The new mission statement of limited government should be “If you can’t feed ’em don’t breed ’em because we sure as hell won’t feed ’em.”

  53. Redzonehunter says:

    I know we are supposed to keep calm,but you can’t talk to these folks.i say it’s time to bust heads.

  54. Wearl says:

    In South Africa we have something called a sjambok. It is used to quickly and effectively resolve disputes such as these. A great deterrent and guarantor of mutual consideration and respect.

  55. nubria 123 says:

    I’m white & i love black guns that about it.