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    The Fix Is In *Micro Documentary*

    Mac Slavo
    January 24th, 2012
    Comments (87)
    Read by 315 people

    Have you ever wondered if the fix is in for non-traditional political candidates like Ron Paul, or for that matter, the worsening direction in which the United States of America is headed?

    With the election of President George Bush we got the Patriot Act, two wars, and an economic collapse that surpasses the severity of even the Great Depression.

    We were then graced with a President who, while promising hope and change, delivered nothing but more misery, more regulation, more centralization, and an unprecedented expansion of the police state in America.

    As another Presidential election approaches, inquiring minds are starting to wonder whether all of this – from the economic collapse and distribution of trillions of dollars in funding to corporate institutions, to the blatant abuse of personal liberties and the continued installment of status quo candidates offered by the two-party system – has been a pre-planned effort to enrich the elite politicians, central bankers and corporate insiders who would like nothing more than to impose their will on the people, and to do it by force if necessary.

    The following micro-documentary produced by SGT Report: The Corporate Propaganda Antidote gives us yet another insightful look at what may really be going on behind the scenes.

    Also from SGT Report ( or at Youtube):

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    Author: Mac Slavo
    Views: Read by 315 people
    Date: January 24th, 2012

    Copyright Information: Copyright SHTFplan and Mac Slavo. This content may be freely reproduced in full or in part in digital form with full attribution to the author and a link to Please contact us for permission to reproduce this content in other media formats.


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    1. blackriflewarrior says:

      Any one who does not think the elections are rigged is just plain stupid. Bush stole the election in Florida, Reid stole the election in Nevada. The list goes on. We are descending deeper into tyranny and we sit and circle-jerk while its happening RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR NOSES! There is only ONE ANSWER to our problems. Anyone care to guess what that is?

      • arcofdoom says:

        Ummm, watch more American Idol and Jersey Shore?

      • Lowlife Scum says:

        The fix has been in since 1913 but nobody really noticed until a popular outsider by the name of Ron Paul started making inroads into the system and the fix had to be ramped up into blatant levels of obvious corruption.

        • Goldwater noticed and he sounded like a nut when he said it. But go back and look at some of his stuff and he was right on and decades ahead of others.
          I once listened to a man who said the UN was dangerous and would one day try to take over the world. Again I thought “nut”. But look at what is happening around the world.
          I have learned to listen and consider rather than listen and dismiss.

      • GoneWithTheWind says:

        Actually the Dems tried to steal the election in Florida and too many real voters showed up and they lost. They tried again by using a recount to “mine for votes” (their favorite trick) but ran out of time. So they were in the process of falling back on plan C which was to delay the certification so that Florida would not be counted in the national vote. So Gore delayed but the Supremes ruled that Florida MUST be counted. To my knowledge this is the first time the Democrats have lost a recount that they controlled.

        • Mortimer says:

          This did happen in WA state in 2004. The governors race. The King county folks kept counting the ballots until they got the result they wanted. At least one of the recounts was privately funded. A state court found problems, voter fraud, but had no ability to unseat a sitting governor. The election was ‘certified’ in an amazingly short period of time.

          Things are going to hell without the hand basket. Not at all amused.

      • Paddy O'furniture says:

        Did somebody say “Revolution”?

      • NickelthroweR says:

        I know exactly the answer to that. But, and this is important, Joe Sixpack and his family has to see that there are better alternatives.

        Successful Revolutions begin by a percentage of the population withdrawing into their own communities and providing their own services. We need to set up our own schools, courts and police and demonstrate that we can do a better job. You’d be surprised how many converts you can win over with something so simple as day care and a food co-op.

        Now, I’m not the only person that realizes this and you’ll see Uncle Sam go apesh*t when he sees this happening. The Black Panthers started down this path and the government literally murdered the leadership and flooded the community with drugs in order to stop that movement.

        Rebelling against the monsters that lord over us will not solve anything unless we can offer something better.

      • ninaorket says:

        ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… “”””RON PAUL 2012″””” ;0)

      • keepinquiet says:

        Wise thinker once said…the definition of insanity is taking the same action over and over again and expecting a different outcome…Id love to say we just need to wake up vote for the best candidate, but that wake up call would be useless. For years we have been stuck with “choosing” between a few from the 1%. I will say we have had a few, such as Mr. Paul, deserving of office however, for the most part we have had the unfortunate privilege of deciding between the lesser of 3 or 4 evils. Its not going to end until we take a real stand or it all falls to pieces.

      • Obama stole the election. It wasn’t just voter fraud.
        The electronic voting machines were compromised—why no whistle blowers, JayJay??
        Would you?? Think about the 3 sex partners of Obama.
        The state dept. employee that looked into the passport documents.
        The man wandering around a parking lot about to expose the gas/chemical from a foreign country that was dumped in a freshly dug hole here in our nation?? Name???
        The senator asking too many questions about 9/11 on KOA 707.
        There are many more.

      • Gregory8 says:

        Blackriflewarrior: Is it the title of a Beatles songs that starts with the letter “R” ?

    2. Gods Creation says:

      Of Course the fix is in. It’s all just a game show that nobody wins.

    3. VRF says:

      Fix has been in, and it included way more presidents than were stated in that article , It also includes players in congress senate and house.

      watch yer back

    4. countryboyseein says:

      This would be a good clip to watch for many of the sheep.
      I’m not sure that it has any new info for those of us awake, but worth the watch.
      As a nation we need to go back to paper ballots to insure our elections.

    5. Ahab says:

      Yes, the fix is IN. That disgusting fat slob and Zionist prostitute Rush Limbaugh has told all his moronic, mostly “male” (sic) listeners that Ron Paul “sounds like an Islamic terrorist.”

      Of course, Nut Getrich, Slick Rantorum and Mutt Romney sound like ZIONIST terrorists, but that’s perfectly ACCEPTABLE for Limbaugh and his flag-waving, viagra-chewing fans.

      • Ahab says:

        Wow, the above post generated a lot of thumbs-down.

        I guess that means there are plenty of moronic Rush Limbaugh fans out there who want more neocon wars for Israel, more outsourcing, more banker bailouts and more open borders. But if that’s the case, what are they doing HERE?

        • Gregory8 says:

          Ahab: Easy pal. Yeah, Rush is a bloviating gasbag who’s part of the conservative wing of the Republican Party, but so what? We all know this from his daily diatribe. What I find scary is that you and others think that there’s this Zionist control of the media or government without anything more than innuendo; that means without direct proof (hard evidence) that could be used in a court of law. Yeah, I used to be an LEO, (Law Enforcement Officer). This is the same stuff that other conspiracy theorist put out there about the Bildeburger Group, The Illuminati, and the NWO. All this nonsense is great for books and movies but it’s pure fantasy, becasue they all make these shadowy figures look superhuman, which they’re not because no one is. With the exception of our Special Forces, especially the Navy Seals, and they’re the good guys.

    6. citizen ron says:

      looks like someone’s catching on.

      the fix has been in since puritans began landing on these shores.

      terrific, another interesting doc i can send to friends & family who will still not get it.

      interesting stuff in today’s mail grab: a silver dollar, a roll of old silver quarters and two $5 gold coins….stashed. nice grab.

      i enjoy turning paper money into precious metals.

      i also enjoy not voting and not paying taxes. maybe you do, too?…


    7. eshonmalik says:

      The thing is, this is America, a first world country, a (dying) superpower. Not a lot of the sheep would believe that corruption can run so deep. Especially if you make a big show.It looks like fear mongering even if it isn’t. Lalalalala(fingers in ears)…. we are in america …. lalala….

    8. prep49er says:

      I remember watching the Iowa caucuses start to come in, Ron Paul had the most votes in the beginning, but then tumbled to third place. Is it fixed?

      We need someone to clean up this mess, someone honorable and outside of the system.

      We need Batman.

      • eshonmalik says:

        lol….. Batmannnn…kaaa

      • Arkaden says:

        We need a 2nd revolution. But so much has changed since the first one that it would be incredibly difficult for “we the people” to overthrow the corruption. We’re a global domino now. It takes us 8 hours to travel the distance that it took months before. Technology allows strikes from the air so far away the plane/drone is on it’s way home before the target is even hit. With all of this said, it’s not even the toughest mountain. That award goes to the attitude of the American people. Our spoiled, greedy, distracted, apathetic culture has destroyed us and I’m afraid that there just aren’t enough of us that do care, do work hard and do want liberty to mount a successful revolution in this day.

    9. VRF says:

      here is another “fix”
      “Facebook Timeline mandatory rollout: You have 7 days to scour your past”

      Maybe my tin foil hat is on to tight today..but i bet this “new” page or site that all FB users are being told that up until now has been an optional switch — is now mandatory.

      gee i wonder for what purpose

      Screw FB..never was, never will be on there
      I feel its another way for them to watch us, and gather intel on all of its users

      • Anonymous says:

        all my friends yell at me for not having a fb page never had one never will for the same reason another way for them to watch me. Not that this is much better this site is probably a big red flag but I love reading the posts and the other side of the news. My dad said you get the facts from both sides and somewher in the middle is the truth, that is what I am searching for the truth ( I am starting to wonder if it still exists)

    10. westsloper says:

      Back in ’08 I told my wife “the fix was in ” when McCain started beating Huckabee, because nobody was voting for that bald headed old man. I guess I’ve known for quite a while, but it still pisses me off to know that whatever I do to try and make difference to change the direction of this once great nation, it won’t matter one f*#!ing bit. My efforts are futile.

      I know it, but it still pisses me the hell off.

    11. Fed Up says:

      The system has been rigged for a very very long time. The system does not care what the american people want, it exists to expand and continue itself. There are so many sheeple who haven’t a clue and don’t want a clue that regardless of those who are awake, the system will trod onward, trampling upon those who do not want to accept it. Those sheeple who are so dependent upon, and feel entitled to whatever their hearts desire don’t want to wake up, and don’t want to change the system because they think it is good and it is all they know. As it has been said, 50% of the population is below average intelligence, and I’d like to add that in my assessment at least 80% of the population is still a sleepy-sheeple.

    12. the realist says:



    13. crash and burn says:

      if there is any canidate that i would like to see it would be Ron Paul but…….The President is a mere Public Figure and has no real power except for the veto. It is your congress that holds most of the power. Example… Ron Paul would abolish the fed(if he had the power to do so)your congress would pass a bill to put it back in place and if Ron Paul vetoed it they would push it through by making sure 2/3 of congress over rode it.

      Pay No Attention To The Man(Congress) Behind The Curtain!

      • kevin says:

        Yeah, but he can eliminate alot of zar positions, bring the troops home to guard the border!Stewart Rhodes as attorney general????(just that event would send 10 thousand crooks fleeing to the border, then our military can hunt THEM)change the office of the president by issuing a executive order that eliminates the executive orders in existance, and forbids them in the future(if that could work). What do you think of 2 patriot supreme court nominees? The house would never confirm them you say??? Most of them would be fugatives from the justice department and military. Is this a pipe dream? maybee, but it could be done!

      • Hey You says:

        My wife has sent 3 checks to RonPaul2012 and is suggesting that I do the same. I don’t think that’s where we need to be focussing our efforts.

        Sure, it would be wonderful to see Ron Paul get the Presidency. However, need the which I can address is supporting our senator who is a constitutionalist. I’ve scraped some money and sent it to our senator’s campaign and hope to send more to that campaign, because it is obvious that having a majority of constitutionalists in the Senate is both more viable and more possible than first going for the presidency.

        In any event, we all need to what we can do to get the USA out of this rut which both the dems and repubs have pushed us into over the past decades.

    14. I feel trapped like a rat in a maze in a high-school science fair project. The worst part is this is my life.

      • Fed Up says:

        24kk, if you haven’t been “awake” very long, it can all be a bit dizzying -heck, even if you have been awake for a number of years! Keep on keeping on. Prep yourself with physical, but don’t neglect your psychological!

    15. salvadordaly says:

      After the CNN debate where they tried to skip over the doctor after talking to the other 3 candidates about abortion, I gave to the Paul campaign just to “gig em”. I do not think he will be the nomination but I want his message carried on as long as he can. I would love for them to have to give him attention. Oh and by the way, he is getting votes, and one of the other candidates may want to pick up on that. They could use those votes later in the race if he drops out. By the way every one should go and donate something to help him go further, YA NEVER KNOW!!!!

    16. Mr. Blutarsky says:

      The fix is definitely in. Just listen to the other candidates in interviews – they don’t even mention Paul. The news bobble heads (including Fox) don’t even mention him except in passing. All questioning directed at interviewees centers around the other 3 candidates.

      The poor guy doesn’t stand a chance. Establishment people only please.

    17. Marcus of Arrington says:

      Just take a moment and recall the Florida Fiasco where George W. took/stole/acquired/procured the election from Al Gore by Counting the Chads!.

      How many recounts were done? OF COURSE IT’T FIXED !!!

      If the Sheeple cannot be fooled outright,…then “The Electorial College” vote over-rides and superceeds their “majority” civilian vote!

      SO, it matters not what you think or whom you vote for. The selection has already been bought and paid for courtesy of the RED and our acceptance of thier USERY system of economic slavery.

      For an inside view, get yourself a copy of WE HOLD THESE TRUTHS: The Hope of Monetary Reform written by Richard C. Cook. He worked for the Treasury for 21 years.

      I had the pleasure to hear his presentation last nite at our public library with my 73 year old mother. The turn out was just a handful and many left. Some of the flock could not handle the truth being presented to them. Tendril Press come

      • Fed Up says:

        You are correct about the electoral college Marcus. In the past I have posted here about the way the system works with electing the POTUS and lots of folks just don’t want to believe it. Nice to see another person who gets it and isn’t deluded into believing that going to the polls on the presidential election day means something.

        • Anonymous says:

          my ex told me of this many years ago I was only 19. I never voted because I believed after he explianed to me about the fix,that why bother> I tried to tellmy present spouse thar the electoral college decides but he still swares every vote counts. He still has faith in the system and thinks that thier are still good guys in washington, I tend to think the good are just not been bougth yet. Maybe I am a little dark in my thinking but it all seems so bad. I watch television they do not cover ron paul which is not fair, they were not fair to Rick Santoram glorified Romney can not believe the reaction from gingrich,it is amazing how the press does not cover things fairly anymore. When I was young reporters were brave they dug for the truth repoorted facts At least they believed to be true and accurate, this mixed up media just gives a bit of truth to about 1 minuter and has a 59 minute discussion, debate whatever you wanna call this long hot air time filling event…AARRRGH sorry had to vent thank you for letting me ramble

    18. Marcus of Arrington says:

      (Sorry for my 52 year old dyslexic fingers and my insane spell check!)

      That publisher should have been
      or you can Wiki Richard. He has his own Wikipedia page.

      Good Hunting!

    19. crash and burn says:

      The Fall of The American Empire

      1. From bondage to spiritual faith;
      2. From spiritual faith to great courage;
      3. From courage to liberty;
      4. From liberty to abundance;
      5. From abundance to complacency;
      6. From complacency to apathy;
      7. From apathy to dependence;
      8. From dependence back into bondage

    20. I’ve been following the “on line” voting polls, (Drudge, CNN, MSNBC, etc.) which I’ve participated in, and everyone of them, at least those that I participated in, RON PAUL was always the winner, sometimes by a long shot.


      • Arkaden says:

        I keep trying to tell myself that Paul’s supporters must just have a larger online presence when I view those polls. That it doesn’t reflect real life. Then the other night in SC when Paul was completely ignored for a question and the crowd went apeshit forcing the moderator to give him an opportunity to respond, I thought, wow. Look at those fixed results.

        This is how a republic dies.

    21. The Moon is a Harsh Mistress says:

      As much as I support Ron Paul and would like to see him win and begin to roll back the police state, it will not happen. Barackalypse has his false flag attack just waiting for the order to go, if Romney or Sans-scrotum were the nominee and were in danger of winning, the outcome would be the same. What else would explain why the Obamination Administration is not seriously concerned about reelection? Looks like Paul is about to win just detonate a nuke in Manhattan, implement martial law nationwide, start a hot war with Iran, and suspend the election! Four birds killed with one stone!

    22. Plisken says:

      Further, I believe the Economy will get better “statistically.” Obamanomics save the day. Just in time for re-election. No republican will stand a chance. Its just a distraction from what’s really happening. The media will give you little bits. Just enough to keep you interested. They treat Ron Paul like a Ross Perot and we all know he isn’t.
      Your best bet is to stay away from it all together. It upsets me. Seeing all the BS just piling up. The Shit has Engulfed the Fan! The fan didn’t do shit! Everybody’s buried in shit already that a fan would be like waifing a fart in your general direction. Once stocks are high enough, money will begin to flow a bit easier, making everything a bit easier. At least until Obama is elected again, then POP!
      Even further than that, I believe Ron Paul will drop out of the race, return to Texas, and fortify its borders for a possible succession. At least that’s what I’d do.
      Escape from New York people! Escape from L.A.

    23. JM in Denver says:

      Ron? Ron Who? We don’t know of any Ron, please vote for the government authorized candidate… (/sarc)

    24. Y'all Beware! says:

      Occupy is a Snapshot of Obama’s America: Thomas Sowell, a shining example of an educated, thinking black professional, nailed it when he said, “…Occupy Wall Street movement is the best illustration to date of what President Barack Obama ‘s America looks like. It is an America where the lawless, unaccomplished, ignorant and incompetent rule…where those who have sacrificed nothing pillage and destroy the lives of those who have sacrificed greatly… where history is rewritten to honor dictators, murderers and thieves… where violence, racism, hatred, class warfare and of murder are all promoted as acceptable means of overturning the American civil society… where humans have been degraded to the level of animals: of defecating in public, having sex in public, devoid of basic hygiene… where the basic tenets of a civil society, including faith, family, a free press and individual rights, have been always rejected… where our founding documents have been now shredded and, with them, every person’s guaranteed liberties…one that Obama and the Democrat Party have now created with all the willing assistance of the American media, Hollywood, unions, universities, the Communist Party of America, the Black Panthers and numerous anti-American foreign entities.” This, my friends, is the socialist utopia these vile and seditious Progressives have created so that they can rise to the top, seize control, and run the country as they wish. If there was ever a time that justified a revolution, it is this one.

      Y’all Beware!

      • eeder says:

        this is fascism… the purest form…. take a snapshot of america and the western world today and stick it under the word fascism in the dictionary…. we have arrived there full circle….. it is the worst form of government for the people… much worse than a true capitalistic society and even worse than communism. it is a military state… a true fascist state.

    25. Yeah, there’s a lot more fixing going on lately and not just with elections and the economy. A new report that I like to call, “MIAC 2.0” just came out. Now we’re being officially labeled and identified. You can check it out below.

      Reading this kind of crap makes me sick to my stomach. What a total set-up.

    26. Daisy says:

      The Department of Motor Vehicles in S.C. has already confirmed that over 900 of the votes cast during the primary were cast by DEAD PEOPLE. It was on the front page of the Charleston newspaper.

      In Iowa, there are so many missing votes that the Election Commission threw their hands up in the air and said the votes could never be considered valid.

      And don’t forget the 3 different voting results tabulated in New Hampshire.

      They aren’t even trying to be discreet about this ballot-fixing. We need to open our eyes to the fact that the PTB no longer even care if we know they’re cheating.

    27. crystaljo says:

      Here’s one way they rig elections….

    28. Secession is becoming more and more attractive, that is if the State legislatures can be weaned off the federal teat.

    29. ninaorket says:

      as long as “all you” scared lil’ sheep hide at home behind your keyboards and refuse to organize a real human resistance this will just continue… i suggest everyone watches the movie ” V FOR VENDETTA ” this weekend… and know this, everything in the movie is based on facts… from history and current fed government and u.n. programs… even guy faulks is real, except he worked for the evil catholic vatican and pope in real life.

      watch and see the truth of the real world that surrounds you… your world… and there is now no way too escape it… it’s now global!

      you can either be suckers and die of their nwo eugenics poisons… or…
      arm up stock up prepare… to fight!


      p.s. phuck george soros and his nwo masters and puppet.goyim.soldier.slaves… they bleed just like everyone else does… remember that!

    30. JustMe says:

      *sighs* One more time…

      “It is enough to say there was an election. Those who cast the ballots decide nothing. Those who count the ballots decide everything.” – Joseph Stalin

      Our country was taken over from within in 1913. The fix has been in since then. All you see now is the deal being closed.

      I will still “vote” for Ron Paul, because he is the only moral man who has come forward. But I have no illusions about who really controls this country, and/or what thier real goals are.

    31. Bill says:

      The final part of the video with the train cars filled with tanks was filmed in a town my brother in law lives in. He said this train was miles long.

      • The Moon is a Harsh Mistress says:

        As a former tanker I will give a piece of advice to any would-be patriots. Tanks are transported on railcar because they hog fuel when they are on a roadmarch, and reliability suffers. Blowing up a track with homemade thermite or better yet, destroying a locomotive that is hauling a trainload of tanks Laurence of Arabia style, is a great way to maximize effect. Better to destroy a locomotive with a single charge and disable hundreds of tanks while they are unarmed instead of trying to fight them in the field.

    32. ninaorket says:

      heads up too all puter’ CRACKERS PHREAKS AND HACKS…

      SOPA and PIPA Fully Alive — And a New Bill Joins Them

      grab yur’ linux network soft CRACKer packs now… while you still can… before FRED the FBI FED… takes it all away.

      “””censorship is for nwo.irs.debt.slaves and christian conservatives!”””
      “””phuck nwo slimo’s – larry summers and cass sustein!”

    33. If Jesus in known by his followers than Ron Paul is much more so and the fever of Ron Paul fanatics are detrimental to his campaign. If the voting machines could be easily hacked then Ron Paul would win by a landslide because his disciples would do anything to get him elected. Whenever he does well it’s because the people have spoken, but whenever he does poorly it’s a conspiracy.

      Ron Paul is unfit to lead this country if he can’t even inspire his own followers to behave with civility so I made a little bet with a friend who is was one of his delegates in 2008. If I can find 100 instances of attacks against other candidates between now and the election attached to a Ron Paul supporter he will not vote for him, but if I cannot find 100 I will vote for him. The odds are on his side, but I am confident that the truth is on mine.

      • ninaorket says:

        @prepared preacher… your an phuckin idiot… the very fact you use “Preacher” in your name says it all…

        “False Prophet Much?” moron…

        RON PAUL 2012 there is no substitute!

        • kevin says:

          Preacher- FACT 1- THEY ARE COUNTING THE VOTES IN SECRET. FACT 2-VIDEO PROOF OF PAULS POPULARITY FACT 3-NEWTERED CANCELS SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS FACT 4- THE DEBATES FOCUS ON3 CANDIDATES TALKING ABOUT NOTHING,3 IN THE PICTUE MOST OF THE TIME, AND ALLWAYS HAS MITTENS IN BETWEEN THE OTHER BUFFOONSSO THEY CAN THEY CAN TALK ABOUT TRIVIAL THINGS,AND KEEP PAUL OUT OF THE PICTURE.FACT 5- NEVER PAUL IN THE NEWSPAPERS, ITS ALL ABOUT MITTENS AND GINGRICH FACT 6- EVERYONE IS TIRED OF WAR ESPESIALLY THE PEOPLE AWAY FROM THEIR FAMILIES FIGHTINH IT. I know a delegate also, who had to sit nose bleed in minnasota last time and the caucus in my state was corrupted. You can not shoot any of these down. The election process is broken and full of crooks. They will suffer big time when the dollar is toilet paper, and they will deserve it. I will excersise my freedom of speach by saying you are preaching bull$hit and you are blind. Go on preaching it, I will counter post every time. RON PAUL 2021!

      • ninaorket says:

        @prepared.pedo.pastor: it’s moronic bible thumpin a-holes like yourself that give homo.Pedophile.child.molestin.Pastors of the Good Book a Bad Name!

        keep postin and talkin shit on “Ron Paul 2012″… i’ll make you and every stupid comment you make my new focus in life!

        $10 bucks says your a fed troll.

    34. kevin says: The best 911 video, official story in 5 minutes.

    35. @Prepared Pastor:

      Ha…From what I have seen over the last 50 years, the vast majority of those “followers” of Jesus shouldn’t even use his name or call themselves “Christians”. If a tree is known by it’s fruit then the “tree” that is named by Jesus’ name is filled with wormy fruit! I’ve never seen such hypocrisy in my life as by those who call themselves “Christians”. Indeed, while there are those in the Ron Paul camp who have, through their behavior, brought a degree of shame, it is nothing to compare with the shame brought upon the name of Jesus by those who make their claims upon it.

      As far as the truth being on your side, well I assume it depends on what you call truth and the measure by which you meet it out.

    36. It is baffling that each poll or vote a different candidate is at the top (except for Paul). It’s pretty clear that the MSM is biased against Paul.

      I’d really love to believe that this country could elect someone like Ron Paul but I’m not sure this government we’ve allowed to get out of control would allow it.

    37. toomanyfakeconservatives says:

      Andrew Jackson’s Skeletal Remains For President 2012

      “He killed the central banks once, he can do it again.”

    38. Barn Cat says:

      The media has a strong impact on who gets nominated. It doesn’t help that Iowa and New Hampshire have a disproportionately strong influence on the final outcome.

      The unfortunate thing about Ron Paul is that he sounds like a nutcase on foreign policy. Iran has threatened us with nuclear annihilation and Ron Paul says we should treat nations like how we want to be treated. He says Iran has the right to have nukes. There’s no way I would vote for him.

      • kevin says:

        What do you mean by nut case on foreign policy? Keep the money at home. Conquer markets by trade. Bring the troops home. Spend money on ourselves not foriegn aid. Tell me what is nuts about any of that.????? So tell us what is NOT a foriegn policy that is nuts. Pastor is that you?

    39. Grandpaspeaks says:

      Here is another fix that is in, a new Constitution and Bill of Rights issued under continuation of government plans. You had better make the next revolution little, as Jefferon suggested. They are already prepared for a larger one. A little non violent revolution occurring at the ballot box this November is our last chance. The choice should be a simple one. Use it, or lose it.

    40. Will says:

      Although the upcoming election may determine that the fix is truely in and we go full tilt totalitarian, it’s been a long time coming. I watch the linked video from Mises yesterday and it’s very interesting and eye opening. From the very founding of our Republic it’s be being dismatled.

    41. daniel the lionheart says:

      Ron Paul is a nutcase. He will never become President since he is with the likes of Alex Jones and all the tinfoil hat conspiracy freaks. Plus he has no idea on foriegn policy and the threats we face from Islam or muslimes.

    42. Scott says:

      I posted this video on our delegate page for Ron Paul and the Campaign State Leader got mad and asked me to remove it. I basically told him that you don’t think that are elections are rigged and he said that this video doesn’t have anything to do with the Ron Paul campaign. I can see why this State was such a circus trying to get organized. Some people just don’t want to hear or see the truth. This was a great Micro-Doc!

    43. Slim says:

      No offense, but it the 60yr old+ geezer vote thats doing this country in !

    44. yipee says:

      So much chatter….so little thought.

      the next president has already been chosen.

      Pelosi On A Gingrich Presidency: “That Will Never Happen”

      The next president will be…. Ron Paul.

      The Obamanator was the Left wing messiah.

      Ron Paul will be the Right wing messiah.

      U are being set up for a fall.

      “Do not put your trust in nobles…to whom no salvation belongs.”


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