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Marc Faber: You Must Own Gold and Land

Posted By Mac Slavo On March 3, 2010 @ 5:15 pm In Alex Jones,Forecasting,Marc Faber | Comments Disabled

Marc Faber [1] joins Alex Jones [2]. As usual, Dr. Doom’s predictions are not for those who are disturbed by unpleasant news.

It’s going to end in a complete disaster. But, we have to distinguish – the disaster may not happen for five to ten years. But we’re heading into an iceberg. And, what will eventually happen is that the population will suffer very badly from inflation and declining real wages.

The establishment, including the  government, will protect itself. And when everything becomes very bad and you have simultaneous, essentially, a recession/depression…

Unemployment goes higher goes higher than 10%, say maybe 15%. When that doesn’t improve, they’ll go to war. And nobody can pay for the war so you print more and more money, and you have hyperinflation, and then the system goes.

That’s why I’m telling everybody, you ought to own some land, and you ought to own some stocks and you ought to own some gold or a lot of gold and other precious metals. Because paper money and bonds are very vulnerable over the next five to ten years.

Dr. Faber has been forecasting economic, market and geo-political trends for three decades, and he has a great track record. Had you taken his advice before the S&L collapse in 1987 or the real estate collapse of 2008 you would have not only preserved your wealth, but increased it.

He has a broad view of the functioning of global capital flows and politics and how they affect the individual on the ground. Heed his warnings, he knows what he’s talking about.

Listen to the complete Alex Jones interview with Dr. Marc Faber:

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