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What Biden/Harris Will Do

Mac Slavo
January 24th, 2021
Comments (12)

This article was originally published by Jeff Deist at The Mises Institute.

Source: USNews

Paraphrasing the late Murray Rothbard, the “two-party” system in America during the twentieth century worked something like this: Democrats engineered the Great Leaps Forward, and Republicans consolidated the gains. Wilson, Roosevelt, and Johnson were the transformative presidents; Eisenhower, Nixon, and Reagan offered only rhetoric and weak tea compromises. In politics, being for something always beats being against something, and Republicans were never much against expanding federal power provided they had a place at the trough.

George W. Bush challenged this dynamic in the early twenty-first century. Despite his own intellectual incuriosity, he used the terrorist events of 9-11 to advance a particularly noxious “conservative” foreign policy and justify a growing domestic surveillance state. The results were plenty transformative, from the Ashcroft/Yoo doctrine of unitary executive power to initiating two disastrous Middle East wars. Renditions, CIA black sites, waterboarding, and Guantanamo Bay all became part of the national lexicon. And everyone got paid, from Big Pharma in the form of a Medicare Part D drug benefit to teachers’ union bureaucrats supporting the Bush–Ted Kennedy alliance known as No Child Left Behind. Throw in the Orwellian Department of Homeland Security and its Transportation Security Administration, and Bush’s most visible legacy maybe forever ruining air travel in America.

Donald Trump is no George W. Bush. Today, despite all his bluster and the Left’s absolute derangement toward him, Donald Trump leaves office as a caretaker president. His real record, not his rhetoric and Twitter persona, will prove to be astonishingly in keeping with the DC status quo. His America First talk on jobs and trade, his schizophrenic foreign policy, his actual actions with respect to immigration policy, and even his vaunted tax cuts were not all that different in substance than anything Hillary Clinton might have done. Trump’s difference was tone, not substance, but along with his outsider status that was enough to earn him the vicious enmity of the Swamp.

We have essentially endured a four-year national paroxysm over nothing, and for nothing. Think about that. All of this hate and division was not rooted in “policy” whatsoever but in the political class’s hatred and contempt for even purely rhetorical challenges to its power.

So what will the Biden/Harris administration do?

For starters, they will assume only cowed opposition from the Mitch McConnell GOP. As Trump departs, national Republicans are eager and relieved to return to their role as the polite warmonger loser caucus. The party looks to wash away any vestiges of Trumpism and embrace the leadership of atavistic figures like Mitt Romney, Liz Cheney, and Nikki Haley. But Joe Biden and Kamala Harris clearly smell blood after recent events at the US Capitol and their Senate victories in Georgia, looking to fully repudiate Trump and hang the GOP in the process. More importantly, they are under tremendous pressure from their left progressive flank, having relied on Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren supporters while championing Antifa, BLM, and LGBT causes as centerpieces of their campaign.

Therefore we should expect a muscular progressive agenda advanced by Biden, some of it in the first hundred days via executive orders of dubious legality. Helpfully, incoming White House chief of staff Ron Klain issued a memo outlining all the robust actions Biden will take immediately to remove any whiff of Donald Trump’s presence from the Beltway.

We should expect national covid mandates and lockdowns, aggressive climate change regulations, Medicare for All legislation, student loan forgiveness, and a host of federal rules perversely focused on race, gender, and sexuality in government, schools, workplaces, and corporate boardrooms. Amnesty for immigrants will be front and center, along with DC and Puerto Rican statehood. Supreme Court-packing will be a particularly contentious topic, as many Democrats think two Trump appointees are illegitimate and conservatives in the Senate see the judicial branch as the last bulwark against the Left.

As for taxes, the word is UP. They’re going up. But despite his campaign promises, one suspects the Biden administration will slow play any capital gains tax hikes. An awful lot of blue-state Americans enjoyed big stock market gains in 2020, and this may temper their enthusiasm for overcoming wealth inequality. Also telling will be whether Biden in fact pushes to change the particular tax rules for private equity firms known as “carried interest.” And he will rush to restore the full deductibility of state income taxes, which the Trump tax bill limited, injuring wealthy taxpayers in high-tax blue states. After all, he knows his base.

Kamala Harris is the wildcard in this story. Has any US president in modern history been elected with the widespread expectation he would not complete his term in office? Not only will Mr. Biden be the oldest chief executive elected, but he clearly shows signs of cognitive decline and often stumbles to find words—as one would expect of a man his age. Harris’s presidential campaign raised an uninspiring $40 million, more than half of which came from wealthy donors. She failed to generate excitement both in polls and at the ballot box, underperforming with her party’s left flank and failing to win a single Democratic delegate or primary. Virtually no Democrats voted for her to become president.

By virtue of her age and status as a “person of color,” Harris certainly leans left of her boss. He is the old war-horse for corporate Delaware; she is the youngish hip senator from progressive California. But if Joe Biden dies or steps down—both reasonably possible over the next four years—Harris surely becomes a transformative figure.

Either way, the Biden administration inherits a political landscape wildly favorable to it. Politicians, journalists, CEOs, and people of all political stripes (including libertarians) celebrate the de-platforming and unpersoning of Trump, making clear their contempt for and desire to punish his supporters.

Democratic socialists now discover their love of discrimination by “private companies,” supporting Deep Tech purges of recalcitrant voices or anyone who dares question election legitimacy. Alternative social media site Parler takes “build your own platform” to heart, only to be excluded by Android and Apple app stores and kicked off its Amazon web hosting. BLM/Antifa activists who spent the summer burning buildings and calling for city police departments to disband sound like Nixonian champions of law and order when it comes to the halls of Congress. And left progressives learn to “love the bomb” as they cheer the military occupation of DC with twenty-five thousand National Guard soldiers over a nonexistent threat to Biden’s virtual inauguration (look for the permanent stationing of troops around Capitol Hill, like in any good banana republic). Fencing now surrounds the sacred Capitol building; apparently, walls do work to keep mere citizens a good distance away from the “People’s House.”

Meanwhile, populism, that dirtiest of dirty words used to describe democracy when the wrong guy wins, is entirely warranted when elites fail this badly. It won’t just go away. If the Biden administration really wants to create a de facto class of political dissidents, particularly among the flyover Deplorables, they may find resistance to their new Reconstruction(!) stronger than they imagine. Populists are not insurrectionists or traitors, nor are they domestic terrorists. And politically vanquished people regroup and resurface in different forms, sometimes virulent forms.

Is mass democracy across a country of 330 million people the answer? Is any degree of subsidiarity permissible, to allow for local control and greater social cohesion? Or must states fully and finally become glorified federal counties, archaic throwbacks to old conceptions of America? If Biden or Harris truly wants to transform America, these are the questions they must grapple with. The Left is in no mood for reconciliation with Trump supporters, but punishment is not a policy. It is the act of tyrants.

*The two-party system of oppression is just that. And it’s broken beyond repair because enough people have figured out that they don’t need a ruler or master.  If we ever hope to be free and see our children and grandchildren grow up to be free, we need to reject the system and stop condoning slavery in all forms. Government is slavery and it doesn’t matter who the current master is. You still have a master. It’s time to wake up.


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    Author: Mac Slavo
    Date: January 24th, 2021

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    1. Willyard says:

      Is Harris making a gun gesture in that photo…like that Colorado first grader that was expelled?

      To be safe she too should probably be expelled.

    2. Willyard says:

      Mr Deist ,its interesting that you describe Harris as ” the youngish hip senator from progressive California”.

      while asserting the politically vanquished reemergence is sometimes virulent.

      Is this like some sort of riddle?

    3. notu says:

      biden/harris will do it before you can stop them this country will be destroyed from within

    4. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      See, SOP303 plans to turn off internet and phone communications by Homeland Security without congressional approval in event of mass unrest. Obviously, BLM burning police stations and city halls down, in addition to destroying stores across America was AOK, because it was not federal in most cases. Obviously, when it is federal it counts and when it is state or local it doesn’t even warrant arrests of vandals, looters, and arsons, like Pelosi demostrated, she really believes that she is the republic! Communications should never be shut down! Not in any circumstances! If they do it, it is for stealing! Make no mistake! That is the only reason that they will do it! Of course they also want to stop the spread of the truth, which is locked up in Belmarsh, and I have been falsely imprisoned and illegally enslaved in my own home by terrorists in the surveillance state! Terrorism is their business model, in case 9/11, the scamdemic, BLM, and antifa were not proof enough for everyone! The space weather, EMPs, and CMEs destroying the internet are complete bullshit! I have been saying that for years!

      Andrea Iravani

      • Andrea.Iravani. says:

        There they go again! Congress and the FBI are claiming that members of congress have been subjected to death threats over the Trump impeachment, kangaroo court, show trial, circus act.

        It is 100% illegal to threaten to kill people. The 1st amendment does not grant people the right to make death threats.

        The FBI has not arrested anyone for naking these supposed death threats though.

        Probably because they either do not exist, or it was the FBI or deep state player in the military that made the death threats.

        If there is any type of seige performed, I am 100% convinced that it will be done by plain clothed military, or FBI, just in order to incite SOP303.

        You retarded fucking morons are disgraces to God for thinking that you have the right to commit all of these acts of high crimes, treason, tyranny, terrorism, and crimes against humanity! Low life mentally incomoetent scum bags! Sick fucking losers! Rot in hell!

        Andrea Iravani

        • Andrea.Iravani. says:

          Well, I have been proven correct again. 20% of the protesters at the Capitol on 1/6 were military service members, and many cops also traveled across the country for it. No doubt that the fracking industry was there in large numbers in addition to Wall Street employees.

          Congress wants to eliminate hate from the military. Great idea. Nobody would obey orders to kill total strangers that have never threatened national security that are primarily Arabs, Africans, Asians, and Hispanics. 

          When  people volunteer to murder people it should be an indicator that they are not exactly humanitarians.

          Understandably, many were fooled by 9/11, but that whole thing has been completely exposed, in spite of congresses total avoidance of the topic. Gee, maybe that’s what has them so fucking pissed off! Maybe they are mad as hell that the U.S. is supporting terrorists around the world referred to as moderate rebels and importing drugs into the country from Afghanistan!

          Andrea Iravani

      • Andrea.Iravani. says:

        Well, I have been proven correct again. 20% of the protesters at the Capitol on 1/6 were military servuce members, and many cops also traveled across the country for it. No doubt that the fracking industry was there in large numbers in addition to Wall Street employees.

        Congress wants to eliminate hate from the military. Great idea. Nobody would obey orders to kill tital strangers that have never threatened national security that are primarily Arabs, Africans, Asians, and Hispanics.

        When people volunteer to murder people it should be an indicator that they are not exactly humanitarians.

        Understandably, many were fooled by 9/11, but that whole thing has been completely exposed, in spite of congresses total avoidance of the topic. Gee, maybe that’s what has them so fucking pissed off! Maybe they are mad as hell that the U.S. is supporting terrorists around the world referred to as moderate rebels and importing drugs into the country from Afghanistan!

        Andrea Iravani

    5. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      This article was a classic example of propaganda and contained no information that is neither widely unknown or widely disputed by the majority of Americans. China just stated that it would reserve the right to militarily attack any ship in the South or East China Seas, which the Chinese have laid claim to total control of both despite no legal standing to do so and disputes with Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Brunei.

      Timing is everything.

      Just because I have strongly criticized my own government, and the fact that my own government is guilty of many crimes, it does in no way exhonerate the CCP and in no way means that if the American government is corrupt, then the CCP must be innocent. Both are corrupt and both have resorted to barbaric crimes against humanity.

      As far as Huwaei spying claims, it is probably because the technology companies and Western governments know that the technology enables spying, regardless of who manufactures it, and they also know that China has a Stasi level of spying on Chinese citizens. Spies spy. It is unfortunately a way of life and huge business for way too many people. Spies are sex offenders, thieves, intellectual property thieves, and identity thieves.

      When governments are totally corrupt and totally guilty of crimes against humanity, they have frequently resorted to authoritarian surveillance practices in order to prevent being held accountable for their corruption and crimes against humanity.

      So, why is the Chinese government heavily spying on Chinese citizens through the use of  Social credit scores? Is it because they think that most Chinese people are corrupt, barbaric, criminal, psychopaths, or is it because the CCP is full of corrupt, barbaric, criminal psychopaths?

      Andrea Iravani

      The comment was censored by The Saker in Larry Romanoff’s propaganda on The Saker American Dystopia, the Propaganda Mask and Utopia Syndrome.

      No American believes that this Utopia, but Larry Romanoff is teaching Chinese students that we do. Who is Larry Romanoff? Who knows?! Romanoff is a Russian royal family last neme, but Sputnik reported that they found the last living Romanoff and his first name was not Larry or Lawrence. I think that he just made that neme up, so that people in China would think that he was Russian royalty.

    6. Frank Thoughts says:

      Camel Toe and Sleepy Joe will need to placate the hard left who have been rioting for over a year now. Their agenda of black justice, transgenderism, and a vastly expanded entitlement state will be first priority, along with rounding up the so-called patriots and disarming them.

      None of these are ‘healing’ policies and will only stir up and polarise the fractious American polity.

      My personal view is that the current US is not a viable political entity that can live in peace. I think a break-up into smaller states focused around race and values would work better. Just as happened with the Soviet Union, the smaller parts will in time thrive without the burden of trying to shoe-horn people into a federal structure that can only work through coercion and extortion.

      I think whites and Asians do very well together and have a long track record of creating prosperous and peaceful nation states. Latinos can also be a part of that. As for blacks, they do not have a great track record anywhere in the world. I think they need to have a land settlement somewhere and then to be left alone to their own devices just as happened with native Americans. They can live like they wish but we no longer have to feel guilt or stress from how they want to live. Just as I do not care how pygmies live their days, so that should be the case for the new free black state.

    7. Andrea Iravani. says:

      Well, here is a step in a positive direction, CDC spokesperson  Walensky confesses that the CDC does not know how many covid vaccine doses there currently are in the country. Now all that they have to do is confess that they also do not know what a pandemic are and do not know what vaccines are!

      Andrea Iravani

      I posted this on Unz and thesaker yesterday but it was censored.

    8. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      It is not only the Fed that has to make the choice between the billionaires and national survival, and I totally disagree that it can be construed as international supremecy or hegemony, because if that would have been a true statement, China would not be growing at the rate that it has been growing at. It is the Biden administration and congress that has to choose between saving the billionaires, or saving themselves and the rest of the country. Luckily, when I immediately deleted all Facebook apps from cell phones, including Whatsapp, but Zuckerberg kept hiding Facebook apps behind other apps, even though I have never had a Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Messenger, Pintrest, account, or anyother Facebook owned account and immediately delted and disabled every single app owned by Facebook hackers. 

      If their lives are dependent upon invading our lives, property, and brains, and stealing our data, property, and intellectual property, they are disqualified from living in on this planet. They are not entitled to survive if those are their requirements for their survival.

      Now the data thieves, doing what they have always done, which is an illegal bait and switch data theft practice, either agree to Facebook stealing users data from Whatsapp, or accounts will be deleted and Facebook will steal user data from Whatsapp. 

      Send them to prison for life where they belong! They are terrorists and thieves! They practice mafia tactics of intimidation, harassment, voyeurism, and opression! They are evil monsters! They are organized crime rings full of low life InfraGard, good for nothing thugs that the country would be better off without! Their life styles are obscene crimes against humanity! They are aloso wrong about almost everything that they claim to be true! Totally sick fucking losers! Too God damned fucking bad if your feelings are hurt for me saying what you really are! Grow up and Face the consequences! Book em!

      Andrea Iravani

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