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Watch: Clinton Town Hall Questions Totally Rigged: “I Can See Why they Gave You This Question”

Mac Slavo
January 27th, 2016
Comments (49)


You may think that political town halls are open air events where regular people can have meaningful, candid and impromptu discussions with candidates. But as you’ll see from Hillary Clinton’s latest CNN town hall meeting, nothing happens by accident and the candidates are often well aware of exactly what questions “random” audience members will ask them.

Clinton is known for controlling the entire conversation and perspective, especially when she’s in front of a camera, but this time she got totally busted.

In the following video you’ll see a visibly nervous Brett Rosengren stand up to ask Clinton a question. Despite it being a slow travelling softball with no actual substance whatsoever, the question itself is unimportant. It’s what Rosengren says before the question that has raised eyebrows:

“I can see why they gave you this question…”

“I just wanted to know which of our previous presidents has inspired you most and why.”

Why would someone else be giving Clinton a question when Rosengren was supposed to come up with one of his own?

Watch the video:

Twitter exploded within seconds (via Bizpac):

Is it any wonder why Donald Trump is refusing to play the mainstream media game anymore? Like the Hillary town hall, he knows that favored GOP candidates will have been given their softball questions in advance while he’ll be staring down curve balls all night.

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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: January 27th, 2016
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. Nels says:

    “Mrs Clinton, was your popcorn buttered or not while watching live drone video of Bengazi?”

  2. I got a no video on this. Was it already taken down?

  3. Sgt. Dale says:

    Hitlery pick old Abe, because he violated the constitution more that any other Prez. in history – Obullshit.

    Just look what he did to stop States Rights, ECT. ECT.


    • Acid Etch says:

      Grover Cleveland and Calvin Coolidge

      Coolidge gave more speeches than Woodrow Wilson cut the size of government in half and stopped immigration dead for a decade.

      And for all this he is called lazy by college professors.

      Education is a worthless fucking waste of your money.

      I’m surprised our universities don’t produce zombies.

      Actually they are.

  4. smokey says:

    She could be under indictment by the next primary.

    That shouldn’t bother most Democrats, though, they’ve elected dead men to Congress more than once, and even got a mule elected to the Illinois legislature.

  5. Prepper says:

    Rebecca, I saw the video and it shows a random person from the audience stand up and preface his question with “I can see why they gave you this question”. I have to admit the answer was not what I was expecting, and it was well explained and totally logical. But that’s not the point. The point is it appears to have been staged.

    My instinct tells me the organizers of the town hall asked Mrs. Clinton if there were any questions she wished to be asked, and they dutifully complied. I don’t see this as scandalous but it just another indication that molding public perception is a higher priority to her than sharing actual ideas, concepts, and plans.

    • Prepper, thanks, not sure why I could not see it. I kind of like watching her, she has gotten a lot more polished over the past 8 years. I will not vote for her, she is owned by the banksters. I doubt she goes to jail, Obama will pardon her. Bush and Cheney would be indicted for crimes against humanity if Obama were not protecting them. Cruz put out a nice ad showing banksters running across the Rio Grande to steal bankster jobs. Clever but I won’t vote for him, he is owned by the banksters. Sigh.

      • Braveheart1776 says:

        Rebecca, in case you didn’t know, Cruz’s wife works for GOLDMAN-SACHS and is also a member of the COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS. That makes her an INSIDER.

      • Kakistocracy says:


        It is because of people like you that America is going down the toilet. You are only partially responsible but responsible still.
        Because you are destructively naive.
        You actually said “I kind of like watching her, she has gotten a lot more polished…”
        You are brainwashed and as I said Destructively Naive.

        Killary SHilton is one of the worst candidates to be (S)elected for US Puppident.

        She is shallow, pretenious, superficial , vindicative, power-mad bordering on the megamaniacal, tempermental, a closet lesbian to boot (black mail material) and thoroughly and disgustingly a Narcissistic Parasite on Humanity. She is a traitor to the human race and has committed high treason against the once great country of USofA.

        For you to make the initial above statements, proves that the urine stream of the Mainstream Media has thoroughly soaked your mindset and imagination.

        This is a definitive sign of Brain-Washing.

        So, Killary is really polished ? Is she ?
        IS that how you deserver a traitor to humanity ?
        Barry Soetoro (aka Barack Obama) is even worse, because he was the US Puppident.

        You people are so foolish and naive, you will destroy everyone around you with your Stupidity.

        Watch the movie IDIOCRACY.
        You are the main star !

        • Kakistocracy,
          And I bet you voted for Bush and the Patriot Act. It is nitwits like you that keep the D/R corporate machine going. This is pure street theater and I can eat popcorn while watching you pretend she is worse than any Republican candidate. Over 50 percent of voters are hanging outside the system because theyknow Iit is one stem owned by tptb. You go ahead and go Pavlov’s dog on me for knowing Iit is all the same pile of scum from both sides. Less than 24 percent of voters are still Republican kool-aid drinkers like you. About the same are Democrat kool-aid drinkers. You think you are voting for different teams!
          One day the intelligent half will start a third party. Until then it is popcorn and street theater.

        • sixpack says:

          Actually, clinton being a lesbian is a know fact and in this climate of awarding old men the “woman of the year” award, it would get her MORE support from the leftist rainbow crowd.

          She has blackmailable issues for sure, but being a closet lesbian isn’t one of them.

        • sixpack says:

          DIVIDE AND CONQUER, PEOPLE. Working rather well, isn’t it?

      • sixpack says:

        Bush HAS BEEN convicted of crimes against humanity. There are a few countries he can’t go to without being arrested. Cheney and Tony Blair as well.


  6. Enemy of the State says:


  7. Enemy of the State says:

    Why would someone else be giving Clinton a question when Rosengren was supposed to come up with one of his own?

    and in his own words “I can see why THEY gave you this question”

    these deals are such a set up and pre- rehearsed .. the soft ball questions when you and I know what the REAL Americans want answers for

  8. Captain Crunch says:

    Hilldawg oozes smegma from her cankles

  9. TheGuy says:

    BAHAHAHAHAHA ehhh another guy will soon go on a hike and be found drown. In a 2 inch deep creek. With 5 nails in the back of his head that he self-inflicted from a nail gun, of course.

  10. It's Over says:

    I’ve known this for years, all of these establishment picked so called candidates receive softball questions. It’s just part of the game. The republicants receive the same easy treatment for the most part. I have a sinking feeling that no matter what, we’re looking at the next president Hitlery. I’m just praying little jebbie stay’s down in the polls. The news media has and is still in heat over a Bush v. Clinton run.

  11. NorseMan says:

    Lost some respect for Hannity on the radio today – of course he cannot attack his TV station – but he acted like he was defending Fox News. No mention of crude Fox News release, anti-Trump YouTube questioners, etc

  12. Jim in Va. says:

    She’ll get it because thats what the people in power around the planet want. Our country’s days are over…its somebody else’s turn. Indicted? Doubtful. Obama will have to make a decision,indict or pardon.

  13. Bill J says:

    I’m not sure people are interpreting this right. I’d guess all the questions were handed in before the event, screened, then only “cleared” ones are handed back to the person. What he was probably referring to was that he knew why they would pick him to read this question. His other question was why are you such a treasonous b*tch.

  14. Ketchupondemand says:

    At this point in time, Hillary or Trump, or Cruz….
    “what difference does it make?”

    The USA is a lost cause and any of the above wouldn’t be worse than the muslim fraud obama.
    No sense getting upset about it anymore, the country’s gone.

    • sixpack says:

      “No sense getting upset about it anymore, the country’s gone.”

      THEN WHY ARE WE STILL HERE? Many of us have said we’ve seen the downfall of America years, even decades ago.

      Are we a bunch of masochistic losers, that we prefer to wallow in our sorrows, in a defeated patch of land that is done for? Why are we happy to just go down with this sinking ship? WE are not the captain – it’s not our “duty.”

      What do WE owe this godforsaken country? Are we just staying here, because we’re too proud to admit defeat and move on?

      Somebody please tell me, if you TRULY think there’s NO HOPE, then why are we here putting up with all of this shit?

  15. Old Guy says:

    Yes indeed there isn’t any viable political or ballot box fix. Trump is running to make certain there isn’t any viable republican who can beat Hillary. He is in cahoots with the Clintons. He used to be a democrat. The Free shit army will vote for her. She will not be charged or tried for her crimes. And if not her we will get Biden. Even if charged Obama would pardon her. The election,s will not matter. Its pretty much over. A sad end for the Republic. My grandchildren will greatly suffer. And its been in the works since the commie Roosevelt formed the UN.

    • TRUTH BE TOLD says:

      Something I came across for anyone interest…

      “The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.”

      Benjamin Disraeli, first Prime Minister of England, in a novel he published in 1844 called Coningsby, the New Generation. It is rumored to be based on Nathan Mayer Rothschild. According to his biographer, Robert Blake, the character of Sidonia is a cross between Lionel de Rothschild and Disraeli himself

  16. Trolio the clown says:

    Are some people just starting to wake up?

    Look – it’s very simple. If it’s on TV, it’s entertainment. Repat that to yourself and think long and hard about it every time you turn on that idiot box. If it’s on TV, it’s entertainment.

  17. Wiley says:

    More disturbing than pre-screened questions is that Clinton chose to gush about Lincoln.

    The Civil War was fought primarily to keep the agricultural southern states in economic servitude to the the industrial north, to satisfy the greed of Lincoln’s Mercantilist friends and backers, and to satisfy his own desire for central government power. In precipitating that war he was responsible for the death of a percentage of the total US population that would equal 7 or 8 million today. Clinton seems to be saying that she would be just as willing to kill as many people as necessary to keep all of us subjugated and to force her will upon us to satisfy her own ambitions and the greed of her moneyed backers.