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    Walmart Customers Blast CEO’s Criticism Of Trump: “You Want To Be A Political Pundit, Go On CNN”

    Tyler Durden
    August 17th, 2017
    Comments (38)
    Read by 4,048 people


    Walmart shoppers love the everyday low prices (apparently too low judging by this morning’s earnings guidance) they get shopping at the largest big box retailer in the country, but they apparently don’t give a rip about the political beliefs of its executive management team. 

     In fact, Walmart shopper Ed Congdon of Indiana thinks “all CEO’s should keep their mouths shut” about political issues unless they want to be a political pundit, in which case they should “go on CNN.” Per the New York Times:

    “I think all C.E.O.s should keep their mouths shut,” said Mr. Congdon, 63, who was listening to the Rush Limbaugh radio show while his wife shopped inside. “You want to be a political pundit, go on CNN.”

    Mr. Congdon, who drives tractor-trailers for a living, said he agreed with President Trump’s hesitation to place the blame for the violence solely on the “conservative side.”

    “The biggest problem is that they’re not calling out the liberal side of things,” he said, adding that the Virginia protesters should be “investigated” as to who “paid them.”

    Of course, these comments come as Walmart shoppers around the country are being asked to respond to CEO Doug McMillon’s statement released yesterday which, among other things, criticized President Trump for his response to the Charlottesville tragedy.  Here is the full statement he made yesterday per CNBC:

    Respect for the individual is one of our core beliefs at Walmart. And the role we play in communities around the country to build a more diverse and inclusive society is more critical than ever as the tragic events in Charlottesville over the weekend painfully reminded us. Our prayers are with the victims and their families.

    As we watched the events and the response from President Trump over the weekend, we too felt that he missed a critical opportunity to help bring our country together by unequivocally rejecting the appalling actions of white supremacists. His remarks today were a step in the right direction and we need that clarity and consistency in the future.

    Our country is facing some very difficult issues that require our elected officials, business leaders and community-based organizations to work together. Representing a company with the largest and one of the most diverse groups of associates in the U.S., and an even more diverse customer base of tens of millions of customers, we believe we should stay engaged to try to influence decisions in a positive way and help bring people together. I will continue to strongly advocate on behalf of our associates and customers, and urge our elected officials to do their part to promote a more just, tolerant and diverse society.

    Thank you for representing Walmart and our values today — and every day.

    Wal Mart

    Of course, not everyone disapproved of McMillon’s comments.  Shandra Tenney of Las Vegas simply didn’t think she could “come here and give them my money” unless Walmart’s CEO publicly clarified his stance on Trump’s political controversy…after all, anything less than a public rebuke of the President at this point is clearly a full endorsement of radical white supremacist groups and hate crimes of all types.

    “I’m pleased with the C.E.O.’s response,” said Mr. Ellington, 40. “He was spot on. What Trump did was miss a very critical opportunity. Considering today’s society and climate, those types of opportunities are important and not to be wasted. To have the president in office not stepping up is a disgrace to the office.”

    Shandra Tenney, 25, agreed. A married dental assistant, Ms. Tenney left the store with a bounty of the 12-packs of soda that were on sale.

    “If the C.E.O. had been for Trump after what he said yesterday, I don’t think I could have come here and given them my money,” she said. “I’m really happy they are standing up to this guy. These business guys, and Trump is a business guy, are saying something. And they are saying, to me, they don’t think he’s a good guy to be in business with. It says something.”

    Meanwhile, Peter Caprio of New Jersey seemed to interject some logic into the New York Times’ narrative…“If it doesn’t affect stockholders, best to let it go.”

    Mr. Caprio, a school business administrator, said Mr. Trump had made fair points in his news conference on Tuesday, when he said the violence was not just the fault of the white supremacists. “He was right; it’s on both sides,” he said.

    But even if he might have agreed with Mr. McMillon’s position, he suggested it was not appropriate for the chief executive of a big company like Walmart to comment on politics.

    The C.E.O. has to worry about stockholders, nobody else,” Mr. Caprio said. “If it doesn’t affect stockholders, best to let it go.”

    Perhaps someday America’s CEOs will learn that while 100% of people may approve of their products, roughly 50% are always going to disagree with their political views.  Maybe these CEO’s would be well-served to remember they’re fiduciaries of public companies hired to pursue whatever is in the best interests of shareholders….not elected officials that need jump on TV every single time a national tragedy strikes.

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    Author: Tyler Durden
    Views: Read by 4,048 people
    Date: August 17th, 2017

    Copyright Information: This content has been contributed to SHTFplan by a third-party or has been republished with permission from the author. Please contact the author directly for republishing information.


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    1. hammerhead says:

      CEO’s and actors need to stfu .
      This Mcmillon dude sounds like another pajama boy .
      Jeeeze , i hate political correctness and wimps that try to pass for men these days .

      • Gandhi says:

        You better not say nuttin bad about Walmart. It is wonderful.

        • Archivist says:

          Yes I will.

          Their management is terrible. They are constantly running out of stock. I stopped in one time to pick up a few things, including a bag of onions. This particular Wal-Mart did not have a single onion of any kind whatsoever. There is no excuse for that.

          I worked in a store many years ago that kept running out Marlboro cigarettes, among other things. That was their biggest selling brand at the time, yet they kept running out. I learned years before that, that you don’t mess with a smoker’s cigarettes. If you’re out of their brand, they won’t buy another, and if you’re out twice, they don’t come back.

          I told the manager I could stop that from happening again, so she let me take care of ordering. The first thing I did was create an inventory sheet listing all the brands of cigarettes with columns to keep up with amounts on hand and what I ordered by dates. The first week, I ordered a crapload of all the best sellers. I could do that because I know the sales reps will pick up stale cigarettes and trade new ones. Having an overstock meant that they wouldn’t sell out, and I could tell how many would sell when they’re in stock the whole week. On order day, I could see how many had sold so far and could estimate how many more would probably sell by delivery day. I ordered a few extra just in case. After several weeks, I could tighten up the order a little but still guarantee no sellouts.

          Wal-Mart could program their computers to do the same thing. With produce, meats, and baked goods, there would be some loss at first, but the wholesale cost is nothing to Wal-Mart compared to how much sales would increase eventually because of always having desired items in stock.

      • Anonymous says:

        Limelight hounds. Always end up making a fool of themselves.

        • Paranoid says:

          People who hate Trump keep complaining, Ignore them. Trump is exactly what I voted for: 1. HE’S NOT HILLARY! (By far the most important thing) 2. His Supreme Court Judge isn’t BO’S. 3. He is driving the Snowflakes up the walls. What more could I possibly want.

    2. Anonymous says:

      PCR on Sputnik Radio with John Wight

      Here I am on Hard Facts with John Wight. I am proud of my self and of John, because we were able to move our discussion away from “Trump the white supremacist” to the real issue, the powerful oligarchic interests that are fomenting conflict with Russia. This issue is so huge that it is the only issue of our time. Here is the link:

    3. Anonymous says:

      “Diversity” is code for white racism

    4. HMULLER says:

      Those so-called “racist” Confederate statues were there all during the Obama administration and nobody had a problem with them.

      The globalists are determined to undermine America’s heritage. Soon they will go after those “slave masters” Washington and Jefferson. The Luciferian New World Order wants to discredit the founding fathers in order to eliminate American constitutional freedoms (or rather the memory of those freedoms). Their goal is a one-world Orwellian slave society.

      Sadly, some Americans are so dumbed down they don’t have a clue and can’t see the real agenda.

      • HMULLER, it was pointed out to me the other day that all Confederate veterans were made US veterans by an act of congress after the Civil War. Also in that Act was the establishment of cemeteries and memorials, including head stones and statues for confederate veterans. Some politicians might be in legal trouble over this.

    5. Anticommie says:

      Every little tranny that wears pink should be pig food.

    6. Another Anon says:

      We should be clear about one thing, there was not a “Conservative Side” on any news clips I saw. One side was white nationalists, white supremacists, neo-nazis on the other I saw black nationalists, BLM activists, anarchists and progressives. Both sides consisted of those that are the enemies of Freedom, Equality, Justice and Liberty! I stand against both sides of that fight.

      • Larry Rhodes says:

        I believe you are 100% correct!!! There were at least to sides and they were all wrong!!! None of them should have been there starting with the idiots who decided that it was okay to tear down a national monument!!! This includes the mayor and the police who should have been protecting the monument first!!! Let the morons kill each other off!!! Less idiots for the rest of us to have to deal with!!!

    7. Thomas P from WV says:

      I was working in Missouri and ran low on cash. My wife sent me a $500 Walmart money order from WV. The Missouri Walmart would not cash their own money order. Fuck Walmart. I have never been back in one since Missouri (7 years). I called their customer support line and and told them to take 100$ and stuff it up their ass. That was about the weekly average we spent in there. Never again If I live to be 100 will I spend a dime at Walmart. I hope their stock loses value to the point that it has the use of Toilet Paper.

    8. Patriot One says:

      Well Sam’s Club and Walmart can kiss my money good by just like BJ’s and Costco did years ago. The same goes for all the other CEO’s that choose to get political or support persons or groups that are un-American. The CEO’s today are out of touch with their core customers because they are to busy kissing the asses of the entitlement shopper. Let’s give them a wakeup call with our spending habits. Don’t shop at their stores for the rest of the year and lets see what happens.

      • GEORGE J. says:

        You’re starting to sound more and more like a libtard! Always boycotting something just because they don’t like it. I don’t boycott Ted Nugent because he’s a rock star that won’t shut his mouth when he plays in concert. He’s a bad ass on the guitar but sometimes talks to much in concert.

    9. Brian says:

      Charlottesville is where two sides went looking for trouble and found it. Most of the people didn’t want the violence but some did. Virginia is in serious debt and needs to be careful on what it spends its money on. There are a lot of higher-priority needs to spend on rather than trying to score political points. Fortunately, McAuliffe can’t run again. He’s been a sorry excuse for a governor.

    10. Sgt. Dale says:

      This CEO moron pissed at Trump, because he knows that Trump is going to limit the money cards the Guberment pays out on the backs of the middle class, and Wally World will loose out.

    11. aljamo says:

      Well you lost the freaking election dingbats! Walmart is only a small amount cheaper on some items, inflation is ongoing there also. What a joke, the store here has at least half black “associates”, don’t see any Hispanics working there. The lower classes are in a bind seeing their money goes nowhere and buys little, they resent white people for who they see as privileged, despite many whites in the same financial situation. The government feeds off this conflict, anything to distract the peons from the hidden hand machinations of skullduggery such as the NAFTA review where the proceedings are kept out of public scrutiny.

    12. Anonymous says:

      A married dental assistant leaves Wally World with a cart full of soda. The soda was on sale. Who writes this crap?

    13. Kevin2 says:

      Fortune 500 CEOs have reached nobility status in the US. They live in castles, have private bodyguards and little to no real accountability (Wells Fargo launders dope money, Union Carbide killed thousands). At one time they made 50x a worker, now its 500x. At one time their concern was “The Company, The Company, The Company”. Now with collusion of the Board Of Directors, who supposedly are there to protect the stockholders interests, they can behave like royalty. If they sink the company they award themselves “Golden Parachutes”.

      “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”

    14. Captn. Jack says:

      With their higher education and status in the business world you would tend to think the CEO of big companies like Wally World could reason who is destroying public property and injuring innocent bystanders.Maybe not.I know one thing,President Trump had best put a stop to this insanity real soon before someone gets mad enough to grab a gun and start picking those black uniformed trash off.When that happens it’s civil war #2

    15. Open a Feed Store near a Walmart. Soon Walmart will go belly up and close the doors. Desperate people will look for alternative shopping. Set up a market close to your Feed Store. Provide food such as eggs and milk Courtesy of your own hens and goats and cows. Get ahead of the curve, open a nursery selling food plants and supplies. The end of the big box stores is a golden opportunity. You can buy wholesale and keep preps in several locations; some known to your employees, others not known.

      The opportunity is fleeting. The sooner you create a farmers market stop and shop, the better.


    16. Make sure you have your own armed guards for when Walmart closes. You need nine or ten, not just one poor guy.

      Set up a line. Have some training on crowd control. Break up the line into groups. Allow one group at a time to come forward. Arrange seating for those waiting. Have fold out chairs and mats to sit on for sale.

      You can make money in a crisis or you can just freak out.


    17. Tax payer says:

      Don’t forget that Clinton was on Walmart Board and that millions of jobs were eliminated and employees phased out by Mexicans and soon by robots. Oh, there is the corruption and other issues.

      Hope President Trump breaks up these monopolies. How dare this ingrate criticize the President. Sam Walton would have fired such disrespect.

    18. Anonymous says:

      f— china mart

    19. John WV says:

      Reasons to boycott Walmart:
      1. See something, say something program.
      2. Facial recognition security camera system.
      3. Bad Ammo, special powder that goes bad after about one year.
      4. Always getting stopped at front door because a large item not in a bag. (They should provide large bags, not stop their customers.
      5. CEO that runs his mouth about politics when he should concentrate on keeping items in stock.

    20. Boycotting and extorting. The CEO’s are scared because they are constantly under threat from the left and the media. Most, if not all large corporations, are extorted to donate large amounts of money every year to left wing organizations like NAACP, Urban League, La Raza, etc. I worked for a large corporation. They have employees resource groups. These groups are made up of employees who allegedly want a voice within the corporation. They have African American, Mexican, Asian, LGBT, Women, Pacific Islander, and many more, but no White resource group. Whites are banned from having a group. You can be Greek, Polish, Irish, but not White. I’m White and my family has been here since 1690. We are mixed English, Welsh, Scottish, French, German and Irish. So no particular group fits, except White. The purpose of the groups is to promote diversity at the expense of Whites. That’s why no Whites need apply. Many large corporations have these groups. The culture of Marx infests the corporate culture.

    21. falcon says:

      I love this site. I don’t comment much,but I learn much. Thank you everyone

    22. Larry Rhodes says:

      I believe that CEO Doug McMillon is a liar because since Sam Walton died, the ONLY thing that Walmart respects or believes in is the almighty dollar that flows thru their doors 24/7/365!!! They don’t respect their own employees, holidays, American manufacturers, or even themselves!!! As long as they are adding to their bottom line, they could care less what is happening!!!

    23. raybow1 says:

      For Walmart to weigh in on this issue is unamerican and unpatriotic. You finally have a President that has a backbone and does what is right and they try to insert cooperate america. Absolute poison!!!

    24. GEORGE J. says:

      I love this site too. But mostly unintelligent conversation from such a small group of people.


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