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Video: Trump Confirms Wall Construction To Start In Months: “We Will Be Reimbursed By Mexico”

Mac Slavo
January 25th, 2017
Comments (73)


President Trump today confirmed to ABC News that construction on a southern border wall will begin in a matter of months.

Asked if the U.S. taxpayer will have to pay for it, Trump said that Mexico will “in a form” reimburse the United States. We can assume that to mean Trump will levy trade taxes on Mexican imports, restrictions on foreign aid, as well as the real possibility of fees on money transfers originating from individuals living in the United States and transferring funds to family members in Mexico.

While Trump opponents will claim he broke his promise to make Mexico pay for the wall, it should have been clear all along based on comments from their President(s) that Mexico would never directly write a check for construction, but that such payments would come in the form of reimbursements, likely decreed by Congressional and Executive order.

You can watch the ABC News interview segment with the President below:

Ultimately it’ll come out of what’s happening with Mexico… We will be starting those negotiations relatively soon and we will be, in a form, reimbursed by Mexico… [they will pay us back] absolutely 100%.

[Construction begins] as soon as we can, as soon as we can physically do it… I would say in months, yeah. I would say in months… certainly planning is starting immediately.

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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: January 25th, 2017
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. Genius says:

    What about tunnels? They need to do a ground scan periodically to detect them and irradicate them. Boat traffic too. This will cost many, many pesos lol.

  2. Jim in Va. says:

    A deep moat would help……

  3. Jim in Va. says:

    Take away the incentives to come here and the wall would be pointless. No anchor babies,no freebies,I.D. and fine those companies/people that hire them. Verify.verify,verify.

    • The Deplorable Braveheart says:

      Jim, spot on. The ‘benefits’ are the primary reason they come here. I believe the new POTUS means well, but walls, just like fences, can always be breeched in some form or fashion.

      • Anonymous says:

        Braveheart(?) – I see that you didn’t reply to my comment of your criticism of me. So how about an honest reply from you? No threatening me with all sorts of bull, just an honest critique of why you think I should STFU and what makes you think that your opinion is more important than mine.

        Far as I know, freedom of speech is written into the constitution. Or do you only follow the bits that you agree with?

        The Deplorable Braveheart says:
        Comment ID: 3656345
        January 23, 2017 at 9:09 pm

        Anonymous, you sound like a Hilary supporter. STFU.

        Anonymous says:
        Comment ID: 3656646
        January 24, 2017 at 3:00 pm

        Deplorable Braveheart – At least I don’t run away frightened to my (borrowed) BOL at the first sign of trouble! You don’t have a clue who I voted for you idiot, but that’s you, putting your foot up your own asshole adding 2 and 2 and coming up with 22!

        When is the next time that you crawl away like a scared scalded cat to shoot at tin cans? Braveheart is the wrong name for you – “Scaredy heart” is more like it!

        Also, I aint had any weapons stolen from me, because I look after my stuff!

        You’re always talking tough, when was the last time you faced someone shooting at you (if ever)?

        If I was a braggart (like you) I’d mention Helmand Province 2002 (Battle of Roberts Ridge) – but I won’t embarrass you – it’s too easy to do so with a keyboard commando like you! You’re just Wind and piss! So STFU up you and your constant bragging!

  4. Collapse all tunnels using a form of ultrasound. Price of meth and “coke” are going up.

  5. Sgt. Dale says:

    Build BABY Build.
    The taller and deeper the better.
    Mini Guns with crossing fire.
    Armed Drones patrolling.

  6. flabbergasted says:

    Absolutely put a tax on people sending money to other countries! Check out what it costs to use Western Union! If you use W.U. to wire money inside the U.S., the fee is approximately 10% of the amount being transferred, but if “someone” (my personal experience was with local Mexicans, and I was told this by the W.U. clerk) wires money to another country, (again,the clerk actually said Mexico), then the fee is less than $5.00, a flat fee no-matter the amount being sent. The clerk told me that the local immigrants send A LOT of money back to their respective “home” countries. It is just another example of how we are committing national suicide! Getting rid of the LIBERALISM in our country cannot happen fast enough for me! Go Trump!!

    • smokey says:

      Postal Money Orders are the other way to send money cheaply.

      I’ve stood behind several folks sending as much as $3500 to Mexico. It takes several MOs to do that.

      Money going right out of the US economy, all for the price of a Postal Money Order and postage.

  7. cant stand bs says:

    Mexico will no pay for his wall, you will. What about private property rights? I have reports of land owners objecting to having he wall on their land. What do you suggest? Confiscation? This wall is jus another feel good boondoggle. It looks good and makes people feel good about themselves, just like prayer, but in the long run does absolutely nothing except line the pockets of select corporate executives.

  8. Trump Confirms Wall Construction To Start In Months: “We Will Be Reimbursed By Mexico”

    A “wall” should of been a priority many, many years ago. This should of been done by the US Government/tax payer funded project.

    It’s called investing & protecting Americas interest.

    Which should of been #1 top priority when America established and colonized itself on the Western part of the country.

    We don’t need Mexico’s monies.

    • Paranoid says:

      True, But you ship all the illegals back and the pay of those jobs goes to Americans, now on the Dole. That’s pay enough. We win twice; more taxes, less welfare. I don’t hate the Mexicans, but I want Americans to get working; like it or not.

  9. Anonymous says:

    just fine mexico for each illegal USA border protection picks up.
    If mexico refuses to pay then expel mexican ambassador & ban mexican imports.
    However the wall is a great start

  10. We need to not only build the wall (especially if Mexico pays), but cut off all the benefits too. (anchor babies, welfare, jobs, etc…). Then bring indictments for aiding & abetting of any mayor that authorizes his city as a “sanctuary city”. And finally, start the deportations of all illegal inmates, illegals with expired visas, illegals with criminal records, and the so-called dreamers. They say they want to be separated from their families…therefore deportation is cruel. Then agree with them and deport them all back to Mexico so they can be re-united with their families. The rest can apply for guest worker visas to work here, because it is true they do the jobs that Americans won’t do….Oh wait a minute: If we cut off all the entitlement programs, and quit paying dead beat Americans to sit on their lazy asses and watch Oprah all day, then “they” would have to do the jobs that “Americans won’t do”….or they can friggin starve. GO TRUMP.!!!!!!

    • Nailbanger says:

      All the US gov needs to do is deduct construction costs from any financial assistance they give to Mexico,,, 209 million in 2012, that ought to cover a couple crews and a buncha concrete,,, hell, a couple excavators, and a couple cranes with modular forms like are used on high rise construction and a couple concrete pumps, mobile batch plant, that thing will fly up, use federal prisoners and long term incarcerated to do the work

    • Nailbanger says:

      419 million in 2013

    • Nailbanger says:

      Us gave 75 million to mexico for a border wall on their southern border,,, if that aint a buncha shit,,,fuckin obamma stupid prick

  11. Whatever Works says:

    And so it begins…..

    About time!

  12. Jim in Va. says:

    Brick and block are back!

  13. Ketchupondemand says:

    Trump should look at the reports that China has been supplying Mexico with the acetone and other ingredients for meth production.
    Might as well deal with China sooner rather than later.

  14. Junkman says:

    There are almost 1 million Americans (legally) living in Mexico… according to 2010 census.
    I don’t have an exact figure but have reason to believe a high number are retirees taking advantage of the monetary exchange rate. My guess is goods and services will take a sudden upswing por El Gringos.

    Smuggling Boost and Geritol into Meh ee Co
    That would be a new twist…lol

    In a SHTF scenario the wall goes into a JWR Expatriate mode?
    Which side of wall to be on?

    • Tucker says:

      What American who is in their right mind would decide to leave the USA and retire to a third world, crime infested hell hole like Mexico – where they have no Second Amendment right to own a firearm for their self protection?

      This is something I think about every time I read or hear someone talking about how they want to leave the USA and flee to any third world hell hole.

      You have to either crazy or just plain stupid to give up your Second Amendment rights by fleeing to any other foreign country where no such rights exist.

  15. TheGuy says:

    The Cantarell field is deader than week old dogshit, and if you believe the conspiracy theory stuff, this was the main reason for the FEMA camps… Mexican refugees fleeing poverty when that sucker goes full tits up.

    So this is merely a logical extension of existing policy, isn’t it? Raise all the stink you want.

    Someone’s useless in this picture and it ain’t us.

    Build that sucker 20 feet into the ground and 150 feet high man. Go go go.

    • rednek101 says:

      The Guy
      “So this is merely a logical extension of existing policy, isn’t it?”.
      YES. The Secure Fence act of 2006. Got a small portion of the wall built. Liberal congress would not pass funding to build the rest. Wonder how things would be today if we had built the wall 10 years back?
      ht tp://www.wnd.com/2016/11/1-main-reason-u-s-border-wall-hasnt-been-built/

  16. TheGuy says:

    Threaten to make NAFTA suck donkey balls for them. That should change their tune about paying.

    I laughed my ass off this morning when I heard they are thinking about leaving NAFTA.

    Yeah GO. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

  17. These illegals have had better housing facilities than our Vets. Talk about screwed up agenda by that idiot obama……BUT that’s all about to end!

  18. aljamo says:

    The catapult idea is a funny mind picture. The politicians love their cheap illegal production labor. There will be a compromise to allow companies to keep illegal workers. Basically Trump is the forward solidification of the existing establishment. They cause and see the desired unrest that will lead to a further crackdown on American rights. It is not difficult to see that the overall aim is negative no matter what Trump says. American rights trump all the actions that are enacted contrary to them.

  19. aljamo says:

    I see the map urging cannabis investment. The map had Florida checked as a potential gold mine. I must of missed it. This state really does not like the idea of competition for big pharma’s monopoly on fake healing. Rick Scott as governor having big money in his health clinics is dead set against medical cannabis as approved by voters. He will delay as long as possible moves towards implementation of the votes intent. All these a holes looking to strike it rich need to go away. The only logical answer is complete decriminalisation of the plant. Anything else is ripoff BS.

  20. Babycatcher says:

    Does anyone else notice on the bricks of the wall, if you look at them a certain way, you can see a figure, it has a round head, shrugging shoulders, and a nose that is pig-like. The body and shrugging shoulders and arms bent out to the sides are darker than the head. Alsmost like a “what, me worry” comment. Am I hallucinating?

  21. Babycatcher says:

    Have you seen the wall that Mexico built on its Southern border to keep illegals from Central and South America from coming into the country? If they can do it, we can do it! Google it.

  22. Trump said the wall will have censors in the ground to detect tunnels. That is very important.

    Months is not specific enough to satisfy my impatient curiosity. I’m glad to hear that planning begins immediately. But months could be two or forty two. Can we get a projected day for the beginning of the project.

    Everyone is waiting for the first ninety days report card. So say 80 days as in 80 days around the world, to prevent invading hordes from around the world. Going from months to days would make Trump a real efficient man of his word.

    __so can we start in April? The weather will be nice, too.


    • smokey says:

      I will go on a limb and say reconnaissance and location decisions will be made this summer and contracts awarded by Labor Day, and actual construction within days of award.

      Congress needs to fund it, first, or the money needs found somehow. You can’t award a contract without the money for it unless someone approves that.

      They’ll award several contracts to several firms, working in segments.

  23. Godsoldier says:

    If a volunteer site was established for thoes who would volunteer labor and skills in building the wall there would be a million man force cus i know i would give a week or two.

  24. Kunta Kintay says:

    Wait a minute. Who is gonna cut your grass ? Who is gonna clean your home ? No more cheap labor. I will clean your toilet and mop your floor. I am American. Did you forget about me ?

    KK here keyin up and shuttin down 10-7

  25. Warchild Dammit! says:

    Wall,waste of fucking time and money!Just say no school/health care/welfare/housing ect. for illegals,nothing/zilch!

    Any who knowingly hire illegals heavy fines!

    This will long term solve the problem but probably won’t happen.You watch,they will have another amnesty just like with reagan and we the citizens will again be sold out.

    My solution solves the problem and saves money.

    • Warchild:

      We do need a wall with an underground detection system for detecting tunnels. The cost in lost lives destroyed by drugs, and children kidnapped and trafficked, something which the media hides. While we are hearing hours of coverage about crimes that are rare, we hear nothing about these horrific crimes.

      You have a good point about cutting off benefits, but we do need a wall. The bigger, the better. ASAP.


  26. Lone wolverine says:

    I think just enforcing the already existing laws of fineing anyone who hires or rents to an illegal would be best.? Fake ID or not if it looks like an illegal and sounds like an illegal you hire them or rent to them you lose everything .

  27. I am disappointed, I was promised mass deportations!
    I want mass deportations of third worlders NOW!

  28. 2isone says:

    Since illegals come for work, put them to work building the wall. Convict labor.

  29. White people haven’t lived in the southern U.S. for very long, and I think that scares the hell outta all of you. I’ll use your own abortion arguments against you: What if someone deported YOUR great grandfather? I understand there are plenty of scumbags sneaking into the country, but that could describe half of our ancestors. My pussy-ass generation ain’t gonna do anything worthwhile, left-wing or right-wing it’s all evil, so either y’all hurry up and have your armed revolution OR SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT IT AND HIDE IN A BUNKER LIKE THE REST OF US WHEN THE NUKES COME. I don’t even know how I got on this god damn website… bring on the hate-mail, you mongoloids.

  30. Lone wolverine says:

    Mongoloids? Our last revolution was opposed by many. Hoping it would not be nesesary . We fought for 7 years. In the old days you sneak in you were considered a spy. And executed. We have become more tolerant . AKA stupid? The enemy could be amassing within our borders?Bimbos think other wise? Their all 100 % wonderful people ? A country of bimbos? Who deserve to be destroyed? The stupid must be culled? Like it or not? Watch . Live link Finnish man tells Muslems what they are like a boss. The shores of Tripoli . Was us trying to stop the Muslems way back then. Watch the movie . The real Glory . With Gary Cooper. About us fighting the Muslems in the Phillipines . We have been fighting them for over 1000 years. But we are not taught history correctly because the bimbos believe that will not promote harmony with the savages of the planet. We must recognize the Domestic Enemy.