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    Vegan Activists Harass Family While They’re Fishing: “You Know Fish Feel Pain, And You’re Hurting That Fish”

    Mac Slavo
    July 17th, 2017
    Comments (107)
    Read by 6,452 people

    Over the years, vegans have developed a reputation for being the most annoying dieters on Earth. They’re often smug, self-righteous, and pretentious. They have a tendency to wear their eating habits like a badge of honor, and they look down on anyone who isn’t on board with their lifestyle. But it turns out that those traits are just the tip of the iceberg, because vegans are capable of being way more obnoxious than you think. Especially once they become “activists.”

    That’s what a family in Florida learned when members of the animal rights group known as Direct Action Everywhere, crashed their fishing trip.

    Hope told ABC Action News that he and his family were fishing for dinner and had caught a tilapia when a young boy approached them and said, “You know fish feel pain, and you’re hurting that fish.”

    Moments later, a group of protesters, some wearing blue shirts that read “Animal liberation now,” appeared from around a corner, grabbed the fish and threw it back into the lake. The family was waiting for Hope’s brother to return to the lake with a bucket for the fish.

    “We were suddenly ambushed and harrased by these nut jobs,” Hope wrote on Facebook along with the video below that shows a portion of the confrontation. “They literally pushed my mothers leg and stole the fish and threw it into the water.”

    The protesters chanted, “It’s not food, it’s violence” and “Fish feel pain, just like us,” as a man in a blue shirt, identified by the Tampa Bay Times as Mike Leaming, argued with several people.

    You can see what transpired before that from the perspective of one of the activists, who claimed that fish have the “same ability and same emotions as a human child,” and when told that fishing is legal he replied that slavery used to be legal as well, as if fishing and slavery are comparable to each other. And as is typical with leftist activists, he paraded children in front of the camera to push his agenda. And all of this, for a fish that turned out to be a member of an invasive species.

    But that’s not all. This same activist group was seen at a Chick-fil-A several days earlier, 10 miles away from where they harassed these fishermen. There they shouted “animal killers!” at customers, donned animal masks while covered in fake blood, and pretended to stab each other with fake knives. The customers, many of whom had children with them, were having none of it as they shouted “get out!” in unison at the activists.

    Animal rights activists have a long history of conducting obnoxious and antagonistic protests, and from the outside looking in, they look utterly ridiculous and insane. There’s a simple explanation for their behavior. These people really seem to think that animals are just like little people, with all the same thoughts, emotions, and physical feelings. And by extension, they think animals should have the same rights as us.

    Once someone believes that, screaming at people who are catching fish or eating burgers will seem totally reasonable to them. It won’t however, convince most people to stop eating meat, because that’s freaking mental and meat is delicious.

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    Author: Mac Slavo
    Views: Read by 6,452 people
    Date: July 17th, 2017

    Copyright Information: Copyright SHTFplan and Mac Slavo. This content may be freely reproduced in full or in part in digital form with full attribution to the author and a link to Please contact us for permission to reproduce this content in other media formats.


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    1. Gandhi says:

      Ain’t I been saying it

    2. rellik says:

      Most states have laws against such harassment. So you can have such people cited. Hawaii doesn’t have such a anti-harassment law.
      But when seconds count the DLNR and the cops are hours away, if you get my drift.

    3. TEST says:

      The real “invasive species” is the fascist left, not to mention the illegal immigrants.

      For further study, excellent work on this is A Rat Is a Pig Is a Dog Is a Boy: The Human Cost of the Animal Rights 2012
      by Wesley J. Smith

      Oh yeah. Did you know that Dr. Peter Singer of Yale believes we should be able to kill (murder!) children up to 2 years old, as they are not fully human yet. This vile man also thinks it is OK to have sex with a sheep (see ).

      And you thought this type of evil ended with Joseph Mengele, Japanese Unit 731, etc.! In fact, it’s back and worse than ever. Interestingly, Singer’s mother had Alzheimers a while back, and he refused to “put her down.” But, as always, leftists are “special” (cf. Al Gore’s new mega-mansion in Montecito, or google Learjet leftist “George Clooney mansions” – then ask yourself if he has ever put up just ONE illegal immigrant or indigent person for just ONE night in just ONE of his zillion room mansions.

      Well was GK Chesterson on to something when he purportedly said “When men cease to believe in God, they don’t believe in nothing, but *anything.*”

    4. TEST says:

      Anyone care to bet that these PETA fascists support partial birth abortion!?

    5. Patriot One says:

      Glad I wasn’t there. When that knife came out that would have constituted a deadly threat to me. I can’t believe that happened in Florida and no patron had a gun. One day these idiots are going to be in the wrong place and one of them is going to get killed.

      Did anyone notice most of the protesting women looked like they were corn fed?? More hypocrisy!!

      • John Stiner says:

        I am sure they were all armed, they just showed great restraint.

        • Patriot One says:

          Leaving a threat be is a very dangerous scenario for all involved. My training says eliminate the threat first, which doesn’t necessarily mean shoot first. Id disarm, secure and move to the next most dangerous threat. It would be extremely aggressive, loud and violent till they complied. At the same time I’d be yelling at the patrons to call 911, give a good description of me (the good guy) and exit the building and take cover.

      • The Deplorable Braveheart says:

        Patriot One, if they flashed a knife at me, real or not, I would’ve shot the f#$%er. I also bet not all of those activists are vegan. Some of them looked too well-fed to be vegans. More libturd BS.

        • Just Saying says:

          Ditto here. At minimum I would have put the butt plate of my Colt 1911 against here skull. Just enough to put a big dent in her hard head. If that didn’t work, her brains would be splattered all over the wall and her companions. You pull a knife on me, I pull a gun on you. That said, I think I will have a big thick rib eye steak for dinner tonight. Medium rare of course. Bake potato on the side with butter, cheese, extra bacon, green onions and sour cream. Probably wash it down with a cold six pack of beer.

        • Yahooie says:

          They likely are vegan. Remember farm animals are fattened up for market by being grain fed. well, in the old days they were–not sure how it’s done now.

    6. Hitler was a vegan. He was the first to pass animal rights legislation. He could not tolerate cruelty to the point that his only animal food was an egg, because the life of the hen was spared. Of course, taken to an extreme, one might accuse him of being an abortionist.

      These people are paving the road for new laws giving animals rights because unscrupulous scientists are combining human DNA with animal DNA. These experiments will be used to invalidate our human rights. The (((elites))) will not taint their own DNA because they already believe they are the only true humans on earth. (((Elite-J-ews))) believe all mankind is an animal except themselves. They are supremists.

      There is a project to remove cattle from the United States and bring cattle to (((Is real hell))). By the way, they call nonJ-ws “cattle”. Bon Apetite !!!


      • The Deplorable Braveheart says:


      • CrackSummSkulls says:

        B of CA nails it. All of this protesting is the brainwashing of the you know (((WHO’s))) to create chaos in our American Society. To somehow try to make Animals equal to Humans, to make every thing equal. That is the Goal for the RACE TO THE BOTTOM, as Netanyahoo said, we will chop up the US into pieces and sell it off, to create the biggest welfare state we control and make everybody our slaves. Because that is what they do to Countries they Hate. I have posted (((his))) entire quote on here many times. The secret recorded tape from Finks Bar.

        So when you see this kind of activity, the You know (((WHO’s))) are behind it. And these LOW IQ idiots protesting are just pawns of the you know (((WHO’s))).

        Anytime you see this kind of Chaos, look well beyond the faces of the protestors and see where this Hate for American culture is coming from. Ask them where did they learn this Hate?

        These are the faces of the Brainwashed drones who already surrendered their own thought process to the take down of America. We are at war, and Hollywood MSM and banksters are the enemy of the state and our society.

        RE: US Currency aka: MONEY. We are already Slaves Financially. When a cult can print out of thin air as much paper IOU Fiat Currency and print any value they like on the paper, and say that this piece of printed paper with zero real value equals a week of your hard labor, we are slaves. And then we are require by law that all exchange of good and services are paid with this paper IOU fiat currency we are pretty Fu@ked. And then Tax us on every exchange with a sales tax, and make us pay the Government with these paper printed IOU fake currencies they produced out of thin air. We are Slaves financially. They pay us in fake IOU dollars for wages, we have to pay them part of our labor in income taxes and are required to exchange all goods with (((Their)))fake paper IOU’s.

        I suggest you go to your employer and demand you be paid with real money like Silver 1 Oz Rounds for your weekly wages. You work all week for a digital paycheck or a check IOU, to go to a bank, pay an IOU check cashing fee to cash the IOU, then pay taxes on the IOU.

        How about, you go to your Boss give him a piece of paper that says “IOU 1 week of Labor,” and demand he pays you in Silver on the spot. Until Americans stop working for paper IOU’s, we will remain slaves. This is why everybody’s goal needs to be fully independent off all Grids, Off all IOU Money Grids, and off all Power Grids and off all Food Grids, and off all Brainwashing (((TV and MSM Grids))). If you are on their Grid they control you and you are their slave.

        Until you create the life style where you are fully independent off all their Grids, you are a slave to their Grids and them. You are their child dependent slave. You want real freedom in your life, then be independent, get off their grid and stop paying their game of Master and Slave.

        Had a friend yesterday had their power go out from 4pm to 11pm last night due to a rain and lightening storm. They are grid tied. During this same storm I have full power, with no interruptions since I am all off the grid with Solar power. Their food was thawing in their freezer and they had no other way to cook food, because they use grid electricity to cook their food. They are slaves. I am not, Know the difference. I told them to freeze containers of water in their freezer to help keep the food cold in power outages and to also have at least 5 different ways to cook food independent of any grid. SO yes this was a learning experience for them.

    7. lulu says:

      I notice that vegans are slim, trim and far healthier than their meat/dairy eating counterparts. Just sayin’.

    8. Anonymous says:

      If my grandkids were fishing and that happened to them I guarantee those peeps would get a slapdown. Hey you activists go after the REAL animal abusing fking scum.

    9. Stormy says:

      Hitler was NOT a vegetarian. That was a myth. His doctor suggested eating more veggies because of his horrible flatulence (glad I wasn’t in that bunker).

      Anyway, vegans earn their own reward as it is a debilitating diet and it will kill them. Any ex-vegan can tell you all about their illnesses.

      • TEST says:

        Hitler’s National SOCIALIST (Nazi) doctor was a nutcase called Theodor Morrell, and yes he did have a horrible flatulence problem – I’m impressed you knew that, Stormy! You noted you were “glad you weren’t in that bunker….” but maybe we could postulate a new theory as to how his body was never found, as it was… er…. blown up in a gas attack NOT launched by the Russian final attack on Berlin! 😉

      • John Stiner says:

        Vegetarian???? Sounds too jewish…

        • Beaumont says:

          Holocaust is an expression, meaning a burnt sacrifice, which, to me, seems more blunt. This must have been a word, coined by your ideological opponents.

          You Nazi apologists, instead, show Disney-esque pictures, of yourselves, where you live with forest animals, and have a puerile sort of affection for your women.

      • The Deplorable Braveheart says:

        Stormy, when I was in grade school, we had course about health and I still remember something about having some kind of combination of the five different food groups. I’ve been primarily a meat-eater all my life and will be one for the rest of it. A lot of people swear up and down, for example, that red meat is bad for you. Hell, I’ve been consuming red meat since I was a kid and still do to this day. Never had any medical issues because of it. I don’t trust any of those ‘studies’ published which claim such-and-such food is bad for you. Some people swear there’s nothing good to eat out there. Like hell there isn’t!

      • Yahooie says:

        Read a story on Drudge very recently about a plane that was cleared out due to someone’s flatulence. I think the plane had landed in NC or had to be landed there. Per the story, passengers suffered headaches, nausea, etc.

        I read this story at work and did my best to not become a disturbance. Can’t unread that one!

    10. Dave says:

      Science has shown that plants feel too. Wonder how they would live with that! Guy would have been thrown over the fence! Mess with me, but don’t even think about messing with my children!

      • John Stiner says:

        used to be you could just kill those people, take the cell phones and destroy the evidence.

        But now everything is “live streamed” to facebook so the evidence is online before you finish committing the crime.

        Dam technology….

    11. Dave says:

      I got your violence!

    12. Red Leader says:

      Yes its true. Plants have feelings too!

    13. Dave:

      Yes, I was thinking the same thing. Plants feel and have emotions. They grow better with classical music and wither with heavy metal.

      With, this logic, suicide is a good thing, since eating is so bad.


      According to Wekipedia: Hitler ate meat until 1937. He then promoted the idea of vegetarianism and by 1942 was a self-identified vegetarian. This is documented by Speer and other acquaintances who wrote about his attempts to dissuade others from eating meat.


    14. TEST says:

      When I was living in Vancouver, BC, this guy came up from California who called himself a “Breatharian”, claiming you could just live off the air alone (and I assume water, although maybe WATER has feelings too!). He did NOT advocate you tried his method unless you spent thousands of dollars on his classes to get trained, of course. It was someone big news.

      What was hilarious was a few months later it was reported in the back pages of the paper that his secretary had outed him for sneaking out at night and going to 7-11s and gorging on all kinds of junk food like Twinkies, etc. Almost too funny to be true, but it was.

      If you google “breatharians,” they are still out there!

      My contention is, of course, that once socialism really sets in (“when socialism comes to the Sahara, there will even be a shortage of sand” used to say the Poles under communism) we will all be breatharians, just like the Venezuelans are today in their Socialist Workers’ Paradise

    15. Old Guy says:

      Its stated that vegans live on average 7 years longer than meat eaters. Seven long worthless baconless years.

    16. NewVegasBadger says:

      Attn Vegans!
      I do not shoot innocent animals……
      I only shoot the ones that look guilty.

    17. Copenhagen says:

      Only a matter of time until these brainwashed activists attack the wrong person(s) and some of these activists get the living hell beat out of them for bullying innocent people..This is straight up bullying behavior..These activist know which areas will put up with their sh*t,and which areas wont..They also know who to target and who to leave the hell alone because they’ll get their teeth knocked out..Let these activists venture into areas full of hunters and fishermen and pull their stunts and see what happens..

    18. Jim Forbes says:

      A little grey-matter spatter would have ended the confrontation. Concealed Carry……Never leave home without it.

    19. frank says:

      These people are no better than those Antifa assholes and should be treated with the same consideration, which is: come any closer and I will break something attached to you.

      Humans are omnivores. We need both plant and animal protein to survive and thrive. Ever known a vegetarian or a vegan? Besides being pain-in-the-ass, holier-than-thou moralists, they are underweight and smell bad. They are usually potheads, too (it’s vegetable matter, after all). And almost all of them are shitlibs, which means they are cowards and will turn tail and run if you stand up to them. Don’t try to argue or reason with them because you can’t reason with the insane. The only thing they understand is a stick upside the head.

    20. Nailbanger says:

      Im going to go behead one of my chickens as a salute to douchebag vegans everywhere

    21. Philosopher Deplorabilis says:

      Wow. Speechless.

    22. Arby5 says:

      It is just totally amazing how ABSOLUTELY STUPID some people are.

      Don’t worry about them too much, their “time” is coming

    23. oops says:

      I remember laughing at my cousin when his little boy hooked him in the scalp. His son was trying to throw his line out and went back a little to far. Actually it was pretty ugly and required medical attention. OUCH! Just saying.

    24. aljamo says:

      Lab created meat is happening right now, the meat of the future. If you are eating store bought meat who knows the source since country of origin has been eliminated from labeling requirements. Chinese chicken anyone. The usual soy based fake meat products are gmo. Farm raised fish also with high prices, everything I have read about the filthy crap that is fed to the fish is disgusting. I love fish but can’t trust the source or potential contamination I eat very little meat on a rare occasion.

    25. aljamo says:

      When I read ABC Action News that reads familiar because it is the local ABC affliate. Despise that channel and the Tampa Bay Times, both fine examples of endless fake news tidbits, surrounding the paid advertising disguised as news.

    26. Fritz says:

      If God didn’t want us to eat animals, then why did He make them out of meat?

    27. Jim in Va. says:

      They get near my bacon there will be casualties!

    28. KY Mom says:

      The perfect storms builds…

      Navigating through the storms: “I’m losing my sense of outrage”


    29. The Deplorable Braveheart says:

      Jim, same here. You make me hungry mentioning bacon. GIVE ME BACON OR GIVE ME DEATH, LOL!

    30. Faux Liberte' says:

      “Give man a fish. You feed him for a day. Teach him to fish, he’ll never go hungry. Take away his fish..”

      When someone ridicules or lays blame, but does not offer a solution? Then all you’ve got is noise pollution.

    31. Gary man says:

      Independent of the issues raised by the point raised as to the reality of fish
      Suffering when fished out of their life
      Support ,more accurately, pulled relentlessly from its oxygen source with a sharp metal hook deeply embedded in its lips from where the beings is forced from its habitat in the most violent way, until the
      Fish is deprived of oxygen while suffering the shock of being outside of its wet oxygen rich habitat all the while suffocating while fighting with all its strength to some how desperately suck some oxygen from the strange air lacking its lifeblood dies a brutal death as it slowly continues to suffocate while seeking any oxygen filled water for relief from the horror of dying from lack of oxygen a process that can last as long as 2 to 3 minutes. No question how cruel and painful this process is

    32. Personally, I have never liked the taste of meat. Doesn’t bother me that people do because all bodies are different and each of us have our own nutritional needs.

      Last phrase in last sentence pretty lame – Mac, are you burnt out?

    33. Koshamain says:

      Nutritional Deficiencies abound among Vegans.
      Deficiencies in three essential ones:
      Vitamin b12
      *Carn is a root word that is a essential nutrient from Meat
      Seitan made from Wheat Gluten with Conventional(Pesticide Sprayed) or Transgenic Seed is a slow Poisoning.
      GMO Soy is a great way to Castrate via Frankenfoods.
      Vegan Clothing is Petroleum Based and is a Potent Hormone Disrupter that is in contact with skin most of the day and night.
      Moral High Ground Ideology and Mentality based off of a Disney Animated feature called Bambi who was raised by Parents who tel him and the Audience Humans are Demonic for hunting them while he is portrayed as a “Fawn” Christ.

    34. Cindy Long says:

      Tried to reason with a few on fb.Texas and helibacon–the hard core vegans cannot think nor reason,its always a knee jerk reaction.
      That farmers are losing money when hogs plow up their planted fields,posted pix and even asked if YOU were a farmer,how would you deal with wild hogs?Noone would answer.The animals are more important than people..

    35. Brian says:

      Plants are more intelligent and aware of what is going on around them than they have been given credit for. You have to eat something and I’d rather it be plants. A healthy diet is a diet high in green, leafy vegetables that are high in micronutrients and low in calories. We Americans are obese because we eat too much of the wrong foods and are too sedentary. Why are there obese, unhealthy vegans? A vegan diet does not ensure long life, good health, and a slim body. The food industry is a miracle in the quantities of food it delivers, the number of people it feeds, and the cost of the food. However, a lot has been learned in the last several decades about nutrition and health. To feed America an ideal diet would be so expensive and require such changes in agriculture, that it is not affordable to the average family. The diet we follow keeps us fed but it leads to obesity and health problems. If SHTF situations this could be fatal for a lot of people, in normal life it results in a decrease in the quality of life.

    36. NewVegasBadger says:

      I want all those animal rights and vegan crazies to know, that I do my part for the greater good. I don’t shoot innocent animals. I only shoot the ones that look guilty.

    37. JabbaTheHoot says:

      As Aljamo said, lab-created meat is being developed. That’s the next pressure. Artificial food (as opposed to recycled food, good for the planet and OK for you) will be the next step, once the vegans have to deal with the reality that plants also can feel pain and fear being eaten.

      Control the food supplies and you control the people, after all.

      Raise as much of your own as you can, folks.

    38. Jack Crabb says:

      Well, the good news is that if TSHTF, these dumb fucks and their ilk will be among the very first to go.

    39. Albert Hoffman says:

      When the grid goes down forever and does not come back, then this bullshit ends forever and does not come back.

      • Sierra Dave says:

        Amen to that!!!

        And generations afterwards will tell the tale how Vegans tried eating grass and died out in the hundreds whilst others feasted on chickens and rabbits and deer and lived. 😛

    40. Brian says:

      To successfully follow a diet that is only plant-based and is healthy, requires knowing how your body works (especially the digestive system) and nutrition. Plant foods have defenses to prevent predators from getting the maximum nutrition from eating them and which leave the predator’s digestive system damaged. Our bodies work best on a plant-based diet with some animal foods on the side. It is consistent with that of the great apes. Some good books include: The Plant Paradox. Dr. Gundry’s Diet Evolution, and Undoctored, and Wheat Belly.

    41. Danny says:

      Somebody needs to bitchslap these mentally disabled idiots

    42. Lego says:

      Kick his ass Seabass!

    43. Skip67 says:

      Which is why I carry a Mossberg 590 Shockwave when I go fishing

    44. I would have politely said that they are entitled to their thinking on this matter, & that I disagree….and leave it at that…it is NEVER of any use to discuss things with ‘converts’ of any kind!!!!! If they persisted, then I’d tell them that research has shown that when you cut a plant, it registers pain on lab equipment……..end of story!!!!!

    45. Beaumont says:

      They’re equating themselves with animals, to be used, saying their pain is like that of a fish, and provoking punishment upon themselves. It’s masochism. Do you need more help with that.

      “Hey, hey, hey… THIS IS LIBRARY”!

      Instead of having futile shouting contests, like on World Star Hip Hop, the establishment is obliged to secure it’s own premises.

      If Chik-Fil-A and the library, etc, will not protect your legal rights, do not protect theirs.

      We would like to think that some social institution or business has a right to exist, on it’s own merit. For instance, library, restaurant, boat ramp, etc. It provides some use to society, so we spare it from harm.

      These are apparently “equal opportunity” employers, just as likely to hire someone from PETA, Green Peace, or some other invader. They are all allowed access to the lakefront.

      These venues are not going to pay you enough to survive. So, don’t pay them enough to survive. They don’t protect your safety. So, don’t protect their safety. They don’t guarantee your safe access or treat you preferentially. Don’t afford these businesses the right to exist, nor support them preferentially.

      Adults, in animal masks, covered in fake blood, on the ground, in front of confused children. There is no reason for these people to be allowed in the door. They have a right to refuse business to anyone. Yet, you still have to put up with it. Since the business has a made a choice, oblige them. Leave them to it. To each his own.


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