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Unedited CCTV Footage: The Moment Cops Shoot All Three London Bridge Terrorists Dead

Mac Slavo
June 7th, 2017
Comments (80)

cctv-londonbridge-terrorists(Image courtesy The Sun)

The London Bridge Terror attacks that left eight people dead and scores injured was orchestrated by three Islamic terrorists at a highly trafficked tourist destination in England. It didn’t take long for armed police to arrive on the scene, and when they did, they immediately went in for the kill.

As the following CCTV video footage shows, the three knife wielding terrorists were looking for more victims when an unsuspecting passer-by walked into the area. They immediately rushed the man and stabbed him repeatedly. Just moments after the attack began London police can be seen arriving on the scene. They exit their vehicle so quickly that it continues to roll down the street.

In the following unedited video police officers can be seen opening fire, killing all three attackers in about six seconds:

(View directly at Live Leak / Edited Version At Youtube)

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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: June 7th, 2017
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. Wilson says:

    Why would three cops armed with firearms be backing away from 3 pukes armed only with knives? They are backing WAAAY up. Are they afraid? Why be afraid of someone stupid enough to bring knives to a gunfight?

    • Gandhi says:

      Smart to back up, their knives are worthless at long range unless they are carving a turkey ?

    • rellik says:

      Different tactics. Brit cops are afraid of guns so don’t know how to use them. American cops are “spray and pray” put enough rounds down range and something will drop. Brit cops are held responsible for their bad actions and American cops get paid vacation and are dragged through the courts, but mostly acquitted. Go figure.

      • PersonSmarterThanYou says:

        Amerikan Cops don’t care wether or not babies are caught in the crossfire.

        • Scott in Atlanta says:

          You’re an idiot. American cops … yes, you brainwashed turd, it’s spelled with a “c” … kill savages. I’m sure leftwing, brainrotted morons like you wish they had run up and hugged the poor little Muslim knifers, for in your mind, they were probably just “misunderstood” … the mind of the sick Left. Furthermore, in America, at least in the parts that haven’t been taken over by you and your pals in the Left, the cops wouldn’t have had to do the dirty work. Brave citizens, armed thanks to the wonderful 2nd Amendment, would’ve killed these butchers (otherwise known as the Left’s bestest buds) in short order. Fool.

    • john stiner says:

      you have never heard of the 21 foot rule?

      • Cyberrifles says:

        Yes, a knife wielder is dangerous up to 21 feet.

      • BlackMoe says:

        Yes, always carry a tape measure with you to a fight.

      • PersonSmarterThanYou says:

        The 21 foot rule is a lawyers tactic so that if you have a knife ordered on Amazon and it is due to arrive at the victims house by three o’clock on the UPS truck then the cops can murder you anytime after 2 o’clock.

      • CrackSumSkulls says:

        More like 6 times the 21 Ft Rule. How about the 40 Yard Rule. You know how fast a Hoodie Can run a 40 yard dash in and stab you in the chest? How about 4.22 seconds record run by NFL Redskins Runner John Ross on a football field. And how fast can you pull your concealed weapon out, aim and fire at a running target coming at you from 40 yards away and hit him and kill him? In less than 4.22 Seconds I hope? Think again folks.

        Think “SITUATIONAL AWARENESS” at all times and the 40 Yard Rule. Any threats come closer to you than 40 yards away, you better at least get your hands on your weapon and safety off and ready to shoot, or prepare to die in a pool of your own blood. Any threats come at you, you put your one hand out and say stop, if they keep coming at you, you pull your gun out and say STOP again. If they keep coming at you, and you can see a weapon, then start firing until he stops moving. When the cops come, its your word against a Dead Thug welding a knife laying in his own pool of blood, just yards from your pile of empty brass shell casings. And you get to go home to your family that day, and the Thug gets to go to the Morgue.

        Any Questions?

        • Braveheart1776 says:

          CSS, damn right. My weapon would already be out, locked-and-loaded, and safety off before any mofo could get within 40 yards of me. It already lays at my bedside in the same condition every night. I’ll give those Brit cops credit for taking out those 3 sandapes.

    • Kalil says:

      Yes, all Americans are brave cowboy gunfighters. You are all so brave you bomb children from five miles up. Your taxpayer money at work.

      Go back to watching Netflix, brave cowboy.

      • Braveheart1776 says:

        Kalil, f#$% you. Go back to whatever sandbox you came from.

      • RandomTangent1957 says:

        Wow… so there is actually some good use of tax dollars ?
        No need though, I would gladly do it for free. Then you hang them on the fence like you do with coyotes…, to warn the orhers to stay away. I have plenty of bacon so I can give everyone some because I like to share. I will give you all the free lead & ? you deserve ?
        Standing by in Montgomery County Texas

      • WTF is going on? says:

        Hey Akmed, go on and rape some more kids like your sad excuse Mohammad tells you to do you monkey sub-human tan shit stain on the street. I use the Quran to wipe my ass and your momma’s clit juices.

      • Scott in Atlanta says:

        I think we found one more who needs a bomb up his ass.

      • ronna says:

        That child will grow up into a muslim terrorist that will cut your head off. Our tax dollars will save you!

      • Milos Leubner says:

        Kalil – yes it is hard to believe that such sub humans without souls should hold so much power and that they make all of us guilty of murdering in cold blood nine year old children at the funerals or elsewhere. I cry with you.

      • You don’t want your useless soon to be terrorist shitbag kids to die, get the hell away from the bad guys numbnuts! Don’t take a rocket scientist to realize if you love your babies get the hell away from the targets! And you piece of shits are real brave too, killing unarmed innocent little girls at a concert, or blowing up your own people in a cowardly act of suicide. Friggin douche

      • Jaceson says:

        You are so brave talking shit on the internet. Coward like the rest of your race.

    • JustMe says:

      One of the reasons they are backing up, is so they can assess the threat. They could still be stabbed, in one last act of defiance.

      • Sgt. Dale says:

        JS and JM

        Good points, and you are right.

        Shoot retreat assess your target. If they are still coming you keep shooting till you bury their dicks in the dirt.

        Just because they shot him/them doesn’t mean that the turds are going to die right away. Remember the 5.56 round more than likely went through them and they didn’t even know that where hit. So yes back off and keep shooting.


        • rellik says:

          Hey sarge,
          Correct me if I’m wrong and I sometimes am.
          I was always taught to advance to the threat
          and shoot till the threat is stopped. meaning on the ground
          and not moving much, then back off in case of
          bombs, and other bad things.
          You can’t see behind
          you when you back up. You are focused on
          the threat in front of you
          I know about the 7 yard rule, but you aren’t
          supposed to back up to make it 7 yards
          you are supposed to stop them before
          they get that close.
          I’m waiting for the lesson.

        • Plan twice, prep once says:

          Absolutely SGT.,
          It was obvious two of them rushed police counting on the police hesitating and missing their target. Stab armed police, and now the bad guy has a gun. There are also reports the bad guys might have had body armor, but I question that.

          British police are typically issued 9mm Glocks and Sig Sauers, rifles are like you say 5.56, some get riot shotguns but that is rare, those are typically reserved for bean bags and rubber bullets. The 9mm is not a reliable man stopper like a .45 or .357. I also wouldn’t expect British police ammo to be anything special. I’d put money on it being standard ball ammo, no +P hollow points.

          The LEO that runs, takes cover, then fires is no wus, he’s a survivor that gets to go home. It’s also likely not all police there had firearms. If they don’t run and get out of the line of fire they are a hazard and will likely be a statistic of the bad guys or friendly fire.

          In every crazy video where police survived armed attacks, they kept moving using cover. Putting a car between you and a guy with a knife is how you survive in combat.

          • rellik says:

            “In every crazy video where police survived armed attacks, they kept moving using cover. Putting a car between you and a guy with a knife is how you survive in combat.”

            Those brit cops didn’t do that. They got out and became easy targets.
            Which is what my earlier comments obliquely refer to. I had to qualify yearly with an M16 even though my job was an Avionics technician, it’s a long story. But generally I had to qualify on the security policeman course, due to Nixon era Air force budget.
            The security police instructors would instruct,
            and I went out and qualified along with the SP cops.
            I’m not a cop. but I can shoot a M16 like a
            military policeman.

            Those Brit cops had automatic rifles and did not do
            what I was taught to do. They are very lucky they did
            not get hurt.

            • Plan twice, prep once says:

              I have to admit there is a Keystone Cop look to the video.

              In Britain only certain special trained police are issued firearms. I’ll bet there’s a bit of under training of unarmed Bobbies who don’t know enough to get out of the way when the shooting starts, including their roll in supporting armed British police.

          • Braveheart1776 says:

            PTPO, the 9mm WILL put someone down AS LONG AS YOU CAN SEND THAT BULLET TO THE RIGHT AREA OF HIS BODY. We can debate about calibers until the cows come home but I always encounter someone who forgets that SHOT PLACEMENT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT OF FIREARMS USE. ANY caliber will stop a threat as long as you can send that bullet to the right place. That’s what I was taught in firearms classes back in the 70s and 80s.

            • ronna says:

              Trouble is when the Adrenalin hits you are not going to be as effective in putting that shot where it counts. I’ll take a sawed off pump shotgun loaded with buck any time.

              • Plan twice, prep once says:

                BraveHeart & Ronna,

                In situations like this, I reflect on NY CITY Police statistics that in shootings where the bad guys have guns, police hit their intended taget only 17% of the time, and that is a hit not a mortal wound. When the bad guys have a knife, police hit their intended target 30% of the time. Obviously increasing stress makes people miss their target. I think many average Americans would be hard pressed to shoot as well as a trained City LEO.

                This statistic sounds like a good reason for using really large magazines, since you are only hitting that bad guy with 1 in 6 shots!

                These terrorists also did not behave like most knife wielding criminal assailants when confronted by armed police. Instead of trying to escape, they behaved more like an attack dog that attacks to kill anyone and everyone, starting with the nearest individual without hesitation or communication. It’s clear now they weren’t going to stop until killed. Standard police training likely does not train for this kind of warfar.

        • Plan twice, prep once says:

          Let me add, arriving police may not have known victim from terrorist.

          Police arriving on a scene of violent murder can only rely on training. It’s never a well choreographed movie set.

      • PO'd Patriot says:

        Good call JS. Don’t think those are magic bullets in those carbines. Those muzzies are pumped up on adrenaline and it’ll take a bullet through the heart, head, or big bone to incapacitate them instantly. That’s why you keep jerking that trigger until they’re in a pile. And the 21 foot rule does apply. There are instances where a lot of people got stabbed before their brain connected to the trigger finger.

    • Because some terrorists strap bombs to themselves and blow themselves up. This is known as suicide bombers.

    • nuckinfuts says:

      the emeffers were wearing fake explosive vests.

    • Jay in UK (now Latvia) says:

      The cultural dinosaurs they were shooting were wearing what looked like explosive belts (later proven to have been fake), so that was perhaps why they backed off.

    • watching and waiting says:

      It was reported that one of the terrorists, if not two, were wearing what appeared to be a vest laden with explosives, a suicide vest, which later was determined to be fake, but at that time, it was unknown.

      They terminated the threat(s). Job well done.

    • knot Jammin, Jr says:

      No they are not afraid. As they had just rolled up on the seen it is best to back away and expand your field of view to insure someone doesn’t come in from the side. I don’t know what the cops knew at that moment but I can assure you I would make sure that I was not going to be blindsided by a forth or fifth suspect. I can guaranty that only a fool would rush anyone with a knife. As fast as everything happened I believe the cops did a great job. In the end, 3-dead terrorist and no dead or injured cop.

      • Plan twice, prep once says:

        Actually there are reports one American tourist was shot in the head by British police during the incident.

        Whether it was a stray bullet or the tourist was erroneously targeted, he’s still dead.

    • Beaumont says:

      How do you know whether they have one of those vests, that turns them into falafel.

    • They backed up in case they had explosive vests on

    • snert says:

      maybe they should’ve asked politely if the canisters they were holding could explode…better yet, step back and shoot!!!

    • Smokey says:

      21 feet is supposed to be danger range with a knife assailant. They had 3 of them. Back up and take them out.

    • Junie says:

      You have a gun to give you the option of keeping your distance and not getting hurt. Upon arriving they couldn’t know just how many terrorists they were dealing with and where they were all located. Keeping distance gives additional time to assess just exactly what they’re dealing with and not dying in the process. Also, if a terrorist got one of them down, the terrorist would then have access to the gun to use on the other officers, more passerbys, etc.

  2. TEST says:

    “Republics are created by the virtue, public spirit, and intelligence of the citizens. They fall, when the wise are banished from the public councils, because they dare to be honest, and the profligate are rewarded, because they flatter the people, in order to betray them.”

    —Joseph Story (1833), justice on Supreme Court and Author of Commentaries on the Constitution

  3. outdoorman says:

    Terrorists are know to wear explosive vests. I’d back up away from an injured terrorist as well.

  4. Cruzer says:

    Spray and pray worked this time Sent them straight to hell

  5. oops says:

    There is a reason the jerks pull this in gun free zones! Brits need to take up base ball all year long!

  6. CrackSumSkulls says:

    And the CTTV Video is brought to you by UK Big Brother. They catch all the action after the fact. There are more survelience Cameras in London than people.

    Sgt D is correct. Keep shooting till they stop moving.

  7. RECON says:

    To bad the cops did not roll out with a 12 ga.
    I guarantee they would not get up.

  8. Traitor Hator says:

    When charged at by a suicide attacker with a machete? Have a shotgun? Or the most powerful handgun you can afford?

  9. Traitor Hator says:

    I wonder if the best thing is a Charter Arms Bulldog 44 special? Small light powerful, never jams, hot loads kick. But when a suicide guy is coming your adrenaline won’t mind the kick at all?

  10. Nailbanger says:

    Good job!
    Need that to be SOP for dealing with all violent perps

  11. Police Brutality.

    Why didn’t the police invite them to tea. Or, maybe see if they would like to date their teen daughters. Are they Islamaphobic anti-LGtb/STD ?? Wtf !!


  12. Anticommie says:

    These heartless killings of the beautiful negroid muslims needs to stop. The poor things just have an itch they need to scratch. We have to preserve this glorious culture and diversity. The cops should have joined the victimized youths and shot the white racists.

  13. Cmore says:

    Betting the man stabbed is a crisis actor. Did u not see the video with cops changing into fatigues same color as a downed terrorist….. ?? Don’t believe this shit.

  14. Its standard behavior. Always keep your distance to your opponent.

  15. John WV says:

    Those three fools are now burning in Hell, they were trick into believing there would be a room full of virgins waiting for them.
    Call it what it is: Islam is a Death Cult. Not a Religion Of Peace.

  16. watching and waiting says:

    I would think that once the threat was down, that the police would swarm, disarm, place in restraints and render first aid, yes first aid if still alive.

    If still resisting, yes, still a threat and engage to longer a threat.

    However, reports did say one or more terrorist were wearing a suicide bomb vest although it was reported later they were fake.

  17. Tom T says:

    It’s pretty obvious that some people watch too many Hollywood movies. It’s pretty rare that someone just drops the second they are shot. The 21 ft rule is a minimum distance standard in tactical firearms training although, again that is the minimum distance. If you watch some of the reality detective shows (48 hours is a good one) you will notice that headshots the victim is DRT(dead right there) but most of the times the victim was shot in one place but the body is a block or two away. Most deer hunters can attest to this as well. When using a .223 / 5.56 round you can have the perfect shot placement but still have to go 100 yards away to find where the deer “crashed”. It’s also the reason cops fire until the threat is neutralized.

    • Frank Thoughts says:

      Very true: Hollywood ballastics and real ballastics are two different things. Hollywood is barely above the days when people would just grab their chest and groan and fall down.

      Depending on the calibre, the target could have large chunks blown off them with a bullet hit, or have a round go right threw them and out the other end with a giant hole. Depending on where a person is hit, people do not instantly die like they do in films.

      The police did the right thing considering the situation. There was loads of confusion and chaos as people were running this way and that (the density of population was very large). The streets are very tight in London compared to US cities. You do not have much room for manouver. And they had no idea if these clowns were suicide bombers.

      The problem is a bigger one: there are just far too many mentally unwell, low IQ Muslims and blacks in the country who are easy prey for this sick ideology and its message. They have also mistakenly allowed the highest positions in the land to be occupied by sympathisers: that is a massive security leak risk. But then the US had a Muslim Brotherhood guy as president for 8 long years.

  18. WTF is going on? says:

    Only good thing is that these 3 Muslim pukes are DEAD!! Too bad all Muslims are not gone from the Earth.

  19. sniperbait says:

    Everyone here is an expert. Until you have a knife whielding nutjob running at you then keep your thoughts to yourself. The cops killed them…good work. Sadly 8 innocents lost their lives before the British police could do the world a favour

  20. Daddywick says:

    Obviously you have never been in a gun fight!
    Just because you shoot someone doesn’t mean they will be instantly incapacitated.
    Unlike your Hollywood movies when someone is shot they immediately fall to the ground and are dead. Can’t be further from the messy truth. It can be a kill shot but the subject can continue to fight for another 10 or 15 minutes. At least the police officers did shot each other!

  21. palcau ioan says:

    I want to congratulate the system,the elite,for the u.k.elections first,n for their awesome gift for this mentally ill n brainwashed humanity,which is the terrorism worldwide.Brilliant idea,guys!!! No ones like you!!! Please,pleaaseee,dont stop you here,i cant wait for the hell to breake loose,so hit that damn WW3 button !!!! Wtf are you waiting for?!? P.S. the police didnt killer that ,,heroes,,they were just put to sleep for a looooong vacation on Mars

  22. Truth Spreader says:

    This and Manchester were false flags!

    Look on JewTube and you’ll find all you need to know the truth – it’s all there.

    Sandy Hook and Fort Lauderdale were also psyops.

    Wake up.