There were so many kids, the security guards couldn’t control the violent crowd...

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Uncensored Video: Memphis Mob: Scores of Black Teens Attack Shoppers: “They Got a White Dude… Haha”

Mac Slavo
September 8th, 2014
Comments (413)

A new video shows up to one hundred teens engaging in a violent new activity called ‘Point Them Out, Knock Them Out’ wherein an individual is marked by the mob and then beaten to a pulp.

The teenagers playing the game are primarily black, while the victims shown in the video almost exclusively white, for the exception of a black security guard who risked bodily harm to save one of the fallen victims. A witness account indicates that there was at least one additional black victim, though this was unclear in the video.

In the uncensored video below, teens are shown rushing a Kroger’s grocery store in Memphis, Tennessee where they target a white employee.

What happens next is nothing short of a mass hate crime, as the individuals proceed to knock the employee down, throw pumpkins on him and then stomp his head repeatedly.

What’s most appalling and shocking is that the individuals, as well as the person making the video, seem to find the game to be nothing out of the ordinary. The videographer actually laughs from excitement when she realizes that a white individual has been targeted. Once that person is taken down by the mob, they set their sights on another, and then another.

*Adult Language / Graphic Violence*

All these motherf*ckin kids… All these hood rats.

They fixin’ to fight. They fixin’ to jack. Hold on…

They got a white dude… haha… hold on.

[A second white individual, a Kroger employee is then targeted at front door]

Hold on, let me get out of the way. Ha-ha-ha… Oh shit. Wait a minute. Oh damn.

Uncensored Raw Video:

Eye Witness Report:

The witness says the mob of young teens viciously ran through the Poplar Plaza parking lot assaulting complete strangers.

It was maybe about 100 to 125 kids. It was a lot of kids,” said the witness.

“Is that an exaggeration?” asked WREG’s Elise Preston.

“No, it`s not an exaggeration,” replied the witness.

There were so many kids, the security guards couldn’t control the violent crowd.

“They were playing a game called ‘point them out, knock them out.’ Where they would point someone out and attempt to knock them out or fight them. There was no real reason behind it. (Via News Channel 3)

In the aftermath of the Ferguson police shooting incident, where a black teen was shot by a white police officer, thousands of people protested the action as a racist hate crime. Though no evidence of the crime has been presented and the exact circumstances that led to the shooting remain unclear, African American community leaders and representatives of the Obama administration, including Attorney General Eric Holder, descended on the area. Their aim was to seek justice and to support a community that has reportedly been discriminated against based on their race.

Will there be a similar outcry in Memphis? Or is the definition of a ‘hate crime’ one that applies only to ‘white-on-black’ or ‘straight-on-gay’ violence?

Such brazen attacks will not only continue, but will get progressively worse if those responsible are not held to account, and that includes everyone who organized and was involved in the Memphis mob.

What do you think? Was this a hate crime targeting white individuals (and perhaps black people who were helping whites)? Or are these teens simply acting out and rebelling like any kids their age would do?

Moreover, had the mob been made up primarily of white teens attacking black teens, would the response from law enforcement and government be any different?


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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: September 8th, 2014

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    • Jezebel says:

      The Eric Holder /Barack Hussein Obama Department of Justice will NOT call for additional investigation into this event, nor will it EVER be referred to as a HATE CRIME.

      • Smokey says:

        It’s only a short matter of time until a group like this chooses the wrong person, and several of the assailants are wounded or killed.

        Guess what’s going to happen to the innocent victim who defended him or herself?

        • My wife and I were just talking about that. Sooner or later this scenario will occur and then all hell is going to break loose. 🙁

        • the renegade braveheart says:

          Smokey, something will happen to the victim ONLY if the victim ALLOWS it to happen. In my case, if anyone tries to target me for a legitimate act of self-defense they can expect a fight. My advice to such people is to back off if you know what’s best for yourselves.

          • Unreconstructed Southron says:

            And that’s why you carry a mag in every pocket, aint’ it Brave?

          • Smokey says:

            I was thinking of the aftermath, when the poor bastard is hauled into court for two or three years for shooting black teenagers who were just letting out some cultural steam.

            If he isn’t beaten to death when he runs out of cartridges…

            • Smokey,

              If black people have lost their minds, and are behaving like savages fresh off the boat, they should be treated as such with no sympathy what-so-ever. If we have to reassert order at the barrel of a firearm in self defense, then so be it. However, be prepared for the repercussions from Obama and Holder. The savages can do no wrong in their twisted eyes. Boy, am I glad I didn’t vote for those losers.

              • Smokey says:

                I’m in full agreement with treating savages like savages.

                However, there is an entire industry of media, professional apologists, and race baiters out there who are drooling in anticipation of another opportunity to manufacture outrage and put another citizen in the hotseat.

              • A. Wyatt Mann says:

                Species: Congo erectus, otherwise known as Pavementus apicus.

                Habitat: They once lived in jungle habitats or savannas. Today, they can be seen inhabiting large urban areas.

                Mating Habits: Males attracted to large posteriors of the female of the species. The female will usually wear tight pants over her large posterior to draw a mate. They are not typically monogamous. The males tend to make lousy fathers and will leave the family grouping after a short period of time. Females are prone to persistent and loud bickering, usually completely unintelligible. Mating will result in many offspring which are typically unruly.

                Behavioral Patterns: Due to their fast-twitch muscle fibers, they tend to favor sporting activities. They are also drawn to viewing sporting events. They are attracted to anything shiny: gold teeth, car rims, absurdly large jewelry ornamentation, etc. Also, they are hypnotized by loud, rhythmic beats as from a drum, trash can, or their mouths. They don’t usually congregate in large groups as they are antagonistic with one another, but on occasion they will group together if there is a possibility for something to be stolen. Caution must be observed around this species at all times as they are unpredictable and aggressive. Not to be trusted.

                Diet: Any part of a chicken. Melon-type fruits. Anything fried.

              • Slick One says:

                YH says:
                Comment ID: 3221823
                September 8, 2014 at 11:08 pm Smokey,

                If black people have lost their minds, and are behaving like savages fresh off the boat, they should be treated as such with no sympathy what-so-ever……

                The use of flame throwers has been proven useful to supress ghetto scum. Having a B52 come in with napalm bombs and roast out such subhumanity is also effective. Any rioters arrested should be subjected to frontal lobotomy and or 1940’s style convulsive electro shock therapy,use such medical proceedures will produce a positive effect on subhumans. The aforementioned treatment does result in a better house broken negroe.
                With negresses arrested during these riots I believe that the German sterilization techniques of the 1940’s could be of value. Chemical solutions that were introduced into follopian tubes provided a fast method to seal the follopian tubes after one treatment in most cases. Then as the ability to reproduce is terminated….
                One can only hope that when humans have had enough of these ghetto primates that harsh methods of control, sterilization, deportation, or liqudation will be used.
                When America is invaded by Ebola there would be one silver lining, the demographics of our nation could be reset to those of about 1950.

            • Cara says:

              There is no way anybody could call that behavior “letting off steam”. And black parents should be shouting very loudly that this is unacceptable. Where is that cry??? Silence means acceptance.
              I find it hard to believe that black parents consider this ok.

              • islander says:

                you seem to think these hooligans have parents . they indeed do not . giving birth or providing the seed does not make you a parent . parenting involves being there for a child and teaching values . it involves much more than any of those thugs were ever given . there is a sickness in the black community that has grown so large that the only thing that may stop it is too nasty to think about but it will happen sometime soon . it will be the event that the government is pushing for and will result in more government intrusion into the lives of the lawful . its going to suck to be a black thug one of these days

              • snake eater says:

                By God you better believe it cara


          • Joe Biden says:

            Don’t hang around for ‘theauthorities’. The just-us system will crucify you anyway. Don’t make it easy.

            • Gregory8 says:

              Joe Biden: Good point, I don’t of any law that requires a person to stay around for the police to arrive, except in an automobile accident. So a ‘shoot and scoot’ move may be the right way to go. Later you can always claim that you fled out of fear and didn’t know that you were suppose to stay, if that’s what your particular state requires. Remember, only about 60-65% of all homicides are even solved and most of those are because in over 90% of them the vic/perps knew each other. In a stranger on stranger situation, it drops to nearly zero.

        • Winston Smtih says:

          I don’t know, but one things for sure: I am reconsidering my decision not to concealed carry. If I am carrying and a mob tried it on me, I would empty the magazine into them and hopefully make it so that they could never do it again. I may die in the end, but at that point it wouldn’t matter as I would be dead anyway after they were done with me.

          • JustMe says:

            What you are seeing is just more of Phase 1 of White Genocide. We all know what would happen had the mob been White, and of course, there will be no “hate crime” charges against the perps.

            This story will not get national coverage, and will be censored and twisted by the propaganda organs. White people have brought this on themselves, by refusal to face hard cold blunt reality.

            Soon, you will not just be fighting for your Freedom, but for your life.

            • JoJoNobody says:

              Everybody liked this comment. my question for everyone is Whats the answer? Everybody just hate and shoot everybody else? Then our once great country turns into a shit hole like Somalia or Bosnia! No freedom, economic prosperity or safety. All our energy spent in fighting and day to day survival instead of realative peace and relative propsperity. There IS a war going on BUT it isnt white vs black. It is a war against good vs evil. And its hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys UNTIL the INDIVIDUAL acts. There are good white guys and bad white guys! Good black guys and bad black guys!and in this days and age, same goes for women and even girls. And even”children”!! I say be prepared and absolutely defend yourself. Dont fall prey to hatred. Keep sane and just in insane times. I plan to band together with like minded sane people. And plan to shoot every mad dog lunitic i have to in self defence, irrigarless of the dogs color, stripe or sex. just my two cents……

          • Lee from La says:

            Not trying to speak out of turn, but a Glock 22 holds 15+1.
            I saw a shirt the other day that said, “I love my gun and like 3 people.”

          • BB Stacker says:

            Perfect example of why you should carry extra mags. Practice those rapid reloads. I have a feeling all of those statistics about self defense shootings happening at less than 20 feet with only a few shots fired are about to change.

          • Ga Doc says:

            Yes, make sure that you empty your mag so that if the survivors overtake you and take your firearm it will be empty, though they may still beat you with it.

          • snake eater says:

            I don’t think those cowards will hang around if you start popping caps


        • durango kidd says:

          Three armed shoppers and the part of the crowd not lying on the ground would disperse rather quickly.

          Forewarned is well armed. “Lock N Load”. Make that your mantra for the New Millenium. 😉

        • Heartless says:

          Smokey, you’re absolutely right. This could or maybe even will; worse, probably should, lead to a real racial war. And that is exactly the response that is needed. Some will say the current powers that be are encouraging this state of affairs. They’re right. So? What’s a decent non-black to do? Ally with others and ignore what is passing for ‘legal’ – as it isn’t. To hell with the courts and the idiotic judgements they will hand down. It’s coming time sir to fight back, hard, harder and win. War after all is …. war.

          sine missione

        • charlie2dogs says:

          its already past time that people like this are killed, its past time to get rid of some of the scum and filth in this country, im glad the army is preparing to deal with these cities, and i hope they are given the order to shoot on site, looters and those who commit such crimes as these.

        • Anonymous II says:

          When *that* happens, it will undo more than the last 50+ years of civil rights gains for minorities.

        • Colorado says:

          This has of course already happened.
          Trayvon Martin, anyone?

          • Smokey says:

            Remember Bernard Goetz? Shot four punks on the subway in NYC, and got railroaded into jail for it on a bullshit weapon charge. Al Sharpton was crying about feral youths carrying screwdrivers as weapons didn’t mean they were criminals and shouldn’t have been ‘executed’. I think two died on site, one was wounded, the fourth paralysed for life.

            The wounded one recovered and was shot in a gang incident a couple of years later. So much for Al Sharpton and his ilk.

        • Jack Smack says:

          It has already occurred a year or maybe two ago. A bunch of “teens” (new code word of the media for “black) were out playing the “Knock Out” game when they noticed a lone non black man walking alone by the mall. Well, two of the “teens” took off after him and when they got near him they thought they had him. Turns out the guy was ready for them and killed one of them and stabbed the other one several times. The guy continued on home as if nothing ever happened. When the police investigated the “teens” who attacked the man they discovered the truth and sought out the man who defended himself. They guy had no idea that one of the “teens” had died. The police refused to arrest the man for defending himself AND would not release his name to the public. The blacks went crazy for justice and demanded they were told who murdered their “wonderful child who loved everyone and had a wonderful future in front of him”. The cops refused. End of story. Let’s hope all instances of self defense in the future end this way as well. If you think you may be charged and arrested for self defense against a “teen” then make sure your cartridges have no DNA/fingerprints on them and if you are really concerned carry a revolver so there will be no casings left behind.

        • Baron says:

          Yes, well I would be that person. Oh, I might decide to just blow their knee caps off, as the joy of living in a wheel chair will be instructional for them, but that will depend on my attitude is at the time.

      • SolitaryMan says:

        I hope the white guy wasn’t Braveheart!

        • John Q. Public says:

          Race war—just what the banksters want.

          Nonetheless, you cannot allow yourself or your loved ones to be victimized by people too stupid to target their real enemies.

        • the renegade braveheart says:

          Solitary Man, take it easy. Braveheart was not even there at that incident. I’m in Memphis and the shopping center in question is only a 10-minute drive from my home. And yes, I do go to that particular Kroger for my grub but I go there during the week. I avoid it on the weekends because teens hang out at several restaurants there and have been known to stir up other trouble in the past. BTW, 2 of the victims were black so I don’t think this incident can be called a hate crime. It’s ironic because only a few days before the incident, our Mayor and Chief of Police held a forum on “youth violence”. But I can promise you had I been there and one of those teens touched me, he or she would have been hurt. And I don’t want to hear any crap about ‘striking a juvenile’. If he/she/it is old enough to know the difference between right and wrong, they’re old enough to know when they screw up they have to pay a price for it. Each and every one of those teens and possibly the parents need a hammer dropped on them.

        • Smokey says:

          I thought it might have been Acid Wretch. Limp-wristed, pencil necked, high-pitched scream, fetal position, you know, the tell-tale signs of an I’m OK, You’re OK upbringing.

      • Anonymous says:

        Exactly why we need 60 and 100 round drums for our AR15’s and AK47’s. Time to lay some blacktop.

        • the renegade braveheart says:

          Man on the inside, I also remember that mall. I used to go there on occasion myself. The land where it sat is still vacant to this day. A few years ago Wallyworld was looking at that property for another one of their stores but had to back off because of opposition from certain groups.

          • Anonymous says:

            Some years ago Kroger decided to build a store on th bad (black) side of town ,wasn’t long before there was rape & robbery’s in night parking lot ! That store didn’t last two years before they shut it down ! Guess they said ‘Doh !’ ,what was we thinkin !??

      • charlie2dogs says:

        And people wonder why police have so much trouble with blacks, this kind of stuff says it all.

      • Marcus says:

        Bloomberg is pouring money into pressuring Kroger into not allowing open carry/firearms in their store despite ZERO instances of gun violence or any other related problem. I don’t suppose nanny Doomberg would back actually making a difference and speaking out on this sort of REAL criminal violence? Naa.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is indeed a hate crime! The administration must send the FBI and Eric Holder to investigate this horrible hate crime and bring the perpetrators to justice. They need to make a public show of all the young gansters and lock them up and throw away the keys.

      • Winston Smtih says:

        It can’t be a hate crime. The perpetrators weren’t white! Only white people can be racist!

      • anon says:

        Holder will not be investigating or prosecuting anyone on the Federal level for this organized violence in Memphis. He was most likely the one who organized it. Now who does Holder work for? I forget.

        Mid-term elections are coming soon and the economy is in the dumper and getting worse. Got to get the dummies and thugs on the warpath. Got to create a whipping boy, a villain. It’s whitey.

    • PO'd Patriot says:

      Ghetto hamsters. Place one of those wheels or a basketball in their cage, throw them some pork rhinds, gwape swoda, and you’d never hear another peep from them until the batteries died in their O’coon phone (sorta like the Bat phone only Irish like he claims to be).

      • PO'd Patriot says:

        I’m awaiting comment prison release due to the fact that I failed to put in my mail before I posted. DUM TA DA DUM DUM.

        • OmegaGrayKnight says:

          it is thinking like that, is what is slowing down progress of understanding, when it comes about white people. and it is actions like these that is slowing down understanding, when it comes about black people.

          • WARFACE says:

            White people already understand black people and we have for 200 years. The truth is if blacks would clean up their act, MOST white people wouldn’t have a problem with them. But the fact is most blacks think us honkys owe them something because of slavery. The facts of slavery are that your own people sold you out so your own people were complicit but you forget that part. Maybe instead of getting on a site like this and preaching love and understanding and rainbows and unicorns, your time might be better spent educating the savage animals that pull or are apt to pull shit like this. I visit black-run websites…you think whites are racist and nasty? I work with black guys who are white around whites and black around blacks so save it. You can’t tell us anything about you we don’t already know.

          • rednek101 says:

            There are so many decent black citizens in this country. My heart goes out to them when their own kind poison the heritage of their people.

            To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.
            Thomas Paine

            Lot’s of walking dead these days. Whitey ain’t the problem here.

          • Joe Biden says:

            OK, OGK. I’m sure if you kiss their ass hard enough they’ll leave you alone. Now go “build on our diversity”.

          • Them Guys says:

            “Jewish merchants played a major role in the slave trade. In fact, in all the American colonies, whether French (Martinique), British, or Dutch, Jewish merchants frequently dominated. This was no less true on the North American mainland, where during the eighteenth century Jews participated in the ‘triangular trade’ that brought slaves from Africa to the West Indies and there exchanged them for molasses, which in turn was taken to New England and converted into rum for sale in Africa. Isaac Da Costa of Charleston in the 1750s, David Franks of Philadelphia in the 1760s, and Aaron Lopez of Newport in the late 1760s and early 1770s dominated Jewish slave trading on the American continent.”

            — Marc Raphael (Jew): “Jews and Judaism in the United States: A Documentary History”

            • Joatmon says:

              Have lived in central Tennessee for 34 years, but had never been to Memphis until a few weeks ago. While there, my wife (a teacher) wanted to visit the Civil Rights Museum. Of course, we were a minority there (probably 95 out of 100 were black). The whole theme of the museum seemed to have been written by either J. Jackson or A. Sharpton. If I were a good black person and entered this museum, I would come out feeling distrust and hatred towards whites. Very slanted view of reality and not what I think Rev. King envisioned.

            • skittle shittin unicorn says:

              them clowns

              are you going to start this bull shit again ??

              you clown

              skittle shittin unicorn

        • WARFACE says:

          Your comment is racist. But, what have blacks accomplished in the last 2000 years other than prove to the whole world they are nothing but violent parasites? They walk around with their noses in the air pretending they are more than just a failed sub-species with very little to no contribution to society. Their whole history is mud huts, cow piss showers, witch doctors, laziness, savagery and violence. And their legacy continues.

          • hmmmm says:

            Calgagus’ comment is truth. It is just the identifying noun that is “racist.”

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt says:

              Anytime blacks cry for reporations, tell them sure thing. That you will gladly buy them a One-Way Ticket back to Africa to help them repatriate. Also with the promise they never come back. And they can bring their whole hoodie gang with them. Good Riddance.

            • Jojo says:

              The irony is blacks use that “noun” in communicating with each other and it is not considered in any way racist. Let a white person utter it, it translates being racist…my grandmother used to call that a “double standard”.

          • Georgia Boy says:

            If ya wanna see some real irony run a quick search on who the first slave owner in Murica was… I’ll give ya a hint.

            He wasn’t white or southern.

          • Jojo says:

            Witness Haiti and South Africa to name a couple. South Africa, developed and colonized by white Europeans, the Dutch, the British, etc., Haiti by the French. Look at them today. Control left to these people becomes criminal corruption and chaos.

            • Slick One says:

              Jojo says:
              Comment ID: 3221710
              September 8, 2014 at 8:30 pm Witness Haiti and South Africa to name a couple. South Africa, developed and colonized by white Europeans, the Dutch, the British, etc., Haiti by the French. Look at them today. Control left to these people becomes criminal corruption and chaos.

              Yep those nations were the first to experience Obama style hope and change first hand! Booga Bunga!

          • Gonetoolong says:

            Peanut Butter

          • durango kidd says:

            Like the Indians, they never even invented the wheel. What does THAT say about them as a race? Just pointing out a glaring observation. 🙁

            • slingshot says:


              Should have never gave the white man tobacco or corn.

            • Old Guy says:

              Yes The Indians where savage wild men. They never has government. They where for the most part a warrior society. they treated their women badly. The old saying was the only good indian was a dead one. The Africans only invented primitive tools a spear & shield. The Indians bows & arrows & stone tools. The Indians never domesticated any animals. All the livestock breeding ect was done by Europeans. Today the native American get good press. Back in the 1800 they did not. After the natives where killed off and removed to a reseveration. only then was it safe for folks to farm & develop the west. before white men the Indians warred and killed each other. oh Did I mention my wife is Cherokee & Creek. and Im a good percentage blackfeet & Seminole.

            • Any Mouse says:

              OG, i sure hope thats sarcasm, cuz thats the way i read it.

            • Marcus says:

              “Guns, Germs, and Steel”. Great book, and actually answers that question! (ie- why did some cultures end up more advanced than others). Its a tough read for some folks but I’d highly recommend it.

          • mark says:

            Wow Warface, when you get your blood up you write pretty dang good and express my sentiments exactly.

            • Them Guys says:

              “During this period, Jewish merchants, from the cities in the valley of the Rhône, Verdun, Lione, Arles and Narbonne, in addition to Aquisgrana, the capital of the empire in the times of Louis the Pious [Louis I]; and in Germany from the centres of the valley of the Rhine, from Worms, Magonza and Magdeburg; in Bavaria and Bohemia, from Regensburg and Prague – were active in the principal markets in which slaves (women, men, eunuchs) were offered for sale, by Jews, sometimes after abducting them from their houses. From Christian Europe the human merchandise was exported to the Islamic lands of Spain, in which there was a lively market. The castration of these slaves, particularly children, raised their prices, and was no doubt a lucrative and profitable practice…”

              — Dr. Ariel Toaff, Chapter Eight, Blood Passover…

              This book was taken off the shelves and destroyed.

        • Meathead says:

          I think grandma gave you some sound advice. I saw the video and I’m thinking it’s time to go “coon” hunting. If these aholes want to act like n**gers, I’ll treat them as such. And guess what? If any white boys or punks of any other ethnic persuasion play the knockout game, they get the same treatment.

        • cooncrap says:

          Has anyone ever read the Turner Diaries?

        • buttcrackofdoom says:

          no, that might be what it USED to mean, mark. EVERYONE knows that’s not what it means NOW.

      • the renegade braveheart says:

        PO’d, watch out for the PC police. [SARCASM]

    • OmegaGrayKnight says:

      as a black male i find this situation appalling. these kids need to be arrested and charged with a hate crime. it is actions like this that keep the circle of violence and hatred going. the white culture and the black culture have changed for the better. but both cultures still have some growning to do. but some people need to learn to judge the person and not the race of the person.

      • Youdontneedtoknow says:

        You are so right omega, only ignorant people judge someone by the color of their skin!

        • WARFACE says:

          Well people “of color” do absolutely NOTHING to help their races reputation so maybe its not so ignorant after all. I have never seen white people riot and plunder if they are mad about something. The white man is everyones asshole right now so if anyone has an excuse to riot it is us. Ever notice how alot of TV commercials make white people, especially the men, look like idiots and then the “cool” black man comes to the rescue? Racism is alive and well and the shines are loving every minute of it. 14% of the population and 90% of the trouble. Facts are facts.

          • David says:

            On that note (TV commercials), more and more commercials have a black man and white woman obviously “together”. Rarely, if ever, do you see a black woman and white man in the same scenario???? I wonder why???

            But, I know several families where a white girl (teen) is “together” with a black man. The girl is pregnant, or has already had at least one child…wait for it….and she is SHARING–KNOWINGLY–her black man with another teen, white of course. Fucking incredible!

            And there are those folks out there that can’t understand how 47 MILLION people are on food stamps and other freebies? C’mon. Wise up!

          • skittle shittin unicorn says:


            how right you are !!watch 30 mins of tv and you will see about 5 commercials and out of that 3 will have either Black people as the focal point or some black guy who is better then the rest.

            here are two examples

            in the south west there is a cable company called COX
            there latest round of commercials has a series of conversations between a white guy “paul ” and a black guy “randy ”

            in one the white guy sees the black guy fixing his car and goes over to talk about how he ( the white guy ) saved $10.00 by switching his service to cox and white guy s says its as good as changing the crank pin on his car Black guy says that not a real thing white guy says “sure it is its right there next to the carbonation thing”

            the nest one is the new dodge dart commercial Black guy is proud of his new car ( and rightly so ) white guy comes over and offers to scratch it for him and get the pain over with ha ha
            next commercial has the same two only the white guy acts like a two year old and tell black guy you cant touch my things including my duggeridoo ha ha

            see how big business is showing its cowardly side ?
            catering to all the blacks out there

            and you can find dozens more examples on tv how blacks are the main focal point to sell to our they get the actors or actresses to ACT Black
            or show Black attitude ( finger snap and head bob and weave )

            why cant everyone just act normal why is it we have to all act like

            Whiggers pants hanging low ghetto talk etc etc

            if you want to be black i challenge you to go and live in compton in Chicago Cabrini Greens apt (if it was still there) or in the state of washington shalishan housing complex in tacoma it took 50 national guard with full auto m 16s to quiet the area down.
            the pizza man would never deliver into the area but would call the house to have them come to the main rd to pick up there order.

            if your a whigger then go and live in the ghettos and see how you like it

            and to answer my own question why cater to this group ?? well its simple because the black culture is the new cool culture

            and its only going to get worse that’s why i cant wait to move out into the sticks and get the hell away from all these Whiggers

            skittle shittin unicorn

          • BadAmerican says:


            Good Day Sir.

            Character not color.

            Color aside, inner city yoots have no honor.

            Santa Cruz California, May 2010, most of the law breakers from this night were white.

            ht tps://

            Most of these people are addicted to stoopid.

            Best to you and yours.

            ….Be safe….stay the course…..BA.

          • MayBeSo says:

            @ BigB and BadAmerican, both,

            “Character not color.”

            “Most of these people are addicted to stoopid.”

            Too both cases. After several decades of the ‘internecine raical strife’ we have witnessed since the 60’s so many REFLEXIVELY respond – without a second thought – exactly as they have been programmed to do. THINK on that for a bit.

            I wholly concur with what BigB states above; I am – now – and always have been one for whom no distinction exists between Red, Black, White OR YelLow …pink with PUPRLE polka-dots, I simply DON’T care, Whatsoever a person’s CHARTCTER is…then so I will take them, on a per-case basis.

            PREUMPTION is the short road to a BAD place!

            However, it is ALSO the case that we have succeeded in the last several decades in creating a PURELY ‘feral’ sub-class within the country, that likely CANNOT be restored or rehabilitated in any real sense. I beleive it was Hemingway who is oft-quoted, in a line from “For Whom the Bell Tolls” who when speaking about the sport of Men hunting Men, is reputed to have said that once that begins there is no other sport that holds any attraction…. Yes, THAT will have to be dealt with sooner or later…but – and I say this to MANY here – BE VERY – ‘exquisitely’ – CAREFUL what you wish for…you just MIGHT get IT. Oh…so….careful Folks…truly.

            BigB….is your ‘addy’ still what it was, he’d like to know Sir.

          • dontbeanidiot says:

            Except the most beautiful humans are typically from mixed marriages. Go figure.

            Also, seems a lot on this list are would-be gang bangers. Its a cultural thing and not “Black”, “white” or “hispanic”. In a country with no personal accountability, expect to see it more and more. As people become more disconnected from the American Dream then they’ll just bang it out. Sad irony is they take it out on the people around them instead of the people oppressing them. Maybe we can give them some insights. I know I try to when I meet a ghetto person.

          • sixpack says:

            “it will take a long time for the black man to re-gain the confidence and strides they have made over the last fifty years.”

            “Re-gain the CONFIDENCE?” The blacks in the video seem to have all the confidence in the world that they can beat white people if they want to, and who’s going to stop them?

            Sounds like a lot too much “confidence” to me.

            • BigB says:

              Sadly Sixpack you are right. I guess the old hippie in me is constantly in search of redemption in everyone no matter what color. I will say this though, there is an exception to everything and you cannot always paint with a broad brush.

              I imagine the Japanese see us white people as we see black people. They have retained family values, a belief in hard work and an ethical standard second to none.

              A little factoid that anyone who has ever done bill collecting will tell you is that a true Japanese person would never default on a debt. Arabs being the worst and Koreans are in second place with Americans a close third.


          • Realtime Prep says:

            It’s articles like these that bring out all the Neo-Nazi, and Klan members with their uneducated colorful remarks… Most people are products of their environment, yes some do rise above, but all in all the sheep fall in line. I don’t care if yer a black kid from the hood, or white from the country. People follow the behavior of what they think is acceptable… 200 years ago it was acceptable to have slaves, 100 years ago it was acceptable for women to not have any rights.. It’s been 60 years since we as a country have had full intergration of multiple societies and cultures. It takes time to wipe generations of programmed racism.


            • Them Guys says:

              I Saved this great truthfull Posting that Tucker here did Last November 2013…let This info Sink in Deep….

              By: Tucker, Nov. 17th, 2013,at 5:48 AM..SHTF Forum.

              Political Correctness is actually just another name for the cancer of Cultural Marxism. And, for those of us who have done our homework – and who’re up to speed on the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism – we are aware that Cultural Marxism is a Communist invented ideology.

              May I recommend a book by Professor Kevin MacDonald, originally published back in 1998 – titled: ‘Culture of Critique’. Now available in paperback – this book is a scholarly must-read for every White European American, because it will explain what has happened to the traditional White Western Civilization that once constituted the character of the old America. It will also identify the culprits who were associated with the Frankfurt School-driven subversion and undermining of our nation, and provide the identities and ethnicity’s of the hate-filled aliens who lead the endless attacks on the traditional people, values and culture of our nation.

              In essence, the primary stated objective of these Frankfurt School Cultural Marxist Communists – was the systematic destruction of White Western Civilization. White males, being seen by these Communists as the architects of Western Civilization – were singled out for relentless demonization, constant criticism, endless persecution and marginalization. Essentially, painted as the modern face of ‘evil’ and therefore, these White male ‘devils’ had to be disenfranchised and removed from as many positions of power and influence over the West as possible. Replaced, of course, by non-Whites – as we see now, with Obama being anointed as the supreme ruler over a nation that his own race lacks the talent, ingenuity, intelligence or aptitude to either create or to even maintain. Exhibit A and B for the prosecution: Haiti and Zimbabwe. Or, if one cares to take a sample a little closer to home, one can point to Detroit, East St Louis, Camden, New Orleans, Atlanta, or perhaps Oakland.

              The agenda of the Cultural Marxists required a systematic denial of reality and so, in order to force the implementation of an unnatural set of conditions upon the West and to unseat the White European male – who was the natural and gifted leader of the nation and civilization that his talents were responsible for producing – the ideology of ‘Political Correctness’ would have to be imposed, and with P.C. as a new weapon in the hands of the Cultural Marxist Communists, they could basically criminalize any expression of the truth and thereby create and foster a new system that was based on lies and Communist fantasies regarding the false premise of egalitarianism.

              In order words, expressions of reality would be made a dangerous and potentially career ending exercise – for anyone who dared to challenge the lies of the Cultural Marxist Communists. This was the only way that the Cultural Marxist Communists could overthrow the old order and replace it with their new anti-White system; utterances of the truth and recitations of the facts and applications of logic had to be rendered dangerous and criminalized whenever possible. At a minimum, the Cultural Marxist Communists seek to heap mountains of social condemnation upon truth tellers and then ostracize them from their new, perverted definition of ‘social acceptability’.

              However, the most amazing thing to me – is to look around our society, and see the incredible number of otherwise pretty intelligent White European Americans who have apparently decided to either embrace or cower at the feet of the Political Correctness Thought Police.

              Paul Craig Roberts wrote a very good column a few weeks ago, titled ‘Ignoring Reality is Going to Wipe Out the Human Race’ – and in it, he pretty much hit the nail on the head. Adhering to the evils of Political Correctness means denying the truth and it means denying reality. These are very dangerous mistakes to make, as we see what is left of White Western Civilization rapidly sliding down into the dustbin of history.

              It is time for the White European people – who are the architects of Western Civilization to pull their heads out of their asses, and rise up and crush these Cultural Marxist Communists and take our nation back.

              A Them Guys, FYI= These original Frankfurt Marxist School membership were all, 100% of them, German jews that first did their dirty work of destroy the whitey culture and society within germany, before they came here to America in around 1936…Then once in usa, they quickly set up shop and began to subvert/teach their forms of marxist subversive destructive teaching to univ. Professors and administrators, so they in turn could teach the same kommie PC and Anti-White methods to their student bodies.

              Todays entire society and overall PC screwed up culture of kommie madness and ruin of whitey and the america whites founded, invented, built, Paid for in both Cash and Blood shed, is a Direct result of Jewdeo-Marxist frankfurt school infiltrations in every aspect of american life today…A quick simple web online research will show everything Tucker and I have written here to be the absolute unvarnished 100% Factual Truth…Those who are too Lazy to research it all can just check how many Vile name callings and assinine responces this posting is likely to recieve as the proof positive it is indeed factual Truth being posted up here…For they have zero other reasons to call anybody such vile names unless its to attempt to hide and thwart these vital truths.

              In reality it is They the name callers who never ever attempt to Disprove any such truths who are the true Racists and evil “Kommies” eh.

            • slingshot says:

              Realtime prep

              60 years plus and counting. The Irish, Chinese, German, Italian made the adjustment, but the blacks hold to the past.

            • the renegade braveheart says:

              Realtime Prep, are you trying to justify the actions of those teenagers who attacked people for no good reason? What those kids did was wrong and they need to be punished for it. If you think my remarks are racist, then so be it. White folks are sick of all the crime and other BS from your people. the day is fast coming when there will be another similar incident and the attackers will get a ‘Michael Brown’ done to them. The kids better back off if they want to live.

            • snake eater says:

              you are full of shit!!!!!!


          • Them Guys says:

            And heres One of the Top Honcho kommie jewish “leaders” back when his book got published….NOTE: his “Racial Plans” to destroy white america from this book excerpt.

            ISRAEL COHEN (1912)

            “We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negros. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.”

            Israel Cohen, A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century, 1912. Also in the Congressional Record, Vol. 103, p. 8559, June 7, 1957

            • skittle shittin unicorn says:

              more of your lies them clowns

              go back to your Hitler web site and stay there

              your full of bs on so many levels and everything you says is lies and bs

              any one with 3 brain cells can check out what you say and see how its all lies by you

          • Marcus says:

            honestly? its because we white folks are too busy with our beer and football. Its high f’king time people start getting angry in this country. Too bad %90 of the population wont turn off the TV long enough.

        • Them Guys says:

          Yep when it is about negroes…It is Alway’s that lousy animalistic savage, 97% who’s actions reflect so badly upon that remaining aprox 3% of Good Black Folk eh.

        • Old Guy says:

          I judge a person by his deed,s. However you can judge a race and their genetic propensity by their color.

      • jerrytbg says:

        I applaud your paraphrasing MLK… too bad he’s not around…

        He’d certainly would put al and Jessie in their place…

      • slingshot says:


        The truth is that we have been working on race relations for over 50 years. Nothing is going to work. I have been to the classes. Both civilian and Military. Black youths embrace a death culture. Their lifestyle, music and the need to always say, “It is somebody else’s fault”.

        I await the riots in my neighborhood, and I am ready.

        Who are you going to call?

        The President.

        Or Ghost Busters

        • the renegade braveheart says:

          Slingshot, I know I’ve said this MANY times here and have to say it again. ANYONE WHO TARGETS ME FOR ANYM KIND OF HARM, REGARDLESS OF YOUR SKIN COLOR, GENDER, RELIGION, ETC, EXPECT TO HAVE A FIGHT ON YOUR HANDS. I don’t have any obligation to anyone who paints a target on my back. All I focus on is the fact that someone out there will have bad intentions toward Braveheart.

          • slingshot says:

            the renegade braveheart.

            The tone is set for the future and it is, “Open Season on Whitey”. The signs are there. As I have said before. We fight the Race riots, then Law Enforcement, then the Military.

            • the renegade braveheart says:

              Slingshot, I know what’s coming and am still prepping.

              • slingshot says:


                Sand is still dirt cheap. Hahahahaha!

              • Meathead says:

                RB-I’m watching the calendar and wondering if anything is gonna happen on the 11th. Right now, life is grand. I had to go to a staff meeting where I work (it’s my day off and my ass is still attached to me), got home, mowed lawns, and used the weed eater. Cold beer in the fridge. The temps are finally going down in my area (Oklahoma).But I have a feeling something huge is coming down and hopefully I’m ready for it. Man, there is some spooky sh*t showing up on this site along with the comments. Mowing lawns and using the weed eater is good therapy for me. Not to mention the cold Pabst.

        • David says:

          Call Smith & Weston!!!!!

        • Meathead says:

          I’ll consult Mr. Ruger and Mr. Baretta if things get out of hand. I’ll call Ghost Busters as a last resort. I like their theme song.

      • DumbDude says:

        Glad to hear your voice. Don’t expect much support here. SHTFplan seems now a days to be more about conspiracy theory, wild predictions, and hate than preparing for tough times.

        I don’t really think that is what Mac Salvo is all about, but that is what he’s let this place become.

        Hope you have some thick skin.

      • the renegade braveheart says:

        OGK, long time no hear from. How have you been? It’s true both cultures have some very serious issues to get resolved. I always judge the person and NEVER the skin color, gender, etc.

      • “errare humanum est, sed perseverare diabolicum: ‘to err is human, but to persist (in the mistake) is diabolical.”
        ― Seneca

      • David says:

        Solid points, Omega. Thanks for your input!

      • Kulafarmer says:

        So true, there are people of ALL colors and creeds who give a bad name to their like kind, its sad most dont see that no two people can be judged alike, especially by just looking at them and generalizing.
        No respect is a huge problem across the board.

      • Winston Smtih says:

        I don’t think the actual problem is purely racial. It’s a matter of culture. It’s not that all African American culture is toxic, it’s that the culture of those who live in the projects is. Most have never known anything outside the cycle of poverty that their parents and grandparents have lived, so some irrational beliefs form. Since they do not see themselves as a part of the greater whole of society, they feel no need to conform to civil behavior and feel that anything they can do to get by is justified. Sadly, nothing that has been done in terms of social programs has done anything but perpetuate this way of life. In a way, I think it exists to keep these people on the Democratic party plantation as an enslaved voting block.

      • tayronachan says:

        Omega, agree. I think we are seeing divide and conquer at it’s finest.

    • Silver Lodge says:

      Crying shame. “Judge a person not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

      You black, racist, ghetto thugs.. Way to feed into the cliche’ stereotype too many of your kind has become..

    • Acid Etch says:

      Did you people see the Utopia premier on Fox last night? A small taste of SHTF.

    • Booger says:

      ” Get your hands off of me you damn dirty ape” Planet of the Apes. Has the United States become the country of the Apes ? The Chimp in charge and his monkey minions, Holder, Jackson and Sharpton sure think so. It’s worse than reconstruction in the South after the Civil War. We will never see justice with the current filth in office. Only JUST US ! Perhaps the blacks could learn a lesson , particularly in Chicago,”Ape no kill ape”.” Can’t we all just get along ?”

    • Fed Up says:

      You are insulting baboons by making such a comparison.

    • Anonymous says:

      THIS is why I bought so many guns and ammo….Can you imagine what would happen if all EBT cards where shut down forever? I’m not a racist ,I’m a realist

      • Warchild Dammit! says:

        Yes I can,a lot of people who have been fed for generations by others would go on a looting rampage,though would be multiculturalism at it’s finest as the welfare generation covers the rainbow,kinda like the welfare for companies,once again covers the rainbow of business.

    • FuckingPissed says:

      Carry a weapon and kill your attackers.

    • ubiquitous says:



      Never leave home without it

      problem solved


    • Joe Biden says:

      How dare you insult baboons like that?

    • Time For says:

      It’s time for Bernard Getz reruns.

    • Stan522 says:

      A conceal carry permit would have been very useful….

    • Keen Observer says:

      I think that the comment by the Chief of Police goes more toward explaining the root cause of the problem than does anything in any article I have read. When teens live in a community where they obviously believe that they have nothing to fear if caught, that community has a problem, and no amount of be nice to each other classes will fix this. 3-5 years at hard labor without parole would be a start.

    • Slick One says:

      Kulafarmer says:
      Comment ID: 3221364
      September 8, 2014 at 3:00 pm Baboons

      Yes, and Id swear I saw Dr. Jane Goodall arrive in a chopper with a tranquilizer gun and numbered ear tags.

  1. Kulafarmer says:

    This is why personal protection and situational awareness is essential, even if its just mace, if your employer wont let you keep protection of some sort on your person they are not worth working for.

    • lena says:

      my employer doesnt allow guns in the parking garage, and most definitely wouldn’t appreciate that i’ve got a knife on me; so i’m screwed if there’s ever a weapons search; but this is not a norman rockwell usa anymore.

      the lack of morality, lack of respect for authority and influx of gangs means darker days ahead. its unlikely that you’ll be a victim unless youre out looking for it; but if that day comes; the chances you make it thru without a weapon are 50/50.

      • Calgagus says:

        Get yourself a strong pepper spray device. I recommend those by Kimber. Theyre called Pepper Blaster 2 and found them just now at Amazon. The ad says
        Travels 13 feet in 1/10th of a second
        No blowback, drifting or loss of pressure
        Eyeglasses and even ski masks won’t stop it
        Just point and shoot
        NO MAIL ORDER SALES TO NY, MA. Not allowed on airplanes or for export out of the US.

        • lena says:

          believe me, i’m set. i got pepper spray and stun guns a long time ago; but if its more than 5 to one; the best thing you can do is yell fire. you cant shoot down a mob if their intention is to mess you up.

          • the renegade braveheart says:

            Lena, Calgagus, and Kulafarmer, Braveheart carries certain self-defense items with him wherever he goes and has been doing so for over 20 years without regard to any policy concerning said items. Braveheart doesn’t follow any restrictions concerning self-defense. Everyone has the right to self-defense. Never let any stupid law, policy, etc. discourage you from protecting yourself.

          • True, But says:

            True. You can’t shoot down a mob… but who wants to be first, or next?

        • Dave says:

          Going to order a truck load of it.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt says:

          Forget the Pepper Spray. Go strait for the Flame Thrower. Crispy critters coming right up!!

        • Stan522 says:

          Get bear spray (repellent)….. it’s 100 times more powerful. It’s used to disable a 1,500 pound Grizzly Bear from its attack.

          My family and a few others were up in Montana a month ago on vacation and the home we stayed in had two canisters. One family member had the bright idea of testing it outside, but it blew back into the house and we were forced to leave for the day. I’ve been around pepper spray. Although potent, it was nothing like what we experienced in Montana.

    • Warchild Dammit! says:

      Kula,can see many employers frowning on walking around with a heavy metal ball with spikes attached to say a stought oak handle,i.e. a mace!

  2. Anonymous says:

    With all such cases… fire and don’t stop until all the SOB’s are dead. F%$#ing apes.

  3. Confederate says:

    OK Holder, are you going to investigate this? Sharpton, Jackson, are you going to condemn this behavior? You boys are cowards, black cowards and the day will come when you will get your comeuppance. People like you are nothing but chattel.

    • Sinner says:

      Cowards, No….racists YES!

    • David says:

      Well said! But, now that type of commentary MAKES YOU A RACIST!!!!!! LMAO

      White people of Memphis!!!!! When you venture out of your home, be sure you have protection for yourself…and don’t be hesitant to REPEL any attacker so he/she isn’t able to re-attack!!!

      • Colorado KnightOwl says:

        When you do use that CCW pistol against the thugs attacking you – you will be Zimmermanned

        You are only allowed to be a victim under this administration…

        • Warchild Dammit! says:

          Perhaps,last I checked George still alive!

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt says:

          Florida now allows you to fire off warning shots.
          Oops….I had it set for bumpfiring…… lol..

          • Warchild Dammit! says:

            Warning shot a bad idea,no backdrop perfect in regards to round hitting some innocent person.You are wasting ammo and perhaps allowing a scumbag to have a chance at being a scumbag again,shoot to kill and let that be a warning to other scumbags.A innocent shot with a warning shot would just also feed the anti firearm crowd,shoot the criminal dead!

            • Genius says:

              And… DO NOT EVER CALL THE COPS UNLESS YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE TOO! Or call them and be Zimmermaned. If theres any chance of getting away unidentified do it. Get permanantly rid of the weapon and if by some chance you are identified say you ran off for fear of your life…

              • Smokey says:

                And got rid of your gun because you were in fear for your life?

                Not good advice. If you think going through the system by staying at the scene is bad, wait until you take off and get caught later, it’s going to be a lot worse for you.

            • Winston Smith says:

              It depends. Shooting a gun in the air is just plain stupid. Shooting it at an angle into a patch of dirt though would probably be OK. However, if the perp is on top of you then the time has passed when a warning shot would do any good. At that point, go for the kill. A wounded perp will file a lawsuit, a dead one is far less likely to bring such problems. Of course, if you can get away without shooting it goes without saying that you should. It’s not about getting to kill, it’s about getting away alive.

      • the renegade braveheart says:

        David, good points, but you neglected to mention the good black people of Memphis and all over this nation who are also victims of the gangbangers. Black-on-black crime is the worst of all types of crime in this land and never receives the kind of attention it should. The Michael Brown incident in MO will still be front page news for awhile, while incidents of black-on-black crime get coverage on the back page and then for ONLY ONE DAY. Where are the NAACP, Sharpton, Jackson, Holder, etc. on black-on-black crime? In 2013, 17 blacks were killed by white people, but 6000 BLACK PEOPLE WERE KILLED BY OTHER BLACK PEOPLE ALL OVER THIS COUNTRY AND NOT ONE MENTION OF IT BY THE CORPORATE MEDIA. GO FIGURE.

    • True, But says:

      It’s not so much about race as it is about character. They want to make it about race so they can hide.

      How do you define race? Race is a folk category and does not exist. Even white people come in different shades.

      All blacks are not bad people, though just like white, etc., some of them actually are bad people.

  4. C_W_R says:

    Until prominent black leaders in this country stand up and speak out against this type of crime and call it what it is (a hate crime) then it will only get worse!

    The MSM also needs to take responsibility and start calling it for what it is (hate crimes) instead of only doing the race baiting reporting!

    • Tarheelbilly says:

      I try not to weigh in on racial issues I am an American who happens to be a Black female. I have no need to explain the behavior of miscreants, thugs, or other criminals; we have nothing in common, so when these things are posted I read, enraged, like everyone else. I just wanted to point out the comments about “Black leadership.” Just so that we are clear, some “Black Americans” are not so easily manipulated as the MSM would have people believe. The Jessie Jacksons and Al Sharptons have no place with us working class, free thinking Black people, and they have no place with us. Where do you find such people? Quietly going about our business, working, trying to make it like everyone else. Even people like Alan West, Ben Carson, or Thomas Sowell are not considered “Black leaders” because these Black people don’t need to be led or told what to think. We discern truth and welcome the freedom from the backward, victimhood preached by the Als of world, and look for inspiration from people of any color. So, when thinking about the lack of Black leadership, I would encourage folks to consider that– I’m not going to spend one more second of my effort trying to rehabilitate criminals and deviants emboldened by the poverty mindset. I did take a few hours of personal time today to renew my CCP for another cycle. Priorities, right?

      Protect yourselves. If one of those fools got within 8 feet of me, I would’ve taken measures to protect myself. I don’t go to malls (ever) or shopping at night because I don’t want to have to face the chance of being assaulted. Some people seem to be targeting those who they feel are vulnerable.(Aren’t terrorists doing the same thing abroad? Isn’t this domestic terrorism or at the very least, organized crime????)

      I pray for our society, which seems to continue to fray at the edges. For our childrens’ sake, be able to protect yourselves and know who the enemy is, be they the same color or not. This is not the time for Pollyanna notions– do what you need to do to keep your family safe.

      • dontbeanidiot says:

        I agree with you. I think more and more that the only solution is to setup a “New America” like the pilgrims did. Hey, funny thought is that the pilgrims were actually small physically compared to the native Americans. Perhaps this is one reason the natives helped them. Not sure if that’s true but I think it is.
        Also, please try to move somewhere you can safely go to the mall at night. Life is too short to live in oppression. Especially if you have children. We are in a pretty good city but the current county government and city government are corrupt; so, time to go before the city goes down.
        The latest articles on this site suggest further high inflation. Eventually the ghetto people are going to realize mamma government isn’t paying enough. Ideally, they’ll all start free enterprise. Probably, crime will start to shoot up.
        Finally, did anyone see a special on DNA. Turns out the blackest comedian was actually majority European! whitey’s were 20% african. It was pretty funny. Just shows what a bunch of liars bigots are. So what? America is a country of liars.

        • Smokey says:

          Good post. It’s difficult sometimes to remember that 50% of all blacks in this country are middle class and go to work every day ‘just like we do’.

        • Tarheelbilly says:

          Thanks for the kind words. I live in a rural area, and since we grow most of our food. My comments about avoiding the mall are not solely based on crime– I hate malls. 🙂

          I will add that there have been several shootings at local shopping centers within the last few years, and try to remain vigilant and knowledgeable of threats in the 100 mile radius of our property. Having taught in a 100% poverty, low income school in the housing projects in the county adjacent to mine, I can tell you that people do in fact underestimate the threat posed by gangs and thugs.

          My small rural county has 5 full time sheriffs. Yes, 5, for the whole country. My sheriff, who I spoke with today while dropping of my CCP renewal papers, strongly suggests that people arm themselves and take whatever means necessary to ensure their safety.

          In regards to my “raisin'” I grew up with 2 married parents who worked (and still do), 2 sets of God-fearing grandparents, and a host of family who set the example of work, self-discipline, and common-daggone sense. I looked for and found a husband who was raised similiarly. We are raising our family, Lord willing, with the same values that we have.

          I believe that we are all have a touch of racism in us– we are all human and seeking the similar is a part of being a person on this planet. Some of us are able to struggle against these tendencies and find commonality with people who are raised with the same values or who simply want the freedom to be left alone to work at whatever we choose to do (and keep what we earn!) and to raise our families as we see fit. I hold no ill will toward anyone (as long as they aren’t permanently stupid beyond help– then I’ll just have to pray and move on). I really don’t even hold any ill will toward anyone who doesn’t care for me based on things outside of my control. They are free to think whatever, just as I am.
          Anyhoo, I’m going to bed– I have to go to WORK tomorrow at a job lots of people are too good to do (welder). 😉

          Take care all, and do be safe.

      • slingshot says:


        Honest post.

      • TXGranny says:

        Bravo!!! We need more people like you – of all colors – to speak up!!!!!!!! You are a credit to the HUMAN race!

      • the renegade braveheart says:

        Tarheelbilly, welcome to our community, and I agree wholeheartedly with your post. Hope to hear more from you. Again, welcome.

      • David says:


        God bless the folks that raised you!!! And of course, God bless you too!

        Its totally obvious in your writings that this great nation sorely needs you now more than ever.

        It was a pleasure reading your comments!

      • SteadySteve says:

        Finally the fresh breeze of reason. From an American no less.

      • C_W_R says:

        Tarheelbilly, you have magnificently articulated a valid “American” point of view. Thank you!

        My post is what I believe! I would like to point out in reference to my statement, that the “leaders” I was referring to would be our elected leaders!

        They are in a position of prominence that carries some weight.

        I respect your point of view and am glad “we” (you and I) are first and foremost fellow Americans!

      • T.B.

        You are correct. There ARE real, honest-to-God, good black leaders out there as you say. The MSM would like them to go away, but we need more of them and we need more people like you.

        I can appreciate your situation. Racism is a two way street. It works both ways and neither way is good.

        Hang in there.

    • Kulafarmer says:

      You would FIRST have to have prominent black leaders who are not racist!
      Dr Ben C and Herman C come to mind but they are not the ones we need to worry about,
      The racist in the whitehouse and his lacky holder are the ones who need to speak up,
      Wanna bet we hear 0 nothing but air!

  5. Jonny V says:

    The older I get, the more I like my CCP…..

    • 7 3/4 tinfoil hat says:


      • still playing in the mud says:

        I love you open carry guy Gives me a chance to find cover while they are trying to take you out, thanks in advance!!

      • Mountain Trekker says:

        Love all the excuses for conceal carry, wonder why they don’t have the police carry concealed. You really don’t think these punks give it a lot of thought before they savage people do you. You really think they say, well now I wonder if that guy is carrying a concealed weapon? You can bet when they look over there and see Old Mountain Trekker with his 45 out side his pants for the whole world to see, they think maybe we better try some body else. They sure don’t think, well he’s got a gun lets see if we can sneak up on him. No! they come up to you and stick a gun in your ear and say, boy hope you don’t have a gun under your jacket. Trekker Out.

    • Warchild Dammit! says:

      Johnny,hope you meant concealed carry pistol and not permit,reason being even with a decoder ring still find nothing in the bills od rights/2nd that talks about permits!

      • Smokey says:

        Let us know how your appeal on constitutional grounds of a felony conviction for carrying without a permit works out.

        I don’t want to bust your chops, being in agreement with you, but the price of a permit as opposed to a felony conviction is money well spent.

        Don’t let your ego fuck up your future.

  6. Anonymous says:

    A few more of these instances and white America will finally be fed up

    • WARFACE says:

      You really think so? Most white people would piss down their leg and cry rather than have a confrontation. I hear all the clamor about our 2A Rights and how we have the need to defend ourselves and I say the Founding Fathers would be laughing at what a bunch of cowards we are. We have modern weaponry available that you can buy like candy. We have a very easy, lazy lifestyle, and we sit and bitch on the computer and do nothing else. Don’t bother to attack me because I am as guilty as anyone else but the this is the truth, warts and all. The local politicians around here avoid me like the plague because I call them out all the time. I have been removed from town meetings and not allowed back in. We are funding our own demise people. Until we decide to pick up our guns and use them FOR WHAT THE CONSTITUTION SAYS WE ARE SUPPOSED TO USE THEM FOR, keep watching the news for more of this ape fuckery.

      • the renegade braveheart says:

        Warface, while you made some valid points, I think you exaggerate about MOST white people would “piss down their leg and cry rather than have a confrontation”. The LIBTURD whites would do that without question. But MOST white people are NOT LIBTURDS.

    • WhoWuddaThunkIt says:

      Open season bounty hunter.

    • Anonymous II says:

      If and when it does, it won’t be a pretty site. Lots of good people will get hurt.

  7. eppe says:

    Did you ever have one of these days???

    Only we seniors can empathize with this irate senior..

    The irate customer calling the newspaper office loudly
    demanded to know where her Sunday edition was.

    Ma’am, said the employee, today is Saturday. The Sunday
    paper is not delivered until Sunday.

    There was a long pause on the other end of the phone,
    followed by a ray of recognition. ‘I’ll bet
    that’s why no one was in church today too.’

    • eppe says:

      And I thought a MARILYN MANSON mosh pit was bad!!!

    • Smokey says:

      Don’t have to be a senior to do that, once I got up on Saturday morning, 0530 hrs, showered, dressed, and drove in to the office. Of course, it was empty on the weekend. Very disconcerting.

    • Meathead says:

      Right on Eppe. Keep ’em coming. I liked the one about the Texan and the bull gonads. That was funnier than hell.

    • eppe says:

      I got thinking today about how many jokes I have posted here in the last 2+ years of the 4 years here, about 4-5 a week = 400-500 total, probably more. I hope most of everyone here likes them, it gets harder to find new ones.

      Is this not a crazy mixed up world we are living in???

      • Meathead says:

        Yes, it appears to be a crazy and mixed up world. But in my opinion, I would recommend holding on to 2 things. The 10 Commandments and the Constitution. And I’m not a religious man. I think that God has a sense of humor; He likes it when we laugh. That’s just my opinion anyway, for what it’s worth.

        • eppe says:

          Amen Meat, GOD must have a sense of humor, so with that…

          A man is talking to God. “God, how long is a million years?” God answers, “To me, it’s about a minute.” “God, how much is a million dollars?” “To me, it’s a penny.” “God, may I have a penny?” “Wait a minute.”

          • eppe says:

            Do you think GOD gives us a thumbs up when we laugh???

            • eppe says:

              Had to do it….

              Jesus, Moses, and an old man go golfing. The first one to tee off is Moses. He smashes the ball and it is heading right for the water hazard before the green. Moses raises his club, the water parts, and the ball makes it to the green. Jesus gets up to swing, cranks it out, and it is headed for the water hazard. Jesus closes his eyes and prays. The ball skips across the water and lands on the green two feet from the hole. The old man’s turn comes and he drives the ball. The ball looks like it is going to drop directly into the water. A fish jumps from the water hazard swallowing the ball, as an eagle drops from the sky, grabbing the fish. As the eagle flies over the green, a bolt of lightning strikes the eagle, making it drop the fish. As the fish hits the green, it spits out the ball and the ball falls into the hole, making a hole in one. Jesus looks at Moses and says, “I really think I’m leaving Dad at home next time!”

              • Meathead says:

                Alright. The wife and I got a laugh out of that one. On a more serious note, a co-worker (who I barely know) told me about her dad who is into prepping. This conversation came from out of nowhere. I try to be careful with talking about “conspiracy theories” and potential disaster scenarios with people that I don’t know very well. A lot of people don’t want to hear it and are too busy trying to make it through the daily grind of work, school, kids, paying bills, etc. So this caught me by surprise. Younger people can surprise me; some of them do seem to be aware of the changes that are coming. She talked about bug out bags, canned food, wood burning stoves, and survival gear. Trust me, I was amazed. I mentioned Wade Frazier’s web site and said something about how things shifted in 1947. William Bramley’s “Gods of Eden” was the starting point for me.
                He had an interesting concept of God, money, secret societies, and war. When talking about stuff like this, I find that pays to listen as well as talk about things like this. People are starting to wake up. And I’m having dreams about planes when I sleep. Must be the subconscious and input from news websites.

  8. Retired Navy says:

    Get out of the cities now if you can.

  9. PO'd Patriot says:

    “They’re in front of us, behind us, and we’re flanked on both sides by an enemy that outnumbers us 29 to 1…They can’t get away from us now!”-Lewis B. “Chesty” Puller (USMC).

    “Commence firing!”- PO’d Patriot.

  10. Sinner says:

    This Black against White violence has been escalating for a very long time. Back in the 1990’s, I witnessed a White Nurse in a hospital that I worked in who fired a Black Nurse’s Aid for stealing from patients. Later the day of firing, the Aid sneaks back into the hospital and decks the White Nurse, knocking her out and cutting her very badly with her broken glasses.

    Just today a buddy of mine, who runs the cleaning crew at a local big box store had to escort one of his Black employees out of the store for fighting. The Black guy said that he would be back with a gun to “Mike Brown” my buddy.

    • Kulafarmer says:

      Thats called terroristic threatening and can carry a 5 year sentence if convicted

      • Truth Teller says:

        You’ll never find a prosecutor to go forward with that. only 4% of violent crimes are prosecuted in Los Angeles County. The court system of overrun and the prosecutors will only try cases that will bring headlines or pad their resumes for future jobs or elections.

        • Winston Smtih says:

          This is why I moved somewhere with a 97% white demographic. It’s not that I am racist, it’s that I am a realist when it comes to statistics. Sadly though, the racial makeup of the area is changing along with the lack of economic opportunities. I think it’s time to move.

        • Kulafarmer says:

          Thats like over here, if I said that to someone they would lock me up and throw away the key, if some brownie said it they would do everything to pass it off as a misunderstanding.

      • Smokey says:

        True, but what prosecutor is going to do that?

    • PO'd Patriot says:

      I’d of responded, ” I got your file, know where you live and will be around tonight to bring your fantasy come true.

      • dontbeanidiot says:

        A relative of mine told me of a person of another race who said he was racist and was ready to fight. my relative told him to come back to his work-place at lunch and he’d get his answer. know what happened? My relative’s wife showed up with lunch. She’s 1/4 native american and looks it. Funny story. Other race dude said “OK, but I still hate you”. LOL.

    • the renegade braveheart says:

      Sinner, that former nurse’s aide should’ve been hurt herself for jumping that nurse. The hospital is the perfect place; she can get checked right in after getting her ass beat. And no preaching to me about ‘domestic violence’.

  11. Race Riots.

    Coming to a city near you. You still live in a city? Ouch.

    Of course if you did have a CCW and defended yourself or others, you are a murderer.

    What did you think was going to happen when you elected a lawless president? The fish rots from the head down.

    • Kulafarmer says:

      Thats why a small tactical pack with at least one 32oz bear repellant is a good idea

      • PO'd Patriot says:

        Uh, Uh. Thirty round mag dumps is the cure. “Servpro please report for cleanup in Bed, Bath and Beyond”…….

      • Warchild Dammit! says:

        Kula,glad to see another bear repellant fan!I actually carry it when hiking in woods,will obviously try and avoid the bears especially mama’s with cubs but could just be a case of bad timing,though I don’t carry personally(can in home state,more of a temper issue)am reconsidering.As I have said,have really tried being reasonable,it seems it isn’t going to be working though.

        • Kulafarmer says:

          Yea that stuff works great,
          Used it on a big pit bull, the owner started freaking on me till i pointed the can at him and said theres plenty left in here!
          Said he was going to call the cops, i said GO AHEAD FUCKER WHERES YOUR LEASH!
          We have a leash law and it states your animals must be restrained either physically or electronically, and in public MUST be on a leash.
          We got stupid people here too the ones you need to worry about are not usually anywhere in my travels.

      • Genius says:

        Damn Kula, 32oz.? is that the backpack mounted model? 🙂

  12. swinging richard says:

    These attacks will continue until we execute those caught attacking innocent people because of skin color. The blacks are the only ones allowed to play the race card because of our gutless politico’s fear of being labeled a racist.

  13. Although we should be free and safe while moving about our Country/state/city it’s just not the case or reality anymore.

    Savages animals roam and we must always be vigilant of these opportunistic vermin, carry yourself with confidence, and be the predator.

    “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”
    ― Seneca

  14. Off Topic, sorry, but Fox news just reporting hundreds of school kids across country infected with potentially deadly respiratory virus

  15. Mcdave says:

    Your tax dollars at work.
    Enjoy THAT SHIT!
    This is what you get when you feed the animals.
    Sooo… Let’s put one in the Whitehouse.
    That’ll make everything better.

  16. 7 3/4 tinfoil hat says:

    it’s a damn shame that I have be armed every time I leave my house…(note to self: bring more mags)

  17. Hammerun says:

    Not all whites are racist and not all blacks are like this. Lets face it theres trash in all camps.
    6 rounds of 12 gauge in the air would have stopped this in its tracks.

    • Gonetoolong says:

      Problem is…a disproportionate number of blacks are like this. I have some black friends that are as good as any white friends. But I also know many, many more that act just like the disgusting apes on this video. It is cool to laugh about bashing whitey’s head in among the black society now. Racial tensions are higher in this country now than in all of my life. Only once we get to a merit based system and away from preferential treatments based on color, will we ever start to heal anything. The harder they try to ram our different cultures down our throats, the worse it gets. It just creates more animosity between the two groups.

      • dontbeanidiot says:

        Actually, these kind of folks dig their own pit. What do you think the relatives of the people who had their heads stomped are planning to do? And everyone is selling their house – removing jobs and driving down the area. Idiots kids. they and their parents should be made to scrub the streets on hands and knees.

    • Anonymous says:

      ^^^^^^ Joe Biden shotgun advice. Best to stay clear of large crowds of any race.

    • Walt Kowalski says:

      6 rounds into the pack would have stopped it permanently.

    • Prepping in Port Orange says:

      No…..No….No….Not in the air….Go for effect! PAIN to the aggressors! I don’t care what color ‘they’ are….If I’m lucky enough to have a 12 gauge, AWESOME, but
      more than likely it’s a Kahr PM9. No wasted shots!

    • still playing in the mud says:

      Don’t put them in the air. Can’t prove you were not shooting at them. put them in the ground. Been there,$120,000 bond and $18,000 lawyer later I got off but it ain’t no fun. Mama won’t happy coming up with the bond either.

  18. Jerry says:

    Notice the language used:

    “The teenagers playing the game”

    Kids? Like the Ferguson kid? 6’4″ 290 lbs. Felon, pothead, gansta, violent?

    Game? Knock out game is a black thing – Shoot a brother needs to be the white thing.

  19. David says:

    Those who continue to live in proximity to these animals deserve what they get (almost).
    But at some point, a functional adult should be able to realize that for the last few generations, we have allowed ourselves to be snookered by the media & other ‘progressive’ institutions. You won’t be able to decide what to do until you fully come to grips with what is actually happening.

  20. southside says:

    Sinner,see to it that your buddy has a “buddy”.

  21. georgefromtexas says:

    What do I know, I just sell propane. I like where I live, we have none of this here in our little town. The last coloured person who lived here was about 100 years ago and he lived to be an old man and died a free man with a house and land. His children went away to bigger city’s and towns like everyone’s kids around here. I can’t speak for the coloured people up north, but the ones I have met down here in my part of the nation have been really decent God fearing people. Maybe because they go to church every chance they get and they always have a good attitude toward life. Those kids in the big city are just horrible people, I stay away from the big city for this same reason, too many freaks there.

    • What? says:


      I think that race has less to do with it than where and how a person is raised. I was raised in small town MN and was shocked by the animalistic way that kids from larger towns or cities treated people. These assholes have no morals, no sense of right or wrong that matters to them, and will blame anyone else for “allowing” them to get away with a variety of societal wrongs. It is YOUR fault that they stole from you, it is YOUR fault that they insulted you, and it is YOUR fault that you are enough of a jerk to actually tell them to fuck off when they try to pin the blame on you for their asshole-ish-ness.

      And God forbid you point out to the POS’s that they are missing what most people would call a sense of decency.

      The parents of these asshole should have their asses kicked for raising this bunch of dip-fuck jackasses that we all now call “young adults.”

      By the way, the above is targeted at ALL races, and only specifically at selfish assholes, both male and female. I say male and female, because these pieces of turd are not men or women.

    • munchkin52 says:

      If you don’t mind me asking, what area of Texas do you live in? I’m from Texas too

    • Old Guy says:

      You sound like Hank Hill?

  22. Chilton says:

    Animals like that need to be put down

  23. Jim in Va. says:

    where re the black leaders stepping up and condemning this? don’t be a Jackson/Sharpton hypocrite and ignore it. where is our Injustice Dept. Holder? Prove yourself. As long as you play one side of the street you’ll lose the respect of the public! I hope there is a congressional hearing and holder is roasted!

  24. This is the future of chaos coming to every big city. Get out of Dodge while you can.

    21 There is no peace,” says my God, “for the wicked.”
    (Is 57:21 ESVSB)

    God bless and save yours!

  25. Anonymous says:

    It’s past time for retailers like this, who have business hours going well past dark, let alone open 24 hours, to hire armed guards with authority and orders to shoot in situations like this.

    These attacks have been going on with increasing frequency since Obama got elected, and the mobs have become increasingly larger.

    WHEN is something effective going to be done to protect innocent citizens????

    There is no excuse for these animals to get by with this at all. And, it will only continue to increase in frequency, in violence, in physical harm, and in shocking displays until firm action is brought to bear.

    Remember this when you see the Democratic party next to a name on the ballot in November. The Democrats have played the single largest part in bringing about the circumstances that created these underclass hoodlums, and the Democrats are the ONLY party that continues to expect the rest of us to feel sorry for them and to try to understand their situations.

    These are hardened criminals who need to be stopped and stopped hard. This has gone far enough.

    (According to online demographic information, Memphis is less than 25% white and has a crime rate that is almost 3 times the national average.)

  26. I live about 25 miles outside Tacoma, my wife won’t go near the Mall there because of the same issue. These are sad times and it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

  27. Calgagus says:

    EBOLA in Miami?

    A patient who showed some Ebola symptoms was being retested at a Miami-area hospital after initial tests came back negative, officials with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Monday. at
    Ill post a link to follow

  28. Paul says:

    There is zero justification, only condemnation, for what is seen in that video and the perpetrators should be properly brought to justice.

    But at the same time, please refrain from racism on your part. Reading through these comments is sickening. Baboons. Apes. That is ignorance and nothing more.

    The moral degradation of our society is occurring on all sides apparently. All that lacks, for some, is opportunity. Stay tuned for a civil war near you, I guess.

    • Sinner says:

      @ Paul

      Christ instructed us to love our enemies and turn the other cheek when confronted. However, the truth is the truth. Stealing and beat downs, what would you call these people?

      God is our loving Father, but He also is a God of Justice and wrath. Wicked is Wicked and deserves to be called such.

    • dontbeanidiot says:

      That, my friend, is why I moved where I am now. 6 years later its grown too much and maybe its time to move somewhere more remote. Wife willing (NOT!)

    • Old Guy says:

      how about inner tube lips – porch monkey- jungle bunny- aborginnees- nigerao. Heres a joke the women where on a bus. Two where native americans and the third was black one woman stated in a Arapaho another stated in a Navaho the black woman stated in a Chicago Ho. Heres another Little black Arastis wanted to go trick or treating. he needed a costume. so he stuck a short of wood up his ass. his momma asked what are you doing. he stated in a going as a fudge sickle. little Arastis grew up and married his wife was named liza. one day he was drunk & horny and grabbed her and started dragging he to the bedroom. She hollered Arastis Arastis what are gonna do. he stated in a gonna fuck you. She stated you cant im on the rag.He said that ok because im gonna corn hole you. She stated you cant I have bleeding pyles. he let go and came back with a ball bat.She screamed arastis Arastis what are you gonna do? He replied bitch if you tell me you have lock jaw im gonna beat your teeth out!!

    • Genius says:

      Paul, then get out there and HIRE some of these fine upstanding young people! Let me know how that works out for ya 😉

  29. NOBODY says:

    If you look at the end of the video, there is a heavyset lady checking on the white kid…From the color of her hand she appears to be black.

    When you have to take out the trash, make damn sure that it is the trash that you are taking out!!!

    • PO'd Patriot says:

      You’re right. But in the heat of the firefight I’m gonna let the ALMIGHTY sort the trash out there SCOOTER-BOOT!

    • Anonymous says:

      I worked with many blacks and hate to see their good reputation tarnished by these black thugs. Unfortunately, you can not be too careful anymore and have to avoid a bad situation. My wife wants to get a CCW permit because of all of the armed robberies near where she works. We have been collecting copies of the police reports for over a year and every robber is non-white.

    • WhoWuddaThunkIt says:

      @Nobody.. That bkack hand was looking for the white kids wallet. Blacks have been like this for decades. When I was on the Fire Dept. Working an ambulance heart attack call a black lady was down in her house. We were working on her and her son was rifling through her purse stealing money and left the house while his mom was dying. I’ve seen these cochroaches first hand. They are the scum of the earth. Take that vs. An Italian family where uncle joe had a heart attack and every brother sister cousin from everwhere are all there worried about their uncle. So if you think I am racist? I know what they are like. One house fire we went to the house wad burning and this black kis about 14 trs old was outside picking this poor puppy up by a front paw. The puppy was helplessly yelping and I told the kid to leave the dog alone. I wanted so bad to smack that Nig SOB. They are the worst of humanity. If they attack you. Kill em ASAP. .

  30. maddog says:

    This shit is coming to your area no matter where you live city, country no matter. Ocommie and his pals have been constructing this chaos for a long time. Ever wonder why you don’t see anyone being arrested or any outcry. They are being conditioned to know they can do this and get away with it. If you’re white you better wake up and prepare. Don’t believe me to bad for you. I also noticed no one helped him as in other whites standing up. They were there but like everything else they are cowards and self absorbed, if its not happening to them they could give a shit. What, they would be racists for helping a white boy and their libtard neighbor’s will talk about them? What shitbags.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Step 1: Immediately terminate all Obamaphones within the Memphis metropolitan area.
    Step 2: Immediately terminate, without recourse or appeal, all welfare benefits of any type for every person identified as being part of this mob, and for every member of their immediate family.
    Step 3: Immediately expel from any public, taxpayer-funded school, every person identified as being part of this mob.
    Step 4: Immediately arrest without bail every person identified as being part of this mob. If they flee the area, issue warrants. Include premeditated attempted murder in their list of charges.
    Step 5: ___________________________________……

  32. Funky Monkey says:



    I’m too old stubborn to run and too crippled by arthritis to enjoy brawling fightin toe to toe like i did in my younger years.


    i carry a 6in ice pick in a inside the belt hidden holster , a expensive surgical precision Fairbain Combat Folding Knife, a 50,000 volt taser and a can of police grade mace.

    i’ve a sawed off 3.5 foot long by 2 inch thick solid oak shovel handle “tire checker” in my truck on the floor by the driver seat door and a solid black oak 37 inch long by 1 inch thick fighting cane is laying on the seat.

    sometimes a “FEW” snub nose .357 revolvers are hidden within reach of me depending on my path of travel of the day.

    my trick is i wear dark baggy clothes a size to big for me and hard soled hiking boots(for kicking and stomping) on the street.

    no one can even “tell” the tools of trade i carry.

    they just think i’m a gimpy fat old man.

    which is the way i like it.


    “Pred or Prey the choice is yours.”


  33. mark says:

    the wolves will prey upon the sheep without mercy.

  34. CuzzinJim says:

    If that ever happens to me, I assure you that I’m armed, and I will take as many of them out as I can. It is better than being beaten to death. Until the majority of black people can act like actual human beings, whites will have the opinion that most of us do. However, I’m not scared, I will use all the force I have available. That said the DOJ, the dual reverends, and I use that term loosely, will be on the spot saying racism. WTFO? It is very seldom that you see whites act that way with animal mentality. If you’re black and you think I’m wrong F off. You know it’s true, and 95% of blacks need to act like humans not animals from the Congo. If they don’t like it here, take the next boat back to the motherland because most of you contribute nothing to society except to drain every last dime of my taxes. As a nation we need to get a grip and treat their animalistic behavior accordingly. DEPORTATION TO THE MOTHERLAND. Just my .02.

    • dontbeanidiot says:

      You think that’s bad? Where i grew up a car-load of bros drove up by a hitchhiker of another race. They grabbed his arm and drug him down the highway. He was waaaay messed up. had a cubic cage around his head to try to hold it together etc. I wondered how the Bible could advocate extermination of a people; but, maybe I understand now. Their hearts are gone.

  35. Warchild Dammit! says:

    Mob evil mentality is just that evil,a great example is our govt. and their minions.I loved how the mothers against guns was hitting Kruger supermarkets for allowing patrons to be armed and a few weeks later people at Krugers get attacked by a mob.I travel a lot and can’t/nor want to personally carry on a regular basis(would never make it illegal for those that choose to carry!)but have trained a bit in martial combat and love the old Karrambit,they never would know/see what bit em.I do believe like other so called”hate crimes”will not be prosecuted that way.Hate crime laws are a joke to once again separate the citizens,a crime is a crime whether due to ethnicity/religion/or because you got jumped because you were a Tull fan going by the moniker Warchild,should all be treated the same,you know,equality and all.

    • no justice says:

      Anti-racism is another term for white genocide, which is the main goal. It is coming. If you can’t see that blacks do no wrong, and the DOJ can put 40 investigators in Missouri to investigate white cops, you are living in lala land.

    • the renegade braveheart says:

      Let’s see one of those ‘mothers against guns’ suffer through a home invasion and see what kind of song she sings afterward, IF she lives to talk about it.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Nothing like this has ever happened before in our nation’s history.


    It’s time that anyone who can legally own a gun to also be automatically allowed to legally carry a gun, without additional fees, permits, delays, etc.

    • the renegade braveheart says:

      Anonymous, good advice, except it’s getting to the point where people may have to overlook the ‘legal’ part of it.

    • sixpack says:

      You mean, there’s NEVER been a group of similarly colored people, viciously attacking people of a different color in this country?

      I BEG TO DIFFER. Read some history.

      It has also happened for religious reasons as well.

      Read some history.

    • the renegade braveheart says:

      Anon, private deals are still 100% legal. check the separate tables at gun shows where people have guns for sale. No paperwork or background check, money and merchandise changes hands, both parties can just go about their business.

  37. BANNA MAN says:

    Where is SHARPTON and JACKSON on this one????

  38. Warchild Dammit! says:

    Anon,a US citizen,according to bill of rights you can own a gun,end of story in my book.On a side note,my old e-100 4×4 lifted van would have made short work of that crowd of punks,remember what happened to Reggie because he stopped instead of running over mob in LA.

  39. the renegade braveheart says:


    • Them Guys says:

      Wow! Check out this quick FYI info eh…

      “I’ve checked out the six volumes of Churchill’s Second World War and the statement is quite correct – not a single mention of Nazi ‘gas chambers,’ a ‘genocide’ of the Jews, or of ’six million’ Jewish victims of the war. Eisenhower’s Crusade in Europe is a book of 559 pages; Churchill’s Second World War totals 4,448 pages; and De Gaulle’s three-volume Mémoires de guerre is 2,054 pages.
      In this mass of writing, which altogether totals 7,061 pages (not including the introductory parts), published from 1948 to 1959, one will find no mention either of Nazi ‘gas chambers,’ a ‘genocide’ of the Jews, or of ’six million’ Jewish victims of the war.”

      — Richard Lynn, Professor Emeritus, University of Ulster
      12-5-2005….Man Thats quite a lot of Volums & Pages huh!

      What a “Coincidence” eh, seems in close to 7400 pages (including the introductory parts) total. ALL Three WWII Allied Leaders named here “forgot” to mention Any reference to what WE all been taught are The Number One Most Important issues about the Entire event of WWII…Hmmmm..

    • Sgt. Dale says:

      If you aren’t carrying a pistol, PLEASE MY FRIED START.
      You have a gun show coming up in your area soon please get one and practice.
      Damn I wish I was down there I would give you some lessons. Being a firearms instructor for 25 years I know a thing or two.
      Any animal two or four legged should be put down when it attacks you.
      Some one might say that they are just teens. SO YOU DON’T THINK THAT THEY CAN’T KILL YOU? PUT THEM DOWN LET THEM MEET JESUS!

      • the renegade braveheart says:

        Howdy, Sarge. I already have 2 .22LR pistols and a Ruger LCP .380. I was considering a full-size .380. On lessons, I appreciate your offer, but I’ve been handling guns since I was 18 and am 57 now. I am overdue for another trip to the range, however. Your point about animals needing to be put down when they attack is very well taken by me. You’ll never hear me dispute that.

  40. HOS215 says:

    It’s going to get worse………….MUCH worse.

  41. Dave says:

    Whites need to stop being so civil among the Animals. And THAT is EXACTLY what they are. BLACKS DO think differently Than Whites on an individual and collective basis. And they would NEVER do this Bull Shit One on One for FUN. OH NO. It just HAS to be 10 to 1 or more; just to make this ASSAULT more INTERESTING. The stupid bitch filming the video; while laughing; is TYPICAL among the NAPA. Call me racist? Nope. Just REALIST.

    • WhoWuddaThunkIt says:

      In my County here in FL Blacks commit and are convicted for 73% of the crimes that take place, but Blacks only consist of 17% of the population total. Just goes to show you that if we got rid of the blacks that nearly crime would drop by 73%. BTW/ 67% of the population is white and the other 15% are other races.

  42. Socrates says:

    Hmmm. Flash Mobs…imagine that.

    Pretty sure I warned they would increase in frequency AND intensity about 12 threads ago. Expect it to get worse before it gets better.

    Also expect the Obumbler to ‘Not have a Strategy’ or any means of addressing these out of control animals.

    Plenty of hollow-points from DHS will be aimed in all directions when the battle for the ‘Planet of the Apes’ gets fully underway. Count on it. It’s coming.

    OH…and for all those dollar holders in #10 cans. You might want to rethink your statements. They are openly calling to END the U.S. Dollar Federal Reserve status now.

    Obama’s Former Chief Economist Calls For An End To US Dollar Reserve Status
    (from ZeroHedge site)

    Authored by Jared Bernstein, originally posted Op-Ed at The NY Times,

    There are few truisms about the world economy, but for decades, one has been the role of the United States dollar as the world’s reserve currency. It’s a core principle of American economic policy. After all, who wouldn’t want their currency to be the one that foreign banks and governments want to hold in reserve?

    But new research reveals that what was once a privilege is now a burden, undermining job growth, pumping up budget and trade deficits and inflating financial bubbles. To get the American economy on track, the government needs to drop its commitment to maintaining the dollar’s reserve-currency status.

  43. Malfador says:

    Just picked up my SOCOM M1A, lets get this race war started. I may not get all of them but they will pay a heavy price to get me.

  44. River Rat says:

    From the movie; Rules of Engagement: “Waste the [email protected]”, enough said!!

    River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!!!

  45. Warchild Dammit! says:

    Ooops,a day late.To all you old fogies who bred and had children who bred happy “National Grandparents Day!I figure your old(and probably look it!)so you deserve a little recognition.Now take those grandchildren out,fire em up on ice cream and other high energy treats and dump em back on your kids wired to the max,payback,it’s a bitch!

  46. Dolly Parton says:

    I can understand why black people hate white people so much. Africans didn’t sail over to America looking for freedom. They never had it. Slaves, always. There is far more black on black violence of sorts that never gets reported.

    However, when white people are involved. How they love to cry hate, and race. So, In the words of the immortal

    Ronnie James Dio

    “When you listen to fools…

    … Mob Rules!”

    • dontbeanidiot says:

      You do know that blacks were taking white slaves out of Europe long before America was founded, don’t you? Look up “helots” and others. It might be said that our time was an aberration where freedom existed. Heck, in the Philippines, the have “jobs”. When you show up they put you on a boat in the middle of the ocean and make you work for years until they kill you. Evil has no race.

    • Smokey says:

      Save your white guilt and cry us a river.

      Criminals are criminals.

      There is no excuse for wanton lawlessness and mayhem.


      I don’t lump all black folks in with these feral thugs, why are you?

  47. TPSnodgrass says:

    The behavior of these THUGS, caught on video, is indeed a hate crime. Only a complete moron, will continue to excuse, rationalize or justify this type of behavior from any group, much less black americans. This is disgusting that our US Department of Justice will do nothing about these thugs in society, nothing at all. Hate crimes are committed by lowlife scum bags, and they must be held accountable for their behavior and actions. Just because they “can”, doesn’t make it right or legal.
    I personally believe Holder and Company believes this is appropriate “payback” for the alleged injustices he’s claimed he’s received, all while being appointed to the highest law enforcement position in the country, now, HOW is that institutional racism, Eric? Oh, that’s right, YOU are indeed the racist.There will be silence from the professional race-baiters and alleged “reverends” that continue to pimp this kind of outrageous behavior by pure punks.

  48. MayBeSo says:

    Two headlines over at the ‘Hedge which can hardly be beleived;

    “Obama’s Former Chief Economist Calls For An End To US Dollar Reserve Status”


    “Europe Goes “All In”: Will Sanction Rosneft, Gazprom Neft And Transneft”

    In the first case, the true depth of the IDIOCY of those advising our current leadership is revealed all too clearly…not even a CLUE as to HOW the World runs, or how America has been financing itself these past several decades.

    The second is ‘squrrlier’ yet…tantamount to ‘suicide’ on the face of it. The EU is so wholly dependent on Russian energy inports that any such move on thier part is simply ludicrous. HOWEVER, today…we see ‘the second shoe dropping’; A later post – there – indicates that the leadership of the EU has a PLAN.

    Apparently they have been stock-piling nat-gas furiously (for some time!) while under-reporting thier reserves…so that they can play ‘chicken’ with the Russians this winter; betting that they can drive Transneft, Gazprom and Rossneft – the trio of Russian energy giants – bankrupt before they run out of winter heating fuels!

    THIS level of ‘brinksmanship’ is the clearest indication – POSSIBLE – that the leadership of the World is now in the hands of FOOLS; no other conclusiion can reached, period. Get ready…

  49. Anonymous says:

    As the white race continues to shrink expect tons more of this.

    • Warchild Dammit! says:

      Srink?What,you just come out of the washer?I am 6’2″ 190 pounds,no shrinkage here,well….unless swimming in the Atlantic and the water is ice cold!

    • TEST says:

      Yeah, if you sit on your derriere and let it happen. What to do? Educate people, black and white. If you want to engage in violence, shoot your TV. Be a parent to your own kids, and some others (black, white, yellow or red – they all need parenting). Get your walk with God straight, and then tell the good news, aka the gospel, to those living in actual darkness, like these kids. Help a kid learn a skill, volunteer for Cub scouts, but engage!!

  50. Khazik says:

    Hah, pull this crap when I’m around and I’ll start dropping bodies. Legally justifiable use of deadly force right here vs. the mob.

    People carry in Indiana…

  51. Eagle 1 says:

    Sigh… This is why I carry. I may not have 100 rds. But somebody touches me or mine. At least somebodies (plural) are going to take the eternal (very hot) dirt nap

  52. Wolverine says:

    I always carry no matter what, and keep my bug out bag and 12 ga in the trunk at all times.
    We live in uncertain times, be prepared for anything . A mob like this is very manageable .

  53. RickInOregon says:

    This isn’t an original idea but I like it.

    Create penalties where if a teen commits a certain type of crime, the teen along with his/her mother and father is taken to city hall and on the front lawn they are strapped into a yoke and whipped. If the father isn’t a part of the teens life, so what, whip his ass anyways and then see how quick he will become a part of the teens life.

    • dontbeanidiot says:

      yep. A lot of what we thought was barbaric is making more sense now. Like requiring land ownership as a right to vote. In this age it would be like requiring a pay stub! no job, no vote.

  54. “Somebody call somebody!”

    Don’t bother calling Eric Holder.

  55. MoonrakerElite says:

    As a black person and a prepper, this upsets me alot. White people….. you need to arms yourselfs and fight back. But dont hate us all, I’m one black person that would have been happy if one of them would got a few round to the chest and head

  56. TEST says:

    The result of a world without fathers. Thanks, radical gays and radical feminists.

    “There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.”

    • Booker T. Washington Ch. V: The Intellectuals and the Boston Mob (pg. 118)

  57. rednek101 says:

    Doesn’t take a bunch a security guards to knock a crowd on their butts. Just a couple of cans of bear spray/mace properly placed among the crowd. This of course assumes they don’t have weapons.

    This behavior just keeps escalating….pressure cooker.

  58. Doubter says:

    Those poor young black youts were just attacking out of fear. The lone white guy was making them feel uncomfortable and afraid….

  59. NO, the victim did not allow it to happen–to whoever said that. I am too old to fight and cannot afford a gun!Besides, the odds were against the victims.

    This was shocking. Why did I not hear about this as quickly as the brouhaha in Ferguson? Oh, yeah. A white was attacked by blacks.

    Poplar Plaza used to be one of the safest places in Memphis. I was a regular there. I no longer want to move back to Memphis. This little one-horse town with about 99.5% whites suits me just fine.

    • David says:

      Linda my dear, you MUST afford a gun. You buy food to eat. You buy water to live, buy a gun to keep buying food and water. God bless you. If I could, I would GIVE you one, and teach you how to USE it. Please find someone to help you with this.

  60. Ted Walters says:

    Crazy Ni-g-ers!

  61. Ted Walters says:

    Crazy Ni-g-ers!

  62. MemMan says:

    Braveheart… I too am only a few mins away from the Highland/ Poplar Kroger… I used to shop there regularly.. Even using the one off of mendenhall lately. At least one of the kids grandmothers stood up today and turned her grandson..but this does show some of the ugliness that our city seems to try to hide. This was once a great town many many years ago.. It’s a shame that this can happen still today. Our city government wastes so much money on needless things and yet cuts it’s police and emergency services. … The one that are paying attention are either trying I get out of here or are already gone.

    • the renegade braveheart says:

      MemMan, welcome aboard. Everything you say is true, I’m sad to say. It’s been going downhill since the 80s even before Willie Herenton was elected. I still go there but only during the week. Kudios to the granny for turning in her grandson. At least there’s still some good parents out there. yes, they do try to hide so much ugliness here. Take care.

  63. prideisnthate says:

    If you open up your eyes soon you will realize they want genocide.

    Anti racist is a code word for anti White.

  64. prideisnthate says:

    Does what these French men and women have to say sound familiar?

  65. prideisnthate says:

    Our brothers and sisters are starting to stand up all over Europe. Support them and don’t fall into the propaganda.

    All Whites need to support each other. No more brother wars. We are heading to a war for our survival.

  66. rednek101 says:

    Remember what they did to Reginald Denny just a man doing his job….Crowd dynamics rule and lower echelon blacks have this tendency. I always carry a deterrent for such behavior.


  67. what im concerned about is all of their safety, if they ever mess with one of mine. I got no problem going to prison for defending what is right and getting justice, if the bullshit “system” doesnt step up( and we know it wont, there is good evidence of that)

    any one of them ever mess with my blonde haired blue eyed off spring , hell will come to visit everyone in their gene pool

    bank on it!

  68. Linda says:

    As a veteran of the USA, a Black Christian, I am appalled at the racism I see in the remarks of these postings. Not all of course. There are some that know that all Blacks don’t approve of this. Our churches and families speak out against this just like other true Americans. Can we control everyone? Can you? You stoop so low to use racist names but you expect the people you target to respect you. Childish. Yes this is wrong. No two ways about it. But don’t become hateful over this. I could be just as hateful over the things that have happened to me in the past from white people, but I have enough common sense to know that not all White people do those kinds of things. If you love Jesus like you say you do why don’t you follow His example and live, speak and pray like He did. These young people will not get away with this ignorance, God sees and I know,He will repay. In love I say these things. Preppers or haters?

    • Old Guy says:

      Like it or not You blacks are at the same place the native americans where at during the latter part of the 1800,s. Not all of the Indians where bad. however the bad Indians caused & created the stereotype view that the only good indian was a dead indian. So manifest destiny was the rationale for elemaniating and corralling every indian on the reservations. Its not right that innocent suffer. But heck if your looking for justice equality fairness ect. boy are you gonna be disappointed. Please Explain why a race that is only about 14% of the population commits the majority of the crime? Explain why us whitey redneck crackers should continue to allow these thugs to exist? How do we separate the good from the bad? If race wars occur and I think they will. Its is just going to be unfortuniate for the good to be tagreted the same as the bad. In Australia the aborginnes where treated the same as the Indians in the USA. Now heres the Kicker the white race will someday become a minority as the brown skinned Spanish speaking folks are multiplying. We will get our turn as the minority race.

  69. God will judge you and your actions
    if you come thru my door uninvited , or levy any “paybacks” to me or mine, I will arrange the meeting

    but on another note: people we are being played, this black against white, against brown..etc.. is the game TPAB want, and a lot of us are playing right into their hands.
    sadly, mostly the blacks are being played by their own that are in power. And they are too blind to see it thru the propaganda they are being influenced by, and by those they see or recognize as powerful black “leaders”

    also a lack of good family values playes a big role too, and in that they are getting sucked into a victim role that they dont seem to have the back bone to pull themselves up from

    • Ancient Echoes says:

      I wish your comment was number one. Thank you for putting it out there and I hope a lot of people read it because we are being played. The same way we are being drawn back into Iraq to hate Arabs. There is a bigger plan trying to teach us something. It is all about learning that we are all one. Oh and by the way I now proudly display my COEXIST sticker my nephew bought me for my birthday.

  70. Sgt. Dale says:

    I have read about 95% of the post.

    Do you really think you will have to shoot more than one mag? Those Racist Pigs will run like moneys when you shoot a few shots. They don’t have the balls to stand up to you, when you even the plain. Mr. Colt said. All men are not created equal, but my Colt make you even. (something like that.)

    Wouldn’t it been nice if a good cop would have been their!!! One that would have jumped in and started kicking the asses of the Apes attacking the man!

    If that was me and this happened to me Mr. H&K would have barked 13 230 Gr. XTP’s I would bet that there would be at least 8 to 10 laying on the ground and 2 or 3 leaving bleeding. The one that is left would get a pistol woopping of his or here life. That’s right I said her. Once you start getting the shit kicked out of you Age, and Sex go out the window, they all get treated the same! Anyone that attacks me and mine will get the same treatment. NOT BRAG FACT!

    Folks please practice don’t become a victim. PLEASE!
    Remember it is better to b e tried by 12 than carried by 6.


  71. John says:

    Has anyone considered that these angry children were born in poverty and inheritors of the psychological damage caused by slavery? They deserve compassion and understanding, not the negative follow-up comments contained herein! More government intervention programs are an infinitely repeated must! But, until everything gets fixed I’ve segregated myself and my family from the problem. I’m teaching my kid the importance of having compassionate while distancing oneself from psychotic racist hostilities until, as Martin Luther King phrased it, that “day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

    Anyway, until “that day,” being white and integrating oneself into the black community creates an annoyance stimulus that gives rise to more irrational hateful mob behavior. Peace ya all.

    • Smokey says:

      Yes, it’s been considered.

      And labeled bullshit.

      Decent people don’t run amok and commit mayhem. Feral thugs do.

      Get beyond race, and judge the character.

    • rednek101 says:

      John where do I start
      The Cival War was over 150+ years if they’re not over it by now they don’t have the cranial capacity to do so. If they’re gonna run amuck in the streets behaving like animals beating up innocent people, screw ’em. Rubber bullets and mace are what they deserve. Spare the rod, spoil the child.

      The psychological damage they have is due to crack wreaking havoc in their gene pool not slavery.

  72. notsoaverage says:

    If I had a son he would be like young Sauser….

  73. Tandalayo says:

    People seeing this will begin to arm themselves.. so many of these poorly raised youth, possibly on welfare all their lives…will be injured, killed. It’s just a matter of time. This is how Welfare works… Women rewarded for having children, with No father, no guidance, poor schools, money when you need it..or not enough…advertisements that you either have it or you don’t..etc…just a poorly run society…these are it’s outcomes. See The Venue Project..and other alternatives to badly run govts…

  74. Andy says:

    A good advert for Concealed-Carry.

  75. Baron says:

    Quite frankly, excepting for the senseless attacks, it is likely we will soon this manifesting wholesale as so many of our fellow citizens have neither jobs, homes, nor even a reliable source of food and water.

    Yet again, the subculture of human resource management has no problems preventing any willing person from working if their associate at another scumbag outfit has a single negative word to say.

    Therefore it’s predictable. Rioting wholesale is to be expected as a natural outcome of a corporate controlled political system.