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    Trump Sets The Stage For A Huge Gold Rally In 2017

    James Burgess
    December 6th, 2016
    Comments (28)
    Read by 4,646 people

    The following analysis from leading online publication is a paid advertorial.


    Trump Sets The Stage For A Huge Gold Rally In 2017

    Global political tensions have not been this palpable since 9/11, when gold prices jumped 32.87% in a single day, and the amount of uncertainty being ushered in for 2017 promises to be great for the precious metal—our age-hold hedge against chaos and instability.

    For a fully-funded junior gold miner backed by heavy hitters in one of the world’s hottest venues–Fiore Exploration Ltd (TSXV–F.V) the timing is brilliant, the production costs fantastic, and the future golden.

    What we have right now is a situation in which gold prices are stable, but mining and exploration, which has been all but halted, is very cheap, leaving all kinds of fantastic plays up for grabs.

    Combine this with the fact that an unpredictable and inflation-bent Trump is preparing to take office in the U.S., the British prime minister is set to trigger a ‘hard Brexit’, China’s economic problems are mounting and most of the world is explosively tense, and you have a situation in which gold is set for a premium.

    Gold is the ultimate safe-haven and the ultimate means of payment when all else fails, or when the uncertainty is high enough to fear this failure.


    The transition is where billions are made—and the turning point in this story is upon us.

    Here is where you look for the small-cap that defies all the risky norms of this class of precious metals miner.

    This is exactly where you find Fiore, a company that is backed by a miner so big that raising capital is as easy as snapping your fingers; a company that has chosen a prime jurisdiction right next to an operating gold mine; a company whose management team knows gold better than anyone.

    Here are 5 reasons to keep a close eye on this small-cap, heavy hitter:

    1. Precious Again: Are you Ready for the Gold Rebound?

    Americans are buying gold like never before. U.S. demand for gold bars and coins was up a massive 207% in Q3 2016.

    According to the World Gold Council, this surging demand signals a level of interest in gold investment “not seen since the global financial crisis.”

    Gold is being rendered even more attractive for Americans amid economic uncertainty most succinctly expressed by billionaire investor Warren Buffett, of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (NYSE:BRK.A), who noted that the U.S. is “less well equipped to handle a financial crisis today than we were in 2008.”

    Central Banks the world over have also been stockpiling the precious metal since 2008, at levels not seen since before 1970.

    One of the world’s biggest legends in mining, Canadian billionaire Frank Giustra, who is also the founder of Lionsgate Entertainment Corporation (NYSE:LGF), is pouncing on gold voraciously, and where his gold money goes, markets tend to follow. He’s also the heavy hitter backing Fiore.

    Still, gold is under a bit of pressure, and the U.S. presidential elections certainly didn’t help. After climbing back up during the first three quarters of this year to be one of the best performing assets of the year, gold experienced a volatile few days, taking a dive on the ‘surprise’ victory of Trump, with a few unexplained ups and downs, largely because no one could quite figure out what the President-elect would mean for the precious metal.

    Finally, during the last week of November, prices stabilized and are presently up about 10% year to date. It’s a solid price for miners—particularly for Fiore—but it’s only the beginning of a new era.

    What comes next is what makes billionaires, because gold stocks are still cheap while the fundamentals are fantastic. Kinross Gold (NYSE:KCG), Newmont Mining (NYSE:NEM), Barrick Gold (NYSE:ABX) and IAMGold (NYSE:IAG) are all trading at less than 10 times cash flow from operations per share.

    Even with the modest recovery in prices this year, we saw TSX Venture gold stocks create millionaires over night by tripling and quadrupling in value. So imagine what will happen when Trump’s inflationary policies set in, and the world reels from a geopolitical uncertainty that is palpable…

    While Election Day and the day after had markets in a state of panicked confusion, the jury now seems to have deliberated, and the verdict is that Trump will be good for gold in two very specific ways:

    • Inflation—gold loves it. More to the point, Trump’s build, build, build infrastructure plans and ambitious defense spending visions are phenomenally inflationary. But it is also possible that these policies will not lead to any long-term sustainable growth, which would in turn lead to stagflation, which is an even better friend to gold.
    • Geopolitics—gold prices feed on risk, and there will be plenty of it. Even just a change in government creates geopolitical uncertainty, but in this case the situation is more extreme. Trump has indicated he will take an aggressive stance on issues central to West Asia, and in general, we’re looking at a world in which the U.S. may meddle much less and cooperate much less. The power vacuums that ensue are where the uncertainty lies. From the victory of a very divisive U.S. president and the rise of right-wing parties in Europe, to Brexit, China’s economic challenges and Russia’s warmongering, this is the uncertainty that gold loves. Gold is always put on a premium pedestal in times of geopolitical uncertainty, even when it’s not chaos.

    Right now, gold is massively oversold, and historically, these are levels that always lead to a major rally. It’s the calm before the storm. Some analysts believe we could be looking at gold prices of $1600 or higher this time next year already.

    This is the brilliantly timed scenario in which Fiore is diving very aggressively into Latin America’s gold bonanza.

    2. Heavy Hitters Mean Easy Capital, Strong Cash Flow

    Fiore breaks the mold when it comes to small-cap gold miners. There’s nothing an investor likes more than a company with positive cash flow and the ability to raise capital with the snap of its fingers.


    The company is backed by miner extraordinaire, Giustra, the Canadian business mogul who really needs no introduction as he has financed countless high-level natural resource deals. Giustra’s mining prowess is nothing short of legendary, and capital follows him around automatically.

    This is what most everyone in the industry refers to as the “Giustra Premium”, which is exactly why Fiore has a higher market capitalization than one would expect for a company at this stage.

    And the company is nicely cashed-up, with $13.5 million in the treasury, thanks to $11 million in financing, in part from its two major shareholders, Giustra and Brian Paes-Braga.

    The dream team here extends beyond Giustra, to include some major players with very serious track records:

    • Brian Paes-Braga, another heavy hitter
    • Advisor Paul Matysek, who has created shareholder value of well over $2 billion in gold, lithium, potash and uranium
    • CEO Tim Warman, a sought-after geologist with a string of successful, high-grade gold projects behind him

    Fiore, then, is not your average drill play. It can raise, and has raised, capital easily so it can drill at will. And it’s also positioned itself in the sweet spot of the gold world, which brings us to Chile …

    3. Welcome to a Prolifically Golden Opportunity

    Fiore’s property in Latin America is the right in the heart of Chile’s main mining center. There is absolutely no better location right now.

    Here, at the Pampas El Penon project, Fiore has been drilling on an 8,000-meter RC drill program since October, and it’s right next to Yamana Gold’s (NYSE:AUY) producing El Penon gold mine. Which we already know is a sweet spot.


    What they’re looking for—and on track to find very quickly—is the high-grade gold veins that Yamana is already mining next door.

    In the industry, this is called ‘closeology’, and it doesn’t get any closer than this.


    Or does it? Well, in fact, it does. The five-year bear market for gold has led to some amazingly low production costs. This means that Fiore is drilling for less than $100 a meter. Even better, the infrastructure is already in place, and drilling can continue year round.

    4. The Gold Deal of 2016

    As soon as Fiore sees drilling success, it can expand its drilling program without going back to the market. It’s brilliantly financed for this. That means that when it wants to earn in to 100% of Pampas El Penon, it will take $1.8 million worth of work, and one payment of a half million dollars—all of which the company is already set up to handle.

    And it won’t stop with Pampas. The plan is to add at least one new asset before the end of this year, maybe more.

    These are first-movers parked right next to a major producing gold mine, and they’re ready to take on more—Pampas is just a starter project, but a big one backed by heavy hitters.

    Backed by big money, Fiore is taking advantage of a huge exploration vacuum in Latin America. Exploration has almost completely come to a standstill, and exploration budgets are down by 60% over the past five years. There are massive projects out there that have been orphaned, and Fiore has stepped in with the money and expertise at a time when things are about to change.

    5. Gold Mining Stocks Have the Advantage, Fiore Has Even More

    Owning gold mining stocks is a brilliant move right now. Gold mining stocks are leveraged to the price of gold, while production costs are way below market price. This means that any small increase in the market price is a bonanza for the mining stock holder.

    Here’s where Fiore rules the first-mover day in Latin America. While some gold miners are drowning in debt, Fiore has none and it’s managed by a dream team of value-creators who know geology, know gold and are hungry to drill and expand.

    The bear market is playing into Fiore’s hands in a big way. Majors are still divesting, and Fiore is still shopping. This is where to be when the first drilling news comes in.

    By. James Burgess of

    Legal Disclaimer/Disclosure: This piece is an advertorial and has been paid for. This document is not and should not be construed as an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to purchase or subscribe for any investment. No information in this Report should be construed as individualized investment advice. A licensed financial advisor should be consulted prior to making any investment decision. We make no guarantee, representation or warranty and accept no responsibility or liability as to its accuracy or completeness. Expressions of opinion are those of only and are subject to change without notice. assumes no warranty, liability or guarantee for the current relevance, correctness or completeness of any information provided within this Report and will not be held liable for the consequence of reliance upon any opinion or statement contained herein or any omission. Furthermore, we assume no liability for any direct or indirect loss or damage or, in particular, for lost profit, which you may incur as a result of the use and existence of the information, provided within this Report.

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    Author: James Burgess
    Views: Read by 4,646 people
    Date: December 6th, 2016

    Copyright Information: This content has been contributed to SHTFplan by a third-party or has been republished with permission from the author. Please contact the author directly for republishing information.


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    1. TEST says:

      Thanks, paper shorts, for driving the price down. Mom and Pop across the country – outside of the “Yes we can” chanters and Hilary supporters – have been loading up thanks to your latest paper scam game.

      Keep it up! We’d all like to stockpile some more, courtesy of you bankster types

    2. durangokidd says:

      More propaganda to prop up the metal barons. Buy physical gold, not stocks. Especially not junior miners. This article really should have a blue label on it.

      TRUMP’S election did not set the stage for a massive gold rally. DUH. TRUMP’S election as POTUS collapsed the gold price.

      Remember all the talk that the UK would collapse with the BREXIT ??? Now the talk is that Europe will disintegrate with the rise of Populism (Independence) ???

      Fear mongering.

      The European Union will grow stronger, much like the Colonies did after the Articles of Confederation were scrapped. The problem in Europe is that the EU as originally configured gave political power to the European States rather than the People of Europe.

      That is about to Change. A new, stronger Europe will emerge from the rubble. 🙂

      • Sedko says:

        I bought junior miners from august through February of this 2015/2016 as the price was bottoming. A lot of people were thinking the same thing apparently. a lot of money moved into the sector. even though we saw a price correction across the board many are still up 100%+ or more from their January 2016 lows.

        If you think physical gold is going up in price it WILL be leveraged in gold miners. A 5% move on physical markets could easily see 10%-15% move in a junior or major.

        If you think gold goes down from here then stay away from mining stocks. If you think it goes up from here then look into some of the top players or ETF’s. Sprott has a major and junior ETF worth looking at that gives you coverage across the entire sector.

        The prospects look good for gold because we know that fundamentally everything will be the same even when Trump takes over. If Trump sees a financial panic of any kind in 2017 then just look at brexit panic to see how gold could perform.

        • durangokidd says:

          “If you think physical gold is going up in price it WILL be leveraged in gold miners. A 5% move on physical markets could easily see 10%-15% move in a junior or major.”

          Yes, that is true, but I doubt that most readers here are sophisticated traders and/or speculators. If my six years of reading and commenting at SHTF has taught me anything, it has taught me that the economic / financial IQ of most of them is marginal at best. You, and a few others, are likely the exception.

          In a true SHTF scenario which I believe most readers here are concerned about, junior mining shares and stocks in general will CRASH, losing much of their value. Not only that but these CEO’s will gobble up the value of your equity and its gains through warrants, stock options and cash bonus’; salaries and expensive perks.

          Owning physical metals is INSURANCE and part of the costs of Prepping. Most of the readers here over the past five or six years already own sufficient gold and silver to INSURE against SHTF.

          This article is just propaganda to support and/or boost the share price of the stock by gullible buyers. Don’t be manipulated. 🙁

          • Zeus says:

            I agree with durango. Buying Gold mine paper IOU Digital stocks, are You loaning the Mines your wealth so they can Gamble at the Casino. If you cant hold it in your hand, you dont own it and can loose it all. There is less Silver in the worldthan Gold, and silver is used in massive amounts of electrical components including Solar Panel. There is way more upside potential and profit to be made owning Physical Silver .999 Rounds and bullion. Silver is way under valued 70 to 1 Silver to Gold price ratio. That will drop to 47 to 1 or lower. Should be 16 to 1 just to close to normal. When the Grid crashes try to redeem your paper IOU mining shares from the casino gamblers in vegas. Bwhahahahaaaa. They will steal the Gold and you will get the shaft.

        • I did the same with Goldcorp (GG) and one or two others in January once the Shanghai Comp took a shit, sold off in July. Used some disposable income and make a killing. doubled it, including fees etc. poured it back into PM’s when the bottom fell out this fall.
          Not sure if I have the stones to try that again but it was fun

      • steve says:

        says it “is a paid advertorial.” at the beginning, ya get what ya pay for

    3. Archivist says:

      Full page advertising for gold stocks.

      I don’t care if the price of gold goes up or down at this point. All that matters is that I bought cheap, and it won’t devalue in comparison to other commodities that I might need in the future.

      Gold and silver buy approximately the same amounts of various commodities now as they did 100 years ago. I expect that to roughly continue.

    4. An Obsolete Man says:

      Gold Rally?!
      I will believe it when I see it.

    5. CW&S says:

      Really, a silly commercial for a gold small cap. Surely we can do better than this.

    6. Golden rice is rice with a GMO of vitamin A added, turning rice from white to orange. This is intended to prevent blindness.

      This is an example of science being useful. The patents on the crop are being given away. No claim to them by the creators of this new GMO rice.

      If science was driven by altruism and love of one’s’ fellow man, even GMOs might stop being a scourge and begin to do more good than evil. Now, don’t think I’m going soft. GMOs are Cancer causing. We need to be very very cautious.


    7. ASadReality says:

      Frank Giustra has donated over 100 million dollars to the corrupt Clinton Foundation. I’ll stick to physical, thank you very much.

    8. Zeus says:

      Lets get Pysical….Physical
      The other beauty of owning in your hand Physical PM’s is full protection and hiding of your wealth from the Government Theives and their Toll Booth buffet of Taxes. No Trace, Universal Global money. Anything written or printed on paper is a promise contract that can be defaulted on. Beware of the pump and dump paper promises thwy peddle.

    9. Zeus says:

      Sheep will always be fleeced. Give me 10% of your Weekly Earnings, and I promise you Ever Lasting Life ( john 3:16) . Also Give me 35% of your weekly earnings (income taxes) and I will keep you safe.

      Who did I just describe?

      Yep Religion and the Grabberment. 2 illusions to fleece the sheep.

    10. It is the morning of December 7th.

      Today is the anniversary of our predecessors World Trade Center, the government’s excuse for going to war with a Country that had done nothing to us, Germany, homeland for 60% of the people living here.

      Yes, for years we were led to believe that the attack by Japan against our Navy stationed in Hawaii, was a total shock to Roosevelt. We were led to believe that our President practically walked on water. The truth, that he was a cripple and couldn’t walk at all, was kept from us, that is, more accurately, it was kept from the people at the time, 1941.

      Japan was at war with China. China was in turmoil. Divided by a thousands years old dynastic system and ruled by Emperors, China had learned from the J*ws in Russia about Communism. Chaing Kia Shek fought Mao. Mao, the Communist, was to eventually win and go on to oversee the greatest famine in History; even more people would starve than in the Ukrainian haulocaust named the Holodomar.

      Not only was China embroiled in civil war, China had been sabotaged by the City of London. The British, under the control of the Rothschild banking monopoly, used Opium and heroin as a weapon then, just as they do today. The weak and sick drug addicts were ordered to kill all white people living in China. Many innocents including missionaries were killed. Cruel as this may have been. It paled in comparison to the death and misery brought by the deliberate drugging of China. China’s problem with drug addition was successfully resolved. (Nothing like unleashing a Country of addicts going through withdrawal all at the same time.)

      Now, this fragmented Country was attacked viciously by the tiny Island of Japan. The Japanese needed the resources which China had that Japan did not.

      The Japanese were a sober determined people with a modern air force. But Japan was reliant on the oil rich United States to fuel its planes to get to China to fight for what resources they needed from China for their survival. Roosevelt rationed the amount of gas and supplies going to Japan. Japan, suffering under U.S. Sanctions, could not sustain the fight with China. Japan was being screwed by Roosevelt. He was trying to provoke Japan and it worked. In order to justify fighting in Europe, an attack was necessary. (That is why Bush always said we needed a Pearl Harbor). The sob told us to our face, and most of us just didn’t get it.


      • Zeus says:

        But but wait,… GW Bush said they attacked us on 911, because they Hate our Freedoms. lol

      • Sterling says:

        100% correct, the US government of 1941 wanted to get into the European war and needed an incident to accomplish this.
        We sent ships with weapons to the UK which made us a belligerent and wanted Germany to attack our ships, Hitler did not take the bait so we did everything possible to get the Japanese to create the “incident”. And not to forget that the nuclear bombs dropped on Japan did not lead to the surrender, the declaration of war and the invasion by Russia is what led to the surrender.

    11. SICK OF IT ALL says:

      December 7, 1941. A day that will live in infamy. God Bless all of our Vets, past and present!

      Thank You for protecting our freedom,God Bless you all.

    12. rabbitone says:

      Gold price goes up when people have less faith in government and down when government appears stable (see Martin Armstrongs blog). What this article states is people will have little faith in a Trump government (I see the opposite)…

    13. Really??? says:

      Someone has to say it….

      ‘Ya can’t eat gold stocks’. There ya go, now the gold conversation is complete.

      I’ll keep buying my 1/10th and 1/4 oz coins and putting them in their tubes.

      Someday the tubes will be full and while only a handful of oz’s it’ll be a good thing to have.

    14. john stiner says:


      Stop pushing articles that want people to buy gold mining stocks. It is a scam.

      • Zeus says:

        JS, I’m guessing, Cause Mac bought some Mining Stocks, or has some shares, so he follows it. To each his own.
        Mining Stocks are the Casino, watch the wheel, and see where it lands play. Mining Stocks are much more of an Emotional Momentum Play, like for Day Traders where they can get in and out with a click of the mouse. I used to Day Trade, did not give a crap what the stock was, but more of how much was the daily spread that it would trade, and in a Pattern, where I could get in and out, in buy n sell trades daily to catch that momentum spread for a profit. Either up or down, if I went long or short.

        Its is a Casino. Mining Stocks can go up really fast and sell off fast, as many are in a basket like your cable stations, in your Cable bundle. But as you know, you never watched 90% of the stations in the bundle, but the 90% still gets paid and subsidized for being in that bundle of TV programming. Its like Socialism for stock funds, propping up some mining stocks with no justification. Its a crap shoot playing the odds of heads or tails. Or buy at the low and sell High for a better outcome of profit. But I would never buy a Mining stock for some long term college fund for the kids. Better to go with a sure bet of Blue Chip stocks that pays dividends. Low Risk, Retain your wealth.

        Mining stocks are the same thing, where they are in the bundle and getting investors to jump in and pushed up their stock even thought they may not even be mining a mine yet, or produced a single ounce of metal to date. A few months back we looked up some of these high flying Gold Mining Stocks and they had P/E (Price to Earning ratios) as high as 600 to 1. Meaning you are paying a price for 600 times their annual earnings. Absolutely a scam bubble. And Mining of Gold has nothing to do with the Price of Physical Gold or vice versa. And big disconnect. But if lots of the public think mining stocks are great and buy a stock that has the word Gold in it, it just pushes up the stock price based on nothing but emotion. But has nothing to do with the fundamentals or earnings to justify the stock price.


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