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Trump Called For ‘Unifying Event’ Two Weeks Before Florida School Shooting

Mac Slavo
February 19th, 2018
Comments (58)

Two weeks before the Florida school shooting, president Donald Trump said it would be difficult to “unify” the country without a major event. But the odd coincidence is that now that there was a “major event,” the country is more divided than ever before.

According to PBS, hours before his first State of the Union address two weeks ago, President Donald Trump said that he wants to unite the country amid “tremendous divisiveness” and hopes he can do so without a traumatic event affecting Americans. Trump spoke about creating a more united country during a lunch with a number of television news anchors. The president said the United States has long been divided, including during the impeachment of former president Bill Clinton. Trump also said that Americans usually come together during times of suffering.

“I would love to be able to bring back our country into a great form of unity,” Trump said. “Without a major event where people pull together, that’s hard to do. But I would like to do it without that major event because usually that major event is not a good thing.” 

But the major event – the mass shooting a high school in Florida – did not bring people together; it only divided them further. Joe Joseph with The Daily Sheeple says “This is interesting, because this, he said prior to the shooting down in Florida.”

“Now, that’s not to say president Trump orchestrated that [the mass shooting in Florida] because I doubt that he did, in fact, I don’t think that for a second. But, what I will say, is that these events, oftentimes, cause more divide than anything else,” Joseph said. “The last time I saw an event unify the country was 9/11, and it was only for a short time.”

“Normally, it takes that negative event or that attack that threatens the well-being of the nation that affect us all, or that we perceive affects us all,” Joseph said. But, “there are so many things that divide the country right now, it’s the whole gun control debate again. Here we have another crazy that’s gone out, done his thing, and interestingly enough, they’re gonna raze the school, which, I always thought crime scenes needed to be preserved…it seems like every major casualty or every major event, we have to go and just raze the crime scene…does anybody not think that this is a little odd…that’s a crime scene! Why are we destroying evidence?” It really isn’t a wonder why people believe some of the major events are scripted or didn’t happen the way we were told that they did. People want instant gratification and their feelings validated which also leads to divisiveness.

“One thing’s for sure,” Joseph says. “Since he [Trump] said this, we did have a major event an I’ll tell ya…that major event has caused an even deeper rift and divide among people in this country and I don’t think that there’s an easy answer.”

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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: February 19th, 2018
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. Nailbanger says:

    Well that florida shooting sure isnt a unifying event,,,,
    Im not ever going to be unified with leftist turds wanting to strip my constitutional rights, NEVER

    • cranerigger says:

      Nailbanger, well said. The delusional fools that want to disarm law-abiding firearm owners don’t know how to pour piss out of a boot, with the directions on the heel.

    • CrackerJack says:

      People suck, always have, always will. The only way to unify them is to melt them all together in a volcano. Unity just isn’t going to happen.

      • Genius says:

        From Steve Quayles site:

        Someone knew beforehand that there was going to be a shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS. I live in Broward County so I’m very familiar with the school. That afternoon when I was notified of the shooting I quickly Googled any news related to the story. To my surprise I found a news article posted on WSVN by “BSO”…4 HOURS BEFORE THE ACTUAL SHOOTING!!! It had a Google Time Stamp of 4 hours before the event took place saying 22 students dead! I took a photo of it in case they deleted it. I included in this email to you Steve. All the other news stations were covering it Live and saying the shooting took place around 2:20pm. The students being interviewed also confirmed it. Live gun shots started at 2:20-2:25pm. A colleague of mine has a daughter in that school and she said that it started at that time. Steve, this happened before of the Orland Pulse Night Club shooting. A news article was posted 8 HOURS BEFORE THE SHOOTING! Google Time Stamp does not lie! Go to YouTube and find that one. But how can this be! Who is uploading to the media before the chaos? Sandy Hook…The teacher who supposedly died, (Victory Soto) made a FB page in remembrance of her death 2 days before the so-called massacre. Of course, that too was removed and reposted. The deep state is going after the guns my brothers and sisters!

        • Menzoberranzan says:

          They do underestimate our resolve not to give our weapons up. I do think some on the left believe that we will all line up and turn them in if the government declares them illegal.

      • The Deplorable Braveheart says:

        CJ, agreed. Libturds have always sucked. I only unify with people who share my beliefs, like the ones here.

    • Heartless says:

      It could be though Naibanger. If only the liberal morons would realize the simple fact that this shooting took maybe 3-4 minutes start to finish and the police at a minimum took 5 to just get there, they’d realize that they need to arm the teachers or some other course of in-house action to meet threat with threat.

  2. Sgt. Dale says:

    I agree with Nailbangeer. I will not join any one trying to take away my RIGHTS.

    Nikolas Cruz is a member of ANTIFA. Look it up!!!!


    • Paranoid says:

      I don’t understand I’m quite unified. I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands; and will gut like a flounder anyone who tramples on it’s Constitution.

      • Nailbanger says:

        I like it, i can definitely “unify” with that mindset

      • Sgt. Dale says:

        I like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Menzoberranzan says:

          Yes, I love my country and my fellow patriots. I am worried the other side will continue killing children and others for their evil goals to be pushed upon us. I see bloody hell war ahead.

          • Nailbanger says:

            Bracken put out links on his site linking to florida ban legislation, outright ban

          • Spike says:

            Menzoberranzan…..Jesus stated “a Nation divided against itself shall not stand”. When the Lord said “shall” it made it a spiritual law. It will happen. America divided will collapse. When you look at partial birth abortion….the demoncrats fight tooth and nail to keep that barbaric practice legal when any person with a reasonable brain should know its barbarism, satanic, sacrificial murder of babies. Either eventually we rid this land of this terrible evil, or God will rid the land of people who allow it. America is finished if we continue like this. The demoncrats have a degenerate mind, read Romans as to why. Because they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a depraved mind, doing the things they ought not to do. For exact wording look it up yourself…Wife is bugging me to go pick up my son from play practice. Gotta go.

    • The Deplorable Braveheart says:

      sarge, same here. You NEVER unify with anyone that has any bad intentions toward you.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I seriously doubt Trump was referring to, or even slightly suggesting, a mass shooting as a unifying event.

    The Democrats began using it as a divisive issue within the hour of it happening, as would be expected from them by Trump or anyone else of any degree of astuteness.

    • KY Mom says:

      Kim Dotcom: “Let Me Assure You, The DNC Hack Wasn’t Even A Hack”

      “Let me assure you, the DNC hack wasn’t even a hack. It was an insider with a memory stick. I know this because I know who did it and why,” adding “Special Counsel Mueller is not interested in my evidence. My lawyers wrote to him twice. He never replied.”

      “It was an insider with a memory stick”

      “Dotcom’s is backed up by an analysis done last year by a researcher who goes by the name Forensicator, who determined that the DNC files were copied at 22.6 MB/s – a speed virtually impossible to achieve from halfway around the world, much less over a local network – yet a speed typical of file transfers to a memory stick.”

      “The local transfer theory of course blows the Russian hacking narrative out of the water, lending credibility to the theory that the DNC “hack” was in fact an inside job, potentially implicating late DNC IT staffer, Seth Rich.”

      ht tps://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-02-18/kim-dotcom-let-me-assure-you-dnc-hack-wasnt-even-hack

  4. Anonymous says:


    • another anon says:

      The lady that the high school was named after was an environmentalist.
      She believed in protecting the Everglades.


      She used to say, “DON’T DRAIN THE SWAMP”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      This was a coded Deep State message to Trump who’s Mir-A-Lago is 40 miles down the road.

      This kid Cruz is just a Patsy.

      There was a shooting drill at the school before it happened.
      It was also visited by Secret Service agents BEFORE the shooting.
      There are reports from eyewitnesses of MULTIPLE SHOOTERS.

      Ever notice that most of these school shootings happen in nice and semi-affluent areas.
      This never seems to take place in ghetto schools.



      These events are orchestrated by those with an agenda. They use idiots to carry it out.

  5. Nailbanger says:

    Over at western rifle shooters theres a link for a ban law from florida, its beginning

  6. Concerned Citizen 1776 says:

    None of this nonsense is ever going to stop until we genuinely have it out, like a brawl after school type of thing but much larger scale of course. The Left wants to take our guns away and us on the Right will have NO parts of giving up our guns. There is no way possible to come together when we are at such polar opposites…I have ZERO intention of giving up my guns or any of my right for that matter. The Left is seriously screwed in the head. The damn country is completely rotting from the inside out!! Think about it folks.

    • Nailbanger says:

      Amen, zero intention of giving any of them up,

    • rellik says:

      I can safely say that in my part of the world, there won’t be many cops or legislators left if they try to disarm us.

    • the blame-e says:

      You are confused. There is no “Left” and there is no “Right.” The “Powers That Be” are only letting you think there is.

      See any difference between the out of control spending by Obama and the Democrats, and the out of control spending by Trump and the GOP? See any difference between the war-mongering of Hillary Clinton and the Democrats, and the war-mongering of President Donald Trump and the GOP? Hundreds of Russians were just taken out by U.S. and U.S. backed troops in Syria. Is it World War 3, yet?

      When ammo is $100-bucks per bullet and all reloaders are registered with the state, you’ll know what I mean.

      • Anonymous5 says:

        Sorry blame-e…..there IS a left and a right.

        I run into and hear leftists spew their drivel every day. It’s not an imagined divide. It’s a REAL divide. I have almost nothing in common with leftists except for the fact that we both breathe air. They share almost NONE of my values. NONE.

        The divide between left and right has nothing to do with political parties…and everything to do with values.

        The divide is so serious and involves such important issues, that I don’t see a way that both sides can continue to exist in the same country. One side or the other is going to have to be crushed……literally.

  7. southside says:

    Well CC you’re right about thst. Sometimes what is needed is a good cleatlring of the air. A good all around drag out no punches pulled fight to settle matters. The last one in 1861 – 1865 was too long over due

  8. the blame-e says:

    So, like, I’m confused.

    The headline reads: “Trump Called For ‘Unifying Event’ Two Weeks Before Florida School Shooting.”

    So, instead of the FBI setting up the Parkland shooting, Trump did it?

    Mac Slavo, are you a Democrat?

    • DMONIC says:

      More like a liberal. JFK democrats are today’s GOP. Today’s Republicans are JFK’s democrats. Liberals are hard core socialists at best, commies at worst. Conservatives are the only hope this country has left. The rest need to be thrown out.

  9. This article implies that the school shooting was the type of crisis that effects the entire Country like the explosions of 911 by the Mossad, or the mortgage crisis of 2008, or declaration of war by FDR, or the sinking of the Titanic (Olympic) and the implementation of a corrupt cartel of foreign bankers on American soil against the warnings of Thomas Jefferson.

    This is not even close to the type of event the rulers need to coax the slave herd into submission and or sacrifice mode.


  10. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf says:

    MK Ultra at its finest. I read that book. I believe that the mass shooter was MK Ultra. Trained by the Physco Analetic Society. Yep, that what they called themselves.


  11. KY Mom says:

    The reported number of school shootings has been greatly INFLATED to stoke fear and push a gun control agenda.

    Even if someone fired a gun at (an out of session or permanently CLOSED) school and police were called, Everytown would COUNT that as a school shooting.

    In the rural area where I live, if someone fired a bebe gun or set up target practice on the old (now CLOSED) school grounds, etc. – that would count as a school shooting.

    There Were THREE School Shootings This Year, Not 18. That’s Still Too Many. 2/15/18
    “The original source of the figure is Mike Bloomberg’s gun-control advocacy organization, Everytown for Gun Safety. The organization arrives at the figure by defining a “school shooting” as any time a gun is fired at or near a school, college, or university, regardless of whether students are present or anyone is injured.

    In fact, if one counts only events where a shooter enters a school and shoots someone, there have been three school shootings, including yesterday’s.”

    ht tps://www.nationalreview.com/blog/corner/there-were-three-school-shootings-this-year-not-18-thats-still-too-many/

  12. TommyD says:

    I think Trump will sign a federal gun law banning AR-15’s, it will be a “Bipartisan” bill which always screws the average American.

  13. Dave says:

    We are pre 1990 Yugoslavia. The balkanization of America is about to take place. Obama, clinton, soros, etc, and the libtard swamp media are behind it!

    • rellik says:

      We don’t have a Clinton president to protect Moslem’s.
      Yes, we are balkanized. Serbs had the right idea.
      Too bad Clinton interfered.
      Today it is Democrats vs. Americans.
      Democrats will lose.

      • Dave says:

        Our American centric thinking is part of the blame. There are plenty of clintons, and soros played a big part in Yugoslavia. Conservative blinders are full face. We are out numbered at least 2 to 1, and we will see libtards coming out of every crevice, like never before. We have already lost!

        • Nailbanger says:

          Who, the vagina hats? Soy boys? All the fat democrat queers?
          They can try,,,,

          • Dave says:

            My point exactly. They are energized! They will all come out of every crack and vote. Conservatives have seen the last of winning elections.

            We are so busy thinking we are awesome, that we fail to see that they have protests involving millions, while we have protests involving 100s! But somehow we think we are winning.

            They have all the media (tv, movies, music, etc). By definition, we have next to none (alternative). Easy to see. They have 10s of thousands of comments, we have hundreds. But somehow, we think we are winning.

            They are far more organized then we are. When they want to get the word out, they have tons of ways to do it, we have none! Seriously, where would you go to find out what activities are scheduled for conservative causes?

  14. Anonymous5 says:

    More divided every day.

    Civil war coming.

  15. Beaumont says:

    The ‘unifying event’ line is gonna sound creepy, no matter what.

    But, it takes us weeks and months to study just one single mass shooting, down to the nitty gritty. Everyone is picking it apart, thinking how knowledgeable they are, about this single event.

    But, there is reportedly more than one a day.

    Which one is the unifying event, with martial law, roundups, and confiscations.

    And, is it even physically possible to keep up with all the news, at that rate. Are we really that smart.

    • Watchman says:

      The Bible says to be at peace with all men as much as is possible.
      When all bets are off…
      Then do what has to be done,just make sure you’ve made contingency plans with like minded people or you will be a lone voice crying in the wilderness

  16. Jack Mahogoff says:

    The left is one step closer. To have Trump come for the GUNS.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Apparently, ZNN is so fast/efficient in responding to a story, they were able to have trucks/cameras/crews/”reporters” set-up & live on the scene, interviewing two Parkland, Florida H.S. students, well before the shooting (0:20 second mark) stops……

  18. Traitor Hator says:

    Unifying Event? United we stand, Devided we fall? In unity we stand ,In diversity we fall? Diversity is a unification? Lines are being drawn. Who will you trust?

  19. aljamo says:

    Really it’s just a fraction of the overall left that wants the guns confiscated from law abiding Americans. The useful idiots. Their comeuppance will be delivered harshly afterwards should it actually be successfully attempted. Young dumb and well full of shit while their future free existence is sharply reduced like sheep to their slaughter.