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This Nuclear Blast Simulator Lets You Put In ANY Address to See What Would Happen (Plus a List of Potential Targets)

Daisy Luther
April 15th, 2018
The Organic Prepper
Comments (29)
Read by 13,422 people
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This article was originally published by Daisy Luther at The Organic Prepper

Did you ever think about the places close to you that would be potential targets for a nuclear strike by an enemy? If you’re reading this website, chances are, the answer is yes. But how would a strike to that nearby target affect you?

In the event of a nuclear strike, there are four things to consider. The numbers below are in the event of a 300 kiloton bomb:

  • The Fireball: Everything in this range would be disintegrated, It is nearly a one-mile radius and also called Ground Zero.
  • Radiation: A wave of deadly radiation would affect everything within 5.5 miles. This will cause lung injuries, severe burns, deafness, blindness, and internal bleeding. Anyone in this range who survives the immediate danger is likely to suffer from radiation poisoning in the upcoming weeks.
  • The Shockwave: A shockwave of incredible power would spread throughout a range of about 11.5 miles. Also called the blast wave, this highly compressed air will travel at high velocities (up to 470 mph), destroying nearly every building in its path.
  • The Heat: Heat from a nuclear blast would travel almost 50 miles. This heat can ignite fires and cause first degree burns.

You can plug any address into this website and see how far the effects of a nuclear strike would reach.

This is a link to the Blast Simulator.

Here’s what a 300 KT strike on the White House would look like, so that you can get an idea of the different danger zones.

Photo Credit: Outrider

You can check out my book, How to Survive a Dozen Disasters, for detailed information on how to prepare for the potential of a nearby nuclear strike and what to do if it happens. This article has some instructions as well.

Where are nuclear strikes most likely to take place?

It depends. There are all sorts of variables with regard to nuclear targets. While most of us would think that cities like New York, Washington DC, and Los Angeles would be more desirable because of high population density, the targets are more likely to be strategic militarily.

This article from Business Insider states that cities aren’t the most likely targets anymore and that targeting has “shifted from cities to nuclear stockpiles and nuclear war-related infrastructure.” The map below shows the theoretical targets of an attack by Russia.

Photo credit: Business Insider

However, if North Korea were to attack the United States, the goals would be different, at least based on a North Korean propaganda photo from 2013.

In Hawaii, one of the closest targets to North Korea, the US military bases Pacific Command, which is in charge of all US military units in the region. San Diego is PACOM’s home port, where many of the US Navy ships that would respond to a North Korean attack base when not deployed.

Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana holds the US Air Force’s Global Strike Command, the entity that would be responsible for firing back with the US’s Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Washington D.C., of course, is the home of the US’s commander-in-chief, who must approve of nuclear orders. (source)

The North Korean target map looks like this:

Photo Credit: Business Insider

What about radioactive fallout?

If a nuclear strike occurs and you are outside the range of the issues above, the next risk is the radioactive fallout.

The significant hazards come from particles scooped up from the ground and irradiated by the nuclear explosion. The radioactive particles that rise only a short distance (those in the “stem” of the familiar mushroom cloud) will fall back to earth within a matter of minutes, landing close to the center of the explosion. Such particles are unlikely to cause many deaths, because they will fall in areas where most people have already been killed. However, the radioactivity will complicate efforts at rescue or eventual reconstruction. The radioactive particles that rise higher will be carried some distance by the wind before returning to Earth, and hence the area and intensity of the fallout is strongly influenced by local weather conditions. Much of the material is simply blown downwind in a long plume.

Rainfall also can have a significant influence on the ways in which radiation from smaller weapons is deposited, since rain will carry contaminated particles to the ground. The areas receiving such contaminated rainfall would become “hot spots,” with greater radiation intensity than their surroundings. (source)

Radioactive fallout can cause myriad health problems. You can also be exposed to these particles when you eat plants, milk, or meat that has been contaminated by fallout. The biggest risk is thyroid cancer, which is why those who live in a place where there is a risk of fallout should stock up Potassium Iodide pills. (Here’s how to take them to prevent cancer due to radioactive fallout.) A Stanford University study warns:

Nuclear fallout poses health dangers, particularly in the form of cancer, to humans in the form of radiation. When radioactive chemicals break down they release a certain amount of radiation. When humans are exposed to this radiation there is a risk that it causes chemical changes in cells which can kill or makes cells abnormal. In damaging the DNA contained in cells, radiation can cause cancer and can also lead to birth defects in children due to the tampering with a person’s genetic makeup. (source)

The other variable

The last and scariest variable is this: how big is the bomb? On the map above, you can plug in different types of nuclear warheads for different results. If a Tsar bomb (the largest ever detonated in Russia) struck Washington, DC, it would demolish a substantially larger area and the death toll would reach 1,858,141 people, with injuries to nearly one and a half million more.

Here’s what that would look like.

Photo Credit: Outrider

As you can see, with a 50,000 KT bomb, the numbers are entirely different.

  • The Fireball: Everything in this 31-mile range would be disintegrated
  • Radiation: A wave of deadly radiation would affect everything within 44 miles. This will cause lung injuries, severe burns, deafness, blindness, and internal bleeding. Anyone in this range who survives the immediate danger is likely to suffer from radiation poisoning in the upcoming weeks.
  • The Shockwave: A shockwave of incredible power would spread throughout a range of about 345 miles. Also called the blast wave, this highly compressed air will travel at high velocities (up to 470 mph), destroying nearly every building in its path.
  • The Heat: Heat from a nuclear blast would travel 3200 miles. This heat can ignite fires and cause first degree burns.

There is an enormous difference in the scale of nuclear weapons. This video gives you some idea of the scope.

Do you live near any of the potential targets?

When you look at the maps above, are you close to any of the likely targets? How will you prepare for the potential of attack?

Hat tip to Nathan for the link to the simulator!

The Pantry Primer

Please feel free to share any information from this article in part or in full, giving credit to the author and including a link to The Organic Prepper and the following bio.

Daisy Luther is the author of The Pantry Primer: A Prepper’s Guide To Whole Food on a Half Price Budget.  Her website, The Organic Prepper, offers information on healthy prepping, including premium nutritional choices, general wellness and non-tech solutions. You can follow Daisy on Facebook and Twitter, and you can email her at</e

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Author: Daisy Luther
Views: Read by 13,422 people
Date: April 15th, 2018

Copyright Information: This content has been contributed to SHTFplan by a third-party or has been republished with permission from the author. Please contact the author directly for republishing information.


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  1. Chris says:

    Clunky and hard to use simulator. I don’t need this to tell me what will happen if a nuke drops on my head; I need to know what happens when a target is nearby and where fallout will go.
    Much better simulator here:,_3rd-50,_2nd-50,_1st-50,35&zm=11

    • durangokidd says:

      The 14 military targets located on the map above is woefully inadequate. The idea that population centers will not be desirable targets is laughable. Of course cities will be targeted and for good reason: any surviving enemy would be useless eaters sucking up scarce resources.

      All target sites will be reduced to rubble by the blast of neutron bombs exploding overhead and the radiation will destroy all life in it’s target area before dissipating.

      Russia has over 1,000 missiles. 150 missiles are targeted on the USA. That’s right, just 150 Russian MIRV missiles can decimate the USA and eradicate almost all Americans. A similar number of American nukes can do the same to Russia, as it’s population is also concentrated in the cities..

      Radiation will be negligible after 60 days and this is by deign so that if a clear winner emerges they will be able to occupy the spaces vacated by the vanquished. This is why a First Strike, especially by stealth, hypersonic missiles, is such a tantalizing prospect for all adversaries.

      Be there to get there. 🙂

      • Kevin2 says:

        “Radiation will be negligible after 60 days and this is by deign so that if a clear winner emerges they will be able to occupy the spaces vacated by the vanquished.”

        Both winner and loser will be largely devoid of manufacturing. The evisceration of educated people in Science, Engineering and Medicine along with their associated facilities will keep everyone plenty busy on the home front for decades. Add in a follow up of bio-viral which is a given because if they’re not used then they’ll never be used. The difference better victor and vanquished would be insignificant. The former semi developed world will rise to dominance.

        • Kevin2 says:

          between not better

        • durangokidd says:

          K2: Maybe. But survivors from ALL sides will emerge from their respective underground bases that have laboratories AND manufacturing facilities. Eventually, these survivors and the technology they possess will form new power structures to dominate the common people.

          The more things change … the more they remain the same. 🙁

          • Kevin2 says:

            They’ll all be tied up for decades upon decades just to get back to where they were. Maps will be redrawn. The US will be likely broken up into smaller nations as central government of today would be non functional if not non existent therefore of no use.

            “If world war three is fought with nuclear weapons, world war four will be fought with sticks and stones”.

            Albert Einstein

            • durangokidd says:

              K2: One would think so, but the Global PTB have prepared massive underground bases with the technology they will need in their respective countries for both continuity of government and survival; stocked them with everything necessary for continuing THEIR civilization at taxpayer expense, and stored every conceivable device (and some technology only they possess).

              Only the masses will be “short sheeted”, and in disarray, without adequate food, water, and technology. The USA will be re-divided into new political divisions per FEMA, eliminating the current political structure, and these “Governors” will report to Military Command. 🙂

      • NEC_Wrangler says:

        “The 14 military targets located on the map above is woefully inadequate.”

        Amen. Know your AO, don’t rely on someone elses map.

    • JustMe says:

      Time lapse graphic of nuclear detonations, 12 minutes long:

      https: //w w w. you tube. com/watch?v=LLCF7vPanrY

    • DMONIC says:

      Chris is correct. I have been using the same one for years. The one Daily points out for this story is total bullshit. Can you maybe do some research on things like this before publishing it as good? I cant tell you how many times I tried informing people on this site about that nuke map. Apparently no one listens though.

  2. rellik says:

    Checking out the Graphic on North Korean bomb targets more or less tells me this is BS. Target will be Oahu not the Big Island. There is only 200,000 people all spread out, that nobody will miss, and no significant military targets except a training area. Pearl harbor is a much better target. Drop a bomb at the rush hour and you will get some attention.

  3. How far away from Yellowstone? And what about the volcano in Hawaii?

    San Diego has some medical research facilities. Great work is being done there that will benefit all. Imagine if someone bombed the lab where Edison and Tesla worked.

    War is Stupid.


  4. John Stiner says:

    And the most searched requested target is Washington DC, followed by a close second of the entire state of California.

    • Heartless says:

      Great minds and all that John…. my first thought was just use one bomb on Washington D.C. and you won’t need the rest. Whoever sends it will receive a very nice combo-Thank You card and fruit basket as soon as we can get one out to them.

  5. TommyD says:

    judging by Putin’s reaction friday, i dont think there will be a Nuclear war. the US will bomb Syria every few and Russia just complain. Seems like just theater

  6. Ready:) says:

    I don’t know, I have always had a much more optimistic view of the world than many and I think it is safe to say that since nobody in Washington DC is working for America anymore; if someone wants to nuke it and save us all the trouble? My best to you and yours:)

    We do not need the government and we do not need the Left or the Liberals.

    The dirty little secret is not only is a nuclear war survivable, but it is indeed very survivable.

    Let’s flush it all down the drain and start fresh. So, the weak die. They always die. That is the natural way of things.

    If you aren’t ready for it all to go up or down at this point you wont ever be. Good luck:)

  7. Jim in Va. says:

    How about MT. Weather outside of DC? 25 miles from DC. As for Syria, I understand that the bases hit were evacuated a couple of days before hand. Dog and Pony show?

  8. Anhyzer says:

    Our nuclear reactors (and or cooling pools) will go critical if any area nearby is nuked. So no, no forces will occupy the land afterwards. No one will. Nuclear power plants are a great deterrent against a civilian uprising, too. Did you think they were there to just provide energy and bomb material?

  9. Beaumont says:

    They’ve ruined every major industry and exploitable source of mineral wealth, but still have intellectual and banking rights, the major commodity being data.

    What is most concerning, in their own words — grid and cyber security.

    Someone drawing such a hypothetical map should be looking for intersections in the communications superhighway.

  10. Anonymous says:

    We need to work out arrangements with both Russia and NK, probably China too, to confine nuclear strikes to Europe.

    Then we can divide up the remaining areas with none of our countries seriously affected and everyone coming out ahead in the end.

  11. Concerned Citizen says:

    There is so much overwhelming Evil, I think nuclear destruction is the only true remedy – enjoy Washington, D.C. and all of that Rat Bastards that live and “work” there.

  12. TheGuy says:

    Oh I don’t know… LAX, Port of Los Angeles, Edwards AFB… let me think about this.

    Am I near any targets WELL YEAH… pretty much the entire area is one big humongous target…

    If I have 20 minutes notice before everyone else does and the roads do not instantaneously jam up, and I’m either at home or at work (but not commuting between the two)… I have an idea what I could do. It ends with me on Catalina Island but that’s a few days after the fact, I expect I’ll have to pay for the boat ride with my bunghole or something.

    If I do not have 20 minutes notice… basically I plan to get really warm really fast. I mean pretty much.

  13. wormdirt says:

    I hate when people that don’t know anything about the subject try writing about it. 50,000KT? Don’t think so. And it’s square miles, SQUARE MILES!

THC-free CBD Formula - Zero High Brand

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