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“They’re Looking For The Voice of God” – Tom Horn Explains The Dangers Of CERN Particle Experiments

Mac Slavo
October 20th, 2015
Comments (138)


There are some unprecedented scientific experiments taking place at the European Organization for Nuclear Research, more commonly known as the CERN hadron collider. Some say it is merely research into quantum physics and the inner workings of our universe, while others have argued that the experiments are dangerous and could well threaten humanity’s existence.

What has many observers concerned are experiments aimed at creating multi-dimensional portals, or passageways, that would allow scientists to actually send particles (or other information) from earth to some far-off world which may exist on a completely different dimensional plane than we do.

But that’s not the scary part. What has until now remained in the realm of science fiction may soon become reality, because when a passageway like the one CERN scientists are trying to build is opened, we may also be able to receive information back from that other dimension.

Those working on the project think they may be opening the doorway to heaven, according to Sid Roth. “They may in fact be opening a portal to demonic worlds,” he says.

Whatever the case, CERN chief Sergio Bertolucci has confirmed that these portals are exactly what they are trying to achieve in the 17-mile long particle accelerator.

In a fascinating interview with Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural, researchers Tom Horn and Cris Putnam delve into the details of some of CERN’s stated goals and how they are directly related to many historical and religious texts.

Considering that what Horn and Putnam describe from the scientific realm closely meshes with many stories from ancient books like the Bible, which actually describe not just portals through which fallen angels, demons and other spirits can travel, but the voice of God itself, would it be safe to say that scientists may be playing with fire?

What they’re doing there is that they’re accelerating protons and nearly the speed of light… these are the most powerful scientific experiments that have ever been conducted on the face of the earth.

Now why are they doing all this? Well, particle physicists, of course, want to know about the nature of creation so they burst these particles into sub-atomic pieces to try to understand what they’re doing.

But they are also looking for gravitons because they believe that those gravitons might be escaping into a parallel reality.

Sergio Bertolucci said it in a public interview. He said, ‘we are going to open a doorway at CERN and we may send something through it and something may come back to us.’

They are also looking for gluon. This thrills me as a theologian. Gluon is essentially the overlaying of sound waves… particle physicists can’t understand why we don’t just fly apart… the actual matter that you’re made of would disappear on the head of a pin… you’re almost entirely motion… protons… neutrons… spinning electrons… you’re movement… that’s all you are… they don’t understand why you don’t just fly apart.

Gluon is the overlaying of sound waves… it’s what holds everything together.

It’s basically Genesis chapter 1… ‘And God spoke’ … God said ‘let there be’… God emits sound waves and he calls forth into somethingness out of nothingness these atomic constructs… and he makes the plants… he makes the animals.

They’re looking for the voice of God.

Is it possible that should these portals or worm holes be opened, that we could actually unleash unto earth powers beyond our control?

It does appear that many involved in the project know they are operating within a very dangerous realm. Curiously, these scientists who often reject the notion of God’s existence have placed a symbolic statue of the ancient Lord Shiva doing a dance of destruction at the entrance of the CERN facility.

Many have already pointed out how strange (or absolutely fitting but in a chilling way) it is that they decided to put up a statue of Nataraj, the dancing form of the Lord Shiva that some have called the “dance of destruction,” outside of the large hadron collider CERN.

But that’s not all:

Now ask yourself why they are allowing bizarre occultic dance opera performances inside the collider itself.

It’s as if those in charge, as well as those performing the experiments, believe that they can control and contain the forces with which they are playing.

Perhaps they can.

But, let’s assume they are eventually successful and do find “the  voice of God.”

Then what?

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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: October 20th, 2015
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. eppe says:

    Let’s hope God don’t answer…

    • Menzoberranzan says:

      This thing cost a gazillion bucks and doesn’t do anything useful. All you have to do to talk to God is get on your knees and pray. God speaks to us all the time but we don’t listen.

      • Anonymous says:

        Guess we been a wasting our time with that new fangled science stuff…I mean, those stupid scientists who the hell they think the are using this black magic science stuff to basically give us all our technology and our understanding of reality. What a waste of time. Its all written down in a manuscript scribed during the dawn of mankind, stop with the silly experimenting and just say the magic words!

      • Aggie says:

        With all due respect, you’ve totally missed what the author is saying here.
        Go back and read it again.

    • Acid Etch says:

      The Latin translation for north is “septentrio”, south is “meridiem”, west is “occidens’ and east “oriens” or “name”.

      • Archivist says:

        Almost correct. Correct Latin words for north and south: septentriones and meridies. Source: two years of Latin, along with my trusty Latin & English Dictionary from 1967.

    • Rodster says:

      Maybe he’ll answer back: “Look what you’ve done to the Earth. Boy, when I see you, are you going to get it”.

      • tayronachan says:

        This sounds like the sci-fi novel “The Looking Glass” by John Ringo.

        Basically, the novel is about an experiment that went wrong and opened several portals to other planets. Then of course lots of people start dying when what’s on the other side starts coming through.

        • Aggie says:

          The only difference is that this is no ‘experiment’. Their ‘intent’ is to open the portal to hell.
          their lack of brain cells is showing.

          I’m betting many many fallen angels are involved in this project (as they are in many other covert projects). Why? because it’s in their best interest to evacuate their fellow fallen angels from hell and bring them here into the earth plain rather than captive beneath the earth (since the core of the earth is where hell is, and hell is a furnace).

          Contrary to Harry Potter, the center of the earth is NOT a eutopia. It is indeed a furnace.

          The devil had this book written by a witch to get folks to believe that hell is a nice and beautiful place.
          NOT! If it was, then the fallen angels would want to stay there. Right? Right.

    • Professor Higgins says:

      It’s just amazing how little minds are so easily frightened by that which they can’t begin to comprehend. It’s called science boys and girls, it’s not magic, or in your eyes, black magic. Fools said that we couldn’t possibly travel faster than 50 mph in trains or people would suffocate. Machines could never fly, we could never got to the moon, and other such nonsense. As to modern science, some scientists believed, falsely, that the testing of the atom bomb would ignite the atmosphere and we’d all die. Some scientists believed, falsely, that if the Higgs Boson were discovered that the world would disappear into a black hole. None of these so-called predictions came true because they had no real basis in science. Neither does this latest canard, it’s just more superstitious garbage. Time to grow up children and stop being so afraid.

      • simMpletin says:

        Thank you oh wise one.

      • Charles says:

        Professor Higgins,

        You must be joking. Thinking they’re going to grow up and stop being afraid? May as well tell them to stop breathing, especially the religious zealots, they’re the most easily frightened group of all. The old saying goes ” show a bible to hillbilly and you can lead him anywhere by the nose.” Translated to ” that thar syunce stuff dun skeers me sum, tain’t holy, ifn god wanted man to fly, he woulda dun given him wings!

        • Professor Higgins says:

          Charles: You’re quite right, it’s rather like asking a pig not to wallow in the mud. The sad, and really dangerous thing, is that in this day of the internet, anyone can set themselves up to be an ‘expert’ and people like the ‘great unwashed’ here and elsewhere believe anything they have to say. Critical thinking is not one the average American’s strong points, especially those with strong religious convictions. The two names (H&P) mentioned in the article as being ‘investigators’ have no background in science and therefore cannot possibly have anything intelligent to say on the subject. Pure hucksterism more suitable for the circus is what they offer. Is it any wonder why 2/3rds of all science, engineering, and medical students in America’s colleges and universities are from countries other than America: Lack of critical thinking skills. Wake up America or your children will be the servants to the rest of the world.

          • Isaac says:

            Typical nonsense. Take a complex subject people are not well versed in and wrap it in a cloud of fearmongering quadrapedal excrement.

          • Urajakaz says:

            Gee oh self-righteous one, maybe you should go explain all that BS of yours to the people at the collider.

            After all, they’re the ones who put the religious symbol (shiva statue)out front and the religious (occult) dancing inside.

            As far as our children becoming slaves due to their lack of critical thinking skills, you atheist crapbags can take credit for that.

            You’re the ones who worked tirelessly to turn America into a failing communistic sh itehole.

            Last I heard, common core wasn’t the invention of religious hillbillies.

            And since we’re on the subject, I’d like to point something out:

            It wasn’t a bunch of bible-thumpin’, gun-totin’, hillbilly Christians that invented the nuclear disaster that’s now killing the pacific ocean,
            or engineered the virus’ that are about to kill-off half of us,
            or invented the technology to spy on and oppress their fellow man,
            or continue to research and develop newer, and better weapons to control and kill people,
            or came up with the idea of mass-spraying aluminum, strontium, and GOD-knows-what-else into the atmosphere, thereby poisoning every living thing on the planet.

            No, this is all the work of a bunch of holier-than-thou, intellectually superior, infallible, know-it-all atheists.

            Atheists are the biggest, hypocrites on the planet, and you have no moral or logical grounds for lecturing anybody on anything.

            • Aggie says:

              Hi. Three cheers to you! Good work.

              I don’t think they are atheists but I do think they are warlocks. If they were atheists they wouldn’t bother with comments. They hate God but they know He is real so they pretend to everyonelse that He doesn’t exist. That’s what they want us all to believe. Satanic. They don’t want us to know what’s going on, so that’s why they spend their time making everyonelse think they are nuts. Do you also see the very negative mentions of Christians? That tells us who these evil ones are in this comment section.

              Keep up the very good work.

          • Aggie says:

            Are you and Charles the same person?
            How many of these negative retorts are all you?

      • Xyzq says:

        Scientists can’t even agree on whether climate change is real or not. Who create wonder drugs like thalydamide. One week a food type is good for us or causes little or no harm the next week it’s toxic and should have nothing to do with it.
        Your ignorance is staggering your stupidity a natural consequence of it.
        You place your FAITH in science I place my FAITH in Gd.

        I pity the fools.

        • Karl says:

          Oh yeah, you’re REAL bright, aren’t you? YOU place your faith in a MYTHICAL SKY BEING. Get 2 bible scholars in the same room and they can’t even agree on what one damned verse means. And we won’t get into the parts that were removed either, causes too much confusion for the poor hillbillies already. Save your pity for yourself, you’ll need it more than you know.

      • Aggie says:

        You must be an inside mole.
        Thank you for exposing yourself to all of us.

      • sharon oliveria says:

        It is said by the Christian pro’s that have spoken on this say that this may be what The Battle , the last Battle fought between good & Evil Jesus & Satan, It will be a Spiritual warfare, will the Gates of Hell been opened at this time in Rev, where Satan & His Fallen Angel’s, Giants & Demons go against Jesus ? Jesus will have Victory against all wickedness & Evil, every knee will bow down before Jesus & call Him Lord, And Satan will bow His knee before Jesus & call Him Lord.

      • sharon oliveria says:

        Fear of the Lord is the begin of Wisdom, these Great minds have no wisdom from God, we didn’t get a Vote into the possible taring the world apart, or letting all of Hell lose on the Earth, you can’t control Dark matter, nor can you put it back in the Box, they have been led by Evil forces, Satan is leading them to loss His Buddies on the world. As they do their Evil dance which the God they dance to & dance is of Destruction, how clear does it have to be they are being led by Satan seeking Hell ‘s open Gate! I guess they think they will get a Gold star after their Name for their Goal & Mission Complete Mad Men with weapons of Blood but not of Human coming out & down to the Earth. Unreal!

    • NorseMan says:

      Hey – the super collider experiments on Mars six million years ago didn’t work out so great for the Martians!

    • Aggie says:

      LOL. For sure.

      After reading this, I’m sure God will have someonelse answer for Him. LOL

  2. John says:

    So, they didn’t open the portals to demonic worlds when they invented the atomic, and later, the hydrogen Bomb? Or does everybody feel comfortable that we ” learned” our lesson from only using them twice and that these powers are completely within our ” control.” It was lucky the world didn’t get fried during the Cuban missile crises, we now have found out that it was because of a single Russian commander that said he would not fire a nuclear torpedo at a American ship as ordered to. There’s also been several incidents where false alarms at missile sites on both sides came to within seconds of launching their missiles at each other, all the while we were blissfully unaware of the fact that the world almost destroyed itself. So, for me, I’m more concerned about that than loosing some kind of ” boogeyman” from a parallel universe, but then again, it IS getting close to Halloween so maybe it’s the season for boogeyman tales around the campfire.

  3. Stolz Vorfahren says:

    I hope they hear the voice. They may hear God’s voice telling them soon the elite SOB’s all over the world will be cleansed through mass killing by the real children of God. Amen.

  4. Dave says:

    This website is fun.

  5. SadRahne says:

    God has better things to do.

  6. David says:

    I love this site, but please can you guys stick to whats fact. Not fiction hocus pocus.

    Religion, the texts and all faiths that worship “god” or “gods” are deluded and mistaken.

    Religion was developed as a way of control, or mistaken mortals from the old days thinking aliens were gods.

  7. Jim in Va. says:

    Just what we need….science to do us in. We could solve a lot of problems on the planet instead of dealing with stuff we may have no control over.

  8. You see; these top notch scientists are not atheists, but believe in god. Who is now the fool, Penn and Teller?

    • sixpack says:

      “They’re Looking For The Voice of God”

      There’s a much easier way to find the voice of God, than building multi-billion dollar contraptions and risking the molecular destruction of, well, everything… a .38 slug to the head is less than a buck.

  9. WhiteWolf says:

    Not that scared. God is greater and his word is flawless. Maybe this is the opening of the bottomless pit, but it won’t be the end of the world. Close though lol

  10. Them Hogs says:

    My Bible=God’s voice, it’s just that simple

    Figured out how America’s future is going to go.
    #1. Either we “little people” grow a set and swarm DC, sporting goods in hand or, #2 We suck on it like the Euro-Fags and get “replaced” by Muzzies.

    What’s it going to be boys and girls?

    Watch out fur dem hogs!

    • passinwiththewind says:

      The Bible is a starting point, and with salvation thru prayer and faith, we then can hear the voice of God if we are still…..quiet….and ask for it. God doesn’t like to be rushed or asked to be heard from, through the dog barking, the baby crying; and momma having a nervous breakdown, or PMS moment, which sometimes there isn’t any difference.

      He wants us to be in a place away from disruptions and other people. Ask any one that has had a visitation from an angel or heard God’s subtle voice, which is actually the Holy Spirit, or God and Christ’s spirit; and they will almost always say it was when they were alone and in a quiet place like the back woods, or on or near water. it is heard within our heads and hearts.
      If one is not careful, they can can hear their own thoughts and mistakenly call it the Holy Spirit speaking.

      Sometimes it is just a subtle “unction”, and it would have never been considered previously, without a sincere prayer request. some folks have a spirit of slumber/stupor, on them, and can’t understand God or the Bible because they are too wrapped up in the physical world. God placed that spirit upon some of them because of their weakness and/or unstable nature; so they will not be held so accountable in the flesh life, and can then have a better chance at redemption during the millennium, where there is no physical/flesh hang-ups. In other words, it is for their own good.

      I don’t believe the CERN people are wanting to hear from God, I think they are wanting to hear from their God, which most likely is Lucifer. Like most liberals they are looking for some way to try and disprove God’s creation and inform the world that they have proven the “Big Bang Theory” as fact and that God didn’t create the Universe, it was already here. I read an article that the Pope has said if these Cern people make contact with the aliens that he would welcome them and baptize them. Whoa Nellie! That is such a load of crap, as is a lot of shit the pope has pushed down ignorant people’s throats… remember the visit to the UN?

      That is just my theory…and hypothesis, on the whole deal.

  11. Look out, Jew-haters. Tom Horn is a Zionist Christian.
    Hope you didn’t agree with anything he said.

  12. Wild Man says:

    CERN is takled about in Revelation it’s called by it’s Greek name Apollyon, the location of CERN is the same place where the Greeks had the temple of Applo read Revelation chapter 9 if you want to know what happens at CERN in the future, it’s not pretty, but the good news is Jesus wins in the end.

    • CERN’s located on the French/Swiss border.
      Greece’s Apollo temple was in Greece.

    • passinwiththewind says:

      I thought Apollyon was a greek word for Satan as destroyer. I have never heard it had anything to do with CERN, except in maybe trying to hear from him, Satan. Strong’s Concordance has this definition:

      Apollyon = “Destroyer”
      the angel of the bottomless pit, the Destroyer

      In the Hebrew the Strongs’ has it:

      Abaddon = “destruction”
      the place of destruction
      the name of the angel-prince of the infernal regions, the minister of death and the author of havoc on the earth.

      God gave it to us like this in Rev.so there would be no confusion as to who the antichrist is, and who he will be king over, in those final five months.

      I just got through with a study of some other entities that will participate with Satan in the final battle that comprises the locust army. It is fairly obvious by what they are doing now to Christians in the Middle east. Their fathers were thugs and murderers known as the Ishmaelites all the way down,thru bloodlines, to their prophet. Is there any question as to who their god alllllllah is?

      Along with the ten % of the hybrids known as geber (for short), and known also as giants, offspring of the fallen angels and flesh women. God reserved them for His purpose for the last days. We know them in their transfigured bodies as aliens, or scientifically called the “greys”. They aren’t in some faraway cosmos or universe; they are within the earth and under the Antarctica ice cap. and will come out of the earth from the pit, in Rev. 9. These greys and maybe some of their experimental hybrids with flesh humans, since Noahs’ time, will make for an interesting ship of fools.

      It is gonna be a marvelous time to witness these things as one of the children of God that has His “seal”, of which they/locust army, cannot touch one hair on our heads.
      Many of the secular Asian armies will align with them and the remnant of russians and iranians, that were not killed in
      the Gog Magog war.

      I see a whole lot of shakin goin’ on. “Honey bun, pass the popcorn and settle in for the show.”
      For that purpose, i would love to still be here on Earth when it transpires.

      • Jonesy says:

        Oh brother, it’s Mr. Armageddon again, calling for yet another apocalypse. Why look forward to tomorrow when there’s so much good death and doom to focus on?

        • passinwiththewind says:

          It will be “doom” and a whole lot of gloom, for those not spiritually/mentally prepared. when the earth is covered in fires and earthquakes, and it will be sad times for those that have mocked and scoffed of His coming.

          But, for those of us that have been redeemed, it will all be seen as a chain of necessary events to end this nightmare called “end of the age”. We welcome the end, because our hope is on the new eternal future. if you ain’t got that redemption and hope, you ain’t got shit.

          Never seen anyone carry a damn thing out of this world when they left it in the rear view. All that work for those big fine expensive homes and cars and shit, is like dust in the wind.
          That is why my handle keeps reminding me, it is all just ‘passin with the wind’, and so are we.

          Armageddon will not be a war fought by flesh men, it is all spiritual. Even those that are still here on terra firma, and are not even near the valley of Meggido, will be changed into spirit bodies as well. No more flesh when Christ returns…ever.

          • Anonymous says:

            And no more crying or dying for ALL things are new, the old order has passed.

            Sounds good to me.

          • Jonesy says:

            Actually sounds a lot more like jealousy than redemption, that’s what the doom porners always tell themselves to make them feel better about their situation in life. That there’s some sort of mythical sky being that’s going to ” git” all them rich folks fer bein’ rich by gawd!” Yeah, the hillbilly bible fallacy never fails, keeps the idiots from thinking, that could be dangerous to the controllers so keep ’em pacified with the bible, works every time.

      • OneGodGirl says:

        Everything you said is right on point passinwiththewind!!

  13. rellik says:

    When these guys figure out how to travel faster than the speed of light, fold space, or whatever, I’d be interested. How about Gravity, what makes that work? No one has a clue. I know where to find God. It is not in a billion dollar collider. The only thing you will find there is what God created.

  14. Braveheart says:

    This is the Voice Of Braveheart telling all trolls to stay away from this site. I’m not holding my breath on it.

  15. PO'd Patriot says:

    “I, Tom Horn”. Great book and the movie was good too. Starred Steve McQueen (Tom Horn). Based on a true story of a bounty hunter/killer-for-hire during the early 1900’s. Used a Winchester 97 (30-30). Allegedly killed a young boy and was hung for it.

  16. Plan twice, prep once says:

    CERN is this era’s Tower of Babel.

    Had this much money been spent on fusion energy research, mankind would probably be energy self sufficient without pollution.

  17. Cantstand BS says:

    What a fucking idiot you are! Consulting with one of the worlds greatest con men, Sid Roth about quantum physics. Just when I did not think you could get any stupider, you surprised me.

  18. Them Hogs says:

    Reminds me of an old Bill Cosby routine. God tells Noah to build the Ark and Noah asks why?. God answers Noah by asking him, ” How long can you tread water?”.

  19. John in WV says:

    Could CERN be the “Key To The Bottomless Pit” spoken of in Chapter Nine of “The Book Of Revelation” ?

    Some sort of demonic creatures, that look like locust the size of tiny horses.

    Would like the input of other Christians.
    What is your Opinion?

    • Dunjin says:

      my thoughts exactly. and they have human faces. picture a million little acid etch faced scoripiolocust demons eating all the scoffers. praise Jesus.

    • Aggie says:

      John in WV.

      You are correct and very aware. CERN is indeed the key to the bottomless pit. Through CERN and the Hadron Collider machine, The portal to hell will be opened and eventually all hell will be loosed on earth. These creatures of hell will devour all mankind during the 3 days of darkness when God gives the word. These 3 days of darkness will occur after the 3rd day of WWIII (I’m talking about when WWIII is actually ‘DECLARED’ by written document). That’s not until mid 2017, I think) when God steps in to stop the war. He then releases all hell on earth (all the fallen angels and creatures and gives them the authority to devour all mankind). Meanwhile, all those who fought against God, His Church, and His followers will burn alive for 3 days. They will not die, they will be caused to stay alive while burning. At the end of the 3rd day they will die, whether by burning or devoured, I do not know.

      Try reading the Apocalypse (although it doesn’t mention CERN). Revelation was not written by God’s apostles. Apocalypse was.

      The reason you see a lot of truth in Revelations is because it was copied by those not of God’s Church (divide and conquer. dive God’s sheep).
      And then much was added by those evil ones in-the-know so that folks would believe that it was Revelations that they should be reading. Be careful. Just because much of it is truth, does not mean it was from God.

      Much of those bible verses were changed. A word here and there; a verse here and there (to change the meaning). Beware of bibles with Revelations in it.

      Oh, watch the trolls come out now.

      You might want to find a VERY old Bible with Apocalypse in it. It is the Apocalypse that the Apostles, inspired by God the Holy Ghost, wrote. The newer bibles have been changed even the ones with Apocalypse in them.

      The 7 Gifts of the Holy Ghost are: Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Fortitude, Knowledge, Piety, and Fear of the Lord. See Wisdom, Understanding and Knowledge in there?

      Hope this helps.

  20. TEST says:

    You want the voice of God?

    Try opening Genesis 1:1

    But if you atheists don’t like that, try astrophysicist Robert Jastrow, whom I don’t think has any religious belief, who stated
    “For the scientist who has lived by his faith in the power of reason, the story ends like a bad dream. He has scaled the mountains of ignorance, he is about to conquer the highest peak; as he pulls himself over the final rock, he is greeted by a band of theologians who have been sitting there for centuries.”

    We are repeating everything CS Lewis wrote in his book That Hideous Strength. Too bad these wannabe Einsteins don’t take a few hours and learn about the REAL alternate reality to this fallen world

  21. TEST says:

    “When men cease to believe in God, they don’t believe in nothing, but **anything**.

    -Attributed to GK Chesterton

  22. Warchild Dammit! says:

    Sure ,could be a disaster,or,perhaps god/in my case the gods test before we are onto the next stage of life.Does not always have to be a fiasco.

  23. nlightened2 says:

    I believe it was the emerald tablets which talked about the previous civilization before ours (Atlantis) which destroyed themselves with the knowledge they acquired.
    As for the voice of God, if you’re ignoring his commandments you won’t hear his voice either. Good luck anyway.

  24. Charley Waite says:

    Why can’t CERN work on why some turds go down the bowl and others pop back up?

  25. nlightened2 says:

    I believe it was the emerald tablets which talked about the previous civilization before ours (Atlantis) which destroyed themselves with the knowledge they acquired.
    As for the voice of God, if you’re ignoring his commandments you probably won’t hear his other voice either. Good luck anyway.

  26. aljamo says:

    I was reading a site today that said when we die a false entity tries to pull us toward the light by projecting a deceased love one to urge us on into the light. This site claimed that the light is a trap to recycle us back to start over in a never ending cycle that certain beings derive their energy from.

    • Old Guy says:

      Everything that goes around comes around. Life is a never ending circle. When you get old you start turning like you where when you where first born, Bald ,toothless, helpless and not having much brain power. When you die the bright light is the light you see as you emerge from the womb. Your born again. The circle completed. Sometimes your born to the very same life you just left. you time travel back to your previous beginning. Dejavue? Other times you born into a new situation of time and place with new challenges. And possibly everything I just wrote is total bull crap? But it makes more sense to me than a all power full invisible guy in the sky?

    • Aggie says:

      Don’t believe it. Not true.

      We have been placed on earth to Know, Love and Serve God while we are here. For no other reason. It’s a test.
      We are to fight satan and the servants of satan. This is how He determines if we are worthy to go to His Heaven or not. We are on our own and we create our own destiny.

  27. Greywar says:

    Buddha says the ultimate goal is not to be reincarnated. The goal is to be like a candle flame that burns out. Where did it go? Seize to exist. Not wanting, Impermanent. My goal.

  28. Greywar says:

    Buddha also says, to hear voices in your head are arisings from you own mind.

  29. Anonymous says:

    The L.U.C.I.F.E.R. telescope on Mount Graham is interesting. Some scoff at the mention of portals, other dimensions or boogeymen. The point IS even if you do not believe there are many in High positions that do.

  30. CommonCents says:

    aljamo – do you have a link or know the name of the site. I’d be interested in reading that article. Thanks CC.

  31. John says:

    Wake up people your 2000 year old mythology is fake and made up.There has never been nor will there ever be a god!

  32. John says:

    Wake up people your 2000 year old mythology is fake and made up.There has never been nor will there ever be a god!

  33. CERN is trying to make little tiny black holes. Finding God is a euphemism. They are just experimenting with natural phenomena nothing spiritual about it; but some people have had concerns that they might cause an explosion or an earth quake. So people prone to fears of the unknown sound like religious nuts detracts from more legitimate concerns. Hopefully they learn something useful and don’t hurt themselves or anyone else.

  34. charlie2dogs says:

    how many of you here realize that all religious fanaticism must be destroyed off this earth? it has come to the point that religious people make me sick in my guts, there are no christians on this earth, all religions are destructive and violent, i wonder are there others that feel the same way???

    • passinwiththewind says:

      I agree with the first line, but i take offense to the ” there are no christians on this earth”.

      someday you will see them, whether you are a part of our group or not, you will see them when Christ returns to separate the sheep from the goats. I will be standing with the sheep…not the lost sheeple/goats.

  35. Ben Dhere says:

    Anyone that says God doesn’t exist because they can’t see It with their physical body, must also think that oxygen doesn’t exist because they can’t see it. Try mastering the techniques that Jesus, (and others), teach…the purpose of which is to achieve inner stillness, (inner discipline, absolute self control that means being able to halt your subconscious from running on automatic), and have out-of-the-body experiences before deciding God’s fate. Google inner stillness and Christianity – inner stillness IS orthodox Christianity. Which is why I prep, so that, for a little while anyway, I can ‘take no thought’ of tomorrow or what I shall eat or drink…but I’m still working on that, but I digress.
    What I wanted to do was throw out some thoughts regarding some of the above posts, mainly the idea that holy books like the ‘Bible’ are automatically, and totally holy, accurate etc. Keep in mind that all holy books are written over a fairly long period of time and were written by people. They didn’t fall out of the sky all nice and complete. Then there’s stories like that of Abraham willing to sacrifice his Son to prove his faith to God…WHAT, God didn’t already know what was in his heart? And the story of the tower of babel, it doesn’t make sense to have everybody speaking a different language if you want “Gods Word” told to everyone. These stories come across to me, (not that I matter), as entertainment or an attempt to manipulate emotions or something like that. The Old testament is pretty much useless when compared to what Jesus is teaching, which is a revolutionary self-control. The guy who said that Christianity is a way of life got it right. That’s what Jesus is teaching…a way of life. Not judging, not desiring, not anticipating, not taking thought of tomorrow or of what you shall eat or drink are all subterfuges for plowing through the field that is one’s subconscious, to uncover the gem that is one’s chance at eternity…supposedly.
    “Thou Shalt Not Steal”, the problem with this behavior by the government to force people to pay for stuff like this begins with the idea of morality and the behavior of so-called intelligent beings, forget the Bible, we don’t need the ten commandments to tell us not to steal from each other, murder each other or bear false witness, this is just basic civilized behavior. That’s why I don’t care for any of the candidates for president, if they can’t get basic civilized behavior they shouldn’t be in any position of power. “Thou Shalt Not Steal”, especially if they claim to be Christian.
    Re: science-I occasionally encounter a guy at the grocery store that I went to school with, tell me that scientists have observed somehow that if you split a couple atoms off of some molecule and separate them, that if they reversed the spin of one atom, the other atom would also reverse its spin, this supposed observed connection is referred to as a quantum entanglement. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if ones non-physical body was composed of these quantum entanglements? And if an atom can be manipulated through it’s “quantum entanglement” maybe something like miraculous healing or turning water into wine would be possible. Maybe what some of these installations are trying to do is just that, figure out how to detect and control quantum entanglements. But I don’t think they would do that to be able turn a pile of newspapers into a steak dinner, but to create something like a ‘tantalus field’, fans of the original Star Trek might remember what that is, a fictional device that brings up the person of interest on a small display, push a button, and poof, they cease to exist.
    The above thoughts are responses to various previous posts by others, I don’t do the reply thing because I’m not online where I live and don’t do email. I’m not trying to be snotty or anything, but I don’t want to inconvenience the webmaster to approve several replies, so I put it all in one post. And I greatly enjoy the posts by others when I can get online. Thank you if this gets posted and thank you for reading it.

    • passinwiththewind says:

      You lost my attention at “the old testament is pretty much useless….”

      You have a lot of confusion of facts going on in there. But, that is entirely your choice and freedom of expression, so i will leave it at that.

      I will say this, John 3:16 is the quickstop passage for making it into Heaven.
      The remainder of the Bible is what is needed to gain full understanding and the layout of how we can gain righteous acts that make up the cloth that makes our garments that identify us in the eternity as to how much we have done for our Creator and Saviour.

      Some will have flowing linen attire and others will be naked as a jaybird. I guess it is a sign to others as to those that just barely made it in by the skin of their teeth.

      I always said I had rather be a street sweeper in heaven than a supervisor in Hell.

    • Anonymous says:

      I read your post Ben.
      We’re all just passengers on our journey with the vision of things being better for ever for one and all.
      Things are getting kinda complicated nowerdays so I feel the need to add, the Christian journey.
      Be blessed friend.

  36. aljamo says:

    To each their own when it comes to religious thinking. I really can’t condemn anyone’s opinion because I just don’t know. The majority, if not all know the difference between good and bad and love and hate. There is both of each in all humans to different degrees. I’m certainly no saint, but I don’t think eternal damnation and suffering is the end result for any human being. To me people are mostly a mindset of their upbringing and life’s total experiences.

    • OldGuy says:

      I pretty much agree with aljamo. The mindset oftheir upbringing and life experience. that,s what is termed a core concept. A person who had a negative fearful core concept has a hard row to hoe.

  37. Barn Cat says:

    CERN isn’t going to open the gates of hell because demons can already move freely about the earth already. We know that from the Bible and also because of demonic/paranormal activity. In fact, demons are becoming more and more active on the earth as more and more people get involved with channeling.

    • Aggie says:

      There are plenty more demons (fallen angels and creatures) to come. God allows them to come out based on the ongoing sins of the world. He’s saving the best and most for last.

  38. Mr Smith says:

    CERN is full of pig-shit.

    Big bang is a theory and no one, i repeat no one has ever seen a black hole and no they cannot look at background radiation apparantely left over from the big bang to see what the universe looked like 14bn years ago, it’s BS.

    if you are looking for a threat to mankind then look no further than what they are doing to DNA or the invent of A.I

    The elite of the world no longer need so many slaves and they will create better slaves than us in anycase so maybe that’s what in the guide-stones where the popultion is cut down to about 1/2bn people.

    You 401k is now a liability to the jewish banking system, they want to twist the bet taken out as insurance to make sure that they don’t have to pay up.

    Maybe a so called accident at CERN is on the books as they use some type of nutron device to kill us off because an all out war using the old types of nukes would screw them up too.

    do not be taken in by CERN, it’s a cover for military spending and the “god particle” thats a wave was found when they came up with another wave they could not explain to explain the first one away.

    All you see on “Discovery” is speculation and fiction and the images you see are all computer simulations or photoshop’s jobs on real images.

  39. TheGuy says:

    Is it possible that should these portals or worm holes be opened, that we could actually unleash unto earth powers beyond our control?

    I hope so, because that would be awesome. Let’s face it we can’t control jack-shit right now…

    … what… NO! Come on… seriously? Sigh. Shemitah Shemitah Shemitah Shemitah ooga booga booga!


  40. RandomJobo says:

    Some people stick to a belief because its comforting. Some people press opinion to reinforce their beliefs. If some religion brings more benefit to a person then good. Believe what you want. Personally though, i think we could of done without the dark ages….

  41. OneGodGirl says:

    passinwiththewind you are on point…everything you said is #truth …Godspeed my friend.

  42. Brian says:

    The last words spoken by humanity will be “Let’s see what happens, if we……”

  43. Beano says:

    A LOT of things converging this year. Russia seeks our underwater cables and Russia in Syria. Invasion of Europe by fit men. Chip cards being issued a priority. Cern blasting larger collision of particles never before at such force.

    The illegal negro sodomites last term is fast approaching. Iran obtaing the “bomb”.

  44. Lizelle says:

    The poor sod who wrote the article has evidently never been to CERN, with no idea who they are or what they do there. Apart from all his fabricating nonsense, he can’t even get the name of CERN’s director general (who he calls a ‘chief’) right: it is Prof Rolf Heuer till end of this year and Prof Fabiola Gianotti from 2016. This author couldn’t even get the homework on CERN right, let alone begin to understand high school physics. He must have failed, but rather evidently never did physics even at school level. He is part of a group of fearful uninformed people who’s IQ’s are hovering just below room temperature. They walk amongst us like viruses! Lol!