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They’re Coming: With Standoff Over, FBI Initiates “Mass Arrests of 2014 Bundy Ranch Protesters”

Julie Wilson
February 11th, 2016
Comments (359)

A protester waves the U.S. flag near the Bureau of Land Management's base camp where seized cattle, that belonged to rancher Cliven Bundy, are being held at near Bunkerville

This article was written by Julie Wilson and originally published at NewsTarget.com.

Editor’s Comment: This is outrageous. Apparently, the round up is upon us. If this report is correct, it now appears that the resolution of the occupation at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge is only a prelude, and that a major crackdown is underway to round up patriots. Cliven Bundy was arrested only a few hours ago, and now it appears they are going after everyone else who was involved. Provocateurs have now succeeded in misdirecting the patriot movement, and entrapping many well meaning patriots who did nothing but stand up to federal overreach.

While the list of 86 individuals has not been produced, it is clear enough that few, if any of them, actually committed any crime. Instead, they will be punished retroactively for supporting a situation that dared to challenge federal authority.

From a tactical standpoint, many freedom loving patriots are now being targeted as the result of escalation of a situation that was never going to end well at Malheur, appeared offensive on its face, and has resulted in a huge response by FBI and other federal authorities, the loss of one life, and a now a witch hunt for those who dared to stand up. After that, how far will they go in targeting dissenters? History shows a dark path from here.

EXCLUSIVE: FBI sting to arrest 86 Americans in massive BLM cover-up

by Julie Wilson

Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, 74, was arrested late yesterday evening while exiting a plane at Portland International Airport on his way to Burns, Ore., a town located 30 miles south of the federally owned Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, the site of a months-long standoff between free-loving land owners and the U.S. government.

Celebrated for standing up to government land-grabs in 2014, Bundy has been charged with conspiracy to interfere with a federal officer, an allegation that reportedly stems back to his standoff with the Bureau of Land Management, which tried stripping he and his family of land-use rights they spent a century earning. The charges are identical to those filed against seven protestors (including his son Ammon Bundy) who occupied the wildlife refuge in protest of government overreach.

NewsTarget has received exclusive information that Bundy’s arrest, which was made using facial recognition technology and TSA goons, may not be isolated, but is in fact the first of many to come in an effort to silence those who obtained incriminating information about the BLM and its unlawful land grabs.

Government uses facial recognition to apprehend libertarian activists

While taking up occupancy of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, protestors reportedly gained access to sensitive information stored on the computers there, revealing sinister plans by the BLM to confiscate privately owned land before auctioning it off corporate interests, according a source who requested anonymity.

In an effort to suppress this information, the FBI is believed to be conducting a nationwide warrant roundup of protestors and independent journalists involved in the recent protests and standoffs against the federal government. A total of 86 people, including Bundy, are believed to be on the FBI’s roundup list and could subsequently be arrested for their “crimes.”

The war on indie journalists and citizen protesters refusing to fall in line with the government’s increasing tyrannical actions is escalating. Radio show host Pete Santilli, who merely covered the wildlife occupation as a citizen journalist, never spending a single night at the refuge, was also arrested on felony conspiratorial charges.

When asked about his role at the wildlife refuge occupation, Santilli replied: “My role is the same here that it was at the Bundy ranch. To talk about the constitutional implications of what is going on here. The Constitution cannot be negotiated.”

Constitutional law and human rights attorney John Whitehead wrote that “the government doesn’t actually believe that 50-year-old Santilli is an accomplice to any criminal activity. Read between the line and you’ll find that what the government is really accusing Santilli of is employing dangerous speech.

“As court documents indicate, the government is prosecuting Santilli solely as a reporter of information. In other words, they’re making an example of him, which is consistent with the government’s ongoing efforts to intimidate members of the media who portray the government in a less than favorable light.”

The Obama’s administrations notorious crackdown on journalists is part of a large-scale government effort to use political correctness and accusations of hate speech to silence First Amendment rights – in turn attempting to destroy citizen journalism, the only faucet of journalism that remains uncontrolled by the establishment.

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Author: Julie Wilson
Date: February 11th, 2016
Website: http://www.newstarget.com/2016-02-11-exclusive-fbi-sting-to-arrest-86-americans-in-massive-blm-cover-up.html

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  1. Bonefortoona says:

    Let them come, I am ready. They better bring backup.

    • Caucasian says:

      I hope there will be plenty of dead pigs.

      • OutWest says:

        Now, how is it again we’re different than North Korea??

        • TEST says:

          Uh… their Dear Leader doesn’t get to golf as much?

        • Braveheart1776 says:

          Outwest, welcome back. How’ve you been?

        • Foxglove666 says:

          Outwest, I don’t know. I do know one thing. I’m sick and tired of the personal attacks on this site. I didn’t start it, but I won’t walk away from it either. Someone brings it to me I will verbally burn their fucking house down with wife, kids, dogs, cats and 2 fucking parakeets inside. I am done being nice, silent and courteous. Mac does absolutely nothing to elevate the tone of discourse on this site. That’s fine – his site, his business. My understanding was that this was a forum to exchange information and ideas. That’s cool. However, posters subjecting other posters to non-stop personal, verbal abuse is bullshit just because they have a personal beef. Sooo…this ain’t gonna be a Rodney King “can’t we all just get along?” moment. I don’t give a flying fuck through rolling doughnut if we can all get along. I’m just giving you fair warning, anyone comes after me again with the verbal vomit bullshit sniping and I will embarrass the living shit out of you. I mean it, I’m done playing.

          • grandee says:

            Then there will be no peace here.

            Be at peace and be the one to “elevate the tone of discourse”

            • Foxglove666 says:

              That’s really easy for you to say when that vitriol is not aimed at you. Besides, I and others have tried that tactic. It didn’t work. I’m just done being nice. From now on I won’t be. If someone calls down the thunder, they should not be surprised when an F5 tornado shows up…..

              • grandee says:

                I’ve been here awhile. And been called out and called names.

                Being peaceful is a choice I’ve made. In the long run (2Yr or more) it has paid off in knowledge gained from posters here and getting to know their mindsets and interests.

                But it gets terrible hard at times to put on boots and wade through the muck for a nugget of truth.


                • Foxglove666 says:

                  I hear you, grandee. It does get powerful hard at times. This is a great community for the most part. I appreciate the time and effort Mac puts into it. That being said, other prepper community sites are civil, pleasant and constantly exchange good info on thought provoking matters. They don’t devolve into blatant character assassination. It’s just disappointing to see what it has become. With a little leadership in the positive direction it could be a great site. How sad is it when you ask a legitimate technical question and get nothing but insults for your time and trouble? That’s not how this is supposed to be. Again, with some leadership this crap can end. More people need to confront bullies, not back down. They keep spewing crap because good people let them. This is training of a kind for what will happen in shtf. Being nice won’t be a luxury then – the law of the jungle will prevail. Anything else, and folks will just be food for the jaguars. And I’m not gonna be cat food. 😉
                  As for being peaceful, I am. As soon as I log off here, it’s forgotten unless I have info I want to research. I don’t get angry at any of this. Not my circus, not my monkeys! I don’t have to live with any of the crazies on here and have actually made friends with some of these folks offline. It’s all good, just am not taking any more crap. My bullshit meter hit ding is all. Have a great weekend, by the way.

                • Anon says:

                  Grandee, you have NEVER been stalked like foxglove has, not even CLOSE. It’s not even in the same ballpark for you to compare yourself with that level of stupidity being foisted upon fox every day. I’m wondering why you don’t direct your peaceful commentary more toward philosopher, perhaps an element of fear is involved?

                • Foxglove666 says:

                  Anon, I hear you. I’m actually quite mellow. I’m not strident, I don’t a make fuss. I am not a fan of being a hard ass and I’ll let stuff slide……..until I don’t. Then watch the fuck out. I’ll take everything someone has posted and gut them with it. This situation just got stupid. I put and end to it, that’s all. As for the bootlickers, they have to live with themselves and their shame. That’s on them, I got no ill will. I will still play a friendly game of verbal volleyball and treat them with the respect they failed to extend to me. Some folks will stand up and bluster in theory, but when practice comes around they fold like an origami bird. So who do you really want in your BOL? Food for thought……..

              • Philosopher says:

                666: what are you going to go use some black magic and call up your hands and cast a spell?

                Satan worshipping fucks are the lowest of the low.

                • Upstate New Yorker says:

                  This site has lost alot of good, knowledgeable people. They got sick and tired of the endless spamming, the nasty put downs, and the hair trigger attacks against other posters for honest commentaries or questions. A year or 2 ago I rally wondered if this site was going to make it, or go down the tubes. For shtfplan.com to be ranked #4 on the top pepper sites amazes me.

            • Grandee
              Where is your admonition to Philo the cyber bully, hmmmmm? You smell of cowardice, but Foxglove666 smells like she is not an easy victim. Instead of admonishment, try gratitude that she will stand up to the psychopaths in this world so you can turn the other cheek.
              I have always enjoyed your contributions, but would have been impressed if you had admonished the source. Too scary for you to confront little Miss Philomonster? And when white trash girl starts calling you filthy names? What then?

              • Foxglove666 says:

                Reb and Anon, thanks for the support. Quite honestly I was wondering why grandee was up in my grill, too. All you gotta do is follow some of the recent strings. I guess it’s easier to spank the rational one than the crazy one, huh?

                • Anon says:


                  It’s obvious for anyone to see. Reb is correct, it’s called cowardice, and it’s been on display here since that psychopath showed up. I can’t help but laugh about some of the longtime big brave badass posters like braveheart who suck up to the psycho out of sheer terror that’s she’ll turn her venom on him, along with some of the other old timers who don’t make a peep about it. Yeah, these are the same guys who are going to FIGHT all the evil doer’s in the world and ” go down fighting, by God!” WOW! They don’t even have the balls to stand up to a psychopath internet poster much less fire a shot in anger at anybody. And they think everyone will believe they’re going to stand up for their rights, yeah, sure, just like the idiots in Oregon did, they’ll stand up until it’s time to surrender more likely. No problem calling out the bullshit artists here though, I know grandee won’t respond to any of this, it’s too close to the truth for her, I mean really, what can she say? She knows she won’t say jack to philly the bat shit psycho so she’ll move on and sing Cumbayah on the next thread.

                • Foxglove666
                  Oh freak! Her fantasy life about sex with us is creeping me out. Even if it does make my friends howl with laughter at our cyberstalker. Still, they reminded me to take precautions should the psycho stalker jump out of the bushes at me. Take care, hear?Anon

                • Anon,
                  Thank you.
                  I get that cyberstalker like Philo are psychopaths and scary. Still not a good reason to tell Foxglove666 to put up with it. I am not letting it pass anymore. Foxglove666 is way strong!
                  Yay Anon!

                • sixpack says:

                  “I guess it’s easier to spank the rational one than the crazy one, huh?”

                  I guess it is. A few threads back, I called you all three out on your incessant bitching, and you all attacked ME.

                • Sixpack
                  Stop philo and the whole thing stops.
                  Stop me or Foxglove666 and it continues ad infinitum.
                  Under the circumstances, you would not like to be treated the same as the cyberstalker, would you? Are you volunteering to stop philo… because your admonition is telling me that you would not protect me if I don’t protect myself. Capisce? Your blanket order was the same bullshit parents pull on children so they don’t have to dispense justice… because parents are too lazy to do the right thing. You were just too lazy or cowardly to call philo out and you got no respect.

                • sixpack says:


                  I would stand back to back with you (or any other patriot) on principle alone, BUT, in this case, it sounds to me like a bunch of cackling hens. There is nothing but insults between you, and it only takes one of you to get it started…usually I must admit, you weren’t the first hen to start clucking, but I’ve only tracked this through the last HALF A DOZEN THREADS!

                  Exactly what are you “protecting” by bickering online? It’s not like you’re facing a knife-wielding assailant – ALL YOU ARE PROTECTING IS YOUR EGO. And we all know what “goeth before the fall.”

                  While I am female, my temperament is more like that of a man. And like the average man, I’m not going to side with ANY cackling hens. The reason my “blanket order” seems like the same bullshit parents pull on children so they don’t have to dispense justice, is because IT’S NOT MY PLACE TO DISPENSE JUSTICE TO GROWN ADULTS, even if they’re acting like children!

                  My purpose was to hopefully make you ALL THREE stop and look at the tracks you’re leaving in the mud behind you.

                  I wanted you ALL THREE to stop and look at what you’ve done. I wanted you to see for yourselves, how juvenile you gals are acting.

                  I EXPECT BETTER OF GROWN ADULTS than I expect from children. I wouldn’t allow bickering women in my survival group, because it takes too much time, energy and resources to mediate when they can’t mediate themselves.


                • Anon says:


                  Who died and made YOU the boss here? I know, yeah, you’ve been posting here for years and your big swollen head makes you think your shit doesn’t stink and you have the last word on everything here. WRONG! You DON’T!
                  Just because you ” proclaim” something to be so doesn’t mean a tin shit in a high wind.

                  Yeah, I know your response, ” well, I never SAID I was the last word here or I was the boss” Yeah, that’s the little game you LOVE to play, isn’t it? You don’t have the guts to actually make that claim so you play your little innuendo games without ever having the courage to come forward and say so in actual words so you ALWAYS can make the 5 year old kid excuse that ” I never SAID that, mommy!” You need to grow up or shut up, I don’t give a fuck which it is because if you don’t like reading other peoples comments, then you can do what you ALWAYS tell everyone else to do, scroll by and ignore it or STFU! Damn that felt GOOD! Been waiting for you to shoot your off your oversized ego once again, and of course, being true to form, you ALWAYS enter the fray AFTER most of the commenters have moved on, makes it a Hell of a lot safer for you to sneak in unobserved and play hit and run like the coward you are.

          • Philosopher says:

            666 you and Red Becky were the ones that started the personal attacks. And you two are the ones that are crying now, oh make the bully stop. Both of you fucked with the wrong person. But go ahead little Crybully. That is what leftist cunts like you do. Piss and moan.

          • Philosopher says:

            666: is that a personal threat? Because I think that is BS and you are blowing smoke out your ass. But go ahead, make our day and blow your cover you Federale. I dare you. Go right fucking ahead.

          • Anonymous says:

            The attackers and flamers on here look all the world like government shills, out to provoke trouble.

      • Acid Etch says:

        Terrorist fucking pig vermin. Real peace officers vanished from this country a long time ago.

      • Actor Spotting says:

        Why not use your eyes. Some fakers are easy to spot.
        They control the media, the issues, the goy.


    • Acid Etch says:










      • Son of Liberty says:

        Good grief, can’t we be civil and discuss the issues on here without all the name calling and character assassinations? No wonder the left, and many centrists, dismiss us out of hand. We are demonstrating we are no better that the leftists that follow Obummer and his minions, and that drink the Communist Cool-aid.

        God in heaven help us.

        Son of Liberty

    • charlie2dogs says:

      you would be just like all the rest they arrested, face down on the ground in cuffs,

  2. Philosopher says:

    So people are being hunted down and arrested simply for showing up to protest. How long until they shut down sites like this and come and disappear us into some gulag? The boot of tyranny remains a boot. I am not surprised that this is happening while Obama is in office. When will my front door be kicked in because I posted controversial comments on the Internet? Sooner rather than later is my best guesstimate.

  3. Seen2013 says:

    First, they go for political rivals and dissidents.
    Then, they go for those who most needed the opposition to speak out barring that it becomes Godwin’s Law. As a general rule, those who are given protected class status are those who need it from those offering it.
    ‘We’ll protect the crap out of you’…

  4. pipes says:

    86 eh?

    I’m wondering what Yeager, Reid, Hoss, and a whole bunch of other guys are thinking (and doing)right now.

  5. Reminds me of the Bill White Case.
    And the Martin Armstrong Case.
    Dangerous speech and conspiracy charges, the best friends of the tyrants.

    • Philosopher says:

      AI: I agree. It is insane with regard to how Martin Armstrong was treated. He was imprsoned for almost 12 years while “contempt of court” charges against him were recycled because he refused to give the Federales algorythms he had developed and which were his intellectual property.

      Not to mention the case of Erwin Schiff who died last year chained to a hospital bed. For writing a book that the government found offensive.

      I am not familiar with Bill White but thanks for the heads up.

      • RoyInNC says:

        I have to agree about Irwin Schiff. He did reveal to us how the workings of the “income tax law” were pieced together in a legal fiction to be applied to individuals. Nevertheless, he felt a responsibility to oppose it, even to the point of martyrdom. I read nearly all his books. He opened my eyes!

        • Philosopher says:

          I agree. Erwin Schiff is martyr and a hero. I only recently started to wake up to this stuff. I watched “The Forecaster” last year when someone posted a link to watch it free for 24 hours. It blew me away. Martin Armstrong is still doing good work but I don’t always agree with his point of view. Martin Armstrongs talent and intelligence are impressive. He has a free blog and posts a lot of information that is available for free to the public.

          Here is a link to Martin Armstrong’s (free) blog:

          ht tps://www.armstrongeconomics.com/armstrong_economics_blog/

      • Acid Etch says:

        By the government’s OWN LAWS:

        “Products of the mind” do NOT have to be produced for police.

        “Physical evidence” does.

        In other words, I have to give the fedpigs the keys to the safe I (conceptually) have the cocaine stashed in, but I don’t have to tell them the combination.

        • Philosopher says:

          I saw some talking head actually admit, yesterday, that they have not been able to unlock one of the phones used by those terrorists in California after more than two months. I was surprised that the goverment actually admitted they were unable to unlock the phones.

          So either the NSA is omnipotent or it isn’t. I have not decided if that talking head was telling the truth or just spreading more lies. I am thinking it was just more dis-info but who knows.

          • john stiner says:

            That is just another lie by the FBI. The suspects are dead so all the information collected is subject to the open records act.

            The FBI does not want to release what they discovered on the phones probably because it would confirm there are a hell of a lot more terrorists in the US that were a party to the attack.

            So, the FBI is just lying about not being able to access the phone.

          • Tucker says:

            I would strongly advise against believing anything that you hear out of the mouth of any talking head in the mainstream media. The media is nothing more than a propaganda outlet for the tyrannical US Government and they work hand in hand to advance their totalitarian agendas.

            The fact is, the US Government would like to make encryption illegal to use for private citizens, and they’ve been looking for some pretense that they can point to in order to ‘justify’ their lust to pass new laws that criminalize private use of encryption technologies.

            I wouldn’t put it past this government to stage false flag terrorist incidents, like the San Bernardino shooting – insert into the incident a narrative about the phony perps having used cell phones that had encrypted data on them – and then sending their actors up to Capital Hill to cry, whine and moan before Congress about how hard it was to investigate the crime because the perps had used encryption, and because of that, Congress should agree to outlaw the use of encryption by private citizens.

            These tyrannical bastards do not fool me with their sneaky and conniving maneuvering. I can read the laces on every fast ball they throw.

          • If you use real encryption with no backdoor, they will most probably never open it.

    • Philosopher says:

      I am guessing you were referring to this Bill White: “Neo-Nazi Bill White gets 17 years for email threats.” Not very smart to threaten the State Attorney General. I would classify that as very stupid.

      • While the person of Bill White and his political views may be…debatable. But the fact remains that it was not a deed, but mere words that brought him behind prison bars. Not unlike the late Mr. Schiff.

        • Philosopher says:

          AI: I understand the distinction. Bill White is not part of a protected class. Unlike the guy that stood on top of a car, in Ferguson, Missouri, last year which ended up in many businesses being looted and burned down. Was that man sent to prison? No. Even though he was videoed by a number of MSM outlets inciting a riot and violence.

          • Acid Etch says:

            His son was (justifiably) killed by the white cop. He was angry. Even I would grant him clemency.

            “Burn this bitch down.”

          • Enemy of the State says:

            Much like Sharpton ?

          • Braveheart1776 says:

            Philo, that was the stepfather of Michael Brown, the boy who was shot in self-defense by that cop in Ferguson. He and all the rioters got away with what they did because of something called “civil rights”. if the man had been white, he would’ve been buried under someone’s jail. That’s just more proof of what I’ve always said about minority groups getting special treatment under federal law. BTW, that town is now almost under de facto federal control since the shooting. All top officials at USDOJ are black. No surprise there. And you can count on them NOT being fair-minded toward white people, either. that’s affirmative action for you.

            • Philosopher says:

              Braveheart: I am a plain old WASP. I realize that I am not a protected class. Folks like Red Becky have clearly shown there hatred for veterans and how quickly they would throw us under the bus.

              The takeover of bureacrats in the US goverment is stunning. The black bitches at my local VA are rude. They treat white veterans like dirt. They know is no consequence for treating a white veteran like shit.

              I am counting on the collapse of the US dollar as a world reserve currency. It will be an excellent way to level the playing field. And yes I am stacking silver, as much as I can afford.

              • Braveheart1776 says:

                Philo, I’m also a plain old WASP and won’t apologize for it. The vets in my family used to have similar experiences with the VA and especially with the foreign doctors on H1-B visas who work there. Nothing happens to any fed employees because of black affirmative action and the union. My vet relatives no longer use the VA, not worth the black racist BS they have to go through. I would suggest other vets, if at all possible, stop using the VA. On the collapse of the dollar, it’s coming; only a matter of time. Level the playing field? LOL. I love the way you use one of the libturds’ favorite phrases. the playing field will be leveled in ways they never imagined. the only PMs I stack are “brass and lead”.

                • Philosopher says:

                  Braveheart, thanks for the kind words. I go to the local VA as little as possible. The quota queens sit on their fat asses and are allowed to treat people like total shit.

                  I cannot even talk about the VA it just pisses me off too much.

                  I do have additional insurance now. Thank god.

                • G3Ken says:

                  The care that you speak of at VA hospitals will be the same level of care that we all get once the government takeover of the healthcare system is complete.

                  Picture the DMV with beds.

                • Philosopher says:

                  G3K: I tried telling people that if they wanted to know what government healthcare would look they needed to go the VA. Single-payer healthcare would be a nightmare and end up being like everything else: two tiers. One for the free shit army crowd and another for the elites.

              • Acid Etch says:

                The currency collapse will be HORRIBLE FOR THIS COUNTRY.


                Don’t wish for SHTF.

                “Right attitude is not let them come. It’s let them NOT come.” – SELCO

              • Foxglove666 says:

                Philo, so let me get this right. You have money to buy preps and silver. Yet you are still going to the VA to suck up benefits that should rightfully be going to amputees and quadraplegics? Yeah, you give vets such a great name……

                • Philosopher says:

                  The 666 bitch is slumming. This is Red Becky’s alter ego. Fuck off and die you whore. Go to bloody hell.

                  Jealousy does not become you. But go ahead, keep throwing me under the bus traitor.

                • Foxglove666 says:

                  Not jealous. I have great insurance. I own several successful businesses and can afford it. I have also never taken one thin dime from any government agency other than my regular pay from my hitch in the army. Never had ebt, no snap card, never a dime in unemployment. I’m 53 and retiring in less than 6 months. My home life is fabulous, I have a wonderful family, fabulous friends and my health…..no, not jealous of your little hermit excuse for a life even a tiny bit

                • Tucker says:

                  I’m a veteran, and according to what I know about the law – every veteran who has served his country and who was discharged honorably – is eligible to use the VA Hospital.

                  In my case, I have never stepped foot inside a VA Hospital – so, I suppose that I have intentionally neglected to take advantage of one of the benefits that I earned by serving in the military. In fact, while I do not have any hard facts to offer to prove it, I would submit that there are probably millions of veterans just like me – who served, got discharged, and then have never used a VA Hospital. Veterans who got jobs in the private or government sector and who purchased health insurance and who have gotten their treatments from regular commercial hospitals.

                  Thus, in my case, were I to suffer some kind of unexpected financial calamity and be unable to continue to pay my health insurance premiums – I suppose the VA Hospital would become my backup option. I do not obsess over this possibility, and in fact, I seldom ever think about it. But, I suppose it is a nice bit of extra security to have if I were to ever need it.

                  At any rate, I find it both curious and a little bit irritating to hear people bitching about their fellow Americans who, due to the choices they made in their lives, are eligible for certain benefits that came along with those choices having been made – and insinuating that these Americans are somehow no different than lazy welfare bums who blow $100 a month on lottery tickets.

                  I mean, think about it. Barring any physical or educational deficiency or defect that might make someone ineligible for military service – every American citizen has the option of joining the military and serving a hitch or two and then earning the benefits that are associated with being a veteran. In other words, almost everyone has a fair shot at a chance to earn those benefits – so where is this resentment and jealousy attitude coming from?

                  Also, a veteran does not have to be an amputee to qualify for using a VA Hospital. It is usually a case of a veteran being poor and not having the luxury of being covered by a good health insurance policy.

                • Foxglove666 says:

                  Tucker, I am a veteran too. I am also eligible to use those VA benefits. I never have though because I have worked my butt off for over 25 years since my service and either I or my employer early on provided the healthcare. I did not take a dime of the benefits I earned because I didn’t want to take benefits out of the pool that could go to people that could not afford it. That being daid. Go back and look at how many times troll Philo has gone off about people sucking off the system…..

  6. These are not patriots, they are criminals. They deserve what they get.

  7. Luke says:

    The Empire Strikes Back!

  8. Canon says:

    Protestors ” reportedly” gained access to sensitive information stored on the computers there”. Ok, if they have something that needs to be released so people can make an informed decision, then by all means post it somewhere where it can be seen by everybody. When reporters start using terms like ” reportedly”, then it makes people skeptical of how reliable the story actually is. This is what we don’t need, innuendo instead of facts. What we need now is facts and truth, not speculation, if there are indeed some shady arrangements being made then show us what you got off their computers, don’t say they ” reportedly” have factual information if you can’t prove it. I would think this would be covered in Journalism 101 class. If you want people to believe you, then you need more then just hinting around there may be something we need to see.

    • Enemy of the State says:

      Journalism is dead

    • alias says:

      Yes, the story above is complete bullshit.
      The prolific breeder Daddy Bundy knew he would get arrested at PDX if he flew in (by “facial recognition” my ass- that’s another lie).
      Fuck a pack of ranching assholes trying to grab my public lands and run land-trashing cattle on it.

      But this site isn’t about intelligent stories anyway. Its about offsite clicks mostly- they make money for Mac.
      Then there is the provoking of violent responses in the comments by one person using many names, talking with himself.
      (see the first comment, etc.)

      Sad Clownage on Parade.

      Entertaining somewhat
      I suppose.

      • Enemy of the State says:

        Wait a while
        The government will be trashing that same land soon
        And you won’t see a dime from the Capitol gains off the resources
        The entire country won’t see a dime
        Just the oligarchs

        So , the cows are a big problem according to you eh?

      • john stiner says:

        I don’t usually curse people on this board as most of them are just regular folks giving opinions, some good, some bad.
        Maybe I learn something, maybe I just laugh.

        But for your sir, I must say GO FUCK YOUR SELF.

        and the horse you rode in on.

      • Plain Old American says:

        Conspiracy to disagree with corrupt governance is now a felony.

      • Braveheart1776 says:

        Alias, none of us are entertained with you coming on and spewing your BS. If you don’t like this site or any other INDEPENDENT news site, why do you keep coming here? I suppose a MSM site like huffpost would be more to your liking. The MSM is BS and you’re a BS troll so why don’t you just move along and go f#$% yourself in the process? Oh, and don’t let the door hit you in your commie ass on the way out.

      • ENFP says:

        Alias, do you really prefer Russians to mine your public lands for uranium or the Chinese to build power factories on them to cattle grazing? I don’t consider that an intelligent use for this nation.

        • ENFP
          Russian mining or deadbeat ranchers who don’t pay the rent….
          How about option 3 US mining companies that do pay their leases and do not poison those around them? You limit yourself if you don’t consider other options. Loggers? Camping hunting fishing? There are many options.

          • anon says:

            Just a thought in response to your comment: EPA mine breach and toxic rivers, as for US mining oh yeah EPA, OSHA, Mine safety …

            there is no logical solution to your argument under the current system

      • SteveO says:

        The only thing to say to a post like this is — go fuck off, troll. With a rusty steak knife.

      • still playing in the mud says:

        They should lock all farmers up then you could raise a couple of pigs and some chickens on your 5th story balcony.

      • Sgt. Dale says:

        I have to respectfully disagree with you.
        This whole thing is about mineral and water rights.
        The Fed is swo much trouble that they are trying to get as much land with minerals on it to sell to the highest bidder.

        So when this happens

  9. RoyInNC says:

    Come on now, guys! Seriously! Does anyone here feel any real surprise? This outcome was to be expected, as much to serve as a warning from the govt. to others in the future, as anything. I still believe the events leading to this were ill advised and premature, but, of course, they didn’t depend on me, they were initiated by others with their own opinions. The Declaration of Independence recognizes that people are often long suffering before finally rising to revolt. We’re seeing signs of revolt in the political process now. The election of 2016 will be a milestone shortly, one way or the other.

  10. Acid Etch says:


    “I would not say that wage growth is a litmus test for monetary policy.”

    “Job creation has perhaps been more heavily skewed toward sectors that have lower pay.”

    “Global financial and economic developments impinge on the outlook. I think it’s premature at this point to decide exactly what the consequences of those developments will be, and whether they will persist.”

    “We have been quite surprised by movements in oil prices.”

    “While Fed officials anticipated the dollar to zoom past other currencies as the U.S. economy heated up, its recent strengthening “is not something that we’ve anticipated.”

    “We had previously considered (negative interest rates) and decided that they would not work well, but in light of the recent experience of European countries, we’re taking a look at them again because we would want to be prepared in the event that we would need to add accommodations.”





    The middle class in Amerikkka are now a minority for the first time. We are no longer buying cheap plastic shit from China. Therefore the Chinese manufacturing companies aren’t getting paid and are going bankrupt. Therefore the Chinese stock market is tanking and spreading contagion to Europe and Japan. Since the Chinese stock market is tanking and Chinese companies aren’t selling anything, Chinese companies don’t have any venture capital, so they aren’t importing any raw materials. Concurrently, the House of Saud is flooding the markets with oil to corner the Iran/Russia blok. So the global demand for oil and raw materials has tanked. Countries are devaluing their currencies like anchors trying to get their exports off the ground.






    • Philosopher says:

      I am proud to say I voted for Ross Perot. I am part of the middle class, barely.

      • Foxglove666 says:

        Class….you of all people mention class? What would you know of this foreign word?

        • Philosopher says:

          Still slumming I see. Go ahead. Keep shoveling shit bitch. Keep proving my point that you are nothing but a low life back stabbing bitch that can’t be trusted.

          Thanks for stalking me. You make me look good. I appreciate that bitch.

        • Philosopher says:

          Still slumming I see. Go ahead. Keep shoveling shit bitch. Keep proving my point that you are nothing but a low life back stabbing bitch that can’t be trusted.

          Thanks for stalking me. You make me look good. I appreciate that bitch.

          • NorthGeorgiaIdiotsCousin says:

            Sorry Philly, but it would take more than a Foxglove to make you look good. I don’t think even a brown paper bag over your head would help, cause that foul mouth would still be running. Speaking of stalking, are you still lurking along behind Sweet Becky?

        • Green tip 4 u says:

          Damn, you sound like a hard core [email protected] Chill out with all the attacks.

          • Green tip,

            If you go back and read the last 10 or so articles, you’ll see that a new troll here named ” philosopher” has become a stalking psychopath on Foxglove and Rebecca. Fox is only just starting to return the favor to the new psycho troll who seems to have all of the regular old timers here quaking in their boots that she might start stalking them instead. It’s really comical to see how these guys tolerate this idiot troll because they’re afraid to be called names by her. So go back and read the recent history about who started the attacking and who’s the new stalker psycho killer, it isn’t Fox, and to tell you the truth, I’m surprised she put up with the shit as long as she has before starting to pay it back to the new idiot who has also befriended Acid wretch, that should tell you all you need to know.

            • Bob,
              I appreciate the synopsis for newcomers. Psycho Philo has been dogging me for quite some time and I am tired of playing victim to her bully. Ditto Foxglove666. She and I stand up for each other out of common decency. For those who say ya better get tough… it will get worse… I say nonsense. Online, Foxglove666 and I are standing next to each other even though we live halfway across the country. I say ya better stand together or get mowed down individually.
              Again, I thank you for your truthful comment.

            • Foxglove666 says:

              Bob, ditto what Reb said. Thanks for the observations. Tried to keep it civil but had enough. 🙂

              • No problem gals, all I did was speak the truth, nothing more, nothing less. It’s one thing to get a little snarky with people once in a while, Hell, it happens all the time and nobody here is worse for wear because of it, it keeps the comments interesting. It would be a gigantic bore just to read everyone agreeing with each other all the time. BUT, being stalked by a psycho stalker is something that should NEVER be tolerated by anyone on this site, especially the old timers who have been here for years, they know damn well who’s a stalker and who isn’t and quite frankly I’m shocked to see them shrink away from her like they’re scared she’ll unload on them if they speak up to her. I won’t name any names but these are the guys who always talk about going down with a fight and never giving up. Well, if THIS is how they’re going to react on confrontation with a psycho in cyberspace, I don’t want them around me when it really gets rough. And all the name calling gets old really quickly, this isn’t the 5th grade where constant profanity is really ” cool”, it’s a sign of ignorance and poor upbringing that you can’t engage in debate with anyone because it’s the only weapon you have to use in a war of wits is name calling, best to keep your mouth shut and not show everybody how really mentally handicapped you are.

                • Yay Bob!
                  If these old boys can’t stand up to psycho stalker philo in cyberspace, you know they’d never get your back in the real world. I never even noticed this woman’s inane posts until she attacked me. It kind of looked like Acid Etch in drag, but she says not.
                  Told a couple friends about her accusing me of being a lesbian plus assorted atrocities and they liked to fall off their chairs laughing.
                  Your comment reminded me of something my old boss told me: when someone starts screaming and cussing, it is because they already lost on facts… and are trying to win with intimidation. No intelligent argument, just teeny bopper cussin.
                  I appreciate your stand for truth in this situation.

                • Foxglove666 says:

                  Hey bob, I hear you. The good thing about posting behavior from this point forward is that she is being virtually shunned. No one is responding to her posts or tirades. The only one who did was the brave one. She word puked at me yet again and he told the guy who told her to knock it off to begone for trolling. So i, of course, asked him why he said nothing to the psycho one about her trolling….thundering silence ensued. Surprised?

              • Philosopher says:

                666: no you didn’t you fucking liar. Reddy and you slandered me and go back and post bullshit sniping comments. Civility went out the window when you two trolls started slandering me.

                • Foxglove666 says:

                  Hmmmmmm. Last time I checked the truth wasn’t slander. You are a an ill bred headcase. From looking at all your posts, this community has pretty much figured that out too. The only people even remotely responding in even a neutral way to your psychotica are Braveheart and acid etch…..speaks volumes. You have pretty much exposed yourself as the waste of skin you are. Stalk on, please. Every time you post you just confirm what a zero you are.

            • Philosopher says:

              Go back and read further. Reddy and 666 are the ones that threw me under the bus. I refuse to be a fucking doormat for them to wipe their feet on.

              • Newby says:

                No, all you’re doing is confirming everything he said about you. You have a severe psychological problem that needs to be dealt with. I’m sure you’re not a total lost cause, I think that fox and reb could both be willing to bury the hatchet and welcome you if you’re willing to drop the nutty stalking and personal attacks. It’s up to you which direction you want to take next but you’re only hurting yourself by continuing to act this way. So the question for you now is do you want to have open conversation in a civil and proper way with everybody or demonstrate that you’re not capable of doing this? I think you are capable but it remains to be seen if you will be.

                • Foxglove666 says:

                  Hey newby, sure anything is possible. Likely? Eh, not so much……if you go back a couple weeks you will see Philo and I got along then all of a sudden she went off the bipolar deep end. I called her on her behavior and we hit a detente for all of 24 hours. Then something triggered her and she went full bore again. If you notice she has done this with other folks as well but reserves the special stalking for Rebecca and i. There is not a rational mind to deal with here, sorry to say. Her pattern is to cool it for 24 hours, if that, and then start back again. I truly do appreciate your efforts, though. 🙂

                • Newby,
                  I hear ya. I am not filled with the insane hatred of this woman. She must stop; however and get on with her life. I cannot tolerate her making me the endless focus of her hatred and misery. Cyberstalking is not a minor issue, it is taken seriously. It is time for it to stop.
                  I can’t imagine keeping this going past her stopping. Neither Foxglove666 nor I get our Jollies like this. Is philo sane enough to quit Cyberstalking me and Foxglove666?

                • Newby says:

                  Reb and Fox,

                  Time will tell if Philly will get her act together or not. The olive branch has been extended, we’ll see how it’s received. And yes, it just can’t be for a day or two, it has to be permanent or there’s no point to it. I like to be forgiving of people if there’s a chance they may act civilly and become a good member of the community. That doesn’t mean I’m an idiot with an endless tolerance for nonsense though, I think people should be given a second chance, I can’t believe ANYBODY really enjoys the acidic bickering like that, so we’ll see if she wants peace of mind that comes with ending this futile game of constant attacking and wants to enjoy a sense of community as opposed to her ” lone wolf” approach to so many here. The ball is in her court now, the next decision she makes will tell how it’s going to go from here on. I might be a crazy optimist, but I’ll always give someone a chance for redemption, but they have to know I don’t have a bag full of endless chances, so hopefully we’ll have a different poster here soon. If not, oh well, we tried, and nobody can ask for more then that so good luck to all of us.

              • Philo,
                Lying to cover up your cyberstalking is fruitless. The up/down of cyberspace is it remembers.

    • Enemy of the State says:



      • Philosopher says:

        EOTS: yes. I agree.

      • john stiner says:

        I am shocked Ross Perot is still alive!!

        • Philosopher says:

          JS: Ross Perot bailed because they threatened him with death. I am guessing Trump understands that death is a very real possibility. Trump has an amazing family and has passed on his genes as well as his experience to his family. The most impressive thing about Trump is that he has a blended family that is successful. They acknowledge each other as equals and they each have a job in the family business. As far as I can tell Trump doesn’t cut them any slack either. You work, you keep your nose clean. That is how I was raised too. No fucking excuses.

          • Braveheart1776 says:

            Philo, I’ve always kept my nose to the grindstone and kept it clean. I don’t drink or do any kind of drugs. I keep a clear head 24/7/365. I do my best to treat people like I would want to be treated. I’ve never gotten rich from it, but that’s OK. I refuse to abandon the values I was raised with. BTW, Ron Paul also bailed because of death threats. I can’t help but wonder about Rand Paul. Did he sell himself to TPTB or is he putting on an act? Time will tell.

            • Philosopher says:

              BH: I am a big fan of both Ron Paul and Rand Paul.

              I had not heard about death threats to that family but it doesn’t surprise me.

              I am not a teetotaler! If you are, good! I enjoy a nice glass of wine or a nice cold glass of Pilzner (from my days in Germany).

              But Trump is impressive, not only for his personal habits but for the family and company he has built. I respect that.

          • Acid Etch says:

            Trump is a fucking piece of shit. His morals are detestable, his personality is fake as fuck, and he has flip flopped on every fucking position he has had.

            Owned by the new world order and the zog.

            I dont understand why everyone is licking Trump’s nuts on this site.

            What a fucking tool.

  11. oh well says:

    Chuck Norris does not go to protests
    he lays low and does not get involved with petty horse crap that is what smart people do

    • Enemy of the State says:

      He’s too rich to feel the pain

    • john stiner says:

      Chuck Norris is also a reserve peace officer.

      Just saying for all the cop haters.

      • TEST says:

        I have two wonderful friends, both recently retired cops one a senior IL. State trooper. Both very conservative, strong Christians, true peace officers, and strong on the Constitution. Then there is Sheriff Mack’s Constitutional Sheriff’s Association that is doing wonderful work; or the police head of western NY who refused to honor the gun confiscation order by the governor. Lot of great police officers out there, but like the rest of mankind, there’s always a mix. And even my friends Im sure had bad days, too…

  12. Pissed Off Patriot says:

    So, how long before we start taking this country back ? I really don’t want the shooting to start but really guys, how much shit are we gonna swallow and how many more dead brothers are we going to tolerate?

    Only a few well placed bullets would fix this whole thing. Will we? Is it 4GW time? Nope. We will bide our time a little longer. Best be working it out in your head. It’s coming.

    Somebody needs to publish a list for patriots to think about.

    • john stiner says:

      Rather than shooting people will just stop obeying the law.

      No more getting building permits.
      No more asking the government for permission before building a pond.
      No more calling the police to report a crime. You just have to deal with it your self.

      No more obeying the law.

      • Philosopher says:

        JS: so in other words opt out and just go Galt.

        Yep. I agree. Screw em.

      • Braveheart1776 says:

        JS, DING DING DING DING DING! We have a winner! That’s what it’s coming to.

      • ENFP says:

        That is the way I see it also. The more outrageous the laws become, the less we adhere to them. If they say we can’t use cash, we develop our own system.

      • Law? You think that stuff is *LAW*???!!!


        Only recently (in the last 50 years) has that crap (permits, licenses and permissions) been considered law. Its color of law. Its “rules”. It is, truly, like chewing gum in class. They’ve brainwashed a couple generations to think that breaking that bullshit color of law stuff is “dishonorable” or “bad”. You know, bad like that evil LaVoy guy and those rotten to the core Bundy bunch! Yeah!

        One thing I have noticed is that the political class gains power by calling good evil and evil good.

        I think there are a bunch of people that are doing just as you say. But, legally and lawfully you need to declare the law you are under. If you declare yourself to be under “The Law” (in America that is The Constitution *for* The United States) then you declare a superior system to the color of law bullshit rules. In doing so, you gain the moral high ground. You invalidate their color of law rules for fools.

        I think this is what happened in Oregon. But, the lack of understanding in the population of people that inhabit America is large and, as such, nobody caught it or even bothered to report it.

        • NetRanger,
          The Color of Law has multiplied during my lifetime such that in my county you can’t so much as make a tiny change on your property without a permit. For example, you can no longer turn the water off at the street to make a minor plumbing repair… you have to request permission and the water company itself has to come shut it off. Then they require an inspection prior to turning it back on. Unless it is done by a licensed plumber, but it still must be reported and inspected afterward. The neighbor said most folks are putting a shutoff at the house, which is illegal, and they charge a hefty fine if they catch it. I won’t do that, not planning to be here that long, but other rules are similar. Color of Law is out of hand.

          • Wow! That stinks. It makes me sad to hear about stuff like that. I mean, really, this is just not America anymore. I think that is why so many people are into the doomsday books, movies and such. Subconsciously we are all hoping it’s gonna happen so we can get this ugly monkey off our backs. Good luck and get out of there!

            • NetRanger,
              This area is growing fast. I just retired so I don’t have to be in commuting distance anymore. Just out this place up for sale and hope to sell before it all falls in. Still, it is as good a protected spot as any so close to town, and a lovely wooded hill… all the way to the top. I am banking on the next owner going for the Mansion on the Mountaintop. 😉
              Once sold, I will pay cash for something farther out with higher rainfall. Also beautiful!

  13. Ketchupondemand says:

    The standoff and occupation, in my opinion anyway, were doomed about 5-7 days in, when not one damn journalist in the MSM would cover it and tell the whole story.
    Uranium, you say?
    Of course the MSM wouldn’t tell the whole story as the government watchdogs would have brought hellfire (literally) and brimstone on anyone bold enough to try.

    A chance was had if ONE single big name celebrity had the guts to come forward and call the government out on the land grab and the show of force/authority and the real reason for this protest.
    In Oregon, Lars Larson used to be that type of voice, but I think TPTB got to him a while ago, hence his pro gov’t. stance. Coward and compromised traitor.
    I used to listen to his radio show (local in Oregon) and at one time he probably would have stood with the Hammonds.
    I think the next type of standoff will end just like these and the others (Ruby Ridge, et al.), for the same reason: No truthful news coverage.

  14. USMC1982 says:

    I call BS. I don’t believe they will be rounding up protesters from 2014.

  15. Ketchupondemand says:

    Off topic, but in the site’s parameters, a dog owner question…
    Being somewhat new to dog ownership, we have rescued 2 dogs (charlie2dogs, you there? 🙂 )and, one is a serious guardian and fierce barker.
    What or how would you deal with keeping such a dog quiet when OPSEC is in question?
    There will be times when you need absolute silence in your location, and I won’t let this dog out to get quickly shot.
    Do I add a couple of muzzles to the preps list?
    What are you gonna do?

    • RoyInNC says:

      Muzzles seems like the only real possibility. Still, it might not suppress a whimper, if you need total silence.

    • Lurker says:

      Muzzles don’t stop dogs from making a noise. Bark collars can make aggressive dogs even more aggressive.

      It depends on the dog and your time available. Its likely to take a huge investment in time on your part to “repair” this. Depending on the dog, you may “break their spirit” by the time you get them to be silent on command. The command “quiet” is best taught whilst they are still puppies.

      The brutal answer is most rescue dogs have some damage and you may need to compromise in order to accept what you now have. Depending on your goals, it may be quicker to start over with a new puppy.

      The really good dogs are part luck and part nuturing with a lot of time invested in their training.

      • Philosopher says:

        I agree lurker. I worked as a professional horse trainer. I had 2-year olds and 3-year olds. Younger animals are easier to train. The 2-year olds all turned out very sweet and easy to work around. The 3-year olds were too old. Equal to a teenager that threw tantrums. They were hard to handle and not safe to work around.

        The key to training any animal is to handle it while it is young and to maintain alpha status at all times. That is critical when dealing with horses as they weigh 2,000 pounds plus. You can manhandle or rope a horse into submission but it isn’t fun or pretty and the effects are gone as soon as you take off the ropes.

        • Acid Etch says:

          I love my Tennessee Walking Horses and Paints and Palominos. I prefer mares. Always with a helmet.

          I am one of the very few men nowadays who knows my way around a horse.

          I’ve been on several long-distance rides.

          I fucking HATE Arabians and Morgan horses.

          So, can we make out now, Phil?

          • Philosopher says:

            Dammit for real? Arabs are dumb as a box of rocks, I agree.

            I dated this soldier when I was in Germany. I went to a little riding school near base and took riding lessons, basic hunt seat. I was 18 but the group I rode with was around 12 to 13 years old. Anyhow he came by one day and totally freaked out because each student had to groom and tack up their horse. I was in the stall with brushes cleaning my horse up and getting it ready to ride and this Army guy was totally losing it! He was scared shitless of horses. He thought I was going to be killed by the horse just because I was brushing it and putting on a saddle.

            Those German gals messed with me so bad! They put me on one horse, a puller, and of course he woulnd’t stay in line and wanted to run to the front. We were on a trail ride through the forest trails and I held it back, barely. The next ride they put me on a horse that was a slow poke so I ended up covered in mud. From my face all the way down to my boots.

            Those were the good days, great fun.

            As far as making out, don’t get your britches in a wad, Acid.

            Good to know there are still some men that know the difference between the front and rear-end of a horse.

            My daddy put me on a Palomino when I was about 4. That just rocked my world. I was taller and bigger than everyone. I remember the smell of that horse, the lead rope and the halter and the pen and that was all she wrote. I fell in love with horses that day and never looked back.

            About training horses, I think that as soon as they are born they need to be handled, touched, brushed. Everything. From the moment they are born. A well socialized horse, dog, cat, human is an easier creature to be around on a day-to-day basis based on my own real life experience.

            • Acid Etch says:

              A horse is less intelligent than a dog, but more intelligent than a woman, hahahha.

              I never rode English or tried dressage in my life. Only western, except that I did do show jumping and cross country with them with a quasi-English saddle, but no fucking tights (although I do have the body for them). I never wrecked one but I stopped doing it now. It is some truly dangerous stuff.

              I used to think that reigning was cool, now I think it’s too hard on the horse and those events should be discontinued.

              If left in a stall alone out of sight from other horses for very long they will panic and try to kick the door down. Very social creatures. If there are no other horses they will befriend humans, dogs, or cats.

              A group that knows each other well, will line up on their own in the same order, single file, every time when you take them somewhere.

              I always had to groom them as a student. It’s part of the bonding process with the horse.

              I had far more problems with horses not wanting to move than horses who wanted to buck and rear. I used to think I would never use spurs or whips but after straining my legs on some lazy horses I think it’s a good idea.

              I never tried Ariats, I almost bought a pair of their riding sneakers, but I figured it’s best just to stay with the high heeled traditional boots. Mine are Durango.

              Just a little smooch from an old lady? *Mwah*

          • Philosopher says:

            Are you into endurance riding? If I was going to get back into horses that is something that I love. The best horse I ever rode was an old Appaloosa. I had a little summer job building fences and clearing trails at a local YMCA camp. The city kids came for trail rides. We also had a handicapped ramp so they could roll up on a wheelchair and then get right on the horse. We would walk the kids around and their faces just lit up. You could tell getting on a horse was really exciting for those kids.

            Anyhow that old Appaloosa was a trained cow horse and it was one of the only horses that had a pressure-cheek type metal hackamore. (There is another type of hackamore, a bosal, this horse had a metal-cheek hackamore, not the same as a bosal). So we went out on a trail ride, with a leader in front and the kids in the middle and I was at the butt end of the trail. The leader speeded up to a trot and everyone was bouncing up and down. Except my old appy broke into a slow cowboy lope. I didn’t do anything. It was perfect. It was like sitting in a rocking chair it was that smooth. Just like butter. This old cow horse just broke into the most perfect gait and gave me the ride of my life. I never forgot it. It was that perfect.

            • Acid Etch says:

              I have done mucho trail riding, but never a sanctioned endurance ride. I did show jumping and cross country.

              I have rode in desert, tropical, and forested regions.

              I only ever used the standard bit, but a good trail horse must know how to neck reign. You need to have a free hand on the trail.

              Baby, you know that only I could give you the ride of your life. You must have built up some strong legs. Yum. 🙂

            • Ursa Major says:

              Philosopher you are clearly talking out your ass and don’t have the slightest clue what you’re talking about. If you worked with 2000# horses then the horses would have been record setting drafts. In 50+ years of breeding and training national caliber horses of many breeds I have met many people who don’t like Arabs. However not a single one thought they were stupid. In point of fact Arabs are quite bright and won’t accept being bashed around. So what your ignorant rant tells me is that you had trouble with horses because you were too small minded to understand them. That is if you ever rode anything but your Christmas stick horse.

          • Braveheart1776 says:

            Acid is talking about ponies he rode on as a kid.

          • Foxglove666 says:

            Hey Acid, lots of folks dont like Arabians and Morgans. They can be difficult. That is true. The problem is that they are actually very bright. The average trainer might not be successful with them as those horses are smarter than the average trainer. You can’t butch them around like average trainers do quarter horses, appaloosas, etc. You have to set training situations up so they choose to comply. That’s the difference in an average trained horse and a great trained horse. Those horses are just smarter than a kid with an attitude and a pair of boots.

          • NorthGeorgiaIdiotsCousin says:

            Acid Etch if you had a bitch like Philly, what would you do if you needed total silence? Are we talking about dogs or horses?

      • Philosopher says:

        Lurker: you nailed it about saying it is part luck and part training. I have seen that in horses so many times. Even horses that were sold for $25,000 for a live birth back when Arabs were all the rage. You just don’t know. The key is handling them from birth, and proper tranining. I think that is as critical as the breeding line.

        Most people don’t want to start over and many are unwilling to put down an animal that is insane.

        Can animals be insane? Yes. I have seen more than my fair share of insane horses. Part of the reason I left the biz.

      • ENFP says:

        If the dog is a stock guardian breed like a Pyrenees barking is in their genes. Would be really hard to break.

    • Philosopher says:

      I know Russians train their dogs to be silent. I read an article on this site:

      thesaker dot is

      Auslander mentioned having guard dogs that he has trained to be silent. My best guess would be you need to train them while they are young and keep them firmly in hand. I would consider training guard dogs to be silent to be an advanced training method that would be difficult for someone not experienced in training dogs. You may want to hire a professional.

      You can post comments on the Saker maybe Auslander will give you some tips.

    • Enemy of the State says:

      I taught my dog at a pup what “quiet” ment
      Along with “watch him”
      And “get him”

      I’ve trained all my dogs at a puppy stage these three things ( along with many other commands )
      Some dogs once they reach a certain age or lack of training there’s no changing it

      IMO it has to be done early and constantly reinforced

      • Enemy of the State says:

        I once had a dog that would be quiet , let you break in,, but he’d never let you leave
        And it was just his style , that trait I didn’t teach
        He had the quiet thing down pat , he just added his own twist to it
        The dog looked part sheappard part dingo
        I never really knew for sure , but he hardly ever barked
        I miss that dog

        • Philosopher says:

          EOTS: dang that sounds like one smart dog! A little twist. I do think some animals are highly intelligent. Not all, but some.

        • Philosopher says:

          EOTS: there is another trick to training. Voice commands.

          I learned about the power of my voice while working in an ER. People show up, hurt, sick, freaking out but a few voice commands can turn them around. Same thing with horses.

          The problem with voice commands, both for dogs and for horses, is that people use too many words. Oh and for people. Voice commands have nothing to do with the words it has everything to do with how you project your voice, or not. I don’t know how to teach someone how to use a command voice. I learned about this by accident from training horses. I also had an excellent teacher that grew up breeding QHs and allowed me to make mistakes and to learn how to use my voice. Nothing like freezing your ass off in a cold arena in February. The woman who taught me used to bring me jars of hot water to warm my hands because the barn was that fricken cold. She used to make me the most amazing breakfasts and was always willing to share a leftover plate from Easter. That woman taught me so much, about horses, about how to cook, about how to be a strong woman. An incredible woman. The last I heard she was living down in the Dalles.

          Rock on Nancy, rock on.

      • Philosopher says:

        EOTS: yes.

        Key is training while young and bonding as part of the herd / group and remaining alpha.

  16. sureshot says:

    The government needs to be stopped now. Why the over reach when it involves white people. If your color was a little darker the outcome is predictable. Our tanned attorney general would be rolling heads.

  17. Kulafarmer says:

    The whole thing just makes you get a bad taste in your mouth,
    Free my ass.

  18. TEST says:

    A bit off topic, but FYI: For your reference – real time graphics of the Muslim invasion of Europe http://constitution.com/realtime-interactive-map-charts-islamic-invasion-hijra-of-europe/

    Two questions: a.) Why aren’t they going to Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Indonesia, etc.? b.) What are the radical feminists and gay Nazi cultural Brownshirts going to do when they implement Sharia laws in NYC an SF?

    Grand Vizier Merzifonlu Kara Mustafa Pasha, whose Ottoman army numbered possibly up to 300,000 was a piker compared to today!!

  19. TEST says:

    Question for all you political obscurantists and nihilists here:

    I know that no one will, apparently, meet the purity test for your reverse political correctness, but you have to ask yourself one question, given that we live in a REAL world, not some Platonic concept: Would this happen under President Cruz, or President Rand Paul?? Would it happen under fraud… er… President Hilary?

    If you can can answer this question, you may have to hold your nose to vote, but the alternative is even orders of magnitude worse.

    Save your vitriol in response. We live in a real world.

    • Mike says:

      What has happen is this.
      1. They did not have a plan.
      2. They were not prepared.
      3. They were not ready to kill and die, therefore they should have stayed home. now they will be put in prison.
      4. They did not give enough thought and planning.
      5. They had no committed backup.
      6. They have showed the FBI that they will give up and are not
      committed to the cause, but were led by a pack of fools.
      They will go to prison as the feds laugh. Now the feds
      believe the whole movement is pussy’s and will give up at
      the minute of a armed conflict. They will not be taken
      seriously again.

    • Philosopher says:

      TEST: that went over my head, what was your point? Or your question? Thanks!

      • TEST says:

        Phil, what I am saying is that there are a lot ofpolitical purists on this site, for whom NO ONE, not even Mac Slavo, would be good enough. They are Grima Wormtongues whispering defeat into the ear of the king before battle has even started. They are people that cannot live in reality – a reality that is fallen and flawed, and one where we can only make the best choice possible in situations where there are no ideal choices.

        Plato said those that won’t get involved in the political process are doomed to be ruled by their inferiors. And Hilary, since no one on the conservative side meets our fellow posters “purity test,” will ipso fact be elected.

        By obscurantist, I mean to say these people ultimately say we cannot know anything really at all, which IS what they are saying if you dig down deep. The truth is, as philosopher/theologian Francis Schaeffer wrote, the fact is we can know truly, even if not exhaustively. By calling them solipsisters, I mean that ultimately there’s is a creed where you can only know your own mind, and nothing else. This, I submit, is a recipe for a totalitarian takeover, as Lord knows, there is nothing we can truly know, so why bother. **It is all cynicism and despair***.

        I like Rand Paul, but of the remaining candidates, Cruz has a track record that I think will keep us from further descent. No, he isn’t perfect… but go see the paragraph above if you want to get back into that “perfect” candidate bit.

        It’s easy to be cynical posting here. But our words do have value, and may mean quite a bit to others. I am not cynical, nor do I live in despair. And when my imperfect candidate gets elected, I will do my best to hold him to his initial standards. How> One way is to become a precinct committeeman, the foot soldiers of the party. Doing that is worth a thousand posts. Run for the school board, run for the County Board, be aggressive in writing letters to the editor.

        Or you can give up, go out to your spider hole (hope you don’t run in to Saddam there!) and hide out, hoping you don’t slip and get get caught.

        For me, I have been, and will continue to non-violently, but aggressively, engage the culture with my pen, and what little wit and intelligence I have. There have been other bad periods – the Dark Ages, the hours before Jan Sobieski showed up to turn back the Turks at the gate of Vienna, the Battle of Britain, Jimmy Dolittle’s raid in the blackest days after Pearl, etc. I, for one, would hope to be on one of Doolittle’s planes, or in the vanguard of Sobieski’s troops. I wouldnt rather fall *towards* a goal than away from it, or worse, having fled in fear… or even worse than that, being so cynical I neither knew nor card what truth is.

        • sixpack says:

          I know that I see a lot of “defeatist” attitude out there…why fight when we’ve already lost? The system is rigged, why waste our time voting?

          You’re right, there is no perfect choice. There never will be, but that doesn’t mean we have to stand aside and take it, without even trying to put up a fight.

          Trump may be a lot of things, but hillary as president would be intolerable for me. I will never cast my vote for a lying, cheating globalist.

          I believe this “purist” attitude is what the globalists elites want. That and confusion and inaction. They are getting their way, because they can get us to DIVIDE OURSELVES. We will NEVER win, if we can’t drop those differences, prejudices and unrealistic expectations and just do the best we can do, with the cards we are dealt.

          You can’t win if you don’t play.

    • Archivist says:

      Paul has dropped out and Cruz won’t be on the ballot when I get to vote. Trump probably will be the only Republican left by the time of the NC primary.

  20. TEST says:

    I submit this again, in case anyone missed this. The below is from a close friend, a recently retired IL. state trooper who had a very senior position. Other than a typo, it is as he wrote it exactly, and is in response to an earlier email where I asked what a “bad shoot” is. The title of the email used the word “execution.” The writer of this was NOT a desk cop (until later), so he is aware of the variety of situations where force may sometimes be needed. I submit this as written, for your consideration:

    “Bad shoot is a police term for unjustified. It was an execution in my opinion. He swerved to miss a roadblock set up around a corner is my understanding. One of their ridiculous attempts to justify the shooting is that he almost ran into an FBI agent. Reaching for his waistband is NOT justification by any stretch. They had the benefit of cover and superior firepower. Until you actually see the gun you cannot assume that is what he is reaching for and murder him. I almost took out an illegal immigrant who was traveling with some gangsters late night. He reached under his jacket when I told him to get out of the car and you could hear about six cops getting ready to light him up. After using verbal commands (yelling our lungs out to get his fu#@&*&) hands up he figured it out. Turns out he didn’t speak English and was nervous and reaching for a cigarette. That’s what cops do.

    It was amateur hour, of course he swerved into the agent since that is how they set up the roadblock. The idiot agent was standing right where the vehicle had to swerve to miss the roadblock. For that matter why a roadblock at all? There are strips that you can lay across the roadway that puncture the tires. Real cops have been using them for as long as I can remember. Cars and trucks can still drive on flat tires but that is cop 101, disable the car and then attempt the stop if necessary. How long did they think he would drive on flat tires in the snow? All they did is invite a confrontation and it turned out bad. That’s what happens when the FBI tries to play cop, they have no idea what they are doing. I’ll take any Chicago street cop any day to diffuse that situation peacefully without killing grandpa. But of course they are going to send these idiots in to investigate every police shooting but there will be no investigation of this incident, he was a white guy with a Bible and a gun!’

    • rellik says:

      There are a lot of people on this site that like cops.
      I hate and despise cops. I don’t need them. A lot of the dysfunctional people in society do need them, they are called progressive Democrats. Police go, home, you don’t offer me protection, you represent death and tyranny. Fire dept, EMT’s
      save lives. Police just take lives, or write the reports
      after someone dies. Other than some really heroic rescues, has a policeman ever saved anyones life?

      • Philosopher says:

        I don’t love cops. I grew up thinking cops were there to help you. My views have changed.

        Will I ever cuss out a cop? No. Never. I would disrespect a cop? No. I don’t think that way and I don’t act that way, I just don’t. I pay my bills. I mind my own business. I pay my taxes. The usual.

        Meh. I have a headache.

      • TEST says:

        Guns save lives. And cops do save lives. Yes there are bad ones, but there are also good ones. You have made a philosophical category mistake in not being able to see the trees for the forest. But we do need our police as PEACE officers, and in the mode of enforcement that we had 50 years ago, where they are bound by law written by the community they serve, and by common humanity. And if good people abandon the field of policing to the corrupt, what will that leave us? When Jesus encountered Roman soldiers, he didn’t tell them to stop being soldiers – rather, he just told them not to extort anyone and be content with their pay. Same should be true here.

        • rellik says:

          I like your Christian point of view.
          I disagree they are not Peace officers.
          They are now enforcers of “Caesars law”.
          When it becomes “Sharia law” will you
          be as obedient?

          • Rellik,
            Bible says to give unto Ceasars what is Ceasar’s.
            My guess is that would include Sharia law if it was the law of the land.
            We could always become Catholic, do what needs to be done, and do penance 😉

        • Big blue drew says:

          Let every cop in U.S. Go on strike for a week and it will become apparent to EVERYONE why they are a necessity. I do not hate or like the profession anymore than hating or liking plumbers or electricians. I do have a problem with how many are being trained in modern America. A mindset of them and us is forming in many law enforcement agencies. This mindset is rife for abuse and needless confrontation. I don’t really have a solution, America is to angry and entitled to do without them but what is emerging isn’t much better than anarchy. I guess it is just another symptom of our crumbling civilization.

  21. slingshot says:

    What cha gonna do. What cha gonna do when they come for you. Yes sir, they have all the time in the world to do it..

    Whether right or wrong many will be looking over their shoulders. Will you be Arrested at work or home. Maybe the market or bank. Pull you over on the highway.

    Some constructive criticism. Did you think it was a good Idea to live it up at the Refuge Center. Have family there. Pinic. Have a open mic with some damaging comments. Those TWO videos. One with the excavator and the other one where a lot “fuck you” in it.

    Well the die is cast and ALL OF US WILL HAVE TO LIVE WITH IT.

    Keyboard Cowards, Commando’s and Arm Chair General’s.

    Take the time to analyze all that went down Cause they are sure as hell going to do just that.

    I am sorry Mr. Finicum got killed. Don’t make the same mistakes.

    This is far from over.

  22. TEST says:

    Well written, short. And, of course, very concerning. We should be a nation of laws, not lawlessness; and not arbitrary enforcement. Funny how ranchers – who did zero violence – are taking a hit, while Hilary – as Slick and his moll always do with rapes, cattle futures trades, Whitewater, Filegate, TravelGate, perjury under oath, ad nauseam always seem to dance. And speaking of dancing, anyone know if Obama crony Jon Corzine ever found that “lost” $1.6 billion he seemed to “misplace.” Here’s the short article on the topic: http://www.newstarget.com/2016-02-11-exclusive-fbi-sting-to-arrest-86-americans-in-massive-blm-cover-up.html

  23. Tunkcuf says:

    Food for thought. Don’t make public statements and not follow thru. The Oregon patriots stated they wouldn’t be taken alive ( the last 4). They all gave up. Don’t tape silly dancing and incoherent rants. Don’t ask people to yell stupid crap before you come out. Most of all, don’t include patriots who are weak, either mentally or physically. They will make you look nutty and hurt the cause.
    Read everything you can about Oregon and don’t repeat mistakes. We all plan on being persecuted at some point and having a good plan with good people will help the cause.

  24. God soldier says:

    When we do go to negative interest rates should we buy as much silver and gold as possible with their money cus I get charge card offers at least 2 a week for pre qualified 10k and other loan offers

  25. Overthecliff says:

    Citizens remember jury nullification.

  26. slingshot says:

    How about using flash mob tactics?

  27. FUBAR says:

    When only 3% of the population give a shit it’s easy for the FEDs to take out 3% of the population.

    • FUBAR
      I think a lot more than 3% give a shit. A lot more than 3% are unhappy with tptb. I don’t think the lot of them would follow your lead, too much calling for genocide on here. So if you want action, look for someone who has not been calling for genocide… they can pull a broad enough group to matter. Just sayin. Gotta be practical.

  28. Meeh…nothing will happen….as it should be.

  29. Asshat says:

    Everybody should be ready and prepped by now. Well now is the time to stop going out to retail and grocery stores. Live off your preps and hold out as long as you can. Live like the the shit has hit the fan. Let’s start the bartering and trading eliminating the middle tax man. Stop consuming crap from retailers. Let’s stop playing the game of ever changing rules made by elites. keep your tax refunds don’t spend a dime. We have the power to put a hurt on banks and gov. This is what a real protest looks like.

    • Asshat,
      You are exactly correct. I hate to admit I just got back from Costco with 25 pounds of sugar and a case of evaporated milk plus 6 pounds of almonds. This week I bought 8 more pounds of pickling salt plus 4 containers dry cocoa. I am not buying much anymore. If my sugar beets do well, I will never never never buy sugar again. When my hazelnuts produce, no more almonds. No dairy source yet. These were all top offs and bulking up a little. Almost spring and I am putting in a much bigger garden. Even trying spelt, which handles dry better than wheat.
      Boycott is powerful because tptb are all mercantilers! I have boycotted the Koch Machine for a couple years and Monsanto for a couple decades.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Talk big, do nothing.

  31. Anyone here know what happened to Ron Ahrens? Wasn’t he at Malheur? Did he take his son and go home?

  32. Brett says:

    Let em come. I’ll step outside but once I do, bullets are gonna fly.

  33. But yet Hillary is still walking free and running for President. What is wrong with this picture? We need Common Law Grand Jury back in this country.

  34. csaaphill says:

    yeah from what I read they arrested a bunch of the ones they let go after lavoy’s murder. Fucking liars. Sheriff Wards a coward and a POS. FBI are nothing but hired thugs.
    86? weren’t that many there? OR they talking those that partook in Bunker hill in 2014? What a bunch of garbage. More murder coming.

  35. KyPatriot says:

    I have no sympathy for the guys that gave up. What the fuck are we doing here on this site and all the others, prepping and preaching if you are gona give up at the moment your choice? Liberty or Death? These guys are gona be made an example of no matter what they think. If you are gona be a free people you better be damned willing to go all the way to the bottom of that hole.

    • Old Guy says:

      I agree if your going to set on the toilet then by all means take a shit. They went looking for trouble and when they encountered it didn’t do anything. Reminds me of the hunters they show on TV. The encounter a big foot. And throw their rifle away and run like a scared rabbit. Not me I would come to Wal Mart with that big foot carcass strapped across the hood of my vehicle!

  36. Asshat says:

    People say they respect trump cause he’s a successful corporate executive. Blah blah corporations are shit folks plain and simple. They do not give two shits about you or me trump is a fish he’s just telling us what we want to hear. Once elected he will flip flop and say well my views evolved. People here talk about doing their job and keeping their nose clean ya da ya da. Look the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Conforming and doing what your supposed to just gets the rope tightened on you. People say they respect cops listen the police do not protect and serve you or me only the tyrant leaders. Look their agenda has changed they do not work for the citizens. having anything good to say about the gestapo is foolish. They will bust your door down and hold a pistol to your head. You cannot mind your own business because they are in your business. Seen cops just yesterday bothering someone who looked like they were living in their car. The more you try to seperate yourself from the system the more the gov comes down on you. They do not want you not needing them being a free self reliant person clinging onto your bible and gun. Tptb fears its going mainstream. going off grid is a threat to the gov because you are trusting in your own abilitys and faith in higher power. Your refusing to be a sheep penned in by fences and allowing the gov to be your shepherd slavemasters. Going Off grid says you care about your liberty and freedom. Never say anything good about your oppressors. Saying good things makes you a bootlicker. When you don’t need them they cannot control you and it scares them. People gotta change their mindset about $ too many worship $ and it’s a trap. Some things cannot be bought with$ and that’s a good thing.

  37. Satori says:

    VERY politically incorrect

    Video of the Day – See What Happens When College Kids Face Microaggressions

    h ttp://www.blacklistednews.com/Video_of_the_Day_%E2%80%93_See_What_Happens_When_College_Kids_Face_Microaggressions/48825/0/38/38/Y/M.html

  38. FW Guy says:

    How is what these guys did any different from what occupy wall street did?

  39. The US Federal Government have become the criminal terrorists of the world. They are incredibly dangerous to the world at large now to our own. We are all now in a defacto state of not only global war from our terrorist government, but the full apparatus of the US Federal government is now being turned on all of us.

    At which point do we do exactly as our rule of law and the Declaration of Independence mandates that we throw of these thugs and criminals and appoint new guards?

  40. John Boy says:

    Burns Oregon is about 300 miles from PDX, NOT 30.
    I doubt Cliven had any intention of going to Burns. Most likely going to see his son, who is in jail, in Portland.

  41. Anonymous says:

    The Feds think they’re on a roll now, with the “arrests” of the Bundys. The whole Malheur operation looks to be a staged surrender to show how “righteous” and victorious the Feds are and that no one should ever oppose them. They look all-the-world like the Chinese Communist government that their elite backers favor so much as their labor “managers” of the billion Chinese coolies who make all that’s “Made in China”. They are intent on Americans being herded with those billion Chinese as permanent, total slave labor for the elites. The Feds rely on the same stuff that they’ve gotten the masses to feel enslaved to. The masses will win when they dump their dependence on that stuff and deny its empowerment to the Feds.

  42. Anonymous says:

    The “government” like to ambush and abduct (“arrest”) individuals. They’re afraid, however, of numbers. When the people arrest them–and to defend themselves from their resistance to being arrested– they’ll have their own game played on them.

  43. telescreen says:

    N Korean Army Chief executed for “factionalism” — that’s fascism for anyone who disagrees with the establishment. That’s where this country is headed as the ruling class continues to empower law enforcement to stamp out dissent. There’s a criminal law on the books for every type of dissidence. And a huge part of zombie-class Americans continues to support these people in both parties.

  44. Big blue drew says:

    As long as America has over 200 million armed citizens, the Tolitarians cannot win , the 2nd Ammendment is the last straw holding up the shaky edifice of freedom.

    • Mike Travis says:

      Big blue, weapons are worthless without the will and courage to use them. I wonder if we have enough true Patriots willing to pledge our lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to defeat the tyrants in government.

  45. csaaphill says:

    Not to be off topic but I seen something weird about an hour ago. looked like a missile launch but don’t’ know for sure. Was outside I’m a night owl and so was outside smoking a cig. I looked up and seen what looked like an explosion then something bright stream away from the explosion. Could of been a shooting star, but never have I ever seen on light up like that then stream away. All the ones I’ve ever seen were one long stream, not a bright light then something break away from it.
    What ever it was it headed towards earth about 50-100 miles away, but never seen any kind of impact so….

  46. Mike Travis says:

    The day is rapidly coming when Patriots of all types will be forced to decide between slavery and freedom. It is disgusting to see how effective the traitors in government have been in destroying our Constitution. Given this trend, one can only conclude the choice before us will be sooner rather than later.

  47. GeorgeWHayduke says:

    LMAO. Inbred, illiterate sov-cit ‘patriot’ tough guys/girls getting nervous? Good. You should be. What did you think was gonna happen?

    You are all a very tiny and mentally ill fraction of the US population and have fast become the laughingstock of the country. Your conspiracy theories are outlandish – even for conspiracy theorists. You twist and cherry-pick parts of the Constitution to fit your retarded narratives and don’t even realize you are being used by self-serving politicians and land-grabbing, natural resource-exploiting billionaires like the Koch brothers.

    Do everyone a favor and keep talking threatening ‘smack’ on your social networks so we can keep you under surveillance and throw you in the klink that much sooner and/or take away your ill-deserved gun rights. You don’t deserve those rights if you’re going to act like idiot seditionists and domestic terrorists. A far as that goes, good riddance to dumb, bigoted white trash with guns.

    BTW, I am a gun-owning liberal who hunts and farms and who doesn’t exactly trust the gov’t either but I am well educated/well-read and do my best to stay out of socio-political echo-chambers. I at least know how NOT to pick the wrong fights or causes at the wrong times, which is not something that can be said of you people thus far.

    Oh, and as far as LaVoy Finicum goes: http://bearingarms.com/lavoy-finicum-murdered-forced-oregon-police-shoot/