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“There Wasn’t A Single Corpse”: Russia Claims ‘White Helmets’ Staged Syria Chemical Attack

Tyler Durden
April 11th, 2018
Zero Hedge
Comments (57)
Read by 5,480 people
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This report was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge

Russia claims that the reported chemical attack in Syria last Sunday was staged by the “white helmets,” a US-funded NGO lauded by mainstream media for their humanitarian work, while long-suspected of performing less-than humanitarian deeds behind the curtain.

Speaking with EuroNews, Russia’s ambassador to the EU, Vladimir Chizov, said “Russian military specialists have visited this region, walked on those streets, entered those houses, talked to local doctors and visited the only functioning hospital in Douma, including its basement where reportedly the mountains of corpses pile up. There was not a single corpse and even not a single person who came in for treatment after the attack.”

“But we’ve seen them on the video!” responds EuroNews correspondent Andrei Beketov.

There was no chemical attack in Douma, pure and simple,” responds Chizov. “We’ve seen another staged event. There are personnel, specifically trained – and you can guess by whom – amongst the so-called White Helmets, who were already caught in the act with staged videos.”

Russia said it sent experts in radiological, chemical and biological warfare – along with medics, in order to inspect the Eastern Ghouta city of Douma where the attack is said to have taken place.

Russia’s Defense Ministry said in a statement that the experts “found no traces of the use of chemical agents,” following a search of the sites, adding “All these facts show… that no chemical weapons were used in the town of Douma, as it was claimed by the White Helmets.”

All the accusations brought by the White Helmets, as well as their photos… allegedly showing the victims of the chemical attack, are nothing more than a yet another piece of fake news and an attempt to disrupt the ceasefire,” said the Russian Reconciliation Center.

In a statement to the UN Security Council on April 9, Russia’s UN Ambassador, Vassily Nebenzia outlined Russia’s position on the timeline of the attack in Douma, as well as the Western response after the White Helmets reported that chemical agents were used:

On April 6, the new head of Jaysh al-Islam, following instructions of sponsors, derailed the evacuation of a party of fighters from Douma and resumed the rocket and mortar fire against residential areas in Damascus. The firing targeted [indistinct name of four areas]. According to official information, eight people died. 37 civilians were wounded. Unfortunately, we failed to see statements from Western capitals condemning the shelling of a historical district of Damascus. The following day, April 7, fighters accused the Syrian authorities of dropping barrel bombs with toxic substances. At the same time, diversions were being mixed up. It was either called sarin, chlorine, or a mix of toxic gases. Based on a well-known scheme, these rumors were immediately taken out by those who are financed by western capitalists; I am referring to NGOs and the White Helmets who are mendaciously acting under the cloak of health professionals. And these reports were also taken up and transferred to media outlets.

It behooves us once again to state that many of these dubious structures have a clear list of the email addresses of representatives of Security Council members, which shows that some of our colleagues, with a reckless approach towards their status, are leaking sensitive information to their protégés. Incidentally, all should recall the way that accidentally, the White Helmets put on the internet a video which showed preparations for staging a so-called victim of an alleged attack perpetrated by the Syrian army. 

Indeed, over the last several years, reports out of Syria have been criticized as being primarily of anti-Assad origin and unverified.

In a speech at the UN, pro-Assad Canadian journalist and RT contributor Eva Bartlett gave her account of what’s going on with reports out of Syria – calling western sources “compromised” and “not credible.”

Meanwhile, UK Prime Minister Theresa May told President Trump on Tuesday that Britain would require more evidence in last weekend’s suspected chemical attack before committing to a military strike against Syria, reports The Times.

The prime minister rejected a swift retaliation as inspectors from the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) prepared to visit the Damascus suburb where at least 40 people were reported to have been killed by chlorine gas on Saturday. –The Times

May chaired a meeting of the national security council in London this week, where she spoke with Presidents Trump and Macron for the first time since the Douma chemical attack. It is reported that Trump, who’s had a remarkable change of heart on U.S. involvement in Syria since the election, did not ask the UK to join military strikes.

A No 10 read-out of her call with the US president stated that they agreed the international community “needed to respond” but stopped short of blaming the Syrian regime. “They agreed that reports of a chemical weapons attack in Syria were utterly reprehensible and if confirmed, represented further evidence of the Assad regime’s appalling cruelty against its own people and total disregard for its legal obligations not to use these weapons,” it said. –The Times

President Trump also appears to have backed off an imminent strike after promising Syria would “pay a big price,” and that the U.S. response would be decided by Wednesday. Trump reportedly canceled travel plans after reports emerged that Russian and Iranian involvement in Syria would complicate matters in the region.

Meanwhile, Secretary of Defense James Mattis has said that the U.S. is still assessing intelligence on the alleged chemical attack, saying in a statement “we’re still working on this.” In the same breath, Mattis said the United States is “ready” to provide military options for Syria. 

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Author: Tyler Durden
Views: Read by 5,480 people
Date: April 11th, 2018

Copyright Information: This content has been contributed to SHTFplan by a third-party or has been republished with permission from the author. Please contact the author directly for republishing information.


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  1. Stuart says:

    Donald Trump is nobody’s fool and he ain’t about to go to war with Russia or China. furthermore, I am not one to rush to label everything that happens a false flag either. However…. The timing of this thing certainly is damn coincidental – and I ain’t a big believer in coincidence either.

    • Anonymous says:

      A chemical attack should be easily proven and with the alleged use of chlorine requiring large volumes of it, who did it and how it was delivered should be too.

    • Eisenkreutz says:









    • 7.62 says:

      If things continue the way they are, we may not have to fight our civil war or an invading force because we’ll all be dead or dying from radioactive fallout.

    • Historian says:

      Not a coincidence, but a Cohen-cidence.

      Cui bono? The genocidal Master Race and their eretz-Yisrael project.

    • taddie says:

      I agree – another staged event for sure – the warmongersa re pulling out all the stops once again – they tried war with syria years ago and the people would have none of it – so here we go again….

    • Taylor says:

      In 2012 McCain had a photo op shaking hands with ISIS rebels in Syria. He was there to observe CIA training and assisting anti-Assad rebel.

      That’s all we need to know.

      • mike b says:

        I remember that, I believe and I quote “These Rebels (ISIS) are a bunch of good guys, we (USA) should help them”. It didn’t take long and they started fighting against everyone, including the U.S.

  2. All staged by zioniat jeus trying to get the US involved in their plans to kill off syrians. Let Russia, Iran and Israel fight it out. We do not belong there.

  3. Anonymous says:

    If we are still alive next election time?
    If Mr. Trump is so weak minded that he gets coralled into a war or munitions exchange in Syria.

    Then Mr. Trump looses my money and vote.
    ANYONE who runs against him will get both. No matter how pathetic they are. Both parties are truly pathetic COMMUNIST. Little difference.

    This war and sabre ratteling MUST BE STOPPED.
    Stay out of Syria. NO WAR.
    Get out of ALL conflicts. Stay out of it.

    Secure our USA Border. Clear out the prepositioned Chineese troops located in the desert southwest. Yes they are there. Seen the camps 7 years ago. Obama set them up? Claim it to be wolf “refuge” in desert.

    Declare WAR on Drug Cartels. Destroy ALL drug cartels.
    Drugs are a threat to America. Not Syria. Smart bombs should target the cartels and destroy ALL of them. Mexico is a threat to USA. Mexican Drug dealers DESTROY and KILL our children. Take out Mexican drug cartels.

    LEAVE RUSSIA alone.

  4. I believe the Russian scientists.

    I saw those kids getting water from a hose sprayed on their hair. Those kids didn’t even have watery eyes. Not even staged to convince a low IQ person let alone a genius like meself.


    • Kevin2 says:

      I noticed it too. So what we have here is beyond mere rogue intelligence operatives. Its so obvious that it would require, at least by omission, the support of the intelligence services of not one but several nations. Along with this comes the main stream media of the west in its virtual entirety.

      We’re all living in a theatrical production devoid of reality. They don’t spin the news. The news isn’t news, its fabricated. Its not even well done. Its actually low budget. They (still trying to figure out specifically who “they” are) do not put in the effort to get it right, that in itself it telling. They are very confidant that there is nothing you can do about it regardless. Its all a farce.

      “All The World Is A Stage”
      Willian Shakespeare

      • Genius says:

        B from CA and K2, welcome to the genius club! CHEER’S! 😛

        • Genius says:

          B from Ca, Why don’t you move to the USA? Folks like you are welcome here. Perhaps we can drive the liberal communist fags back to CA in exchange for good folks. You have read my comments about kalifornians, a shit ton of people feel the same way! Save yourself and give commiefornia refugees a better name. I know it is a great state landwise but populationwise it is a threat and danger to the rest of the country. Maybe we need to declare WAR against commiefornia? Seems so as the only way to eradicate the danger to our country is by deadly force. Just thinking outloud….

    • Tkid68 says:

      Absolutely Agree B! I would definitely believe anyone other than our state run media and government. Anyone who believes the mainstream media and a single word our politicians say, deserve whats coming soon!!!! This country will fall without a single shot fired. Write it down!!!

    • CrackerJack says:

      Those kids are probably actors, like those in Sandy Hoax, so we’ll probably see them again in the next staged event.

      • Genius says:

        When accuracy and reliability count, professionals reload to exact specs. With the knowledge that NOTHING is more accurate than a load developed for a specific gun. As logic dictates that consistency is king. No champion or even moderate shooter uses factory mass produced ammo. Even military snipers load their own ammo because it is the way of the marksman.


    • It’s a messed up, upside down world we are living in when I find myself siding with the Russian narrative in this story. I trust the Russians as far as I can throw one, but I trust the other actors a whole lot less. Someone simply wants all out war in Syria and they will use any means necessary to achieve it.

  5. Heartless says:

    No one in power give’s a rat’s behind about truth. They’ll all do their best to rally to whatever tunes their handlers are playing. This is pre-ordained. Best we can do is stay as far out of the way of the first wave of insanity unleashed and then come out fighting. Leave no media figure, no politician, no attorney, no person who has represented the evil that was unleashed alive. Survive and remember how it came to be this – and rewrite our destinies. All we can hope to do gang.

  6. rellik says:

    I don’t trust Russians, You know the old
    “Trust but verify”.
    The first question that comes to mind is why
    is it our business, if chemical weapons
    are used in a Civil war, when our security isn’t
    being threatened. I don’t care if they kill
    millions of Moslems. If you are worried abut
    the small Syrian Christian population then
    evacuate them.

    My second question is why the Russians didn’t get some
    other CBW people to accompany them on their
    inspections? That would have gave them more

    Syria while claiming to be a secular country is mostly
    Moslem. Moslems bury the dead right away, they don’t stack
    them in the basement of a hospital so you see many bodies.

    We should not be getting involved unless it can be argued it
    is worth taking on the Russians over this shithole country.

    • Kevin2 says:

      “My second question is why the Russians didn’t get some
      other CBW people to accompany them on their
      inspections? ”

      Such as? Who would have credibility? Would China send people? Doubtful. They’re tickled pink that the US is occupied. The US puts economic sanctions at a whim. Who would come to Russia’s aid? Iran? That just increases the level of doubt as we all know, from official sources that anything involving those two is bad.

      The US is the enforcer for the globalist business interests. “We The People” do not control the government. The US arms terrorists to overthrow sovereign nations intentionally leaving a fragmented ungovernable mess in its wake ripe for Islamic Extremists who are then used to destroy the next nation. The goal? One can only theorize by plotting a line. Destabilize nations to make them politically ineffective. Both Russia and China are vulnerable to Islamic Fundamentalist extremists as their southern areas or just across the borders from their southern areas have relatively high Islamic populations.

      This is all purposeful.

      • rellik says:

        “Who would have credibility”.
        The Japanese have a military and CBW
        clean up types. Add in the UN guys for lots
        of inspectors.

        I agree our government and the political parties
        are totally out of control of the voters.
        As to why we interfere you have an interesting

        • Kevin2 says:

          I see the western nations (I know Japan is geographically east but western dominated) as puppets of the globalist system. I’m not too sure that even Japan would do an honest inspection. Maybe yes, maybe no.

          Regardless they’re going head strong towards WWIII for somewhere between no reason and no good reason.

  7. JayJay says:

    Don’t we have a government with credible reports about this mess??
    Geeze….we have a NSA and other agencies that know every time we burp–but not other countries???

  8. 3 PERCENT says:







  9. Tkid68 says:

    Am I hearing things or did a journalist actually tell the truth. The idiot reporter asking questions looks like the typical media and deep state controlled snowflake. Would love to slap the stupid smirk off of his face for him. I would give anything for the truth to be told to the American people just like that. Thank God for alternative media.

  10. If Putin were to put air burst nukes over DC, Arlington, Va., and Bethesda, Md., wouldn’t that eliminate most of the lobbyists and lawyers and politicians that have destroyed our country?

    • rellik says:

      You still haven’t eliminated the real problem, the people that elect those kind of politicians.

      • Kevin2 says:

        “those kind of politicians.”

        They’re the majority of the politicians well including Republicans. One therefore needs to blame the overwhelming majority of voters.

        The fact is both horses are bought in the two horse race. The Achilles heel is the primaries not the general election between “Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dee”. Interestingly there are a lot less election rules there. “The System” lets the political party decide. One of reasonable prudence smells a rat right there. Regardless the primaries are where to ATTEMPT for “We The People” to get back government control.

        • rellik says:

          That is going to the killer this year, not all places have primaries. So you get a choice between the New boss and the Old boss and that is it.

          • Kevin2 says:


            “So you get a choice between the New boss and the Old boss and that is it.”

            That the illusion of choice that keeps the body politic chasing its tail. Every once in a while someone slips through the cracks like Jessy Ventura. The two party’s unified against him. Its not impossible but spying technology complements of the NSA if given any heads up will infiltrate and run it off a cliff. This political change would have to be relatively spontaneous, devoid of any central control/organization and purely grassroots.

      • CrackerJack says:

        rellik, yes, but ya got to admit it would be a good start.

        • Genius says:

          The majority of voters are retards. Go after those who have the power, you know, the ones that own and control politicians and this country, until then your pissing in the wind and it’s blowing right back in your face.

          • Kevin2 says:

            Paul Craig Roberts used the word insouciant. Its not a word in my common usage but it fits. Its defined as “casual indifference”. They just don’t care. Its the food and circus thing.

  11. Oldfart says:

    From your mouth (keyboard) to God’s ear… Now *THAT* would drain the swamp!

  12. DownByTheRiverInaVan says:

    That picture of the Clintons up there screams slap me.
    I hold Old Guy responsible by proxy🙄

  13. DownByTheRiverInaVan says:

    That picture of the Clintons up there screams slap me.
    I hold Old Guy responsible by proxy🙄

    Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!

    « Back

  14. DownByTheRiverInaVan says:

    Putin is what ? 5’7″?
    Short people are always gettin blamed for everything
    Hitler was what 5’8″?

  15. Down ByThe RiverInaVan says:

    I’m Internet 6’5″ but real time 6’1″

    Hello knock knock …. Nobody cares
    I’m just saying Putin has little man syndrome

  16. Down ByThe RiverInaVan says:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation and should appear within 0 to 2 hours. Your comment has been moderated because our system does not recognize your IP address or email address. If you utilize an email address (even a fake one) when submitting your comment in the future our spam filtering system will eventually recognize you as a trusted user and automatically approve future comments.
    April 11, 2018 at 8:38 pm

  17. Dan Morgan says:

    A few days ago Trump was talking about withdrawal from Syria and now we have an alledged chemical attack. Who benifits?
    Certainly not Assad or Russia, they want the US out of their hair so why would they do something stupid like a chemical attack?
    This is a false flag all the way.

  18. This is all about Israel and Iran. Israel does not want Iran in Syria and will do everything in their power to get us to do their dirty work. This whole chemical weapon issue is most like their work to try and get us to attack. Their policy is to let the Americans due if at all possible. The big problem is, we have so many jeus in our government now, all supporting Israel. Jarred and Jeuvanka are prime examples of jeus working behind the scenes to support Israel.

    • Kevin2 says:

      Just so coincidently the dual citizenship of many in government just so happens to include that specific nation; as the SNL Church Lady would say, “Isn’t that convenient”.

  19. Cede says:

    Hosing down kids with a garden hose and shoving an asma inhaler in their mouths like it would reverse the effects of a nerve agent. I was seriously rolling on the floor laughing my arse off!!! What a joke! Obviously the rescuers werent worried about ‘transferrence’ of the nerve agent onto themselves. What a load of dribble! Ah!! Im so sick and tired of all these play acting, false flag incidents. Im surprised the fake-stream media doesn’t have video footage of madmen running around with nerf guns killing everyone in sight with foam tipped nerf bullets!!!! OH! Get rid of the second amendment ….. there’s a Jewish transgender Hispanic from Montreal on the loose with a nerf gun!!!
    Please …. someone tell me the world isn’t going to nuke ourselves out of existence over a made up piece of propaganda that the fake-stream media

    • Deplorable Neal Jensen says:

      But the ignorant sheep EAT THIS SH** UP believing it though…The White helmets were exposed months ago for being frauds that orchestrated the first gas attacks…Same group same MO , same connections to John McCain….Fool me once, shame on me (as Bush said ) fool me twice, I wont get fooled again…(sheesh)

      Nope, the ignorant sheep of America, ate these bull**it stories twice, and likely will never be able to discern the truth.

      • Deplorable Neal Jensen says:

        Bush was complete moron, a TRUE sock puppet of the NWO. Likeable guy but utter moron. And then to screw up that comment like he did…OS damn dumb he could even ad lib his way into semi embarrassment. He should have done it as ” Fool me once, shame on me…Oh look, a squirrel”….

  20. So convenient that as soon as Trump announces we are leaving there is an attack. I ask you, who wants us to stay? Surely not Russia, Syria or Iran.

  21. Piner says:

    Hey Genius, for accuracy and reliability : (30-06) 48.6 gr. IMR 4320 behind a 165 gr. Sierra SPBT gameking (.223/5.56) 25 gr. IMR 4320 behind a 65 gr. SPBT gameking and (44 mag) 24.5 gr Alliant 2400 behind a 200 gr Hornady XTP. field tested on deer, elk, bears and varmits, and am quite confident all will do the job on MS 13, UN invaders etc, that show up here. Holding the fort down here on the borderlands of the other California and Nevada

  22. Deplorable Neal Jensen says:

    This was a complete FALSE FLAG ATTACK by the White Helmets, sponsored by the SETF who has direct connections to John McCain, who is ANTI-Trump and so far up the NEO-CONS assses ( to include the destruction of Iran and Syria, the last two ME countries they have not yet successfully destroyed), that he pretty much ordered them to do this within HOURS of Trumps announcement to pull our troops out. John McCain is a POWER Israeli Firster second only to the other Israeli Firster, his girly friend Senator from South Carolina, Lindsey Graham.

  23. First off I don’t believe anything reported by the government. Second I don’t put anything past the government. Third it would not be the first time we have started a war.

THC-free CBD Formula - Zero High Brand

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